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“Skateparks and plazas are attracting more people than ever before. They are great assets to the community and utilizing it to its fullest potential with educational programming makes perfect sense. Colby Carter, Skatepark Designer


You built the skatepark. It has become one of your most popular facilities.


“The goal oriented approach of the Drop In program is well suited to improving participants confidence and self esteem. I happily endorse the Drop In program and recommend it to any able school or community center program.� Bruce J. Birk, MD, FAAP.

Skateboarding is one of the nation’s fastest growing recreational activities. Are you on board?


iNstRuctor accreditatioN Realize the potential of your skatepark with instructor accreditation and skateboarding classes! You will gain… …confidence that you are teaching skateboarding safely and correctly. …a curriculum that meets National Physical Education standards and that is specifically for skateboarding. …a skatepark environment that promotes responsible skateboarding. ¬…reduced liability for instructional classes and programs. …trust and rapport with your skatepark users. …a turn-key operation that will pay for itself. …a successful program to activate your new skatepark. “We have found that skateboarding transcends some of the social barriers between young people. The self esteem young people develop as a result of mastering new skills is critical to their positive development.” Cynthia Gilliam, Director of Principle Hiring / Performance Management Portland Public Schools, Oregon


HOW IT WORKS We will help you teach students the importance of setting and achieving their own goals as they build confidence and essential life skills.

1. Realize Your Goals • Support an active lifestyle and fight youth obesity • Become a positive agency-level presence at the skatepark • Introduce sustainable programming to your recreational portfolio • Mitigate risk during skateboarding program participation Your youth will love learning skateboarding from people who understand the challenges.

2. Contact Drop In at (503) 432-5671 • Arrange a free consultation with our staff to identify your needs


• Schedule face-to-face, hands-on accreditation with a Drop In trainer • Call (503) 432-5671 or write today!

3. Start Holding Classes!

Is Drop In Accreditation Expensive? Our goal is to offer educational value for any budget. We can help you get your

• Promote your new skateboarding classes in your recreational program guide

skateboarding classes up and running for less than you may think.

• Enjoy the benefits of this exciting and popular new service

Do I Need Accredited Instructors? With Drop In accreditation you will receive a ready-to-use curriculum and instructor training designed by professionals in the educational field.

Your skatepark is getting a lot of attention. What will you do to support it?

What Are Drop In’s Credentials? The Drop In curriculum was developed by nationally certified educators and professionals who know skateboarding. Drop In trainers have been building skateboarding successes and introducing programming to hundreds of skateparks for more than 10 years.


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Drop In to Skateboarding  

The SPS/Drop-In Instructor Accreditation Program is designed for any organization working to create safe skateboarding instruction and progr...