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JOURNAL January 2014


Vol. 39 No. 01

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The fabrication procedures for NORITAKE SUPER PORCELAIN EX-3 are remarkably easy. Its outstanding features are made possible because of its very fine particle size. NORITAKE SUPER PORCELAIN EX-3 is superior to other dental porcelains because its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) remains stable during repeated firings. Therefore, when making a long span bridge, each unit may be precisely customized with repeated baking of the entire span with minimal risk of cracking. It is compatible with precious, semi-precious, non-precious and silver-free alloys for metal-ceramic prostheses. Its fluorescence is ideal and it is highly resistant to silver-induced greening. This combination of features makes NORITAKE SUPER PORCELAIN EX-3 an ideal choice for porcelain restorations.

EX-3 SPEED ENAMEL Noritake EX-3 Speed Enamel is a new product specially developed for the 2-layer build-up technique. Compared with the conventional enamel ‘speed enamel’ has a beautiful opalescent effect. It is suitable for esthetic restorations and also mass production. INTERNAL STAIN Internal Stain was first developed by Mr.Hitoshi Aoshima. Easy to reproduce the characterizations of natural tooth structure. TISSUE PORCELAIN Noritake has lined-up 7 tissue colours that can reproduce lifelike gingival colours of crowns, bridges and implantrestorations.


Distinctive Features • Reproduction of the natural tooth colour • Outstanding Resistance to Fractures • Outstanding Resistance to Greening • Natural Fluorescence • Exceptional Handling Characteristics EX-3 PASTE OPAQUE • Easy to use • Thinner coat • Allows more space for porcelain build-up • Complete masking of metal oxides • Prevents blackline at margin EX-3 UNIVERSAL PASTE OPAQUE EX-3 Universal Paste Opaque – One Opaque that can be used in 2 ways! It can be used for a wide range of alloys such as high gold alloys – Argedent YPF, Palladium alloys – Maxibond 2, Silver Palladium alloys – Argelite 55 and nonprecious alloys – Argeloy NP Be-Free. POBA is not necessary when applying on Co/Cr or Ni/Cr beryllium-free alloys. EX-3 VALUE SHADES Additional shade that expand the existing EX-3 and CZR selection of Body and Opacious Body powders to include the Vita 3D Master Shades. With Noritake Value Shades you will discover a simple, quick and precise solution to completing Vita 3D Shade restorations.

LUSTER PORCELAIN Luster porcelain reproduces the fine surface structure and luster of natural tooth, has translucent, bright, vivid colours, therefore, darkening at the Incisal edge or at the occlusal surface will not occur. Colour changes in natural teeth caused by ageing have been thoroughly studied. Luster porcelain features a complete line of colours consistent with these changes CCV (Clear Cervical) Porcelain to create depth of colour, without changing chroma.

JAPANESE INNOVATION Available exclusively from Skillbond


DENTAL PORCELAIN for Zirconia Framework Restorations NORITAKE CZR

CZR (Cerabien ZR) is a new porcelain for making all ceramic crowns in use with zirconia frameworks. Single crowns made from CZR with zirconia can be used in the posterior as well as anterior due to its extremely high flexural strength. The combination of CZR and zirconia will give you enhanced esthetics and fit with maximum strength for an overall superior restoration. Replication of the natural tooth shades. Because of the fine particle size of its composition, CZR Luster Porcelain can achieve the selective reflection which assures the Opalescence seen in the natural teeth. CZR Luster Porcelain exhibits minimal wear in the mouth due to the

smaller and consistent particle size resulting in less wear of the opposing teeth. Excellent compatibility and bonding with Zirconia frameworks. Ideal stability with outstanding resistance to fractures and chipping. Flexural Strength of EX-3 as compared with other leading porcelains • Zirconia frameworks and CZR are the ideal match! • Natural-looking cervicals can be easily achieved with CZR Margin Porcelain, eliminating the high value at the margins • Fine particle size of CZR Luster Porcelain can produce natural opalescence with a fine, polishable surface structure • Easy to reproduce the special effects using CZR Internal Stain overlaid with Luster Porcelain DENTAL PORCELAIN for Alumina Framework Restorations NORITAKE CERABIEN

CERABIEN is a porcelain specially developed to make all ceramic crowns(bridges(, using Alumina frameworks. It does not cause any allergies and has the advantage to have no black lines in the cervical area. The thermal expansion of CERABIEN is totally different from that of porcelain fused to metal. Therefore, mixing or using with porcelain fused to metal is not recommended. Outstanding Resistance to Fractures: The coefficient of thermal expansion of Cerabien is extremely stable. It is almost entirely unaffected by repeated baking even if the cooling rate varies.

Therefore, it reduces the risk of fractures to the same degree as Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3. Outstanding Resistance to Chipping: Cerabien has an outstanding resistance to chipping and cracking during grinding for morphological corrections because it has special kind of filler. Reproduction of the natural colour shades: i. Warm and life-like restorations can be realized without the excessive greyness of ordinary all-ceramic crowns. ii. Its excellent chroma and value are the result of the perfect balance between Alumina framework and porcelain so that a very natural appearance is easily realized. iii. Cerabien has an ideal fluorescence.

BEFORE Luster Porcelain under the transmissive light

AFTER natural & beautiful

JAPANESE INNOVATION Available exclusively from Skillbond

• Universal paste opaques for all dental alloys • Reproduction of the natural tooth colour • Enhanced chromatized ceramic powders • Outstanding resistance to fractures • Natural fluorescence

DLJ January 2014  

Skillbond highlights from the January edition of the Dental Lab Journal.

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