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Issue 14 November 2012


• Back street Atlas • Johnny Wilson • Jeremy Holmes • Campus Orientation

Cover: Ishod Wair, kickflip p- Billy Cox Left: Andrew Wilson, roll in p- Colin Sussingham Right: John Pankus, 5-0 p- Alex Papke Contact: All rights reserved Skate Jawn 2012

Photographers: Andy Enos Billy Cox Colin Sussingham CJ Harker Deville Max Hull Xeno Tsarnas Contributing Photogs: Joe Scordo Johnny Wilson Karim Gohem Paul Overstrom Rob Collins Sam McKenna Zander Taketomo Contributors: Nobo McManus Travis Storer Matt Lilly Brendan Wilkie Sloan Palder Matt Karlin Illustration: Will Laren Editor / Designer: Marcus Waldron Contact:


Photos by Zach Baker and Adam Abada Words by Zach Baker

Boston to Wrentham

Fast-forward two years and there we were: sitting in an abandoned bar seven miles outside of Boston, waiting for the rain to stop. With 20 miles of skating left for the day, we put on our ponchos, get some grocery bags for our feet, and started hoofin’ it back down Rt. 1A. We each had a backpack, a shared tent, a dickload of camera gear, and two normal street setups with hard-ass wheels. We figured it would take two or so weeks. After two hours we’d walked maybe four or fives miles. The rain stopped and the sun started to dry the ground out, then we eventually started skating again. We met up with a Patch reporter in Walpole, MA, who bought us blueberry beers and asparagus. The Olympics were on at the bar. At 9PM, we got back onto Rt. 1A for eight miles of skating down the most country, least lit, no shoulderhavin’, drunk-drivin ass two lane road we’d ever seen. We would push for a few seconds until we saw headlights then we’d jump over the guardrail into the tall-ass grass, rinse, then repeat. We got to Wrentham around 11PM, where we stayed with our friend Sam’s dad. David fed us chicken while we drank beers and listened to his friends playing the didgeridoo, then sat in a hot tub, then went to sleep.

I lived in Boston for five years. Sometime in 2009 I was skating home from work and was staring off and thinking about skating, or about how New York is cool or something. Then I thought of something stupid, which happens a lot, so I called Abada to see if it was still stupid. I told him about this stupid thing and he agreed that it was indeed still very, very stupid but he was down to do it with me. I knew he would be. He’s definitely the only imaginable homie who would ever entertain such a half-baked, hare-brained scheme: skating from Boston to NYC.

Wrentham to Providence

On our way to Providence the next day, we skated a ledge in Plainville. We also skated Pawtucket Skatepark, which is shaped like a sock for the Pawtucket Red Sox. My backpack fell apart so I MacGuyvered it with string. The Pawtucket park locals were tight as fuck, as they were also in favor of burning broccoli in public spaces. We stayed in Providence for three days. My mom’s friend put us up the first night. She treated us to all the hamburgers and cookies a man could ask for. We kicked it with our friend Jackie who lives in an artist space downtown called AS220. We then drank with and were fed by our friend Roz. My cousin Paul met us at a metal show/experimental two-act play. That play was freaky as fuck. We met a dude named Will who ripped. He helped build such parks as Fairfield and Pawtucket, had mad knowledge on the history of skating in the state, and showed us some chill slappy curbs and how well he can do frontside airs. We skated the RISD ledges and that big monument with a thick squad from New Hampshire. We got belligerent drunk with my cousin Paul and then we fell asleep. When we woke up, we went to Narragansett.

Providence to Gansett

That morning I thought I was going to throw up every drop of fun that I’d imbibed over the last few days. In East Greenwich we had lunch and checked out Civil Skateshop. Somewhere after EG the road became a full-blown highway and that was scary as fuck. We got off the highway eventually and both ate shit bombing the same hill. Our friend Becca met us. We purified ourselves in the waters of Narragansett then dressed our wounds with fisherman’s platters and reefer. Becca was bummed to find that her good friends had morphed into complete crust punks.

Gansett to Block Island to New London to Madison

We went on vacation to Block Island for a day. The ferry took us because hoverboards don’t work on water. We drank on varying beaches and skated the skatepark. The skatepark was a blistering slab of rusted metal, but somehow Adam mustered the moves to film a line, while the young beach bums on scooters blasted can-cans and tailwhips like you wouldn’t believe. We bought canned shit and brought it to these bluffs and ate it all with crackers and pot and whiskey then slept in our tent. We took the ferry back to the most daunting part of our trip: Connecticut. We skated to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison. It was 30 miles and those miles sucked dick. We got to the park at dusk and were treated well by the family whose campsite we accidentally camped on.

Madison to New Haven

The road to New Haven was smooth as shit and pretty flat. We blasted there pretty hard. We got there mid-afternoon, which was good, because it’s pretty much the worst place in America. Yale is baby thighs, while the New Haven hoods are trife and heinous. We stayed at the La Quinta hotel where we chilled poolside with an ex-con and a veteran/ former baseball player getting high as fuck.The ex-con shared his Natural Ice cans with us, we shared our Jim Beam with him, and the toothless ex-ballplayer came along for the ride. I don’t remember falling asleep but I remember waking up and wanting to get the fuck out of New Haven.

New Haven to Bridgeport

People along the way told us that Bridgeport was the trifest place in Connecticut—worse than New Haven. But we had a blast! Bobby and Kerry at Day One Skateshop were the shit. We got there and they were waiting for us with beers and fresh tees. They took us to skate Rampage Skatepark and drink one million beers. Kerry put us up at his place and we thanked him by clogging the toilet. Bridgeport fucking ruled.

Bridgeport to Stamford

Got stopped by cops in Greenwich outside of a Maserati dealership for zig-zagging down the street. Got stopped again in Harrison, NY for filming without a permit. They searched Abada because he was wearing socks with weed leaves on them. They didn’t find any because it was in my fannypack. Yeah, I had a fannypack. 2nd Nature in Mamaroneck is chill as fuck. That dude Shaq is tight. They hooked us up with t-shirts and we kicked it a minute then ate burgers. We left and went to New Rochelle. Then we were in the Bronx. Then we were in Harlem. In our eyes, the move was to make a killer movie about the freaky shit between two cities; to take a closer look at what and who the hell is out the window of that Fung Wah bus that we’d each taken thousands of times. Skateboarding is the best thing to do and the American Northeast is the best place to do it. That’s why we did it.

The short film Backstreet Atlas will be out later this fall. For updates about the film, go to

By Will Laren

Jeremy Holmes Interview by Brendan Wilkie Photos by Radballs Pete

half cab noseslide How did you first get into skating? Believe or not, Gleaming the Cube. My brother who skated a little bit took me to see it at the dollar theatre. I was hooked. Keep in mind this is like ‘89 or something and I’m like five years old. What was it like growing up as a black skater in Texas? Probably the same as growing up a black skater anywhere... rough, confusing, frustrating....I’m actually a little jealous of black kids skating today. They got it

way easier than heads my age had it. You got Lil Wayne skating now, and TK had a show on BET!!! Top 5 skaters from Texas? You know, there are a lot of amazing skaters from TX. I guess I’ll just mention my personal favorites: Guru, Nate Broussard, Bryan Botelho, Richard Angelides, Mike Crum, and don’t forget John Comer, he’s got one leg! And I’ve seen him do tre flips! Ridiculous! Kalis isn’t really from TX but he’ll always be a Dallas skater to me, one of the best. How is the East Coast different from Dallas/Texas and how is it similar? Well for one, we can’t really skate in the summer here, and ya’ll can’t really skate in the winter there. Ain’t that some shit. But for real though, as far as skateboarding is concerned, we have a lot in common. Heads are grounded and have a lot of heart. Switch back 5-0 or switch krook? Sw krook is definitely my go to, but sw 5-0 gets the props. Best ledges you’ve ever skated? That’s hard to say. I’ve skated a lot of ledges in my day. I’ll say this much: I’m sure they were granite/marble. The ground was buttaz, They were in downtown. There were bums, derelicts, and hoods in the way. They probably reaked of a weird concoction of urine, chicken wings, and liquor. Security was probably constantly rolling up. Half the kids down at the skatepark either couldn’t skate them, or just didn’t want to. And the way things are going

switch ollie

switch K

in skateboarding today, ledges like these will continue to be less and less appreciated, if they even manage to remain in existence. I’ll stop ranting now. How did you end up having a part in Logic 11? Did you go out and film for the video or did your footage just end up in it? Ah, a little bit of both. I knew Heath Brinkley through Mikey Taylor and all the City Stars kids. One way or another word got to him that it would be a good look to get me a part. So I guess I sent him some footage I already had, and that got the O.K. Then I filmed some more stuff to finish it off. I never imagined the part would get the response it did, and still be remembered now. Who were the first skateboarders that you looked up to? At first, Ray Barbee. I saw him on sk8 tv. I was like, “look dad, brothas can skate too!” Then as the 90’s came around and I started really getting into magazines and videos it was the same thing, Kareem, Keenan, Marcus and Lavar, Lil Stevie..ha, remember that, when he was just Lil Stevie. I remember how psyced we were when he was in that Thrasher with all the young skaters. On the cover, “Thrasher” was written in crayons. I don’t even remember who else was in that issue. I just remember seeing Lil Stevie doing a heel flip down the stairs at city hall, and thinking: Whoa, he’s black and young. Mind you, I’m like in 4th grade or something at this point. Going back to what we spoke on earlier, it was always a struggle back then (being a black skater) so seeing any brothas out there doing it was a huge source of motivation. Have you ever skated Love Park? Yes, right at the end. Back in like ‘01 and ‘02. I was on Ezekiel and would come to Philly to skate with Kerry Getz and Pete Eldridge. It was cool too, because I saw Josh for the first time since he left Dallas, which was when I was like 11 or twelve, and he still remembered me and everything. He was like why you hanging out with Kerry and them, come kick it with us. I guess he had beef with Dridge back then or something.

Who is your favorite Wu Tang member? Tony Starks aka Ironman aka Pretty Tony aka Theodore aka The....Ghost......Face....Killaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! How long did it take you to nollie back noseblunt the ledge to drop at MACBA? Did you eat shit at all? It didn’t really take that long actually. I did it in one session which is more than I can say for some of the clips I’m trying to get these days when I have to come back like 3 times over the span of month before finally getting it.

WiNNER Best doubles photo cole kamish crail taylor rosenbauer fs air Photo by Andre Rucker

New Contest best kickflip back tail photo


johnny wilson interview

by Jawn Belushi

What’s good man? Nothing, buzzy What’s your favorite part about the city? I don’t know, all the people and that you skate from spot to spot, even though that sounds super corny. Mad homies live here What’s your favorite thing about Philly? Probably Mitchell Nik and Sloan.

And when we go to spots. I like Philly, everyone thinks I don’t. But I do, I just don’t like when we get stuck at the house till 2pm Why you go to CT so much? I don’t know, probably cause Andrew loves going to Ja Burtons. It’s always a good time. Ja is the homie Tell me about your video “video” Yo sorry Andrew is super buzzy

and going crazy right now. Well I moved to NY in September and by December I realized that I wanted to make a video. I knew Dylan, Paul and Andrew would have parts cause I live with them. Then Pat Galloway had a bunch a of stuff so he had part. We had a premier in June which was super sick. So a couple days after the premier I was uploading it to Vimeo and still didn’t have a name so I had to call it something so the first thing that came to my mind was

“video.” So that’s what I called it. Describe your brothers Well Mitchell is just crazy. He’s always been, he’s got mad good book smarts but no life skills. And Andrew is just crazy as well. Anyone who knows him will agree. They both really like smoking cheeba What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen Mitchell do? Damn that’s hard. One time when we lived in Pennsylvania we went to Ritas and he threw his cars keys away in the trash can. There’s definitely been something better I just cant think of it What’s yr favorite cig? I don’t know lately I’ve been down with yellow American Spirits cause Cyrus Who’s Cyrus?

Cyrus is some bitch that lives near me. He’s not really a bitch at all. He’s probably one of the best skateboarders that lives in New York. He just got on iron claw. He’s coming out with this part in this kid Sean’s video. It’s gonna be amazing You cook today? Yeah I did. I got this job interview on Monday for a personal chef for these people in manhattan. I gotta bring them two meals so today I made butternut squash soup to see how it tastes. It was good At what point does a boy become a man? That sounds like a question Mitchell would ask me. I don’t know first time he cops the homie bj What are your thoughts on cunnilingus ? Who’s giving you these questions. I

don’t know, I never have performed it Do you get chicks? I don’t know. Not as much as Colin Why do you only smoke stuff that doesn’t get you stoned? Cause I’m not trying to smoke weed I guess maybe on day. We’ll see. What you scurred of ? I’m scared of Mitchell when he’s buzzy. Does Kev inspire you? Probably. If I have any questions about vx1000s or frezzis I’ll ask. Even though he will never respond. Lately I’ll ask Mulhern, he knows his stuff too You go to bars out in New York? Yeah I got an ID. It’s fun but I just hate the price of bars. There’s this spot by our house that has $1 pbr on Mondays so that’s always fun What are your favorite parks in NYC? LES is amazing, I love it. I also really like Astoria. Favorite parks outside of NYC? Riley park in Michigan. It’s right outside Detroit. Close to where Pat Galloway is fun. Its got everything What’s the most ignant thing you’ve seen Andrew do recently? Well he’s been guzzling a lot more which makes him way more ignant. Two weekends ago we were at some basement party and he was going crazy breaking bottles, throwing trash cans and we were riding long boards in the street. Actually Colin kicked some dudes long board and it got ran over by bus. Last weekend he knocked everything off a beer pong table include glass bottles at some random persons house Dubstep? Dude chill Why don’t you smoke? Maybe one day We can only hope. Last words? vx1, 614 lafayette, Mitchell Sloan Nik, SKATE JAWN and Sundays, Corey, Cyrus, and Cole. be out mode. I could keep going but that’s J.O. BIG ZACHY.

Ramps Out Back Spooners

Kyle Bertrand bs tail

Paul London fs 5-0

This ramp has seen many phases. My brother and I grew up in a rural part of New Jersey with nothing to skate insight. It only took a year of skating flat ground on sheets of plywood lying in the grass, before we realized that we needed to create something to satisfy our need to skate. We managed to get our dad to back us and help us create a mini “vert” ramp. Needless to say the first ramp was a monster and extended upwards instead of out. It was an 8 ft wide by 6 ft high vert ramp with a tight flat bottom. We had it like that for a couple years and in that time not a single soul dropped in on it. We would just pump back and forth and make all kinds of janky setups off the side of the flat bottom. The next phase came in 2003 when we cut the ramp down from 6 ft to 4 ft. We could finally fully enjoy the ramp, and it got a lot of good use through our middle school years. The final phase came in 2005 when we got hit with a major stroke of luck. One of our relative’s neighbors had a professionally built mini ramp, 16ft wide by 4ft high with a 10 ft flat bottom, all freshly coated with skate lite. To our amazement these people were moving and could not sell their home with such a large ramp crowding the back yard, so they were giving it away! Sadly, we did not have the equipment or funds to haul the whole ramp over to our house, however we were able to take all of that precious skate lite. This got us jump started on reconstructing our ramp from 8ft wide to 16ft wide. We also added a 1ft high extension on one corner and a 7.5 ft vert wall on another corner. This has been the way the mini has been set up till today. We have done yearly repairs, and often stripped the ramp down to a skeleton and put it back together again, which has only made it stronger. Through owning and maintaining a ramp I have developed firm ramp building skills, and have helped build 5 other mini ramps. One of which is a fully functional 2ft high by 6ft wide mini in our garage attic. We have had countless mini ramp jams and late night micro ramp sessions. Both ramps have been a blessing in so many ways and I encourage anyone else who has the opportunity to build one to do so. –Josh Spooner

Jake Spooner lien disaster

Josh Spooner drop in

Josh Spooner

Snake run moan Photos by Jo-Bo

Matt fs krook

Brenden full cab heel flip

It’s a Saturday morning 8:59 am, Ki Realer and Jo Bo just arrived, and they left Philly at about 5am. Matt Fenell showed up about 3 minutes later from Maine and cracked what I believe was a Budweiser morning energy drink (testing to market). We were ready to rock, but the closest homies from Mass, Brendan O’Connor and Mikey Poigiia showed up an hour and 45 minutes later…. So the journey begins. It was a bright and sunshiny day, frogs where chirping and mosquitoes biting; we had beers, lotto tickets and

no weed. We stopped at some fun, stupid and great parks and spots on our way to the snake run. It’s pretty mystical, think of the jungles of Vietnam and Rambo and a concrete construct like a delicate monolith from Mars. It’s orgasmic, throw in a dad on a quad taking pics of his fat son’s “sktn 4 s8n” tag and some cops firing bean bags of death. The journey was far and wet and dangerous, but all good things are right!!! -John Cassandra

Brendan noseblunt

Welcome to NC State University, where people come to school just for the skateboarding... Well, not quite, but it was at least 50% of the reason why I moved from NJ to come to school here four years ago. In those four years, I have been lucky enough to experience a growing excitement in the skate scene at NCSU and the endless stoke and fun of the skate scene of Raleigh, North Carolina. If you ask any skater in North Carolina to describe the skating at NCSU they will give you one word: spots. NC State has a plethora of spots. We have rows and rows of slick plastic benches, basketball court-length banks, bondo-ed 10 and 12 sets, handrails around every corner, and tons of interesting gaps if you tend to think outside the box. The other thing that everyone remembers about NC State is the signature “click-clack� of the smooth brick that covers the campus and makes just cruising around and pushing as fast as you can something to fall in love with. Most people in Raleigh, especially skaters, will tell you that they love it here. I have not met one skater here who was bummed on the scene, the people, or

the atmosphere of skateboarding. Living right beside campus is the place to be. Skating campus anytime you want; a quick skate or bike ride away from Downtown Raleigh- which is home to some things that I must mention, such as the classic Endless Grind skateshop, the best bars, clubs and food, shows and festivals, and, of course, more skating; house parties, keggers and ragers damn near every night during the semester- that being a blessing or a curse for different people; beautiful weather and ladies in summer clothes a majority of the year; backyard and indoor miniramps- I have two within 3 blocks of my apartment, one of which belonging to Jed Shooter of Post 22 (one of the raddest, most humble dudes you will ever meet). In a place like Raleigh, it is no surprise that skateboarding will inevitably find its way into the University. People will forever shred a campus like NC State, and that is why we created NC Skate. A small group of students formed the skate club when I was a freshmen and its one main goal was to gain support for skating a bust-free campus. From there, the club grew into a gnarly and ambitious group of homies, who are also my best friends. When I witnessed the dawn of the

Dylan Barret - ollie

Keegan Guizard

club four years ago, I was completely oblivious to its full potential. After a few rough battles with the University, NC Skate found its way to benefit from the institution. The club has become fully supported and funded by NCSU. The only downside was that we had to give in to the somewhat vomit-inducing label of being classified as a ‘Club Sport’ (along with filling out some b.s. paperwork). But, imagine giving in to that to receive an all-expense-paid skate road trip with your homies. Amongst countless NC Skate expeditions have been 3-4 day trips to Jacksonville, Fl. to skate the legendary Kona skatepark and to NYC to be a part of the Agenda tradeshow and

Matt Brokaw, kickflip p- Mike Ford meet some legends from our culture. Both of which we had our gas, (nice) hotels, and entry paid for by the school.

David Garcia, kickflip p- William Hinrichs Matt Brokaw, fs wallride p- Mike Ford

The reason the school is so willing to accept our group is because we are recognized as the ‘Community Service Leaders’ of the NCSU club organizations... and I know what you’re thinking, “community service?! F*@# that! I’ll do my share of service when the judge sentences me to it for that ticket I got skating...” but it’s not the type that you’re thinking. Our community service is that we’ve convinced the school to allow us to hold contests and skate events on campus. We put on best trick contests at spots at State, games of s.k.a.t.e., ramp jam events on setups we build and make them all charity-benefit events. Entry fees and money raised have gone to Grind for Life Cancer Foundation, ASkate Autism Foundation, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Raleigh. Companies such as LRG, Diamond, Ambig, Vans, DVS, Matix, Satori Movement, and Mighty Healthy have donated thousands of dollars of product for these events. After being here a couple of years, you will also notice two other big things in Raleigh: lots of underground talent and lots of underprivileged kids to whom skateboarding is all they got. This

Jordan Law - bs wallride p- Sammy Velasquez

community is what really makes these events such a big deal. It’s truly a win-win for everyone and something to see if you’re ever in the area. Some of the top heads in NC Skate, Keegan Guizard, Diego Fernandez, myself, and others, have realized this and just decided to run with it. It’s just one of those ideas we got super lucky with and have had so many good times to kick. We have tons of help and support from all of the homies involved with NC Skate and from the larger skate community and are thankful for every bit. Some people reading might get the wrong idea about all of this, so just to be clear, the club’s intention isn’t to separate us from the rest of the skateboard culture or to sell out the heart of skateboarding to soulless corporations and institutions that look to profit from what they see as a ‘marketable sport’. Our intention is to use the club and the University’s support as a tool to benefit the entire Raleigh skate community and beyond. The skateboarding community should always act as one big family, because only a skateboarder knows skateboarding. That is how it is here in Raleigh and that is what we all love about this place. Currently, NC Skate is fighting the ongoing struggle against the authorities to make ALL street skating on campus legal. We have made progress, but I guess that fight will just always be a part of true skateboarding. Not everybody is going to accept it. Our other projects right now include working to get a small skatepark/d.i.y. spot on central campus, filming for our ‘Brick Magic’ video series, and getting our own board graphic into NC shops. In the words of former officer and committed member of NC Skate, Keegan Guizard, “NC Skate having its own skateboard graphic, distributing that through several outlets, and being known that we’ve accomplished that much in a few short years would be the next step in expanding the movement and the good influence of skateboarding.” To see the board graphic and peep some vids

check out Special thanks to Dan Murphy, Mary Yemma, Jim Law, the Post 22 guys, Peter Fradella, Lee Kennedy, Steve Fox, moms and dads err’where, and anyone else who’s ever supported or helped us. Skate & Create!

FDR first annual Drunk vs Sober contest Photos by Zoli

p- Billy Cox

John, Ollie

Burge, Crail

Pedro DeOliveira varial heel p- Marcus

Yoshi Ebata, smith p-Max Hull

Frankie Nash bs blunt p- Marcus

Wilke, boneless p- Hull

Rob Estberg bs noseblunt p- Overstrom

Rob Estberg, kickflip p- Overstrom

Kyle Nicholson, half cab nosegrind fakie p- Rob Reed

Chris Sarte, lipslide p- Max Hull Sloan Palder, boardslide p- Marcus

Stu Miller, Krook p- Luke Darigan Kevin Bateman, bs smith p- Rob Reed

Richie Dahland, fakie frontside flip p- Thomas Goldman

David Mauvais, wallie 5050 p- Alex Papke

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Mike Crum, invert p- Radballs Pete

SKATEBOARDING ON THE INTERNET w w w . m e r c h a n t s o f i l l . c o m w w w . m a x z a h r a d n i k . c o m w w w . t h e l o v e t u g . c o m w w w . t h e w o r s t d u d e s . c o m w w w w w w w

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