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a short guide to being awesome

being great isn’t easy, it takes time, effort, perseverance, extensive montages of sweaty workouts and generic images of teamworking and diversity. But with this guide we hope to skip all of that and give you a better idea of what makes our brand.

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Mission Statement How do we do it How do we fit it Target Market - Families Target Market - Tech Dads Target Market - Business Target Market - Techies Logo Digital Logo Print Typeface Colours Secondary Colours Icons, Family Icons, Business Icons, Tech Dads Icons, Techies

Mission statement smart. affordable. fun. It’s that simple, really. Our aim is to provide intelligent, intuitive products which help customers create a smart home or workspace. We like to do so in a way that is responsible both to the customer and the environment. So the stuff we make is both affordable and cost effective; and helps improve energy efficiency. At the heart of this is a fun and easy to use product, the energyegg, which is more than just your standard remote control.

How do we do it? friendly and affordable. We like our customers (well, most of them) and listening to what they have to say. This makes us the middle man between what the customer wants, and what they get. This means creating a fun home automation system that is affordable and easy to install and use - even if you don’t know your RF protocol from your serial data waveform (which is pretty much everyone, really. Apart from our software geeks).

Where do we fit in? There are other products slightly similar to the energyEGG, here’s where we fit in. friendly

. wemo low end/ affordable

. £££



smartthings . lightwave rf serious

high end/ expensive

Target Market - Families smart. affordable. fun. Feature


Automatically switches off appliances and lights when you forget

Save money on wasted electricity and encourage kids to switch off. Makes your home more energy efficient

All off function

Create your own ‘Lights out’ by switching off all lighting and appliances at the end of the day

Plug and Play

Super easy to set up and there is no wiring or installation required

Key messages: - Save money - Save energy - One touch control

- Easy to set up - Child Friendly - Accessible, not made exclusively for technophiles

Target Market - Tech Dads smart. affordable. fun. Feature


Cool gadget which lets you control your home

Status - show off to friends. Sense of control over their home

Auto Off when appliances and lights aren’t being used

Save money. Save energy. Home of the future

Entry level home automation

Modern home, affordable but not not risky

Key messages: - Fun gadget - Saves money - One touch control

- Simple home automation - Ahead of the curve

Target Market - Business smart. affordable. fun. Feature


Automatically switches off appliances and lights when you forget

Save money on wasted electricity

Auto switch off

Improves energy efficiency and enhances green credentials

One touch control

Makes it easier for employees to switch lights and appliances on/off

Plug and Play

No installation downtime or costs

Key messages: - Save money - Save energy - Green credentials

- Retrofit - Easy to manage

Target Market - Techies smart. affordable. fun. Feature


Automatically switches on and off appliances

Affordable home automation

Automatically switches off when you forget

Improves the life span of connected gadgets

Plug and Play

Super easy to set up and there is no wiring or installation required

Key messages: - Entry level home automation - Easy to set up - One touch control

- improves gadget life - affordable - open to makers

Logo Digital Our logo aims to convey the sense of simplicity and friendliness which are associated with our company and products.



Logo Digital But sometimes you might want to use it black and white



Logo Print This version of the logo is for print, so it comes out nice and fresh on paper



Logo Print And again, in black and white.



Typeface ChunkFive Roman. Yep, that’s what it’s called. Really. ChunkFive helps convey our friendly and simple attitude. It’s also fun to say.

Aa Bb Cc Aa Bb Cc

Colours Our soft, friendly colours are specifically chosen to enhance our brand.

energyegg green r 107 g 189 b 70

c m y k

58 0 80 0

Pantone 360U Hex #6BBD46

energyegg black r 12 g 15 b 5

c m y k

33 3 0 95

Pantone 433U Hex #0C0F0F

Secondary Colours And if you get fed up with those ones, here are some more.

energyegg family r 1 g 101 b 91

c m y k

100 0 45 32

Pantone 328U Hex #01655B

energyegg business r 240 g 248 b 4

c m y k

6 0 100 0

Pantone 3955U Hex #F0F804

energyegg business r 16 g 161 b 184

c m y k

96 0 11 0

Pantone 312U Hex #10A1B8

Icons, Family Everyone loves an icon. Especially the dog one. Even people who don’t have dogs. These icons are designed specifcally for the family market.

Icons, Business Businessmen don’t have time for words, only businessman stuff. Like spreadsheets and coffee. So here are some icons designed for them.

Icons, Tech Dad We love geeky, technophile dads - you know the type. That’s why we have an icon set specifically for them.

Icons, Technical Another one of our target markets is the tech savvy, well-informed technophile. In other words: Geeks. Here are some icons for geeks.


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