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December 2011 Issue No. 24

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A Dentist, An entrepreneur and now.. An Inventor!


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Aziz Al-Jassimi

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December 2011

Volume 2, Issue 24

FROM THE EDITOR Season’s Greetings! As a child we were enamored with the colours of the trees, enraptured by the sunset and motivated by the promise of candyfloss at the circus. As we get older we stop seeing the beauty in the little things, we start navigating through problems, focus on hardships and forget to stop and look at the roses. In this issue I made it my goal to start looking beneath the surface, to analyse what drives people and to put the microscope on what can inspire even the most doubting and cynical of individuals. But it is so much easier than it seems. While a bus getaway may be the ultimate reprieve for one, a shopping marathon might be the answer for another. So instead of mulling through the psychology and needs of people I began to look at individuals and places themselves. Albert Einstein once said, “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom”. This really is the beauty of human race isn’t it? Our ability to create, to inspire others and to be inspired. It is against this backdrop that in this issue of Citypages we have created a journey that will introduce you to inspiring individuals; their creations, passion and the legacy they hope to create. We met with Dr. Bernard Moufid who is - A Dentist, An entrepreneur and now.. an Inventor who se recent achievement in dentistry has made a wave of revolution in Kuwait and easily became our main focus this month. We chat to a lauded director Aziz Al-Jassimi who gets his inspiration from anything he sees or listens, we met with a group of volunteers from Al-Yaal who tirelessly go again and again every week to clean up the beaches in Kuwait and save the rare breeds. We also met with the energetic May Al-Najjar who is the first female Kuwaiti Pranic healer. In celebration of the Christmas season, we take a look at the Tradition, Legend and History of the Christmas Tree and some strange Christmas traditions from around the world. In our popular health section, we take a look at the 30 Years of the Deadly Disease-AIDS. Most importantly, with this issue we successfully complete our two years and our next issue will be our entry into yet another year with lots of new surprises for everyone. So while you settle down to this issue of Citypages let me leave you with some words from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. Happy Reading!

I am anytime, anywhere.



The Dragon Roars in Triumph ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ painted a fantastical picture of Japan: the mythology, artistry and the use of colors. Japanese design has a very distinct creative style. I saw it embodied in the new Japanese restaurant that opened in Jabriya called The Dragon. It is a lovely place in the corner off 4th ring road, next to Champion’s Gym and Early Bird. The surprising thing is that the restaurant has been built by a local company, Concept Communications and is quite Kuwaiti-orientated despite its Oriental trademark. Both the owner and the designer of the place are Kuwaiti. I was eager to accept the invitation from the Operations Manager and the General Manager, who were the perfect hosts through the evening. They extended to us the cordial Japanese hospitality we have heard so much about, greatly improving our dining experience with their gesture of consideration and attention. The food we enjoyed was made more special as simultaneously we learned a great deal about them from our amiable hosts. My friend said she had an inkling that the evening was going to be


December - 2011

The head ended behind a screen, casting an impressive shadow. I thought the little Japanese man brandishing a sword was a nice touch; it was reminiscent of old Japanese folklore. Turns out, the concept is based on a famous Japanese myth about a samurai that challenges the might of a dragon. Customers can hear about this heroic tale. I sat at a nice table across the screen so I could view it often. It is not everyday people get to admire such interesting art. I browsed through the menu and was impressed by what I read. There were some delicious-sounding dishes on the menu, all carefully selected for those who appreciate Japanese foods. The restaurant has no fixed timings to serve; they welcome anyone at any time to dine on their delicacies during their working hours between 11:30am to 12:00 midnight. For starters, I decided to try three varieties of Nigiri sushi: Ahami sushi, Chotoro sushi and Utore sushi. Each was a burst


wonderful the minute we entered the restaurant. We were immediately in awe at our surroundings. The interior was magnificent; some of the best elements of Japanese design decorated the room. I loved the face-shaped windows; they held an aura of Japanese culture. The arrangement of the chairs and tables were suggestive of an exotic atmosphere, emphasized by the interesting lamps hanging overhead. The eye-catcher of the dÊcor was the wooden dragon curving across the serving station. In dark hues of purple with trimmings of orange, it was a sight to behold. On closer inspection, I realized that sharp scales adorned the dragon’s wooden surface; I was staring at a realistic replica of a Japanese dragon.



of flavor in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of it. The Chotoro was especially unforgettable with its tender and juicy consistency. Shrimp was next; Mayo Shrimp Bunkan and Spicy Shrimp Bunkan. Both were so tasty I had to take a moment to savor each bite. The sushi was really fresh and the sauces had just the right texture and a lasting aftertaste. The one dish that really set my taste buds on fire was the Eight Headed Dragon; it defined the vibrant and tasteful ambience of the restaurant. For a good salad, be sure to order the Sesame Crab Salad, it will literally send you to heaven as the variety of flavors overwhelm the senses. Those used to having rice with their dinner like me; the Hata Ebi with spinach is a very good rice dish. The dessert menu boasted of some amazing delights in different colors of the rainbow and in attractive shapes. I settled on the Green Team, which offered just what I needed to end the meal. It was the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted. I feel the desire to frequent the restaurant just to delight in the dessert again and again. The variety of Japanese cuisine I found here is not usually offered by any Japanese restaurant. The juices looked too appealing to pass up so I picked one fusionkind to take home. Overall, my experience was utterly satisfying. I have never been subjected to such an overload of succulence; it was a one-of-a–kind pleasure.


December - 2011

The Importance of Dads in the Lives of Children

“Take Time To Be a Dad Today” The role that fathers play in the lives of their children has undergone many changes over the past three decades as dads have become more involved and active parents. Research has demonstrated that young children with involved fathers tend to be more outgoing, adaptable, and secure. As children get older, this translates into better academic performance and less acting-out behaviors. Because many current fathers had relatively uninvolved fathers of their own, they may find venturing into the emotional lives of their children a bit intimidating. Laying the groundwork for intimacy must occur when children are young if they are to feel parents are interested and accessible when they later reach middle school and high school. For girls, Dads help them understand the male viewpoint, and a man’s attitudes about women can have a powerful impact on his daughter’s self-concept. Encourage your daughters to be strong and independent, and let them know that you value and respect women. With boys, fathers serve as models of masculine behavior . If men always present a strong, tough image, their sons may be reluctant to share feelings with them lest they cause disappointment. Dads, share your own struggles and failures with your sons. Allow them to know that making mistakes is a part of learning, and that men can be vulnerable. The pay-off will come throughout the lives of your children as they feel able to invite you to share their feelings and concerns.

Even as fathers’ roles are evolving, there often remains a tendency for men to view women as “parenting experts” and defer to them. Dads, I encourage you to become involved in the small but important details of your children’s lives. Know the names of their teachers and friends, volunteer for field trips and class parties, and visit a restaurant to enjoy lunch with your children. Know their friends and the parents of their friends. Be interested in the daily events in their lives, and let them know how important they are to you. Find time to just hang-out with your children. Share your work activities with them and allow them to visit your workplace and see what you do. One of the most important things that a father can do is model respect for women and healthy male-female relationships. The models that you provide will do much to shape your child’s attitudes toward and perceptions of men and women.


December - 2011

The Christmas Tree: Tradition, Legend and History Jennifer Wright It is the Christmas season again and I, as well as most people have put up a Christmas tree to help celebrate the season. How many of you have ever wondered where the tradition of the Christmas tree came about? I have thought about this many times and finally did some research on its history. I have found it very interesting and I hope that you do as well. Winter celebrations have evolved in many ways over the years. Long before the arrival of the actual Christmas tree there were plants and trees, the ones that remained green and alive all year, that were symbolic for different cultures in many ways. Dating back to almost a thousand years ago people in ancient times would hang boughs of evergreen over their doorways to ward off witches, evil spirits and sickness. The winter solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, it takes place on December 21st or December 22nd. This became a celebration because many people in ancient times believed in a sun god. When winter arrived they thought that their sun god had become ill. The celebration of the solstice was derived in anticipation that spring would arrive and the sun god would be well again. In Egypt, their sun god was named Ra. They would celebrate the solstice as Ra became well by bringing green date palms into their homes in triumph of life over death. The early Romans had a great feast called Saturnalia when solstice arrived. Saturnalia was named in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture. Knowing that their farms

and orchards would soon be producing again they would decorate their temples and homes with boughs of evergreens. In northern Europe, particularly Great Britain, lived the wood priests who were known as the Druids. These people used evergreens in their winter solstice celebrations to ward off evil spirits. They also decorated with holly and mistletoe which were symbols of eternal life. Scandinavians were mentioned briefly in my research. Their sun god was named Balder and it was their belief that evergreens were a special plant given to them from Balder. Now onto the Germans, to whom we give credit for starting the tradition of the Christmas tree. Legend has it that St. Boniface, who converted the Germans to Christianity, had found a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree. Angered, he cut down the tree. Soon afterward, amazingly, a baby fir tree grew from the roots of the oak. St. Boniface saw this as a sign of Christian faith. This may take us briefly to the question of the pagan religion worshipping the tree. In Germany during the dark ages the pagans would perform sacrifices at the foot of a tree in worship of Thor, the God of thunder. Eventually many pagan customs were adopted by the Christians. It may be possible that the pagan tree was taken from the biblical tree of life, the story of Adam and Eve. Starting in the 16th century the Germans would build pyramids of wood and decorated with evergreens, some using candles if wood was in low supply. By this time trees were being brought into homes to decorate as well. Martin Luther, a 16th century protestant reformer is said to have added the first lighted candles to a tree. The story says that one winter evening he was walking home, composing a sermon when he was struck by the beauty of the stars shining through the evergreen trees. He wanted to recreate this scene for his family he put up a tree in his home and wired lit candles to its branches. Legend also states that a 7th century monk from Crediton, Devonshire went to Germany to spread the word of God. Among his many good doings there he used the triangular shape of the fir tree to show the trinity of the God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Converted people who used to revere the oak tree began to do so of the fir tree. In Europe, at Christmas time, they even hung it upside down from their ceilings as a symbol of Christianity. My research shows some confusion as to the actual first documented Christmas tree. The city of Riga in Latvia claims to have the first documented use in 1510. Another record from a visitor to Strasbourg in 1601, shows that he saw a tree decorated with wafers and paper flowers. Another record states that the first use was in England in 1789 while common use was not until the 1820s. Yet another record shows that the first one on display was in the 1830s by the German settlers, but the trees had been common German communities since 1747. So it seems clear that the actual first use of a Christmas tree is going to remain somewhat of a legend, being that we cannot find the actual first use of the tree. It is also very clear that the use of the Christmas tree is a combination of many cultures to give us the beautiful tree that we use to celebrate our Christmas season.



Program your mind with prayer realise your dreams

Just the other day I found myself caught up with a tough decision to make. I was left with overpowering anxiety, and confusion. I was unsettled and having sleepless nights. During the day I consulted with many dear friends and advisors - this gave me varied perspectives and some clarity on the pros and cons regarding my decision. While trying to search for the solution and guidance in my decision it dawned on me that I have a powerful tool – Istikhara, a prayer asking for guidance and trusting in the outcome.I did the prayer and supplicated to God to guide me.

Naseera Hoorzook

"O God, I seek goodness from Your Knowledge and with Your Power (and Might) I seek strength, and I ask from You Your Great Blessings, because You have the Power and I do not have the power. You Know everything and I do not know, and You have knowledge of the unseen. Oh God! If in Your Knowledge this action---- (which I intend to do) is better for my religion and faith, for my life and end [death], for here [in this world] and the hereafter then make it destined for me and make it easy for me and then add blessings in it, for me. O God! In Your Knowledge if this action is bad for me, bad for my religion and faith, for my life and end [death], for here [in this world] and the hereafter then turn it away from me and turn me away from it and whatever is better for me, ordain [destine] that for me and then make me satisfied with it." I did not have a miraculous dream and sign, it was still not a decisive outcome and yet I was satisfied. I was at peace and felt content. Reflecting on how I got to my decision I realised that prayer is a means of talking to the subconscious mind, placing positive faith- based suggestions into it. And once suggestions are placed into the subconscious mind, you begin recognising the prayer you had asked for and work towards the attainment of it. Some of the suggestions that the prayer above placed in my subconscious mind were: *I am seeking goodness *My decision will be one based on guided knowledge and power from God *Trusting that God knows what is best for me and His knowledge is greater than mine *There will be ease in the decision I make

*The decision will be satisfying In supplicating to Allah, we are rewarded abundantly for placing our trust inHim and asking Him. We are also taking steps towards our desired outcomes by affirming our needs and goals to God.Humans have been blessed with such a miraculous and powerful tool, regardless of our religious backgrounds, it is about trusting in the existence of a Higher Power. While prayer programs our minds into action steps towards our goals, it also cleanses and purifies us by using positive GOD-conscious suggestions and thus paving the way for us towards the struggle of our lower self and to attain higher states on consciousness and living. With supplication comes responsibility. It kick starts us into proactively working towards the prayers we want to achieve. It needs sincere effort and work, and trust and hope in God that He has heard our prayer, and will guide and show mercy on us as we attain it. By showing gratitude, thanking God and praising Him for his many bounties, we affirm and recognise many things, in various spheres of our lives that we can appreciate. We look for the goodness and positive reasoning, even in trying times, and we accept it as a means to cleanse us, and beautify our characters.

their spending habits, it makes them question whether or not they are consuming forbidden items, or perhaps even overspending. Thereafter it mobilises one by subtly mobilising the person into action, becoming independent from others (debtors) and relying solely on God. A person, asking help sincerely from God is programmed to set goals to achieve their requests from Him, and to make the effort to systematically achieve it. Many life coaches teach the aspect of trust. Trusting in the universe, trusting that what comes into ones life, while it may not seem ideal and wonderful, in fact is. Things happen to us at the perfect time, in ways that were meant to occur and they bring us many treasures and blessings, perhaps growth and the strengthening of our characters.

The Authentic Muslim prayer for someone in debt also places powerful suggestions into our subconscious. “ Oh God, suffice me with what You have allowed, instead of what you have forbidden, and make me independent of all others beside you�.

Prayer is a mean to get us on our feet, thinking, figuring things out. It steps us into decision making and achieving our goals. Prayer shifts our paradigms from being angry at the world and events that occur, to acceptance, appreciation and searching for the meanings behind unwanted circumstances. It calms our minds and clears out the clutter that we keep filling it up with.

Naturally it steers one into taking responsibility for

Pray. Program. Initiate. Achieve.



5 Life Lessons Your Mom Was Right About A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. – Tenneva Jordan

If you scoured the entire Earth looking for someone who has shown more kindness to you than your own mother you would be gone a long time. Such a person does not exist. Your mother cared for you while you were in her stomach, gave birth to you, fed and raised you to become the person you are today. No body comes even close to her in terms of love and compassion. And over the years she has taught us many things, some helpful, some not so helpful. Here are a few life lessons that your mom was right about.

1. It could be worse Of all the things your mom said to you as a kid this is one of the most valuable. Hidden inside these four words is a wealth of wisdom that has been somewhat obscured due to the popular nature of the saying. In fact, when your mom said this to you it was often at a time when you felt pretty terrible. And so you ignored her. I’ll never forget when my little brother broke his arm my mom calmly announced that “it could be worse” and to basically get it together. She was right. It could have been worse. The reason this saying is so important is because it teaches two things that are essential to your life, calmness and compassion. When you think about how much worse your bad situation could be you realize that there is no point getting all worked up. But you also start to think about those other people out there in that “worse” predicament and feel sorry for them. It is a very powerful tool.

2. The proof will be in the pudding As if on a timer, my mom would say “the proof will be in the pudding” every year about three weeks before school report cards went out. It was around this time that she started to get nervous that my brother and I had been playing too much soccer and not doing enough homework. So she would subtly let us know that even though we said we were working hard, the real proof would be the grades on that card. And for some reason it scared the hell out of me! There are a lot of people in this world who are good at talking. They are good at spinning a few words together and getting out of a predicament. In a similar way, there are a lot of people who are good at making excuses. But the proof will be in the pudding. You can convince yourself and those around you that you are working hard towards your goals or a project but unless that hard work bears fruit then you might be kidding yourself. The proof really will be in the final product.

3. I don’t care who started it, you stop it Do you remember those times back at home when you and your brother or sister were pulling each others hair out over some stupid little argument? Do you remember how cheated you felt when mom trounced in the room and told you to stop it even though you didn’t start it? It was the worst feeling in the world. It felt like everyone was against you and that the world was completely unfair. Well, in actual fact, your mom was teaching you an extremely valuable life lesson about self control and self responsibility. What your mom was really saying in this situation is that she wants you to take responsibility for being the bigger person and diffuse the situation. When you put it like that you might start to see some more adult-life scenarios where it would be useful. Perhaps an argument that you are having with your father or even with your siblings again? Perhaps a colleague at work has started a fight or maybe one of your mates did something silly? Even though you might be in the right it is often extremely wise to put your pride aside and diffuse the situation. Imagine the effect this wisdom would have on a global scale if it was put into practice by world leaders and politicians. I am not saying that everyone should just admit defeat all the time, but rather that it could be useful to put grudges aside and be the person or nation who takes steps to solving the problem instead of arguing about it.

4. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all What a simple but powerful lesson. Imagine how many disputes around the world would be avoided if people just remembered their mothers advice. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. This saying has applications for marriages,

politics, business and friendships. And it has a lot more to it than it seems. As a kid this saying probably just meant that you shouldn’t call your little brother a dickhead. But as you grow up and get a little bit more life experience you can start to add new meanings to it. For example, saying “something nice” might not just mean a compliment but rather something that is going to add to the situation and help the people that you are speaking with. Like the Buddha said, “do not speak unless it improves on silence“. So from this point of view the saying is a lesson in helping other as well as being mindful of what one is saying. In the business and political worlds this saying is perhaps one of the most important rules there is when dealing with other people. You never say anything bad about a business partner or a competitor because it will inevitably come back to harm your reputation. The consequences in the political world are even worse. Gossip and harsh speech can have implications for careers, national progress and even international relations. Your mom was right about this one. Unless you have something helpful, intelligent and proactive to say, don’t say anything.

5. If you don’t do it now, then when are you going to do it? If you are a regular reader of The Daily Mind (good on you!) then you will know that I am always talking about procrastination. So much of our lives is wasted because we hate the idea of now and we love the idea of tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes and we still haven’t accomplished anything we feel regret, depression and ever so unfulfilled. One of the sad truths about life is that you can lose it at any time. Death is certain to come but the time of its arrival is most uncertain. So you might not even have a tomorrow in order to accomplish your task. Really, if you look closely at the matter, now is all you have. Now is all you have. If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it? What if that opportunity never comes or if you run out of time because you are too busy. Will you be filled with regrets on your deathbed? Again, we can add a little bit more grown up meaning to a saying that your mom probably said a thousand times. Of all the lessons she taught you this is one that really needs to hit home. She is right about this one. If you don’t do it now then when are you going to do it? My guess is never. What lessons was your mom right about? Every mom has a myriad of different lessons for their children. It would be wonderful if you could try to remember a few and leave a comment. It would be even more fantastic if you could try to think of some examples in your adult life of when the motherly wisdom helped you out.



Strange Christmas Traditions What makes the holiday super special apart from the food, family and friends, are the traditions. Some traditions are well, very traditional. But others can be fun and very weird. We have compiled a highlight of the weirdest and most interesting Christmas traditions from around the world. ChanMi Park

Christmas Pickle It’s an old tradition where a pickle ornament is hidden on the Christmas tree. The first person to find the pickle among the all the other ornament is said to receive an extra present on Christmas. The tradition has stories originating from the Spain to Germany, but other way it seems like a fund and not to mention weird tradition!

Webs? Here’s an odd item you wouldn’t automatically associate with Christmas. On a Ukrainian Christmas tree the site of a spider or web is not unusual. The folk tale that goes with the tradition says a poor family woke up on Christmas morning to find their once bare tree decorated with spider webs that shined silver and gold in the morning sun.

Fried Chicken Make reservation for your Christmas Chicken today! Those residing in Japan have already begun the process of pre-ordering their fried chicken for Christmas. Unlike the traditional ham or turkey Americans are used to seeing during the holidays, many in Japan celebrate by eating fried chicken. While less than 1 percent of the Japanese population is estimated to be Christian, by the power of marketing and advertising it has become common practice to eat KFC during Christmas. The meal is also accompanied by a delicious Christmas cake for dessert. Let the feasting begin!

Skating to Mass From December 16th to December 24th, there’s a very unique tradition that takes place in Caracas, Venezuela. The busy city streets of Caracas are closed off before 8 AM to any motor traffic. This allows the streets to be open to traffic 4-wheelers! It has been customary in Venezuela to attend Misa de Aguinaldo (Early Morning Mass) and by closing traffic off to bulky cars and busses, everyone can skate to mass on time.

Crackers Christmas crackers or bn-bons are a fun item to celebrate with in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries. The cracker is a cardboard tube wrapped in holiday wrapping twisted at the ends. The fun part starts when you hold on to one side of the twisted end, another person holds the other, and you pull! With a BANG, the cracker will split unevenly and the luckier individual will be holding the longer end of the cracker which holds a special prize.

Christmas Witch In Italy, children will go to bed waiting for a magical being to bring presents, and we don’t mean Santa Claus. In Italian folklore, an old witch delivers gifts and candy to children on Epiphany Eve (January 5th). Santa’s competitor, La Befana, is usually portrayed as an old lady riding a broomstick, usually covered in soot as she enters homes through chimneys. Very similar to the tradition of leaving cookies and milk for Santa, children will leave food out for the Befana


December - 2011

From Around the World SantaCon

Radish Carving

If there’s a reason to celebrate, you are sure to find all sorts of gatherings! Around this time of the year, there’s a huge Santa gathering in New York City. To celebrate the holiday season, New Yorkers get together dressed up head-to-toes as Christmas characters. The city is filled with reds and greens, as Santas and Elves spread holiday cheer during SantaCon.

Radish figures line the central plaza of Oaxaca on December 23rd and 24th. Nativity scene, conquistadors, dancers, historical and mythological events are sculpted from radishes by Mexican artisans and add to the color holiday celebration. El Festival de los Rabanos (The Festival of Radishes) is a one-of-a-kind festival that features dance, food and delicately carved radishes.

The Pooper Brooms Ok, so going along with the Christmas Witch story, here’s one about brooms. There’s a superstition in Norway that advises households to hide their brooms on Chirstmas Eve. It is believed that witches and evil spirits will rise from the graves and use the brooms to fly through the sky and create chaos until dawn. Doesn’t this sound very much like Halloween?

Out of all the wacky traditions, this one is probably the weirdest and funniest of them all. In the principality of Catalonia, it has become customary to decorate the traditional nativity scene with an extra something, or rather someone. This extra character is known as El Caganer, also known as “the pooper”. While traditionally the ceramic figure has been that of a shephers, contemporary figures range in all different personalities as you see here.



Triggering event: A birthday at the office. Can you say red velvet cupcakes? Thoughts: I've worked hard all day. I

Triggering event: Skipped previous meal

deserve atreat. Emotions/body sensations: Excited,

Thoughts: I'm RAVENOUS. Since I didn't


eat breakfast, I can eat out at lunch. Emotions/body sensations: Excessive hunger Actions: Eating twice as much as usual to

Actions: Scarfing down a cupcake (or two!) though you've just had lunch. Split a cupcake with a colleague. Enjoy it. Then seek out your favorite person at the office and distract yourself with good conversation until the party is over.

make up for the meal you skipped Grab a piece of fruit as asnack or a handful of nuts to take the edge off. Wait 15 or 20 minutes, then eat your next meal as usual.

ended n e h t d fe, an i w r Try o ) . d o n s a t b h s thoug ur hu o e y indW h ( M t i ? r w o m f t a e cre enter a figh c C , i k e p r h i o T h f c aute. olateay at w H nder o c d u e o o g r f h n r c o i e c t f int o h.D., ustra ty in T p P i r , f s d l r r a e o e l c v sides e l i v e e e n t b a c U s i h s i n e r s r t e e a K a Ev with Jean to str na St a p s u i u r n d o u g n i I g t n i ood. t u y l g y a b z o r y o s d o g c e f r o n e l p g u ycho e oth desig eatin s r l e p a s a f i e n o c r o r i r e t e emo ofesso g that th this ex r n e i p z i m a l o a d overc nd re ng an i a o t t h a t y E a a l e u f our w e a br y k n a t o u e o r , you' Once y g n i k c Triggering event: Social gathering where you nt sna rampa don't know anyone Triggering event: Ongoing problem at work Thoughts: I feel out of control. Emotions/body sensations: Heart pounding, anger Actions: You go out with friends to vent—and eat and drink way too much. Make a point of leaving work on the early side for a few nights running, take a walk or head to the gym, then curl up on the couch and get engrossed in a novel or your favorite TV show. Or join a good friend later for dinner.

Thoughts: Why isn't anyone talking to me? I might as well occupy myself here by the snack table. Emotions/body sensations: Anxious, shy, heart palpitations Actions: Eating when not hungry Step away from the snack table, look around for someone who is standing by herself and introduce yourself. Or ask the host to introduce you to a few folks.


December - 2011

Triggering event: Your boss drops a last-minute project on your already overloaded plate. Thoughts: II'm totally overwhelmed. I'll never get all this done. Emotions/body sensations: Tense muscles, pounding heart, resentment Actions: You stay late at the office, skip dinner, then make up for it by eating half the contents of your refrigerator when you get home. Bring some work home so you can leave at a reasonable hour. Before you have dinner (plan on something you really love, that feels luxurious but that's reasonable calorie wise—say, a fresh salad topped with grilled or broiled shrimp), then turn up the music and dance around the living room tode-stress. Don't you feel better?




Triggering event: You had a bad date. A very bad date. Thoughts: I'll never find anyone to love! Emotions/body sensations: Sad, lonely Actions: Can you say chocolate?

Call your most soothing friend to vent, then do something creative— write, knit, draw or whatever floats your boat. Remind yourself that you wouldn't have time to nurture your strengths if you were constantly catering to someone who didn't get you.

Triggering event: Everyone else around the table is having seconds. When you refuse, your mother asks, "What—you don't like it?!"

Thoughts: I can't believe this is happening again! I guess it's better to give in than cause a scene. Emotions/body sensations: Guilt; the desire to fit in Actions: Resentfully agree to another helping, followed by a double helping of regret. Tell your mom you loved it, let her know you're really full, then change the subject with a smile.

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Sum Triangle

Place the numbers 4 through 9 along the sides of the triangle belwo such that the numbers along each side (including the given numbers 1, 2, and 3) add to 17.


What do Americans call a torch?


What is the name of the BBC Teletext system?


What would an American call a baby's nappy?


Which word can go before, meat, dog and roll?


Who is the oldest of the Seven Dwarfs?


What is the name of Mickey Mouse's pet dog?


What colour do you add to blue to make it green?


What colour are Harrods's shopping bags?


What is the next highest prime number after 31?


How much is three cubed?


How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?


At the start of a game of chess, who moves first?


What is a nautical mile per hour usually called?


What creature’s body does the Sphinx have?


How many legs does every true insect have?


What kind of nut grows on an oak tree?


How many milligrams are in one gram?


Which fabric is made by worms?


Which side of a ship is starboard?



What colour were ETs eyes?





are between the two and three, and the six and seven are between the one and three.

ANSWERS: The digits five and nine are on the side between the one and two, four and eight

ANGELONG WORDS What word ending in "age" is associated with each of the ten words given below:

Example: suitcases Answer: baggage.

1. platform 2. harm 3. tube-shaped food 4. to bleed 5. salary

6. speech 7. any drink 8. path 9. fierce 10. animal ensclosure

6.language , 7. beverage, 8. passage, 9. savage, 10. cage 1

ANSWERS: 1. stage, 2. damage, 3. sausage, 4. hemorrhage , 5. wage,



13. Knot , 14. Lion , 15. 6 , 16. Acorn , 17. 1000, 18. Silk, 19. Right , 20. Blue 6. Pluto , 7. Yellow, 8. Green , 9. 37 , 10. 27 , 11. 21 , 12. White ANSWERS: I 1. A flashlight, 2. Ceefax, 3. Diaper, 4. Sausage, 5. Doc,


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What is Social Commerce? Social Commerce is a new phenomenon that has taken the e-commerce world by storm. Unlike many technologies to emerge over the years, social commerce has had a rapid adoption where we find that Social media provided everybody with a voice. Social media however changed the rules of commercial engagement by discounting, it changed the focus of online marketing from direct advertising to a social review and sharing system because the web is being rebuild around people, People live in networks ...& networks determine how people influence each other “the start of so called social currency” influence ! Social commerce ushers in a socially acceptable transactional model by offering a consumer incentive in the form of a “deal” rather than a blatant advertisement. Groupon succeeded by delivering this new advertising product down to the mom & pop merchant, something no online service accomplished before on a massive scale, including the industry best positioned to do this – the mainstream media. It simply opened up a brand new local advertising channel. Social Commerce is rising quickly, but this is not a story about technology, this is a quick look of how and why people make decisions ... now a days :) Like it or not, on the web your brand belongs to your customers. Millions of opinions, reviews and conversations are shared online every day. And every day these interactions influence the buying decisions of millions of others. Social commerce helps you to gain leverage from these conversations – and use the benefits of social networks and social media to improve your bottom line. By creating environments where people can engage with your brand and build communities around your products. That way you can take the “marketer” out of your marketing – and let custom-

ers tell each other about products they like. (It's not as frightening as it sounds. Around 82% of all feedback online is positive.) Today consumers want – and expect – brands to deliver social features, including: uProduct ratings, reviews and feedback uWish-lists, favorites, Q&A functions uDiscussion forums, chat rooms, blogs uUser profiles and personalised pages uCoupons, referrals and subscriptions uHow-to videos, podcasts, video uploads uUser-generated content, tags, feeds


December - 2011

These functions and more will start catering to the next generation of your online consumers.

Why Social Commerce? Customers trust voices that sound like their own (Edelman Trust Barometer, 2007). They tune out marketing speak, corporate talk and the opinions of critics. So, in a world where marketing is resisted, social commerce works by letting customers do the marketing themselves. Think Amazon and eBay – companies which marry the social to the commercial with reviews, profiles and user groups. With social commerce, you can expect: u

More conversions, more sales - proven ROI and sales increases

Loyal customers – turn consumers into fans u Operational savings - fewer product returns, u

lower customer service costs u

Improved products and services – free feedback and market research


More site visitors - drive search traffic to your site through user-generated-content


Measurable metrics – track your ROI at every stage

The Social Commerce difference – it's measurable. The recession bites big holes in marketing budgets. You need justifiable, inexpensive marketing channels that deliver maximum ROI.


Definable metrics have therefore become a must-have, not a happy bonus. Social commerce isn't like traditional media or “Web 1.0”. You don't pay for eyeballs or clicks. However, it's possible to track every sale created by your social commerce initiatives. A very good example of the same is WebSphere Commerce that offers social commerce capabilities by I hope this was a smooth intro to the new born science of social commerce (People x Brands Under online platforms ) Until we chat next time , make sure you have happy social times online :)

Inspired by 4 Roads, IBM , Groupon & Social commerce today blog.

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Marketing's Four P's



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Dear Readers: I hope you all had a wonderful Eid. Now, continuing with my topic from last month, I will cover the second component of the Marketing Mix which is the "PRICE". Lets see how important is price as a part of your overall Marketing Strategy.

PRICE “Price” refers to how much you charge for your product or service. Determining your product’s price can be tricky and even frightening. Many small business owners feel they must absolutely have the lowest price around. So they begin their business by creating an impression of bargain pricing. However, this may be a signal of low quality and not part of the image you want to portray. Your pricing approach should reflect the appropriate positioning of your product in the market and result in a price that covers your cost per item and includes a profit margin. The result should neither be greedy nor timid. The former will price you out of the market; pricing too low will make it impossible to grow. As a manager, you can follow a number of alternative pricing strategies. I will later share eight common pricing strategies. Some price decisions may involve complex calculation methods, while others are intuitive judgments. Your selection of a pricing strategy should be based on your product, customer demand, the competitive environment, and the other products you will offer. Cost-plus: Adds a standard percentage of profit above the cost of producing a product. Accurately assessing fixed and variable costs is an important part of this pricing method. Value-based: Based on the buyer’s perception of value (rather than on your costs). The buyer’s perception depends on all aspects of the product, including non-price factors such as quality, healthfulness, and prestige. Competitive: Based on prices charged by competing firms for competing products. This pricing structure is relatively simple to follow because you maintain your price relative to your competitors’ prices. In some cases, you can directly observe your competitors’ prices and respond to any price changes. In other cases, customers will select vendors based on bids submitted simultaneously. In those cases, gathering information will be more difficult. Going-rate: A price charged that is the common or going-rate in the marketplace. Going-rate pricing

is common in markets where most companies have little or no control over the market price. Skimming: Involves the introduction of a product at a high price for affluent consumers. Later, the price is decreased as the market becomes saturated. Discount: Based on a reduction in the advertised price. A coupon is an example of a discounted price. Loss-leader: Based on selling at a price lower than the cost of production to attract customers to the store to buy other products. Psychological: Based on a price that looks better, for example, KD2.990 per kilo instead of KD3.00 per kilo. After you decide on your pricing strategy, the amount of money you will actually receive may be complicated by other pricing aspects that will decrease (or increase) the actual amount of money you receive. You will also have to decide how to determine: Payment period: Length of time before payment is received. Allowance: Price reductions given when a retailer 3 Purdue Extension • Knowledge to Go agrees to undertake some promotional activity for you, such as maintaining an in-store display. Seasonal allowances: Reductions given when an order is placed during seasons that typically have low sales volumes to entice customers to buy during slow times. Bundling of products/services: Offering an array of products together. Trade discounts: Payments to distribution chan-

nel members for performing some function such as warehousing and shelf stocking. Price flexibility: Ability of salesperson or reseller to modify price. Price differences among target customer groups: Pricing variance among target markets. Price differences among geographic areas: Pricing variance among geographic regions. Volume discounts and wholesale pricing: Price reductions given for large purchases. Cash and early payment discounts: Policies to speed payment and thereby provide liquidity. Credit terms: Policies that allow customers to pay for products at a later date. The methods discussed here should be a base from which to construct your price. Your options will vary

depending on how you choose to sell your product. For instance, if you make a product but don’t sell it directly to the customer, then you will want to know who sets the retail price and what margin they will require. Tracing the path of your product from production to final purchase is a useful exercise to discover this information. The research needed to understand the pricing along the distribution path will be more than worth the time it takes. Whatever your price may be, ultimately it must cover your costs, contribute to your image by communicating the perceived value of your product, counter the competition’s offer, and avoid deadly price wars. Remember, price is the one “P” that generates revenue, while the other three “P’s” incur costs. Effective pricing is important to the success of your business. See you next month with the next important component of the Marketing Mix.

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Unlocking the Secrets to Different Personalities Personality has the power to open many doors, but character must keep them open.---Anonymous Dear Readers, in our everyday ventures in life, we are met with differing personalities, some we like and others we prefer never to deal with again. Does this strike a chord with you? Well, breathe a sigh of relief, this is the case for many people. Differing personality types cause people turmoil both in their personal and professional lives. Husbands and wives not getting along, bosses and their subordinates butting heads, business owners having a conflict, and the list goes on. So, if you are one of these people, I am happy to say, there is a way to make it a little better, awareness. When issues like these pop up during any of my coaching sessions, and they usually do, my first question is, what degree of awareness and emotional intelligence does this person have in his ‘tool belt’? It is vital that you know your personality type and also to learn to distinguish the differing personality types of others. So, do you know your personality type? Do you know how to deal with other types?

Gender Based Differences As a first step to analyzing a personality, let us discuss the basic biological difference, gender. Dr. John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” has spent his life studying genders and divides humans into Martians and Venusians. So, what does it mean to be from Mars and how is it different than being from Venus? Typically, men are primarily Martian and women are primarily Venusian. That said, there is a range to the degree of the Martian/Venusian mix within us all. Some men are 90% Martian and 10% Venusian while others may have a 70% Martian / 30% Venusian split. Each person is different and understanding what your split is and the factors surrounding these differences is invaluable.

Venusians Those who are Venusian, have a love of communication. They always want to count themselves as part of a team and are always thinking of others and of ways to help. They often offer unsolicited advice and direction in hopes of helping but results have shown that Martians find this action to be very irritating. To motivate a Venusian, make them feel respected and allow them to communicate and be heard. So, it makes perfect sense that, when a Venusian is stressed, the first thing she wants to do is communicate about the problem. For her, discussing the problem is a vital part of the problem solving equation. So, if you are a Martian, please be ready to discuss issues when she is stressed, by offering your undivided attention

time will only aggravate the problem further and Dr. Gray suggests leaving the Martian alone until he comes out.

Personality Profiling With gender differences understood, let us move on to dividing each gender into personality types: the Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious. This method of profiling, called DISC, was developed by William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 – 1947). DISC profiling is divided into four quadrants (as shown below), each one representing a personality type. Those people who are outgoing or extroverted can be found in the upper quadrants and conversely those who are reserved can be found in the lower quadrants. Personalities are again divided into those who are ‘people oriented’ vs. ‘task oriented’ found in the right and left quadrants respectively. In DISC profiling, there is typically a dominant trait and a less dominant trait to each person. For example, you may have someone who is a high I and a low D. Keep this in mind when trying to assess a personality type as both traits play a part in the dynamics of a personality.

Outgoing / Extrovert

Those who are Martian, conversely, are typically people who are solution based and, in this regard, love to solve problems, alone. If you go to a Martian with a problem, be ready to receive a solution rather than just a venting session. Also, when a Martian is stressed, he likes to think about his problem in seclusion and finds solace in his “cave” to digest the matter at hand. So, Venusians, when your boss or husband or business partner is a Martian, expect him to go to the “cave” when he is stressed. Also, it is vital that no one follows him into the cave for any reason. Any communication with him at this





Reserved / Introvert





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People who are ‘D’s, are very active in dealing with problems and challenges. ‘D’ people are described as demanding, forceful, egocentric, strong willed, driving, determined, ambitious, aggressive, and pioneering. These people have a mission and are on their way to get, not discussion.

How to deal with them



D or Dominant Personality Type

CityPages Q

December - 2011

If you are dealing with a ‘D’, make sure to be clear, specific, brief and to the point, stick to business, and be prepared with support material in well-organized “package”. D’s love people who are in control and will only respect those who are equal to their dominance. When dealing with a ‘D’, do not talk about things that are not relevant to the issue, leave loopholes or cloudy issues, or appear disorganized.

I or Influence Personality Type People who are ‘I’s, influence others through talking and activity and tend to be emotional. They are described as convincing, magnetic, political, enthusiastic, persuasive, warm, demonstrative, trusting, and optimistic. They usually have an active social life and are usually center stage.

How to deal with them

The maker doesn't want

If you are dealing with an ‘I’, provide a warm and friendly environment, do not deal with a lot of details, ask “feeling” questions to draw their opinions or comments. Do not act cold or tight-lipped, do not control the conversation and do not focus on facts and figures, alternatives, abstractions as this will cause them to become very uncomfortable.

it; the buyer

S or Steadiness Personality Type

doesn't use it;

People who are ‘S’ styles want a steady pace, security, and don't like sudden change. ‘S’ persons are calm, relaxed, patient, possessive, predictable, deliberate, stable, consistent, and tend to be unemotional and poker faced. Believe it or not, most CEO’s were found to be ‘S’ types.

How to deal with them If you are dealing with an ‘S’, begin with a personal comment – break the ice, present your case softly, non-threateningly, and ask many questions to draw their opinions. Do not rush in headlong into business, do not act demanding, and do not force them to respond quickly to your objectives. An ‘S’ must control the pace and feel that they are not being rushed.

C or Conscientious Personality Type

and the user doesn't see it. What is it?

People with ‘C’ styles adhere to rules, regulations, and structure. They like to do quality work and do it right the first time. ‘C’ people are careful, cautious, exacting, neat, systematic, diplomatic, accurate, and tactful.

How to deal with them If you are dealing with a ‘C’, prepare your case in advance, stick to business, and be accurate and realistic. When dealing with a ‘C’ do not be too happy, casual, informal, loud, push too hard, be unrealistic with deadlines, be disorganized, or messy. ‘C’s are sticklers for organization both in how you deal with them and how your message is passed to them. So, dear readers, this may seem like a lot of information to digest but its power is amazing. As you start to practice profiling the people you encounter, analysis will become easier. This tool will enable you to develop smoother relationships and more fruitful encounters. So, if whether you are dealing with a D,I,S, or C, remember everyone is different and the trick is to treat them the way they want to be treated NOT the way you want to be treated. With this knowledge, you are now unstoppable... go forth and conquer!

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To protect and serve the vulnerable Environment protection has become a familiar topic in the news, blogs and almost everywhere. If you could learn firsthand the cost of apathy, you would understand. To that effect, volunteer to protect Kuwait’s beaches with a passionate group to truly comprehend the importance of this movement. K’S PATH (Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat) is a Kuwait-based organization dedicated to fostering social responsibility in the Arab world and providing rescue services to animals in danger. The group launched Al Yaal, Kuwait’s first nationwide conservative initiative intended to protect Kuwait’s marine rich ecosystem. Al Yaal encourages the participation of volunteer groups, companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions government agencies and local media to preserve Kuwait’s coastal environment for the beauty and pride of the country. The volunteers are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, ages and status, united for admirable goal. Citypages had an in-depth talk with Angelique Bhattacharjie, Director of Programs at K’S PATH and the Program Manager for Al Yaal. She intimated us on many facets of the initiative, an eye-opening conversation that very persuasively convinced us of the nobility of her cause.

Jameel Arif Can you explain what is YAAL? Al Yaal (Arabic for shoreline) is Kuwait’s first nationwide marine conservation initiative developed by en.v, a local organization promoting social responsibility in the Arab world. K’S PATH is the implementation partner of Al Yaal.

What is the aim or objectives of YAAL? Al Yaal aims to protect and restore Kuwait's marine ecosystem – focussing on the shoreline that extends from Doha to Shuwaikh along Kuwait Bay and the three islands of Umm Al Maradim, Kubbar and Garoh - through sustained beach and island cleanups, awareness and advocacy, community engagement and volunteering, and educational roadshows. The aforementioned site are rich in marine biodiversity including coral reefs, and serve as natural nesting grounds for migratory birds and turtles. These areas see high concentrations of indirect and direct man-made waste which severely impact the wellbeing of marine species and gradually destroy their habitat. Al Yaal is a multi-lateral program bringing together volunteers from the wider community and different groups - educational institutions, non-profit and environmental organizations, youth groups. Some of these include K'S PATH, Kuwait Diving Team, Kuwait Red Crescent Society and Spread The Passion. The Green Target Company, and the Metal and Recycling Company have come aboard to lend their support in recycling the waste collected by Al Yaal volunteers from beaches and islands.

When was it established? Al Yaal was launched in April 2011. Our first clean-up was held at Doha beach with over 30 volunteers from different non-profit and youth groups including K’S PATH and Spread The Passion. Doha beach has a very unique ecosystem with mudflats and mangroves which are home to mudskippers, dragonflies and many species of crabs. From the very outset, spotting marine species and averting the impact of waste on their wellbeing has proven to be strong motivation for volunteers to come back in following weeks to protect marine life.

How often do Al YAAL volunteers gather for beach cleanups? We conduct a minimum of 4 clean ups per month, early morning on weekends. With the weather cooling down, since October we’ve been cleaning beaches every Friday and Saturday and will continue to do so until the end of December 2011. Our efforts will be sustained with clean-ups scheduled throughout 2012 too. Our volunteers also support related Al Yaal activities such as educational sessions at schools, marine species photography and spreading the word at community exhibitions and fairs.

Do you have some calculation as to how much waste has been collected so far? Yes. Since inception in April 2011 to date, Al Yaal has manually conducted 34 clean-ups, collecting close to 8 tonnes of waste over 250,000 sq. m. of shoreline while engaging close to 500 volunteers. These figures reflect our volunteers’ dedication to a worthy cause.

What procedures do you follow for a site cleanup?

We start with a site survey to assess the nature, extent and source of waste; and to identify and document flora and fauna. A volunteer briefing follows to familiarise new volunteers with work methodology, waste collection precautions and safety guidelines. The work group then branches out into teams to target zones with high waste concentration, each led by a senior volunteer. We conduct a minimum of two rounds of waste collection. Plastic bottles, which comprise most waste, are segregated at the point of collection into designated trash bags while all other waste is segregated into categories for recycling. A Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) volunteer medic is on stand-by at all times. We provide all clean-up equipment including biodegradable trash bags, gloves, face masks, shovels and rakes, and light refreshments. Being a structured and sustained program with clear goals, each Al Yaal clean-up is assessed by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Each of the sites is cleaned up once every three weeks, and oftener if the scale or scope for habitat destruction is critical. For instance, we cleaned up Doha beach – which is home to unique marine species – twice a month throughout summer 2011. I’m glad to share we’ve made significant progress at this beach which today is visibly clean than when we started out in April 2011.

What kind of training do you provide to the volunteers? All volunteers are taken through a thorough briefing on-site before each clean-up. They are familiarised with work methodology, waste collection precautions and safety guidelines. Based on their skills and commitment, they are then assigned work teams. Al Yaal also holds a volunteer orientation – called the Al Yaal Volunteers’ Hour – the first Tuesday of each month at en.v’s offices in Bneid Al Gar. Here, new volunteers meet with en.v and Al Yaal staff for an overview of Al Yaal, its goals and progress to date, work methodology in discussion with senior/current volunteers, and upcoming clean ups. New volunteers are supervised and guided by senior volunteers and Al Yaal staff at clean-ups. Additionally, all K’S PATH Marine Conservation volunteers who volunteer with Al Yaal, undergo a volunteer orientation at the K’S PATH Shelter in Wafra to learn about K’S PATH’s policies, procedures and work in animal welfare and habitat protection. To sign up for Al Yaal’s Volunteers’ Hour, please email admin@

Who are your volunteers and how many of them? To date since April 2011, we have successfully mobilized close to 500 volunteers, both individuals and members of non-profit, youth, community and environmental groups such as the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Spread the Passion, Kuwait Diving Team, Kuwait Engineers’ Society, schools and universities, and K’S PATH. Students and staff of the American International School (AIS), for instance, have recently adopted a stretch of Sulaibikhat beach in community service, joining us Saturdays to clean it up. Demographically, our volunteers are of different nationalities, age groups, professions and walks of life. Golden Era, a local senior citizens club celebrated International Senior Citizens Day by joining us in cleaning up Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone beach, while some volunteers as young as 6 are accompanied by their parents to collectively clean up beaches as a family. On an average, we see 15-20 volunteers at each clean-up; the


December - 2011


K'S PATH Director of Programs and Al Yaal Program Manager


K'S PATH Assistant Director of Programs and Al Yaal Assistant Program Manager


island. While these sights are disturbing and unfortunate, they only renew and strengthen the resolve of our volunteers to come back weekend after weekend to clear waste.

sheer quantity of waste they collect far outdoes their team strength.

How can I become a volunteer of YAAL? Those interested in volunteering are welcome to sign up at www.alyaal. com or email Volunteers will be notified of future clean-ups, upcoming Al Yaal Volunteers’ Hour and receive program literature including the Al Yaal Volunteers’ e-Handbook. We are a diverse team with people of all nationalities, ages and walks of life sharing a relentless resolve to protect Kuwait’s marine environment.

What inspires you and your volunteers to do such work? The knowledge that each step, no matter how small, matters over time and builds up. Our volunteers have collected waste alongside dead species, with flocks of live flamingos and other birds nesting or feeding in sight further into the sea during low tide. The reality of it all, and the sheer quantity of waste that we collectively clear lends a strong sense of teamwork and accomplishment – it keeps us coming back. Even in the peak of summer, we saw an average of 14 volunteers braving the harsh heat to protect beaches. Our lead Al Yaal volunteers are ambassadors of resilience and commitment themselves: Andy Mehalick and Dana Al Fakir tirelessly collect waste trapped amidst rocks and shrubbery; Haifaa Al Rohaif and Nicole Burgoz document flora, fauna and the team at work with their amazing photography which proves very useful in our education and awareness activities; Yousif Al Hajery and Hitaff Al Shyji work for hours continuously often without a break to dig out or haul truck tyres along the shoreline; while Abdulhameed Al Ghannam our KRCS volunteer, and Nathan Chotikul support our on-site operations. Love for animals and the environment bonds us all.

Tell us about the kind of species that you find during such cleanups? We have spotted and documented varied species of live migratory birds including flocks of flamingos, wagtails, black winged stilts, Eurasian larks, plowers, herons and terns to name a few. We’ve also spotted colonies of mudskippers, crabs and dragonflies at Doha’s mudflats. Kubbar island is home to many migratory birds too. We often come across dead species – a hammerhead shark and sting ray at Sulaibikhat, a dolphin and peregrine falcon at Umm Almaradim

What kind of waste material do you find? Any unusual items?

"Al Yaal provides very enjoyable opportunities to do good. The few hours you voluunteer in a week will be well spent with a community of like-minded and environmentallyconscious people." HAIFAA AL ROHAIFAl Al Yaal Photography Volunteer

Plastic bottles, plastic bags, food packaging, metal (fizzy drink) cans and styrofoam are common waste across all sites. Of all waste, plastic bottles cause most environmental and habitat destruction. We focus efforts on collecting as many plastic bottles as we can find off beaches and encourage replacing them with reusable eco-friendly flasks at our educational roadshow. We also find an alarming number of tyres at beaches; we collected 18 tyres at a single clean-up at Sulaibikhat beach held in November. Discarded fishing nets and lines are common at Shuwaikh Free Trade Zone; many unsuspecting species get trapped and die of asphyxiation or starvation, an unfortunate phenomenon called ghost fishing. We find several gunshot shells at Doha beach and Kubbar island in particular alongside many dead birds. Poaching is a cruel, inhumane activity which we sensitize students against during our school visits.

How does waste affect the marine life? Plastic bottles/plastic and styrofoam are non-biodegradable. They disintegrate into smaller pieces from exposure to the elements. Birds, particularly waders and migratory marine species, mistake these smaller pieces of waste for food and die from intestinal blockage or suffocation when the ingested debris lodges in their throats. Plastic bags, ghost nets and shards of rusted metal are a threat when birds, turtles and other marine creatures get entangled in them, dying from injury, starvation or asphyxiation. Plastics leach hydrocarbons which along with other pollutants in sea water are absorbed by algae which live in coral, causing coral bleaching. Build-up of plastic bags and debris on ocean surfaces and beaches not only obstructs sunlight and oxygen but also blocks burrows of crabs and mudskippers. Plastic takes between 400-500 years to break down and yet cannot be completely removed from the earth – think about that the next time you purchase an object made of plastic. The solution lies in awareness, eco-friendly purchasing decisions and discerned lifestyle changes – this is why we demonstrate the basic tenets of responsible waste management – Reduce, Reuse and

"I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of people working hard to improve the environment and raise awareness for something that's been very important to me my entire life. It's wonderful to see Kuwaitis, locals, and expats all working together for such a great cause and my main hope is that we can inspire others to care as much as we do." ANDY MEHALICK Al Yaal Volunteer


December - 2011

Recycle – at our educational sessions.

protect them for generations to come. Volunteering with Al Yaal is a great opportunity to do your bit in making a tangible difference while experiencing some of Kuwait’s rich but fragile natural habitats and meeting like-minded individuals. Al Yaal also offers other volunteer opportunities such as community engagement, photography, videography, educational outreach, media and publicity. We have a structured Volunteer Growth Program which records and recognizes volunteers’ dedication and proactivity with volunteer promotion and leadership. There’s something for everyone who’d like to contribute their time, skills and energy in conserving Kuwait’s marine life. Do sign up at for our team to establish contact with you.

What kind of equipment do you carry for the cleanups? Our clean-ups so far have been conducted manually, with the aid of shovels and rakes to extricate deeply-seated tyres and heavy objects. We use biodegradable trash bags, heavy-duty and disposable gloves, and face masks during waste segregation – all materials are provided on site. We are currently building sand-sifters from scratch to clear the top layer of shorelines from smaller pieces of plastic debris. We have successfully secured permission from the Ministry of Interior and the Kuwait Municipality to employ large equipment such as bulldozers to clear large and layered waste.

What are some of your future plans? Our beach and island clean-ups will be sustained throughout 2012 with scaled up operations. Al Yaal have recently entered a collaboration with KISR for generating articles on marine life, and secured permission from the Ministry of Education to engage public schools. Al Yaal will continue to mobilize volunteers and invite different groups to join its nationwide initiative, as well as develop public signage/banners and waste collection facilities for select marine habitats. These activities present wider scope for members of the community to participate in Al Yaal’s future and indeed that of Kuwait’s marine environment, either through volunteering, sponsorship or strategic partnerships.

Who sponsors Al Yaal? Dow Chemical is the title sponsor of Al Yaal. Dow champions a dedicated program titled ‘Dow’s Marine Conservation Program’ under Al Yaal. Al Yaal is also sponsored by Alghanim Industries while Al Yaal’s Migratory Birds program is sponsored by Exxon Mobil.

Your message for our readers? It is a little known fact that Kuwait is home to a remarkably wide range of magnificent migratory and indigenous species – including endangered, rare and threatened ones. Our marine life and wildlife form an integral part of Kuwait’s natural heritage which makes it all the more crucial to

"Being a part of Al Yaal is more than just cleaning up a beach once a week. It's about socializing and getting to know a group of amazing people who truly care about the environment we live in and the wildlife that lives How do you educate people not to throw waste at in that environment as these beaches? well." YOUSIF AL HAJERY Al Yaal Clean-Up Volunteer

Al Yaal’s educational roadshow, which kicked off in September 2011 has conducted interactive educational sessions on marine conservation across 7 private and public schools and universities to date including AUK, GUST, CBS, ESG, AIS and KNES. We’ve engaged more than 2000 students through 14 presentations and a radio show. The sessions not only showcase Kuwait’s rich marine biodiversity and the impact of waste on marine life, they engage students in activities to segregate waste for recycling and identifying resin identification codes on plastic. Schools are then invited to join Al Yaal at beach clean-ups, which lends experiential learning. During Ramadan, Al Yaal conducted an awareness drive at beaches along the Arabian Gulf Road inviting passers-by to lend a hand in collecting waste and registered them for future activities. Because collecting waste takes time and effort, the experience intends to deter participants from littering. We also discuss responsible waste management and the importance of recycling.

Your message for us at CityPages magazine? Thanks goes to Jameel Arif and his team at City Pages for their genuine interest in and concern for Kuwait’s marine habitat and Al Yaal. It’s encouraging to learn of City Pages’ plans to highlight community and social programs awareness can indeed go a long way in mobilizing people. I personally look forward to reading features on these fronts in your publication.

"It's not just about keeping our environment clean. It's about protecting wildlife. Each plastic bottle discarded on the beach can potentially harm many marine species." NATHAN CHOTIKUL Al Yaal Clean-up Volunteer



The NEW PHB Range

"Pure Halal Beauty - Where Beauty and Belief Co-exist"

The new PHB ranges are available at Level 2, The Pavilions Shopping Centre, Birmingham and online at


December - 2011



Rose pictured with her new Skincare and Cosmetics collections at the Pure Halal Beauty store in Birmingham With all the talk of cuts and recession it’s good to hear that the pioneering spirit is still with us. Not letting the current economic climate get in the way of a good idea, 20 year old Rose Brown set up a rather unique business venture and opened the first store of its kind in the UK. If you still remember, in the April issue of CityPages magazine we published our exclusive interview with Rose. Pure Halal Beauty, a store dedicated solely to Halal Certified and Vegan Registered beauty products, opened its doors last Christmas in Birmingham’s Pavilions Shopping Centre. Now less than a year after opening the business is booming. Rose’s dedication to providing the best Halal Certified beauty products has led her to create her own range “The PHB Collection.” Her collection has over 80 unique cosmetic and skincare products and is hand-made in the UK using the finest, all natural ingredients and eco-

friendly packaging. Rose says the response to her new range has been overwhelming, “People have been really positive and I have had support and encouragement from around the country from people who are so happy to have found us. Muslims, vegans and vegetarians love our products because they don’t conflict with their personal and religious beliefs. Our products also appeal to the conscious consumer looking for chemical-free beauty products. People who want to use natural, ethical and beneficial beauty products are always so pleased with our phenomenal range as well as our extremely affordable prices!” As well as launching her PHB Collection, Rose has teamed up with City College Birmingham in offering apprenticeships to young students. “This time last year I was a student myself so I understand how difficult it is for young people trying to find work. I’m really pleased to be able to offer students the opportunity to gain vital work experience with Pure Halal Beauty.”` While many people would baulk at the idea of setting up a business in the current climate Rose welcomes

the challenge, “Some people think I’m crazy(!) but I have great belief in the products I’m selling and the prospects for expansion are looking very promising.” Rose Brown is the daughter of award winning songwriter/drummer Jimmy Brown of Internationally acclaimed reggae/pop group UB40. The PHB Collection offers the following key benefits: s 100% Natural plant and flower extracts s Vegan Certified s Halal Certified s Not tested on animals s No animal ingredients s No Parabens s Made by hand s 100% recyclable packaging s GMO free s Sample Pots Available s Refill Service Available



Leading the way for Pranic

The first Kuwaiti woman to learn the art of Pranic healing, May works at Health House, Tala Center – Salmiya, offering healing sessions to help relieve stress and pain from physical ailments. She also teaches Pranic Healing and Psychotherapy. A trip to Egypt in March of 2007 led to the epiphany that convinced her of her pivotal place in the cosmos. She meditated at locations that radiated high energy, contributing to her enlightenment. She returned to Kuwait a changed woman, one who achieved greater clarity and was stronger in spirit. At Pranic healing center, she learned to walk the path of a Pranic healer under the trainer Prakash, who identified her innate ability the first time they met. May has completely embraced her gift and is very proud that her efforts have helped to improve lives. About Pranic healing, she explains that it is a manipulation of the energy inherent in a person. She can distinguish between positive and negative energy, and feel the different vibrations on her fingertips. May is a wonderful, vivacious person with a ready smile and an optimistic outlook on life. She sat down with Citypages for an interview to discuss the potential of Pranic healing.

Christina Pinto When did you first feel the healing energy within yourself? I didnt realize I had it within until I took first course in Pranic Healing, everyone has this innate ability which they can tap into if they learned few techniques.

When did you begin to work on other people? I started working with hypnosis which was in 2007, a few months later I began with Pranic Healing

What were your first experiences in doing your healing work and how did that progress? My first experience was when I started doing healing on myself, as it is best to start with yourself then work on others. I remember my first healing was when I had stomach cramps then within a few minutes of healing it completely went away! It was truly miraculous! After that I felt everyone should experience that.. I started working especially on the emotional side including stress and fear.

Tell us about your education? I have a biomedical engineering degree from Boston University

Who are your clients? Mainly middle aged women, but I also get men and women from all ages ranging from new borns till 80’s.

What formal training did you undergo to master this wonderful art of healing? I took Pranic Healing courses mainly in Dubai, I took many of them but from the first course you can start healing people.

How have people received you in Kuwait?

In a very good way, most people who come to me are already open minded about these things.

Please talk about the essence and importance of spiritual healing? Spiritual healing is very important in the sense that it works on the energy body, and in Orthodox medicine they focus on the physical body. The body is compromised of these two; energy bodies physical and energy. In other words spiritual healing compliments orthodox medicine.

How do you decide what and how to treat? It depends on many factors, usually if a person comes complaining of a physical problem 90% of the time it is due to psychological problems. So I go to the emotional side and inquire more about his/her psychological wellbeing. Then I start from, plus I use a technique called scanning to check which chakras need the most balancing.

When the healing happens, do you feel any warmth in your hands or body, or see light or any of those kinds of manifestations? Yes, there are different sensations which a healer may encounter while doing healing. For me, I would feel heavy or tingling sensation if there is a certain malfunction in a chakra or chakras.

What are your thoughts concerning acupuncture as a spiritual path? Acupuncture is a healing technique. It is very good, but it works on meridians which are energy channels but Pranic Healing works on chakras which are energy centers. For example if you would imagine that corridors are meridians and the doors are the chakras, if the corridor gets dirty it gets cleaned through acupuncture but everytime the door opens and spills dirt in the corridor it would get dirty again. So its best to clean the source which are the


May Al-Najjar


December - 2011



What is your method of meditation? I follow the school of Arhatic Yoga which is a synthesis of different types of mediation, including bakhti yoga, kundalini, awareness, and raja yoga.

Do you see people repeatedly or is one session usually enough to heal them? Repeatedly, as humans we are complex beings and composed of many different layers.

Tell us about your travelling experiences to different countries? I have traveled to many different beautiful places seeking different meditation experiences and especially testing the energy of each land. There are certain pieces of land on this planet that have special energies which activate dormant senses in you. I have visited Egypt, India, Bali, UK, Turkey, and most recently Peru and much more.

Do you teach other people how to open their healing energies themselves? Yes I teach Basic, Advanced, and Psychotherapy classes

Tell us about the workshops that you conduct regularly? In Basic Pranic Healing you understand and experience all the foundation information for Pranic Healing. In Advanced you learn how to use colors to further enhance your healing to make it faster and more effective. In Psychotherapy you understand and heal different psychological problems a person faces which are the root cause of the problems.

Do you usually have a focus or a theme for your workshops? Yes, Pranic Healing.

Do you do long distance healing as well as in person? Yes, but my main focus is in person as I like to be face to face with the client.

Do psychics/healers belong to any particular organization to exchange ideas or for general networking? There are many many different kinds of schools of healing which they would probably do that. In Pranic healing they hold a world conference every three years i have just attended the last one in May in Singapore.

Do you have a message for us at CityPages? Be in the moment!


December - 2011



December - 2011

AIDS: 30 Years of a Deadly Disease

The Spread of AIDS Since 1981

Rock Hudson

AIDS first began to spread through humans in the 1950s, ignorance led to forced quarantines of all people suffering from it. The disease worsened slowly over the next decades, until it finally exploded in the 1980s. At that point, the disease mainly affected the gay community, and was thought to be an extreme strain of pneumonia.

American actor Rock Hudson was the next person to give a face to the disease. The leading man hid his AIDS diagnosis from the public until a few months before he died in 1985 at the age of 59. Following his death, funding for AIDS research soared from the general public and the American government.

Disease is Recognized by Doctors It wasn’t until June 1981 that a group of doctors in San Francisco recognized the disease cluster that was eventually characterized as AIDS. That year, there were 121 confirmed deaths due to the illness. GRID or AIDS? The next year, it spread further through the American homosexual community. It was then temporarily named GRID, or gay-related immune deficiency. However by August 1982, roughly half of sufferers were not homosexual, and so the disease was renamed the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. Ryan White One other group that was high-risk for AIDS were hemophiliacs, due to their need for blood transfusions. In December 1984, a young American hemophiliac named Ryan White was diagnosed with the disease. He was subsequently expelled from school because of his illness, despite the fact that his doctors said he posed no risk to other students. The ensuing lawsuit drew international attention, with celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elton John befriending the boy and helping to raise money for the disease. White was the first case to dispel the idea that AIDS targeted only gay men, and he changed perceptions of the disease immensely in the United States. He died in 1990 at the age of 18.

The Oprah Winfrey Show and West Virginia As media coverage of AIDS increased, so did fear about the disease. In 1987, a swimming pool in a small town in West Virginia was closed after an AIDSinfected man swam in it. Following the incident, The Oprah Winfrey Show featured an hour-long episode dedicated to discussing AIDS and homosexuality with that community. First World AIDS Day In 1988, the first World AIDS Day was held on December 1st, and the event brought the illness into the mainstream even further. Magic Johnson On November 7th, 1991, basketball star Magic Johnson shocked the world when he announced he had tested positive for HIV and was retiring immediately to battle the disease. Johnson’s announcement finally discredited the homosexual myth about AIDS for


Though AIDS has possibly been around since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it was only in the 1950s that doctors really began to take notice of this strange disease. And it took another thirty years for the disease to become the serious epidemic it is today. Early in its infancy, misinformation and misunderstanding was rampant in terms of AIDS. For example, it was thought to only affect the homosexual community. Today there remains prejudice about AIDS. the American public and proved that the disease could affect anyone. He came out of retirement years later to prove it was safe to play on the same court as someone infected with HIV. Freddie Mercury It was just weeks after Johnson’s announcement that Queen frontman Freddie Mercury revealed he was suffering from AIDS, and he died a day later at the age of 45. Pop Culture Commentary

1993 saw the release of three pieces of work that drew public attention to the AIDS crisis. The Pulitzer Prizewinning play “Angels in America” was completed, Tom Hanks’ performance in “Philadelphia” as a gay lawyer who has been dismissed due to his AIDS diagnosis was praised, and HBO released its film adaptation of the acclaimed nonfiction book, “And the Band Played On.” Originally published in 1987, the book chronicled the spread of HIV and AIDS and its social impact on the United States. In 1996, the popular rock musical “RENT” debuted, and followed a group of young New York artists against the backdrop of the AIDS epidemic. Challenging Stereotypes In the ‘90s, even more celebrities challenged perceptions of AIDS by admitting their infection, including tennis great Arthur Ashe, rapper Eazy-E and Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis. AIDS: A Killer By 1995, AIDS became the number one killer of people aged 25-44 in America. And by 1997, it was estimated that 30 million people around the world were living with AIDS. Ten years later, the worldwide death count from AIDS reached 25 million. As we inch closer to a cure, social acceptance of the disease has definitely grown in the years since its discovery thanks to the contributions and sacrifices of a few.

Make it


Honey Almond Latte Honey Almond Mocha

Ho Ho Mint Mocha


Warming Winter Teas

Around the world, tea is a symbol of hospitality, warmth and comfort. On these dreary winter days when the cold seems to seep into your bones, a steamy cup of tea can make all the difference. One of the unique properties of tea is its ability to simultaneously relax and revive. Buddhist monks discovered this centuries ago and drank tea to sustain them through long sessions of meditation. Tea does contain caffeine, though most teas yield about half or less the caffeine of coffee. A number of factors influence the caffeine level in tea, but generally green teas tend to have less caffeine than black teas. Tea also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which promotes relaxation and mental clarity. Studies indicate that tea’s combination of caffeine and L-theanine provides a gentler lift and more prolonged mental focus than the quick jolt that other caffeinated drinks may induce. If you’re in need of a cup of cheer this winter, here are a few teas to warm you from the inside out:


Comfort in a Cup

December - 2011

Tiffany Picard HOJICHA JAPANESE GREEN TEA Hojicha is a dark, roasted green tea from Japan. It is made with the twigs of the tea plant rather than the leaves, which makes the infusion especially low in caffeine. SA Hoji Cha Green Tea is made with both tea leaves and twigs for an extra sweet, nutty flavor and chocolatey aftertaste. SA teas are available at Uwajimaya and other shops around Seattle.

Masala Chai INDIAN BLACK TEA WITH SPICES A traditional tea of India, masala chai literally means “spiced tea.” The spices — such as cardamom, peppercorn, ginger and cinnamon — all spread a warming glow throughout the body.

Simmered with black tea, milk, and sugar, the creamy brew warms you up in seconds. Most cafés sell a form of masala chai, or you can make your own at home, with or without milk. The Perennial Tea Room near Pike Place Market sells a chai blend as well as an herbal chai blend that uses caffeine-free rooibos in place of black tea.

Oriental Beauty TAIWANESE OOLONG Legend has it that when Queen Elizabeth II tried this tea for the first time, she declared it to be a “true oriental beauty.” With a dark honey-sweet flavor and notes of peaches and rose, this tea has many layers of complexity. And with a high oxidation level, Oriental Beauty may be more warming to the body than lightly oxidized teas, according to Chinese medicine.

Floating Leaves Tea in Ballard specializes in Taiwanese teas and offers two grades of Oriental Beauty.

Citrus Tea Blends Citrus peel and citrus oil promote warmth in the body. Brew your morning tea with some lemon zest or orange peel, or try a citrus tea blend such as Seattle’s Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange Tea, an eye-opening blend of black tea, cinnamon and orange. Earl Grey is another popular black tea blended with oil from the bergamot citrus fruit. Whether enjoying sweet masala chai in a handmade clay vessel, sipping Earl Grey with lemon from a porcelain teacup or running out the door with green tea in your travel mug, tea never fails to give comfort and inspiration when you need it most!



A Dentist, An entrepreneur and now.. An Inventor


December - 2011

BMS Dental Clinic does it a revolutionary way!

The atmosphere of his clinic embodies the man: calm, reassuring and efficient. Dr. Bernard believes in doing what is best for his patients and guaranteeing the most quality care possible.


Our faithful readers already have an impression of the brilliant Dr. Bernard Moufid. The June issue of Citypages featured an interview on the man’s achievements in the field of dentistry. In the interview, he was introduced as the owner and Managing Director of BMS Dental Clinic in Beirut and Kuwait, which provides exemplary dental services from regular dental care to cosmetic dentistry.

An ambitious man, the Doctor is consistently pushing himself to succeed and persevere to fulfill new goals. It is why he is regarded as proficient in his field and an individual who has the potential to make great contributions to society.

The latest achievement to emerge from his hard work and dedication is a new innovation that will considerably change the way patients undergo procedures at the dentist clinic. The aim of the new innovation is to lessen the time patients spend in the Dentist office as well as set their minds at ease. Dr. Bernard started on his innovation as he had made two observations, One - many people were afraid of the dentist or at the very least, nervous and anxious about their impending procedures. Their anxiety takes a hold of them and they cancel their appointments or stop regular visits to the dentist midway. It is very troublesome for the Dentists. Two- Some patients are completely occupied by their daily routines that they have no time to spare for a visit to the dentist. They cannot attend timeconsuming treatments without risking some fall-out in their time table. Dr. Bernard has discovered a pioneering solution to both these problems. He



believes that with his innovation, patients can have their treatment in oneshot without prolonging it.

saying how his new anesthesia is a boon to the medicine industry. Unlike general anesthesia, the patient can come and go by himself. Once the

For any procedure, the patient has to be subjected to a general anesthesia.

patient comes for the first time, we will check his case, go through his medical

However, if the patient requires multiple treatments such as root canal,

history and take him the X-Rays needed for his teeth. We will do for him a

extraction, crowning and others, it is very difficult to administer the accurate and precise dose of anesthesia. As everything is the area around the injection is swollen and enlarged. Dentists have to carefully maneuver the tender parts to do their job well and minimize accidents, especially if they are working on the posterior side. Dr. Bernard’s innovation changes the way patients go through long treatments. He goes in-depth into his ideas with Citypages,

small exam involving blood tests and a consultation with the anesthesiologist. The advanced conscious sedation is done under the supervision of the whole anesthetic team with their machines and tools present nearby. The patient is given a dose and immediately goes under the effect. He does not feel anything just like general anesthesia. However, Dr. Bernard’s anesthesia is far superior as it affects the patients differently and factually, is good for them. The risks generally associated with general anesthesia are non-existent with this new method. More importantly, the patient can move his jaw though he feels no pain. If the Dentist asks him to open or close his mouth, he can and that will make the job easier. Dr. Bernard says that this anesthesia method gives the team more time to work and do the procedure more professionally and accurately. The walls of the jaw, soft tissue and the tongue remains in their original state, there is no swelling. The procedure moves swiftly with the help of the team while the patient is asleep and feels no pain.


December - 2011

Dr. Bernard tested the method on 3 or 4 patients in his clinic and was very pleased with the results. The results were phenomenal and amazing. The hole work can be achieved with an extremely good doctor, very well experienced accompanied by a strong team to complete the job quickly and properly. The medical staff in attendance must be aware that the person is under sedation so they must act like professionals and do their best for their patients. Dr. Bernard is positive that his clinic has the ability and capacity to perform according to expectations to make every procedure a success. However, there are a few procedures, which are the exceptions that are unsuited for this new anesthesia method. The majority 90 percent of procedures can work in cohesion with the method. The time usually taken for the procedures will be measurably lessened


irrespective of what the patient wants. Dr. Bernard stands by his idea that

“This is a very big achievement. I am very proud to do this with the help of my

his clinic will finish a complete Full Mouth Rehabilitation going through root

team.” Dr. Bernard says with a discernable ring of enthusiasm.

canals, fillings, laser surgery for the gums, cosmetic dentistry etc. in a comparatively reduced time than other clinics. Patients entering the clinic with ugly teeth or bad gums will find their

He spent hours and days teaching his team the importance of completing their tasks with finesse and accuracy. Moreover, he stressed on how much he emphasized on the importance of professionalism.

problems solved in a few hours. The patient will leave with healthy bases, clean gums, nice crowns, and will be able to walk and drive back home. After

Dr. Bernard sees a bright future for his clinic. The new method is a wonderful

a week or so, the patient will come back to fix his new beautiful permanent

innovation in dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry and will pay a significant part

ceramic teeth that have been made and customize to fit exactly his or her face

in full mouth rehabilitation, complementing his Clinic’s ideals of offering

features. This session is painless and doesn’t need any kind of injections or

professional services and reliable care.

Aerobic Dance Martial Arts Jumping

Aqua Exercises Anti-Cellulite Treatment Massage

IQflow LaDanza! Pilates Vibrafit Virtual Cycling Yoga

SAVE MON Ask for ouEY r Special Yea r-end Offer s!

Change Your Life Now! SALMIYA:




w w w. p i l a t e s a n d m o r e q 8 . c o m




December - 2011

Do you suffer from eye envy? Do you dream of rejuvenating your tired looking eyes? Taking that leap back in time to enhance your appearance may be just one magical blepharoplasty away.


Blepharoplasty Daniel Todd, MD FACS, Midwest Ear, Nose & Throat, simplifies the definition of the age-defying surgery. “Blepharoplasty is the term used for eyelid surgery,” he says. “Droopy eyelids can make you look older and can also impair vision. Blepharoplasty corrects these problems and also removes puffiness and bags under the eyes that make you look worn and tired.

Jody Gust

Enhance, Refresh, Rejuvenate Tired Looking Eyes

Pinching the redundant skin

Cutting the skin off

While revolutionary, “This procedure cannot alter dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nor can it change sagging eyebrows,” he explains. “If the brow is low, elevating that with a browlift is often considered as well. Laser resurfacing, fillers, and neurotoxins like Botox can also be considered.” Blepharoplasty removes the excess fat, muscle, and skin from both upper and lower lids. The results can be a refreshed appearance, with a younger, firmer eye area. When reviewing the details of the procedure in upper eyelid surgery the surgeon first marks the individual lines and creases of the lids in order to keep the scars as invisible as possible along the natural folds. The incision is then made, and excess fat, muscle and loose skin are removed. Fine sutures are used to close the incisions, thereby minimizing the visibility of any scar. And for the lower eyelid. The surgeon makes the incision in an inconspicuous site along the lashline and smile creases of the lower lid. Excess fat, muscle, and skin are then trimmed away before the incision is closed with fine sutures. Eyelid puffiness caused primarily by excess fat may be corrected by a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. The incision in this case is made inside the lower eyelid and excess fatty material is removed. Under normal conditions, blepharoplasty can take from one to two hours. It can be done under local anesthesia in the clinic, or with another procedure

Closing the incisions

under general anesthesia. Recovery from blepharoplasty requires about a week and the patient is issued the assignment of cleaning the eye area for a designated period of time. The eyes may feel sticky, dry and itchy. Eye drops may be recommended. Bruising is variable and may last beyond a week. Certain activities and environments must also be avoided in the weeks immediately following the surgery. As for follow-up, Permanent stitches will be removed in three to five days after surgery. Selfabsorbing stitches will dissolve on their own. Healing from a blepharoplasty does not require the eyes to be covered although ointment for dryness of the eye area may be used. There is a certain amount of swelling and bruising following the surgery and cold compresses and head elevation while lying down will relieve discomfort and promote healing. If blepharoplasty appeals to you, remember this. As with all facial plastic surgery, good health and realistic expectations are prerequisites. People with circulatory, ophthalmological or serious medical conditions must rely on the diagnostic skills of their own personal specialists to determine whether blepharoplasty is an option to consider. Patients with dry eyes, ptosis or lax lids may not be good candidates for this surgery.



Do you think the next Tiger Woods could come from Kuwait? Maybe, if people decide to train under some good trainers like Cliff Anderson. A down-to-earth and patient person, characteristics prerequisite of a good golf trainer, he is helping to make golf popular. Golf is growing in recognition and inviting a lot of participation from different age groups. The Sahara Kuwait Resort is one amazing place where golf enthusiasts can enjoy the real experience of golfing in Kuwait. Beautiful lush green courses, quality equipment and strong assistance, it is the ideal place for interested individuals to learn and practice their golf swing. Cliff Anderson, one of its most notable trainers attests to the wonderful experience players can expect. I met him on the golf course and was blown away at how professional everything looked. Under his guidance, I managed to hit a ball with the putt, which as a novice I considered a great feat. Cliff is completely devoted the game and everything it stands for (not status as some would think) but hard work, determination and self-control. I conversed with him on his professional life and how well his sport is doing in Kuwait.

Cliff Anderson Golf Director, Sahara Kuwait Resort

How long have you been golfing for and what got you started?


The game of golf has been a big part of my family for many generations. My father is a professional golfer so I have been playing golf for as long as I can remember. I first picked up a club when I was 3 years old.

If someone is just getting into golf, would you suggest them buying the best clubs or paying for lessons?

What kind of training do you do to improve your game? Practice on weak areas is the key. I have the occasional check-up with Shika and Francois (other 2 professionals at Sahara) if I am struggling in a particular area. I have also recently started working on my golf fitness (mobility and core stability) with Gerry our new Spa and Leisure Manager.

What do you love about the game of golf? When on the golf course you are not reliant on anyone but yourself. When I hit a good shot I can praise myself and for the bad shots I only have myself to blame.

Is technique or power more important?

Mohammad Altaf

I would suggest getting lessons any day! It is best to develop a consistent swing before splashing out on an expensive set.

What type of clubs do you use? I do and have always used Mizuno.

Do you think the golf ball makes a big difference and what type of ball do you use?


December - 2011



at Sahara so any ladies interested should come along and give it a try.

Using the correct ball that suits your swing speed makes a massive difference in the distance you hit the ball. I use a high compression ball to accommodate my swing speed.

How does someone go about choosing golf clubs? What do you look for in clubs? Getting your clubs fitted by professionals is the best way to go about purchasing. Having the correct specifications for your set will make a huge difference to your game.

What has been the hardest golf course you have ever played on? Prince's Grant . A golf course not far from my house in Durban, South Africa. It is right on the ocean and the wind always seems to blow.

What is your longest drive ever? I entered a long drive contest at my home course in South Africa once. I won with a distance of 373m. That's over 400yards I think..

Why do you think that golf remains so appealing to men of all

ages? Golf can be played by men (and woman) of all ages, shapes and sizes.

What are the most important goals that you still want to accomplish in your golfing career? Im still waiting for my first hole in one!

How would you compare the ground at Sahara to other grounds you have played or taught at? Taking the Kuwait climate into consideration, Sahara is in as good condition as anywhere I have ever played! The course is really well looked after by our greenkeeper Fanie.

Are females equally interested in this sport? What is the ratio of females compared to male players at the club? Woman' golf is the largest growing sport in the world at the moment. Here at Sahara we have a reasonably big ladies section of mainly Ex-Pat ladies. We are trying our best to increase the amount of ladies playing

The academy accepts students from what age? What is a good age to start learning golf? The younger, the better. It is best to begin with tuition from around the age of 6 years.

How do you feel about the fact that Golf has been included in the Olympic games? Golf is one of the most popular sports world wide so it can only be a good thing for the Olympics. In my opinion it is a good addition to the games.

Your message for the youth in Kuwait? When learning the game, make sure you learn about the rules and etiquette of Golf. They are just as important as learning how to play the game.

Describe the facilities and equipment that are available at Sahara for Golfers? Sahara Kuwait Resort is the only 18 holes grass course in the country. The golf course is really in excellent condition and just a great golf course to play. The course is complimented with awesome facilities that will make your overall experience in the club a favorable one.


December - 2011

Your message for us at CityPages Magazine? Golf is a very new sport in the Middle East and especially in Kuwait. I urge all readers to come and see what the game is about and give it a try, you might love it! Sahara Kuwait is open to non members so feel free to come along!


December - 2011

The Fire

James Patterson

Red Mist

Patricia Cornwell

Looking for a fast airplane read to take with you during holiday travel?James Patterson has capitalized on the nationwide interest in supernatural thrillers with his young adult Witch and Wizard series. The Fire is the third book in the series.

Red Mist is Patricia Cornwell's 19th Kay Scarpetta novel. When Kay starts investigating the death of her former deputy chief, her life is threatened and she discovers and international terrorism conspiracy.

The Scottish Prisoner

December 1941 31 Days That Changed America and Saved the World

Diana Gabaldon

77 Shadow Street Dean Koontz


December is usually a slow month in publishing since most publishers try to get their books released before Thanksgiving. Wondering if there are any last minute gems in 2011? Here are the biggest books being released this month.

Dean Koontz has written a thriller to help fans ring in the new year. 77 Shadow Street is the story of a building with a history of doom that seems to have overcome its past... until strange and supernatural events start threatening the current occupants.

The Drop

Michael Connelly

Craig Shirley

Includes a preview of the new novel in the Outlander series. London, 1760. For Jamie Fraser, paroled prisoner-of-war in the remote Lake District, life could be worse: He’s not cutting sugar cane in the West Indies, and he’s close enough to the son he cannot claim as his own. But Jamie Fraser’s quiet existence is coming apart at the seams, interrupted first by dreams of his lost wife, then by the appearance of Tobias Quinn, an erstwhile comrade from the Rising. Like many of the Jacobites who aren’t dead or in prison, Quinn still lives and breathes for the Cause. His latest plan involves an ancient relic that will rally the Irish.

7 Money Rules for Life Mary Hunt

Americans young and old are flunking their finances. A shocking 77 percent live paycheck to paycheck with no savings. And 43 percent of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, while 49 percent could cover less than one month's expenses if they lost their income.

December 1941 traces, day-by-day, the most important 31 days in the history of America's participation in WWII, which snuffed out the lives of millions and changed history forever.

From December 1, 1941, until the morning of December 7, 1941, America was at peace and-with the exception of the stubborn and persistent high unemployment of the Great Depression-was a relatively happy country. By the afternoon of the December 7 attack on Pearl Harbor, America was a radically changed country, forever. Its isolationist impulses evaporated, and both major political parties became more or less internationalist. The month also introduced food and gas rationing, Victory Gardens, scrap drives, a military draft, and the conversion of Detroit into an "arsenal of democracy."

Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD, and he wants cases more fiercely than ever. In one morning, he gets two. DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29-yearold convicted rapist. Was he an eight-year-old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab? The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab's DNA cases currently in court.


December - 2011


We Found Love Rihanna & Calvin Harris


In The Dark Dev


Mistletoe Justin Bieber


Sexy And I Know It LMFAO


Mr. Know It All Kelly Clarkson


Red Solo Cup Toby Keith


It Will Rain Bruno Mars


Party Rock Anthem LMFAO



Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera


Ours Taylor Swift


Superman Taylor Swift


Someone Like You Adele


Ni**as In Paris Jay-Z & Kanye West


We Owned The Night Lady Antebellum


Good Feeling Flo Rida


Cheers (Drink To That) Rihanna


Make Me Proud Drake


Without You David Guetta & Usher


Mirror Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars


Turn Me On David Guetta & Nicki Minaj


Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People


Talk That Talk Rihanna & Jay-z


Drink In My Hand Eric Church


The One That Got Away Katy Perry


Love On Top Beyonce Knowles


Love You Like A Love Song Selena Gomez & The Scene


5 O'Clock T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen


All Your Life Band Perry


Fly Nicki Minaj & Rihanna


The Motto Drake & Lil Wayne


Princess Of China Coldplay & Rihanna


Not Over You Gavin DeGraw


Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes


Take Care Drake & Rihanna


Strange Clouds B.o.B


You Make Me Feel... Cobra Starship & Sabi


Dance (A$$) Big Sean & Nicki Minaj


Rumour Has It/Someone Like You Glee Cast


If This Was A Movie Taylor Swift

T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever), Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez


USA Singles Top 40





Mahnoor Baloch running in Port Grand in an amazing wedding dress; Faakhir did it again! With the release of his latest album 'Jee Chaahay', Faakhir is back to win over the music lovers, especially women...

Fatima Zakir Six years is a long time... a very long time, especially if you don't want yourself to be forgotten in this era when our people are suffering from short term memory loss. Every issue that is big at a time and is discussed extensively in our media is forgotten within days, so it's really tough for an artist to not just survive in this competitive world but also be looked forward to. And in our music industry Faakhir is one such name who has been out of the music scene for quite some time now but people kept on waiting for his latest venture. We have been hearing news about his new album since last year but his record label, Fire Records, chose now for the release of his album 'Jee Chaahay' and Faakhir is more than satisfied with the timing. "The record label had my album from the start of this year but since the conditions in the country were getting out of hand, they preferred not to release it earlier," says Faakhir. "And, they were right. With a better security condition and Eid, it turned out to be a great time for an album release. I have been constantly on shows and on tours ever since 'Jee Chaahay' has hit the markets," he adds.

The hiatus 'Mantra' (2005) did exceptionally well, and with that came travelling, recording shows, concerts, videos and interviews. Hence, Faakhir didn't get the time to record new songs for some time. Compositions kept coming to him and he recorded them whenever and wherever he could. He spent the next two to three years basking in the glory of 'Mantra'. He didn't start off recording

because he felt he wouldn't be able to do justice to his new songs while he was still under the spell of the old ones. Finally, when he got down to work, his father passed away and he took more time off from work to be with his family. After the mourning period he started working on his songs; giving words to his melodies, arranging the music, recording it, mixing it and getting it ready for his fans. And like people say, every good thing needs time, so did 'Jee Chaahay'! For Faakhir music is all about expression. "Melody brings two things with it. A) lyrical rhyme and words, B) concept," shares Faakhir. "I don't force myself into it. If a good tune is in mind and things are falling in place automatically then great, otherwise I'll keep working on it until and unless I get satisfied with the results. I agree this album took time but at least I am happy with each and every song. It's close to my heart and I have felt each and every moment of it."

Sweat and blood Every word, every chord and every instrument took their fair share of time and effort. Faakhir worked with a couple of writers for his album as he believes that one lyricist makes the album monotonous. He used to have long discussions over his tunes and the selection of words. He has worked with Sabir Zafar, Khwaja Pervaiz and Prashant Vasal as lyricists for this album. They used to discuss, discard and discuss further with him until something substantial came out. "There was just one song in my life that I did with a deadline over my head,"

reminisces Faakhir. "I was given two to three hours by the sponsorship company and I had to confine myself to a room to come up with a patriotic number, and it was a huge hit - 'Ae jawan'." For this album, he wanted to remember the time when there were less challenges and life was less complicated. In pursuit of fame and success, people often tend to forget the more important things - family, friends and happiness hidden in small things. 'Jee Chaahay' is about that time which seems to be lost somewhere. Though it's not a thematic album, yet it mainly focuses on songs catering to the different emotions related to love, and different writers have brought in their individual flavour. Where 'Shikva' is about the ego tussles between a couple, 'Kho Jaaoon' is the celebration of selfless love one feels for his/her partner; similarly, 'Mitti Paao' is extremely peppy dealing with the different relations of a human being in a funny way, 'Parwah' has the element of complain in which a person is whining about his partner's negligence towards his issues. Faakhir has not just combined different sentiments in one album but has musically taken a leap by merging symphony with traditional Punjabi theme and by adding ballerina touch to a very pop tune. "As for the comparison with 'Aatish' and 'Mantra', they were not reflective albums... they were just songs, except for a few like 'Kaash Hum Juda Na Hote' and 'Dil Na Lagay'. But, 'Jee Chaahay' brought out the real me as I have used real life experiences and my emotional rollercoaster rides in each and every song," explains the crooner.

Music on reel

Music videos are an extremely important part of promoting an album. No album release is complete without a video; in fact, singers now believe in releasing singles rather than sitting on their songs for the completion of an album. Faakhir came out with 'Allah Kare' featuring Mahnoor Baloch and Mikaal Zulfikar, and the video is doing rounds being aired on every channel these days. The peppy video is directed by one of the finest directors in Pakistan, Amena Khan. "Working with Amena, Mahnoor and Mikaal was a treat. I found both Mahnoor and Mikaal to be extremely professional," shares Faakhir. "They didn't charge a penny from me. "In fact, no artist has ever charged me for their appearance, be it Resham, Aminah Haq, Aamina Shafaat, Humayun Saeed or Abdullah Kadwani; we all respect each other's stature and hence work for each other's benefits." His second video 'Atom Bomb' has been shot in Lahore and is in editing these days. It has been directed by Sadia Jabbar, and is a fun video yet again that would be released after the 15th of Muharram. Besides, he has the concept of 'Jee Chaahay', 'Shikva', 'Baylia' and 'Mitti Pao' ready and would soon start planning for them too. He knows what he wants; he has a clear idea of what his songs require and he wants his directors to show their magic using his concepts.

The bigger picture Currently, the music scene is confused. India is the BIG thing. If anyone wants to make a mark, he thinks a stamp from India is all that it takes. On our music


December - 2011

ENTERTAINMENTPAGES About 'NOT' the weaker sex Over the years, Faakhir has worked with some of the biggest names of Pakistan television and fashion industry. His videos have always been outstanding and he has never portrayed women as weaklings.

channels, there is a 20 per cent quota for international music while 80 per cent is for local. In contrast, we see 20 per cent of our songs and the rest is mostly Indian. We are no more culturally inspired but are culturally occupied now. The piracy is rampant, the record labels have packed up their businesses and we just have a couple of them left. There is no commercial viability of the artist as well as the record label; hence the whole music scenario seems bleak. But, Faakhir is very happy with his record label. "My record label went for a proper release and has been very supportive from the very first day," tells Faakhir. "They got me on every show and I got a chance to promote my album on every possible channel. My ring tones are going hit and they have informed me that whatever amount they have released in the market has been sold out. In fact, they are running short on the albums. So, I am overwhelmed by the response I am getting till now."

"I love powerful women; the ones with high self esteem, straightforward, intelligent, sharp and firm in their stance," expresses Faakhir. "I have recently worked with two female directors and I believe it's much easier to work with them than the male directors. They are more professional, calmer, more organised and better in control. Besides, they have a better understanding of things and they can create a more feasible environment at work." Faakhir believes in the freedom of women. "We should make our women work and help us in the field, and we will be surprised by the immense talent they have. Even if she fails temporarily, we should give her more avenues to express herself and build on a career once again. They can do wonders!"

In the coming days... The things would be on hold for some time from the start of Muharram and he would commence shows, interviews and videos after the 15th of Muharram. He would be on international and national tours, too, to promote his album. So, let's keep our fingers crossed as we will be seeing quite a buzz on his front!



DECEMBER HOLLYWOOD MOVIE RELEASES Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked This Holiday It's Gonna Get Squeaky

Directed by: Mike Mitchell Starring:

Justin Long , Jesse McCartney , Matthew Gray Gubler, Anna Faris, Christina Applegate, Amy Poehler


Family, Comedy, Animation, 3D

Synopsis: On vacation aboard a luxury cruise ship, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes are up to their usual antics, turning the ship into their personal playground, until they become 'chipwrecked' on a desert island. As Dave Seville frantically searches for his AWOL charges, the 'Munks and Chipettes do what they do best – sing, dance and wreak havoc. But they're in for a surprise when they embark on an island adventure with their new friend – a castaway who's more than a match for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Directed by: Brad Bird Starring:

Tom Cruise , Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Vladimir Mashkov, Ving Rhames


Adventure, Action, Sequel

Synopsis: This is not just another mission. The IMF is shut down when it's implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization's name. No help, no contact, off the grid.

The Darkest Hour Survive The Holidays

Directed by: Chris Gorak Starring:

Robert Downey, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Stephen Fry, Jared Harris , Eddie Marsan


Adventure, Action, Sequel, Mystery

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Directed by: Guy Ritchie Starring:

Robert Downey, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Stephen Fry, Jared Harris , Eddie Marsan


Adventure, Action, Sequel, Mystery

Synopsis: When aliens attack and swiftly conquer the earth by frying our electronic grid and systematically hunting down the disorganized, pathetically under defended survivors, a small band of tourists in Moscow team up to find a way to destroy the aliens' powerful defenses.

Synopsis: The logline is being kept under wraps, although it is known

War Horse

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.), and his longtime trusted

Separated By War. Tested By Battle. Bound By Friendship

associate, Dr. Watson (Jude Law), will face off against Moriarty (Jared Harris). Also making an appearance will be Holmes'

Directed by: Steven Spielberg Starring:

although sources say the character may be a French Gypsy. It is

Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, David Thewlis

unclear if the role is romantic in nature.

Peter Mullan, Benedict Cumberbatch

brother, Mycroft. Noomi Rapace's role is shrouded in mystery


Carnage A New Comedy Of No Manners

Directed by: Roman Polanski Starring:

Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Matt Dillon, John C., Reilly



Synopsis: Two sets of parents meet after their sons are involved in a schoolyard fight. The meeting goes disastrously wrong when each pair attacks the other’s parenting skills before turning on each other about problems in their own marriages.

Synopsis: Set against a sweeping canvas of rural England and Europe during the First World War. War Horse begins with the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who tames and trains him. When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets--British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter--before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man's Land.

New Year's Eve Let The Countdown Begin

Directed by: Garry Marshall Starring:

Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Ashton Kutcher


Romance, Comedy, Sequel, Ensemble

The Iron Lady Never Compromise.

Directed by: Phyllida Lloyd, Starring:

Meryl Streep , Jim Broadbent, Anthony Head, Richard E. Grant , Harry Lloyd


Biography, Drama

Synopsis: Story will focus on British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the 17 days before the Falklands War in 1982.

Adventure, Drama, Adaptation, Epic

Synopsis: The movie tells intertwining stories of a group of New Yorkers as they navigate their way through romance over the course of New Year's Eve. Robert De Niro will play a bitter dying man in a hospital, while Michelle Pfeiffer will be a frustrated executive secretary who decides to tackle her unfulfilled resolutions. Hilary Swank will play a producer of the famed Times Square New Year's Eve show. Ashton Kutcher will play a guy who hates New Year's Eve.


December - 2011

Catch .44

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

If You Are Going Down, Take Everyone With You.

The Secret Is Out

Directed by: Aaron Harvey

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson


Kate Mara, Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, Malin Akerman, Nikki Reed, Deborah Ann Woll


Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hardy, Ciaran Hinds, Jared Harris


Thriller, Drama


Thriller, Action



Three women are thrust into an extraordinary situation involving a psychopathic hitman, a grizzled trucker and a delusional line cook.

The story of a spy-hunt within the highest echelons of the British Secret Intelligence Service.


Desi Boyz

I Am Singh

Directed by: Rohit Dhawan

Directed by: Puneet Issar


Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Chitrangda Singh, Omi Vaidya, Sanjay Dutt


Tulip Joshi, Mika Singh(Guest Appearance), Puneet Issar, Gulzar Inder Chahal, Sunita Dheer, Neeta Mohindra, Daler Mehndi..


Action , Comedy




Synopsis: Desi Boyz is the story of two men who are forced to do something extremely bizarre which gives them instant gratification but the repercussions tear them apart and its aftermath which tests everything including their friendship.

I AM SINGH portrays the trials and tribulations of men whose stories were never highlighted. After the 9/11 tragedy in America, the Sikhs were targeted all over and were the victims of mistaken identity. The film highlights what happened to few such people and their fights against it, never losing the faith in the American judicial system.

Don 2

The Dirty Picture

Directed by: Farhan Akhtar

Directed by: Milan Luthria


Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Boman Irani, Om Puri, Kunal Kapoor


Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi


Thriller , Action




Synopsis: In 2006 with the ever looming dangers of the underworld in Malaysia, Don broke the morale of his associates by infiltrating the gang with an alias and taking advantage of the enmity of Singhania & Vardhaan. He rose to become the undisputed King of the underworld with his shrewd mind and merciless tactics.

The Dirty Picture movie is based on the life of the south siren Silk Smitha. Imagine a make-up girl who became an extra and then the most wanted heroine of the early 80s. Chronicling the meteoric rise and steep fall of the erstwhile screen sensation - Silk Smitha, The Dirty Picture is set against the colorful and entertaining backdrop of the South film industry of the 80’s.

Jo Hum Chahein

Pappu Can’t Dance Saala

Directed by: Pawan Gill

Directed by: Saurabh Shukla


Sunny Gill, Simran Kaur Mundi


Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Sanjay Mishra


Romance Genres:

Comedy / Romance


This is a coming of age story of Rohan Bhatia and Neha Kapoor, two young, hip, effervescent individuals whose lives change forever once they meet and fall in love. Rohan is a brash, cocky, ambitious, 24 year old MBA graduate who wants instant success and he'll do anything to make that come true! Rohan moves to Mumbai to pursue a career as a stockbroker where he meets Neha, a no nonsense, strong headed girl who's come to Mumbai to follow her dreams, the dream of becoming a film actor.


Pappu Can't Dance Saala is a romantic comedy of two people who are from different worlds. Vidyadhar Acharya (Vinay Pathak) has just shifted from Banaras to Mumbai. A man with old world values who finds it difficult to adjust in the city of professional attitude. He finds Mumbai heartless. He misses home... Mehak Malavde (Neha Dhupia) is a chorus dancer in Bollywood.



Commercial-ly Famous A Kuwaiti whose passion for the commercial media form has earned him appreciation from his colleagues and fellow Kuwaitis. He is widely recognized across Kuwait as the imaginative director with the distinct artistic flair for commercials that receive a high viewership. Aziz Al-Jassmi regards commercials as a quick means of delivering a message. Everything the director wants to communicate can be succinctly expressed in a commercial in either a creative or forward manner. AlJasimy is famous for directing Ramadan adverts, ones so good that they have been mentioned in several blogs accompanied by words of praise. The two most notable TV commercials created by him are: the I AM BAHRAIN commercial and the Asnan Clinic Ramadan commercial from 2011. Viewers found the - I AM BAHRAIN commercial inspiring and emotional while the Asnan Clinic commercial received credit for being funny and creative. Both commercials are testament to the imagination and skill of this Kuwait director, who can stir real emotion in his viewers. It was the reason he was invited to present the ‘Digital Cinema’ topic at the Kuwait International Film Retreat. In his future, he is thinking about going into feature film. This creative mind sat down with Citypages for a chat. Jameel Arif

Please introduce yourself to our readers? I am a young Kuwaiti Director who has a lot of passion for arts and music as I lived within a family that respects all kinds of art including; music, photography, painting. How did you get interested in the media field? I have always been surrounded by people who were creative and loved all forms of art. For example when we were young, we never had to go to a studio to take photographs as my elder brother was a very good photographer and used to occasionally photograph us. I have been raised by a family that respects art. When I was young, my eldest brother used to perform basic editing to videos by connecting them together and adding music and I was always wondering how he does that and was inspired by him. I actually studied Engineering at the university but always felt that I wanted to do something more creative. Coincidentally, when were

having university elections, I was responsible for doing all the advertising campaign work such as photography, music and posters I got so much interested into it that I decided that media is something that is for me. What motivated you to do commercials? Because it’s the most innovative and creative field in this media. Although I love movies more but commercial are good for experimenting new things as every commercial is new and require new set of techniques to address the objective and creativity. Nowadays people watch commercial more than ever. In fact during commercial breaks on TV and in cinemas people actually wait and watch the commercials and enjoy them. What was the first commercial that you directed? It was for NOKIA. It was the thumb wrestling commercial. I suddenly came up with an idea and I shared it with the marketing team and I recorded it within a day and it was a ready.



December - 2011



Where do you get your inspirations from? Almost everything I see inspires me. Everything I see or hear inspires me. I can find the most funniest situation from a dramatic situation and the vice-versa. What is the thinking process for coming up with the idea for a new commercial? We usually work with creative agencies that provide us with the idea and I then develop the idea. Once I get the storyboard, I start to decide whether to work on the storyboard as it is or to modify it. I then start searching for the character and places. I then do a lot of research based on the situation. As at times the commercial is based on a situation which I have never been into, so I have to do a lot of research to understand the feeling of that situation. Tell us about some of your award winning advertisements over the past 3 years? I received one award from the Kuwait Chapter of AAA in 2007 and unfortunately I did not participate after that. However, my actual achievement is that most of my advertisements get the highest viewing on You Tube and on TV. Specially the Asnan Clinic advertisement was highest viewed last Ramadan.

Are you planning to direct a movie or a short movie in the near future? Definitely I have it in my mind and it is passion. But at the right time, when I get a good script I will start working on a feature movie. What sort of difficulties do you face? Firstly the weather. It’s hard to shot in summer in Kuwait. Second important problem is the shortage of talent and thirdly the variety of locations for shooting. Have you tried acting yourself? No, I think I am better at directing acting. What according to you is the formula for a successful commercial? There is no formula I guess. The demand of people as the audience is changing regularly. They need something new something attractive. Every commercial is a new challenge. Sometimes a small budget commercial can be the most successful one and at times the highest budget commercial fails. Have you been approached by any clients outside Kuwait?


December - 2011

Yes, we have been approached by clients in Saudia Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar and we have also dome some work for charitable organizations in Saudia. What is one thing that you don’t like about this career? The odd timings. I am unable to give time to my family and working under pressure at times when have to work continuously for days together. One thing you like the most about this career? My work can make a difference to people. My commercial s can make people happy and others can make them change their opinion. Share with us some unforgettable moments during filming? I can remember two such incidences. One was during the filming of the Asnan Clinic advertisement where we discovered something on location and I had to totally change the plan instantly and it worked. Another interestingly sad moment was that we had a 3 day shooting and on the second day the producer had a heart-attack on location and I had pressure to complete the job on time. So, I had to immediately become the director and the producer and we managed to complete the job well. What are your hobbies and interests outside of directing? Photography, Watching movie and Scuba diving. Tell us about some of your current projects? I am developing the concepts for several new projects but would not like to reveal it now and leave it as a surprise for the viewers. Your message for the young students studying media? Go what makes a difference and not that pays more. If you will do it as a purely business perspective than you will be copying others but if you take it as an art and something for our country and to make it known as a creative hub then you

will do something different and creative. The field is growing and has more opportunities coming than ever. Your message for us at CityPages? We are happy to see a magazine that concentrates on some kind of hidden talents rather than going for the obvious. Usually magazines go with something that sells but we are happy to see a magazine like CityPages that discovers hidden talent.


MagnetU Real world Social Network


If you are big on social networking, but want to meet those social contacts in the real world a new device called magnetU might be just what you need. This little device looks like a small iPod that the user wears. It pairs with an app operating on the smartphone that you program with your details and likes appernertly.

Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router The Travel Router is very compact and is just 3 x 4 inches in size. It is made for travelers who want to take a hotspot with them as they travel, so they do not have to rely on wired Ethernet connections or slow bandwidth

3 Man Chess This 3 man chess uses the same traditional rules and pieces as the original 2 player chess, but adds an additional player, using grey pieces.

Fire stash This amazing keyring lighter is the ultimate tool for anyone who needs fire instantly, whether for camping, lighting candles or smoking. With a screw-top and fully functional petrol lighter inside it, you need never worry about being caught without a light again. With the Fire Stash on your keyring (perhaps alongside our Cash Stash and Coin Stash) you'll be ready to provide a light at the drop of a hat.

Protexo Device What appears to be a gigantic night lamp is actually an unconventional air purifier. The Protexo is made exclusively for asthmatic bedtime. Small particles really suck when you’ve got a dreadful respiratory ailment. To make rest easier for asthmatics, the Protexo gently blows a modulated current at the sleeper, keeping drifting particles at bay.

Telescopic pen No larger than a door key when closed, the pen really is quite discreet, but once unscrewed from your key ring and fully extended you'll have a full sized pen at your disposal.

BenQ Joybee GP2 Projector Benq has unveiled and very neat and portable projector its created, in the form of the BenQ Joybee GP2. Which has been designed to be used with Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but can also be used with USB flash drives or SD Cards if required.


December - 2011

idock phone and speaker


The iDock Phone and Speaker is the perfect accessory for use with your iPhone, Blackberry or any other phone with a 3.5mm socket. Featuring an adjustable tilting angle phone cradle, makes it a great accessory for regular phone calls and even better for using facetime or video calling.

Hidden Radio And Bluetooth Speaker

quick play usb turntable Analogue quality, digital convenience - the best of both worlds. With Quick Play LP, just one cable gets the job done as you turn your record collection into MP3s. Simply connect Quick Play LP to your Mac or PC with the included USB cable, and you're ready to transfer. No power adapter needed. ION's exclusive EZ Converter software guides you through the easy-to-follow steps as you transform your LP records into MP3s on your computer. You can listen, add them to your iPod or other MP3 player, and record them on a CD.Capture the music from your LPs digitally so you can enjoy your music at home or on-the-go

The Hidden Radio and Bluetooth Speaker is the work of designers John Van Den Niewenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria, basically it is a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone or tablet with a built in radio. The Hidden Radio and Bluetooth Speaker has a minimalist design, and the top of the device is lifted to access the speaker.

Piano apprentice controller dock

AAXA P4 Pico Projector The P4 Pico Projector is the world’s brightest projector pushing out 80 lumens from its ultra-bright LED light engine. The AAXA P4 Pico Projector is powered by a Windows CE ARM processor supported by 2GB of onboard memory. It measures just 5.6” x 2.7” x 1.2” making it truly pocket sized and portable. Its equipped with an internal lithium battery, which can provide up to 75+ on a full charge, and the devices supports MP4, MP3, AVI, JPG, and WinCE file formats.

PumpPack Vacuum Suitcase Do you always find you never quite have enough space in your suitcase to fit everything in? If you do, then a new concept designed by Yejee Lee, Jongchan Mun, Seobin Oh and Woneui Hong, might be perfect for you. The Pumppack suitcase uses a pumping system that allows you to pump out the air from in-between your clothes. Allowing you to compress them down and ultimately fit in more.

Piano Apprentice is the ultimate piano teaching tool for the iPad, iPod and iPhone. Simply connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone, download the free Piano Apprentice app, and start playing piano instantly! Piano Apprentice is a lightweight, highly portable 25-note keyboard with built-in stereo speakers that deliver authentic piano sound and keys that respond to your touch.



New arm candy from Celine


December - 2011



Even with many value fashion brands vying for attention in today’s retail landscape, REDTAG stands apart. An irresistible combination of great value at affordable prices within an uncluttered and user-friendly ambience continues to attract new shoppers in large numbers. Launched in 2006, REDTAG stores offering ‘365 days of value’ are now a big hit with families who look forward to picking up the latest fashions on a truly enjoyable shopping experience. Product pricing, stringent quality control, ready stocks of customer favourites and a wide variety of sizes, fabrics and colors to satisfy many personal preferences... these are the attributes that make REDTAG the first choice for value-conscious customers across the Middle East.


December - 2011






December - 2011




Gap celebrates the festive season this year with its amazing collection featuring clothes and accessories in bright and vivid colors. Treat your little ones to an extra ordinary festive gift from Gap that offers hoodies, cardigans and other outstanding pieces designed for sheer comfort and great look. Choose from trendy outerwear for both girls and boys and dress them fabulous this season with essentials such as value graphic tees and leggings.

The new collection is a fusion of bright colours and draws inspiration from two key themes: Aviator and Roman Holiday. The styling is simple, yet fashionable offering a blend of textures that lend an interesting touch. Embellished graphic tees and stylish block stripe sweaters are the highlights for girls wear, while the collection for boys takes on the racing inspired theme across graphics and top styles. Sweater dress styles with a range of layering knits are other feminine options for the fashion savvy girls. For Boys, Roman Holiday is offered in a second color palette that extends newness in plaid woven’s and racing inspired gilet along with outerwear styles. Both categories are grounded in a fit of denim to complete the look.

Say it with GAP this Festive Season !


December - 2011

GAP HOLIDAY 2011 COLLECTION OVERVIEW This season’s new Holiday Collection from Gap reflects a contemporary take on classics. The collection includes cord in season’s strongest color, Bordeaux. Women’s sweaters have variations on cable, shown with rich texture of cord or with feminine prints. Charcoal heather marl and a touch of fur are other key elements that add interest.

Denim dressed up with a bit of shine and glitter defines options for evening wear. The season’s trend for snakeskin is shown in a way that’s quintessentially Gap; re-created as jeans. Flattering women wear options include a sharp tailored silhouette, trouser flare, non-blue denim finishes and leg-lengthening skinny boot. Men can choose from cable, marled or heathered sweaters that can be worn with Denim Wash Khakis or Moleskin Pants. The collection offers cardigans and blazers coupled with wovens in dark colors.


Outerwear is represented with puffers in season’s colours worn with clean bottoms. ‘Casual meets Clean’ is the inspiration that captures the essence and new direction of this line.




Producing over 444 PS from the 3.5l V6 Lotus Evora engine, the GTE is, quite simply, the most powerful Lotus road car ever built. Yet contrary to its extreme roots, the Evora GTE road car also delivers a comfortable and refined element to its high performance driving characteristics.


December - 2011

Originally created as a special limited edition for the Asian market and designed to celebrate Lotus’

attributes you’d expect of an endurance racer including a sequential AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) racing gearbox and lightweight and forged alloy rims with centre lock hubs shod with Pirelli P-Zero


successful entry to the new global motorsport GTE category, the hand built Evora GTE road car has all the

Corsa tIres. Group Lotus can now announce that production will be expanded on the Evora GTE road car to meet demand and reach further markets.

Lotus Lightweight DNA: Clever use of carbon fibre has been integrated extensively throughout the exterior and interior of the car, this is one major contributors to the 105kg weight reduction versus the base Evora. Carbon fibre has been used for all the bodywork modifications including the front and rear bumpers, the rear wing and the doors.




December - 2011

Complimenting the striking exterior is a stunning, modern

race car thrill without compromising on comfort. Leather and carbon fibre dominate the cabin and lightweight Recaro carbon fibre seats cosset both the passenger and driver giving a sense of security and comfort that mean that any driver of the Evora GTE can really go the distance as they take command of this extraordinary car. Commenting on the Evora GTE road car, Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said: “The response to this model in China has been so incredible, within days we had sold out with 114 orders. In response we decided that the only logical step from a business perspective was to increase production and widen our reach. “What is unique about this car, is not just that it’s a serious race car – it’s a serious car. People get so excited when they see and especially hear it for the first time. It’s a very special car and will appeal to a very special type of driver – and they won’t be disappointed!”


race-themed interior providing both occupants with the



2011 ‫ ديسمبر‬31 ‫ نوفمبر وحتى‬21 ‫أسواقها تفتتح أبوابها من‬ ‫أجواء عائلية ومثيرة ومتعددة الوجوه مبناسبة عيد امليالد في هامبورغ‬

‫ حيث تزينت الشوارع باألضواء البراقة وألعاب األطفال‬،‫) أبوابها أمام أهل املدينة وزوارها القادمني من كافة أنحاء العام‬2011 ‫ نوفمبر‬21( ‫افتتحت أسواق عيد امليالد في مدينة هامبورغ األملانية اليوم‬ .‫ باإلضافة إلى املشغوالت واحلرف اليدوية التقليدية وغير ذلك الكثير‬،‫واألكشاك املنمنمة التي تعرض املأكوالت واملشروبات الشعبية املعدة خصيصا ً لهذه املناسبة‬ ‫ سوف يتعرف على األسباب التي جعلت الناس يطلقون عليها لقب "عاصمة‬،‫ومن يقوم بزيارة مدينة هامبورغ أثناء هذه الفترة ويتنزه عبر أسواق عيد امليالد هذه ذات التصاميم املتنوعة واألجواء املتفردة‬ .‫ ابتداءا ً من األجواء العائلية وحتى األجواء الغريبة واملثيرة‬،‫ من أسواق عيد امليالد التي تقدم أجواء عيد امليالد املناسبة للكبار والصغار‬9 ‫ ففي وسط املدينة وحدها ينتظر الزوار‬."‫الشمال ألعياد امليالد‬

،2011 ‫ ديسمبر‬31 ‫ نوفمبر وحتى‬21 ‫ فخالل الفترة من‬.‫وتتميز أسواق عيد امليالد في هامبورغ بأنها غنية التنوع كما هو حال املدينة نفسها‬ .ً‫ سوقا‬16 ‫سيكون التنويع هو العنوان الرئيسي ألسواق عيد امليالد التي يبلغ مجموعها‬ ‫ بتصميمه خصيصا ً لسوق عيد امليالد التاريخي أمام مبنى‬،)‫ مدير سيرك (رونكالي‬،)‫وبالنسبة إلى التخطيط املعماري الذي قام (بيرنهارد باول‬ ‫ ماليني شخص إلى سوق عيد‬3 ‫ كما يتم سنويا ً جذب أكثر من‬.‫ فيعتبر مع أزقته ذات املواضيع احملددة فريدا ً من نوعه في أملانيا‬،)‫البلدية (راتهاوس‬ ،ً‫ في الساعة الرابعة عصرا‬:ً‫ لتذوق املشروبات الساخنة أو مشاهدة سانتا كلوز وهو يحلق فوق مرافق األلعاب وسطوح األبنية (يوميا‬،‫امليالد هذا‬ .)‫ الثامنة مساء‬،‫السادسة مساء‬ ‫ ميكن للزوار أن يعيشوا أسلوب احلياة الهانزي في سوق عيد امليالد عند قناة (فليت إنزل) أو في سوق (فنترتساوبر) عند محطة‬،‫من جهة أخرى‬ ،)‫ ومبواقعها املتواجدة مباشرة على بحيرة األلستر وقنواتها املائية تساهم عجلة مالهي األطفال الضخمة في (يونغفيرنشتيغ‬.)‫(يونغفيرنشتيغ‬ ‫ أو أطباق الطعام املتنوعة عند قناة (فليت إنزل) في ضمان أجواء احتفالية للزوار مباشرة على املاء‬،‫الذي يعد واحدا ً من أفخر شوارع هامبورغ‬ .‫وبعيدا ً عن ضجيج الشوارع‬

SHELL REVEALS THE FUTURE ENERGY JOURNEY AT KUWAIT UNIVERSITY Shell Reveals the Future Energy Journey At Kuwait University

Kuwait Shell completed successfully an Energy Seminar led by Mr. Mark Carne, Executive Vice President of Shell in the Middle East who shared the Shell story on ‘The Journey Towards Future Energy’. The seminar took place at Kuwait University, in association with the College of Engineering and Petroleum and organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student chapters. It was used as a platform for Engineering faculty and students to explore the challenges and opportunities of the Energy future affecting the globe and the MENA region.

emissions to avoid serious climate change. Shell is working with partners to help meet the world’s future energy needs responsibly.” He added, “Shell invests US$1 billion per year in technology research and development, more than any other international oil company, to develop technologies to enhance oil recovery, as well as to enable us to go into deeper and more challenging locations to produce gas In his speech, Mr. Carne highlighted that; “As populations grow and energy demand surges, and oil, all in an effort to produce more energy, in a clean the strains on the environment will intensify. Many scientists agree we need to halve CO2 and smart ways”. Dr. Adam Al-Mulla, acting dean of College of Engineering and Petroleum from Kuwait University said: “We are pleased to host Shell at Kuwait University premises today. It was encouraging having an open discussion with Shell leaders especially on global energy issues that concern the average person, let alone the Engineering faculty and students, who will play a big part in solving the global and local future Energy Security puzzle”. Mr. Ahmad Atallah, Chairman for Shell Companies in Kuwait said: “Kuwait is facing significant economic and population growth that will subsequently drive energy demand upwards. To keep pace, Shell is working with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation on various projects to support Kuwait in meeting its future energy demand, such as the short term imports of LNG and the development of the Jurassic gas fields to increase local production of non-associated gas. We are here today to remind the engineering students that there is a great opportunity to be realized through their future role in sustaining Kuwait’s position in the Energy market”

ONLINE AUDITIONS TO HELP REGIONAL TALENT SPOTTERS Access to the hottest regional and international talent is now available at the click of a mouse with the launch of the Middle East’s first talent and entertainment bookings website –

said. With a proven track record in branding, marketing and business development for leading multinationals and renowned regional players in the financial, oil and gas, investment, real estate and hospitality sectors, Krimeed’s contacts across the region have provided a ready source of entertainment talent, which is being complemented by a growing number of internationally-based artists.

The brainchild of Dubai-based branding consultant Suha Krimeed, the website is designed to be the ‘go to’ source for clients looking to secure high quality artistic talent, as well as give entertainers of all descriptions a platform to promote their specialist talent to a wider audience. “The unique service will streamline the often frustrating and “The idea behind is a direct result of time consuming task of sourcing and securing entertainment more than 10 years experience in organising and commis- for a specific occasion or event; and it has been designed with sioning successful events across multiple industry sectors; the needs of event management companies and PR agencies – with a desire to make world-class artistic talent accessible and their clients - in mind,” she added. to the Middle East market through a single online portal,” she The website provides artists for a wide range of occasions

from theatre and dance productions to corporate events, festivals and weddings, as well as supplying talent for television commercials, radio campaigns, film shoots and music videos. Talentcode is continuously being updated with fresh new talents being uploaded every week. Krimeed ensures that each new artist is personally vetted prior to being signed up to the website and also assists clients in selecting the right entertainment or talent through one-on-one consultations and a full briefing. Clients are currently able to choose from 3D street artists, acrobats and contortionists, action painters, calligraphers, drummers, magicians and celebrity look a likes as well as bands - from jazz and Latin to rock – and dance troupes including African, Broadway, ballet, Bollywood and many more.


December - 2011

VOLKSWAGEN BEHBEHANI TAKES TO THE ROAD AND TO THE MALLS Two week road-show brings Volkswagen cars to the people


Volkswagen Behbehani in cooperation with its regional head office, announces their first road show which will run for approximately two weekends bringing the entire Volkswagen model range to the people in high traffic malls. During the road show, Volkswagen Behbehani will display a number of their iconic cars and offer test drives in two malls, between November 24 2011 and December 3 2011. This ambitious tour will commence at the Marina Mall crescent finishing in Avenues Mall phase 1.

ever to be held in Kuwait with more than 27 cars available to test drive all at once. People can choose the Volkswagen they like and experience its full potential!” The events will display the wide range of Volkswagen models including the flagship Touareg, the recently launched all-new Jetta and the iconic Golf GTI at selected malls throughout the markets. Passersby are welcome to test drive the vehicles on site at the malls, learn more about the models and the special offers available.

Discussing the road show Stefan Mecha, Managing Director Volkswagen Middle East said: “Volkswagen means "the people’s car" and with this first Volkswagen road show we want to engage with the public allowing them to gain firsthand experience of our popular models, and meet our Volkswagen representatives.” Elaborating further on the event Abdullah Ali, General Manager of Volkswagen Behbehani said: “This is the biggest road-show

“We are proud of the range of vehicles we are offering in the Middle East, and we want to raise the awareness of Volkswagen throughout region in the minds of the people. Volkswagen is committed to delivering innovative yet affordable cars that people in the region love and value, and this road show gives us and our partner dealers the opportunity to interact with the public.” “Volkswagen caters to families looking for safety and comfort and to car enthusiasts that seek high performance and power. We aim to encapsulate the best in class technology and innovation in all our models. This is an exciting campaign for Volkswagen Middle East and we look forward to welcoming everyone at the road show event,” concluded Mecha.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY TRENDS BRING BIG OPPORTUNITY TO MIDDLE EAST HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Middle East Hotel Award Entries open for 2012 with Best Technology Integration Category expecting record entries With digital technology fast becoming a part of everyday modern life, hotels in the Middle East and around the world are increasingly embracing new channels to connect with their guests, from Twitter concierge services to smart phone applications for check-in services. As the prestigious Middle East Hotel Awards opens for 2012 entries, the organisers of The Hotel Show predict a surge in nominations for the Best Technology Integration Category, one of the seven awards that recognise excellence in the region’s hospitality industry. “Hoteliers are recognising the importance of investing in state-of-the-art technology systems, from smart phone technology offering guests the comforts of home by providing downloadable custom apps, to international virtual meetings systems and online games to encourage hospitality recruitment. We are really looking forward to receiving nominations for the innovative technologies being implemented in this region,” said Frederique Maurell, Events Director, The Hotel Show. In a recent report highlighting global trends in the tourism and travel industry, Euromonitor International branded the infusion of game mechanics to engage audiences and social media as two integral developments to be watched. The findings released this month included the incorporation of game elements

and mechanics into non-gaming websites to make them fun and engaging, known as gamification, as significant for all in the travel and hospitality industry. Gamification is used to encourage consumers to share their experience, photos and videos to help generate brand awareness and loyalty, and identified as one of the biggest trends for social media and mobile devices for 2012. Social media has also been highlighted as a continuous force in the report, for its role in allowing hotels to further engage with their guests in an intimate and time efficient manner. According to the report, hotels are consistently tapping into the power of social networks and the strength and influence of friends and ‘followers’, to drive bookings and loyalty. The Middle East Hotel Awards are the first in the region to recognise excellence from concept design to product and supplies within a hotel environment, and continue to look into the deepest intricacies of hospitality to acknowledge all participating factors in the perfect stay. Categories for 2012 include: Best Lobby, Reception & Guest Lounges; Best Restaurant/F&B outlets; Best Convention, Conference and/ or Banquet Facility; Best Hotel Suite; Best Fitness & Leisure Facilities within a hotel; Sustainable Initiative; Best Technology Integration; and Best Outdoor Area.


Awarded on November 11th by the Swiss magazine “Montres Passion”, ROGER DUBUIS’ Excalibur Lady watch claimed first place in the Lady Watch category. Praised for its elegance, the quality and craftsmanship of its automatic movement and stone setting, the watch stands out for its harmonious curves, fied: the indented bezel, the elegant dial and the distinctive lugs between the its accentuated dial and a movement bearing the Hallmark of Geneva. strap and case. The finely tapered Roman numerals are stunningly set against Since 1994, Montres Passion magazine has distinguished the year’s best watches, a black satin sunburst dial. judging both on technical and aesthetic criteria. The independent jury of watchmaking Water-resistant to 3 BAR (30 metres), the 36mm stainless steel case is cirprofessionals that convened for these 18th awards has named the Excalibur Lady the cled by a bezel set with 48 diamonds (approximately 0.99 carats). Lady Watch of the Year 2011. The power of seduction of the Excalibur Lady watch goes beyond its beauty. Jean-Marc Pontroué, General Manager of ROGER DUBUIS, states: «The Excalibur Lady Its RD821 automatic mechanical movement meets the highest requirements watch takes the spirit of Roger Dubuis to the highest level: a powerful and distinctive of fine watchmaking. Bearing the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva, it is also style with a mechanical movement belonging exclusively to our Manufacture, the only certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). one to have all of its calibres bearing the Hallmark of Geneva.» As a symbol of the creative verve driving the Geneva-based watchmaker Combining graceful elegance with striking aesthetics, the Excalibur Lady has all the ROGER DUBUIS, the Excalibur Lady collection redefines audacity in Haute Horsignature features of a logerie. This title of Lady Watch of the Year 2011 awards both a collection and ROGER DUBUIS timepiece. This feminine icon, with its dynamic design, is the epitome of a drive for innovation that breaks the mould of Haute Horlogerie. The DNA of electrifying glamour, strength and refinement. Its characteristics are perfectly identiROGER DUBUIS.



December - 2011



WELCOME CEREMONY MARKS ARRIVAL OF RAK AIRWAYS FLIGHT TO KUWAIT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The first of RAK Airways daily flights to Kuwait arrived at Kuwait International Airport on Monday November 21st to a warm welcome by Kuwaiti dignitaries and officials.

authorities and Kuwait International Airport officials for warmly welcoming the launch of RAK Airways Kuwait route.”

RAK Airways, a national carrier of the UAE, recently increased its GCC footprint with the announcement of daily flights to Kuwait and Doha, Qatar. The carrier’s GCC network now covers Jeddah, Kuwait and Doha.

Bookings can be made online at; through phoning a 24-hour call centre on +971-72075000 in UAE or +965 22494654-5 in Kuwait; through sales offices across all Emirates as well as across the airline’s network destinations; and through appointed travel agents.

RAK Airways began operations in October 2010 with two routes- over the last twelve months the airline has focused on extending its route network across the GCC, Indian sub-continent and North Africa; now operating to 10 destinations. Vice Chairman Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qassimi and CEO Omar Jahameh, were met by a delegation upon arrival at Kuwait International Airport. UAE ambassador to Kuwait Hassan Salem Al Khayal and Chairman, Civil Aviation Kuwait, Fawaz Al Farah were among the dignitaries present at the airport event. The welcome ceremony included a water salute for the arriving aircraft and an exchange of mementoes between RAK Airways and VIP guests. Following the reception RAK Airways hosted a trade event for Kuwait’s travel trade industry and Civil Aviation Authorities at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kuwait. Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qassimi, RAK Airways Vice Chairman, said, “The launch of RAK Airways Kuwait flights is in keeping with our commitment to expand our route network and further enhance our high-value offering to our customers. I would like to extend my appreciation to the Kuwaiti

MCLAREN OPENS BRAND-NEW PRODUCTION CENTRE FOR NEW RANGE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORTS CARS The world’s newest sports car company McLaren Automotive, has launched the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) in the United Kingdom, attended by UK Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, the MPC is the home of the MP4-12C and future range of high performance sports cars. The official opening ceremony was also attended by McLaren Group CEO and McLaren Automotive Executive Chairman, Ron Dennis, as well as Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, and the 2011 Cycling Road World Champion, Mark Cavendish, who was representing McLaren Applied Technologies.

and highly innovative steps in performance. Everything that McLaren is, has been built on the founding principles of good design and solid, seamlessly efficient engineering and manufacturing.” The 32,000-sq-metre, high-tech manufacturing facility is home to McLaren Automotive’s range of highly efficient sports cars, supporting up to 800 jobs and manufacturing around 4,000 cars by the middle of the decade. It will promote new standards of quality being introduced into the sports car market, as well as innovative new technologies unique to McLaren Automotive.

For McLaren, a name synonymous with winning, the opening was the latest in a month of major achievements, many of which took place in the Middle East. November saw the official launch of McLaren Automotive’s Middle East retail network with the opening of the flagship showroom in Dubai. This was followed by the regional show debut of the MP4-12C at the Dubai International Motor Show and then Lewis Hamilton’s victory in the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. David Cameron was given a full tour of the new production facility in Woking, Surrey, which will house the manufacturing operations for the new MP4-12C high performance sports car, which officially arrived in the Middle East this November. Outlining his vision for the future of the McLaren Group and British engineering, Ron Dennis said: “We’re a relentlessly competitive entity, bred on high-performance and determined to bring to market groundbreaking products and solutions that are set apart by their top quality and dependence on totally unique

ROBERTO COIN HAUTE COUTURE EXQUISITE - JEWELLERY PIECES FOR THE MIDDLE EAST Roberto Coin’s Haute Couture collection of fine jewellery has been designed for those who appreciate the beauty of rare gems and exclusive, individual creations. Crafted around unique pieces the line has been attracting the attention of discerning jewellery buyers worldwide, especially those from the Middle East. Each year, Roberto Coin Jewells satisfy the diverse tastes of its demanding customers worldwide by introducing more than 600 new models of jewellery. His latest creations include the Haute Couture Project. He explained, “Haute Couture is a line I made up of exclusive pieces. I rediscovered the added value of creativity in its sense as the search for beauty.” Containing various colours and diamonds able to match different styles, the Haute Couture Project is centred on eccentricity and purity of lines. With diamonds weighing up to a half-karat, the creations are masterpieces of art and

preciousness. Both an artist and an entrepreneur, Roberto Coin’s genius at creating timeless pieces of jewellery is a natural gift, as he strives to ensure that each of his collections spring from his artistic and innovative soul. Haute Couture pays tribute to high-fashion in unique jewels crafted in pink and white gold, and lavishly adorned with diamonds and choice gems. It presents a magnificent array of highly original rings whose designs are never repeated. Richly ‘robed’ by diamond pave and precious stones, it is a collection designed for modern day Czarinas. In the Haute Couture line there are four Fantasia pieces: the Fantasia Cluster ring and Cluster earrings, and the Fantasia HC bangle and ring. What marks the Haute Couture Fantasia pieces is the resplendent use of diamonds. In the HC bangle and ring, Roberto Coin has created stunning undulations of diamonds set perfectly in white gold. If you take a closer look, of course, you’ll notice the trademark red glint inside of the bangle, positioned to fit right next to the pulse point. In the Fantasia Cluster pieces, diamonds are gathered together on delicate prongs as though they are flowers in a bouquet. The designer Roberto Coin has truly outdone himself with this new collection of glittering wonder.

A Resonant Masterpiece: LANGE ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME The pioneering Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time is the latest addition to the Lange Zeitwerk family, and the first A. Lange & Söhne wristwatch with an acoustic signature. It strikes the quarter-hours with high-pitched tones and the full hours at a lower pitch, which played fast-forward, sounds out Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 with its four-note fanfare opening. The watch’s innovative chiming mechanism is visible on its face. Two black-polished steel hammers are integrated into the dial layout; one strikes the hours and the other the quarter-hours. Two gongs are also discernible - suspended between the dial and the bezel. In quarter-hour intervals, a remarkable technically genius mechanism within the timepiece triggers a strike on one of the two gongs. A higher-pitched tone signals the quarter-hours and a lower-pitched one sounds at the top of the hour. The Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time combines ground-breaking acoustics

with the incredible technical innovation of the Zeitwerk family, first launched in 2009 as the world’s only linear numeric time reading watch followed by the Zeitwerk Luminous in 2010. The large hour and minute numerals in adjacent apertures deliver unambiguous time reading. Accompanied by a soft click and hardly perceivable by the human eye, the numerals advance minute by minute, powered by the patented constant-force escapement. With its bold design and its exceptional quarter-hour chime - a rare function in the world of fine watchmaking - the Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time takes centre stage as a resonant masterpiece and highlights A. Lange & Söhne’s dedication to surpassing expectations and pushing the boundaries of precision watchmaking. The timepiece comes in a 44.2 millimeter white-gold case with a black dial, or in a limited edition of 100 platinum-cased watches with rhodiumed dials. Price available upon request.


December - 2011

Madison Quilted Chevron Lindsey

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Madison Caroline The Madison Caroline silhouettes integrate Coach’s archival dowel. The design is crafted with tone-on-tone combinations of embossed python and crocodile, as well as pearlized and smooth gold leather. The hardware is a combination of 14K gold and burnished amber platings.


First established in a New York City loft in 1941, Coach is a leading fashion accessories brand offering the finest luxury handbags, accessories and gifts for women and men. Now available in over 20 countries around the world, Coach is a global brand that stands behind its unique heritage of quality, authenticity and value. Seventy years ago, a team of six talented artisans set out to make a different impression on leather, inspired by the unique patina and supple texture of a worn baseball glove. They wanted their work to reflect precise European techniques while, at the same time, represent the singular style of the American spirit.


Coach has always valued innovation as much as it values traditional craftsmanship, and the leather-trimmed Madison Quilted Chevron Lindsey is a perfect example. Inspired by 70’s skiwear, the new quilted chevron material is exceptionally lightweight. It has the luxe look of a shiny finish and extra dimension for texture, and it comes in several striking fall colors, like plum and mahogany.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS OPENS NEW OUTLET IN UMM AL QUWAIN International Coffee and Donut chain targets 70 outlets across the UAE this year Leading international coffee and baked goods chain DUNKIN’ DONUTS, further consolidated their continuing expansion across the UAE, with the opening of their latest outlet in Al Homra, Umm Al Quwain recently. With this latest addition to their network, DUNKIN’ DONUTS now has a presence in all emirates of the UAE. Since entering the market, DUNKIN’ DONUTS’ range of fresh baked goods and top-of-the-range coffee has appealed to the palates of consumers in the UAE, leading to rapid expansion in demand and the consequent surge in the number of outlets. “Consumers in the UAE and Oman are highly discerning and we are extremely pleased with the response to our evolving product line,” said David Rodgers, General Manager DUNKIN’ DONUTS Middle East. “Our strength is our unmatched combination of superior coffee with a wider range of donuts than any other brand in addition to dedicated standards of customer service.

“We plan to continue reinforcing our presence across the country in order to meet the ever-present demand for our products. By the end of the year we plan to have a total of 70 outlets across the UAE,” he added. The expansion is part of the Canton, Massachusetts-based quick-serve giant’s strategy to spread its presence to all corners of the Emirates, which is increasingly becoming a significant market in the burgeoning Middle East region. The company is committed to organic growth in the region in which it has an investment outlay of more than AED10 million spread over the next three years. DUNKIN’ DONUTS is the established leader in the market for coffee and baked goods with a robust worldwide presence in 31 countries. Currently the company has more than 9,000 outlets across the globe.

VERTU PRESENTS CONSTELLATION: THE MOST EXQUISITE TOUCH Vertu, the market leader in luxury mobile phones, has unveiled its latest smartphone, Constellation. Created to seamlessly complement and enhance a discerning lifestyle, the Constellation touchscreen model strikes the perfect balance between an unparalleled art of craftsmanship and modern technology offering an unrivalled range of category leading exclusive services. Perry Oosting, President of Vertu said, “Vertu is delighted to present the launch of its latest smartphone, Constellation. Vertu has as always applied its values of an authentic, tailored, luxury experience to our latest smartphone, creating a touch screen handset that is as functional as it is beautiful. At Vertu we are continually recognising the needs of our customers through the development of Vertu Concierge. This is showcased through an exclusive range of carefully curated apps to ensure that the Vertu exclusive services and information are at your fingertips more than ever before.” Vertu prides itself on being a pioneer of delivering relevant, tailored luxury information and services direct to a mobile handset through Vertu Concierge and continues to expand

this proposition to deliver an unparalleled customer service. Registering a Vertu handset provides access to an array of exclusive services designed to ensure that a Vertu owners life is beautifully arranged. At the heart of these exclusive services is the independent concierge service, designed to meet the needs of Vertu’s discerning customers. Vertu owners will receive expert assistance, recommendations and priority bookings around the clock. Vertu Concierge can arrange anything from bespoke gifts to money-can’t-buy events and experience and are 100% committed to fulfilling a Vertu owner’s every request. Vertu Concierge can be accessed via a dedicated key on the handset, which when pressed displays options for Vertu Concierge or Vertu Technical Assistance and also whether the user would prefer contact by email or voice call for technical assistance; the phone numbers and email addresses of these services are preloaded. With global experts based in city hubs around the world, Vertu Concierge provides dedicated and independent lifestyle assistance, 24 hours a day, worldwide, in eight widely spoken languages.

PLAY PASS THE PING PONG PARCEL THIS FESTIVE SEASON Bring your office party to The Dubai Mall’s favourite dim sum spot and celebrate the festive season with colleagues or share your favourite flavours with family and friends with our special New Year’s Eve menu It’s nearly that time of year again, so get out the tinsel, streamers and party poppers, drop the party poopers and celebrate the festive season with your very own customised dim sum menu at Ping Pong’s dim sum central in The Dubai Mall. “Dubai is a city of many cultures and tastes, so we wanted to make enjoying our little steamed parcels of deliciousness as easy as possible during the festive season. To take the stress out of organising that office party, we invite party planners to design their own unique menu,” said Angelo Domenico Rosato, General Manager, Ping Pong, The Dubai Mall. Individual partygoers also looking for a delicious – and healthy - bite to eat before hitting the city’s round of festive events can enjoy a special early dining New Year’s Eve menu which includes all your favourites including lobster and lemongrass dumplings, crab spring rolls and the ‘king of dumplings’ – prawn har gau. With both vegetarian and traditional options on the menu, there is also a festive mocktail and a mouth-watering baked ginger cake

with cinnamon ice-cream dessert to round off the experience, which starts at AED190 per person* (AED90 per child). Front row tables on the outdoor terrace offer uninterrupted views of The Dubai Fountain and spectacular Burj Khalifa firework display, with a guaranteed seat and full New Year’s Eve menu selection for a mere AED50 extra per person (AED30 per child). “Our resident mixologist has created a special New Year’s Eve welcome drink – a Balsamic Virgin Rossini which blends strawberry puree with a hint of balsamic vinegar reduction, topped off with sparking apple juice,” added Rosato. Pre-booking required. AED190/240 menu includes a choice of five baskets while AED90/120 children’s menu includes two baskets. Ping Pong Dubai is located on the lower ground floor of Dubai Mall, overlooking The Dubai Fountain. For more information and reservations, please visit


FROSTY THE SNOWMAN WORD SEARCH Find and Circle all of the words shown in the word list ALIVE BROOMSTICK BUTTON CHILDREN COAL

DOTS & LINES Without lifting your pencil, can you connect all of the dots below with four straight lines?



TREE MAZE Help the elves get through the tree maze to find presents Start





Start from here



> Which present is different from the rest?


December - 2011



MATH MADNESS Jolene loves to bake. She is baking cookies for the community bake sale this weekend. She has made bags of six cookies that she intends to sell for KD2.00. Jolene sold 18 bags of Christmas tree shaped cookies and 16 bags of bell shaped cookies.

1. How much did Jolene earn from Christmas tree cookies? ________ 2. How much did Jolene earn from bell shaped cookies? ________ 3. How much money did Jolene earn in total? ______

ANSWERS: 1.KD.36, 2. KD.32, 3. KD.68

1. Which of these is not a vegetable? a) Corn b) Potato c) Tomato 2. Where does the president of the United States live? a) Washington, D.C. b) Arlington, Virginia c) Sacramento. California 3. Where is Disneyland? a) Anaheim, California b) Orlando, Florida c) Cincinnati, Ohio 4. Which of the following is an odd number? a) 12 b) 206 c) 1,237 5. How many letters are there in the alphabet? a) 52 b) 26 c) 20 6. If you mix red and blue together, what color will you get? a) Green b) Orange c) Purple 7. This book is full of words and definitions. a) Atlas b) Dictionary c) Encyclopedia 8. How many months in a year have 31 days? a) One b) Four c) Seven 9. Who is Dora the Explorer's cousin? a) Boots b) Diego c) Isa 10. Which of the following is not a mammal? a) Whale b) Grizzly bear c) Ostrich

Re-arrange the letters below to make proper words associated with Christmas

Answers: 1. SEASON, 2. STAR, 3. SANTA, 4. WREATH, 5. CHIMNEY, 6. JOYFUL


1.c, 2.a, 3.a, 4.c, 5. b, 6. c, 7. b, 8.c, 9.b, 10.c

Make the best memories for your kid’s 1st Birthday partyland kwt


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December Planet Overview: The brakes are on the wheels of progress during the last month of the year. Concentrate on pending business before the December 10 Lunar Eclipse in talkanybody-into-anything Gemini. The week of December 12 is powerful with Mercury turning direct on December 13. That long-awaited signature on the dotted line could happen that day. Actually, it's the best time of the month for any signature. The really big opportunities come after Jupiter turns direct in all-business Taurus on December 25. This huge moving star's change of direction provides the necessary impetus to begin the new year with confidence and innovation

A r i es

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

This month you can make great strides in your career with the help of others. However, under this influence you may use people or be manipulative. Try to avoid making solid plans until the retrograde period of Mercury ends on December 13. It may be difficult to balance work and personal commitments this month, and you'll have to be organized. A New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 will bring the urge to learn organizational and time-management skills so that you can get more done and decrease frustration. You'll have a lot of new plans and ideas for the future over the coming weeks.


(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Taylor Swift 13th December

Woody Allen 1st December

Salman Khan 27th December

Tau r u s

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Jupiter near the cusp of your sign will be a positive and expansive influence. Embrace new experiences and influences, and keep an open mind. Venus, Pluto, and later the Sun, will be traveling through Capricorn. This Earth Sign is in good aspect to yours, and these transits will help you set realistic goals for the future. A New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 will usher in a time when you can make plans to further your education or go on a trip. Mars in Virgo all month will keep you grounded in romantic situations. You'll have a practical approach to creative matters.


(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Katie Holmes 18th December

G em i n i

You'll be flirtatious and explore new opportunities for romance during the month. This will make you feel alive and vital, but it would be a good idea to think before you act. Life at the office will be intense and challenging, but you'll benefit from being part of a team. Take care of yourself during this period. Remember to eat properly and get plenty of rest. Jupiter in Taurus will bring career opportunities, but you must be proactive. Uranus in Aries will inspire you to rethink your goals. Think outside the box and don't be afraid to follow your hunches.

Ben Kingsley 30th December Nicki Minaj 8th December

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Uranus on the cusp of Aries will make you nervous, restless, and irritable. You may make some rash moves related to your career. The Sun and Mercury will be in your sector of work and health for most of the month. You'll crave changes to your routine and have trouble keeping up with commitments. You may worry about your health, but this will be a waste of energy. Venus and Pluto in Capricorn will bring intense interactions with your partner or the public. A New Moon here on December 24 will help you do the work necessary for damage control.

Make an effort to communicate and cooperate with your partner, if you have one. Interpersonal relations in general will be strained, but they'll improve if you're able to keep an open mind, listen to others, and be honest. You may experience a loss of some kind, either related to someone you love or a possession that you value. This will bring up deep feelings. Mars in Virgo and your sector of home and family may bring tension and arguments. The Full Moon in your sign on December 10 may bring a crisis regarding your cash flow or investments..

Mars in your sign will lend confidence and bravado. This will help you in any challenging situation. You'll be more assertive and proactive under this influence. Your attention will be on matters related to home and family during this holiday season. The Sun and Mercury will help you get organized and complete all of your errands. You may be easily distracted, though. Your love life will be intense and gratifying. Jupiter (Aug 23 – Sep 22) will be in Taurus and your sector related to travel, education, and communication. You may begin to set new goals related to these areas, and you'll have a positive outlook. Christina Auguilera 18th December

Vir go

Britney Spears 2nd December


(Sep 23 – Oct 22)


December - 2011

You'll be focused and organized during the holiday season with Saturn still in your sign. You may have to be frugal and watch your budget, though. There will be several chances to socialize with relatives, neighbors, and members of your community. This would be a good time to get involved with planning a party or event. You'll be intent on getting your home organized and ready for entertaining. Enlist the help of friends and close family members if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Be prepared for a few surprises or upsets regarding relationships that may not be pleasant.

Ca pricor n (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Nelly Furtado 2nd December

Jay-Z 4th December

Sc o r p io (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Brad Pitt 18th December

There may be a tendency to waste your money or resources during the next few weeks. Keep an eye on your finances and stick to a plan. Mars in Virgo will help you plan activities that involve your friends or groups. You will be the one taking care of details such as phoning or e-mailing the people involved and lining up the food or locations. There will be tension in interpersonal relationships or dealing with the public. Power struggles are now possible and may be frustrating. A New Moon in Capricorn on December 24 will bring a hardworking, diligent approach to mastering new skills.

A quarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Anil Kapoor 24th December

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Keep in close contact with friends over the next few weeks. Mercury will be retrograde until December 13. This may bring a few misunderstandings, or plans may be disrupted or go awry. A Full Moon in Gemini on December 10 may contribute to feeling socially or romantically awkward over the coming months. You will have to work hard to come up with creative ideas, too. Saturn in Libra will put a damper on travel or educational plans. Pleasant surprises are in store in your neighborhood or community. Someone in your extended family or local area will be inspiring. Carla Bruni 23rd December

Tiger Woods 30th December

Sa g i t t ar ius

Venus and Pluto in your sign this month will intensify many situations in your life. You'll make progress if you get help from others. A strong attraction bordering on obsession is possible. The Sun will join Venus and Pluto on December 22, and your confidence and optimism will increase. Mars in Virgo and your sector of communication and travel will help you stay organized if you're going on a trip during the holiday season. You'll be on top of everything that needs to be completed before and after you go. Uranus in Aries may bring upsets within your home or family.

The Sun and Mercury in your sign for most of the month will help you be a better communicator and increase your confidence. This will be a good time to sell your ideas and do presentations. You'll be good at budgeting and living within your means during the month even though you'll be tempted to splurge at times. A Full Moon in your relationship sector on December 10 will bring difficulties relating to others, and the effect will last for about six months. Mars in Virgo and your career sector will challenge you to make changes.


(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Steven Spielberg 18th December

Even though this is the holiday season, you'll be busy with career matters. There may be some events combining business with pleasure that will help you network and increase your visibility. Dealing with friends and groups will be intense but potentially rewarding. You'll find that others will be on your side and very helpful. During this time you may develop an attraction to a friend or associate. Mars in Virgo will cause tension in relationships, and you will be defensive and argumentative. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 10 will bring disruptive developments and unsettling changes at home.

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