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JOURNAL February 2014

A L L T H E L AT E S T F R O M D T S !

Vol. 39 No. 02

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HotShotElite hand-held clasp injector With the Myerson HotShotElite hand-held clasp injector you can make flexible clasps for removable appliances in under 30 minutes from start to finish. The clasp is made directly on the model, eliminating the need for flasking. HotShotElite offers a quick and easy way to make tissue or tooth coloured clasps, unilaterals and provisional crowns and bridges.

Features and benefits • Melting temperature is easily programmable • Can be used with Myerson’s 3 thermoplastic materials

Basic Kit • Putty tool • Elite Stand • Elite Injection Rod • Filter Funnel • Measuring Cup • Injection Sleeve • Injection Nozzle • Heat Resistant Gloves • Extra Hard Putty A & B

• Lockable Case • Thermoplastic Model Separator • TMS Swabs (10) • TMS Trays (10) • 6-pack VisiClear Single Shots • Injection Manual • Marketing Materials • 1-Year Limited Warranty • Technical Support

Available in 3 different size kits – choose the one most suitable for the demands of your day to day practise.

Skillbond and Myerson

dental gy lo techno an c you trust

FlexPress automated injection system The Myerson FlexPress automated injection system is capable of injecting a wide variety of thermoplastic appliances, including flexible partial dentures, clasps, unilaterals and temporaries. All Myerson materials can be processed using pre-programmed settings. You can also save your own settings for any other thermoplastic materials. The integrated heating unit and injector* ensure uniform flow of thermoplastic materials. *Requires connection to air pressure, minimum 90psi (6.2bar)

For morE more inFo or How how to gEt get StartEd started PlEaSE please call tHE the SKillBond skillbond tEam team on 01494 448474 Features and benefits • Integrated heating unit both melts thermoplastic material and preheats injection flask • Digital controller ensures highly accurate temperatures • Melting Temperature, Melting Time and Hold Time for myerson DurAcetal, myerson DuraFlex, and myerson VisiClear are preprogrammed • Repeat an injection profile with just the touch of a button • Program and save your own settings (3 maximum) • USB port allows easy upgrade of software • Made in the USA




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DLJ February 2014  

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