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The Skanska Way

Skanska delivers great things that enrich our lives and the world around us 2

The Skanska Way

The Skanska Way is... Staying a trusted friend Improving the quality of people’s lives Living and breathing green Safe from the start Opportunity for all



Welcome Mike Putnam President and CEO, Skanska UK


Skanska is all about ‘big heart’. That might seem an unusual thing to hear from a company in our industry, but we think having a ‘big heart’ is what makes the difference – for our customers, our employees and the people who benefit from the projects we deliver. ‘Big heart’ is everything we do – it’s our culture. By that we mean our vision and values, our working environment, and the way we treat each other. Our aim is for everyone at Skanska to be passionate advocates of our vision and values, with a common view of who we are, our heritage and where we’re going. The following pages express in more detail what we mean by ‘big heart’ – how we work and what we say and do, every day, to deliver great things. Welcome to Skanska.


Staying a trusted

friend 6

The Skanska Way

We strive always to deliver on our commitments - to our clients, employee s and the communitie s in which we work.


Working together We truly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. By working together, we can achieve amazing things. In this way, we enable our clients to benefit fully from our wide experience and collective knowledge across the whole group. That’s the point of One Skanska. We recognise the important benefits of working as a team – with our clients, partners and supply chain – and we have vast experience of this approach. The majority of our work is delivered through partnerships and we believe this approach offers the greatest scope to move the industry forward. Working together, we make a positive difference to each project. Part of that is our resolute commitment to a more sustainable world, creating innovative solutions and setting high standards in green construction, as well as helping project stakeholders to make more sustainable choices.



What we believe in At the heart of Skanska are its people. What we do and what we say, how we act and what people think of us make up the essence of how all our stakeholders view the Skanska brand. Our goal is to be perceived as a knowledgeable global leader that cares for our clients and society. At the core of our company are the principles we aim to uphold in everything we do: • open, honest and transparent • caring, considerate and approachable • responsible, safe and ethical • innovative, experienced and good value




Ethics at our heart Skanska actively promotes the fair treatment of employees and everyone we work with. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, unfair anti-competitive activities, discrimination or harassment. We are committed to creating safe and healthy workplaces and to protecting and caring for the environment. Every new employee receives a copy of the Skanska Code of Conduct. It defines how all Skanska employees must work, no matter where they are based in the world. An ethical breach is Skanska’s number-one risk. It has the potential to damage our brand and business across the world. Being a leader in ethics is good for employees, good for society and good for business. one.skanska/codeofconduct


Improving the

quality of




The Skanska Way

We develop thoughtful product s and services that improve the physical environment for living, travelling and working.



Meeting society’s needs The Skanska brand stands for a modern and innovative developer and contractor that builds what society needs – from fixing the smallest pipe to managing a hospital for 25 years, or creating landmark buildings and long-lasting roads that keep the country moving. Innovation to us is business as usual. Finding new ways of working to deliver value for our customers is something we strive for every day. We are involved in some of the UK’s most prestigious building and infrastructure projects, working with both private and public-sector clients. We also deliver numerous smaller schemes, including public-realm improvement, hard and soft landscaping and utilities projects. By combining our skills and experience in construction, infrastructure development and investment, we have become a UK leader in delivering schemes in healthcare, education, defence, transportation and municipal services.



Community matters As a responsible member of global society, Skanska is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. We help disadvantaged groups and leave a positive legacy of opportunity and economic growth wherever we work. And we are inspiring the next generation by raising awareness and providing education and skills in safety, green and the built environment. Skanska project teams are contributing to neighbouring communities by giving their expertise and time to worthwhile causes, as well as charitable donations. We also employ local people and buy goods and materials from nearby suppliers and businesses, helping to boost local economies.


Think 1.3.5 Over the years, Skanska has transformed itself from a fully decentralised company to a group with shared values and behaviours. We have defined our approach to business – 1.3.5 – think One Skanska, avoid the Three Deadly Sins and live by the Five Zeros. This One Skanska approach supports collaboration within and between different parts of the business, sharing knowledge and expertise to offer the best solutions, win projects and enhance efficiency. Few competitors can beat our combined know-how and collective knowledge. We need to use it to our advantage and for the benefit of our customers and the communities we work within.




We think

One Skanska


The Skanska Way

 e work as One W Skanska, enabling our clients to benefit fully from the wide experience and collective knowledge of the whole group.


Avoid the



the wrong people the wrong place the wrong customer


Live by the


zero loss-making projects zero accidents zero environmental incidents zero ethical breaches zero defects


Living and


green 26

The Skanska Way

We think construct ion with near-zero environmental impact is a realistic goal.


Protecting and nurturing the environment Skanska is committed to contributing actively to a green society. The ultimate aim of our Journey to Deep Green™ is for all Skanska projects to have a near-zero impact on the environment. Being ‘green’ is all about doing more while using fewer resources and thinking about the environmental consequences of everything we do. By constantly analysing products and technologies, we incorporate ever more sustainable options into our processes and delivery. Throughout the entire construction, development and maintenance process, we embrace green. Our progress towards ‘deep green’ is mapped on the Skanska Color Palette™, introduced in 2009. It tracks project performance against the four areas of carbon, materials, water and energy.

one.skanska/green 28


Skanska has developed many tools and programmes to help employees, as well as our supply chain, move towards a greener future. From the Green Fund that provides seed capital for green innovations on projects, to the industry’s first Supply Chain Sustainability School, for which Skanska was the founding member, and our annual Green Solutions Award that recognises great ideas from our supply chain. An online site swap shop also helps to utilise materials otherwise thrown away, while an annual week to promote and celebrate the environment, held each year since 2005, has helped raise the profile of green among employees.



Safe from the start


The Skanska Way

We believe in fostering a culture of care and concer n for others.



Creating safe and healthy workplaces It’s our joint responsibility to ensure that every person who works for Skanska returns home safely at the end of the working day. Our target is zero accidents. This is a huge challenge in an industry that often involves dangerous machinery, heavy loads and working at height. Fostering a culture of care and concern for others is the mission of our Injury-Free Environment programme. Every Skanska person must feel empowered never to accept unsafe behaviour. We have a no-blame culture; learning from accidents and incidents, however they occur, is key to protecting people better in the future. Being healthy is important too. It’s vital to take care of ourselves so we can perform to the best of our abilities and live life to the full. This means eating healthily, exercising regularly and finding the right work-life balance. one.skanska/IFE


Controlling risk Learning how to act upon opportunities while excelling at managing risk is a vital skill that employees need in Skanska. As construction and development projects become increasingly complex, the effective management of risks and opportunities through planning, design, procurement and construction is crucial. Loss-making projects harm our financial position and our reputation, so we absolutely have to get it right, every time. Our forecasting and reporting programme, launched in 2010, has significantly improved the financial management of our projects.

one.skanska/ forecastingandreporting




all for


The Skanska Way

We champion diverse talents, skills and backgrounds, helping people fulfil their dreams.



Developing our people Skanska sees itself as a people-centric company. We have a kind and caring culture and believe it is vital for our employees to feel recognised for what they do. To be successful, we need to have the right people in the right place. We must keep them engaged and help to develop their careers with us over time, whether vocational, technical, managerial or enabling roles. There are many opportunities for our people to continue to learn and develop throughout their careers, with training, mentoring and continuous professional development. The Skanska Leadership Profile, launched in 2012, sets out the behavioural competencies needed to achieve our long-term strategic objectives. For the individual, the profile increases self-awareness and identifies personal strengths and development areas. one.skanska/learninganddevelopment



Diversity delivers For Skanska, diversity is much more than gender, ethnicity or age, it also includes professional backgrounds, skills and personalities. We recognise the value that a truly diverse organisation can bring. Different ways of thinking can help us innovate and stand out. It’s important to have a workforce that reflects the communities in which we do business, so that we understand and respond to local needs. To achieve our strategic ambitions, employees need to feel that their input is wanted and that they are a valued member of the business. Our differences make us stronger – let’s embrace them.


prime minister’s



BCIA awards 2013

public building award 2012


best practice award BIM project application of the year judges special award


occupational health and safety awards 2013

in recognition of


consecutive golds

Construction News

employer of the year 2012

The Gherkin 10-year award winner 2013


Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

British Quality Foundation Awards 2013

achievement award for innovation 44

Gas Industry Awards

managing director of the year 2013

Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2013

energy efficiency award sustainable buildings award

Woman of Achievement Award 2013 women in the city awards

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Award 2013

best contribution to corporate responsibility overall winner

construction manager

Construction News


of the year 2013

excellence award 2013


considerate constructor awards 2013

Ground Engineering

sustainability award 2013



Our history





Sk책nska Cementgjuteriet established in Sweden

Trafalgar House bought by Kvaerner Construction

Skanska UK created when Kvaerner Construction is acquired



Utilities business McNicholas is purchased by Skanska UK

Atkins Highways Services bought by Skanska UK


Skanska UK Maple Cross House Denham Way Maple Cross Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 9SW +44 (0)1923 776 666 in

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The Skanska Way  

Skanska delivers great things that enrich our lives and the world around us.

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