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Issue 20 December 2013

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CONTENTs Road Warriors Adrian Williams Rob Reed Ramps out Back Montreal Finders Keepers Dakota Welty Late night losers

Cover: Kevin Liedtke nosegrind pop out, p- Harker Above: John Franco fs 180 p- Sussingham Contact: All rights reserved Skate Jawn 2013

Willy Akers sweeper p- Atwood

Photographers: CJ Harker Billy Cox Colin Sussingham Deville Max Hull Xeno Tsarnas Contributing Photogs: Phil Jackson Max Zahradnik Karim Gohem Rob Collins Sam McKenna Luke Mckaye Zander Taketomo Travis knapp-prasek Dan Zaslavsky Chris Atwood Alex Papke Contributors: Matt Karlin Nobo McManus Sloan Palder Johnny Wilson Paul Overstrom Kevin Winters Tomasz Low Illustration: Will Laren Conor Prunty Editor / Designer: Marcus Waldron Contact:




ROAD WARRIORS words and photos by Alex Papke

One of my favorite traits that skateboarders hold near and dear, is the lust to travel. A few months back my two homies from San Diego, Zane and Mycah, hit me up with an idea. They were trying to plan a month long skating/camping trip, starting in San Diego and traveling up the coast into Oregon. The idea was to go camping until we couldn’t afford much more and were forced to travel back to Southern California. At first I was a bit skeptical because I was a full time student without a job, but once I thought about it a bit more I decided to find myself a job, got a plane ticket to San Diego, and told them I was in. We crammed all of our clothes, cameras, and skateboards into Zane’s 4-door Volvo and hit the road late June. Our first stop on the trip was LA. We couch surfed there for a few days and the homies over at Warco Skateboards showed us around the city. We skated a few of the skate plazas that LA has to offer and were lucky enough to skate the Berrics for one of the mornings. After staying in LA for five days, we ventured up to Big Sur National Park and camped there for a couple of days. Located right along the coast, it was hands down one of the coolest places we went on our trip. Since we were low on cash, we were trying

Zane Timpson boneless Daly City

Mycah Williams fs board Portland

Zane Timpson smith tailgrab Alex Papke wallie north S.F.- p Williams

to find the cheapest place there to camp. After researching for a while, we were able to find a free campground that was only a five-mile hike in. We camped there for a few days and explored everything that the redwoods had to offer, drinking stream water and eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches for almost every meal. After Big Sur, we made the drive up the coast to San Francisco and stayed there for a few days with some guys that Zane and Mycah knew from high school. It was tight to skate Potrero Park and we had a hell

of a good time cruising around the downtown areas at night. After skating SF for a week or so, we cruised up to Sacto for a night and then made the venture up to Oregon. Our first stop in Oregon was this gnarly skate park in this small town called Grants Pass. Unfortunately, when we got there the park was flooded with bikers so it was hard to make your rounds. However, we met a few of the locals at the park and they took us to the most perfect pool that was in one of the homie’s backyards. After Grants Pass, we made our way to a small town called Medford. Mycah had family in the area that were able to put a roof over our heads so we stayed there for one night. We found out Medford is huge for growing weed, and were able to get the homie hookup from the people next door. It was also Zane’s 18th birthday the night we were there, so Mycah’s sister-in-law baked him a cake and bought us a bunch of 40’s. After taking a much-needed break in Medford, we cruised up the 5 to Eugene to stay for the next few nights. After Eugene, we continued our way up the coast to our next spot, Lincoln City. Located right on the ocean, Lincoln City is a small town with one of the gnarliest skate parks known to man. We got to the park just as it was getting dark and ended up pitching tents right next to the snake run. The next day we woke up just as the sun was coming up, got some coffee, skated the park until it was dark, and did the same thing over again. We also met another group of homies that were on a road trip from Colorado making their way down the coast of Oregon, who decided to camp with us at the park. My friend

Zane nosepick Grants Pass

Elijah hit us up while we were in Eugene and offered us a house to crash at in Portland. Unfortunately, the day we made it there Elijah fell skating with a glass bottle in hand and got a few gnarly gashes on his fingers, so he wasn’t able to skate with us. Lucky enough, his homies were able to show us some of the spots that Portland had to offer including Burnside and the downtown district. While we were in Portland, we were looking at a map and realized that Seattle was only about two hours away. So we said fuck it and went to Washington for a day. We skated the city for a few hours, then decided to switch it up from our normal routine and check out the EMP museum, which featured an awesome exhibit on Jimi Hendrix. By this time, we were all running low on money and had been on the road for almost three and a half weeks, so we decided it was time to start heading back down the coast. We drove for about two days, stopping back in Eugene, and S.F. for a night each, and decided to kick it in LA for three days before going back to San

Mycah boneless

Mycah slob air Lincoln City

Zane noesblunt

Diego. Although we racked up almost 900 bucks worth of tickets, got broke off at almost every spot we went to, and had to sleep on less than comfortable couches for a month, hands down I can say that this trip was one of the best that I had ever been on. If anyone out there wants to go on a fucking awesome road trip, find some friends that are down and give this one a go. There is no way that you will be bummed.

Mycah polejam

sw bs 180

What’s up Adrian, where we at right now? Man, we are kicking it over here at the FTC/ Gnarhunters collab art show. Buncha homies just doing what we do. Family united. So what was it like growing up in Alaska trying to skateboard? Dope spots or all ice? You know, we got our cool little 4-5 months of love, the rest of it is icy as fuck. Growing up there was great to be honest. At the time I was growing up it was real slow paced there. You know, not a lot of craziness to get into, I had great parents, I was blessed. I found skateboarding at the age of ten and I was set from then on. Did you have a crew out in Alaska? Oh yes, we had the crew for sure man. Micah Hollinger, Jerry Smyth, both these motherfuckers got covers. Micah had the cover of Big Brother, 180 nosegrind staples center L.A. Jerry Smyth, cover of Thrasher front crook at 3rd and Army on the police

barrier thing. Known both those fools since the 5th grade, and you know, we definitely had crew besides that. We weren’t rowing boats, but we had crew, know what I’m saying? You’ve put in over a decade of skating SF almost exclusively. What is it about this place? Man, it’s just the access. Like, you’re accessible to whatever it is. Go out your doorstep, you’re good. I live in the Sunset but I could be downtown like it’s nothing. A twenty minute push and half of that you ain’t even pushing! Are you bummed the library is so wack now? I’m definitely bummed that the library has been, not so much taken, but definitely saran wrapped, you know what I mean? They got it behind the glass a little bit. We can skate it still, but we can’t get it like we want to get it. We could take some shit off but we might end up fucking it up. So I’m a little bummed, but at least we can still roll through there. And you know, skateboarders adapt so I can’t

ollie up 5-0

even get bummed anymore, I’m too old to be bummed.

bs 5050

What’s your favorite spot to skate currently? Honestly I don’t even have a favorite spot man. My favorite spot is being where I’m at, when I’m there. I don’t know what it is, but that’s where it’s at. I’m on some Buddhist type shit with that one. You just had a part in SF State of Mind and your banger in Business as Usual. What’s next? Supposedly there’s some other Think video coming out, I may have some shit in there. Honestly, I don’t know what’s next man, I’m on such a new little hype. I work a lot right now. Skateboarding isn’t supporting me at the level that I need it to support me at, so I can’t give it as much attention as I’d like to at this moment. But what I do know is, whatever you do see next is going to be me trying. Cause that’s what I do, I try like a motherfucker. I may not be one of the greatest, but I got one of the biggest tries, so I give a fuck. What’s the best part about teaching kids how to skateboard? Man, best part for me, on the selfish hype, is having a kid who really wants to learn and is down to fucking get licked one time, even though it hurts a little bit. You ain’t broken you know, it’s alright. Most kids are down with the idea, skateboarding. But then they get fucked up and it’s actually hard, and they gotta try, and it takes time. The kid that is willing to take all that, I love that. Have braces ever fucked you up with skating? Like you ever bit your lip or anything? Uhh…. Braces fuck you up. They don’t fuck up your skating, they just fuck you up. Morning or night? Both. Fuck that I love it all. I need all the time I can get.

Aright so what happened with Grind King, what was that about? Eyy much love to Grind King, off the top of everything. Pretty much I had a roommate out here, Jason Rodriguez. His good homie, this dude Kevin, came to visit us one time, then somehow he became the Grind King TM. He hit up Jason, who hit me up. They were one of the first fools to really hold me down, and pay me something cool, for some trucks at that. I was like whoa. I was able, you know what I mean? Able with that shit, so that was nice! sw krook

nollie flip

You seem like a religious dude, do you feel your faith, or your belief in god, has helped get you to where you’re at today? Of course man! And I don’t even really believe it’s religion man, I believe it’s relation. I believe it’s really getting down, and really just keeping it real. At the end of the day I can’t prove it to you, and you can’t prove it to me. But I can know it for me, and you can you know it for you. When you say religion, I say relation. Cause I’m here somehow and you’re here somehow and if you know, kudos, cause I can’t really fathom it. But I’m here, doing this, and I’m about to do that, you know what I’m saying? That’s real. Alright shout it out, thank you, say whatever. Yeah, so I’ma thank G-O-D to the most. Thank my family to the most, my brother got me on the board. And just all supporters and all the fools that believe in the homie. Not even believe, just like to see the homie, and encourage the homie. Thank you everybody and everything cause that’s what it is yo. I thank it all cause that’s what it takes.


Ramps out back Words and photos by Kyle Arc

2008, the beginning, Jeff Mansfield spine transfer while James Tuzzio ducks down and holds a back smith on the ‘extension’ at the time

The New Jersey skate scene is notorious for crusty nugget spots, local schools with no elevation changes, and a shit ton of pre-fab skateparks. But aside from that mess, every crew has that one guy with a miniramp stashed somewhere on his parents’ property. In this case, Zach Cusano and his crew constructed an 8ft backyard vert ramp right smack in the middle of his roommates (parents’) backyard. Surprisingly, the foundation of this ramp dates back to high school when he had a 3ft miniramp project scattered throughout his basement. After living in Charleston, S.C. directly after high school, he learned what backyard vert was all about. When he returned home for the summer months, he disassembled the basement ramp to construct a new ramp outside. Zach Cusano bs boneless footplant

Zach Cusano bringing the ‘Sean Penn’ to his own backyard

This past summer him and his crew reinforced the ramp with an extension, some lights, and a shitter....#comeups. This renovation provided for weekly sessions into the night and a whole lot of bad decisions. “East Coast crust, sucks so good” -Zach Cusano Zach Cusano bs air over Jon Surmonte’s frontside grind into the channel


Charlie Pontone, channe gap to bs lip

Robby Rosano, less discrete and more sanitary version of an upper decker

Chip Mrowczynski nose manual; Brooklyn John Gardner - 50-50 transfer; Princeton

Chip Mrowczynski Backside Disaster; Brooklyn

Zach Gesko - Pivot to fakie; Plainfield, CT

photo Taketomo

Dakota Welty photos by Alex Papke interview by Jawn Doe What’s up? Just chilling man. Trying to see if this snow ever gets here. It’s an 80% chance here for later tonight. Not ready for winter yet. wallride

So you recently moved to Pittsburgh? Right now I’m back home for a few days getting all my shit together. Actually moving the rest of my stuff in next week. Sick, why you moving out there? I’ve been going up and staying with Alex (Papke) a few times every couple of months to just skate and shoot photos and I just kind of fell in love with it. Super crusty, rad spots, rough streets, amazing architecture and landscape, and just a good vibe all around. I just felt like this opportunity to move in with a good homie that’s an incredible photographer, wasn’t going to come around again. Best city to skate you’ve been to? Chicago. When were you out there? Probably like 7 or 8 months ago filming for Cooper Winterson’s video, \m/. Best Woodward experience? Probably just cruising around every night by myself after everyone either went to sleep or went to the bar.

fs blunt

5050 wallride fakie

Anything good about winter? Not a fucking thing. Last place you were kicked out of ? Got the boot from Starbucks the other day for smoking cigarettes out front ha. Last spot you got kicked out of ? The Oxford building in Downtown Pittsburgh. What happened? It’s always a waiting game with that spot. You could have 15 minutes or the whole night. It’s super random. We actually got a super fun session in for probably an hour, before security came and kicked us out. Most amount of money you ever won? The most I ever won was $400. It was some skate contest at this park I used to go to all the time in Baltimore. Ended up getting lucky.

bs nosegrind

180 sw krook

What do you think about keeping spots secret / not sharing? That’s a touchy subject. I feel like if someone is willing to go out and take the time and find something rad then they have every right to keep it a secret. But some people take things way too seriously. If you could be pro for something besides skating what’d it be? Shit man, I don’t even know. I’d like to be a writer someday though. Favorite writer? Charles Bukowski. Thanks? Mom and Dad, wouldn’t be anywhere without them. Alex Papke, Thomas Pittenger, all the other homies, my beautiful girlfriend Desirae, East Coast, rough ground, anyone who has let me sleep on their floor or couch, anyone who skates fast, and coffee.

The D.C. area skate shop situation is a complete mindfuck. Nothing within 40 miles of the city is skater owned. We have our fair share of deranged snowboard / surf shops, outlets staffed by frat bros, and sneaker boutiques that take pleasure in charging you for an individual bolt. Our only saving grace, Pitcrew, is an hour away (without traffic, which is never), so it’s tough to justify the trip when you just want to hang out and talk some shit. By the time you read this, a skater owned and operated shop will be in business just 20 min outside of the city. The best thing about a skater owned shop is that they approach things from a skateboarder’s perspective, and not a business man’s. The vast majority of brands carried in the shop are independent. Nike and Adidas will not be sold, but coffee and baked goods will. There’s a huge mural of Pulaski. They have a customer loyalty program (buy 8 decks and get 1 deck free). Grab something to eat, check out a video, and enjoy talking to someone that actually skates. -Smalls Buhi World - 316 Dominion Road Vienna, VA 22180


GET SKATE JAWN DELIVERED TO YR DOOR. Every other month, 6 times a year, for $15 bucks. Or just look on the ground and in the trash near skate shops.

Rob Reed photographer Interview

Nick Tyrrell

Where are you from? I’m from Emporium, Pennsylvania. It’s about as small as you can get. We had one stoplight in the county until I was 13 or so. But you live in Lancaster now? How close is that to Bethlehem? Yep, I live in Lancaster now. We’re like an hour and half from Bethlehem. Since I moved here I’ve become friends with a lot of guys from the Lehigh Valley through my buddy Nick Tyrrell. Homebase has cultivated an amazing scene up there. I

Andy Vasquez wallride nollie

remember I met Po for the first time over 10 years ago when the shop just opened. What do people who don’t skate do for fun in Lancaster? It seems like a lot of my friends, both in and out of skating, are real into local, organic food. I know that might not be the coolest thing to talk about in a skate mag, but it’s big out here. It’s pretty nice though. All year round I can get vegetables grown within like 20 miles of me.

Do you eat healthy? / How often do you eat McDonalds ? I don’t really eat meat... I eat fish and dairy but I’ve been off the chicken/pork/beef train for about 15 years. I was vegan for about half of that. In the past few years I added dairy and then seafood back into the mix though. It’s still easy to eat like an idiot though. Like I’m a solid 25 pounds overweight and I don’t eat meat. That’s primarily beer weight though. What are you drinking tonight? Old Milwaukee my roommate had in the fridge and Pinnacle vodka. Think we can get me a sponsor out of this? How many weddings have you been to? Definitely over 100. This year was light with like 15. 2012 was crazy, about 35 shoots. Then one of the companies I worked for got bought out. For 2014 I’m going to try and book more on my own. It’s the best job in the world if you can swing it. Worst wedding you’ve seen? or any train wrecks? I saw the best man puke on the bride during the introductions into the reception last year. It was amazing. I saw it coming, was about to take the picture, and had to just pretend like I didn’t see anything. I’m still upset about not just taking that photo, but they would’ve been pretty bummed out. He wasn’t trying to be a dick, he was just nervous that he was about to make a speech.

Gary Hillegas no comply tail revert

Joe Meck bs tail bigspin

Chuck Samson wallride wallride

Do weddings make girls act crazy? Weddings give women, especially bridesmaids, an excuse to go a little crazy. That is a fact. Do what you will with that information. What do you think is a video that influenced you when you started skating? Welcome to Hell, hands down. I started skating on my 5th birthday, in 1987. I had an ALF board, then a Ninja Turtles board, then an Omar Hassan Blockhead. About a year after I got my first real board, I got teased by this older kid for carving weird and I got super bummed. Bummed on skating in general. Took a few years off. Was a jock in junior high, then I started smoking weed and became friends with the punk rock kids in my town. From there it was full tilt back into skating. That was ‘98. I had a VHS with Welcome to Hell, Thrill of It All, and Mouse on it. I had a VHS dub of a dub of a dub. I watched that tape to death when I was 16. How do you think skating has changed since you started? Skating itself is exactly the same. The only way skateboarding changes for me is being at a new park, or spot, or learning a new trick. Ever have a photo show? Yeah, I’ve been trying to keep things rolling. Three or four times a year I try and show my most recent

Theo Korkidas blunt fakie

stuff. I’ve been very fortunate to have venues to show stuff. Like the shit in this interview is all from this year. I hate the idea of being someone who rests on past work. I want everything to be fresh. Favorite city to skate? Philly man, c’mon. I moved to Philly in 2000 based on skatespots alone. And it’s better than ever. City Hall is gone but fuck it, I’ll take all that shit Jesse Clayton has built any day over some ledges and stairs.

Yr camera get you into any trouble recently?

Indirectly. This is actually something I wanted to talk about because people need to know. I got busted in Connecticut this year for weed. Total bullshit. Was skating the Fairfield park on a trip. I was parked like a half mile away and the cops brought drug dogs to my car because we had out of state plates, there was a music festival in town, and the other car had a “Show us your tits” sign in the window. The cops said it was just a ticket so no big deal. Turns out I’m about to lose my license for six months, even though it’s decriminalized in CT. That shit carries over to some states apparently. Be careful out there! I talked to literally four lawyers. They all said they had never heard anything like it but I remain fucked as far as PennDOT is concerned.

by Will Laren


Photos by Paul Overstrom, text by BZ

Blaze. Me, John Gardner, Jordan, Pauly O, Crack Eric, and Kevin all wanted to go to Montreal so we kinda just went. We wanted to peep Albany, NY and sick we did. Classic crust city with unique spots. After a five hour car ride, everyone was stoked to be out of the car and get some burritos. Right by a perfect double kink handrail. John was fiending, got on, grinded a couple times, then just went down real hard onto his hip and was pretty brunsed out. But he still was able to come away with the sickest trick of the trip in Montreal. We got to spend a free night at the Holiday Inn thanks to papa’s papa. Got some continental breakfast and spee. Hit some bball court spots which were awesome, then went for the border. We get there, we have six stoners in

John Gardner fs grab Eric Elliot Madonna

Zach Gesko bs smith

Zachy Hurricane

the car, they ask one of us to speak up, then some stoner mumbles something and we got pulled aside. Since the car was clean we were good, but we still had to go in, and Crack Eric got pulled into the back room due to an old possession charge. Two hours later we’re in Canada and searching for beer. Went to a gas station to buy a beer and they wouldn’t serve because it was after 10, fuckin bruns. So went across the street to a bar restaurant and spent 16 bucks on a beer and fries. But it was still good at that point. We went back and passed out.

Jordan bs smith

Jordan bs overcrook

Jordan fs smith

First day we drive to the money exchange right in downtown and smelt some weed burning on the streets. Jordan bonds with the guy, and his girl, and they hooked it up real quick. Got some Canada money and skated downtown. Got to check out p45 DIY spot. Place is sick. Met some cool people there, they hooked it up with the B.C. buds, and some good times night skating downtown. Got to skate the big O and spent a whole day at the stadium. Skated a bunch more spots then I thought. It was really sick, everybody killed it. Kev killed it the most with driving and somehow knowing where every spot was in some foreign country. Bruns. Soul.

BZ pivot fakie

John Gardner ollie

Austin Plantinga Ollie Thomas Goldman

Jamal Jordan fs 5050 Diego Valdez

Taylor Moore boardslide Brent O’Donnell

Austin Plantinga Ollie O’Donnell

My first video Pleasant Surprise had a heavy inspiration from Chris Mulhern’s This Time Tomorrow. I decided to do the whole day into night transition and back to day in the video. It was filmed in all HD and I got a lot of compliments on all the night footage in it. I had always thought a video done entirely at night would be really sick but super hard to pull off because of bars/girlfriends/etc. I really like how the camera light isolates the skater and the outside distractions are minimal compared to daytime footage. I decided to push forward with it anyway, figuring at least I could make like a 15 minute montage/video type thing. Right away my friends Taylor Moore and Austin Plantinga are down for the idea and think they could probably pull off full parts. Since I’m usually busy during the day with advertising school and working at a screenprinting shop, I usually don’t get out till it’s dark anyway so it kind of worked out perfectly. We went on a few trips to cities near Richmond and a trip to Philly for the Skate Jawn anniversary (see last issue). Probably didn’t get to travel as much as we would have liked but the trips we made were very productive. I’m actually doing a VX video next. I’m going to stick to some sort of theme but haven’t figured it out yet. But if you want to grab a copy of LNL for $10 shipped you can do so at Thanks, Clem

Patrick Yagow wallride Stephan Stalnaker

Taylor Moore fs lip Valdez

Brian Siegert sw krook p- Jim Dwyer

John Shanahan 5050 bs 180 p- Matt Pepe

Stan noseslide p- Scott P

Bobby Worrest & Mike Sinclair p- Zaslavsky

Ryan Rullman noseslide p- Ian Abineri


Stan K p- Club Led

Kozo Cavalcanti ollie p- Daniel Stone

Corey Ruben fs tail block p- Sussingham

Joey Penry smith p- Andy Helvy


Vizzy hippy hop p- CJ Harker

Matt Eaton polejam p- Scordo

Cyrus Bennet kickflip p- Sussingham

Jamie Palmore sw nosegrind p- Zaslavsky

Joel Mienholz p- TKP

Charlie Dignan fs blunt p- Nobo

Garret Daly hippy hop p- TKP

David Nott fakie ollie p- Danny Coates

Justin Henry nosegrind p- Andy Helvey

Nate Lacoste sw heel p- Hull

Graver fs wallride p- Hull

JFK p- Harker

w w w . n j s k a t e s h o p . c o m w w w. u n d e rg ro u n d - s ka te s h o p . c o m w w w. t h e o r y s ka te b o a rd i n g . c o m w w w . p u s h e r w h e e l s . c o m w w w. l o s t s o u l s k a t e b o a r d s . c o m w w w. s t i m u l u s s ka te b o a rd s . c o m w w w. p r i z e f i g h t e r c u t l e r y. c o m w w w . v o i d s k a t e b o a r d s . c o m w w w . p o l i t i c b r a n d . c o m w w w . m e r c h a n t s o f i l l . c o m w w w . e x p l o i t a t i o n v m . c o m w w w . f u c k b o b a w e s o m e . c o m w w w . t h e b e e r i c s . c o m w w w . m a x z a h r a d n i k . c o m w w w . c h r o n i c l e s o f h e r n . c o m w w w . r o b c o l l i n s p h o t o . c o m w w w . m a t e r i e l s u p p l y . c o m w w w . f i n d r a n g e r s . c o m w w w. m a i n e s k a t e b o a r d i n g . b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w. m a g n o l i a s c re e t . b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w. t h e l o c a l w e a t h e r. t u m b l r. c o m w w w. s c u m b a g b a s t a r d . b l o g s p o t . c o m w w w. c m a r t p h o t o g r a p h y. b l o g s p o t . c o m

Best skate shops Arizona: Cowtown Glendale/ Phoenix/Tempe/Litchfield, Sidewalk Surfer, California: FTC, DLX, Circle A, Mission, 510, Church of Skatan, Atlas, Banned, Skateworks, Pacific Drive, Bills Wheels, Colorado: The Denver shop, Blacklist, Diabolical, Satellite, Market, Connecticut: Skate Lair, Day One, RAW, Delaware: Kinetic, Switch, Florida: S.P.o.T., MIA, Galactic G, Georgia: Stratosphere, Ruin, Get Rad, Illinois: Uprise, Indiana: Blacklist, Louisiana: Humidity, Massachusetts: Eastern Boarder Worcester/Natick/Leominster/ Danvers, Orchard, Theory, BLVD, Solstice, RAW,

New Hampshire: Eastern Boarder Nashua, Pioneers, Red Alert, New Jersey: NJ skateshop Hoboken/Princeton/New Brunswick, Holmes & co, Underground 1,2&3, Square peg, Pro, Prime, Black Flag shop, Shack board shop, Nephews, Woodshop, New York: KCDC, 2nd Nature, Seasons, Supreme, Shut, Labor, Homage, Belief, Common Ground, Max Fish, Krudco, Tre Truck, Infamous, Sunday, Homegrown, Nevada: Pharmacy, Ohio: Embassy, Tristar, Oregon: Cal Pharmacy, Shrunken Head, Flywheel, Exit Real World, Tactics, Pennsylvania: Armory East, Exit, Homebase, Reign, Pretas, Holistic, One up, Revival, Fairmans, Ambler, blakkline, Rhode Island: Civil, South Carolina: Bluetile,

Maryland: Pitcrew, Vu, Skateology, Agro Joe’s, Union,

Texas: Apparition, No Comply, Cades Boards, Index,

Maine: Backwoods, R E Session,

Vermont: Maven, Talent, Plaza skate park,

Michigan: Plus, Premier,

Virginia: Venue, Cardinal, Kiko’s, Buhi world,

North Carolina: Endless Grind, Black Sheep, Exodus,

Washington: 35th North, North End,

North Dakota: This skate and snow,

Contact for copies

Skate jawn Issue 20