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d i g ita l a r tworks

ANOTHERPLANT. Digital Art 90x60 2


SKAIDEA digital artworks

PNK. Photography, Digital Art 100x60

During the last two years Skaidea combined photography, nature, psychedelia and kaleidoscopic visions into a coherent whole. By fusing together these elements were created a series of artistic compositions presenting in this portfolio. In these pages you can look at the creative process that brought the artist to the development and creation of a series of unique works of their kind. 4

THE BAND. Digital Art 100x60

The first exhibition of his work took place in July 2013 in the studios of Funkhaus Nalepastrasse in Berlin, led him to confront with many artists from around the world. His work has attracted great interest from the public contributing to intensify the production of his later work. 5

SKAIDEA digital artworks

With the help of some travels Skaidea was able to take inspiration from nature and landscapes with their geometries and their colors have contributed to the creation of a series of digital works. FLOWHER. Photography, Digital Art 100x60 6


SKAIDEA digital artworks

LIGHTHAUS. Photography, Digital Art 60x50

SOL∞. Photography, Digital Art 55x43

At the top is synthesized the idea of mirror imaging with the duplication and overlap of work executed in order to achieve transparency in a picture. SPINE. Photography, Digital Art 55x40 8


SKAIDEA digital artworks

MALAKE. Digital Art 50x50

OCN. Photography, Digital Art 80x80


STN. Photography, Digital Art 80x80


SKAIDEA digital artworks

AVATARQ. Photography, Digital Art 25x25


ALBORES. Photography, Digital Art 25x25


SKAIDEA digital artworks

RUNNING4. Digital Art 170x50

LANDESCAPE. Photography Digital Art 80x40



SKAIDEA digital artworks

TLKASTER. Photography, Digital Art 80x60


MADEOFSTONE. Photography, Digital Art 80x60


SKAIDEA digital artworks

KARAS. Photography, Digital Art 50x40

FOXX. Photography, Digital Art 50x40 18

EMSTAIRS. Photography, Digital Art 60x90

FAKETWINS. Photography, Digital Art 50x80

FOXX. Illustration, Digital Art 50x35 19

Marco Scalon (1985) born in Italy, has made Berlin his home base since three years. After studying Graphic design and photography he has developed his project “skaidea�. Using digital photography produces images with a kaleidoscopic flavor that trace the artistic path of his experiences.


Portfolio Digital Artworks skaidea 2014