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小編的話 A Word From Th

在全球持續高溫的20 南部咬著冰塊,與這 吃西瓜、玩水、看電 天來點新鮮刺激的,

In the summer 2010, treme heat, me, the e America, trying to figh thing to do in the sum go to the movies? The to try something mor sweet and sour like a

最後感激御用翻譯A 的時代啦!

he Editor

010夏天,小編也在熱力毫不遜色的美國東 這一波一波的熱浪搏著。夏天適合幹嘛好呢? 電影! 聽起來都不錯!不過,我說啊,今年夏 ,就來享受一段又酸又甜的”三角關係”。

when the whole world is suffering from exeditor, is sucking on ice cubes at south-east ht against the waves of heat. What’s the best mmer? Eat watermelon, go to the beach and ey all sound great! However, I would say I want re refreshing and exciting this year, something “love triangle.”


酸甜小菜故事分享 一娃 , 33歲 , 正在 思 索 著 她 那 沒 有 解 答 的 三 角 關 係 . . . 這不 禁 讓 她 想 起 那 穿 著 制 服 的 青 澀 日 子 … 她, 喜 歡 一 個 男 孩 六 年 , 這段 戀 情 在似 有 似 無 的 、 透 過 隔 壁 班 同 學 的 傳 話 中 持 續 著 “他 是 喜 歡 自 己 的 ” 她總 是 相 信 著 即 使 他 從 來 沒 有 親 口 對 ㄧ 娃 說 過 這如 夢 的 戀 情 直到 一 天 早 晨 事 情 出 現 了 變 化 … 那時 一 娃 正 在 車 棚 停 腳 踏 車 準 備 上 課 卻見 兩 位 女 生 交 投 接 耳 你 推 我 拉 地 朝 她 走 進 不一 會 其中 一 位 五 官 算 精 緻 個 子 不 高 的 女 孩 站 到 面 前 她 沒打 個 招 呼 就 把 臉 貼 近 打量 又 打 量 後 說 : “喔 … 你 是 單 眼 皮 ” 然後 沒 頭 沒 腦 又 走 了 後來 才 聽 說 原 來 那 女 孩 喜 歡 上 了 那 男 孩 所以 才 來 打 量 一 娃 一 番 這就 是 一 蛙 生 命 中 第 一 次 遇 到 的 戀 愛 三 角 關 係 …

Sweet & Sour Small Dish Eva, 33 years old, is trapped in her love triangle, finding no solution. She can’t help thinking about those naïve days when she was still wearing school uniform… She, admired this boy, for six years. This “relationship,” stayed alive through rumors passing though her schoolmates, on and off. “He likes me as well.” She always believed in this, Even though he had never ever said that to her through his mouth. This dreamlike love, Changed all of a sudden one day morning… At the time Eva was parking her bike, getting ready to go to class. She saw two girls chatting secretly toward her, pushing and pulling each other. In a while, One of the girls, with delicate face and medium height, stood in front of her. She came real close without saying hi, Reading her from head to toe, and said, “Single-edge eyelid…” Then she left with no further explanation. Afterward Eva heard that girl had fallen in love with the boy. That was why she came to Eva, trying to know more about her “opponent” That was the first love triangle Eva has ever had in her life…

CONTENT 紐約異人百樣: The Real Adonis New York Special Interview

本期主題: 三角關係 The Theme of the Is

MOLLY: 刀、叉與湯

A Knife, a

GG: 一二三 - 糊了

One, Two, Three-It’

JELEN: 我一個人剪著

BUG: 只見新人笑,不 BUG: Lovers i

ssue: Love Triangle


a Fork and a Spoon

’s Smooched!

著指甲 從第1個手指剪到第10個手指 I Clip My Finger Nail...One By One


in smile while the ex- under sorrow


NY Special Interview 特派員: BUG

絕非 It’s ne


l a e R he

s i n o Ad

非只有你看到的如此! ever as simple as you see.

關於這個異人,一開始我是想用之 前的一問一答訪問法把它完成的, 但是當它堅持只用面對面的訪談法 完成時,這一切的遊戲規則都變得 不一樣了。是的阿多尼斯先生是個 沒有界限的人,也是因為它讓我看 到原來人生可以這麼的不按排理出 牌。脫序就是他的生活哲學。絕對 的藝術家,但如果你只把他定義為 藝術家他肯定會用言語大扁你一頓 吧(笑)

About this person, at first I wanted to do this interview as before, by asking a question and getting an answer from the guest. When he insisted on having this interview face to face, the whole thing became very different. Yes Mr. Adonis is a man with no limitation. It was because of him that I realized life could be so out of clue. Staying outside of rules is his life philosophy. He is a total artist. But if you define him as merely an artist, he would definitely educate you with his words.

父親是歌手,母親是作家。出 生於加州好萊塢的他,曾經在 不同年歲待過不同的城市。像 是在四歲的時候搬到康乃迪克 州,八九歲的時候搬到亞特蘭 大,九年後搬到目前住了三年 的城市紐約。

His father was a singer, and his mother was a writer. Born in Hollywood, California, he stayed at several different cities during his childhood. The whole family moved to Connecticut when he was six, moved to Atlanta when he was about nine, and moved to New York City nine years later which he had lived for three years now.

自栩為遺傳了父親的表演天分和母親的寫作才華,他 自己除了寫詞譜曲演奏之外,也寫小說和畫圖。他的 圖像很多都是手繪的線稿,大多都是未完成品。他的 線條裡充滿了樸拙的感覺,但是他畫的主題卻是又如 此的時下。他的創作總是有一個故事在後面。或許目 前只是音樂,但也有可能有幾個角色跟更深一層的意 義在後面,而這樣的角色甚至可以發展成一本書甚至 一系列電影。 He definitely thinks he got his talent from both his parents. Besides writing lyrics, making songs and performing, he also writes novels and draws. A lot of his drawings are hand-drawn line work, and most of them are not even finished. There is a sense of naïve in his lines, but his subject matters are really up to date. There is always a story behind his work. Perhaps he makes only music for now, but the characters and the meanings in the story provide possibilities for a huge novel or a series of movies.

他的音樂很口語,很多都是他對這外在世 界的反應,他在地鐵裡彈唱的多半是別人 的音樂,他只有在特別的情況下才會彈奏 自己寫的歌。 His music is very conversational, and a lot of them reflect his own interpretation of the world. He plays and sings mostly other people’s music in the subway. He only plays his owns on special occasion.

他最喜歡的樂器是鋼琴。他的第一只鍵盤是親 戚給他的聖誕禮物,他酷愛鍵盤上的打節奏功 能。“如果不是這鍵盤,就不會有今天的我“ 他說“很多年幼時自己彈的曲子在經過幾年後 都轉化成現在我創作的部份“。曾經有一次在 母親面前彈奏一首名曲的改編版之後,他母親 去找來了他的父親,並跟他說:”你兒子從現在 開也是個音樂家了。“從那之後,阿多尼斯不 在別人面前彈琴,他說因為他不想被別人分類 定義。 His favorite musical instrument is piano. His first keyboard is a from his relative. He loved the hip hot beat on it. “If it weren’ there won’t be me standing right here,” he said, “a lot of the when I was little turned in to parts of my creations now.” Onc mix of a well-known song in front of his mother, she went to h “Your son is a musician from now on.” After that, Adonis neve one anymore. He said that was because he hated to be catego

a Christmas present ’t for this keyboard, songs I played for myself ce after he played a rehis father and told him, er played in front of anyorized.

他的故事總是很戲劇性,不管 在想的。就拿他生命中的五個 他是他的舅舅給他的,當時他 個原因是因為上面的他的名字 送的要不是他便宜買的。而吉 了,丟了,壞了,或是在幾乎 情的聽眾。His stories are alw from his life or his example; he got hi very into it a t time on top was spelled his friend of somew

另一個很戲劇性的是他的“假 是在地鐵彈唱的日子,當然這 每天早上三四點就起床,做的 在喝了一兩杯咖啡之後,必須 有無可自拔的癮。之後去書店 一整天,之後在找個公園跟他 的話在隨時何地都可以直接睡 真的可以,就在我跟他的訪問 空檔)Another dramatic thing to him means days he s days himself. ) He gets teeth. After having one ately. He is addicted to bookstore for almost a someone interesting to where anytime. (He sh time between end of in

管是他的生活,或是他腦袋裡正 個吉他來說好了。他的第一把吉 他並沒有太理會那東西,其中一 字拼錯了。其他的要不是他朋友 吉他的命運要不是被偷了,送人 乎是要壞掉的狀況下賣給了不知 ways very dramatic, whether they came mind. Take those guitars in his life for is first guitar from his uncle. He was not e, and one of the reasons was his name d wrong. He got other ones either from where cheap. His guitars always ended

假日“生活作息(平常日就 這些都是他自己自定的)。 的第一件事情一定是刷牙。 須馬上出門,因為他對街頭 店坐著看書,一坐幾乎就是 他認為奇特的人聊天。想睡 睡著(經過我的實驗證實他 問結束跟等他到地鐵彈唱的 g is his life schedule on “holidays.” (Work days sings in the subway. Of course he arrange these up around 3 or 4 in the morning, brushes his e or two cups of coffee, he goes out immedio hanging out on the street. He will go to the a whole day, then he will go to the park and find o talk to. If he feels sleepy, he will go for it anyhowed me this talent during the short period of nterview and his time to work.)

問到他是如何選擇演唱的地點,他想了一會,然後笑著說:“乾 淨的程度“他的理由是: 因為在地鐵很難找到乾淨的一角演奏。 When asked how he chooses his place to perform, he thought for a little while, and said in smile, “Cleaness.” His reason is: It is really hard to find a clean spot to play in the subway. 說到在地鐵演奏的行情: 大約四到十小時的演奏時間可以賺到 七十元美金。“和一個普通的工作差不多,且不用被扣稅“ 他說。不過常會被黑人警察找麻煩,雖然不知道原因為何。 Speaking of money from playing in the subway, he could make $70 for playing four to ten hours. “It is like working a regular job, and I don’t have to pay tax,” he said. But for some unknown reasons, he often gets troubles from the black police. 問到他的靈感來源,他只回答了一個 字“negativity“。而這來自他自幼長期被 所有主流團體排斥的結果。但他說這也是能 讓他保有那不被世俗標準影響的創作。 He replied with the word “negativity” when I asked him where he got his inspirations. This comes from his long history of being rejected from mainstream bands. But he also said this allows him to maintain his original work.

如果說他是現代的原始人也不為過,因為他幾乎不用電腦,手 機也是偶爾而才會使用。有次和我聊到找工作時他很氣憤的 說,為什麼一定要有電子信箱才可以申請工作?工作能力跟有 沒有電子信箱有什麼關係?! It wouldn’t be too exaggerated to say he is a modern cave man because he hardly uses computer, let along cell phone. Once when we were talking about work he asked furiously why he must have an email address to apply for a job. “What does an email address have anything to do with working ability?”

聽他說的話,常會有一種當頭棒喝的感覺。很多自 己一直以來習慣接受的事情突然被用另一種角度的 語言點醒,似乎事情不是這樣的~~不過也常會有 傻眼的感覺,像是問到他如果不做音樂跟藝術會做 什麼。他的回答是:當地求被外星人攻佔時候作為 地球人與外星人之間的親善大使。

Listening to his wor that I have been tak times I also find it h him what he would more. He told me h the aliens come to a

rds makes me realized a lot of things. A lot of things king for granted are suddenly different. But somehard to reply to his words. For example when I ask d do if he were not working on music or art anyhe would be the representative of the Earth when attack us.

不算後記的後記: a note not counting exactly as a note: 第一次發現他是在地鐵裡面彈著吉他。一開始是被他的歌聲還 有藍色的吉他吸引。可惜那時過度害羞沒有上前去和他邀約。 直到第二次再度在地鐵看到他,我就硬著頭皮衝上去向他說面 談的事情。第一次面談是在麥當勞,還沒訪問完麥當勞就打烊 了,於是有了第二,甚至是第三次。一開始覺得他頗嚴肅,且 相當緊張,除了語言關係之外還有他的態度,好像做了任何一 點不專業的事情都不行(天知道這訪談本來就沒有多餘的專業 在裡面~)最後一次結束的時候,錄著他在地鐵裡的吉他彈 唱,忽然有種捨不得的感覺。彷彿他的聲音裡面還有好多好多 我沒有訪問到的部份~~採訪完之後我有次在地鐵站裡遇到 他,他坐在一個塑膠欄上,我笑著走進他和他打招呼,問他說 這次你又是為何選擇這地點來演唱,他一派輕鬆的指向背後的 海報,上面是有兩個氣勢凌人的波霸,我不禁莞爾一笑~ The first time I met him he was playing guitar in the subway. At first I was attracted to his voice and his blue guitar. But I was too shy to talk to him. The second time I saw him in the subway, I decided I would tell him about the interview. We had our first interview at McDonalds’, it closed before we could finish talking. Therefore we had our second, and even third interview. At first I thought he was very serious, which made me very nervous. As if I shouldn’t be asking anything not professional. (God knows there is nothing professional in this interview at all.) When we finally had our last interview, and started to record his performance in the subway, I suddenly got melancholy. It was as if there were so many things left unsaid in his voice that I should have asked in the interview. Once after our interview I met him in the subway. He sat on a plastic basket. I walked to him and said hi. I asked him why he decided on this spot this time. He casually pointed to the poster behind him, with two big boobs chicks on top. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Adonis 的音樂+訪談精華請參考下列網址: The condense video version of this interview with his performance please see the link below: 我看過曾經存在的他的官方網站(或許哪一天會復 活所以還是把它貼上來了) Adonis official website:



學領域,”三”是力量與均衡的代表,然而如果把”三”放在 愛情這範疇中,似乎這神奇魔法就瞬間不成道理了。不過也得 感謝在愛情中這不斷上演的三角習題,讓寫歌寫詞寫電影的人 有著一個怎麼討論也論不出個結論的題材來發揮,因為”它” 絕對是百分百反映真實,但卻又永遠不過時。這期小編要跟大 家分享一下我很喜歡的一首歌! 那就是Frente! 的 Bizarre Love Triangle,因為這首歌紅極一時,讓我一度以為他們是原唱, 後來才知道New Order才是原唱 。不過我個人還是愛Frente! 的版本,自覺比原唱還像原唱。女主唱Angie Hart個性的清新 的聲線搭配上極簡的吉他伴奏編曲,真的把這首歌唱到我心坎 去了。沒有灑狗血的表白,卻有一句句隱喻的告白,誠實樸實 地表達出一段無奈的三角關係。 The number 3 is really a magical number. Whether in history, math or literature, “three” represents power and balance. However, if you mention “three” in love lessons, it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. But we still have to be grateful for these triangular relationships in life, providing writers and playwrights endless inspiration. Because “this” is definitely true to life and never out of time. During this issue I am going to share with all a song that I like very much! That is, Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente! I thought at first they were the original singers because the song was such a hit when it came out. Then I realized New Order was the band

that wrote it, but I still prefer Frente’s edition a lot more. The clean voice of the main singer, Angie Hart, goes so well with their simple guitar background. I was absolutely touched. Nothing dramatic, but lines and lines of metaphors say so well about a love 相較於Bizarre Love Triangle論述著的典型三角 係,Woody Allen 的電影Vicky Cristina Barcelona卻描述 著另一種激情微妙的三角關係。一段感情可以因為第三者的 出現出現裂痕,卻也可以因第 拖三者的出現而找到前所未 有的完美平衡點。電影中除了以這段三角關係為主體,另外 又以兩段典型的三角關係做為烘托。兩點成線,三點成面, 故事情節也就被這一條條重疊的戀情線給築起一段耐人尋味 的、夏天的、在那巴塞隆納的愛情故事。今年夏天七月,吃 著冰,聽著Bizarre Love Triangle,看著Vicky Cristina Barcelona,享受一份屬於夏天的三角關係。 Compare to the kind of typical love triangle mentioned in Bizarre Love Triangle, Woody Allen’s film Vicky Cristina Barcelona talks about a different kind of love triangle. More passionate and sensitive. A relationship may collapse because a third person is involved, or it may fall in to a new balance instead. Besides the main love triangle, there are two other love triangles in the back of the story to make contrast. Two dots connected make a line. Three dots connected make an area. The story is then structured by these lines of love and forms this tasteful, summer love story in Barcelona. This year, September, in the summer. I eat my popsicle, listen to Biazrre Love Triangle, watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and enjoy a summer love triangle.



n o o p S a d n a k A Knife, a For



A knife, a fork and a spoon Tonight at the dining table That hopeless love triangle remains The spoon that leans itself on two boats, As always Sipping his soup at the side And watch The knife and the fork As always Are having a bloody fight. In reply to the two others’ accuse The spoon says, always, “I never want it to be this way either.” Three years ago When the fork met the spoon The fork was so nice and tender, shine with glory. Since the day knife showed up, however The fork started to arm her heart. Today, after three years, not even the fork could recognize herself anymore. When the knife met the spoon The knife was only a pure, true-love-thirst person. As the day goes by, however, No matter how pure the knife was, she had been scratched so hard by the tooth of time That she is scarred. The tiredness after arming oneself. The heartbreak after got hurt so badly. All their hopelessness Become plates of leftover on the table.

lly o M

lly o M

lly o M


- 糊了

! d e h c o o m S ’s t I e e r h T , o w T , e On

G . G

當我‧愛‧妳三個均勻支點歪斜成不等邊三角形, 我們開始試圖證明…………「你愛我嗎?」 When the words I, love and you starts to form a We try to proof….”Do you love me?”


我們試圖想起自在呼吸的方式 但扎人的刺堵住了心臟的收縮 搖晃劇烈的機身與抓不住思緒的空白 氧氣罩終於落在恰好貼攏於口鼻的距離… We try to remember how to breathe freely But the pointy stings had stopped out heart from beating. The violently shaking plane and the blank with no thoughts The oxygen mask finally drop at our face, right there for us to cover our mouth and nose… 開始呼吸了嗎?在下一次窒息來臨前… 是誰迷失在百慕達三角裡? Have we started breathing? Before next breathe taking moment comes… Who has got lost in the Bermuda Triangle?



我一個人 著指甲 從第1個 手指剪到 第


e n O y B e n O . . . l i a N r e n i F y M p i l IC





... 為什麼 1是

是你陽光般的笑臉 是你會演戲的眉毛 還是你放的搖滾樂



2是... 我不是

你的側面和你的背影 假性的黑色膠框眼鏡 你是披著羊皮的灰狼


面 對


面 . . . 是 笑 微


燈 了 錯 書本 關 我 翻了 讓 麼 打 什 是 麼 讓你 是什



我要去看吸血鬼 我要去喝星巴克 我要去吃甜甜圈




想你的時候 我開始喝水 5是...

我喜歡你 你要不要來喜歡我

我還在 而你

作祟 還是




變得 心 讓我的

你 慌張

麼 你在說什 不懂 聽 為什麼我


8是...我不喜歡你說 ”我愛你” 你卻說 我被挑起的

9是...你來不來 你不來的時候我不會走 你來的時候我卻想要走

10是...現在到底是怎樣 拿著橡皮筋作勢要射向我 動不動就拉我進去小房間 說寄給我的 Email是情書 問我怎麼感受不到你心意 我並沒有想要你們怎麼樣 你們到底是想要我怎麼樣



我一個人 著指甲 從第1個手指剪到第

10個手指 N E L JE



舊人愁 e h t e l i h w e l i m Lovers inrssorrow ex- unde




幸happy! 福!

我說: 祝你 I say: May you





下期主題 : The Theme of Next Issue:



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SKB18 issue40 三角關係 Love Triangle  
SKB18 issue40 三角關係 Love Triangle  

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