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sourav kumar


Indian monsoon, Mumbai’s chaos, Auroville’s rammed earth, Hampi’s landscape, Arizona skies, people of Black Rock City, Austin weird Schools: UT School of Architecture - Grounded me in an architectural pedagogy of contextual response and sustainability UT Center for Sustainable Development - Provided a theoretical foundation for my beliefs in design and sustainability Auroville Earth Institute - Learnt the dynamics of material as a socio-economic tool AA School of Architecture - Big influence on Serie’s approach to typolgy driven explorations and iterative complexity Firms: Serie Architects - Heavily inspires my graphic and design sensibilities Experienced a project built with a unique combination of digital fabrication and inexpensive labor Co-workers ignited my love for David Lynch movies Corgan Associates, Inc - Learnt how BIM can empower the architect as designer, builder and project manager


I am looking for an opportunity to bring my range of skills and interests to a studio committed to holistic design. I want to apply my technical knowledge to explore the poetic potentials and ecological implications of a built work. I see myself as a passionate generalist – learning from new experiences and thriving on the creative energies of different ideas. I am defined by my commitment to three things – to constantly experience new things, to contribute to a playful (and occasionally absurd) urbanism, and extend the scope of design by engaging with architecture as a discipline that frequently borrows from and extends into art, education, fabrication, landscape and urbanism.

SOURAV KUMAR BISWAS 1500 Jackson St # 302 Dallas, TX 75201 [e]: [t]: +1 512 363 3076

resume EDUCATION The University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture Bachelor of Architecture - B.Arch (Professional)

May 2010 GPA: 3.48/4.0



Corgan Associates Inc., Aviation Studio, Dallas, TX Architectural Intern, July 2010 – Present • DFW Terminal A Redevelopment Program: Part of a $2 billion renovation. Worked on Revit model to produce design development drawings and construction documents. Designed entry-enhancement options. Created and managed parametric curtain wall families for artery wall improvement. • DFW Terminal B Redevelopment Program: Built Revit model of 960,000 sq.ft terminal building with 4-member team. Maintained and managed model for 19-member team of architects and consultants. Produced sets of design development drawings for multiple phases • LAX Terminal 5 Security Screening Checkpoint: Sent to Phoenix office for 5 weeks to work on creating phasing models and generate construction documents for redesigned circulation

Elizabeth Alford, School of Architecture, University of Texas Design Assistant, Spring 2010 • Assisting 2nd year students in an urban-oriented design studio with desk crits, software tutorials and general studio guidance

Serie Architects, Mumbai, India Architectural Intern, June 2009 – December 2009 • Vornado Masterplan, Pune: Worked on a competition proposal for a residential development of 15,000 people on 42 acres with a 5-member design team. Generated design ideas, created presentation diagrams and drawings. Built the final physical model. • Verma Office, Mumbai: Worked under a Senior Architect to create construction documents, plan, sections and elevations. Supervised site construction and attended consultant meetings. • Mehta Penthouse, Mumbai: Generated massing & façade options for 3-level penthouse of a joint family using scripting and extensive 3D modeling. • Bohacky Villa, Bratislava: Researched and applied Passivhaus sustainability strategies to the design of residential villas. • HKU Exhibition, Hong Kong/AA Exhibition, London: Built a physical model and made exhibition drawings for a traveling exhibit of Serie Architect’s work.

University of Texas Learning Center, University of Texas Peer Academic Coach, Fall 2007 – Spring 2009 • Helped students improve their academic performance through study strategies (CRLA Certified Advanced Level 3 Mentor) Dr. Steven A. Moore, University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development Voluntary Research Assistant, Fall 2006 – Spring 2007 • Worked on literature concerning philosophy of technology, nature and the role of ‘expert’ knowledge in sustainable development Students for a Sustainable Campus Committee, Campus Environment Center Co-Chair, Fall 2006 – Spring 2008 • Successfully lobbied for campus-wide Sustainability Policy to University President through Provost’s Office and Student Council • Joined President’s Task Force on Sustainability - Energy and Water Systems • Represented student body to discuss LEED certification for Student Activity Center with architects, contractors and staff


Auroville Earth Institute, Auroville, India Research Fellow, June 2008 – August 2008 • Researched the production and benefits of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks and Stabilized Rammed Earth to assess their viability as sustainable construction materials in the climatic and economic context of Texas and Southwest America. • Designed and built brick vaults and domes with UNESCO architect Satprem Maini for projects in Auroville.

Recipient of Mike and Maxine K. Mebane Endowed Traveling Scholarship Recipient of Undergraduate Research Fellowship Runners-up in Design Build Challenge, New Orleans Honorable Mention for UT School of Architecture Design Charrette

GHD Global, Doha, Qatar Summer Intern, May 2007 – July 2007 • Qatar Airways Hotel: Generated options for hotel atrium roof system. • Qatar Cultural Village: Created design documents presentation layouts for masterplan.

Proficient with Revit, Rhino, Autocad, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Familiar with Grasshopper, Ecotect, Vasari, Vray, VIZ, ArcGIS, Adobe Premiere Experience with wood-shop equipment, laser cutter, CNC router, 3D printer, welding equipment, clay sculpting


professional work

* Images and models included have my direct contribution. My involvement is explicity described along with names of other members in the team.

Serie Architect’s first solo exhibit titled ‘Working in Series’ featured projects and ideas that are representative of the firm’s iterative and typology-driven approach to design. The Meswani Residence is an unrealized retreat house that nestles within a heavily contoured site by the Pavna Lake Involvement: Built model with by cutting laser cutter profiles through 3d model with Grasshopper, and assembling pieces. Created axonometric drawing with Rhino, AutoCAD and Illustrator from existing 3d model and CAD plans. Worked with: Shamir Panchal, Mayank Ojha

Watch a video of the making of the model -

the marfa collective

Three platonic forms sit on the desert landscape of Marfa as a seed for an artist/writer’s collective. How can the pristine austerity of a minimal aesthetic provide a Heideggarean sense of dwelling? The cube responds to the desert sun and big skies - opening up contemplative views. Walls are positioned and the earth is carved in to produce meditative spaces. The introverted houses cluster around a communal space where the library and kitchen bring the commune together.

academic work


The ancient teaching traditions and rituals of the Gurukul inspire the design of two elements - a tectonic structure shading the communal study space and a stereotomic excavation that houses the meditation chamber. The ‘tree’ responds against the movement of the sun while the ‘cave’ is carved by allowing light to enter at auspicious times of the day. Both elements are architecture that inhabit the land as a time-machine marking the movement of the skies.

video art gallery

The gallery for video artist Bill Viola is an urban infill project on a unique site of short width that connects a busy main road and a creek facing a park. The design builds upon the dichotomy of the site and themes from Viola’s work. The gallery is experienced as a solid volume embedded in a glass volume floating over void - retaining the visual connection of the park from the street and creating thresholds for the viewers ascent to the immersive experience of the pitch dark projection space encased in a concrete box.

smart car experience

How can we re-imagine the presence of cars in the urban fabric and what role should commerce have in the public sphere? Can brands and the city co-create authentic public spaces for the consumer citizen? The Smart Car Experience repurposes brand visibility as civic amenity. The giant ‘billboard’ containing models of the Smart Car is a vertical public parking structure rising from a sculpted playground housing the showroom and service center. Public and commercial interweave sectionally while the plan encloses a fluid relationship between service and display.

Sedum cover Green roof system Aluminium Decking

Diffuse lighting through membrane Steel Beams Perforated acoustic membrane

Spotlights at the ends of girders

Glulam Girders

Silver Quartzite Veneer Stucco walls Sitecast Concrete Oak Wood Flooring

austin contemporary

In what ways can a building both respect and provoke contemporary artists? The Austin Contemporary is found on the idea of establishing fluid and tactile relationships between the artist and the viewer. The design responds to the challenge of creating a transformative urban infill project that engages the spectator within three distinct environments. The gesture of the building is a continuous movement - creating a field for viewers to interact with the art and each other in unique ways.

LIGHT 18,000 light cones oriented to true north create ideal diffused gallery lighting

EXPLORE 7000 sq.ft of gallery space for special collections 7 revolving & movable partitions attached to structure offer complete flexibility to curators and users Ability to create space for workshops, performances and visitor exploration Experiment! Sing! Dance! Create!

PLAY 3900 sq.ft of shaded sculpture garden

Landscaped for recreation and capturing run-off collected below Works places in a setting where play is encouraged Equipped to host audio visual events like film screenings and concerts Run! Touch! Eat! Drink! Play!

INTERACT 900 linear feet of book shleves and access to archives 4000 sq. ft of display wall space Artists invited to create contextual temporary installations Facilities allow curators to transform atrium space into lecture space Read. Observe. Contemplate. Discuss

At 38’

At 23’

At 12’ 6”


A semester-long exploration with collages, model-making and gesture drawing culminated with the production of a camera-less movie. The process involved working directly on 24mm film. This led me to discover my fascination with the precision of digital technology and obscuring it with the rawness of the hand. The film represents my aesthetic and ideological approach to materiality and I try to infuse my fabrications with such richness.

Watch the movie:


Watch time-lapses from my travels in Arizona -

The culmination of a 6-week exploration of thermoplastics was a custom wall-panel system inspired by a visit to Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The laser cutter, CNC router and vacuum form press were used to produce a series of landscapes pictured above. The vacuum formed polystyrene over a CNC routered foam core formed the final abstraction of a desert landscape I fell in love with.

canyon wall panels

“I want to see this in the desert.� This statement triggered our obsession to manifest the image of a giant green apple on the sands of Black Rock City. Tracing the lines from a digital model by hand over laminated salvaged cardboard, the materialization of a whim found its true form as it burned on the day of the Burn. Worked with: Jasmine Singh

apple - burning man 2010

references Dr. Steven A. Moore Bartlett Cocke Regents Professor in Architecture Director, UT Centre for Sustainable Development [e]: [t]: +1 512 471 0184 Michael Garrison Professor, University of Texas at Austin [e]: [t]: +1 512 471 0185 Elizabeth Alford Professor, University of Texas at Austin [e]: [t]: +1 512 471 8141 Samantha Krukowski Professor, Iowa State University [e]: [t]: +1 515 294-8739 Santosh Thorat Senior Architect, Serie Architects, Mumbai [e]: Amit Arya Designer, Serie Architects, Mumbai [e]:

Portfolio - Sourav Kumar Biswas  

Professional work from Serie Architects and Corgan Associates Inc. Academic work from University of Texas at Austin