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Employees who work downtown require a unique childcare solution. It must be safe and secure, with key card access and biometric fingerprint scanners. It must be convenient, with early drop off and late pickup options. And above all, it must provide quality education. After all, your employees aren’t looking for a babysitter...they are looking for an educational foundation for their children. S&K Children’s Academy provides quality childcare and education for children six weeks to six years old. As an independent facility, we focus on a cross-disciplinary approach to early childhood education. While many preschools use one prescribed method for teaching children, we use multiple approaches and tailor our lessons to maximize learning for each child. We have a commitment to the highest quality in care, with our primary concern being the health and well-being of our students. We not only meet state licensing requirements, we exceed them by providing a challenging and enjoyable experience for children and parents alike. We care so much about the happiness of our families that we offer a Parents Night Out once a month on Saturday nights! This is something both parents and kids will look forward to.

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As a preferred partner of S&K Children’s Academy, your employees are guaranteed: • 10% discount on tuition • preferred placement when enrolling children

Shawn Delgado & Karen Willette S&K Children’s Academy 101 East Town Street Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 569-2300

Your employees can not only save money, they can avoid the long wait lists they might experience at other downtown preschools. With a great early childhood education solution, parents have more energy to focus on their work and fewer distractions. In fact, our parents are able to stop by on their lunch break or handle an emergency situation with little or no impact to their daily work schedule. That’s a benefit that both our parents and our partners can count on. Call us today at (614) 569-2300 to become a preferred partner.



Our curriculum at S & K Children’s Academy is focused on building a learning foundation through guided exploration. It is based on developmental milestones and integrates several methods of emergent teaching and learning. In this way, children are seen as individuals and are guided through learning experiences to discover what is the best fit for their learning style. During the day, children have the opportunity to work in large and small groups guided by the teacher. There is also daily time for self guided learning center time that allows the teacher to work individually with the students. Problem solving and analytical thinking skills are modeled and encouraged by our teachers and the students practice these naturally during free play time. The best of care is given to all children at our school. We see all of our children, six weeks to six years, as bright and capable students who will thrive in our educational setting. Our focus is to prepare children for Kindergarten and our curriculum offers a developmentally comprehensive program—Infant through Junior Kindergarten. Please encourage employees to visit our website at www. or to call co-owner Karen Willette at (614) 569-2300 for further information on curriculum for all levels of education. Co-owners Karen and Shawn are happy to provide tours of the school and will personally walk parents through enrollment options and partner benefits. We look forward to assisting your employees with their early childhood education needs.

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Preferred Partner  
Preferred Partner  

Become a preferred partner and your employees are guaranteed a 10% discount on tuition and preferred placement when enrolling children