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Skate Jawn mag jawn

Issue 2 August 2010

p: Rob Collins

I love skateboarding so much I made this jawn about it.

Mike Gustafson interview AAron Brown Sean Mccabe art pictures EAst Coast lovE Cover: Christian Hernandez rolls down the garbage chute and comes out clean. p: Darin Pa Above: Dill ollie in Trenton p: Scott

Aaron Brown

Some of you may have heard of Aaron Brown…some of you may have not. Aaron skates for PUSHER WHEELS here in Philly. He’s been our Southern team rider since the company started. I’ve known Aaron for 7 years now. I used to pick him up down in Athens, GA everyday after school to go skate. From early on I could tell his ledge skating was on point. He killed it then and he damn sure kills it now. You may not see too much coverage of the guy, but if you ever get to skate with him you’ll notice real quick that he’s the real deal. Aaron has lived in the Atlanta area for a long time. He recently moved to Tampa, FL for a change of pace. Keep an eye out for this dude. If you’re in Florida stop into the Skate Park of Tampa and say hi to old Brown Stain. Then go skate with him and see what good style looks like. Keep rippin’Aaron. -Rob @ the real PUSHER WHEELS

Do it yr self

Art pictures by sean Mc cabe

all pictures drawn in Massachusettes 2010

from jerzy with love 5-0, no lube

John Santaniello p: Rob Collins

Nate Plumb p: Rob Collins

Brendan O’connor p: Rob Collins

Nosegrind while riding down the sidewalk at night p: Blair Kemp

Abe gets tricky on a Boston Ledge, p: Zander

bs 180 in philly DOAN


East Coast Love Wallies. Maybe the funest thing to do on a skateboard once you learn how. It’s not like they can’t do them on the west coast, just not like this. No matter where you at, you can always find something to wallie.

Mike Gustafson

interview :Travis Storer photos: Sam Mckenna

Travis Storer: Hey, how’s it going Mike? Let’s start off by asking how old you are and how long you have been skateboarding? Mike Gustafson: I’m 28 and I’ve been skateboarding for 15 years. Travis: How did you get into skating? What caught your attention to it and made you think it was for you? Mike G: Back in ‘94, when I was in Eighth Grade there was one skater in my entire school named Dave Brawn. He was this little gremlin with spiked hair, huge pants and Airwalk Ones and I learned about skating from him. I wasn’t down with all the jocks and rednecks in my school and skating appealed to me because it was an outsider activity. Travis: You’re from Bowdoinham, Maine. What was it like learning how to skate in such a rural town? Where would you go and skate? Mike G: Bowdoinham was actually a sick place to start skating. I would skate a mile everyday down these country roads to the local school and skate curbs. But because of that I learned to actually ride a board before learning any tricks. Skating that mile was gnarly because there we’re big hills and lots of people driving by super fast in rusted out cars and 4x4 trucks and those people definitely didn’t care much for skateboarders.

Travis: What motivates you to keep skating after all these years when most of the people you grew up skating with stopped and moved onto other things?

switch K

Mike G: It’s the best thing ever! Learning new tricks, skating new spots and meeting new people is just as fun now as it was when I first started. Nothing beats being outside, skating with friends and not knowing what’s going to happen next. Travis: Growing up around southern Maine who would you say you looked up too?

Mike G: The older guys for sure. Ben Mugford was a huge influence. Johne Lawrence, Ammon, Dan Foster, Steve Dolan. Those guys are the raddest dudes. Shawn Connolly and Dan Drehobl we’re legends to us. They had moved out West when I really started getting involved with skating but tales of what they had done around town we’re passed on to us. Brassil Savage was another name we always heard about. I remember hearing Brassil once ollied a full sized Picnic Table in winter boots!

Travis: Recently you filmed a video part in Jay Brown’s video “Mixed Effect”. What are your plans now that the video is done. Are you working on anything else? Mike G: I’ve been skating around Portland a lot more rather than traveling to Boston every weekend. I head down to Lawrence, MA every other week or so and meet up with Jon Wolf, Manny Aldana and the Lawrence guys, which is always super fun. I’ve been getting clips here and there with Jon and my friend Jimmy Collins which I send to Justin Hogan to try and get a few clips in “Thanks Camera 4: Jump the Shark”. nollie back tail

nollie inward heel

Travis: Want to give some thanks to anyone that’s helped you out along the way? Shout outs? Mike G: Thank You Travis, Marcus at “Skate Jawn” mag, Sam McKenna, Mike Laybold, Jay Brown, Kevin “Leeroy” Madden, Jess Turcotte, Jimmy Collins, Jon Wolf, Justin Hogan, Walter Lohr at Underground Wheel Company, Brian Fiske and Earl Verrier at Eastern Boarder and AJ and Greg at the BSC. Thank you

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long ago and far away


p. Enos gangsta switch krook in jerzy city

Fr digital skate stuff type one these sites into the computer www.

Arab moneeeyyyy Paul Thundersteezze p: Enos

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