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Ski ebook available for free from SkiA Designs Ltd.

To download your free ebook which will show you how to improve your skiing

technique click here:

Ski ebook

“This ebook will transform your understanding of skiing. The processes it teaches you have been used to train thousands of clients and hundreds of ski instructors. They are based on the principles of physical science, the way we learn, and how these processes work in the real world.�

SkiA Designs Ltd is the creator of the Sweetspot ski trainer. This device is strapped to the base of ski boots and can be used anywhere. It is a great way to learn how to ski or improve ski skills. Experts and beginners alike will benefit from using the Sweetspot Trainer. It can even be used as a rehabilitation aid to help strengthen muscles.


Ski Ebook  

SkiA presents a free ski Ebook which is available for everybody to download. Included are some excellent tips on how to ski better. For more...

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