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PJ Bear chats with Catherine McDerment, the lead occupational therapist Hi Catherine, I see you rushing around the hospital but I am not sure what an occupational therapist does? Occupational therapists help children participate and be as independent as possible in everyday activities such as getting dressed, going to school and playing. I hear that you have a fancy new light and sound thing which helps children with their movements but what is it? “The Secret Garden” is a large screen image that is projected onto our wall in occupational therapy and when you move; when you do your exercises then different things will happen on the screen. You can make music too. There are lots of different activities in the garden from “fireflies” to “bug huts”. It is going to make therapy sessions even more fun.

Gosh that sounds great can bears use it?! Of course they can PJ. Anyone can use it, even if they have very little movement. It is very visual and difficult to describe in words so come and try it out for yourself. I saw that there is a bee on the screen which I loved chasing after. I love honey but what is your favourite food? I love all kinds of fruit but my favourite is strawberries. When I am being very

Catherine McDerment with the Secret Garden

naughty I am also partial to a little chocolate! What is your favourite joke? “Doctor, Doctor I keep on thinking I’m a bridge” “Oh really. What’s come over you” ? “So far a bus,… a motorcycle and a bike!”

Saul Summerton plays with the Secret Garden with the occupational therapist Ruth Macrae

What superpower would you like to have? If I could have any superpower I think it would have to be the power to make wishes come true.......I’ve always wanted to be a fairy godmother!

Harry Pot ter Maze


12 noon – 4pm Saturday 31st May Meadowbank Stadium

From Teddy Toddle 2012

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Our writer in residence Linda Cracknell has written a lovely poem about Easter at the Sick Kids and Cate James our illustrator in residence has been inspired to draw about Easter. Maybe it will inspire you to do a poem about Chocolate? EASTER AT SCIENNES Birds fly in, bringing flowers up Rillbank Terrace, over the Hospital’s towers: pigeons with claws full of daffodils, and primroses clamped in seagulls’ bills. They find nooks and cracks to plant and fill on the Sick Kids Hospital’s window-sills so posies brighten all five floors alongside cherry blossom at the school next door. The Lion and Unicorn on the Royal Crest jump into the car park after a century or so’s rest. They whinny and roar and stretch their legs, prowling and prancing after Easter eggs. Mangoes and melons roll down Argyle Place neck and neck to the Meadows in a race with brightly-painted eggs set free down Sylvan Place from A & E. Boys and girls laugh from their beds at birds’ nests balancing on nurses’ heads, meal-trolley wheels made of hot-cross-buns, and bunnies bursting from the hats of their mums. Down in the cellars chicks are cheeping

Cate James

while up in the Loft, PJ Bear’s sleeping,

Can you write your own poem about yummy chocolate. I would love to see your poem so please send your completed poem to PJ Bear c/o Sick Kids Friends Foundation, 20 Millerfield Place, Edinburgh EH9 1LW. BEST POEM WINS SOME CHOCOLATE!!

well-fed like the children after chocolate-eating. And clown doctors leap their Easter greetings. Linda Cracknell

C H O C O L A T E - Keeping Kids Busy

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PJ's News Summer 2014