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Issue 10 February 2012

Content Dirty Shire Ramps out back Justin Graves Skate Swords Sean Connoly John Desimas


Cover: Fritz Mead Hurricane p: Xeno Above: Sloan bs lip p: Enos Contact: All rights reserved Skate Jawn 2012

Andy Enos Billy Cox Colin Sussingham CJ Harker Deville Joe Scordo Johnny Wilson Max Hull Rob Collins Sam McKenna Xeno Tsarnas Zander Taketomo

p: Justin Mendes

Dirty Shire Interview with Mike Greenwood By Travis Storer

Josh Riviere p: Mike Greenwood

Colin Kennery p: Tyler Rainville

When did you start the Dirty Shire and what did you expect to come from it? I started it about Two Years ago just as something to do in the winter, posting skate related stuff going on around me, ill clips, fuckin around with friends.... now were posting stuff all the time and people seem to dig it. Is it mostly just for the people in the Nashua, NH area or all over the state? Most of what I post is out of Nashua, I try to post stuff from

other areas as much as I can. If it catches my eye it’s def getting posted. I def want other areas in NH up there as much as possible, keep it fresh ya know. If anyone has some good shit to post up, send it to What's the skate scene like in Nashua? For a small city, it impresses me how deep we are. Real tight crew, NP for life... My 2nd family, for real

Ryan Reynolds p: Artie Noel

Will Nutter p: Artie Noel

Colin Kennery p: Tyler Rainville

Who helps you out with the site? Design and posting is all me, but with photos and videos Jon Wolf, Tyler Rainville, Artie Noel, Eric Escobar are always helping me out. You guys just put out a nice promo with a few small parts in it. Who helped making/filming for the video and who's all in it? Josh Rivere, Butters, Tyler Vickery, Nick Crafts and Colin Kennery were the main parts but there is a handful of homies throughout the

whole thing....That was all filmed and Edited By Jon Wolf, THANKS HOMIE!... He just moved to Germany a few weeks ago so WHAT UP JON! Want to thank anyone? EVERYONE AT NASHUA SKATEPARK, Chris Rice, Jon Wolf, Nick Crafts, THC, Colin Kennery, Andy Goy, Howie Hohen, Nick Fried, FTM, Identity, Eastern Boarder Nashua, & Grape Cigarillos.

The ramps out back The playground Words and photos from Troy Browder “Dan, Robbie, and their son Ryan Martin have done it again. They have built yet another skateboarding paradise on their lovely land in Elgin SC. About 25-30 minutes from downtown Columbia. This backyard mini ramp is surely going to be a stop for out of towners passing through as well as locals. The architect, mastermind, and carpenter AJ Chase has added another ramp to his resume. He has definitely built a ramp with some amazing transition and fast flow, in order to link tricks together for a well composed run. Sat Oct 22nd was the day the ramp was finally able to be skated. And just in time for the pre-planned party that was already scheduled to have friends come test it out, and break it in. Visitors came from Columbia and Greenville SC, as well as many skaters from Charlotte NC. Tork Trux came out to support and skate, Jason Barnes from Woolywood skateboards came down and simply killed it, Celtic rider Ray Goff made his presence known as well. Everyone came with one thing on their minds. Getting gnar…. and that’s just what they did. Be sure to check out The Playground on facebook and hit up Dan, Robbie and Ryan Martin when you come to Columbia to visit or just passing though. You definitely will be coming back for more!!”

Ryan Martin invert

Justin Graves

Tattoo artist

Interview by Travis Storer How long have you’ve been around skateboarding culture? I’ve been into skateboarding since it was first really put in front of me around age 15, street skating was getting better, and Welcome to Hell was the best video ever. My brother actually skated first and I used to try and do tricks inside on the carpet, ollies, kickflips, then I started skating with them and I’ve been into the skate scene ever since.

You’ve done quite a few skate tattoos. Do you tattoo a lot of skateboarders? I’ve definitely done a lot of skate tattoos, my brother in law has like a sticker leg with all the old logos and brands that he thought was cool as we were growing up. As far as tattooing skateboarders, probably just local skaters from the Bath skate park have come in and got inked. I would be stoked to tattoo a pro though like Cardiel, You’ve always been into art, when did but there is a lot of time left. Who you make the transition to tattooing? knows who I’ll end up tattooing. I’ve been into tattoos my whole life, I was in the chair getting a tattoo on my If someone’s in Maine and wants 18th birthday. Funny thing is the first to reach you how can they? tattooist I had any contact with was Facebook has made it easy to get Bonnie, and she was a sweetheart, but in contact with me, just look up she knew I was into art. I drew all the Justin Graves or Justin Storer, tattoos I was having her put on me, so they’ll both work. You can call the she would have me stencil the tattoos shop, I am there 6 days a week, myself. She also had me draw things up 207-729-8282, or you can stop for her for other clients if I was in the by it right off the main strip 14 shop, so it was almost a foreshadowThomas Point RD, Brunswick ing of what was to come. But it was Maine. I look forward to inking ten years later when I would actually anyone who sees this if they do pick up a machine and do a real tattoo I’ll hook them up. (which is on my brother), and after seeing a lot of artists first tattoos, I can live with mine.

Sean Connoly Interview

Boarslide fs krook p: Paul Harper

Where do you live? I live in SF, it is a fun city that never runs out of spots as long as you like to push around in the street, skate the hills and explore every inch of every neighborhood. What's Circle-A skateboards about? Why are you down with them? When it comes to skateboarding, I am into people doing it their own way, recognizing and respecting others' style and approach, pursuing the endless possibilities your environment presents, and treating

every moment on your skateboard as if it is a gift. Circle-A supports me with my outlook. What was your favorite skate video of the past year? I really liked the Minuit Video. It was filmed entirely at night. Skating at night feels sneaky. What's the best part about Cali? By far the weather. SF particularly has some amazing sun and fog. Even on the worst day here, the smell of

the fog and skating down the street is awesome. Worst part about Cali? 8.5% sales tax. Have you ever been to Philly? What was your impression? Yes, I have. Philly and SF have a lot in common. I had the pleasure of being shown around the city by some of Philly's greats: Ricky Oyola, Roger Brown, AJ Mazzu, Sergei Trudnowski, Damian Smith, Brian Smith, Vern Liard and many others. Skating in

and spending time in Philly helped define how I skate and how I look at skating and my environment. What's a normal day skating for you? I have been skating at night the most actually. Also, I have been trying to skate close to home. I like to not drive from spot to spot but have the chance to really be "on the ground". Just like Sonny said in Bronx Tail, "You know why I live in this neighborhood? Availability. I wanna stay close to everything."

probably don't need Bikram, you sweat plenty the old fashioned way.� Gershon is a consistent skater and You know the guys at 48 individual. He is very creative blocks? off his board, and he is a I'm down for 48 Blocks. Leland knows good skating. I beast on it. just did a clip with 48 Blocks Ever skated outside of the called "My Zip". It was filmed entirely in my home country? Where's the coolzip of 94115. It was refresh- est place you've been? ing to look at what you had I lived in Costa Rica for almost a year. The skaters to work with and see what there have heart. you can make of it. Got a good GMos story? One time I suggested Bikram yoga to him. He said it sounded interesting. Later that day we went skating and after ten minutes I looked at him and said "You

Who's your favorite rapper/skater? There are too many to choose from. Thanks: Thuy, Bob, Gershon, FTC, Circle-A, Leland, Roughneck, Solitary Arts, Iron Horse Wheels, Rockstar Bearings, Mecky, Vincenzo, Ando, Libby, Greg and the San Francisco Skate Club.

Skate Brazil By Carlos Taparelli

Over the years The Aguas Espraiadas Park, also know as The Swamp, has become one of the most traditional places to skate in S達o Paulo. It is a must stop spot for all skaters that are visiting the country, with a great variety of ramps and curbs all built from local initiative

Alexandro Tex Tarcio

Pedro Volpi

Guiliano Alemao

Murilo Contreria

Marcos Guarnieri Guilherme Rocha

But, a few years ago, it was a place where junkies lived together, and police stops were normal. Now, after all the transformations that happened because the union of the locals (who spent money and time) Espraiada is what has been desired: A place to keep skateboarding culture alive. The evolution is continous, making it a more complete park, everything done, as usual, with local initiative, like is painted in the walls all over the place “HERE IS OUR ADMINISTRATION� Junior Pig

Winner Winner Winner Josh Spooner wins a Seagle deck for dropping in on this tree.

If you send our favorite noseslide photo before 3/15 you WIN a DECK & skate jawn T!!! homies

Dave Labbe p: McKenna

John Desimas

Photos: Xeno Tsarnas Interview: Travis Storer So John how old are you and where are you from? I am 25 years old and I'm from Dracut, Mass How did you get into skateboarding? I started skateboarding when I was in 7th grade because my two friends Jarred Laganas and John Surette were doing it, I always wanted a board but my parents would never get me one because it was" too dangerous." My buddies ended up making me a board out of all their extra parts, and since then I've been doing it ever day.

sw tailslide

You skate on an everyday basis with heavy crew of skaters Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky, Serge Murphy , and all the other guys from the Shape, and Thanks Camera videos, do those guys push you to bring your skating to the next level? Well they don't necessarily push me to, but when your skating with Serge and he's hucking a heelflip down a huge gap or something you can't just ride up and ollie, or if your skating a rail with Manny and he's trying a kickflip 50-50... you gotta step it up a little more than a boardslide, so I would say it was definitely a motivation to get better, and learn better tricks. You just had the last part in Ellliot Vecchia's video "Sea Level" How did you feel your part came out in it? I felt pretty good about the part, of course there's always stuff someone can" nit-pick" about their part, wishing that I had landed some other tricks that I couldn't seem to get.... but all in all I was pumped at the end result.


Are you currently working on any other projects right now? Yes I'm working on another project with Elliot now, I don't think there's a date yet but sometime in 2012 I would imagine it'll be dropping. Are any companies or shops helping you out right now? Eastern Boarder has always been helping out, can't say thanks to them enough. Currently I've been getting helped out from Bones wheels and bearings, DC is helping with some shoes and getting some boards from Alien Workshop. What are you plans for the winter? Do you usually have a routine of going somewhere or are you gonna stick around Mass? Plans for the winter are typical. Stay here, skate outside when it's nice, indoors when it sucks. Occasionally I'll try a little snowboarding here and there. Got anything planned out for yourself coming up? The only plan I got is hopefully next summer to go to NYC and D.C. a lot, those places are so rad. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out too? I'd like to thank everyone from Eastern Boarder. Tallone and Butchie for always helping me out. Elliot for always holding it down filming, Xeno for contributing the photos and always putting up with my shit while shooting, Everyone else that I skate with, you know who you are I don't need to type out all them names.

Switch Front blunt

Switch back nosegrind

Gap krook




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st o r e

Nik Stain p: Enos


Hunter Mosner

Pomp, hippy hop

Andrew Wilson p: Johnny

Neil Herrick p: Luke Darigan

Corey Goonan p: Karim

Wyatt Shaw bs tail shuv p: Liam Annis Jon Mcpraland hardflip p: Liam Annis

Garret Brooks p: McKenna

Nate Principato p: Xeno

Robert Miceli, Nosepick

Miles Campbell p: Cirelli

Dylan James tuck knee p: Enos

Jake Lamagno p: Darnell Scott

Sloan back 5 p: Overstrom

Jordan Gesko p: Enos


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