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Brákarbraut 13-15 Borgarnes TEL: +354 437 1600

Bjarnarbraut 4-6 Borgarnes TEL: +354 433 7200

Open all year, daily from 10-21 With two exhibitions - about the settlement in Iceland and Egils saga - along with a bright and airy restaurant the Settlement center is the ideal stop in Borgarnes. It is locatated in the oldest buildings in Borgarnes. You go through the exhibits with an audio guide available in 15 languages. “Great place and super friendly staff” (Trip Advisor)

Among other things in the museum, there are two great exhibitions. One is Children Throughout a Century, which is a narrative of Iceland´s history in the 20th century; photographs play a major role. The other exhibition is called Oh to be a bird! and shows the birds of Iceland in very special surroundings, a sight to see. During wintertime the museum is accessible through the library.


Þorsteinsgata 1 Borgarnes TEL: +354 433 7140

Egilsgata 16 Borgarnes TEL: +354 437 1119

The Sports Centre contains both an outside and an inside swimming pool, hot tubs, a steam bath which is fed with steam straight from the Deildartunga hot spring, a children’s pool and water slides. All in all, an excellent health spa. Open Mondays to Fridays from 6-22, Saturdays and Sundays from 9-18.

Hótel Borgarnes is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Borgarnes.



Digranesgata 6 Borgarnes TEL: +354 437 1920

Brúartorg 4 Borgarnes TEL: +354 437 1400

Geirabakarí is a bakery located in Borgarnes, only an hour‘s drive from Reykjavík. The bakery offers a variety of cakes and pastries as well as club sandwiches, hot sandwiches and soup of the day. It also offers good quality coffee and tea or hot chocolate. If you are not very hungry but longing for a treat then Geirabakarí is the place to go with its comfortable surroundings and an amazing view.

Ljómalind Farmers Market is a fair trade, regional and seasonal co-op. Its aim is to offer a great variety of high quality arts and crafts, it also offers delicacies most of which are straight from the farm. All products are made in West Iceland. Summer opening hours daily from 10-18 and winter opening hours daily from 12-17.



Hamar, 310 Borgarnes TEL: 433-6600

All year (closed for some holidays) CREDIT CARD



Skúlagata 17 Borgarnes TEL: +354 555 1400 Englendingavik Resaurant is open from May - October. Guesthouse is open all year. We put our emphasis on a relaxed and cosy atmosphere to go with the spirit of the old buildings by the Bay. As for food, we focus on locally sourced materials. It is a real treat to sit on the terrace in the sun enjoying good food and drinks in good company. Opening hours daily from 11:30-23 (or longer).


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Travel West Iceland 2018-2019  

Ferðast um Vesturland 2018-2019