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Artist Skidlight: Glory Hole Part 1

one potata, two potata, Drunk!


no caption required

Hey Kidd, that’s not an Austin plant.

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this is the only look i own

bella bond brad dreaming of a 900

the most intriguing part of this photo weird

danny devito?

Cover PHoto: Brad McClain. Photo: V. Termini

Pic: V. Termini

estyle.c l i p e h t . w ww



Always ask “Who’s going?” then say “let me call you back” wait at least 4-5 hours to call back and make up an excuse like “Ya I can’t go because... moms sick, grandmas in the hospital, doctors appointment, I don’t have any gas, and the best why? (like you thought the company was already dead)


I’m not gonna ride for your shitty company!

10 THINGS to do with this

(waste of paper)

by Dave Duesterberg


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Skidmark would like to thank the following bad ass motherfuckers

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proo Fred

Mike hart Matt moose Demetri mouratis Jose cervantes Narbe vagharshakian Josh Becker Chad Jackson

Brian Shamanski Christian erickson Sheki LaRue Shawn rossmiller Garret Vick Phil ritti Vinnie Termini

Ryan Carpenterd

Wez from Thrasher?

Produced by hatred Skidds Mark

People who can spell Matt Moose Heather Gartrell Nicky Gaston

What happens when you let 40 plus skaters loose in the capital city of California? The 3rd Skidmark Poker Run of course! It was January 29th and the contest began at Nine 16 skateshop in Sacramento California. People were lined up out the door waiting for their maps of the 5 secret spots. The spots included The Aztec Ledges, Rock Gap, Yellow flat bar, Dirty banks and the Midtown up ledge. Not only were some of the spots the gnarliest yet for the Poker Run series, but a thick fog was upon all of us and kept the ground wet for hours. Despite the wetness the contest slogan HUCK OR DIE kept the contest a go. After some complementary coffee and donuts it was an hour delay waiting for the fogginess to let up, until finally it was go time. Head Pile Andrew said “You want $500? Then go get it”. And that is exactly what happened. The contestants charged out of the shop in full force tackling all the spots as they saw fit. Lynn Truman, Ricky Flip and I ventured off to the Aztec Ledges. Bangers were already going down. Andrew Dellas switched flipped up the 5, Cody Steinberger ollied to late shuv over the block. Scottie McDdade nose blunted nollie bigger spinned the block in sweat pants. We motored over to the up ledge when out of nowhere Rob Mason board slid up the ledge grabbed the flag pole then slid down the other side. WHAT THE FUCK! There were nose grinders, tail sliders, and of course, snapping boards. Then we moseyed on over to the dirty banks. Some said “screw the bank. We’re hucking ourselves off the top, straight clearing the bank, and taking it to the street (and not the gay Michael Mcdonald version either.) Then it was back in the car as we wondered over to the Rock gap to see what was going down. When we rolled up there must have been 20 skaters hucking themselves down the gap with tricks-o-plenty. Casey Docherty threw a Switch heel and Andrew Dellas followed it up with a switch back heel. The winner of best trick was Chuck Donnatin with a Switch Hard flip down the bastard of a gap! We headed back to Nine 16 with anticipation of the yellow rail madness. Callan Walker blunted that thing enough times, it was crazy! However, I did hear about something that made me cringe. Scotty McDade went straight to neck on the rail. But hey, he won worst slam and got a board and stuff so I guess it paid off. The whole contest was nuts. I could sit here and name names and tricks for days but that shit is boring when there is like 20 edits on YouTube you can check out. Just type in Skidmark Poker Run Sacramento. At 3:00 everyone met back at Nine 16 and turned in their hands for their chance to make rent this month. All hands made it in and the judges went back to their secluded dressing room (that was way to small for 10 judges and what looked to be a game of “Cookie”) where the decision was made on who won 1st place at Skidmark’s 3rd Poker Run. The shop was so packed as Andrew Braswell announced the winners, while rocking a pony tail. It was hilarious. He looked like Pebbles from the Flintstones. Any-who, Chuck D got best trick for the switch heel down the rock gap. Scotty McDade got the rail to the neck award for the worst slam. Rob Mason won 3rd place and Cody Steinberger got 2nd. The winner of the $500 was Andrew Dellas. All and all this was the best poker run to date. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Sm Issue 2 0000  

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