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i’m an AFGHAN-indian-american-philadephian-Virginian.


A tapestry of culture and experience make me who i am. and i love it because i’ve absorbed cultures that seem so diametrically opposed. I’ve learned that people have varying values, but at the

Meet Hyder. core, it’s all the same:

We want security, within and around us.

I’ve won art student of the year I’ve won Math student of the year I’ve fallen flat on my face several times a year. And that deserves an award. because getting back up with unyielding optimism is the greatest feat.

I celebrate every damn

thing that I can find to be happy about

e I travmeind i go mil

even if i feel like sh**

= Joy Division

in my

My heart is crushed. And this is the fifth time. But I still believe in love. Or at least a great kiss.

1 - Sell the consumer’s values. i’d rather die than see trees die 2 - Be the Purple Cow. 3 - Shopping = experience 4 - Brand = lifestyle



Decorating is catharsis




My mom was a little crazy. But it made me creative.

stop f

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is Breathi ng



y but nobowdorld e b o “T lf in a est yoursedoing its b s ' t tha ake you , is to to mebody else st som e harde er h fight t you are ev er e v l t e bat to fight. N going hting.”

Jeff Buckley love always

I love glow-ey thingies!


alyes d y r e l ev s & mi

The best ideas are often produced by encouraging unabashed brainstorming. A colorful chaos is generated and within it, often lies greatness. If the process is nurtured, and pieces are polished and nailed together with strong rationale, a beautiful product can emerge. Translation: I feed the creative maelstrom, but I also focus it by diagramming team thoughts and building viable strategy so we end up with a deliverable product. I direct shaping creative pieces and meld them together into a structure.

This is what I do best.


I generate and synthesize.



Art direction is signature TARGET

Before you see the icon, the name of the brand, and before any words are spoken, you already know that it’s a Target AD. Their signature is so distinct that a box has been created in your mind specifically for the brand. The United Colors of Benetton of yesteryear did this. You knew it was Benneton just from the style of photography and art direction. Their work styling, irreverent, and meaningful. Now, you can’t tell it apart from GAP. They need to start signing their name in bold ink again.

Forged its own category


Target is a lifestyle brand for the saavy, tasteful customer. You find useful and sexy items. It is like Walmart with a velvet carpet. Target was a game-changer in the department store scene. You can be practical and stylish, without compromising either quality. If someone says “it looks like it’s from Target,” most would immediately have a clear picture in their mind of the Target “category.” On the other hand, UCB is borderline generic. When you say, “Benetton shirt” it should be distinct from its competitors.

Speaks the language


“It’s not about price, it’s about value.” Target relays this clearly in its ads, in-store experience, and in through the products themselves. It is echoing what its customers are thinking at their core. UCB does not even seem to have a voice anymore. Whereas before their voice was bold and unafraid and their language was like a svelte genius, it is just about mute at this point. They need to learn how to speak again.

Star of their play


In the show that is Target - the advertising and product choice - Target is a lead character. If you could write it into a play, it would be a distinct character with a strong personality that you would remember. If UCB was a character, it would be forgotten and drown within its own play. Simply put, UCB must develop a distinct and unique brand personality. Not all brands can do this, but they have the history and potential to do so.




JACK MORTON packet  

Jack Morton 1-day camp packet

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