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May 2013

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THANK YOU! We are thrilled to say that this past year, our seventh consecutive year of sponsorship with Skate Canada: Alberta-Northwest Territories/Nunavut, has provided us with some of our favourite memories! With all the awesome events, fantastic photo shoots and amazing people we’ve met, we feel part of the Skate Canada family. We are so appreciative to be able to share these moments with you. Congratulations on a great season!

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2013 Board of Directors & Section Staff


Athlete Development News & Views


Triple Flip Photo Shoot


Coaches Corner


Prime Advice


The CanSkate Connection


Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut ACGM and Awards Banquet


Around the Regions


Duso’s Monthly Awards


Duso’s Skaters of the Month


Duso’s Helping Hands of the Month


National Volunteer Week


2012-2013 Golden Skaters


Coach Wanted Ads


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2013-2014 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair Past Chair Vice Chair Vice Chair Secretary/Treasurer Athlete Development Committee Chair Events Committee Chair Officials Coordinating Committee Chair Coaching Committee Chair Regions Committee Chair Regions Committee Vice Chair Athlete Representative

Sharon Dingle Kathy Kopelchuk Rhonda Tanton Donna Moses Krista Sellers Don Zeman Kristen Belcourt Brenda Hart Chantelle Portz Anita Kohnen Bev Padget Dallas Daniel

Thank you to retiring Board members Lyndsey Ford and Tammi Chudak for their contribution and dedication to the Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Section and to the sport of figure skating!

Section Office Staff Office Main Line

(780) 415-0465 (866) 294-0663 (780) 427-1734 (866) 746-4981

(780) 415-0562

Kelly Havixbeck Manager, Member Services

(780) 415-0598

Holly Henderson Manager, Athlete Development

(403) 331-3663

Allyson Wright Coordinator, Coaching & Events

(780) 415-0596

Cassandra Copp Coordinator, Communications & Officials

(780) 415-0465

Lisa Bonderove Coordinator, Finance & Skating Programs

(780) 415-0593

Fax Denise Fisher Executive Director 4


Alberta Figure Skating Foundation becomes Presenting Partner for STARSkate Championships Since 1975, skaters across Alberta have benefitted from the support of the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation. Operating independently from Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut, the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation is fully run by volunteers devoted to promoting and recognizing the achievements of skaters. The Alberta Figure Skating Foundation has supported a variety of Section initiatives over the years including the Junior Development Team, and most recently through support for the purchase of live streaming equipment. The 2012 Wild Rose Invitational was the first competition that was live streamed with the new equipment. Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut is proud to announce an expansion of the partnership between the Section and the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation. For the next 2 years, the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation will be the Presenting Partner of the STARSkate Championships! By becoming the Presenting Partner of the STARSkate Championships, the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation continues its commitment to promoting the development of skaters at all levels. “The Alberta Figure Skating Foundation (AFSF) is very excited about sponsoring the Skate Canada: AlbertaNWT/Nunavut STARSkate Championships. The AFSF mandate is to help skaters achieve their goals no matter what their dream is, whether it be to compete or pass all gold test levels. The Presenting Partner sponsorship will enable the AFSF to reach out and help more skaters, as many skaters who compete at this competition are unaware of the foundation and the programs it offers. By partnering with this competition, the AFSF hopes to raise its profile with this demographic. We would like to thank the Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Section for this opportunity, we know that it will be a great event for all skaters!� says Mary Ann McDonald, Awards Chair and Wild Rose Liaison for the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation.


ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT NEWS & VIEWS Canada Sends 32 Skaters to ISU Adult Competition OTTAWA, ONT: Skate Canada sent 33 adult skaters to the 2013 International Skating Union (ISU) Adult Figure Skating Competition, held in Oberstdorf, Germany from May 14-18, 2013. Over 300 skaters, plus seven synchronized skating teams, from 29 countries attended the event in Germany. In order to compete at the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition, skaters must be between the ages of 28 and 75. Congratulations to the following skaters who participated:

Alberta Annette Nymeyer (free skate and artistic) - Silver Cathy Maclean & Michael Olson (ice dance) Catherine Taylor (free skate and artistic) Dawn Fedina (free skate and artistic)

Denis La Rochelle (free skate and artistic) - Silver Jennifer Soeder (free skate and artistic) Joan McGrath (free skate and artistic) Natasha Taylor (free skate and artistic) - Bronze

For complete results, click here.

ASRPWF Coach of the Year Award

On April 19, 2013, Ravi Walia was recognized by the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation as the 2013 Coach of the Year. Ravi has dedicated himself to coaching figure skaters in Alberta since 1995. His passion for the sport shows through his dedication to skaters of all ages and his club involvement in developing programs. He is also a Technical Specialist and has officiated at over 10 national and international competitions. 6




The Fort Smith SC and the NWT Skating Association was pleased to support Joel Rhymer to attend the Annual Brian Pockar Male Seminar on February 17, 2013 in Calgary. The highlight of this experience was for Joel to work with Olympian Bryce Davison.

2013 SPRING DEVELOPMENT CAMP The 2013 Spring Development Camp was held March 23-24, 2013 at the Edge School in Calgary, Alberta. The camp was attended by eighty seven skaters, consisting of thirty eight Junior Development Team members, thirty two Select Team members, seventeen additional skaters invited by the Athlete Development Committee, and twenty four coaches. The Spring Development Camp had the pleasure of welcoming Frank Carroll, a world-renowned coach for 2010 Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek and four time World Champion Michelle Kwan, and Marina Zoueva, a world renowned choreographer and coach for such skaters as 2010 Olympic Champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, for the on ice sessions. Cindy Scott, the Artistic Director at the Edge School for Athletes and the Duckett Center provided the off ice dance and fitness component. These individuals delivered amazing on-ice and off-ice sessions for the skaters in attendance. Marina Zoueva gave the skaters different perspectives on basic skating skills that challenged the skaters to work on the details of quality edges. Frank Carroll’s sessions focused on the quality of current skills and performance confidence, culminating for some in the landing of jumps for the first time. Cindy Scott’s work on rhythm/music and movement coordination was innovative and challenging. Duckett Center fitness training both challenged and provided valuable tools for the skaters to take home with them. This year offered a unique Development camp to athletes, including world class technical experts. Thank you to Frank Carroll, Marina Zoueva, Cindy Scott and the Duckett center for their work with the athletes. Thank you to the Edge School for Athletes for its assistance in effectively running and accommodating the Spring Development Camp, and to the parents who offered their help and support throughout this busy weekend. Many thanks to the Section sponsors that help make dreams a reality! Thank you to Triple Flip for sponsoring the teamwear for the Junior Development Team, Challenge and Canadian Championship Team athletes and the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation for their continued financial support of the Junior Development Team. In particular, thanks to the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation for the coach visitation grant that enabled the Section to bring in Frank Carroll. 9





COACHES CORNER Coaching Courses Level 3 All Level 3 Courses have been postponed until Spring 2014 as a result of low registration numbers.

CanSkate Trained Date: Location: Time: Cost:

June 7 - 9, 2013 Edmonton, AB 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (all three days) $320.00 (plus optional $60.00 for Primary STARSkate Home Study)

Registration Deadline Date: May 24, 2013 (maximum 25 participants)

Primary STARSkate Trained Dates: Location: Times: Cost:

June 14 - 16, 2013 Calgary, AB 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (all three days) $320.00

Registration Deadline Date: May 24, 2013 (maximum 25 participants)

Dates: Location: Times: Cost:

July 12 - 14, 2013 Edmonton, AB 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (all three days) $320.00

Registration Deadline Date: June 3, 2013 (maximum 25 participants)

CanPowerSkate Date: Location: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Cost:

June 7 - 9, 2013 Calgary, AB (Crowchild Twin Arena, Scenic View Room) 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. $320.00

Registration Deadline Date: May 24, 2013 (maximum 25 participants)

To register in a coaching course, log into your Members Only account. If you cannot see the coaching course you wish to register for, please ensure the following: CanSkate Trained • You are 16 years of age or older • 2012-2013 Registered Skate Canada member • Highest tests passed must include Preliminary free skate, skills, dance plus one Junior Bronze test Primary STARSkate Trained • Must be a registered Skate Canada Professional Coach • Highest tests passed must include Junior Bronze free skate, skills, and dance 12


National Coach Apprenticeship Program

Hello Coaches, Parents, Skaters, Officials, and Section Staff, The 2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships have come and gone but not without a tremendous feeling of pride being a Canadian Citizen in London, Ontario hosting the championships. Congratulations to Skate Canada, London, and athletes that represented Canada, Outstanding! Great job. Not to mention watching and cheering on our representative, Kaetlyn Osmond. I, Don Cowan, was part of the 30 plus selected coaches to be part of the NCAP in London this year to observe, network, renew some hellos, and listen/learn from the best in the field from Canada. This seminar was jam packed of activities with some great balance to observations in practices, class room sessions, and to the events. As well, social time at the end. The day started off bright and early, up at 6:30 a.m. and back to the hotel about 11:00 p.m. 4 days straight. Thank goodness I had a pen that didn’t quit on me, many notes from all the info coming in and not much time to process until I got home. I’m still reflecting on the week from my notes and video. It took me a day at World’s just to take this in and realize, “I’m part of World’s!” Wow, just Awesome! There is nothing that compares like seeing, feeling, hearing, and touching this event. Television does not give this huge event the credit it deserves and brings to all. You need to live it to believe it! People from all corners of the World to enjoy and participate. The venue, the streets, the markets, everywhere was skating fever. I saw at a coffee house, a male staff/server dressed up in a skating dress for the week, Brave! Again, Thank you to the Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Section for giving me this opportunity and having me represent Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut. My biggest memory for the 2013 Worlds was sitting in the press area, with our headsets on listening to the caller, across from the judges overseeing the events as they unfolded in front of my eyes. Best seats in the house. Just incredible! Thank you to Skate Canada reprehensive Josee Bourdon, our Team Leader Michelle Leigh, the callers Raoul Leblanc/ Shae Zakusky, and our presenters, Judy Goss, Lori Nicol, Monica Lockie, Carol Lane, Yuka Sato, Brian Orser, and Patrica Chafe. With true pleasure, Don Cowan St. Albert Skating Centre



National Coach Apprenticeship Program

From March 13-16, I was fortunate to participate in the National Coaching Apprenticeship Program held in conjunction with the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario. The format was a combination of classroom and rink side programming facilitated by Michelle Leigh and Josee Bourdon. The classroom presentations given by Patricia Chafe, Judy Goss, Monica Lockie covered information on performance tracking, mental toughness and motivation and coaching. Lori Nichol spoke on her creative process and inspiration in building programs. Brian Orser, Carol Lane and Yuka Sato presented different perspectives on working with International level skaters. Michelle Leigh lead the goal directed observations of practice sessions and events during the competition. All participants had access to head sets during the rink sessions, allowing for ongoing interaction with Michelle and technical specialists, Raoul Leblanc and Shae Zukiwsky, who brought their respective expertise to viewing the events. Overall, the course was wonderful, the days were full, the energy was high, and the skating was incredible. Submitted by Valerie Ure


COACHES CORNER NEW PROFESSIONAL R L COACH MEEMBERSHIP CARD NCCP STATUS DEFINITIONS Skate Canada C is pleased to imple ement the ne ew Professionnal Coach Membership carrd. The following colors and d abbreviatio ons will appeaar on all Profeessional Coach Membership cards to indicatte a coach’s NCCP N certificaation level. Th here is a Freq uently Asked Questions (FFAQ) documeent regard ding the card for f your referrence availab ble on Membeers Only undeer Coaching – Professionall Coach Membership p Card – Quesstion and Answer.

Ca anSkate Trrained

This coach is traained but not certified andd may instructt CanSkate on nly.

Ca anSkate Ce ertified

Certified to coach CanSkate only. o

Prrimary STA ARSkate Trained

This coach is traained but not certified andd may instructt at the CanSkate, Primaryy STA ARSkate levels and above..

Prrimary STA ARSkate Ce ertified Intermediatte STARSkaate/Provin ncial Coach h Certified Le evel 3 Certiified Le evel 4 Certiified Le evel 5 Certiified CPS certtified

Ca anPowerSkkate Certiffied

For infformation reggarding NCCP certification requirementts for accredittation at even nts please reffer to the “Accreditatio on for Events”” policy in the e Policy and PProcedures seection of the Skate Canadaa Rule Book on Members Only.



From the adult skating community

From Bach to the Blade: Understanding and Interpreting Music By: Maureen Bennie

Figure skating is a unique sport that combines technical elements and the interpretation of music. Demonstrating an understanding and connection to the music is the fifth part of the program component marks, the interpretive mark. The fourth mark, choreography, is intertwined with the interpretation mark; they work together and are related to each other. In a tight, technical race it will be these two marks that can get you on the podium or keep you off. Interpreting music involves demonstrating an understanding of musical elements, conveying the narrative or story of the piece, showing us where we are in the world (ex. Argentina for the tango, Spain for flamenco music), and bringing out the character/mood of the music. The character is created through the tempo or speed or the music, articulation (are the notes short and detached or are they connected and smooth), and accents (strong sounds on certain beats). The biggest challenge of interpreting music is that a great deal has to be said in a short period of time – 2:30 for the short program and up to 4:30 for the long program, depending on your level. If you had to tell a complicated story to your best friend in that time frame, it would be impossible to do. In skating, we have to tell a complex story through our body movements using many parts like the head, arms, hands, legs and of course, the feet. Facial expressions will help show the mood. Some people connect and feel music easily; this is called musicality. Musicality is something you are born with; however, if you aren’t naturally musical, creating a connection to the music can be learned. You have to become an actor and know where to highlight the elements of a piece of music that come together to make that piece of music unique. Some of the most musical skaters are Canadian Toller Cranston (first person to use whole body expression), British icedancers Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean, Russian pairs Gordeeva and Grinkov and American Michelle Kwan. Canadians Emanuel Sandhu and Jeffery Buttle were also excellent interpretive artists. One of the most complex interpretations of a piece of music I’ve ever seen is Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s free dance at the 2010 Winter Olympics. They skated to Mahler’s 5th Symphony, 4th movement (Adagietto). Go to You Tube and have a look at some of these skaters in action to see what they do to tell the musical story. There are six elements of music that skaters need to be aware of. They are: Rhythm How many beats in a bar or the pulse of the music (2, 3, or 4 beats per bar are the most common ones for skaters). The time signature and type of music it is (ex. waltz) will tell you where the strong and weak beats are. The bars come together to make phrases or musical sentences. It is the phrases that choreographers have to create the movement to. When a skater trains, they can practice these phrases. Knowing the phrasing will help you to know where to place the technical elements and when and how transitions have to happen. Pitch The notes. The notes can be high or low, shown by body levels (low spirals, drags or for high notes, standing spin or back spiral). Instruments, as well as the human voice, produce a certain range of pitches. Examples of high instruments would be flute, oboe, clarinet or violin. Mid-range instruments are French horn, saxophone, and viola. Low range instruments are cello, double bass, trombone, and bassoon. Pitches are arranged to create a melody. Skaters need to choose music with a strong melodic line. How do you know if it’s strong? Sing a sentence to it, any sentence, and if it flows and makes sense, you have a strong melodic line. Judges will understand a strong melody but may have more difficulty with music where the melodic line isn’t obvious.



From the adult skating community

Timbre The characteristic of the sound. We often use terms from the visual arts to describe it (ex. colour). Every instrument has its own tone colour. The oboe sounds haunting, a flute sounds bright. Combinations of different instruments will create different colours. A string quartet sounds very different from a full orchestra. Solo piano has a different sound character from a piano accompanying another instrument such as a violin. Texture The consistency of the musical sounds. This can be described as thick or thin. Thin texture may be a solo instrument such as a violin. Thicker would be a several instruments playing together such as a piano quintet. The thickest would be a full 100 piece orchestra. Dynamics The changes in loudness or softness of a piece. A piece can have sections that gradually get louder (crescendo) or gradually diminish (decrescendo). Skaters will want to highlight these changes because they help to create the drama and emotion in the music. Form The structure of a musical piece. The primary elements of form are repetition, contrast, and variation. Some different types of form would be sonata, rondo, theme and variations or fugue. Skaters need to understand this because form will tell them where melodic themes will repeat, if melodies are going to return with new embellishments added to them, tempo changes/speed of the music, and interesting highlights that can be brought out through body movement. Understanding these musical elements may be overwhelming at first, but with listening practice skaters can develop an understanding of these important elements over time. The choreographer has to be as aware as the skater about these musical elements, otherwise, the technical elements will be embedded in the wrong places and wonderful musical highlights will be lost. The only way to demonstrate a connection to the music is through the body and facial expressions, the only tools a skater has. Skaters have great access to a variety of music through iTunes, You Tube, and the public library which has an excellent selection of CD’s. Make it a goal to listen to a couple of new things every week. Enjoy discovering the wonderful world of music!

Biography: Maureen Bennie obtained her Bachelor of Music degree in 1989 from the University of Victoria and studied both flute and piano. She has played in numerous small and large instrumental ensembles, accompanied choirs and instrumentalists, and has sung in choirs and vocal ensembles. Maureen taught music in the province of BC and in Calgary to a wide range of students from grades 3 – 12. She has conducted jazz bands, concert bands, choirs, coached chamber music ensembles, and taught flute privately. Maureen took up figure skating for the first time 6 years ago. She trains with Monika Bafia at the Ice Edge Figure Skating Club in Calgary, AB and participates in Monika’s weekly off-ice training program and dance classes. She is an adult competitor with interpretive and free skate programs. Maureen is married to professional classical pianist, Ron Bennie.


THE ‘CANSKATE CONNECTION’ Program Assistants are an integral part of the NEW CanSkate program. They provide additional motivation, enthusiasm, fun and support to skaters. Tips to better utilize your Program Assistants: 1. Have Program Assistants work together to choreograph a warm-up, group activity and cool-down at your clubs pre-season PA Clinic. Program Assistants can then lead those exercises while coaches are setting up circuits during your sessions. 2. Identify your Program Assistants with club jackets, CanSkate t-shirts, or scarves. 3. E-mail/communicate with your PAs weekly providing them with the lesson plan, reminders, delegation of duties and tips. 4. Have PAs help with tracking attendance and skill acquisition i.e. the PA holds the clipboard and the Coach gives them a code word like ‘awesome’ to cue them to check off that skill. 5. Encourage your Program Assistants to reinforce the Coaches teaching points and maintain circuits. 6. Thank your Program Assistants with awards and/or PA Parties! Learn more about the NEW CanSkate program by contacting CanSkate Resource Team Members: Tammy Greidanus

Leona Boyle

Tammy Greidanus CanSkate Resource Team Member


Were you previously involved with Skate Canada as a skater, coach, parent, Board member, official, and/or volunteer? Register today as an Alumni of Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut by completing our Alumni form at or contact Holly Henderson at 19

44th Annual General Meeting, Convention & Awards Banquet


2013 SECTION ACGM Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut held its 2013 Annual Conference, General Meeting and Awards Banquet on May 4, 2013 at the Sheraton Red Deer Hotel. This annual event was successful and provided Section members the opportunity to gather for a day of learning, a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, and to look forward to the upcoming season. The day began with delegates participating in their choice of two workshops. “See it, Learn it, Live it!”: Implementing the New CanSkate Program (Part 1) presented by Tammy Greidanus and Leona Boyle, and “Exploring Special Olympics from Grassroots Programs to International Competitions: Where Does Your Club Fit In?” presented by Barb Prystai and Gilda LaGrange. Both workshops were favourably received by the delegates. Part 1 of the “See it, Learn it, Live it!”: Implementing the New CanSkate Program workshop was complemented by an on-ice session at the Red Deer Arena. Part 2 allowed coaches and club executives to experience the program and its implementation live. The workshops were highlighted by a keynote presentation lead by Barb MacDonald, Skate Canada’s Director Corporate Communications, entitled “Perils, Promises and Possibilities of Social Media”. This workshops focused on the incorporation of social media in a club and volunteer-run environment. Thank you to Skate Canada and Duso’s for providing support for this keynote presentation, and to Barb MacDonald for her tweetable presentation. Thank you to all those who attended, as well as to Barb MacDonald, Tammy Greidanus, Leona Boyle, Barb Prystai, and Gilda LaGrange for their time and effort in making these presentations and workshops a success. The Annual General Meeting reviewed the activities of the Section from 2012-2013. The Awards Banquet kicked off with the Triple Flip Fashion Show, where Triple Flip fashions were modeled by Section skaters. Barb MacDonald and Jamie Salé, 2002 Olympic Pairs Champion, did an outstanding job as the Masters of Ceremonies for the evening. The evening celebrated the accomplishments of Section athletes, coaches, clubs and volunteers. The Alberta Figure Skating Foundation presented their annual awards and recognized the contributions of their volunteers and the success of their member skaters. The Alberta Figure Skating Federation announced their support of the Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut STARSkate Championships, as the presenting partner for the next two years. During the Awards Banquet, the Section announced its new Volunteer Service Recognition award. The 5 and 10 year pins were presented to the eligible volunteers in attendance. Now that the Section’s 2013 ACGM is over, it is time to start thinking about next year’s event. The 2014 Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut ACGM and Awards Banquet will be held in Edmonton, Alberta at the Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort. We hope to see you next year! Thank you to the Special Events Sub-Committee (Lyndsey Ford, Kelly Bitz, Luella Foulston, Susan Blair, Bonnie Smyl, Deirdre Coburn, Anita Kohnen, and Valerie Ure) for your dedication and hard work in the preparation and execution of this event! Thank you to all those who helped make the Section’s 2013 ACGM a success!


2013 Section Awards

Marilyn Chidlow Club Volunteer Award Brenda Gray, Lake Bonavista SC

Marilyn Roach, Whitecourt SC

Laura Martens, La Crete FSC

Brenda Ison, Calgary Synchronized SC

Kim Stringer, Inuvik SC

Maria Differenz, Peace River SC

Mary Trociuk, Calgary Synchronized SC

Allison Edwards, Grovedale SC

Rhonda Bohnke, Rycroft & Spirit River SC

Nicola Jordan, Okotoks SC

Amanda Kavanagh, Rainbow Lake SC

Sheila Leys, High Level SC

Stephen Mayer, Calgary Winter Club

Angie Wedge, East Smoky SC

Susan Hansen, Hines Creek & District FSC

Janice Rarick, Ponoka FSC

Anne Bateman, Beaverlodge SC

Tamara Strebchuk, High Prairie SC

Cathy Pettapiece, Gateway SC

Anne Saliwonchuk, Nampa SC

Trina Connell, Northern Lights SC

Jason Pehl, St. Albert Skating Centre

Bev Yasinski, Manning SC

Yvonne Mortensen, Akasaka SC

Sandi Wright, Royal Glenora Club

Carol Ruether, Fairview Silver Blades SC

Penny Seufert, Redcliff SC

Anita Mortensen, St. Paul FSC

Chantelle Colthorp, Grande Prairie SC

Bobbie Jo Gold, Medicine Hat SC

Victoria Hann, Iqaluit FSC

Cindy Maisonneuve, Twilight SC

Denise Ringwald, Cardston SC

Bernadine Duquette, Drayton Valley SC

Denise Frank, Grimshaw SC

Karin Wilhauk, Claresholm SC

Kirsten MacDonald, Edson SC

Jasmine Ganther, Sexsmith SC

Trina Coslovich, Cypress School of Skating

Long Service Awards 25 Year Coaches Tammi Chudak David Howe

25 Year Volunteer Lise-Lotte Kinding Donna Randal

Club Service Awards

Anita Kohnen

presented by

10 Years

15 Years

20 Years

30 Years

Bentley SC

Blackfalds FSC Grovedale FSC Goldstar Skating Academy Rainbow Lake SC

Edmonton Synchronized SC Mayfield FSC Medicine Hat SC

Beaumont FSC High Level SC

35 Years Akasaka FSC Crossfield SC Hussar FSC Indus FSC

40 Years Kitscoty FSC Lac La Biche FSC Lamont FSC Morrin FSC

Carstairs FSC Eckville FSC Elk Point FSC Hines Creek SC

45 Years Hughenden FSC Three Hills FSC Strathmore FSC Vauxhall FSC

Bow Island FSC Drumheller SC Derrick FSC Edson FSC

Yellowknife FSC Wainwright SC

55 Years Red Deer FSC

Royal Glenora Club

Ponoka SC

Calgary Professional Skate Service Senior Performance Bursary Bursary Recipient Kaetlyn Osmond

The recipient of the Professional Skate Service Senior Performance Bursary is Kaetlyn Osmond. aetlyn was the highest placing senior skater at the 2013 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships, winning the gold medal in the Senior Women’s event.


Triple Flip Fashion Show

Awards Banquet


2013 REGION ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Edmonton Region Molly Wacowich Nathan Chung Cathy Pettapiece Robin Forsyth Kendra Digness

Northwest Region

CanSkater of the Year Program Assistant Award Volunteer Award Volunteer Coach Award CompetitiveSkate Athlete Award

Lacie Conant Samantha Eisenkrein Jacey Mitchell

South Region Lyndianna O’Neil Maeren Hinch Jenay Kaytor Graham Schaufele

Northeast Region Coral Roche Megan Mortenson Cora Desmeules

CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award CompetitiveSkate Athlete Award

CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award

Calgary Region

Peace Region Carbon Edwards Ashley Wohlgemuth Michelle Gordon Lee Johnson Deanne Sauvé Brenda Hart

CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award Officials Award Volunteer Coach Award Volunteer of Excellence Award

Ava Folkersen Alexis Lum Kyra Glazier Lucie LaFerriere

Elise Slywka Elise Martinoski Taylor Mochoruk Karen Penrice

CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award Officials Award

Hazel Marta Chelsea Pardy Jewel Tuckey Charlotte Andersen

Central Region

CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award

CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award CompetitiveSkate Athlete Award

NWT Region CanSkater of the Year STARSkate Athlete Award Program Assistant Award Volunteer Award

2013 MEDALIST RECOGNITION National Medalists Kaetlyn Osmond

Taylor LeClaire & Christopher Mostert

Senior Women - Gold Medal 2012 Skate Canada International 2012 Nebelhorn Trophy 2013 Skate Canada Challenge 2013 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships

Novice Pair - Bronze Medal 2013 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships

Keelee Gingrich & Davin Portz Pre-Novice Pair - Gold Medal 2013 Skate Canada Challenge

2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games Meg Ohsada Singles Level 3 - Silver Medal Ice Dancing Level 1 - Silver Medal

Kennedy Zaytsoff Singles Level 5 - Gold Medal Ice Dancing Level 4 - Gold Medal



Dennis McFarlane Award Award Recipient Jordan Topolnyski

The recipient of the Dennis McFarlane Award is Jordan Topolnyski. Jordan was the highest placing Pre-Novice Woman who competed at the 2013 Skate Canada Challenge.

Pat Sprague Award Award Recipient Edmonton Edge

The recipient of the Pat Sprague Award is Edmonton Edge. This team was the highest placing synchronized skating team who competed at the 2013 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships.

Alberta Figure Skating Foundation STARSkate Awards

Jazlyn Tabachniuk Gold Medalist Gold Triathlon

Anja Nel

Gold Medalist Silver Triathlon

Aimbree Bystrom Gold Medalist Bronze Triathlon

Triple Gold Awards Kendal Collier, Cypress School of Skating Sasha Heneghan-Smith, Extreme Edge SC Krista Jong, Extreme Edge SC

Shauna Jong, Extreme Edge SC Emma Neis, Sherwood Park FSC Amy Severtson, Red Deer SC

Katelyn Thompson, Foothills SC Amanda Wan, Royal Glenora Club

Kelsey Kosiorek, Okotoks SC Dayton Stewart, Properties Skating Academy Alexis Lum, Springbank FSC Amanda MacKowosky, Vegreville SC Natalie McMurray, Calalta FSC Nicole Joe, Calalta FSC

Alison Schumacher, Ice Palace FSC Lucie LaFerrière, Calalta FSC Karin Sutton, Derrick SC Ashlee Zimmerman, Derrick SC Caitlin Pettapiece, Gateway SC

Quadruple Gold Awards Nicole Auld, Calalta FSC Josh Brauner, Calalta FSC Victoria Careirro, Properties Skating Academy Cassandra Cowan, Properties Skating Academy Kristen Harms, Calalta FSC Ashley Pasiciel, Cypress School of Skating

Merit Award Winner Davin Portz

The Merit Award is presented on behalf of the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation. The award recognizes a skater (single, dance or pair team) that exemplifies the most deserving performance during the Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/ Nunavut Sectional Championships.



Wild Rose Competition

Announcing the 2013 Annual Wild Rose Competition

August 9 – 11, 2013 Calgary, Alberta

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED! Many hands make for a light load

Please contact us at

Board Members Wanted Become a valued member of a team where the ultimate goal is to promote skating development in Alberta. Want to learn more about what we do? Review our website: Have questions, please direct them to



Christine Coslovich

Kurt Browning Award

Award Recipient Kaetlyn Osmond

Award Recipient Natasha Purich

Wayne Feil Memorial Evaluator/Judges Award

Brian Pockar Award

Award Recipient Jennifer Holland

Award Recipient Mackenzie Mah

Shantelle Hale Award

Pat Fischer Bursary

Award Recipients Emma Bulawka & Amanda Kimoto

Bursary Recipient Graham Schaufele

Pre-Juvenile Award

Barbara Graham Bursary

Award Recipients Christine Coslovich & Shaylyn Jackson

Bursary Recipients Keelee Gingrich & Davin Portz

Amanda Kimoto

Shaylyn Jackson

Spirit & Passion of Skating Award

Special Olympics Skaters of the Year Award

Award Recipient Charlene Porter

Kennedy Zaytsoff

Creating the Edge for Life Award Award Recipient Sheena Walton


Meg Ohsada

Emma Bulawka

Winnie Silverthorne Award

Award Recipients Kennedy Zaytsoff & Meg Ohsada

Specializing in custom figure skate fitting, blade alignment and sharpening for 40 years Serving all levels of figure skaters, from beginner to professional Carrying lines such as Graf, Riedell, Jackson, Gam, Mondor, Jerry’s, Chole Noel & Zuca 3515 18th St. S.W. Calgary, AB T2T 4T9 Ph: (403) 243-3663 Follow us on:



Alexis is a well-rounded individual whose hard-work, dedication and inspiring attitude has not gone unnoticed. Apart from her personal achievements in skating, Alexis also volunteer’s with Special Olympics Calgary, helping skaters to achieve their goals. She always has a smile on her face and dedicates as much time to skating while balancing school, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities.

Competitive Skate Athlete Award

Kendra Digness

Kendra is a hard-worker who is committed to her training as a competitive athlete. She maintains a healthy balance though between family, friends and skating. Kendra is a perfectionist who always strives to do things better.

Section Volunteer Award Brenda Hart

Brenda is actively involved in the skating world on many levels. Her involvement includes her role as the Section’s Officials Coordinating Committee Chair and Evaluator/Judges Sub-Committee Chair, an evaluator at over 417 tests since 2011, a judge at Section competitions, and as a technical representative at the 2013 Sectional Championships and region competitions. Brenda is a great asset to the Section for her wealth of knowledge, passion for skating, and willingness to teach and instruct others.

Program Assistant Award Jenay Kaytor

Jenay has been a program assistant for three years. She shows tremendous leadership and initiative with CanSkaters, actively engaging them with creative warm-ups and cool-downs to ensure all skaters are involved. She enjoys “helping all the children and watching them progress”.

Section CanSkater of the Year Ava Folkersen

Ava is a very creative child and enjoys the arts. She expresses her artistry on the ice and is ready to go the second her skates are tied. Her passion and enthusiasm for skating and being on the ice is contagious, and is evident in her encouragement of other skaters.

Section Officials Award

Lee Johnson

Lee is a dedicated volunteer to the sport of figure skating. She takes an active role in assisting new Data Specialists and is a positive role model. Lee believes that it is important to be involved with the activities that one’s child enjoys as it leads to great personal satisfaction and many lasting friendships.

Section Volunteer Coach Award

Robin Forsyth

Robin is passionate about coaching and figure skating. Her dedication, creativity, passion, and skill make her an excellent coach. She is actively involved in building and mentoring skaters, parents and other coaches. Robin is always looking for new opportunities to grow and develop.

Congratulations to all award recipients! 29

AROUND THE REGIONS Mission Staff for Team Alberta Team Alberta North is seeking energetic and enthusiastic individuals to participate as Mission Staff for the 2014 Arctic Winter Games being held March 14 – 22nd in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Arctic Winter Games are a biennial celebration of sport and culture involving Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta North, Nunavik (Northern Quebec), Greenland, Russia and the Sami of Northern Scandinavia. Click here for more information and to apply.

Creating Opportunities for Skaters with a Disability The Inclusive Skating Initiative

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut has received a Sport Activities Initiative Program Grant from ASRPWF and Sport Canada. We have also received a Provincial Healthy/Active Living Initiatives Program Grant. These funds are committed to the development of more opportunities for skaters with a physical and/or intellectual disabilities. These opportunities will be generated through pilot projects with our clubs. To learn more about the opportunities for skaters with a physical and/or intellectual disability, as well as the pilot initiatives and funding available to Section clubs, please save-the-date for an informative webinar! WEBINAR – JUNE 25, 2013, 7:00-8:00 pm Presented by:


Margarita Sweeny-Baird, Inclusive Skating Sally Rehorick, ISU Official Dr. Marni Wesner, Chief Medical Officer for Skate Canada, and Classifier Dr. Lana Nordell, Classifer Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Section

More details about the webinar will be posted soon. For further information about the project, please contact Lisa Bonderove at Section Office.

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Ravi Walia

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04/20/13 11:18 AM

DUSO’S MONTHLY AWARDS Helping Hand of the Month Award

Presented by..

May 2013 Helping Hand of the Month Congratulations Deirdre Coburn of the Lethbridge FSC! Deirdre has been a dedicated volunteer for the Lethbridge FSC for several years. She evaluates and judges at test days and competitions in Lethbridge and around the province. Deirdre has previously been a volunteer on the South Region Executive Committee and her volunteerism shows her love for this sport. She is a great role model for our skaters both in and out of the rink. Congratulations Deirdre on being the Duso’s May Helping Hand of the Month!

April 2013 Helping Hand of the Month Congratulations Marie Geisbrecht of the Hines Creek and District FSC! The Duso’s April Helping Hand of the Month is Marie Geisbrecht from the Hines Creek and District FSC. Marie is a grandmother to two skaters in the club. She has volunteered for several years to sew costumes and props for the annual ice carnival. Marie is always willing and eager to assist the club and to lend a helping hand. The Hines Creek and District FSC is fortunate to have such a dedicated volunteer.

Skater of the Month Award

Presented by..

May 2013 Skater of the Month Congratulations Payton Ray of the Beaverlodge SC! The Duso’s May Skater of the Month is Payton Ray of the Beaverlodge SC. Payton dedictaes herself to the sport of figure skating on a daily basis. She has excellent sportsmanship and is always on-time to practice and respectful to her coaches and fellow skaters. Payton also volunteers as a program assistant and with club carnivals. Her love for the sport is easy to see every time she walks into the arena!

April 2013 Skater of the Month Congratulations Alana Gersky of Special Olympics Edmonton! The Duso’s April Skater of the Month is Alana Gersky of Special Olympics Edmonton. Alana has been involved with Special Olympics since 1994, and is enthusiastic about skating every week! She has a great attitude, incredible work ethic, and contagious motivation. She is a proud ambassador of the Special Olympics program in Edmonton! 31


Skater of the Month Award Click for Nomination Form

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut and Duso’s are pleased to offer the Skater of the Month Award. Duso’s is proud to present $100 to each award recipient. Recipients will also receive recognition on the Section website and at the Section Awards Banquet. Nominations are accepted from Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut members and clubs for a skater they feel demonstrates the following criteria: • • •

Works hard Helps out whenever possible Loves what they do

May 2012

• • •

Assists the club in activities Helps other skaters Is a great role model and ambassador for figure skating

June 2012

July 2012

August 2012

December 2012

Taylor Lassiter

Cassidy Stromberg

Kaitlyn Boucher

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

Brynn McLellan

January 2013

Janelle McGinley

Frances Heaton

Abigail Seewald

February 2013 Trevin Ressler


Haylea Jones

Paitan Molde

March 2012

Haley Campbell


Helping Hand of the Month Award Click for Nomination Form

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut and Duso’s are pleased to offer the Helping Hand of the Month Award. Recipients will receive recognition on the Section website and at the Section Awards Banquet. Nominations are accepted from Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut members and clubs for a volunteer involved in any or all of the following activities: • • • • •

Club Board Member Carnival Program Assistant Competitions Test Days

May 2012

• • • •

June 2012

Section Activities Day-to-Day Club Activities Club Events Other

July 2012

August 2012

December 2012

Lee Brunet

Carrie Wohlgemuth

Heather LeBlanc

September 2012

October 2012

November 2012

Shauna Dimock

January 2013 Emma Walker

Donna Kormos & Nenette Legaspi

February 2013 Tim Kreil


Tammy Costard

Shauna Weist

Bradley Dwernychuk

March 2012

Renee Alexander


ers. The Grovedale SC is fortunate to have him involved on their Club Board.

Section Board, Committees, Sub-Committees and Committee Members Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut is supported by the amazing volunteers that dedicate themselves to the Section Board of Directors, Section Committees and SubCommittees. These individuals support the initiatives of the organization and figure skating in Alberta, NWT and Nunavut. Their guidance and support reaches the clubs, coaches, skaters, officials and volunteers and the Section is fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers on the various committees and Section Board.

April 23, 2013 Roxanne Arnal, Official Wainwright SC, Northeast Region The Section recognizes Roxanne Arnal, whose passion for skating started out as a skater and she is now an active official within the Section. Since she first received her promotion in 1997, she has dedicated countless hours evaluating test days and officiating at competitions. Roxanne is an excellent resource and volunteer for her Club and Region and her expertise is always appreciated.

Taylor Mochoruk, Skater and Program Assistant Red Deer SC, Central Region Taylor is a great helper with the Red Deer SC. She is always happy and ready to help other skaters and she enjoys volunteering as a Program Assistant with the CanSkate program. The CanSkate program is supported through the dedication of individuals volunteering their time as Program Assistants to assist the coaches in the delivery of the program.

Charmaine Botros, Club Board Member Barrhead FSC, Northwest Charmaine has served on the Barrhead SC Board as President for the past two years. Prior to that she assisted with numerous club activities, such as carnivals and year end functions. As Club President, Charmaine is active in all areas of the club and her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched.

April 25, 2013 The Gilroy Family, Calgary Synchronized SC As a family unit, Kim, Connie and Katrina Gilroy dedicate countless hours in assisting the Calgary Synchronized SC Board, teams and club events. Kim has been on the Club Board for the past nine years. Connie was the manager for the Calgary Synchronized SC team and volunteered at the 2013 Synchronized Skating National Championships. Katrina has skated on various Synchronized Skating teams and volunteers for club fundraisers. She was the volunteer co-coordinator for the 2013 Synchronized Skating National Championships. The Gilroy Family has been a long time supporter of figure skating and we wish to recognize their dedication and contribution to the Calgary Synchronized Skating Club and the sport.

April 24, 2013 Doug Vandemark, Club Board Member Grovedale FSC, Peace Region Doug has been the Club President of the Grovedale SC for the past 2 years. He has done a tremendous amount of fundraising for the club and he makes it easy for new families to feel welcome. Doug volunteers countless hours for the skating club and his community. He truly does demonstrate a passion for skating and helping oth-


NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK Nayoung Hong, Skating Parent Gateway SC, Edmonton Region

Cathi and Donald Ross, Grandparents of Skaters Inuvik SC, NWT Region

Nayoung is involved with the Gateway SC in a variety of ways. She volunteers at test days, assists CanSkaters at the club competition, helps with club registration, organizes for skaters carnival costumes and other special club events. Nayoung strives to volunteer whenever she can and she is always happy to make herself available.

Cathi and Donald have been involved with the club for the past 5 years and are the grand parents of a junior skater. They are amazing volunteers, as they help out with every fundraiser and club activity. Cathi is a great front line volunteer helping with ticket sales and registration. Donald is their “unofficial” photographer. The Inuvik SC can always count on Cathi and Donald for their support and we are happy to recognize them during National Volunteer Week.

April 26, 2013 Victoria Hann, Volunteer Coach Iqaluit SC, Nunavut Region Victoria is a volunteer coach for the Iqaluit SC, located in Nunavut. WIth over 100 CanSkaters registered in the club, the dedication and support of the coaches is essential. Victoria also provides administrative and has been with the club since it became a Skate Canada Club in 2011. Victoria is dedicated to providing support in all areas and we are pleased to recognize her dedication and contribution to her club and figure skating.

Amanda Zimmer, Club Board Member Claresholm SC, South Region Amanda has been involved with the Claresholm SC for 6 years. She started out by helping with the carnival and then she was “promoted” to Carnival Committee Chair and that role has now continued for the past 4 years. Along with that role, she has also been on the Club Board as the Publicity Coordinator and Vice President. Her ability to remain calm and to get things done is a great asset to the club.


2012-2013 GOLDEN SKATERS Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Golden Skaters! If you would like to recognize a skater, friend, or family member for passing any of their gold tests, send the online waiver and photo to

Avery Rudnusky

Lara Thompson

Parkland SC Skating Skills

Parkland SC Skating Skills Dance


We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and ALL

Get Involved!

should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™

• Apply

provides support to children in

• Donate

order to remove financial barriers

• Volunteer

that prevent them from playing organized sport.

1-888-914-kiDs (5437)

“Having someone I don’t even know care about me so much that they would give me the opportunity to compete in sports has prompted me to do the same when I grow up. ... Thank you for all that you have done.” – Jane, age 12



b t.A r o

D .ki w w

w 37

Coach Wanted Ads Sherwood Park Skating Club

Properties Skating Academy

ABOUT US Sherwood Park Skating Club, located east of Edmonton, is seeking applicants for a skating coach position. The Sherwood Park FSC is a rapidly growing club that has over 500 skaters from CanSkate to National level competitors. Our club currently operates year round out of the Glen Allen Recreation center in the heart of Sherwood Park and provides approximately 40 hours of ice per week. Applicants must meet all Skate Canada coaching requirements. For more information on our club, Please visit our website at

ABOUT US Welcome to the Properties Skating Academy serving the communities in northeast Calgary! Join us and participate in one of our many skating programs, whether you or your kids are learning to skate, or are inspiring hockey or ringette players that want to improve your skating skills, or ex-skaters who want to return to skating as adults. For those who like to progress into figure skating, we offer Skate Canada Figure Skating Programs, ranging from recreational to competitive skating. We welcome skaters of all ages and all levels.

The successful candidate will have: • Minimum Primary STARSkate certified or higher • Experience in Off-Ice training classes • A photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership Card • Police Clearance Check • First Aid Certificate • Making Ethical Decisions

The successful candidate will have: • CanSkate Trained/Primary STARSkate Certification • Level II / Level III NCCP Certified • A photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership Card • Police Clearance Check • First Aid Certificate • Making Ethical Decisions

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES The successful applicant will coach skaters in our STARSkate and competitive programs, preparing skaters for test or competition. Help with our other programs including Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate if needed.

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES We have an urgent need for coaches of all levels to coach our spring session, May 6th until June 19th (Sunday - Thursday). There is also an opportunity for a coach to act as a lead in a coaching team within our Club. We are also looking for another individual who is interested in coaching the CanSkate program.

The successful candidate will: • Possess good communication skills and a positive attitude • Be comfortable working in a Team oriented club • Be committed to on-going education in coaching field • Show a strong commitment to the skating profession with an emphasis on Professionalism

The successful candidate will: • Have the ability to work with skaters of all ages, a volunteer Board and parents. • Be well organized and have a willingness to learn and keep up with any changes within Skate Canada. • Hold strong interpersonal and communication skills. • Be enthusiastic

TIME COMMITMENT We have approximately 40 hours of ice weekly and operate TIME COMMITMENT year round. Our spring program runs from Sunday to Thursday , 3:30 till 8:30pm for STARSkate to Competitive CanSkate from 6pm -7pm SKATING PROGRAMS on Mon/Wed and Thurs. All levels of STARSkate/competitive skate and CanSkate if needed SKATING PROGRAMS We offer CanSkate up to Competitive stream of skating programs. APPLICATION DEADLINE August 1, 2013 APPLICATION DEADLINE Until suitable candidate is found. CONTACT INFORMATION Please send your resume to Terri Gallant ( CONTACT INFORMATION P.O. Box 3135, Sherwood Park AB. T8A 2A6 Please send your resume to If you have any questions, please contact Terri Gallant. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Bent (angbw@, Lina Carreiro (, Eman Khalil (


Coach Wanted Ads Devon Skating Club

Foothills Skating Club

ABOUT US Devon Skating Club requires a certified skating coach to join our team and work with all levels of skaters for the 2013-2014 season. Programs include CanSkate, Junior Academy, and STARSkate. The club offers about 12 hours of ice time each week for two running sessions, September to December 2013 and January to March 2014. We are a small club with steady growth in a family oriented community. We operate out of one arena and also run an off ice program operating in school gymnasium space.

ABOUT US The Foothills Skating Club, formed in 1988, has served the Foothills communities (Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Longview and Millarville), providing Learn-to-Skate and figure skating programs to children of all ages. The Foothills Skating Club, sanctioned by Skate Canada operates with a group of parent volunteers who plan and administer a variety of skating programs. Instruction and coaching is led by NCCP certified Skate Canada coaches. Our club skates out of the Oilfields Regional Arena located in Black Diamond, Alberta. Our programs run Monday to Friday from mid-September through to the end March.

The successful candidate will have: • minimum NCCP ISPC Certified • A photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership Card • Police Clearance Check • First Aid Certificate • Demonstrate the ability to make ethical decisions.

The successful candidate will have: • Minimum ISPC certified • A photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership Card • Police Clearance Check • First Aid Certificate • Making Ethical Decisions

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES The successful candidate must be able to deliver a skating program that encourages recreational skating, skill building, and competitive skating. This coach would oversee all ages and levels of skaters including CanSkate, Junior Academy, and STARSkate. This coach would also be expected to work with our current coaches, planning and preparing schedules and programs for each group including preparation for test days and competitions.

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES We are looking for a coach to work primarily with our STARSkaters. This would include training and developing our STARSkaters for test days and competitions. Since we are a smaller Club the Coach may also be asked to help out with the Club’s CanSkate programs. The successful candidate will: • Be able to communicate and work professionally with skaters, parents, board members and other coaches. • Be well organized • Be a team player • Be enthusiastic

The successful candidate will: • Show enthusiasm, possess strong communication skills and be comfortable communicating effectively with skaters, parents, and executive members. Flexibility and team working attitude are essential

TIME COMMITMENT Negotiable - STARSkate sessions run Monday through Friday, generally, times are 1 ½ - 2 hrs per session. The season runs from mid-September through to March.

TIME COMMITMENT Applicants seeking fulltime (approximately 12 hours a week plus administration time) or part time (shared hours) will be considered. SKATING PROGRAMS CanSkate, Junior Academy, & STARSkate Programs

SKATING PROGRAMS Primarily STARSkate but could include Preliminary Prep and CanSkate programs as well.


APPLICATION DEADLINE Until suitable candidate is found.

CONTACT INFORMATION Please send your resume to:

CONTACT INFORMATION Please send your resume to:

If you have any questions, please contact Shan Tebb at 780987-5305.

Box 821, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0 If you have any questions, please contact Brenda at 403-9332664.


Coach Wanted Ads Innisfail Skating Club

Gateway Skating Club

ABOUT US Innisfail Skating Club has approximately 150 members (CanSkate to STARSkate) with ¾ being CanSkate. Innisfail is located 30km south of Red Deer along QE2

ABOUT US The Gateway Skating Club of Edmonton, Alberta requires certified skating coaches to join our current team, and work with all levels of skaters for the 2013-2014 season. The club offers about 30 hours of ice each week during our winter season. We are a growing club with over 700 members. We operate out of three arenas on Edmonton’s south side. Our fall/winter season runs from September to mid-May, and is followed by three weeks of training in June and 5-6 weeks in the summer. We offer full on-ice and off-ice training.

The successful candidate will: • Be a Skate Canada Coach with ISPC Certification (level 2) and higher or Primary STARSkate Certified. • Provide a photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional • Coaching Membership Card • Pass Police Clearance Check • Provide First Aid Certificate • Make Ethical Decisions

The successful candidate will have: • Primary STARSkate certified or ISPC level coach. Coaches working towards these levels with appropriate skating background and experience will also be considered. • A photocopy of your Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership Card • Police Clearance Check • First Aid Certificate • Making Ethical Decisions

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES This individual will be responsible for helping with organizing and running CanSkate and Pre-Star Skaters. Work with the board and other coaches to maintain the quality of programming offered by our club over the years and assist with yearend ice carnival. The successful candidate will: • have good communication skills, work well in a team environment with skaters of all ages and levels, including working with pre-star skaters in group and private formats existing coaches, executive and parents; and be well organized and prepared for each skating session.

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Include working in a team environment, Supporting all club events and our annual ice show, immediate coverage of supplemental private lessons for current coaches, of skaters in all disciplines – Freeskate, dance and skills. This could include STARskate and Competitive skaters depending on the credentials and experience of the applicant. This is an opportunity to build a portfolio of skaters, to accompany skaters to competitions, and to coach on our CanSkate and Jr STARSkate programs.

TIME COMMITMENT Our season runs from the beginning of October until Christmas break and then from January until the end of March – ending with our annual Ice Show. Lessons are scheduled for Tues, Wed and Thurs starting time will depend on day. Length of service can be negotiated.

The successful candidate will: • be enthusiastic • be willing to work in a team atmosphere • have strong communications skills.

SKATING PROGRAMS You will be responsible for helping to organize and teach CanSkate and Pre-Star Skaters.

TIME COMMITMENT Applicants seeking full-time or part-time positions will be considered.

APPLICATION DEADLINE Until suitable candidate is found.

SKATING PROGRAMS Coaching on Preschool, CanSkate and Jr STARSkate Group sessions, as well as providing private lessons in all disciplines

CONTACT INFORMATION Please send your resume to: Innisfail Skating Club Box 6061 Innisfail, Alberta T4G 1S7

CONTACT INFORMATION Interested applicants should forward their resumes to, attention Michelle Currie

If you have any questions, please contact Brent Jackson at


Coach Wanted Ads Submitting a Coach Wanted Ad

Thank Yous...

Is your club looking for a coach?

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut would like to thank Cenovus Energy for donating $1,000 in recognition of the volunteer contributions of Elaine Dyck.

Are you looking for some place to advertise for a coach? In the Loop has a spot waiting for you! Did you know that In the Loop sees the highest number of clicks for Coach Wanted ads in the months of June and July? In the Loop also reaches over 1,000 contacts throughout Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. For $25/edition, your club can increase the visibility of its coach wanted advertisement. For more information, visit the Section website at http://www.

Submit your coach wanted ad to if you would like your ad to appear in the newsletter. Cost per ad is $25 per edition. Ads are also placed on the section website as they are received.

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut 2013-214 Competition Grid Date



Calgary, AB

Combined Invitational

October 18 - 20, 2013

Host Alberta Figure Skating Foundation, Huntington Hills Skating Club & Properties Skating Academy Edmonton Region

November 7 - 10, 2013

Ice Palace Figure Skating Club

Edmonton, AB

November 15 - 17, 2013 November 21 - 24, 2013 November 29 - December 1, 2013 December 4 - 8, 2013 December 14 - 15, 2013 January 9 - 15, 2014 January 11 - 12, 2014 January 24 - 26, 2014 January 31 - February 2, 2014 February 6 - 9, 2014 February 8, 2014 February 7 - 9, 2014 February 14 - 16, 2014 February 21 - 23, 2014

Grande Prairie Skating Club Airdrie Skating Club Noralta Skating Club

March 7 - 9, 2014

St. Albert Skating Centre

March 9, 2014 March 15 - 22, 2014 March 21 - 23, 2014 March 28 - 30, 2014 April 11 - 13, 2014 August 1 - 3, 2014

Northern Lites Synchronized Skating Club

August 9 - 11 , 2013

Yellowknife Skating Club Calgary Synchronized Skating Club Edson Figure Skating Club Lethbridge Figure Skating Club Red Deer Skating Club Inuvik Skating Club Calalta Figure Skating Club

Grande Prairie Skating Club Olds Figure Skating Club Ice Palace Figure Skating Club Alberta Figure Skating Foundation

Edmonton, AB

Competitive Invitational 2014 Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut Sectional Championships Presented by Calgary Professional Skate Service Grande Prairie, AB Alberta Winter Games Zone 8 & Arctic Winter Games AB North Runoffs Airdrie, AB Calgary Region Open / Alberta Winter Games Zones 1-6 Runoffs Fort McMurray, AB North East Region Open / Alberta Winter Games Zone 7 Runoffs Regina, SK 2014 Skate Canada Challenge Yellowknife, NWT Arctic Winter Games NWT Runoffs Ottawa, ON 2014 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships Calgary, AB Synchronized Skating Invitational Edson, AB North West Region Open Lethbridge, AB 2014 Mountain Regional Synchronized Skating Championships Banff/Canmore 2014 Alberta Winter Games Red Deer, AB Adult Open / Western Regional Adult Competition Inuvik, NWT Territorials Calgary, AB Combined Invitational Burnaby, BC 2014 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships 2014 Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut STARSkate Championships St. Albert, AB Presented by the Alberta Figure Skating Foundation Edmonton, AB Synchronized Skating Invitational Fairbanks, Alaska 2014 Arctic Winter Games Grande Prairie, AB STARSkate Invitational Olds, AB STARSkate Invitational Edmonton, AB Combined Invitational Leduc, AB Combined Invitational

As of May 13, 2013


Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut recognizes its partners, supporters and sponsors for supporting figure skating in our Section. 42

Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut 11759 Groat Road NW Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3K6 Phone: (780) 415-0465 Fax: (780) 427-1734 Email: 43

2013 May In the Loop  

2013 May edition of In the Loop

2013 May In the Loop  

2013 May edition of In the Loop