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Skeleton Horse  Vol.1  Issue  #1  March  2012 Founder/Publisher/Editor:  Frímann Cover:  Frímann  Ísleifur  Frímannsson Tpyo.....................................3 Nicolas  Kunysz...........................4 Bergur  Anderson..........................5 Gage  Allison.............................6 Sindri  Eldon...........................7&8 Ragnar  Fjalar  Lárusson...................9 Ingunn  Hreinberg  &  Nicholas  Fishleigh...10 Geir  Helgi  Birgisson....................11 Una  Lóa.................................12 Morri...................................13 Helgi  Örn  Pétursson.....................14 Lilja  Birgisdóttir......................15 Frímann  Ísleifur  Frímannsson............16

Thank you,  Johannes  Gutenberg.


The Meaning  of  Forever What  is  the  price  of  fealty? The  Emperor  bought  mine  with  a  million  Human  souls.  All  mine. They  call  me  the  Patient  One.  I  am  Melkor,  that  which  is  most  an-­ cient,  one  of  the  Four  Horsemen,  though  I  doubt  I  could  ride  a   horse.  Some  old  myth,  I  suppose;;  a  Human  myth,  of  course.  They  make   the  laws,  they  write  the  stories.  K’Malbec,  that  was  the  name  of  the   tribe.  I  remember  them;;  I  was  already  old  when  they  stepped  out  of   that  festering  swamp  on  the  Eastern  shore  and  into  the  pages  of  his-­ tory.  They  became  the  Empire,  the  Empire  became  the  law,  and  to  obey   the  law  one  must  show  fealty. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? A  crown,  a  promise,  a  gold  coin,  a  life,  power.  All  were  offered  to   me;;  all  were  refused.  And  so  the  Emperor  asked  me,  not  even  a  life-­ time  ago,  what  I  wanted.  What  did  I  want?  I  wanted  nothing.  They   call  me  the  Patient  One;;  yet  I  wait  for  nothing.  I  want  for  nothing,   and  wait  for  nothing;;  I  am  Melkor. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? I  have  no  price,  and  my  fealty  cannot  be  bought,  but  after  all  this   time,  it  amused  me  to  see  a  mortal  believe  his  rule  could  transcend   that  which  transcends  all.  All  needs  sustenance,  all  needs  replen-­ ishment,  but  not  I,  not  that  which  is  mine.  I  am  Melkor,  Lord  of   Famine,  the  Unstarveable,  the  Black  One,  the  Slender  One.  A  King  of   Nothing,  but  it  is  Nothing  that  kills  all  mortals.  When  mortals  do   not  consume,  they  die.  A  King  of  Nothing,  the  Dry  One,  the  Cautious   One,  a  King  of  Sand,  the  Lord  of  Husks.  The  King  in  Black. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? Sustenance,  that  is  the  price  of  fealty.  The  Empire  needs  sustenance,   just  like  any  organism.  In  fact,  it  needs  many;;  but  the  Emperor  came   to  me  asking  for  just  one:  stability.  What  could  I  do  to  give  his   Empire  stability?  The  answer  is  simple:  nothing.  By  doing  nothing,  I   create  stability.  It  is  the  nature  of  famine  to  devour  all  that  does   not  devour,  but  the  Empire  was  not  built  upon  devouring.  Not  the  Em-­ pire  of  this  new  Emperor,  anyway.  It  is  built  on  compromise,  coop-­ eration,  promises  and  other  false,  temporary  things.  It  is  built  on   fealty.

But what  is  the  price  of  fealty? Nothing.  The  Emperor  could  have  bought  my  fealty  with  a  hat  and  a   handshake,  although  I  do  not  have  hands.  But  because  it  amused  me,   and  because  I  saw  something  in  him,  I  asked  him  for  something  else.   A  million  somethings.  A  million  of  his  people. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? Everything.  Absolutely  everything.  Everything  that  one  million  hu-­ mans,  the  K’Ogari,  the  Diraqine,  the  Darosi,  are,  have  been,  and   will  ever  be.  He  has  promised  me  their  lives,  and  I  will  consume   them.  I  will  consume  them  all  with  my  Nothing.  The  husks  shall  take   them,  and  the  husks  will  consume.  He  has  promised  me  my  souls,  and  I   will  collect  them.  Every  single  one. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? A  civilization,  a  history,  a  people,  a  way  of  life.  A  million  Impe-­ rial  citizens  and  Darosi  tribesmen  reside  in  the  mountains  bordering   my  lands,  the  Plains  of  Blood  beyond  them,  and  the  cities  of  Daros   and  Al-­Diraq  beyond  the  plains.  The  Emperor  has  promised  me  them  all,   and  I  hope  he  will  make  good  on  his  promise.  Oh,  not  because  a  mil-­ lion  lives  matter  to  me,  or  because  I  would  enjoy  any  kind  of  lever-­ age  over  the  Emperor.  No.  As  I  said,  I  have  seen  a  potential  in  the   Emperor,  the  potential  to  understand,  at  least  for  a  time,  before  he   dies,  before  the  Famine  takes  him,  as  it  will  all  mortals. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? Knowledge.  If  the  Emperor  is  to  make  good  on  his  promise  he  will   know.  Know  what  it  is  to  be  immortal,  if  only  through  the  proxy  of   his  deeds.  In  the  end,  a  life  is  nothing.  Nothing  can  take  a  life.   Lives  are  nothing;;  given  enough  nothing,  you  can  kill  everything.   The  Emperor  will  understand  that  lives  are  inconsequential,  if  you   want  to  build  an  Empire  that  is  immortal.  He  will  understand  that   any  number  of  lives  can  be  given  for  no  reason,  and  yet  an  empire,   a  true  empire,  will  survive.  Before  the  end,  before  the  Famine  takes   him,  I  will  tell  him  that  his  people  died  for  nothing.  He  could  have   bought  my  fealty  for  a  hat  and  a  handshake,  although  I  do  not  have   hands.  I  was  just  trying  to  prove  a  point. What  is  the  price  of  fealty? Entities  are  bought  with  things,  I  am  an  Entity,  the  Emperor  is  a   thing.  His  people  are  things,  but  if  the  Emperor  is  willing  to  buy  me   and  my  fealty  with  those  things,  his  empire  will  not  be  a  thing;;  it   will  be  an  Entity.  An  entity  worthy  of  Melkor.  And  now  he  sends  his   emissaries,  his  followers  to  placate  me,  to  reassure  me,  to  ensure  my   fealty.  And  I  will  play  his  game,  but  I  will  make  him  understand  the   meaning  of  Forever.  The  meaning  of  Empire.  The  meaning  of  Fealty.

ForrĂŠttabarinn  ForrĂŠttabarinn,  or  “the  starter  barâ€?,  is  a  recently  opened  res-­ taurant  on  MĂ˝rargata,  down  by  the  harbor.  The  restaurant  offers  a  va-­ riety  of  starters,  1190isk  for  a  full  portion  and  half  portions  costs   790isk.  They  have  a  modest  wine  list  and  desserts  for  890isk.  The  res-­ taurant’s  recommendation  is  two  to  three  courses  per  person.     The  two  of  us  went  down  there  last  weekend  for  a  romantic  meal.   We  got  in  there  from  the  heavy  rain  with  a  broken  umbrella  and  were   greeted  by  a  smiling  waitress.  The  restaurant  was  busy  and  we  hadn’t   pre-­booked  but  we  were  lucky  and  got  a  table  straight  away.     The  restaurant’s  rough  interior  met  with  modern  minimalistic   furniture  and  decor  sets  a  chic  Scandinavian  atmosphere.  The  blue  nap-­ NLQVRQWKHWDEOHVWKHRIÂżFHODPSVDQGWKHVZLQJWRSFDSZDWHUERWWOHV give  the  impression  that  “it  was  all  thrown  together  last-­minuteâ€?.  These   cute  Scandi  settings  would  have  worked  perfectly  had  the  music  been  dif-­ ferent.  The  entire  evening  they  ran  through  two  albums  on  repeat,  both   of  which  would  be  better  suited  for  a  bar  or  a  house  party.  Heart  racing   techno  may  work  in  a  kitchen  but  it  does  not  exactly  set  the  right  at-­ mosphere  for  an  enjoyable  meal.     We  ordered  a  bottle  of  Chilean  Cabernet  Sauvignon  4440isk  and   looked  at  the  menu.  We  found  some  of  the  course  descriptions  a  bit  con-­ fusing,  since  some  of  them  had  cooking  methods  such  as  tataki  and  BBQ   listed  as  ingredients.  We  ended  up  with  three  whole  portions:  the  horse   ÂżOOHWWDWDNLZLWKJLQJHUDQGSRWDWRVWUDZVWKHFUDEEDFDODRZLWKOHPRQ-­ grass  and  oyster  sauce  and  the  lamb  hearts  with  bacon,  dates  and  apples.   We  then  had  four  half  portions:  beet  roots  with  goat  cheese,  nuts  and   mizuna,  the  chicken  liver  with  onion  jam,  red-­currant  and  brioche,  hag-­ gis  with  sweet  potatoes,  rutabaga  and  thyme,  and  the  duck  in  plum-­sauce   with  spring  onion  and  rice  paper.  Although  slightly  tempted  by  certain   fusion  dishes,  like  the  pork  belly  BBQ  with  pears  and  cheese  popcorn,  we   decided  to  stick  to  the  more  traditional  ones.    7KHKRUVHÂżOOHWDQGWKHEHHWURRWZHUHE\IDURXUIDYRULWHGLVK-­ HV7KHPHDWZDVUHGDQGWHQGHUDQGIXOORIĂ€DYRUEXWWKHSRWDWRVWUDZV served  with  them  were  in  our  opinion  unnecessary.  We  appreciate  the  ef-­ fort  of  trying  something  different  but  the  texture  of  the  crisps  does   QRWKLQJWRĂ€DWWHUWKHPHDW7KHEHHWURRWDQGJRDWFKHHVHZHUHVHUYHG with  a  mixture  of  nuts  and  mizuna  leaves  and  were  a  perfect  ensemble  of   WH[WXUHDQGĂ€DYRU   The  crab-­bacalao  was  not  as  exquisite.  Served  as  a  tower  of  a   EDFDODRÂżVKEDOOVKUHGGHGFUDEDQGVDODGWKHEDFDODRZDVDELWWRR rich  and  completely  overpowered  the  crab.  The  lamb  hearts  were  lovely,   served  with  a  combo  that  cannot  fail  of  salty  bacon  and  sweet  dates  and   caramelized  apples.  The  chicken  liver  turned  out  to  be  chicken  liver   pâtĂŠ  served  with  miniature  pieces  of  toast,  red-­currants  and  onion  jam.   Although  we  had  expected  something  different,  the  pâtĂŠ  was  quite  tasty   and  well  complemented  by  everything  that  came  with  it.  The  haggis  was   absolutely  delicious,  served  warm  with  a  soft  mash  of  sweet  potatoes  and   rutabaga  on  top.  The  let-­down  of  the  evening  was  the  non-­existent  duck   LQULFHSDSHU7KHSRUWLRQZDVVPDOODQGWKHĂ€DYRUZDVQÂśWSDUWLFXODUO\ memorable,  the  lack  of  duck,  however,  was.     All  in  all  it  was  a  pleasant  evening,  the  service  was  really   good,  the  food  came  up  quickly  and  the  price  was  moderate.  We’d  recom-­ mend  ForrĂŠttabarinn  for  lunch  or  for  a  quick  bite.  It  would  probably   work  best  for  a  group  of  four  or  more  people.

Skeleton Horse #1  

16 page zine limited to 50 copies and produced in Reykjavik.

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