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Aeon Picnic Table Contest Heroin Premiere Dagenham Skatepark Ben Bucklee





Cover: Rob Willer Riding High in the Heartsease Bowl, Norwich.

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NEWS Well not quite the way we had hoped but Revert is here at last, after problems with advertising after the closure of NDUK and Warrior. Revert will be purely digital for the first few issues and then hopefully a tradtional magazine in the New Year.

Heroin Skateboard’s Fos has been busy of late with the new DVD Live from Antarctica due for release in November (more info later in the mag). He’s still found time in between to work on a exclusive version of the Emerica Heretic 2. (pictured above) this will be in shops in Many thanks to the guys at November too. Simili in france for the idea of a FREE skate magazine Crutch distribution is now for the UK. Thanks also to distributing Crème Boards, Mark at Network and Nick Satori Wheels, Listen at Power for their help. boards, DMFG bags, Potato Wheels and other We are also looking for brands to shortly appear. people to help contribute to the magazine so if you Related note the Satori want to help by sending Movement now have a UK photos or articles. Please team made up of Chewy get in contact the details of Cannon and Joe Gavin. how to will be at the back of the magazine or online. So now for some real news eothen dream wheels in a then new Manchester skateshop near you now! based company eothen skateboards have just started sponsoring their first team rider, young Nick Stanfield from Manchester will now be riding eothen boards and dream wheels (pictured left). They are still running the photography competition to win £250 worth of eothen goodies have a look at for more info.

Fos designed Heretic 2 hits stores in November.

The infamous Stockwell skatepark in Brixton is getting a brand new surface although fenced off at the moment it’s due to be finished soon. Look out for the new Matryoshka decks and accompanying soft goods from Blueprint this winter. Jensen now has his very own truck joining Colin Kennedy on Thunder.



If you shoot skate photos or are willing to write articles then we are willing to publish your work in this magazine, so long as it’s good content, we will run it and give you full credit for it too. Please send digital photos (JPG’s 4+ Mega Pixels) to

Please send articles, news or reports to

dagenham Just on the outskirts of North East London lies Dagenham, supposedly the poorest part of London, and yet they have one of the best concrete skateparks in the South East. Blessed with this large concrete beauty sat on Castle Green in Dagenham. Designed by Simon Skipp it has everything from bowled out corners and pump bumps to double sets and ledges.

tom may throws out a huge frontside flip in the bowl to much approval of fellow norfolk boys.

ash lever rides up into this back 5-0 revert riding fakie down back to the depths of the park

Getting There: Use postcode RM9 4TX (Barking RFC) in an online direction finder or map. Then look out for Castle Green which is a huge Recreation area in the shadow of the tower blocks pictured right.

In late August after hearing on the grape vine of this as yet un explored terrority, the Suffolk based Smash Skates boys headed down to ride the sort of park you don’t find up in tractor country. Whilst there we encountered allsorts including kids on bikes riding round and round until it was tea time, guys on home made quad bikes which the wheels fall off of, and some really good skaters too.



PICNIC TABLE CONTEST After seeing the Aeon Footwear contest advertised on the back of the Summer '05 Puzzle DVD, I on the spur of the moment booked flights and a hotel for the weekend, fly out Friday morning, go to contest Saturday, come back Sunday evening and do plenty of tourist things in between like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Trioumphe and all the others.

Idriss Diop Nosegrind Reverts his way into third place at this year’s contest.

So off I went down to Heathrow on Friday morning, hopped on the plane and about two hours later I was collecting my baggage from Charles de Gaulle airport outside of Paris. Then got one of the scariest shuttle rides to my hotel, having avoided crashing twice, I got to my hotel just around the corner from the Eiffel tower, in one piece.

Guillaume Dulont - Cab Heelflip Noseslides.


Contest Winner, Alex Carolino Switch Flip Backside 5-0


Above: Thibaud Fradin Pop Shove Nosegrinds through the media Frenzy. I then started the tourist thing and went up the Eiffel tower, including having lunch on the second level. Then went for a wander around Paris going to the Palais de Tokyo where the contest was to get my bearings for the next day. There seems to be skaters there permanently. Including this weekend, Welsh skaters Dylan Hughes, Cashman and Chris Roberts. Who were there for the contest too.

So the day of the contest came things started at 2pm so went for lunch at little CafĂŠ near the Palais de Tokyo then went to the Arc de Trioumphe. Got to Palais de Tokyo which was already filling up with skaters, then the Aeon van with the two tables pulled up and they placed the tables on the first set and the double set.


This is when the action started as more and more people started turning up including all of the Aeon team and some of France's big names like Thibaud Fradin, Guillaume Dulont, Idriss Diop and many other great skaters. The skating was of an incredible level, the general line was trick on the first table with maybe flatland trick in the middle, then a trick down the second table which was on the double set. Whilst filmers from Puzzle followed the riders from table to table. After a while the Aeon photographer stood on one of the tables and called the name of a select few picked out by the judges, to ride on their own to narrow it down and make judging a bit easier. Then after some sick tricks and amazing lines had been thrown down, It was time to announce the winners. The clear winner was Alex Carolino who took the â‚Ź1500 away with several lines including Switch Kickflip BS 50 on first table, Switch Flip, then Half Cab Crook down the second table. Second was taken by ClichĂŠ rider Thibaud Fradin who's lines included Switch Nosegrind down the first table, and Pop Shove Crook down the second table. Nine Yards rider Idriss Diop came third with lines including Nosegrind Revert on first table, Switch Flip, then Crook second table.

Luca Crestani Noseblunts before the contest even gets going.

Thibaud Fradin Switch Backside Nosegrind helping him to second.



Revert Advertising Data

The magazine is a new A5 format, full colour, FREE digital magazine available at It will become a print magazine in January 2006 with an intended print run of 5000 to be distributed across the UK. If you would be interested in advertising please get in touch.

Ad Sizes

spread : size 297x210mm 3mm bleed

Contact Details

Revert Magazine 12 Tower Hill Beccles full page : size 148.5x210mm Suffolk 3mm bleed NR34 9YN half page : size 148.5x100mm Tel: 01502 715123 email: 3mm bleed

Technical Data Advert artwork can be supplied by Disc (CD/DVD Not Floppy Disk!) to the above address, or emailled to the above address. Preferred format of Adobe PDF files with fonts embedded, however we can accept TIFF 300dpi and Quark files with associated files and fonts. We currently only accept supplied artwork, we do not make up artwork! All images must be of 300dpi or greater, in CMYK, JPEG or TIFF format only. If from digital camera source from a 4Mega Pixel camera or higher. Any delays caused by unacceptable artwork will be passed on to advertiser. We are also not responsible for any final print errors due wrongly supplied files.

After getting some free tickets through Ash at Smash Skates in Beccles, I headed down to London with Ash and a couple of mates, to watch the latest offering from Fos and the boys.

with hammers galore.

Other stand-outs were newish rider Rogie (Stephen Roe) who will stun you with his ability to No-Comply just about anything in After the usual country lads sight. in the big city troubles of Pulman for the flick your trying to get off buses at board wildly in the air then the front. land in manual on it. Oh We were there seated in the and the fast forward joke! Prince Charles Cinema The Daggers for their crazy waiting for it to begin. Fos mad speed, lots of spins enters stage left, and Hosoi references. announcing that if anyone needs the toilet that Fos skates in his unique Pulman’s section was the style to Gwar! Killer part even though he did seem section to go during. mighty stressed out on the First was Louie Jones night, as he is the Boss. who’s section is amazing

The DVD version should be out in November for all you puppies to go and buy which I recommend you do because it will make you wanna pick your board up, go out and try and learn about ten new tricks after watching it.


Moments from the





Ben Bucklee

Nollie Nose Wheelie Nollieflip out. At the most skated manny in the UK.



his guy came into my shop about two months ago - I kind of recognised him but couldn't say where from -Turned out it was Ben, star of many a Yarmouth vid - Yarmouth?? What the f--k was he doing out here?? He'd just started working as an electrician in Beccles and stumbled upon our shop, he'd always come to the shop in work clothes and we wondered whether he was a tracky-bots yarco and recently discovered he is just that!!

Ollie from the un-even edge of a seaside bowls green, away from rampaging old people.

Haven't known him that long but he's real nice -my girlfriend tried to give him a deck at cost not that long ago but he wouldn't take it back with him until he'd seen me to confirm it, idiot, most skaters would have taken it and ran!! I've got him on the shop team for now but can't see it being long before he gets something much better for himself - its just a pleasure to help him out!! Good luck mate! Ash Lever - Owner Smash Skates

Kickflip Frontside Noseslide over the sand, keeping up the seaside theme.


Revert Magazine - Issue 1  

Issue 1 of Revert skateboarding magazine from November 2005. Featuring:- Aeon Picnic Table Heroin Premiere Dagenham Skatepark Ben Bucklee...

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