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You are our ideal customers. In fact, we bet you know other families just like you that might be looking for a new educational experience for their children. Whether you know someone expecting their first child or have a friend who is looking for a better preschool solution, we hope you will encourage them to enroll at S&K Children’s Academy. We know that word of mouth referrals mean more than an advertisement or commercial possibly could. That’s why we will pay you to help us find new students! For every referral that you provide us, we’ll give you $200 off your tuition for one month. Know someone looking to enroll more than one child? We’ll give you $200 off for each student that enrolls. Keep the referrals coming and the discounts will continue to grow, meaning reduced or even free tuition for you and your family. Referral bonuses will be applied to the referrer’s tuition bill after the new student has enrolled and completed their 90 day introductory period. The enrolling family must provide the name of the referrer in order for the referral bonus to be counted properly and applied to the account.

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S&K Children's Academy offers a discount to families who refer other families to our school!