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"You Must be the change you wish to see in the world" Mohandas Gandhi

Awaken Welcome to Awaken website. I founded Awaken in 2007 and I am a personal and organizational change management coach. With over 10 years of experience in the change management field, I work with clients both on a one to one basis and through corporate services. I have an MBA in Management and I am also a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. I am also currently completing a further degree in Psychology. I understand, respect and embrace the uniqueness of each and every one of us. Both my professional and life experiences have allowed me to work and meet people with very different backgrounds, origins and life experiences. I understand the uniqueness and complexity of each person and the innate abilities that we all possess; but I am also able to identify and help someone overcome the challenges that are present when bringing change about. I believe we all have the ability to live a fulfilling and satisfying life. Throughout our life we are taught and learn several skills and acquire a vast amount of knowledge, yet very seldom we are taught and learn how to specifically set our own goals and how to achieve them. I

Fitness, Nutrition, Wellbeing I am a strong believer in the correlation between mental and physical health. As a personal trainer I blend traditional training sessions with one on one coaching and inner development sessions. The way I see it is impossible to significantly change someone approach to their own body (both exercise wise and on a nutritional level) without also incorporating work on their inner selves. My work focuses on working with my clients so that they can set their own real goals (achievable and possible) and to coach and to assist them throughout the process to ensure the goals are achieved and the change process is completed. From a strictly technical point of view, I specialize in individual strength and endurance training, pilate and group exercise. I normally visit clients at their own house or a location commonly agreed upon. Whether your goal is to improve your overall fitness level (i.e. tone up),specific sport performance training (marathon training, for instance) or for post-traumatic or injury rehabilitation training, I can develop a training program specifically tailored to your needs and goals. I am also currently completing a further training programme that will allow me to work with specific medical conditions and GP

referrals. I am a qualified exercise to music instructor and teach a variety of classes across various health clubs, leisure centres and gyms in Central London. I am also a nutrition specialist and work closely with my clients to develop healthy and permanent changes in their eating habits. I do not believe or embrace any diets as it is my view that we all should develop and retain healthy daily habits with a balance of various foods from different sources. I find the concept of diet flawed at its very core as it is, in my view, a synonymous of restriction and limitation and does not focus on the reasons that lie at the core of any dieting issues. Diets often do not achieve the goals they were put in place to achieve or the result is only a temporary one which is often not maintained and leads to long term failure. It is obviously important to control the overall food intake (including type and quantitaties) especially for specific weight loss goals but that must be accompanied by the development of long term healthy relationship with food and well grounded eating habits and patterns.

Personal Coaching As a personal coach and change management specialist my work with individual clients takes into account their life history and experiences as well as future goals and objectives. I believe that to truly understand where we are headed we must understand where we come from. Especially as we progress through life, experiences, both positive and negative,accumulate and have a strong impact on our perceived abilities and direction. From the very moment we are born we are taught a wealth of skills and acquire several abilities, yet very rarely these skills and abilities can be specifically used to follow our own paths, discover, plan and balance our life in a natural and positive manner.

Whether you are thinking of a career change or simply want to realise your full potentials, our work together can help you bring change along in a way that is comfortable and attainable to your own specific circumstances and abilities. It is important to clarify that I do not provide counseling services or psychotherapy. My psychology background allows me to be able to openly discuss with a client if our work together can be fruitful or if another route should be instead explored. My role is to facilitate change to take place and empower new opportunities in your life. Our work together will be aimed at refining and sometimes discovering the tools and skills required to follow your dreams and ensure they become a comfortable and happy reality.

Organisational Coaching My work with organisational change management is at the core of my academic and professional background. Most organisations fail short to properly plan and prepare for changes with the direct result of impacting the profitability and productivity of the business. Quite often the most pressing challenges in the workplace arise from how change is communicated and implemented and not by the change itself.

My work focuses on assisting companies in managing any process which will bring along significant change. Working with either teams or individuals, I help the management and employees alike to understand not just the obvious impact of any organisational change to their position or day to day duties, but to process the change on a personal level and how it will impact them, increasing motivation, productivity and efficiency.

About Me I was born and raised in Bologna,Italy. At the age of 14 I went to the States on a one year exchange student programme. I fell in love with the country and the opportunities and at the end of my year abroad I decided to continue living in the US and continue my academic and professional development overseas. I graduated from high school in Wichita, Kansas. I then relocated to Chicago, Illinois and completed my undergraduate and part of my graduate studies before returning to Europe at the age of 25. I completed my MBA in Switzerland and worked all over Europe before relocating to London in 2003 where I have been residing ever since. Both my BA and MBA are in Management (Organisational and Change Management). I am currently completing a further degree in Psychology at Birkbeck College (University of London) and I am a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor. I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and a member of the British Psychology Society. I am a certified Pilate Instructor. I am qualified to teach a variety of fitness classes including freestyle aerobics, steps, and Spinning classes alongside LesMills programmes, including BodyCombat, BodyPump, BodyBalance, and BodyAttack. I am also a fully certified Zumba Instructor. I teach over 17 classes every week all over London. Careerwise, I have over 10 years of professional experience as Sales and Client Relations Director in the US,continental Europe and the UK. I have managed both small (1 to 3 people) and large (over 50 people) teams during my career and have been directly responsible for generating revenues in excess of ÂŁ200ml.

My passion for management along with my interest in psychology and fitness background has led me to start my own change management consultancy company Awaken SLG. I also own and am very actively involved in one of the UK's leading health and safety consultancy, Vigilaris UK Ltd. To learn more about Vigilaris, please feel free to visit our website at Vigilaris provides consultancy services and e-learning training solutions to some of the world's leading financial and legal institutions, as well as facilities companies and entertainment/manufacturing companies. I am currently single and living in London. The company name is dedicated to my three nieces and nephews: Sabrina, Lisa and Gabriel who have been my inspiration and a never-ending source of inner strength, balance, focus and love. Contact Marco Rizzi 45 Longfield Street London United Kingdom SW18 5RD Email me +44 (0) 7869 856 857 I look forward to hearing from you

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