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She has Pneumonia, she has entered stage 4 out of 5 but she has a good chance of

That is fine. do whatever you can to save her, I can't lose her.t- e1-lvay.l lost,:.

What haPPened to her? How did she fatallY Pass?

Sorry to inierrupt bui .,who is this women <.,Yq!lr$F.4.9f ?-.:... -,':



.: .


ffi% WiilelvEas

Ok, well we will call You and let You know when we are ready fot lhe. , , ,,


i i


But lwilt hetP You get better so don't woIry

lknoiv s,veetie

bu,t I realfy

1..- llost rny job and o-ur l91t.11bqr1teg !9\,{n. Pqt I





. j


".-"/'-.'., e;;-...-; .'t., "-.-{r -:\ ,;4-., ,it).l .i





't.. -.:.,.,r _





S4*b$ r '4'h":" he6'r * h'm t,u\S l r'' d.nnde

"}\'";,"t {r"iiL r:r* 4' ' l*,irr,tt:r"r*, q'L &v"t, *i;'*"';L

|\cvre, n*,* *i*s o u"" ' "

T*rH kffi;

The Walking Dead  

A tragic story about a man who became homeless

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