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1 Borgarnes is the service and commercial centre of Borgarfjörður. Borgarnes is on the crossroads of the Ring Road and Route 54, which leads to Snæfellsnes. It is located on the peninsula Digranes which, according to the Sagas, was first settled by the viking Skalla-Grímur in the 9th century. Borgarnes was established as a trading centre in 1867 and celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. It grew rapidly and by the middle of the 20th century it had



Bjarg Borgarnes TEL: 437 1925 / 864 1325 bjarg borgarnesi

Hyrnutorg Borgarbraut 58-60 Borgarnes TEL: +354 437 2214

Small and cosy family-run guesthouse in a renovated old farmhouse on the outskirts of Borgarnes town. Studio apartment, rooms with shared facilities and a cottage.

The Tourist Information Centre is located in the Hyrnutorg Shopping Centre in Borgarnes and provides services for visitors to West Iceland. Free WiFi and a small shop with souvenirs, books, maps and postcards. From 1st June - 31st August open weekdays from 10-18, Saturdays from 10-16 and Sundays from 10-14. From 1st September - 31st May open weekdays from 9-17.



established itself as a town. Its current population is about 1.950 inhabitants. Borgarnes is known for its peculiar landscape, which is marked by high and low bluffs all around the town. The lower section of the town, or “the lower-town”, is a popular destination, with walking trails along the coastline, the famous Skallagrímsgarður garden, playgrounds, a good swimming pool, restaurants, museums and last but not least, the majestic Borgarnes church.

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Travel West Iceland 2018-2019  

Ferðast um Vesturland 2018-2019