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Summer at the Skatepark Funded by BC Gaming and Columbia Basin Trust

Funders + Community Partners

Program review 2013 marked the third year of the Summer at the Skatepark program organized by Kootenay Family Place. We were thrilled to continue our partnership with the Castlegar and District Recreation Complex staff who maintained the skatepark integrity. CDRC also promoted the program through the Summer Leisure guide. Connecting with West Kootenay communities we achieved a record 300 participants. The program succeeded because it was free, accessible to all ages and skill levels plus provided free to use skateboards/safety equipment. We were also pleased to continue our partnership with Skull Skates. Canada's longest running skateboard brand who are 100% behind grassroots initiatives such as ours. S-One Helmets again supported our program with quality safety equipment. Showcasing the importance of safety will always be paramount at the Summer at the Skatepark program.

Accredited skateboard Instructors Riston Turner (left) & Ty Smith provided young girls and boys with clear instructions on the beginning skills of skateboarding. Stance, pushing, stopping and falling safely were practiced daily. The program reported zero broken bones. Bumps and bruises reminded everyone of the importance of safety equipment such as pads and helmets. The Castlegar Rotary Skatepark allowed for a safe, supervised space for all ages to be active on skateboards, scooter and bikes.

Riston coaching Castlegar 7 year old Laura.

Youth Coach Levi Peirson, a young advanced skateboarder from Nelson, was hired to fill the youth position. Levi was reliable and helpful coach who connected with all the skaters and parents. With the Nelson Skatepark opening this fall we hope that his knowledge will assist administrators in organizing and delivering a similar program to Nelson and area youth.

Parent Feedback Shantalla Hill I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ty and Riston for the

I totaled up Molly's hours skateboarding this summer... although I

awesome job at the skate park. I have two boys, age 5 and 7 and

sort of lost track toward the end, but she was sitting at about

they had an amazing time there. When they first started they had


never even been on a board. Thanks to the instruction from Ty and

Kim Ihlen

Ristin along with their unlimited patience the boys confidence grew

Thank you Ty, Levi and Riston. Laura had a great time this summer

rapidly. They are already talking about next summer and can't wait

learning to skateboard.

to get out there again!

Cherieann Vaughan Parker Two of my grandchildren, age 3 and 5, have been enjoying the

So again, thank you so much for your time and the wonderful job you guys do with all the kids! We look forward to seeing you next summer! Sincerely, Tara Winston.

skate park and the lessons given for most of the summer. My other 5 year old granddaughter recently began lessons. This is a little girl who is often afraid to try new things but with Ty's amazing ways, she not only tried but loved skateboarding. Thank you to the sponsors of this program. It's so important for children to be and stay active and this program facilitates that.

Kristine Voykin Thank you Ty for being such a great teacher. My kids love learning from you


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7 year old Castlegar skater Laura celebrating her success with her skateboarding the rail. We sincerely thank everyone involved and look forward to delivering the program in 2014.

2013 Summer at the Skatepark_Castlegar, BC  
2013 Summer at the Skatepark_Castlegar, BC  

This a report on the third Summer at the Skatepark program at the Castlegar Rotary Skatepark in British Columbia. Funders: BC Gaming and Col...