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DEMOCRACY : a form of government in which citizens can freely and equally express their views on, participate in, and vote for, how their country should be run.

LIBERAL DEMOCRACY : a democratic form of government in which the exercise of political power is limited by the rule of law, and in which individual rights and freedoms are officially recognised and protected.

ILLIBERAL DEMOCRACY : a partially democratic form of government in which elections occur, but in which power is increasingly consolidated by those in power, enabled by rising restrictions on citizens’ civil liberties and an erosion of checks and balances.

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY : a democratic form of government, in which citizens of a country vote for government representatives to govern on their behalf. E

CUMENICAL: promoting Christian cooperation or unity amongst the whole body of churches.

KINGDOM OF GOD : the fulfilment of God’s will on earth.

KULTURKAMPF : broadly, a conflict between cultures or values systems and, in particular, a conflict between civil and religious authorities.

FEINDBILD: a bogeyman or negative stereotype.

MAJORITARIANISM : a system within a group whereby decisions are made by the majority of its members.

NATIVISM : the political ideology which holds that states should mainly or exclusively be inhabited by, or pursue the interests of, those defined as native and against those of immigrants, including restricting further immigration.

NEW NATIONALISM : a resurgence of the idea that the nation, which unites people of common culture or ancestry together in a sovereign state, is the best instrument for advancing democracy.

PHYLETISM : a conflation of church and nation.

POPULISM : political ideas and actions to get support from ordinary people vis-àvis other segments of society.

SOCIAL CHAUVINISM : a fanatical patriotism whereby a person views their own nation as better than any other.

SUPRANATIONALISM : the placing of a large amount of power to an authority which is, in theory, higher than the state.

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