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GC Fujirock EP One of the world’s most popular Type 4 dental die stones

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Pastel kg 12 Yellow Get Buy 2 ! 1 free

Golden kg 12 Brown Get Buy 2 ! 1 free SCP178 Pastel Yellow 12kg

£48.00 SCP177 Golden Brown 12kg

£48.00 GC Fujirock EP Golden Brown and Pastel Yellow • Type 4 Stone • Less than 0.08% expansion • Highly fluid thixotropic properties

• Strong but not brittle • Short mixing time 1 min, over 8 min working time, 12 min setting time

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm. [Order online 24 hours] 01494 448474 | |

GC Affordable Quality Products Until 11/12/13 !!!

MultiPress Vest Powder and Liquid

Fujivest Premium

• For use with all Press systems on the market • Very fine grain • Easy devesting • Both Slow and fast burn out technique • Highly accurate fits

A carbon-free phosphate investment suitable for all types of dental alloys, especially non-precious castings and complex implant suprastructures. Ideal for ringless techniques using either rapid or slow heating procedures and investing more complex bridgeworks due to a longer working time. Has a high fluidity and smooth consistency. A robust investment but easy to devest.

SCP172 Powder 60 x 100g


SCP173 Liquid 900ml


SCP207 Powder 125 x 60g


SCP169 Liquid 900ml


th il 11/12/13 !!! All prices exclude VAT & carriagE | valid 28unt June 2013 | subject to availability - E & OE. Extended Prices until

Fujivest II

Fujivest Platinum

A carbon-free phosphate bonded investment for precision crown and bridge castings of all dental alloys, including nonprecious alloys. For use in both rapid and 2-stage burn out methods.

A carbon-free phosphate investment specifically developed for high-precision castings in precious, semi-precious and Pd base alloys. High accuracy of fit even in implant suprastructures and long-span bridges with extremely smooth casting surfaces. Devests easily.

SCP020 Powder 100 x 60g


SCP024 Liquid 900ml


SCP208 Powder 125 x 60g

SCP151 Liquid 900ml

£103.00 FREE!!!

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Call Customer Services today on 01494 448474


SIN1297 Initial Lustre Paste Set


• Feldspatic internal and surface stain technique • For use on most Ceramics • For use in both press and ZR copings as stain technique • 14 x colours 4g pots • For lighten and darkening shades • Ready to use • CTE range 6.9 – 13.3

Basic colours: the easiest way to achieve a Vitapan® Classic restoration

L-N Neutral

L-A Body

L-B Body

L-C Body

L-D Body

SCP050 Pattern Resin LS Kit

£50.00 Pattern Resin LS Kit A self-curing, general purpose acrylic resin used for making patterns for fabricating copings, post and core build-ups, lingual and palatal bars, implant attachments, adhesion bridges, clasps, telescoping crowns and certain pre-soldering techniques. This product is formulated to provide a perfect fit. Leaves no residue after burnout. Contains: 1 x Powder 100g, 1 x Liquid 105ml and Accessories: 2 x Mixing Cups, 1 x Brush No. 4, 1 x Pipette


Initial Lustre Paste Set

Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter GRADIA and GRADIA gum shades are packaged into convenient, environmentally-friendly syringes and sold as sets. Refills of both products are also available

Buy rd set standa olight and labplight Get steee! fr

Gradia 2.4ml Opaque Refills


SGR205 Gradia Gum Starter Set

Gradia Gum Starter Set


• Unlimited Possibilities for Gingival tissue reproduction • Easy to polish and clean • A variety of shades • Also to be used in conjunction with Ceramics

Gradia 2.9ml Refills

Gradia 2.9ml Refills


• Hybrid MFR formulation • High Mechanical strength • Kind and biocompatible to the opposing dentition • Natural appearance due to the high aesthetics • Easy polishability

The GC GRADIA system Sets and accessories for every need

£21.00 SGR088 GC Gradia Separator (liquid) 5ml

£22.00 SGR095 GC Gradia DieHardener (liquid) 5ml

£32.00 SGR087 GC Gradia Air Barrier (liquid) 10ml

£14.00 SGR090 Syringe Plunger

£13.00 SGR291 Shade Guide Kit

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Buy 5 l m Get 250ing modellid Liqu free!

Dentin & Enamel ONLY


Standard Technique Initial MC

First opaque layer (as a ‘wash’ bake) and second opaque layer (fire and add Opaque Modifiers if required)

INside Primary Dentin layer on the cervical part

Opaqus Dentin layer on the incisal border

Dentin layer

Clear fluorescence layer

Enamel layer up to the final shape (and/or Enamel Opal Translucent/ Translucent Modifiers)

Initial MC Refill 50g • Easy handling • Low Shrinkage • Very Aesthetic • Ability for multiple firings • Cross system logic for all initial materials and shade matching •Demo kits available and trade-in offered •Copying nature build up technique

SIN1216 Initial INmetalbond 8g


One build-up procedure

INmetalbond • Easy to apply • Bonder between metal ceramics and dental alloys • For use on Cad Cam milled Non precious • Allows a wider span of CTE on metals up to 15.3

for standard or multi-chromatic layering End result

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GC Affordable Quality Products Until 11/12/13 !!!

!! !

SGR356 DiaPolisher Paste 2g + 1 tip

Buy 1 ro pack in soft t t refill f o s Get 1 ge cartrid free!


SGR357 Dispensing tip needle x 20

SCP117 Reline Ex Soft Intro Pack

SCP116 Reline Soft Intro Pack




DiaPolisher Paste

Reline Soft

Reline Extra Soft

• 1 micron superfine diamond particles • Perfect Glossy surface • Easy to clean off with water • Use with all composites and ceramics

Soft silicone relining material. A-Silicone for long lasting relining of dentures, especially in cases where supportive tissue material is missing.

Extra soft silicone relining material. Tissue toning material based on A-Silicone to overcome pressure point problems frequently seen with edentulous patients.

SGR085 GC Metal Primer II 5ml


SGR332 GC Optiglaze 15ml

SGR100 Ceramic Primer 2 x 2ml


SGR086 Composite Primer 3ml



Metal Primer II


Ceramic Primer

Composite Primer

Adhesive for bonding dental acrylics and composites to metal. Safe, gap-free and durable bond between composite and various alloys.

Simplifies the finishing process by providing an aesthetic glossy surface on artificial teeth, removable dentures and temp crowns.

Adhesive for bonding composite to ceramics. Safe bonding of laboratory resins, composites and acrylics to ceramic surfaces.

Adhesive for bonding composite to composite. Rebuilds the inhibition layer for safe bonding between composite/composite.

8 The Valley Centre Gordon Road High Wycombe Bucks HP13 6EQ UK

Tel +44 (0)1494 448474 Fax +44 (0)1494 430924

Extended Until 11/12/13 Skillbond GC Offers!!!  

In association with GC, Skillbond are extending the offers originally published in June 2013 right until 11/12/13!!!

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