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Issue 15 January 2013

Mike Maldonado

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Cover: Andrew Wilson, 5050 p- Colin Sussingham Below: Sloan Palder, wall bash p- Max Hull Right: Ben Hatchell, fs blunt p- Xeno Tsarnas Contact: All rights reserved Skate Jawn 2012

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Photographers: CJ Harker Andy Enos Billy Cox Colin Sussingham Deville Max Hull Xeno Tsarnas Contributing Photogs: Joe Scordo Johnny Wilson Karim Gohem Paul Overstrom Rob Collins Sam McKenna Zander Taketomo Contributors: Nobo McManus Travis Storer Matt Lilly Brendan Wilkie Sloan Palder Matt Karlin Illustration: Will Laren Conor Prunty Editor / Designer: Marcus Waldron Contact:

Dave Caddo, kickflip p- Xeno

Josh Hawkins Interview by Jawn Doe Photos by Deville

What you been up to today I woke up at 6 and went to an auto swap meet. Sold an old pickup I’ve been trying to get rid of for a while. Went to lunch with some friends, then went and got a trick. It was a good day. Where’d you skate? Well I’m in Phoenix right now. I met up with my friends at this over a rail into a bank, not too far from my place. Were the homies stoked? Always! If anyone gets a trick we’re all having a good night. How many cars do you have? Right now I have two. I drive a 4runner and I have 1950 ford 4door that I’m building right now. It’s been a project for about 2 years now. How did you get into cars? My pops. He does body work and I did it with him for like 3 years. I’ve always been around them. What’s sick about Arizona? Everything except the heat. Good parks everywhere, spots, winter weather, cheap rent, skate scene, friends, and so on. What’s your favorite ditch and why? There are so many here, none really my favorite though. But I’ve probably spent the most time at Beardsley banks. There are a lot possibilities there and you can get creative. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s only a few miles away from me.

What do you smoke? No cigs at all, hate em. But the occasional weed is nice sometimes. It really fucks with my head the next day though. What do you drink? IPA’s and whiskey. And anything else I can get my hands on. I’m really trying to cut back lately though. Drinking really has an impact on my skating. What’s up with A Happy Medium 3? We just put out the promo for it a few days ago. I’m really psyched on how it turned out. Buster and Hunter are amazing at what they do. We just like to skate, have fun, and put out quality skateboard films with our friends. No date right now but we are working on it.

Ever find a Scorpion in your shoe? No I haven’t had the pleasure. I almost sat on one, on a toilet seat and not too long ago we were all at Jaws’ house and one crawled on Rob’s chest while he was laying on the floor. They are pretty damn scary. What’s the Hawkins twist? I don’t know what that is haha I found it on YouTube Really? Maybe it’s that switch front foot impossible 360. That’s a twisty one I guess. I’ve never heard of the Hawkins twist though. Have you watched Pretty Sweet? What do you think about the way skate videos are heading? No I haven’t seen it. It just depends on who is filming the video to me. HD and dolly shots and all that can look good but not many people do it justice. I think the widescreen format doesn’t really help with making spots look good. But there are a lot of creative things you can do with all these new HD cameras that I haven’t seen anyone capitalize on. If

everything is just going straight to the Internet nowadays it might as well be standard def with that buttery lens. You can’t beat a vx1000 for skateboarding. Did you see the Bones Brigade documentary? Yeah I did. Only once though. It was good. A real emotional one. Got any Deville stories or just stories from being on the road? Yeah I think so. On the Powell Fun video tour Deville knocked out a dude with his pants off and dick out on the dance floor of this club. It was pretty funny. Wait what happened? Elaborate. We were all dancing at this club mostly fucking around making fun of people’s crazy dance style, probably because we weren’t drunk enough to make fools of ourselves. There was an older guy like maybe late 40s

dancing around the floor. What you don’t know is that this is a club for people in their early 20s to 30. All of the sudden the old guy we’ve been fucking around with is bottomless and dick out. The dude gets close to Deville and his girlfriend and so he decks him, knocked him out. Bouncers come and they drag him over to the corner where he put his pants. In a daze he put them on and was escorted out.

Interview by Jawn Wayne Illustrations by Conor Prunty

What’s your book going to be about? The book’s all gonna be about my life, you know. Really you’ll have to hear something, like a few things from the book, to be able to understand what I’m talking about. I’ve already writ 472 pages of my book. It’s fuckin like you know, I’m into it, the book is already finished, and I already started to write the end, now I’m writing the start of the book, so people will understand how shit got so fucked up. So right now I’m at the end of the book. I just wrote the last chapter up and it’s called “escape to the streets”. It starts from the 16th of February 1998... “I had to leave my father to live on his own. I felt like a piece of shit, but I had to escape. That shit was just getting too fucked up. My brother had too many debts with the local drug dealers and they now had pushed the debt onto me, only because I was his fuckin brother. And at 15 years old and living on a chancellors estate with your fuckin retired father only receiving a state pension, 1,500 pounds is quite a fuckin hard thing to find. I only ran away as they said, the drug dealers that is, ‘we’re gonna fuckin smash your fuckin head in and kill ya to death with baseball bats’. I was scared. I was living in a small town of England, where there was no place to hide. With the threat of something like that happening to me for a problem that was not mine, neither my fathers, I knew that the drug dealers were serious as that I witnessed their violence many times previously. Like the time when one of my top school mates X owed the cunts just 18 quid, 18 pounds for some hash. He was only two days late for the deal so the cunts went and picked him up on his way home from fuckin school in a classic chapmobile. They took him to an apartment and gave him a

shoe-in, which is like a kick-in, then stamped on the back of his head so fuckin hard it got stuck between the fuckin floorboards and the radiator. They then pissed on him and poured bleach into his ear. That small town of England, Lester, was so fuckin violent, full of smackheads, crackheads, alkies, glue sniffing gas head petrol fuckin inhalers. You fuckin name it. But the main problem was the skin, Scarface-want-to-be, drug dealers. Not my kind of a town as all I wanted to do was ride my skateboard. I had to say goodbye and lie to my father, you know, that there was no problem with it at all. In the back of my mind I knew that my pop always knew. The craziest thing was I was actually excited about being homeless and running away from home and hitting the road all on my own, like a rolling stone with no place but the streets to call home. My father made me ham and cheese sandwiches, he gave me twenty pounds. We then said our farewells. It was a cold morning still dark with frost on the pavements and roads. I had a small bag containing an extra set of clothes, a knife and the sandwiches, my father had made me, as I made my way to the Hickley train station hoping that no cunt would see me trying to escape that fuckin shit hole. This time I was lucky only ten minutes for the train to arrive. The train arrived and all I remember feeling is free. So far so good, maybe not, maybe yes. Lester station was like a fuckin airport...”

It goes on man, it’s all my life story. I was only fifteen years old man I just ran away from home. I’m twenty six. My brother ripped off a load of drug dealers and started using my name to get credit cards and stuff and then when I tried to get a bank account I wasn’t allowed to get a bank account. It’s like he’d already fuckin bummed my life away. And I got arrested by the police, and then I’m in the courtroom and they’re saying, “Right your gonna go to prison” Like scrap, I’ve just been drinking on the street, you arrest me for being drunk and disorderly, why am I going to prison for first offense? Then they find out all this shit, my brother has been using my name. I fucking ran away man, and when I did that shit I got hit by a car so I started wanting to write a book you know about my life story. How did you get hit by a car? I’ve been hit by loads of trucks. I got hit by a truck in England. I used to live in the back of a fuckin, ya know, you know what a carpet is? A carpet. A carpet? A carpet, uh... carpet. Like in a house? Yeah like you put in a house, carpet it’s like soft shit you put on the floor. Yeah, I know what carpet is. I fuckin found this carpet factory, I was like “Yo!” fuckin go around the back of this carpet factory they have this big dumpster, yeah. I open that shit up, all these odd cuts of carpet, you know, left over pieces. I look in the back of the fuckin dumpster I’m like “Yooo!” I take my beanie out my head and fuckin, fuckin, wrap myself in all these pieces of carpet real yo yo yo really wrapped up real fuckin nice. Tired, I sit there sometimes smoking

weed, drinkin a fuckin nice beer, heheh laughing at how shit, the fuckin the world is. I sit here and fuckin geezers all fuckin pissed on booze walking past here going, hahaha they’re laughing they’re going home. When it comes to paying rent, I’m fuckin I’m really, really I feel like a ten year old boy, wrapped up in carpet smoking a joint drinking a heavy can of lager. Honestly, honestly I really love living on the streets. How did you start writing? Remember me I got hit by a car so I started wanting to write a book. I got my fuckin head smashed by a car, I couldn’t see any more. And, Ali Boulala told me to write a book he was like “Mills...” Ali Boulala gave you the idea? Of course, yeah we were all living in his house up real near to Melbourne. They was all staying at his house Rowley fucked off to Australia. But then he (Ali) had the motor bike accident. Do you know what’s happening with that? I don’t fuckin know. I haven’t really heard from him, all I know is he had us at his house. It was like “ yo, what’s up man?” it was like some kind of fuckin, flip team house. I just said to Ali like “what the fuck can I do, I can’t skate any more” and he was all like “Yo Mills why don’t you write a book” and that was it. And then Ewan, is like “yo yo just write a book Mills” and I started to write a book. Do you read skate mag’s? Do you follow the skate mag’s and all that shit? No I don’t really like skate mag’s cause they’re all wank.

Yeah man there’s fuckin ads for the army, and movies in Thrahser. What the fuck? I don’t even like that cause they think they’re all underground hardcore skateboarding, but they’re not shit. I want to see a fuckin skateboard magazine that’s got the fuckin real shit on the street. Real people you know not just a fuckin skateboard magazine but like maybe someone who’s got nothing to do with skateboarding at all, like a homeless guy at MACBA, you read an interview with him and you find out about his shit. Yeah that’s just part of skating, living on the streets. You know the black guy at MACBA yeah, comes here with fuckin shoes on his feet, he wears like sandals and he’s doing like frontside one eighty ollies on the flat, an interview with him but it’d be more like an interesting thing, you know? Yeah, like I’m trying to start this magazine... Yeah “Little Sister” that’s the best shit, You got Big Brother, fuck Big Brother man, Little Sister man, What’s better looking a big brother or a little sister? Yeah everyone likes a little sister, man. I always love little sisters, but they got to be eligible for it, hehe (burp). If you want help on your magazine man I’ll help you, bang. If you want to make a magazine I’m up for writing for you. 100% mate, 100%. I live in Madrid right now man, but I think I’m about to be done with that. I go to college but like... fuck college. Fuck everything man. Sasha: Do you want to see my disappearing cigarette trick? Mills: Yeah, this is good, this is good Sasha: Watch very closely, ready... it’s gonna go,it’s gonna go (snap) and it’s gone. (snap) And it’s back again. Impressive, I have to say. Mills: I’m really lucky you know, I’ve known a lot of people like Tom Penny and all theses other fuckin skater kids. I’m really lucky that I know all these fuckin guys they’re all my fucking friends and shit. When did you meet Tom Penny? 1992, something like that yeah it’s a long time man, loads of time man, we grew up skateboarding together man bang, smashing everything. What’s Tom up to right now? He’s living in Argentina, Buenos Aires. He’s got a child out there and he’s got a wife. It’s weird man you know shit changes.

What’s one of your favorite things about being a low life, just living on the streets and doing this shit? No no I like it, I love it so much cause you get to learn the real quality of people, you know what I mean? You get to really understand people. People you see on the street wearing nice slacks and shoes, and they see you rocking some old school shit and they look at you like a piece of shit. Like one time I was skating at the clock-nine (a nine-stair near a clock) I was dressed in like a long fur coat, I was wearing like some fuckin super skin tight trousers. I didn’t even look like a skateboarder. I fuckin sat on my skateboard and all theses mutherfuckers thought that I stole a skateboard. I didn’t look nothing like a skateboarder. They looked at me, and they were all trying to ollie the stairs, I just fuckin ran up first go, bang, pressure flip, snap. Pressure flipped the stairs first go. That’s one of my star tricks, I’ve got that every time, any spot I’ve got the pressure flip first go. So I got it bang yeah. I hurt their feelings. They thought I was an asshole. Yeah they thought I was a homeless shit bag, but I fuckin smashed it to ‘em man, I’ll smash any cunt man, any time. You’re still pushing around man right? I mean you’ve been hit by trucks and stuff but... Of course, yeah man I’m like Rocky fuckin twelve or something. What kind of skating are you into, what kind of shit do you like doing on the board. I like skating with my friends and having a good time... I like people who smile and stuff you know not guys who make faces like ... or ... Yeah there’s people doing this shit who don’t even seem like they’re having fun, just stressing or some shit. Yeah, wankers man. Have a good fuckin time cause you know what? You’re gonna be fuckin dead one day. So why can’t you just fuckin smile. “uh yeah yeah you know his hard flip was a little loser style wasn’t it?” I don’t give a fuckin shit. Everyone’s got to be happy. Be happy all the time and stop dissing people. Really, for fucks sake everybody’s got to be happy. Have a fuckin laugh we’re all gonna be dead one day.

Yo PJ you got a cigarette for me? Sasha: What’s the coolest ward in a hospital? PJ: Hahaha Sasha: The ultra sound ward. PJ: yeah, yeah, yeah Sash: What do you get if you put a rubber next to the window, PJ: ha Sasha: condomsation Silence. PJ: WHAT!

was doing and I just felt like... I don’t want to be the joke. Don’t want to be wank you know, I don’t want to be like the gay pro you know, it’s crap. So then I kind of got bummed out and then the company they really hated me. I just went “Fuck you then, you wankers” haha yeah then I went skateboarding, heheha. I end up down at the bar like fuckin drinking loads of booze fuckin getting mad and fighting people, robbing people in the street and doing all this fuckin stupid whack stuff, you know stealing cars cause I thought it was cool. Stealing cars is cool, yeah? Like, what a wanker.

What was it like growing up skating in England? I was the only fuckin skater, you know? So I was whack, You know? Skateboarding was shit, you know, like skateboarding’s nothing. I whipped down the street, I love skateboarding man. I’ve always loved skateboarding. Ever since I was nine years old, I always had a skateboard, I love to skateboard. People don’t understand like, I mean when I first kickflipped three stairs in like nineteen ninety fuckin one, or something 90, 91, 92 nah, maybe 93. I kick flipped this three stair and they were all like ... Tom Penny got a heel flip and all these school girls were like ... hehehahaha

What’s cool then? I don’t know, I was just young you know trying to show off to the rest of the lads. When I was 17 or 18, I started to grow up and I thought, what the fuck am I doing? Going into people’s houses trying to steal their stuff, doing all this fake West side stuff. I’m a fuckin white lad from England. Why am I trying to be West side. It really seriously makes you realize these guys are like thirty years old now, and they’re probably still doing the same shit. They wanna kill me cause I ran away from the clique, you know what I’m saying. My god man. Honestly be careful of strange people. Honestly.

You were offered a pro sponsorship right? Oh, I could have turned pro yeah. But I didn’t feel good enough, cause my switch shit is really bad. I didn’t feel ready, I didn’t mind taking free boards but like I looked at all the tricks that everyone else

El 7 de Marzo 2008 MW/MM

Chris Johnston

BRICK WHEELS Ben Duffy Photo

“Get Ready for Nothing” Brick video coming to an internet near you November 2012

by Will Laren

Zoli Interview Interview by Justin Bludgus Let’s start off simple. What’s your name and where are you from? My name is Zoltan Bodi and I’m from Hungary. What was it like growing up and skating in Hungary, and who were your favorite skater’s growing up? Growing up in Hungary was like growing up in a deserted island. It was like no man’s land. We didn’t have a skate shop or anything like that. Somehow we would get a skateboard magazine and look at the tricks and try to copy what they were doing. I would say my favorite skater was Steve Caballero. We had all the Bones Brigade videos and the first shop opened in 1991. Joe Storm, invert

James Pitonyak, bs lip

How did you end up in Philadelphia and taking photos? My father came here in ‘85 and I ended up visiting in ‘87. I went back to Hungary and came back in 1990 again. Finally in late 2000 I ended up staying here. I love Philadelphia. Yea me too, I don’t think I’ll ever leave. So how did you end up taking photos? I hurt my knee in 1996 and got my first knee surgery. I thought it was the end of the world, but I told myself I have to be around skateboarders and skateboarding even though I was hurt. So I decided to start taking photographs of my friends and other skateboarders. How did you get injured? I was trying to ollie down 5 stairs and I changed my mind in the middle of it and tried to step off my board. I ended up twisting my knee and I’ve had 5 knee surgeries since. What kind of camera and lens do you use? Canon 5D. 15mm fisheye. 50mm. 70-210 zoom. What’s your favorite photograph in a magazine? Matt Hensley ollie under the bridge over the highway, it was in Transworld. Do you remember that? Yea it was like part of the bridge was a quarter pipe and the highway is in the background. Yea! What is your favorite photograph that you’ve taken? Steve Faas in the Warehouse.

One of my favorite photos you’ve take is the one of Dave Moyer doing that crazy backside melon in the square bowl at FDR. Moyer is my favorite skater. I don’t think he’s skating that much these days, but when he shows up to FDR he’s got the craziest tricks and some of the highest ollies and grabs. I have a photo of him in 2006, it’s actually a sequence of him doing backside flip to tail to revert in the square bowl. Who are some of your other favorite skaters at FDR? Steve Faas, Sperm, Shreddie, Sonny.

Matt Hensly, melon grab 1990 at West Chester Hstreet demo Darren Menditto, madonna

Who are your favorite skaters at the Warehouse? Pizzle (Andrew Paterson). The warehouse is an indoor bowl built by some of my favorite Philadelphia skaters. Of all the cigarettes that I have smoked in my life, half of them have been at the warehouse. I’ve met a lot of hot chicks there and some nights I don’t even remember how I got home. What was your most memorable night there? Probably the night I fell in the bowl when I fought with Jerry. I was completely drunk. Also any of the parties there, especially the Halloween party. What is the best night to go there and the best music to listen to? Best night is Tuesday night and the best music to listen to is Evil Woman by Black Sabbath Agreed! Tell us about the photo you took of Akers, the one that got the cover of Skate Jawn? The pole jam. I took that in 2010 when we used to live in Fishtown. That pole jam was very close to our house. Like in February, there was this sunny day, we went there and it took him like 6 tries to get it. That was a sick house you guys lived in, quarter pipes in the backyard, homegrown vegetable garden and lots of boozing nights. I remember waking up there one time and Akers made everyone coffee, also a blunt was being passed around. Was it like that all the time? Not all the time, but a lot of times, yes. (laughs) What happened to that quarter pipe in the back yard? Willy and Andy Fish got this concrete saw and cut it into pieces. Now it’s behind the revolution bowl at FDR, waiting to be put together again. What’s with all the stickers on your van? I love stickers. You should see all my previous cars. They were just like this one, stickers covering it from top to bottom. Any Shoutouts? Nah, not really. Just keep skating.

Cody McCoy, fs flip


housands of years ago in a galaxy far, far on the East Coast, and pretty north (but not like, Canada or anything) there sat a sprawling suburb just outside of a ghost town. Tucked away somewhere in between the woods and the rolling hills of municipal water managing topography, there sat an ancient cement taco. Much blood has been shed, countless mosquitoes have been smashed, bones burned, bruised and broken, and many homies have been hyped on the banks of this particularly unremarkable patch of shit over the years. As the sensibilities of a few rats matured and their skill sets broadened the crusty wedges were just not enough to sustain their stoke any longer. Depots were scammed and tools amassed, blocks were stacked, ‘crete was mixed and tran was born. New life was brought to the desolate shit hole and once again the sessions abound. Text and photos by CJ Harker

Dylan James, stalefish

Sloan Palder, fs feeble

Bobby North, scoliosis

Darin Pa, bs tail

Darin, bs boneless

Brendan Oconnor Interview Photos by Rob Colliuins INterview by Jawn Cassandra

What’s good homie how are things? Good, Chillin. Your name is Brendan, not Brandon, does that get confusing, I am pretty confused. Yes it gets them confused, but I tell them to shut the hell up, it’s not hard, it’s fucking Brendan. So you’re from America right? Um mostly. Where abouts ? That would be Springfield, Mass. How old where you the first time you got drunk? Hmm, around 15 I guess. Nice, I was 4; How old are you now? 22. You moved around the last few months from MA to VA, and sounds like you got extradited back to Mass for some crime spree? Yeah, something like that. Binging one night and stealing Christmas decorations, my friend was sad

his house wasn’t decorated so we decorated it. Was he hyped? He never got to see it, the cops removed everything before he woke up. What’s your least favorite spot in MASS? Easy, STINKY (aka piss ledges). What’s your favorite spot? I am gonna have to say UMass. What is your favorite and least favorite moment on a recent skate trip? That’s pretty easy, drinking and skatin at the snake run and checkin out the sketchy buildings. And the snake run as the least favorite too, with stateys aiming shotguns at us, not so fun. I would have thought getting a bottle to the head would have not been so fun. Nah, the worst part about that was the bottle didn’t break.

Alright, so you’re movin out West in January, what’s up with that? Bachinsky invited some East Coast homies to stay out in LA for a few months, help pay some bills and shred, so I need to get a J.O.B, but yeah hyped to go out West and kick it for a bit. Any homies you wanna spread some love to?

Fo Sho, Mom and Dad, Luke@thecollective clothing, Dustin@torktrux, Glen@defiantwheels, Dan & Frank @theory, Andy@dcshoes, VA Beach homies, my Western Mass homies, Rondo, Rob Collins, Nate Greenwood, John Sant, my brother and sister, Mikey P, Greg Sanoki, and you for the fucking fantastical questions, and of course Hoodlum Skateboards and all the homies. Peace.

Marc Seldomridge p- Rob Reed

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Smelly, crailslide p- Andrew Burgh

Sawyer Driver-Schroeder fs 5050 p- Camden Moriarty

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Justin Healey noseblunt p- AJ Catholdi

Alex Grimes, ollie p- Ryan Miller

John Shanahan, pivot fakie p- James Juckett

Robert Miceli p- Kyle Cochran

Richie Rizzo, Ollie up 50 p-Tucker Vanden Wyden

Dante Debose, ollie p- Carlos Jaramillo

TJ Hernandez, 180 sw wallride p- Alex Papke

Phillip Santasuosso, bs disaster p- Giancarlo Dagostaro

James Ryan, sw fs board p- Ryan Wagner Mike Rack, hardflip p- Alex Papke

Mark Goddard, fs tail p- Mike Ford

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