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Issue 18 July 2013

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Cover: Paul Tucci, no comply p- Colin Sussingham Above: Nik Stain, nose manual p- Max Hull Contact: All rights reserved Skate Jawn 2013

Matt Beach ollie p- Zaslavsky

Photographers: CJ Harker Billy Cox Colin Sussingham Deville Max Hull Xeno Tsarnas Andy Enos Contributing Photogs: Phil Jackson Max Zahradnik Karim ghonem Rob Collins Sam McKenna Luke Mckaye Zander Taketomo Travis knapp-prasek Dan Zaslavsky Chris Atwood Alex Papke Contributors: Matt Karlin Nobo McManus Brendan Wilkie Johnny Wilson Paul Overstrom Kevin Winters Tomasz Low Illustration: Will Laren Conor Prunty Editor / Designer: Marcus Waldron Contact:

fs tail

Stan Karbine

Interview by Smalls, photos by Alex Reyes

Tell me about your Pittsburgh adventure. So I went to Pittsburgh for the weekend with Willie (Stackus) and (Zach) Dykes. On Saturday, Dykes’ fuel pump breaks and we have to put the car in the shop. We skate Sunday and hope to be able to leave by Monday night. Didn’t happen. Turns out it doesn’t get fixed till Wednesday. We get to the shop and find out that a capture cam with a tape full of footage, cds, Willie’s backpack, and my EZ-pass are missing from the car. Dykes confronts the owner of the shop about our missing things. The guy was bummed there where things missing but said he had nothing to do with it. We took the loss, packed what we had left and hit the road around 11 p.m. About 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh we hear something hit the right side of the car and get sucked under the back wheel. We were in denial, so we kept going. Thirty minutes go by and we hear the unforgettable sound of a flat tire. Sure enough the back right tire is flat. Dykes had roadside assistance so he called another tow truck out. We are on the turnpike, at the end of an S curve. Trucks are flying by close so we decided to wait behind a barrier. We shared one warm beer and a few smokes while we waited for the truck. The truck pulls up, and it’s a guy who looks to be in his late fifties. I spotted an Independent sticker on his back window and took it as a good omen. We climbed into his

truck and took off. He tells us his name is Mark and that he has a shop about 35 miles in the opposite direction, but that he could fix the car and we could get on the road right away. After not showering for five days and being worn out, we agreed. So he’s driving further away from the turnpike. Real far out, no lights or street signs. He makes a turn onto an even darker road, and we drive for another 10 minutes. Eventually he pulls into a driveway and announces our arrival. We see a house and behind that was a garage with some older cars in it. After taking another look at the tire, he says that his son may have the right tire, but that it would have to wait until the morning. We asked him if there was a hotel or lodge in the area we could stay at. There was not, but he offered us his basement. After a long pause we agreed. I’m not going to lie, we were sketched. After chilling with him for a little while and him showing us photos of him doing burnout contests back in the day, we realized he was actually really cool. We felt a little better about sleeping in the basement of a guy we met an hour ago. It also helped that this old guy smoked us out before bed! By 3 a.m. we wanted to get some sleep. When I woke up in the morning, Dykes had fallen asleep with a knife in his hand.

bs flip

I wake up and hear an old lady (wife) asking Dykes who he was and why he was on her couch with a knife in his hand. He explained the story and she seemed satisfied. After that Mark came down the stairs and tells us he’s got coffee for us and that his son is on the way with the tire, which was the best thing we had heard in days. Somehow, his son did have the exact tire Dykes needed and they put it on the rim for him and mounted it. We hung out for a bit and talked, but wanted to get back on the road. Dykes asked him how much we owed him. $20. We could not believe that this guy had saved us from the turnpike, taken us into his home, fed us and helped us get back on the road for only $20. We did not know how to thank him. He said it was cool and that we needed to go. We got back on the road and made it back, in disbelief at the ridiculous change in our luck. Mark didn’t have to do any of that, but he did. Thank you Mark! Crazy way to start the summer off. Woof. Favorite Manny story? It was my friend’s birthday and we were in Philly. After hours of drinking, we decided to go to McDonalds around three or four in the morning. My friends order gets messed up and they accuse him of taking someone else’s food. This being Philly, the McDonald’s security guard got in my friend’s face. He

punched him and they fell to the floor in a big ball. Several of the McDonalds workers join in to help the guard. By this time, the guard has his hands around my friend’s throat and it doesn’t look good. Out of nowhere, Manny runs in and drags him out of the pile by his arms, which doesn’t make sense since there were multiple people on top of him. After running for a few minutes Philly’s finest caught up with us. They ran our ID’s and asked us what we were doing. I said skating, even though none of us had boards. They ended up letting me and Manny go, but taking my friend in because he had a warrant. They let him out an hour later, and even gave him a ride to where we were staying. The best part was that someone filmed everything inside the McDonalds and it was all on Worldstar the next morning, including Manny’s heroics. ( Officer Fights Drunk Dude In McDonalds) That clip never gets old. Let’s end with a Franco quote. “She kissed me in ways which I never knew!” Shoutouts? Thanks to you, all the DC homies, and everybody in Pittsburgh that helped us out on that trip, especially Mark.

fs 5-0

Dan Peindl

Photos by Alex Papke Interview by Jawn-Claude Van Damme What’s Pittsburgh like? It’s home, I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t mind it at all. Most spots aren’t very blown out and there’s also a lot of spots that are hard to get more than one trick on. It’s also a super cheap city to live in. You’ll hear that from a lot of people that come here. You travel a lot? Occasionally, but I’ve only been to cities mainly in the northeast. Occasional trips to Cincinnati and other small Ohio cities. We got a lot of homies

from Baltimore and I’ve been to New York a couple of times. What do you think makes a place good for skating? Cities with a lot of abandoned buildings, and housing seem to always be good. I like cutty spots, where no one gives a shit what you do there. I still don’t mind skating smooth downtown spots. I’m pretty open, but I definitely like to pick and choose spots that give off a certain look.

no comply

What’s a Yinzer? Just a name given to Pittsburghers for using the word Yinz. The most defining yinzers usually have a strong accent and work a manual labor job. We’re all yinzers here in one way or another though. If you could be on any TV game show what would it be? Probably one of those ones where you have to make it through the obstacle course above water, and if you fuck up you get bodied and fall in. I was just watching one the other day but can’t recall the name. Last skate trip you went on? Last trip I was on was to Baltimore. It sucked. I fucked up my hip right before it. I did a split and stretched it out. I couldn’t even walk right at first. So I went and watched everyone skate, piled out and drank beers.

fs wallride

How often do you skate? Lately its been everyday, now that winter is over. I don’t really like sitting around at my house I gotta leave and do something or I’ll go crazy. Some days definitely work better than others, but it’s always good to at least try.

fs smith


Best / worst job you’ve had? Haven’t had too many official jobs. So far the best is probably the one I have now as a lot attendant. It’s pretty laid back. But I did work at a Toys ‘R Us as a cashier as my first job ever, which was pretty embarrassing/terrible. Favorite person to film with? / why? Either my friend Eric Calfo who I’ve known forever or Rob Starr. I feel like it’s easier to film with someone like-minded, that has just as much fun filming as they would skating. I hate feeling like your forcing someone to do something they don’t want to. Favorite food to grill? I like it all. Ribs are always a good one, don’t get those too often. Can’t go wrong with steaks, but all the basics are good too. Favorite microwavable food? Leftovers.

How often do you smoke? Weed? I’ll smoke weed every now and then but it kind of weirds me out. I started smoking cigarettes kinda recently though. Ever try an e-cig? No but Greg (from skateshop) has been on them. Best thing you’ve heard about yourself from when you were blacked out? I can’t recall too many specific ones, but last weekend I tried skating a mini ramp with a board on fire, and fell on the flat bottom covered in lighter fluid. Everyone was telling me I was on fire but I didn’t notice. I guess it went out pretty quick. I noticed my clothes were a little singed.

What do you think about the increase in technology in our world? It helps a lot but too much of anything is bad. Everyone’s so used to having it that we’ll all complain about it the second it’s slow or not working. I always think about how hard it would be to meet up with people to skate without cell phones. Sponsors? Shout outs? Nick and Ben at Scumco & Sons, Greg at One Up Skateshop, Drew Windon for hooking it up, Eric Calfo, Rob Starr & Dan Sotak for filming, Alex Papke, Nick Panza, & all the rest of the fuck yinz posse.


50 50

Ramp’s out back

The barrett’s

This project would have never been possible without all the help from my friends who put in time, money, effort, blood, sweat, beers, etc. Not having anywhere to skate without driving for 20 minutes forced me to build countless rugged basement ramps out of old splintered wood. One day about a year ago, while burning stuff in the fire pit in my back yard, a few friends and I decided to try and clear out an area that was overgrown with brush to try and build something. Around that time some of us were thinking of building stuff at Ann Van park and messing around with concrete. We first poured a quarter with about a 25 x 5 foot pad, all of which was mixed by hand. This proved to be very difficult, but a good lesson in planning. From this point I bought a cement mixer and we added another quarter facing the original one. We began constructing a mini bowl corner that spines into the original quarter. Now that it’s done you can tell our skill level has improved with each phase. All of this was done in a period of five months, and I’m hoping to continue the same amount of progress this summer. -Tom

John Gardner Photos by Xeno Tsarnas Interview by Jawn Wayne

What do you have going on in your backyard in Brooklyn? Oh we got a sick ramp we’re building right now. Trying to make it into a bowl, but we’re lacking some funds at the moment. It’s like a cement ramp with pool coping. Pretty tight, pretty steep, not easy. I don’t know why, but we made it really hard. Favorite trannies you’ve ever come across? Probably skating the big O. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. That thing is incredible, it’s like a natural work of art. That and probably just any skatable pool. Where did you go recently? You were in some rainforest? Oh yea I went to Costa Rica with my family. It was fuckin sick. You mentioned finding something to skate out there? We get to this hotel and me and my dad are just hanging in the lobby. A dude working there sees my skateboard and mentioned something about a

ramp around the area. He gives us a place where it might be, and me and my dad just go hunt it out. Then next thing you know we’re in this dudes backyard with like a big ass cement bowl. What was up with the og RV trips? Aw man those were awesome. We went on a bunch of RV trips. My mom got this RV a long time ago just to go on vacation with and she was just down to take me and my friends on skate trips. We went to Montreal and just all over the East Coast, it was sick. It was so awesome, I miss it. You ever skate with the Creature dudes? Yea one time. I see Alex Horn every now and again in Brooklyn but yea the Creature dudes, and the Santa cruz dudes came through to Jersey and we took them to this pool, they were real stoked. Tell me about the pool you had at your house? That was a dream come true man. It was kinda just super random. My parents were trying to move out of the place they were in and they just happened to stumble upon this old house in Summit, NJ and there was like a sick pool in the backyard. We didn’t know if it was skatable, and they were going to fill it in, cause they wanted to build something. It happened to be like the most perfect pool ever. For a good three months everybody came and skated and had the best time. It was definitely something to remember.

pole jam

drop in

Have you heard any new conspiracies lately? Yea I guess, like not really a conspiracy but I found out how maraschino cherries are made. It’s pretty fucked up. They take a bunch of just regular old cherries and soak them in bleach for like 3 weeks. Then after that they soak them in a mixture of red number 40 and high fructose corn

Tell me some of the people who came through. Off the top of my head one of the funniest people to come through was Patrick Melcher, cause he was like spray painting mustaches and dicks all over my house. Because they were tearing down the house. One of the coolest people to come through that I enjoyed talking to was Matt Rodriguez. He’s just a really all around great guy.

How long? Probably a couple months. I think I started back

Are you a vegetarian? Yea I would say so. I haven’t eaten meat of any sorts in a while.

Tell me about the last time you went to evolve fest? Aw man, words can’t really describe the experience I’ve had there. Just all around great vibes, it was a great time.

syrup for like 2 weeks. And red number 40 is like crushed up beetles and shit, it’s mad gross. So next time you’re at the bar take a look at what you’re about to eat.

bs crail slide

in March. I watched this documentary called Forks Over Knives, and I don’t know, it kind of just changed the way I wanted to eat. Trying to go raw vegan? Probably not. I’ll leave that to… Jordan. But you never know what the future holds. Jordan’s the healthiest person I know, and it’s because of the way he eats no doubt. Why do you do Yoga? I do yoga because it just calms me and centers me and makes skating so much more fun. I don’t know, it loosens your body up. For me it just really makes me happy. Like I’ll do it in the mornings and at night, and it just sets my day off right. What would be your dream pet to have? Maybe like a stoner sloth. Sloths just kind of do their thing, they’re vegetarians like I am and they’re all stoned out. They just hang out. Seems like a cool pet to have. Favorite thing about NYC skating? You can skate anywhere, any time… most of the time. Actually I take that back. You can just skate at any hour of the night. The city is always alive. And probably just the people, there are so many homies that skate.

gap 50 50 flat and down

Favorite natural high? Probably meditating, I’ve never gotten higher off anything else than meditating.

stair carve

Where do you want to be when you’re old? I don’t know, I want to be happy. Just content in whatever I’m doing. I can’t really say where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing, but I know that I want to be happy. What would your dream skatepark be like? First off, all my friends would be there. There’d be a sick ass restaurant right next to the skate park that serves skaters and there’s only hot babes working there. There’ll be a snake run, two different kinds of bowls, and then just a lot of fun shit. And it’s right next to a river. What are your plans for the summer? Just enjoy relaxation, time with my friends, try to take as many trips as I can, and just enjoy the time away from school. It’ll be my last summer I guess, cause next year I graduate and then my whole life is a summer. What’s you’re favorite thing to skate in Jersey? Right now it’s definitely Ann Van skate park in Hillsborough. The homies been holding it down building shit and it’s getting better and better every time I go. It’s so fun. What’s you’re favorite place to skate in NY? Probably my backyard right now, It’s right outside my door and it’s super fun. Me and my roommates Max and Patrick skate it a lot. Anybody who’s down to shred, come by. What was the best vacation you’ve ever been on. Best vacation I went on was the S.F. trip minus the plane ride back. S.F. is one of the sickest places I’ve ever been, skate-wise, culture-wise, it was awesome. We were staying in a hostel. That was

bs lip

probably the most fun trip I’ve ever been on. Ever skate a big contest? Tampa AM. I went this year and the first day I got there, first day of practice, I tore my groin and my hamstring, and I couldn’t skate. I couldn’t even walk. Which was a bummer. But looking back on it, it was probably one of the best things to happen to me at the time. I really got to just chill with my dad and spend some time with him. Yea it was cool, I just kinda chilled for four months and then now I’m skating again. If you could give a message to the next generation what would it be? To all the young bulls about to come up. Just be exactly where you are. Don’t think too far ahead or far back, just enjoy where you’re at right now cause this moment is going to disappear just like the next. So enjoy what’s around you. Try to find the things that make you happy. Be yourself to every extent of what that is. Don’t get caught up in the mix.

like anything in life. You have to work hard to get what you want. Some things come easy and can get taken for granted, the things you have to work hard for are almost appreciated more. Interview by Alex Corporan I’ve known Spencer Fujimoto for two decades now. We met in San Diego while he was on tour back in ‘91. He was tiny but a natural born ripper. Throughout his career he skated for some heavy hitting companies, but when he had a part in World Industries 1992 video “Love Child” he really stepped up his game in the skateboard world. His professional career took off from there and graced the pages of many magazines, videos and commercials. Now he’s taken a new direction in skateboarding by starting a jewelry company called EL Señor based on iconic skate spots. How has life been after skating professionally ? I’ve had some interesting jobs, from cleaning a bar, running a sneaker store, personal assistant, club promoting/production, to a team manager. The last three are 7 day a week gigs. It’s been a journey just

How did you come up with the concept of El Señor? I like to fill voids and fix problems. I wanted some EMB related jewelry. I couldn’t find any, and I started to think. First, what exactly am I looking for? I don’t want a block lettered two finger ring from Chinatown, so what do I want? The EMB plaque of old man Justin Herman for his plaza didn’t seem like a good idea, but the sign at Love is so iconic, what could I do? When it hit me, it was so simple. A miniature sculpture of the actual spot. The next thought was, I can do this for a lot of spots, and it ballooned from there. What was your inspiration? I’m inspired by where skateboarding came from, my generation of skaters, and where this next generation is taking it. I love the history, and what’s going on now is so progressive and crazy that I can only imagine what will be possible on a skateboard in the future. And even more so the opportunities available to a skater. Why the name El Señor ? It’s Spanish for “The Mister”. It’s for the man, and if you’re a lady then it’s also for the man. It’s simple, dudes try and look fly for the ladies and the ladies look fly for us. It’s about skateboarding, luxury, and leisure.

fs shuv p- Giovanni Reda, Courtesy of Full Bleed archives

Did you come from a background of jewelers? Not really, my mother is a sculptor and introduced me to art when I was really young. There was always all kinds of art shit around. I always gravitated towards sports and street shit so I skated and wrote graffiti. You get into minor trouble skating and a lil more serious writing graffiti and stealing shit. I was a junior in high school, and after one too many calls from the police station to my mom, she put me in the college that my step father was a professor at. He taught about five different art courses there and pulled some strings. That year moms had me on lock. I went to high school in the day and took art classes at night for that year. I refocused on skating after I finished what seemed like an ordeal. I guess everything happens for a reason. It was a blessing.

bs 5-0 p- Giovanni Reda, Courtesy of Full Bleed archives

What is your technique on making the jewelry? First, is a spot study. I look at old videos and photos and sit and reminisce by myself and with the homies, and then make a paper sketch. Then, I scratch/sketch the layout or image with a sharp dental tool on a block of carving wax and start cutting away. I use dental tools mostly but sometimes a utility or X-acto knife. The thought process is opposite of drawing or sculpting. Instead of adding to the piece with each stroke I take away. I imagine that it’s in there somewhere and I have to chisel it out and find it. I like to have a few pieces going at the same time. When the wax is finished I make a mold and pull a few sample pieces and choose one for the master mold for production. What’s your favorite and hardest piece you had to make so far ? My favorite piece is the Christ Air Rising Sun pendant. I wasn’t sure if I could sculpt the details I wanted that small. It was during the blackout of Hurricane Sandy and I just said “Fuck it I got the whole day to try, and if it doesn’t work, oh well. I got tomorrow all day too, as long as it’s daytime.” That piece just clicked. I was done in like three days and the power was still out. And the most technical for me is one of the pieces I’m working on now. Can’t tell ya which spot yet. When we were at Agenda earlier this year how did it feel giving Hosoi one of your pieces inspired by him? I was siked and a lil nervous cause I’ve never met

p- Alex Corporan

him. He was siked when he saw the piece. All I was thinking was, the piece means so much to me and my generation, I wonder how it would feel to be Hosoi. What’s next for you? Next season, hah. I’m working on opening new accounts, expanding the collection and with that the brand. I want to skate more. Be prepared to see some footy. I always dreamt of becoming a professional gambler, that hasn’t happened yet but I’m not counting it out. Maybe hit the lottery. Any inspirational words you would like to share being a renaissance man? Everyday is a new day, be who you want to be.









Andrew Wilson boardslide kickflip fakie p- Sussingham

Street improvement Ann van

Marco Hernandez

photographer interview

Eby Gharfarian 5-0 fakie

Interview by Jawn Doe What’s up? You said you’re at some family stuff? Yeah, my brother just arrived from Texas. He is an army veteran of the Iraq War. Super rad to see him. Sick. Where you from? Where you at? I live in Staten Island, New York, about 30 minutes away from Manhattan, so I’m pretty much always over there. I grew up skating in the Lower East Side. Staten Island is pretty boring. There is Juan Issa fs noseslide

only one known skate spot and that is the ABC ledges. I wanted to see more so I ventured out to Manhattan and that is where I found myself. How did you get into skating? I grew up listening to Minor Threat and Black Flag, so punk music and skating pretty much went hand in hand. I saw a lot of kids in the high school by my house skating. It was just the sickest thing I’d ever seen. I wanted to try skating so I begged my parents for a board. I started skating on a crappy Wal-Mart board until they finally gave in and got me a real board. My first real board was a Birdhouse. How did you get into photography? Ed Templeton was always an inspiration to me. Him being so big in the art world and also shooting photos of skate trips was always appealing to me. I decided to pick up photography because I wanted to document my life the same way, and look back when I’m older and remember the awesome friends and times I had.

What would your dream photo shoot be? The Gonz for sure. I’d be so hyped to just roll with that dude all day and shoot stuff. He is super energetic and looks like you never know what to expect when you hang with him. I’ve seen him a couple times skating around NYC in the weirdest outfits on a long board. Favorite travel destination? Philly for sure, FDR is my favorite. I skated Love Park a couple times and it felt so good skating there. I used to always watch old Workshop videos and Kalis was definitely a reason I wanted to skate in Philly. Can’t go wrong with the Chinatown buses from NYC to Philly. Jeremie Egiazarian What / who are some of your biggest life fs lipslide influences? Harold Hunter. The dude lived his life making everyone happy by just being himself, enjoying life and skating the way he wanted to. Not giving What are your favorite things to shoot a shit if anybody was down with him. I feel like besides skating? there should be a lot more people like that around, I like shooting weird shit I see on the daily. especially now a days where people are so uptight People sleeping on trains, crazy folks, chicks, dead about every little thing. animals. There is so much going on everywhere it’s hard to stay focused on one subject. Favorite thing about NYC? Cheap food, skate spots, crazy people. Mostly the Skate set up? cheap food, haha. I am skating a 8.25 Polar deck, 53mm Spitfire wheels, Indy trucks, Reds bearings. Favorite spots / places in NYC? DIY spots are always the best, the BQE spot in Brooklyn is hands Al Davis down my favorite skate spot in nosegrind NYC. It’s always changing. Some dudes build the craziest shit there. This one time someone made a wall ride out of some plywood and it was the funnest thing ever. Pontus Alv came here and built the bank to wall ride with a little ledge in between, a lot of hammers went down on that. Recently I also saw there was a mini ramp there, but we all know with the NYPD snooping around that definitely won’t last too long.

Eby Ghafarian wallie

Camera set up? Canon 550D, Fisheye , 50mm lens, and some flashes. It’s definitely growing every now and then. My film set up changes from a point and shoot to an SLR depending on what I am shooting. Last time you wished you had a camera on you? My friend Eby Ghafarian is always doing some wild shit. We were skating with the Magenta dudes in Brooklyn last winter. He decided to climb up some wall that was super high up. He was at least 20 feet off the ground on this building and I’m just at the bottom super bummed I didn’t have my camera on me. All I am left with is a shitty iPhone photo of that.

Phil Jackson back smith

Worst part of NY? The winter time. We have such harsh winter seasons it definitely takes a toll on a bunch of people. Some people don’t let it phase them and I see kids out skating in North Face coats and it’s just crazy. What’s the roughest place in NYC? The sketchiest? Oh, I’d have to say the East Village. I’ve seen dudes shoot heroin and some passed out junkies laying around Tompkins a couple times. Skating in a place with used needles laying around and piss stains is definitely not a cool thing to think about, but we live in a crazy world. Favorite magazines? Thrasher, hands down. The quality is tight and the photos in there are so gnarly. I got Thrasher ink so I’m down for life. Favorite photo of NYC? My favorite photo shot in NYC is Mike O’Meally’s shot of Jeff Pang pushing down the street with his crew in NYC.

Juan Issa boardslide


Jackson Interview by Toro / Photos by Caleb Des Cognet Where do you work? I’ve been working at a small granola factory in Greenfield, MA for the past seven years, 40+ hours a week. Are you from here? Have you ever left the area before? I was born in Massachusetts, I’ve lived here my whole life, but skateboarding has brought me all over the country. I’ve been to San Francisco twice ( which was rad as fuck) and all over the East Coast. Traveling is the shit, I wish I had more time to do it. I live in a small town in Western Massachusetts so it’s really tough to get yourself out there. Jim Gagne is the only one to come from this shithole called Greenfield. Are you a “soul skater” like me, or just lazy? (they are actually the same thing) I skate for fun, plain and simple... And it makes my soul feel good so I guess I am? As for being lazy I guess it varies day to day. I try to stay productive. You seem smarter than a lot of people. Are you? Or are you just smart enough to keep your mouth shut? I feel like I have a decent advantage, I’ve eaten a lot of Smart Food in my life... don’t tell my secret! Nah I’m lying,

manual to drop

bs noseblunt p- Rob Collins

3 flip

and I’m gonna shut my mouth now. What does Nate Jackson do every day? Weekdays consist of working 9-5 everyday haulin’ oats. After work I usually just chill with my beautiful girlfriend and watch movies. I don’t get to skate during the week very often. Weekends I pretty much skate and drink coffee.

fs hurricane

Do children look up to you as a role model or cower in fear at the sight of your face? Maybe a little bit of both I guess. It may be a natural reaction for children to have fear... I am a Jackson. Sorry, I can’t resist a good MJ joke.

Of course dude! I’d use the utensils to eat with and the napkin to wipe my damn face. Easy.

Would you submit to a makeover if it meant I could get you boards flowed because of said makeover? I would get you some tight pants and bracelets and stuff because that’s hot right now. I’m a little old to be changing my style for anyone. Just kidding I’m desperate and I’ll do anything. Not sure if I’m joking.

Do you see a therapist? I see a therapist. No I’ve never seen a therapist. I was once told that I needed to see one but that bitch was crazy so I wouldn’t take her word.

If we were on tour and I took you to a nice restaurant would you know what to do? Like with your napkin and forks and stuff ?

tail drop

Are you uncomfortable right now? Why? Yeah. My nuts itch.

Keep up the good work Nate, I’m proud of you. -Toro

By Will Laren

Clay Kreiner, 540 p- Zoli

Dalton Dern, bs nosegrind, p- Zoli

Chris Russel p- Zoli

Joe Storm, Invert, p- Zoli

fakie heel

John Hill

I don’t see you skate much tranny? I’m terrible at it. It’s so much more gratifying learning tranny tricks though cause they’re all scary. How did you get on Birdhouse flow? I heard the team stopped in Columbia and they saw you skate and Tony Hawk was like “Dayumm” Someone lied to you, haha. The team toured through Columbia, and I skated for two days with the whole crew, befriended them, and I guess they were cool with me. I sent them a sponsor tape a little later and the TM, Jerome was down to help a brother out. You drive around Columbia in a Subaru Outback with a padded luggage rack, pulling a wobbly trailer. Do chicks dig it? I have no idea what chicks dig.

What do you think about contests? You’ve done pretty well in the past two Damn Ams. Thanks buddy! I think it’s just luck. I usually skate ok, but other people sometimes skate much better. I like contests when the environment is friendly and exciting. I definitely prefer SPOT run contests overall.

Interview and photos by Luke Mckaye Give me a quick rundown about skateboarding in Columbia, S.C. The few people who do skate here love it. Such passionate, smart, funny, optimistic dudes, which is what skating needs more of. I love the skate scene here honestly. Gaps, ledges, handrails, manny pads. List in order from favorite to least favorite. Ledges, manny pads and gaps tied, then rails.

fs board

varial heel


What’s next? What do you hope to accomplish by this time next year? I wanna hit up Cali. It’s scary taking the leap. Hopefully get some photos published with you, film a rip clip, maybe a mag minute, have at-least two more parts out. Just be in a position where I can put out footage and skate a lot. The same things every skateboarder hopes for. I just want to get as much done as I physically and mentally can.

kickflip 5050

Give me some shout outs. Bluetile Skateshop, Dave Toole, Birdhouse, Jerome Case, and Shorty at Converse for literally backing me harder than anyone ever, Dorian Warneck, Chris Rogers, and Sava Kucherin for filming. You, Luke Mckaye, for being awesome and shooting amazing photos. Tons of love to those who keep trying to get it in the Carolinas.

Colton Light photos by Terry Worona Interview by Nobo

What’s going on Colton, what are you up to? Tell us a little about where you grew up and what it was like skating there? Hey, I just got back from a nice day of boarding in the East Bay, new spots and good friends. I grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin, a small town in the southeastern part of the state. We have almost nothing to skate in my hometown. Most of the time we would skate homemade rails and boxes. Living in a place like that made me want to discover new landscapes and head to the West Coast. What initially brought you out to S.F? What are some pros and cons of living here? I have always wanted to live in California. San Francisco just seemed like a nice fit. We have good weather almost all year and plenty of new and old spots to skate. It’s also nice to just grab your board and explore, no need for a car. There are also a bunch of talented skateboarders to film. The only con that I can think of is that it’s illegal to skateboard anywhere in the entire city, I have always thought that was strange, being such an accepting place. How’d you get into filming? Did it start with skating? Not a particular thing got me into filming, just started pressing record and fell in love. I’ve been

Charlie Pravel bs 50

skating for 16 years now, filming just seemed like a natural progression. How long ago did you pick up a camera? 5 years ago. What was the first camera you finished a project on, and did you have any influences when you were first starting? My first camera set up was a Sony VX-2000 with an mk 2 fisheye lens. I still own it to this day. Nothing really influenced me in the beginning, I just turned the camera on and hit record. I wasn’t really a filmer, more the guy who had a camera. And when did you realize that you were good at it? I wouldn’t say that I’m good at it yet, but I have a basic understanding of how it works. I realized that I could make something enjoyable to watch after January through June came out in late 2009. Top 3 skate videos? Mouse, Penal Code 100a, and Welcome to Hell. How’d you get linked up with Slap? My friend Justin Carlson recommended me for the job, thanks buddy.

What exactly do you do there? At the moment I just make the San Francisco Treats. It’s really a great place to work and I would love to get involved with more projects at SLAP.

Nich Kunz sw bs 5-0

Tell us a bit about “Three Days a Week” We had a nice crew for that one, all of the guys ripped. We took six months to film and put together a short video and it’s the last video I made before getting the job at Slap. I would love to make something like it again. It was the first time that I felt any pressure making a video but I’m happy how it turned out. Who was in it? We had a star studded cast consisting of Charlie Pravel, Jeff Hill, and Pat Moran. Also, a friends section with a bunch of homies. I tagged along with you guys for a San Francisco Treat mission and it was a very heavy session. Take us through a day of filming for one of those. Well, I meet up with the guys around noon, pick an area of the city to explore and shred it. On the weekdays we stick to neighborhood spots and hit up schools and downtown areas on the weekends. I’m just happy to have such a amazing group of friends and such a beautiful city to skate in. What’s your opinion on the VX versus HD debate? I think that it’s a rather pointless debate. It’s all skateboarding. As long as you’re filming it well, it shouldn’t matter what format or camera you’re using. Filming in HD brings a very quality image with massive amounts of detail. I can’t think of anything HD takes away from skateboarding. Do you have any techy tricks to making HD look a little more “real” like interlacing or anything like that? Nope, it already looks real. I don’t think that anyone has shot interlaced since Nike’s debacle. You just have to find a sweet spot between

blending your footage and still making it look fast. I’ve heard you’re a secret ripper behind the lens, what’s your take on filmer footy? Filmer footy has a time and a place, unless you’re Mike Manzoori. What does the future hold? I just started working on San Francisco Treat #20. It’s going to be a good one. We’re taking four months and making a short video with a couple of parts. I hope to take a couple trips and explore some new terrain. Any Shout outs? Family and friends. Thanks. Steve Perdue sw fs flip

Josh Robertson switch ollie

Chris Senn What’s up Chris? How are you doing today?

I’m doing really good... Livin the dream.

What does an average day consist of for you?

Average day? What’s that? I usually get up, get my kids ready for school (or hopefully sleep in and their mom does!) If there are waves I’ll try and get a surf in! Then I usually go to the shop and make stuff, drawings, machines, and tats n stuff. Sometimes I’ll go skate, just depends really, Every day is another crazy adventure! I love it. So are you a professional skater, a professional tattoo artist, or a professional family man? Which one is it?

I’m a boat captain, surfer, dad, therapist, tattooer. I like bikes too. Snowboarding is fun. I’m not pro at anything and never was! Do you actually have a boat?

My folks have a boat in Kona. We do charter sailing trips, dolphin swims, weddings, night dives. I captain the boat when I’m there. Sailing is another amazing thing to do. How do you find the balance between them all?

I really don’t find any balance at all in anything, it’s always something new. I just make sure when I’m doing something, no matter what it is, that I am present and fully focused with the task at hand… Haha shit I

Interview by Nobo Photos by Jarad Kidwell

don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I guess I just try and always move forward no matter what. Your two sons are rippers, how much influence do you have on their skating? Do you try to keep a hands-off approach or are you trying to get them stoked all the time?

Skateboarding is just a part of my family. My uncle did it when I was a kid so I got it from him. I just give them a board when they were fuckin one, and just let them figure it out. I go skating and they come with if they want. I never tried to push them, I believe that would mess them up. They have to express what they think about it and it’s really funny to watch it all happen. Do you guys skate together much?

Well Anakin and I always skated together. He is up in Portland now just being a skate rat and killin it. I almost don’t like skating with him though, he’s fuckin gnar and it scares me to watch what he is doing now. He is way better then I ever was, It sucks! I skate with Julian a lot now, he’s an insane goofy footer. He freaks me out as well. My 4 year old Milo is just starting to skate and my 2 year old Lorenzo seems to have a death wish. I have to hide boards from him or he will kill himself. He is on 24/7 suicide watch!

So tell us a little about your career. How did you initially get on Powell and where did it go from there?

p- Nobo

I was at an am contest at Powell in 1990 and they asked me to ride for them. I was stoked. What was Channel One all about?

Channel One was really cool. Marty is an awesome guy. I hated quitting that company but I had a deal I couldn’t pass up. And what was that deal?

Jaya and I got offered to start a skate company... Adrenalin. How’d Adrenaline all go down?

Well we were first doing it with Think and those guys are all great guys. But as far as what Jaya and I expected and what they expected? Well, basically we just didn’t see eye to eye, so we decided to leave. Jaya spoke with Fausto and he gave us permission to keep the name so Jaya started again with the other guys. Later on I came in and took somewhat control of it. It was just for fun, we never really tried to make a big deal out of it. It was a great time for us. How was skating for Toy Machine? Are there any memories that stick out from your time there?

So is there anywhere better to skate than SF?

There are so many good places to skate in the world, SF being one of them... The city used to be way better. All the spots are gone now but there’s still a lot of other stuff. But man, in the 80’s and 90’s it was unreal. What was your favorite spot from that era? Could you even choose?

Man I couldn’t choose one. I was all over the world. I really just loved all the old skate parks in Europe and Oz. I was skating a lot of the first parks in Oregon and really had some sick backyard pools going... I guess one of my favorite spots is the glory hole. That thing is sick no matter what. Having snagged so much contest gold yourself,

Toy machine at the time I got on was unreal. We had the best fuckin team ever. It was too bad it fell apart. I have too many good times with those guys. Any good Templeton stories?

I don’t tell Templeton stories. So you’re riding for Blood Wizard now, how is that and how long have you been riding for them?

Blood Wizard is the best ever. We just skate and make cool shit and we don’t stress. We just do it for the love of it. I’ve been with the wizard for about 4 years now. Do you get a lot of artistic freedom with them?

Skinner did most of the graphics, but we just came out with some new ones that Krahn and I colabbed on. Super loose, simple graphics. They came out great.

what’s your take on the skate contests these days? How does street league stack up to the x-games of the 90’s?

First off I never liked the x-games or any of these bullshit, corporate, people who are involved in skating! We don’t need them, they need us and I really don’t want to get into it. Skating is cool no matter where it’s at and it’s that simple. If you can make some cash, do it while you can. I’m stoked these kids are happy and they get to skate and make a living off of it. It makes me happy.

Would you be hyped to see Julian or Anakin get into contest skating?

They both skate contests already. I don’t really think being competitive is a good way to look at skating and I always tried to at least let them know that contests mean nothing. They’re only a way to bring us together and have fun. If you do well, cool. If you don’t do well, cool. Just have fun, yell and scream with your friends and push each other. Break yo self boy. How about the internet? Good or bad for skateboarding?

What are some of the craziest tat’s you’ve given?

Man I don’t even know where to begin with that. They’re all crazy, big or small. Has anyone ever came in asking for some real stupid shit?

Every day people ask for stupid shit. It’s fuckin unreal how creative people are. Did you give it to them?

I will do whatever anyone wants. The worse the better. It always makes for a great laugh.

The Internet is like everything else in life. It can be used for good or for bad. You choose!

Aright c’mon what was the most recent one?

I’m sure you get this question a lot, but what’s the deal with you not having cover when you won Skater of the Year in 95?

Tell us about the shop, where’s it located and how’d it come about?

Honestly, I don’t really know, but I think it’s fuckin awesome. I’m the only one. That shit is cool.

Haha rad. Obviously it was a long time ago, but is there still any animosity from that? General consensus is that you were one of the gnarliest recipients who never got the same love as some of the other winners.

I never was bummed about it. I could really care less. Really, skater of the year is chosen by Phelps and not votes. It’s a bunch of crap really. It’s about who you ride for, what you did, or whatever, whoever took pictures of it or whatever. It’s a great honor and that was enough for me. I don’t need love from a magazine. I had and still have tons of amazing friends all over the world I met through skating so that was the reward.

So now you’re doing Tattoos. How’d you get into that? And how long have you been doing it?

I started tattooing in 1994. I was just interested in it for a long time and just did it more for a way to make art. Now I’m just doing it everyday and it’s so much fun.

Most recent? I tattooed the back of some girl’s ear. That was pretty stupid I thought!

Quetzalcoatl Tattoo. We are in the Mission district in San Francisco. It’s just my friend Luis’ shop and he asked me to work there with him. So now I sit in my little corner and just draw on people all day. It’s unreal people pay me to do this! Who are the other artists there?

Luis Contrares, Dustin Grey, and myself. So what’s next for Chris Senn? Will we ever get another video part?

Honestly, I don’t know. I really hate filming, I always did. I just like to skate for myself with my kids. Who knows though, maybe. Only time will tell. Shout outs?

Too many people to mention but thank you to all my great friends around the world, my kids, my folks, my girl Jaz, Luis, Dustin, Blood Wizard, All my great clients, fans, past sponsors, Hawaii, Grass Valley, the list could go on forever. Aloha,

Adam Hopkins boneless p- Atwood

Tony Manfre bs 5050 p- Mckay-Randozzi

Lucky St Angelo ollie p- Catholdi

Pat McNelley kickflip p- Danny Coates

Mark Humienik 5-0 p- Cristian Comparto

Cyrus Bennet bs tail p- B0bawesome Brian Delatorre nosegrind p- Mckay-randozzi

Donnie Eckhardt ollie p- Christian Storm

Lucky St Angelo fs 5050 p- Catholdi

Brad Cromer fastplant p- Zaslavsky

E Kinor bs lip p- Zaslavsky

Kozo Cavalcanti fs noseslide p- Camden Moriarty

Cody Roberts p- Billy Cox

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Danny Castaneda fs smith p- Papke

Brenden Wilkie switch ollie 6 p- Johnny Wilson

I roll on bitches, like a skateboard -Ghostface

Sloan fs blunt p- Harker

TKP noseslide p- Benton Sampson

Paul Tucci bs feeble p- Andrew Wilson

Nobo McManus fs tail p- Alex Rapine

Kruman nollie bs heel p- Harker JD Turner bs tail p- Ryan Kochel

Little help?

Best skate shops Arizona: Cowtown Glendale/ Phoenix/Tempe/Litchfield, California: FTC, DLX, Circle A, Mission, Cruz, 510, Church of Skatan, Atlas, Banned, Skateworks, Pacific Drive, Bills Wheels, Colorado: The Denver shop, Connecticut: Skate Lair, Day One, RAW, Delaware: Kinetic, Switch, Florida: S.P.o.T., MIA, Georgia: Stratosphere, Ruin, Get Rad, Illinois: Uprise, Indiana: Blacklist, Louisiana: Humidity, Massachusetts: Eastern Boarder Worcester/Natick/ Leominster/Danvers, Orchard, Credo, Theory, BLVD, Solstice, RAW, Maryland: Pitcrew, Vu, Skateology, Agro Joe’s,

New Hampshire: Eastern Boarder Nashua, Pioneers, Red Alert, Identity, New Jersey: NJ skateshop Hoboken/Princeton/New Brunswick, Holmes & co, Underground, Square peg, Pro, Prime, Black Flag shop, Shack board shop, New York: KCDC, 2nd Nature, Seasons, Supreme, Shut, Drop In, Labor, Homage, Belief, Common Ground, Max Fish, Krudco, Tre Truck, Underground 2, Infamous, Nevada: Pharmacy, Ohio: Embassy, Oregon: Cal Skateboards, Shrunken Head, Flywheel, Pennsylvania: Armory East, Exit, Homebase, Reign, Pretas, Holistic, Exist, One up, Revival, Fairmans, Ambler, Blakkline, Nocturnal, Rhode Island: Civil, South Carolina: Bluetile, Texas: Apparition, No Comply,

Maine: Backwoods, R E Session,

Vermont: Maven, Talent, Plaza skate park,

Michigan: Refuge,

Virginia: Venue, Cardinal, Kiko’s,

North Carolina: Endless grind, Black sheep, Exodus, North Dakota: This skate and snow,

Washington: 35th North, North End,

Contact for copies

w w w . n j s k a t e s h o p . c o m w w w . t h i s i s m y c r e d o . c o m w w w. u n d e rg ro u n d - s ka te s h o p . c o m w w w. t h e o r y s ka te b o a rd i n g . c o m w w w . p u s h e r w h e e l s . c o m w w w. l o s t s o u l s k a t e b o a r d s . c o m w w w. s t i m u l u s s ka te b o a rd s . c o m w w w. p r i z e f i g h t e r c u t l e r y. c o m w w w . v o i d s k a t e b o a r d s . c o m w w w . p o l i t i c b r a n d . c o m w w w . m e r c h a n t s o f i l l . c o m w w w . e x p l o i t a t i o n v m . c o m w w w . b 0 b a w e s o m e . c o m w w w . t h e b e e r i c s . c o m w w w . m a x z a h r a d n i k . c o m w w w . t h e w o r s t d u d e s . c o m w w w . c h r o n i c l e s o f h e r n . c o m w w w . r o b c o l l i n s p h o t o . c o m w w w . y o d a b a y g o . c o m w w w. m a i n e s k a t e b o a r d i n g . b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w. m a g n o l i a s c re e t . b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w. t h e l o c a l w e a t h e r. t u m b l r. c o m w w w. s c u m b a g b a s t a r d . b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w. c m a r t p h o t o g r a p h y. b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w . k a r i m p h o t o . t u m b l r. c o m w w w . a l e x p a p k e . t u m b l r . c o m

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