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Daily essentials Meeting customers’ everyday needs


About Skanska Fantastic value for money, intelligent ideas and exceptional reliability. That’s what you get when you work with Skanska.

Together we make life more comfortable for people across the UK, providing the gas, electricity and water they need for everyday life.

We are playing a key role in a number of major utility schemes, including the service, maintenance and upgrading of supply networks, helping to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable supply of energy and water to UK households and businesses.


What we do Gas – you’re in safe hands We’ve been working on gas distribution and transmission networks globally for more than 40 years. Our gas expertise covers a broad spectrum, from concept design and development through to installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair.

Our services include: • gas service design, installation, testing and commissioning • connection and metering, including smart metering • reinstatement of surrounding infrastructure • mains installation and replacement • emergency response and repair • asset maintenance and refurbishment • decommissioning • remediation Combining our skills and resources with our industry partners, we offer a complete pipeline service for gas transmission. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to manage the entire pipeline production cycle, from feasibility studies, design and permit application to procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance.




Electricity – keeping the lights on We’re part of the team that operates and maintains the networks that bring electricity to millions of customers around the UK.

Our services include: • feasibility studies and site surveys • electricity substation design and construction • asset maintenance, refurbishment and replacement • customer connections and contestable delivery, i.e. delivery of electrical projects for developers • scheduling and dispatching resources • street works management • cable jointing, installation, testing and commissioning • trench excavations and tunnelling works • installation of ducts • full reinstatement of surrounding infrastructure and assets We provide construction services to electricity distribution companies. Our track record of providing services to the sector has been built up over decades and embraces network operations and maintenance, customer connections, network asset replacement and infrastructure services. We are also involved in the critical job of upgrading and renewing the UK’s electricity transmission network. This includes the design, planning, construction, installation and commissioning of extra high voltage power cable networks.


Water – caring for every drop Working in partnership, we help ensure the supply of clean water along with the removal and safe treatment of waste water for UK homes and businesses.

Our services include: • treatment works construction and refurbishment • pipeline installation, replacement, renovation and rehabilitation • asset maintenance and planned leak reduction programmes • sewers and surface water drainage schemes • service connections and installations • emergency response and repair • street works management • water related civil engineering • integration of water assets with other utilities’ providers We maintain and upgrade water supply networks; from pipeline installation, renovation and replacement to service connections and drainage schemes. Through our strong track record we have become one of Anglian Water’s preferred suppliers.



How we do it We put the customer first We are committed to providing customers with high quality products, delivered promptly, professionally and with due care and consideration, by both our engineering teams and customer care advisors.

We get the job done, but we strive to cause the least disruption to the community. Together, we keep the local community informed and your reputation protected.


Customer care helpdesk Our freephone helpdesk deals with more than 25,000 enquiries a year. This in-house service provides a personal and professional experience to customers – 24-hours a day, seven day a week.

We work in partnership We recognise the important benefits of working as a team and have vast experience of this approach.

Our gas network contract with National Grid, the North London Gas Alliance, has successfully upgraded more than 400km of gas mains every year in the north London area since 2005. Working seamlessly together in co-located offices means both companies enjoy complementary skills and resources. We also share the risks and rewards, while focusing on the common objectives of delivering a safe, quality service for over 40,000 National Grid customers every year. 11

We keep cities moving

...and plan routes intelligently

We use our extensive experience in

Utilising the latest technological

public consultation and highways

advances in horizontal directional

planning to minimise the impact of

drilling and Building Information

our works to the local community.

Modelling (BIM), we mitigate potential environmental risks while

We develop and implement traffic

delivering cost savings.

management plans – many in London’s commercial and tourist

The team minimises the risks

centres. This includes the successful

associated with constructing huge

application of temporary traffic

lengths of pipeline by designing

restrictions, such as lane closures and

optimum routes, working closely with

local diversions.

land owners and regional authorities. This ensures minimum crossings of roads, railways, waterways, flood plains or areas of archaeological significance or natural beauty.

“Both parties have worked collaboratively and tirelessly to achieve our joint successes on some of the most difficult and demanding gas main replacement projects we have undertaken in London in recent years.” Stuart Donaldson, Operations Manager, National Grid



“Skanska has been an important part of the alliance since it’s establishment in 2005. The company has consistently demonstrated the leadership required to deliver change and improvement and the culture to work in a collaborative organisation.� Dale Evans, Director @one Alliance, Anglian Water


We’re innovative Innovation to us is business as usual. Finding new ways of working to deliver value for our customers is something we strive for every day. SkanConnect™ supports clients in the gas, electricity and water sectors, helping to improve the delivery of these critical services across the UK.

...saving you money At Skanska, we always

Developed in-house, this clever piece of technology saves time, reduces costs and improves customer service.

strive for efficiencies while

SkanConnect™ enables smart phones and management systems to talk to each other, scheduling work efficiently and instantly alerting Skanska management to priority works. Vehicle tracking is also linked to the schedule to provide customers with reliable arrival times.

leaner processes and reducing

The system has delivered a 30% increase in productivity for our clients, as a result of enhanced efficiencies.

increasing value, developing

waste. By providing a virtual world in which to plan utility projects, BIM techniques are helping to minimise invasive works that can disrupt traffic flow. BIM allows engineers to design and plan preferred utility routes from the comfort of their own desks. This multi-dimensional modelling not only reduces safety risks, but also lessens disruption and provides cost certainty to utility providers.


What we believe in One of the world’s leading project

Latin America, generated revenue of

development and construction

over £11 billion in 2011. Some 4,400

groups, Skanska has expertise in

people are employed by Skanska in

construction, commercial and

the UK with a turnover in excess of

residential developments and public

£1.2 billion in 2011.

private partnerships. As a values-led business, Skanska


The company is headquartered in

believes in using this strength to

Stockholm, Sweden, and listed on the

improve the quality of people’s lives;

Stockholm Stock Exchange. Skanska’s

developing, building and maintaining

52,000 employees, based in selected

the physical environment to help

home markets in Europe, the US and

people live, work and travel.


We’re safe More than safety, Skanska’s InjuryFree Environment (IFE) programme is embedding a culture of care and concern for people across the company, its subcontractors and wider industry. IFE encourages everyone to accept responsibility for their own and their colleagues’ wellbeing. Proactively engaging its supply chain, we have led the industry in adopting safer practices. This emphasis on embedding a safety culture runs in parallel with advanced safety management and reporting systems and processes.


...ethical Skanska is committed to operate in accordance with the highest standards in terms of labour practices, human rights, impact on society and product responsibility. Across the world, the company has become a vital partner for creating and sustaining growth that improves the financial outlook for local industries and businesses.

Our values: • • • • •

zero accidents zero environmental incidents zero ethical breaches zero defects zero loss-making projects

“The North London Gas Alliance has shown that it is committed to striving for continuous improvement in accident and ill health prevention and we are delighted to honour it through the presentation of an award.” David Rawlins, Awards Manager, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents


...and green

No-one expects utilities to be green – by its

Having been named as the greenest company

very nature it consumes the earth’s resources.

in the UK across all industries*, we are already

But we are experts at helping clients to reduce

acknowledged as one of the world’s leading

energy use in their operations, finding ways to

green contractors. By constantly analysing the

minimise their carbon footprints. We carefully

current market, products and technologies, we

consider how we can meet the needs of today

incorporate ever more sustainable options into

without jeopardising those of tomorrow.

our processes and delivery.

*The Sunday Times Best Green Companies 2011


“Skanska has consistently demonstrated sector-leading commitment to reducing its environmental impacts and it is synonymous today with being in the vanguard of efforts being made to transform what was once one of our ‘dirty industries’.” Alastair McCall, Editor of The Sunday Times Green List.

The green trend that is gathering pace will affect how we live, work and travel, how we do business and how we plan our cities. Skanska is committed to contributing actively to a green society. The ultimate aim of our Journey to Deep Green™ is for Skanska projects to have a nearzero impact on the environment.


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Utilities brochure v9 final 4 (flipbook)