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Attend a Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11th. Up To Date Weekly eCalendar!

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criticized by the cement industry, as they were developing new types of concrete that sequestered carbon dioxide as well. My Sign Up Online bill avoids this by simply asking the Minister to use products that Please Note: No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of deliver environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration. And the publisher. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this mass timber, made entirely of sequestered carbon that could easily publication. We reserve the right to refuse any submission or advertisement, and retain the remain intact for centuries, is a good candidate for that quality. right to edit all copy. Every effort has been made to make this publication as accurate as possible. All authors and advertisers are provided with a proof of their submission and their I’ve also heard concerns that large wood buildings might be a fire final approval must be received to be published. © 2022 Okanagan Matters Publications. hazard, but studies by the Natural Resource Council have clearly demonstrated that buildings made with heavy glulam beams and cross-laminated timber panels are as safe or safer than concrete From The Hill and steel structures. The thick wood beams and panels simply char slowly when in contact with flames, keeping firefighters safe By Richard Cannings, MP South Okanagan-West Kootenay and giving occupants more than adequate time to exit the building. A Bill That Creates Jobs And Tackles Climate Change Bill C-354 passed in the House of Commons in 2018, but It’s not often the government is presented with a private members’ unfortunately died in the Senate when that parliament ended in bill that creates jobs, tackles climate change, adds value to natural 2019. Senator Diane Griffin then offered to table it in the Senate resources, and helps get around illegal foreign trade tariffs. But, as Bill S-222 in this parliament, giving the bill more time and thus that’s exactly what my private members bill does. Bill S-222 more of a chance for successful passage. Earlier in October, it directs the Minister of Public Works to assess building materials passed third reading in the Senate and came to the House of for environmental benefits, including their carbon footprint, before Commons, where I introduced it at first reading. It will proceed to approving design contracts for federal infrastructure projects. debate before Christmas, and I hope that it will pass and finally This bill began its life as my Private Members Bill C-354 in 2016. become law sometime next spring. I was inspired then by the example of Structurlam in Penticton, a company that was leading the mass timber sector in North America. Structurlam produces glulam beams and cross-laminated timber panels that can replace the steel beams and cement walls commonly used in large buildings around the world. Since then, Kalesnikoff Lumber has opened up a similar mass timber plant in South Slocan. These mass timber products use conventional lumber produced in most sawmills around British Columbia to create strong, safe, and beautiful building materials that can be used to construct everything from skyscrapers and large civic buildings to highway bridges. More and more, the world is turning to mass timber to construct large buildings. France has pledged to have 30 percent of its new large buildings made in this manner. Shifting the construction industry here to do the same involves educating architects and engineers of the characteristics and benefits of mass timber. But we also need to encourage local manufacturers to expand their production, and one of the best ways to do that is through government procurement. That’s exactly what this bill is designed to do. Expanded production would mean that British Columbia sawmills could sell more of their lumber to mass timber plants, thus opening up a new market and lowering the reliance on exports to the United States that have been plagued repeatedly by illegal softwood lumber tariffs over the past 30 years. On top of that, mass timber can be exported to the United States without facing those tariffs, as it is a manufactured product, not raw lumber. As the supply of logs has been reduced over the past decades through harvest, wildfire and beetle outbreaks, the forest industry Okanagan Falls/Skaha Lake Winery Association has been searching for ways to get more value out of each tree Details on website cut. Mass timber won’t increase the forest harvest, but it will create more jobs and more value that stay in Canada. Earlier versions of the bill that singled out the use of wood were

Monthly MLA Report

Your Community Office:

(post) PO Box 1592, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0 (ph) 250-498-5122 (web) (em)

By Roly Russell, MLA Boundary-Similkameen It’s the season for change, and just as the autumn leaves were changing, we’ve also seen turnover around our local government tables, and a new chapter with the leader at our provincial government table. Area “D” (Okanagan Falls/Skaha East) is one of those where we say goodbye to Ron Obirek and welcome Matt Taylor. Of course, issues like the Incorporation Study and the water system at Heritage Hills will continue to be focal points. I’m happy to be able to continue working with Area “I” Director Subrina Monteith on issues surrounding Kaleden, St. Andrews by the Lake and beyond. A big congratulations to both Subrina and Matt, and thank you to Ron for the many, many hours and tireless energy he dedicated to the area and the community. On the provincial stage, it appears that David Eby is our Premierelect! David has a passion for process, and a willingness to tackle the tough problems that I’m thrilled we’ll have at the helm. Our communities are mired in tough problems, so his is a good skill-set to have working for our communities. With dry fall upon us, we are still not out of the danger zone for wildfires. Please continue to be diligent. I was lucky enough to do a tour with Minister of Forests, Katrine Conroy, of a salvage logging operation in the Nk’mip Wildfire area to learn how Vaagen Wood Fibre is partnering with the Osoyoos Indian Band. The incorporation of Indigenous cultural standards to their block layout and harvesting prescriptions appears fruitful, and replanting is done with a variety of non-commercial tree and shrub species, in addition to the conifer replants. At the Provincial level, we’re working hard to modernize and reform how we ‘do’ forestry to provide more real value, better environmental and social benefits, and jobs for generations - so this was a rewarding tour! I was working with Minister Dix’s team again this week on the primary care challenges in the South Okanagan. We released BC’s Health Human Resource Strategy, and I encourage you to have a look. It’s built around four cornerstones for a productive and health workforce - retain, redesign, recruit, and train - each with their own actions. Examples include expansions of pharmacists’ scope, adapting and renewing prescriptions for a wider range of drugs and conditions, and looking at extending the valid period of prescriptions to two years. We’re streamlining the process for internationally educated nurses and training and recruiting more paramedics, nurses, and doctors. 54 new doctors have already signed contracts to provide full-service primary care across the province. Since the Ministry began offering incentives to medical graduates in June, 140 new family physicians have expressed interest. Things are getting done, and there’s much more to do. I have several regular pop-up offices in the South Okanagan (thanks, David Lubbers!). There will be one on November 24 at 5009 Veterans Way in Okanagan Falls. Please consider dropping in if you need assistance navigating an issue with a provincial government program or ministry.

RCMP Community Report Didn’t Get Broke Overnight Concerns about crime and safety are on the minds of most people these days. Many feel that crime is out of control and something needs to be done, and done now. The saying that “it didn’t break overnight, so it won’t be fixed overnight” is true when it comes to crime and unwanted activities. Certainly, the police, the justice system and governments all have a role to play in solving this problem. We as individuals also have an important role to play. Let us start by not leaving our valuables and property unsecured. Methods that worked at securing property in the past may not work as well now. For example, simply putting a lock or a chain to secure property may have worked in the past, but is not much of a deterrent today to a thief with a battery-operated grinder and cut-off wheel. Thus, you have to look at new and innovative ways to deter thieves today. Removing valuables from your vehicles and securing property around your home are inexpensive ways you can deter crime. Keeping an up to date record of your property with photos, serial numbers, and identifiable markings helps in deterring and catching thieves. Plus, it helps in getting your property returned. Most of all, if you see unwanted or suspicious activity, report it to the police. Let the police decide whether or not they can attend depending on priorities. The only way the police and your community can get an accurate understanding of the crime and issues in your area is if “you see something - say something”. Keep a journal of suspicious activities in your neighbourhood, including dates, times, suspect and vehicle descriptions including licence plate numbers. We all need to work together, look out for one another, and take care of our property the best we can. If each one of us does our part to reduce crime and the fear of crime, then we will have begun to fix the problem even though it won’t happen overnight. Rick Dellebuur, South Okanagan Similkameen RCMP Community Police Direct: 250-490-2374 // Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477 or

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Lastly, as we make our way into November, let’s consider what is happening to democracy in other parts of the world and remember those veterans that fought so hard for us to maintain ours. I expect to be in Oliver for November 11 this year. DE










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Greetings, to all residents, property owners and business owners. I look forward to working with you, and to representing you as and where appropriate. I’ll be serving as DirectorElect, until ‘sworn in’ as Director on November 10th. Thank you for your trust in electing Matt Taylor me as Area “D” Director on October Director-Elect for 15. Specific thanks are in a separate RDOS Area “D” notice to the right. As I see it, the Director role involves a degree of championing, problem-solving, oversight, representing, a lot of collaborating, and also making connections on behalf of the communities in Area “D”. I’m going to do the best I can for you! I’m going to report or communicate here in Skaha Matters, monthly. I’ll touch briefly on issues being addressed at the Board and highlights of the previous month. If more information is desired, we can go into further detail in a later issue or one-on-one. Office Hours & Meetings ~ Regular office hours will be held at the RDOS Economic Development Office in Okanagan Falls. We’ll start with Tuesday afternoons from 1-3 pm, and adjust if required. Please note that these are hours when I’ll be in that office - the office itself has different hours as shown in the ad space to the right. Separate meetings can also be arranged, using either the Okanagan Falls office, or the RDOS head office in Penticton, or a different location. You can also reach me by email at mtaylor@ I’d also like to meet with the community associations that exist throughout the area, to learn of issues they may be addressing at the RDOS. By being aware of issues the communities are addressing with RDOS, I may be able to assist if and where appropriate. Postings For Committee Members ~ Do you have an interest in land use, planning and development? Or perhaps, in the future of our parks or recreation planning? If so, please consider your participation in either the Advisory Planning Commission or the Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission. There is room for additional members on the Parks & Rec Commission, and all members of the Advisory Planning Commission are appointed anew after an election. Postings for these Commissions should come out in the next 4-6 weeks. A mix of new and experienced Commission members would be welcome. Highway 97 and Highway 3A Interchange ~ Congratulations to those who advocated for the improvements that are in process at time of writing, and may be complete when this is read. This should be a significant improvement to the safety of residents in Area “D”, and for many, many others. Well Done! Remembrance Day ~ I think it’s important to remember those who sacrificed their lives, and their future, for our freedom. This is apparent to more of us now with the events in Ukraine and many other war-torn countries around the world. This year, you can pay your respects and pause for a moment of remembrance on November 11 at 11 am at our Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227. Arrive a few minutes early, as this is always a well-attended event. To close, again, thank you for your trust. I’ll do the best I can for you and I look forward to working together! Sincerely, Matt Taylor, Director-Elect for RDOS Area “D” Cell phone coming soon | |

Thank you! THANK YOU…. To Area D Residents for your decision on October 15. I look forward to working with you and on your behalf, over the next 4 yrs. THANK YOU…. To the volunteers who helped both candidates so much and so often, over the last month! You are a great bunch! THANK YOU…. To Ron Obirek, for your commitment and effort over the last 4 years. It was appreciated! THANK YOU…. To those who voted — ~18% more voters, this election than last. Your engagement helps shape our community!

Matt Taylor www.2022team

Economic Development Office Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday ~ 10 am - 3 pm #1 - 5350 9th Avenue - Hwy 97, Okanagan Falls 778-515-5520

Okanagan Falls Visitor Info Centre Closed for the Season Reopens May 2023 #2 - 5350 9th Avenue - Hwy 97 Okanagan Falls 778-515-5520


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Okanagan Falls Irrigation District News


By Randy Perrett, Chair Election ~ The election for the Director for Area “D” was held on October 15th. Congratulations to Matt Taylor on being elected and to represent us for the next four years. The Irrigation District has worked with Matt in the past and we are confidant that the rate payers in Okanagan Falls will be well served, especially during the irrigation conversion. Conversion ~ November is when we expect to have the Order in Counsel signed by Cabinet and served on OFID to proclaim a transition date of January 1st. RDOS staff and their Human Resources department recently met with OFID employees. Discussions regarding roles, wages, and union agreements have been spelled out. A while ago OFID developed a website and a Facebook page that would allow our rate payers to have a direct link to us. Rate payers could register and be notified of anything noteworthy in the Irrigation District. This included payment options, as well as notifications, such as boil water advisories, water restrictions, and flushing dates. Once we are converted on January 1st, this will no longer be an option. The RDOS system and ours just don’t talk to each other. RDOS will be providing all of the OFID residents with a link and a website to maintain the same level of service and information. This has not yet been put into place. I will keep everyone informed of the new links once I have them. There is still much to do in a short time, but it looks like we will get there soon. Good Bye Luke ~ For the second year in a row, OFID took advantage of a seasonal student grant by the government to obtain a student during the summer. We have hit a home run both years when we have taken advantage of the program. The students have brought energy, curiosity, their classroom skills and work ethic to our job site. Last year, we had the pleasure of Marcus. This year, it was Luke Beertema. Both Marcus and Luke served us well in the time we shared together. It was sad to say good bye to Luke on his last day with us. We wish him the best and hope that some of the job and life skills he picked up from us will serve him well. Remembrance Day ~ On November 11th, there is going to be the usual Ceremony at the Legion. The Irrigation District will once again participate by laying a wreath. Regardless of the weather on that day, it would be nice for as many of us as possible to attend the event. A good time to share, think about how lucky we are, and to pay respect to those who can’t be with us to do the same. Fall Flushing ~ At least twice a year, we flush our lines. We need to clean out our pipes and to ensure that you are getting the cleanest water that we can provide. When we flush, we send out notices on our website and on Facebook that this is going to happen. We also put up road signs on your block. The flush does mean that some homeowners may find dirty water for a little while following the flush. The fix is, when you are notified of the flush, follow our guidelines and run your outside tap after the flush for a few minutes to avoid any ugly water. Then, all should be well. Water We Thinking ~ “The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary.” ~ Vince Lombardi

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Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department By Colin Pickell Thank you to everyone who attended our Open House at the firehall on October 15th. We had a great turn out! Many thanks to the members of BC Wildfire Service, Penticton Search & Rescue and FireSmart BC who attended and talked about the important roles they play in the region. Lots of kids enjoyed the bouncy castle and face paint, we cooked up some tasty burgers and hotdogs, and our members put on a fantastic auto extrication demo! Applications are being accepted now for our next recruitment in-take in January. Stop by the firehall Wednesday evenings at 6:45 pm if you would like to join our team! We held our annual “Get Out Alive” day at the Okanagan Falls Elementary School in October. Students were instructed and reminded of fire safety practices, and what to do if they hear a fire alarm. Students that completed and submitted their home safety plans were randomly selected to be the “Fire Chief for a Day”, with two Deputies also selected. These lucky students were brought to school in the fire truck the next morning, and the Chief also won a new bike! Congratulations to “Fire Chief for a Day” winner Tomas Balogh and his two Deputies, Fred Davidson and Anneke Baard.

Office Hours: Tue/Wed/Thu from 9:30-3:00 1109 Willow Street, Okanagan Falls P: 250.497.8541 E: Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook!

Winter Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am - 2 pm 5121 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls

Any inquiries, email


L-R in the photo are real-life Firefighter Hayden Zahrawi, “Fire Chief” Tomas Balogh, “Deputy Chief” Fred Davidson, last year’s “Chief” Charlie Stevenson, “Deputy Chief” Anneke Baard and our actual Deputy Chief Martin Zeniuk. | November 2022 | Page 5

FROM THE DIRECTOR For RDOS Area "I" Thank you to the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen Electoral Area “I” residents for the overwhelming support that I received to continue as your Director. It has been my honour to be your community voice as your community champion and I Subrina Monteith look forward to the next term. Each Director of community in Area “I” is unique, and RDOS Area "I" I’ve worked hard to be present in each community, connecting with residents and committees. On average, I volunteer to attend between 8-11 community meetings around the entire electoral Area “I” each month. Attending community meetings allows a Director to learn, share and connect with residents. As a Director, attending community meetings is highly valuable to the committees, as I’m able to build connections, and bridge economies of scale on opportunities or to share by bringing ideas forward. I’m looking forward to the next four years, as my focus will be to increase community engagement. Look for upcoming drop-in meetings to discuss various topics of interest for residents. These meetings are round-table discussions with ideas being generated. Topics will be shared in upcoming issues of Skaha Matters and on Facebook, inviting residents to come out and share. Working together is one way we can keep our community moving together in the same direction. RDOS staff are currently working on the corporate strategic plan and budgets for all 157 services that RDOS provides for 2023. Subrina Monteith, Director of RDOS Area "I" Direct: 250.460.0723 | |

Kaleden FireSmart Tip By Linda Dahl With the extension of beautiful fall weather, there is even more opportunity to get a really good outdoor clean up done. Please request the use of the amazing yard waste bags available through Kaleden FireSmart. You fill them and take them to the landfill to empty.

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Twin Lakes Fire Services Society By Richard Hellyer How can you support Twin Lakes Fire Services Society? There are a number of ways to support us: 1. Become a Member ~ Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month. The meetings last about one hour. We discuss and plan the goals set forth for the year. Our AGM was on October 29th, so we will be meeting and formulating new goals for the upcoming year this next meeting on November 8th. Consider getting involved. Membership fees are $25 per person, or ask about our family rate. 2. Donate ~ The Twin Lakes Fire Services Society is an incorporated society that has charitable status. If you want to make a private or corporate donation, please contact us. 3. Friends of the Society ~ If you only want to volunteer once or twice and don’t want to be a member, contact us and let’s talk about how you can help. If you are interested in becoming a member, applications will be available. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us by email to, phone 250-460-1369, or visit our website at

Kaleden Irrigation District News


By Bruce Shepherd, KID Trustee Conspicuous (Non)Consumption ~ Our record-setting warm and dry summer weather persisted right up to the point of penning this column in the third week of October. Adding the 2022 September water consumption data to our long-term records, we consumed slightly less water than in September of 2021. Which may not seem too impressive, until you consider our unusually warm and dry autumn this year. And, it gets a lot more impressive when you compare the April-September usage in 2022 to the 2010-2021 average: we used over 28% (270 million liters) less water this year! As the weather continued warm and dry well into October, we will have to wait until next month for the bottom line on the 2022 May-October irrigation season. How Green Was My Valley ~ We need to remember that most green valleys need white (snowy) headwaters. Unlike other areas of BC, we escaped the bullet this year, and did not have to move to additional drought restrictions. I just returned from a rather sobering trip to the Central Coast. Flying over the rugged Coast Range mountains, I was stunned to see how much of the massive fields of ice and snow were gone, leaving nothing but bare rock behind. The future is bearing down on us rapidly, so carry on conserving! A Reminder ~ Irrigation season ended October 15. If you haven’t already done so, make sure your irrigation system is completely drained. You will be responsible for repair costs if your irrigation connection freezes. Water Problem? ~ Contact KID staff by using the 24/7 emergency phone numbers, which are available on the KID Website, on the KID answering machine, and posted outside the KID office. KID does NOT monitor social media sites. Voyent Alert Coming Soon ~ A flyer was included with your Tax Bill on how to sign up for this important alert database, which will notify water users about emergency outages, planned projects, etc. Staff are still setting up the system, so stay tuned ... On November 11th ~ Please honour those who served, and remember those who did not return.

250.497.5407 | Office Hours: 9-12 Mon/Wed/Thur 119 Ponderosa Avenue V0H 1K0

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department By Jean Dube

Remember! Open Burning Postponed Until November 15, 2022

Burn Authorization applications are required in the Kaleden District. Residents are required to complete a Burn Authorization application. There is NO FEE and NO PERMITS will be issued. Your request will be directed to the Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department. Please review RDOS Burning Regulations before completing the Burn Application. Visit for more information. Burning Authorization holders must confirm burning is allowed on that day by checking the Air Quality Index. Call 250-490-4125 to confirm. Please abide bylaw Regional District of OkanaganSimilkameen - Bylaw No. 2989.2020.

All new website for all things Kaleden! Ask about our Kaleden Grant Funding Program Courtesy of the Kaleden Community Association

Grant Funding Program DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA? Connect Kaleden residents? Enhance opportunities for all residents to participate? Bring neighbours together?


Applicant(s) must be a resident of the greater Kaleden area.


Grant is open to all ages.


Grant activity or purpose must engage and/or connect residents of Kaleden and enhance opportunities for participation.


Grant funding is limited to maximum of $150.00 once a calendar year.


Grant application may be submitted at anytime to or in writing to Kaleden Community Association Box 136, Kaleden, BC, V0H 1K0


Applications may be requested by contacting KCA at either of the above addresses.


Interest Rates


By Sergej Sinicin of neuHouzz Real Estate Group I love this time of the year in the Okanagan ... might be the Best time of the season! All you need to do is just glance across the valley or the lake and the views of the sea of yellow, red, gold will flood your heart with warmth and happiness immediately. As the natural change in weather and seasons continue to occur, the real estate market is no different - changes are definitely happening within it. Are we returning to pre-pandemic real estate markets? The trends certainly seem to point in that direction. Plus, naturally the market slows down after Thanksgiving, so it’s no surprise. This time around not only the seasonality or sales in real estate are changing the market, but the entire landscape of our world’s state and economics. The obvious inflation, which is punching all of us in the gut, is one culprit. Mortgage qualifying with the increase in interest rates has been a hurdle for many, as of late as well. Interestingly, most are starting to adjust to the market’s conditions in the South Okanagan. Then again, it might be short lived as the Bank of Canada will be making their announcement at the end of October about another rate hike, grrr. How will it all look 3-6 months from now? Nobody knows. And, that’s the truth. In British Columbia, sales are down about 46% year over year, but listings are up 40.5%. Even with this increase, the number of listings in the province is still well below average, although we are trending towards a more balanced market with each passing month. The average home price in the South Okanagan, rose 16.3% along with inventory levels of single family homes rising 52.3% and condos 31.2%. Our inventory levels are catching up with demand, which signals another trend towards balance and gives buyers greater opportunities than they experienced over the last year. Even with all of this talk about interest rates and the increases; through three quarters of 2022, we still see that over 50% of the buyers that have entered the market are utilizing a conventional mortgage. Inflation looks to be decreasing, albeit slowly. I believe that this trend will continue and that we will continue to stabilize and get the industry to a balanced state. We are also seeing that 55% of buyers are coming from within the Okanagan and that the South Okanagan area (Penticton, Okanagan Falls, Kaleden, Summerland, Keremeos, etc) comprise 16% of the sales throughout the entire Okanagan region.


LET US BE YOUR SECURITY BLANKET Use our dependable, trustworthy and friendly services to have peace of mind, while you are on vacation or away.

Call for a FREE quote! Google: DT Professional Home Watch Shop Local. Buy Local. Next Support Your Neighbours. Deadline Nov Advertise Your Business. 15-20 250.490.6951 Interestingly enough and with current conditions, many of our Sellers in the last month experienced successful and favourable outcomes with our Team. We generated the sales prices, which some skeptics thought were unachievable and multiple homes sold over asking in multiple offers situations - go figure. I am personally glad that we have proved those skeptics wrong :) At the same time, through some strategic negotiating we were able to help produce lower than expected accepted offers for our Buyers. Seeing how happy these outcomes make our Buyers, is amazing to witness and is very rewarding to us, as we love what we do. Bottom line, the market is what it is, and if you are working with a local, strong real estate firm or agent, you will be in good shape to buy or to sell. If you haven’t found that right person to give you some free and no obligations advice about should you sell or should you buy, call our neuHouzz Real Estate Group office or me directly at 250-328-3664. Or, check out our website at www. or our Facebook page. Until next month, stay healthy and be sure to look across the valley or the lake, take a deep breath, and enjoy the place we all call home. I love our area. I hope you feel the same. 250-497-8344 Follow Bullies Pizza

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“Building Community Spirit” The intention of this column is to share inspirational stories, or even a quick photo, to show that community spirit is alive and well.

Okanagan Falls Car & Truck Show

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The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227 hosted a Weekly Car Show on Wednesday evenings all spring and summer long. They wrapped up their very popular weekly event with a Car & Truck Show on Saturday, October 1, 2022. The show winners were:

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30, Sat 10:00-3:30 & Closed Holidays 1964 Oliver Ranch Road, Okanagan Falls

Car 1st Place ~ Photo to left. Owners: Tony & Lou Sloboda from Penticton, 1940 Nash Coup, 383 Stroker, 700 R Automatic.

Okanagan Falls Community Association Update By Matt Taylor, President

Car 2nd Place ~ Photo below Fall Changes ~ It’s one of the most beautiful and longest falls I on left. Owner: Dan O’Grady can remember here. Great weather through to the last week of from Okanagan Falls, 1961 October. But, the leaves are definitely falling and changing colours Corvette, motor: 540 - 700 hp now. with Tremeck 5 speed tranny. And, there’s the election of a few weeks ago too. So, this will be my final column as OFCA President for the foreseeable future. Car 3rd Place ~ Photo below With some sadness, I am resigning my role on the OFCA Board, on right. Owner: Bill Ellis from to ensure that as Area “D” Director I can deal with Okanagan Keremeos, 1964 Corvette. Falls initiatives without conflict of interest. As Area “D” Director, I’ll still work closely and meet regularly with the OFCA and other community associations, to collaborate on initiatives that are important to each of the various communities. Please welcome and support Judy Garner, incoming President of the Okanagan Falls Community Association. Making Main Street Beautiful Again ... One flower at a time! Hats off to this small dedicated group of volunteers, who took it upon themselves to add some beauty to Main Street. • Truck 1st Place ~ Photo to left. Owner: Penny Dean from • Kaleden, 1956 Ford, F-100. • Truck 2nd Place ~ Photo below on left. Owner: Ed Smith from Osoyoos, 1932 Ford, Model • B-PU, 289 motor with auto • tranny. Truck 3rd Place ~ Photo below on right. Owner: Joe Cuzzocrea from Penticton, 1935 Ford PU. Purchased 8 years ago from Iowa, USA.

Thank you to the Okanagan Falls Legion and all the organizers for putting on a great weekly show and wrap up event with prizes and trophies. Thank you to all the participating car owners for coming to Okanagan Falls, bringing local car enthusiasts together to celebrate in our community. Looking forward to next year’s show! For nominations in this “Building Community Spirit” column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to

New Wine Barrels ~ Meyers Family Vineyards, Noble Ridge Winery and Stags Hollow Winery. Paint Supplies ~ Cloverdale Paints. Cutting / Painting / Setup / Planting ~ Greg Wazny, Nancy and Tim Doucette, Bob and Debbie Duffield, Ray Mulrooney, Mark Takahashi, and Barbara and Bob Shanks. Watering ~ Staff at Centex and Heritage Market Vision, Coordination & ‘Getting it all done’ ~ Judy Garner and Colleen Simmons.

THANK YOU ALL! Spring Daffodils ~ Bulbs were planted on Sunday, October 23. Many families came out to the side parking lot at Belich’s AG Foods to get daffodil bulbs, planted them in specific planters, and then returned for a hot chocolate and a laugh. It was a fun way to get to know people and it’s going to help the town look brighter and happier next spring! What Do YOU Think? ... would make Okanagan Falls more attractive again? Come out and share your ideas with others, at a Focus Group on Wednesday, November 9 at 6:30 pm in the Club Room at Okanagan Falls Elementary School. We want ideas for future initiatives that will make Okanagan Falls a more attractive, charming place to live or do business whether flowers or banners, or murals or other - and by doing so, contribute to a revitalized and vibrant community. Can’t make the meeting, then send us your thoughts by email! We want to hear from you. Send us an email detailing your thoughts on the above to | November 2022 | Page 9

Stroke And Heart Attack Prevention, Naturally By Dr. Tamara Browne, ND Naturopathic Physician, Licensed and Registered by the BC Ministry of Health Supporting our heart and circulation is one of the most fundamental and the important things we can do to prevent the development of all chronic health problems. Cardiovascular Disease & Chelation Centre (CVD), mainly strokes and heart attacks, is a leading cause of mortality and is often called the “silent” killer. Most strokes and heart attacks are caused by an arterial clot blocking a blood vessel in the brain or heart. The damage OFFERING INTRAVENOUS & INJECTABLE THERAPIES: caused by these events can be life-altering and devastating. The • Chelation • Rejuvenation and Detoxification great news, however, is that most CVD events are preventable by • Oxidative Therapies • Supportive Cancer Care optimizing a few simple lifestyle habits that we can all accomplish. • Prolozone Pain Management & Joint Rejuvenation Therapy The WHO (World Health Organization) has determined that 3 out • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy of 4 CVD deaths are preventable with modifiable lifestyle factors. The essentials of prevention are: preventing clots; maintaining a healthy blood pressure; lowering levels of inflammation; maintaining healthy blood glucose levels; and improving endothelial (the inner lining of blood vessels) health. This ensures that blood flow and Unit 8B, 5350 Hwy 97, Okanagan Falls, BC oxygen delivery to tissues is optimized and inflammation in blood vessels is minimized. Strategies around diet, hydration, exercise, weight management, blood sugar management, and avoiding toxins such as those in cigarettes and processed foods can significantly reduce an individual’s stroke and heart attack risk. chelationokanagan Although often helpful at controlling symptoms, drugs are not a stand-alone, nor are they well tolerated by everyone. Therefore, we need safe, viable integrative and holistic options which focus high insulin levels. Dietary cholesterol levels have very little on lifestyle. Prevention is the key. effect on blood cholesterol levels. For instance, eggs do not So, what can you do for yourself to prevent your risk of CVD? First, increase cholesterol nor do they damage the endothelium. it is important to know that the majority of preventive strategies are They provide valuable nutrients and are a healthy addition in your hands. You have the power to improve health and reduce to a healthy diet. Comprehensive CVD risk factor blood risk significantly. “Life’s Simple Seven” guide developed by the testing is available which includes metabolic risk factors, American Heart Association list the following seven factors that nutritional risk factors, and clotting factors. Further, coronary influence CVD risk: artery calcium scans show how much calcification exists in 1. Get Active ~ Just 30 minutes of activity for most days of the artery walls. This is an indication of wall thickening and the week has a protective effect. Now research shows that plaquing which can be a precursor to cardiac events. These “grounding” which is walking barefoot or sitting on the bare more comprehensive tests provide a clearer snapshot of your earth improves blood flow and keeps the blood thinner and unique risk for developing heart disease and stroke than less likely to coagulate. Wearing grounding shoes has a regular blood testing and blood pressure monitoring, and can similar effect. Regardless, walking in nature and on the earth help better guide your prevention strategy. is very healing. 3. Eat Better ~ Diet can be used therapeutically to control blood 2. Control Your Cholesterol & Clotting Factors ~ Increasing sugar, oxidation, inflammation, and toxins. All of these factors good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing bad cholesterol affect clotting. A good diet prevents blood sugar abnormalities, (oxidized-LDL) and triglycerides is important. Equally stabilizes and strengthens the endothelium, and prevents important is reducing cholesterol “stickiness” to prevent clotting and arterial hardening that leads to high blood clotting. Stickiness occurs with increased oxidative damage pressure. Goods fats are very protective and these include and glycation (too much sugar). A diet and supplement omega-3 fats from cold water fish and algae, omega-9s from protocol focused on anti-oxidants and lowering blood sugar olive oil and avocados, and healthy saturated fats from grass and insulin levels helps prevent cholesterol problems and fed animal products, coconut oil, and organic eggs. Healthy clotting. Lowering oxidized cholesterol has some effect levels of protein also help by keeping blood sugar levels low. on lowering CVD risk, but is only part of the story. Most And finally, non-starchy vegetables are extremely important cholesterol is produced in the liver and is stimulated by for their high levels of anti-oxidants and fiber. Foods to avoid

Natural Family Health Clinic

Preventing illness optimizing health,naturally.

Dr. Tamara Browne, Naturopathic Physician


are processed vegetable oils and margarines, sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed grains, wheat, and artificial chemical additives. Eating less and time-restricted eating and/or intermittent fasting should also be considered. 4. Manage Your Blood Pressure ~ Healthy diet and exercise habits contribute greatly to healthy blood pressure levels. Optimally BP should be less than 120/80. With age, hardening of the arteries through calcification of the endothelium, arterial inflammation, and plaquing can occur. Plaquing can occlude blood vessels and when unstable, lead to clots. Increasing levels of potassium and magnesium while avoiding calcium supplements will help prevent high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. An anti-inflammatory diet helps improve blood vessel health. Drinking plenty of clean water and eating a clean, organic diet is very protective. 5. Maintain A Healthy Weight ~ Obesity is on the rise and is a risk factor for stroke. This is directly related to a processed diet high in bad fats, sugar, processed grains, and chemical additives. A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to obesity. Following a healthy eating and exercise plan is the best way to combat obesity. 6. Reduce Your Blood Sugar ~ Elevated blood sugar is very damaging to the human body in so many ways. It slowly breaks down organs, imbalances the hormonal systems that control physiological processes, increases plaquing in arteries, and increases blood clotting. It also increases insulin which in turn increases bad cholesterol. 7. Stop Smoking ~ It seems redundant to even state anything about this. Smoking is just very unhealthy in every way. Intravenous Chelation treatments have also been shown to significantly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. As part of a healthy lifestyle, Chelation therapy works by reducing toxic metal body burden, increasing blood flow, reducing hardening of the arteries, and increasing energy. Targeted supplements are also highly effective at preventing clotting and stroke. Other key strategies that have gained support in the past few years are intermittent fasting (Dr. Jason Fung), Sauna therapy (Dr. Rhonda Patrick), and staying fully hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. Naturopathic Physicians are specifically trained to guide patients individually towards the best preventive strategies. Each person’s unique physiology requires individualized therapies. Seeking expert advice in this area will ensure you have the best chance of preventing the often-devastating consequences of poor circulation. Take control today, get properly tested, and optimize your health naturally.

Creative Wellness Solutions By Dee-anne Jalava, Seniors Wellness Practitioner We were fortunate to be able to enjoy such a beautiful autumn season this year. BC broke so many high temperature and low rain records. As winter approaches, we need to find ways to stay active and healthy. We are now into November, otherwise known as ‘Movember’. What exactly is Movember all about? Well, it’s about men’s health. Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. Men’s health is in crisis. Men are dying on average 5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons. A growing number of men - around 10.8M globally - are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men. And across the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 69% of all suicides. [] I have had many male clients who see how massage benefits their health. Some men still feel that things like massage are for pampering women. The benefits for both women and men far exceed simple pampering. Massage is great for promoting better sleep and reducing stress. These are probably two of the best reasons to get a massage! Massage also greatly helps sore muscles, especially in the neck and back. Why not put the pain medication down and see how a regular massage can greatly improve your health. Creative Wellness Solutions provides a convenient massage with innumerable benefits on a comfortable massage chair. You do not need to climb onto a table or remove clothing and no oils are used. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination. We are a mobile service, so are able to come to you in your home ($50 for a 30 minute appointment) or you can visit us at one of the locations that we visit weekly. Please call Dee-anne at 250497-5974 to arrange an appointment or to discuss The Grease Cream; which is an amazing, all-natural, cannabis infused pain management alternative that actually works. Be sure to check out our website at for more information on The Grease Cream and where you can find more information about our services, as well as to read any past articles you may have missed.

Creative Wellness Solutions

Providing a unique combination of Chair Massage & Wellness Coaching

Call Dee-anne ~ 250-497-5974

Services for the Heart & Home Now Offering Snow Removal!

Yvonne in her Halloween costume. Hope you enjoyed her Halloween display at 18-1302 Cedar Street. Thank you for collecting items for the Helping Hand too.

House Cleaner, Lawn Maintenance, ... and much more!

For more info, call Kris at 250.809.3414 | November 2022 | Page 11

OK Falls Branch:

101 - 850 Railway Lane - 250-497-5886 Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm / Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm Friday 10 am - 5 pm / Saturday 10 am - 2 pm Friends of the Library ~ Our local friends’ group are canvassing Kaleden Branch: 101 Linden Avenue - 250-497-8066 items for our Silent Auction to be held mid November to December Tuesday 1 - 5 pm / Thursday 1 - 8 pm / Friday 1 - 5 pm 16th. If you have something you might like to donate for this The Kaleden Library will be closed for Remembrance Day on fundraiser, please bring to the library as soon as possible. There Friday, November 11th. On November 11th each year, Canadians are only a few weeks till the auction begins. Please feel free to stand in collective Remembrance of all who have fallen in the browse our items and maybe put in a bid or two! military service of their country. Your library appreciates all who help with the Friends of the Library. Preschool Storytime continues on Tuesday mornings at 10 am Thanks so much! at the Kaleden Library. Join Miss Glenda for stories, fingerplays, Winter Herbs & Essential Oils - Tuesday, November 8th 6:30action rhymes and an easy craft to make and take home. 8 pm ~ Please join Jennifer Holmes as she chats with us about Afternoon LEGO was a success in October, so Kaleden Library helpful herbs that we can find in our kitchens, grocery stores, is offering another LEGO program on Thursday, November 24th or available in our local wilds, that will assist us in keeping our from 2:30-3:30 pm. This program is for school aged children 5-11 health and vitality in good form. You will receive a printed handout, years old. including a few recipes, and we will each make an infused oil to Please register for the above programs by calling the Kaleden take home. Pre-registration is required. Library at 250-497-8066, as space is limited. Crafting Circle - Wednesday, November 9th & 23rd - 1-3 pm Book Clubs have started up again and are a great way to keep ~ Bring your creative talents and participate with like-minded in touch with friends and neighbours. Book Club Kits are available individuals. Have fun while you create! from the Kaleden Library to facilitate organizing your Book Clubs. Book Club ~ Our book club discussion will be on Wednesday, A Book Club Kit consists of 6-8 copies of a book stored in a plastic November 16th from 1-2 pm. We will be discussing “The tote box and may also include reading guides, author information, Strangers” by Katherena Vermette. If you would like to join our discussion questions, and read-alike suggestions. club, please contact Lynn at the library for more information. Anyone with an Okanagan Regional Library card can check out Afterschool LEGO Club ~ Join our LEGO Club on Wednesday, a Book Club Kit for their book club. The person who checks out November 9th - 3-4 pm. Come and create something fun! the kit assumes responsibility for returning the complete kit (tote Saturday Drop-in LEGO ~ Come and build something awesome! and all copies) to the library by the due date. Book Club Kits are Saturday LEGO is self-directed. Children under 12 must be borrowed for 42 days and renewals are not allowed. accompanied by a parent/guardian. Program runs from November Book Club Kits are housed at the Kelowna branch of the 5th - December 10th, and anytime during open hours. Okanagan Regional Library. Because the kits are very popular, we Fall Challenge Tracker ~ Challenge yourself this fall by being recommend that you put a hold on a kit from the online catalogue inventive, creative, and active! Recommended for ages 5-12. or by asking library staff for assistance. We recommend that you When the challenge tracker is finished, you can enter a draw to place holds ahead of time and “inactivate” or “pause” the hold until win a $35 Indigo Gift Card. Tracker ends January 14, 2023. it is closer to the month you require. Fall Reading Log ~ Cuddle up and leaf through great books this The titles chosen for Book Club Kits are selected by librarians fall! Recommended for children 0-5 years and their caregivers. from the Okanagan Regional Library according to a set of criteria, Colour one apple each time you read together. When the reading which include the book’s literary merit and how well it lends itself log is finished, you can enter a draw to win a $35 Indigo Gift Card. to discussion. We also encourage book clubs to contact their local Did You Know? Back in 1939, American author Ernest Vincent branch with book suggestions and their upcoming reading lists. Wright published “Gadsby”, a 50,000-word novel that doesn’t use Submitted by Glenda Livolsi, Kaleden Community Librarian the letter ‘e’ once. What’s more, it’s not the only novel that ditched the letter. Author Georges Perec also wrote the French-language book “La Disparition” without the letter ‘e’ in 1969. That’s even more astounding when you consider that ‘e’ is the most commonly used letter in the English (and French!) language. Submitted by Lynn Warfield, Okanagan Falls Community Librarian

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Thomas Ranches Ground Beef $7/lb in 1 lb packs Cell: 250-486-1877 Office: 250-497-5942 Email: Thank you for buying local!

Update On Mexico By Diane Chatfield Line ups in some major tourist airports in Mexico are set to lessen. FMM’s (tourist cards) are no longer required to be filled out when arriving in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Passengers from Canada will simply be asked for their boarding pass and passport and be asked a few questions about their stay. The immigration officer will stamp the passport and automatically grant the stay permit. That’s it! The intention of this change is to reduce the waiting time to pass through immigration at the airport, which has been up to 2 hours during the high season. Mexico and Tipping ~ Tipping in Pesos, USD or Canadian? This is a question that Reliable Travel is asked nearly every day, and it is a valid question. Why you should pay/tip in pesos: • Many local people do not have a bank account. Banks do not exchange currency for anyone who does not have an account there. • Many people in Mexico do not hold a passport or have the identification required to exchange currency in a “casa de cambio”. • Many if not most of the local mom and pop local shops, tienditas, would rather not accept USD (see reasons above) putting them at an even further disadvantage to the large grocery chains that they already must compete against. If you want to support local small business owners, spreading pesos into the community is a big help. • As you well know, the Mexican people are kind and courteous and polite to a fault. Any tip, no matter what currency it is in, will be gladly received and it would be culturally unacceptable to even indicate a preference. Once again this year, Reliable Travel will have Gift Certificates available for purchase for that special person in your life. Denominations start at $50, and they never expire! The gift of travel is experiential and can provide months of anticipation ahead of the actual dream vacation. Give us a call to purchase your thoughtful gift.

Central Ridge Veterinary Clinic

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Dr. Sylvia Tingson D.V.M. Open Mon - Fri 9-5 & Sat 9-12




CatMatch Two Himalayan Cats AlleyCATS has two beautiful Himalayan cats that need a home together. They were surrendered from a bad situation and are still very shy, but are so sweet not to mention beautiful! Brother and sister, are approximately 3 years old, spayed, neutered, and up to date on shots. If you have a quiet home and patience, these sweethearts could be the joy of your life. Please contact us at

Jardin Estate Jewelry & Antiques Recycling the Elegance of the Past 5221 Hwy 97 Okanagan Falls

250.497.6733 250-488-9313

Vi Creasey

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Cosmic Magnetism By Tom Landecker The Earth is a magnet. Hold a compass in your hand, and the needle swings to show you which direction is North. If you walked all over the surface of the Earth with the compass in your hand, you would trace the invisible lines of magnetic force. If you drew those lines on the Earth, and on the sky, you would see lines emerging from the North magnetic pole, passing across the Earth’s surface, and heading down at the South magnetic pole. Those invisible lines define the Earth’s “magnetic field”. The space between the stars has a magnetic field too, but there the magnetic forces are a million times weaker than those on Earth. We can’t travel around the Milky Way holding a compass, and a compass wouldn’t work with such tiny forces, so we have to measure the magnetic field some other way. At our Observatory, we’re doing it using radio telescopes. The magnetic field is not the only thing that we find between the stars. That space is filled with a tenuous mixture of gas, mostly atoms of hydrogen, and dust, the debris of dead stars. This interstellar “stuff”’ can be as cold as a few degrees above absolute zero, or as hot as a million degrees. Magnetic forces have a strong influence on what happens there, and that’s what we want to understand. Why should we care? Because the “stuff”’ between the stars is the raw material from which stars form. Our Sun and solar system came into existence about 5 billion years ago through the clumping of interstellar material, gathered together by the gravitational pull of atoms and particles on one another. Stars have formed in this way over the entire 13 billion year history of the Milky Way, and magnetic forces have played a big role in those events. How do we measure magnetic forces in interstellar space? Nature helps us. There are fast particles out there, electrons and other bits of atoms with speeds boosted to nearly the speed of light. They interact with the magnetic fields that are everywhere in space, and produce radio signals, which our telescopes pick up. Those radio signals carry the imprint of the magnetic field where they are generated. The signal that the telescope picks up is stronger when the telescope is aligned with the field lines, and weaker when it is perpendicular to them. It’s a difficult measurement, but one we’ve learned how to make. Our team has invented new ways to detect, analyze and understand magnetic fields. We lead an international team doing this work, and we have made the best images ever of the magnetic field of the Milky Way. Our newest and biggest telescope, CHIME, is giving us new data, better yet. Here are a few helpful website addresses: • • • The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory is operated by the National Research Council Canada and is located at 717 White Lake Road in Kaleden. For more information, please call 250-497-2300.

October Highlights From Kaleden Elementary School By Acting Principal Ron Manning The month of October has settled in and all of a sudden, the month is half-way over already. It is hard to believe how quickly the time has been flying past. We have enjoyed a wonderful continuation of summer this fall as temperatures remain high and the days are sunny and bright. The month of September ended with our Orange Shirt Day to continue to honour the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation. We had a great showing of Orange on Thursday, September 29th. Thanksgiving Day was celebrated on October 10th and our Grade 4/5 students had their first cross-country run event at Trout Creek Elementary School on Friday, October 14th. We also had another Grade 4/5 run at Naramata Elementary School on Wednesday, October 26th. Everyone was looking forward to our Pumpkin Carving contest on Thursday, October 27th, which was followed by our “Monster Mash” on Monday, October 31st.

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update

Fall Art Walk And Exhibitions

By Alana Struthers

Submitted by the Penticton & District Community Arts Council

Winter is on the way and the holiday season is approaching. It’s wonderful that our children are once again able to gather to celebrate the season. Thank you to all the parents and loved ones who came out to help carve pumpkins in the gym! We are very lucky to have a wonderful engaging school community!

We are so excited to announce that the Fall Art Walk is back on Saturday, November 19th from 11 am - 4 pm.

The return of the live and in-person Christmas Concert is joined by the return of the annual Christmas Bake Sale! We’ll soon be looking for volunteers for baking and selling. It’s a wonderful way to stock up on baking for guests and to try out lots of different baked goods. We’ll also be looking for volunteers for our upcoming Coffee and Raffle Basket fundraisers. There’s lots of opportunities to get involved! Every parent and guardian of a student at Kaleden Elementary is welcome at our PAC meetings. Come join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, November 1st in the School Library. Stay warm and enjoy the season!

Okanagan Historical Society Book Sale By Karen Collins, Penticton Branch President

Exhibitions run from November 5th to January 7th. •

Animal Antics in Gallery I: Bright and cheerful group exhibition celebrating the love of animals and the curious things they do.

One Thing Leads to Another in Gallery II: A dual exhibition featuring sisters-in-law Barb Peeren and Cathie Peeren as they explore their creative sparks.

Ornamented III in the PDCAC Members Space: The PDCAC’s 3rd annual ornament exhibition also includes oneof-a-kind paintings, prints, pottery and more - all created by arts council members.

The Penticton Arts Council Galleries are located at 220 Manor Park Avenue, Penticton in the Leir House Cultural Centre. Please visit our website for current gallery hours and event information:

Exhibitions, artist studios, workshops, drop-ins, and more. Let's get creative! DE








250-460-3387 YE RA







The Okanagan Historical Society is pleased to announce the release of its Eighty-sixth Report, with lots of local content to interest readers, as well as diverse articles about other parts of the Okanagan, Similkameen and Shuswap valleys. Meredith King, descendant of an early settler family in Kaleden, has written a short history, Kaleden - The “Beautiful Garden”. Lois Morgenstern - A Journey to the Place to Stay Forever is a loving tribute to her mother, written by Fern Gibbard. Arthur F. Pelton, an Early Architect, by Karen Collins, tells of the contributions a prominent builder from Nova Scotia made to Penticton and Kelowna during his brief time living in the Okanagan. Laughing All the Way to the Bank by Mary Trainer tells the story of Ann Spiller, the Penticton RBC proof teller who made headlines in 1969. Further south, Larry Shannon tells the story of St. Martin’s, Oliver’s first hospital, Jessica Murphy explains how the The Golden Mile came to be, and John Boone remembers Prefects in the South Okanagan High School. A brief history of Kilpoola District Settlements on Kruger Mountain in Osoyoos is shared by area resident, Gayle Cornish. The cover is an 1896 watercolour scene of the Lower Similkameen Valley by Julia Bullock Webster. The original painting is in the Penticton Art Gallery’s permanent collection. The annual Okanagan Historical Society Pre-Christmas Book Sale will be held at Cherry Lane Shopping Centre on Saturday, November 12th from 9:30-5:30 and Sunday, November 13th from 11-5. Besides the current “86th OHS Report”, a selection of back issues of the “OHS Report” and miscellaneous books on local history will be available for sale. The “OHS Reports” make an excellent and affordable gift for the history buff on your Christmas list! Your purchase supports the Penticton Branch of the Okanagan Historical Society, allowing it to promote and support local history and heritage causes in our area.


New To Kaleden?

We would like to welcome you & provide you with a package of community information. Please call 250-460-3387. | November 2022 | Page 15

Volunteer Spotlight Meet Zephyr Pickell The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227, is proud to announce Zephyr Wyatt Pickell as our Youth Ambassador for 2022. With great pride, Zephyr’s parents Colin and Sholeh and younger brother Hugo support Zephyr’s goal and dedication to this new adventure. When asked why he wanted to become an Ambassador, he said a friend who was an Ambassador the year before convinced him to try it and it looked very interesting to Zephyr. We’re very grateful that he made that choice. Zephyr is 15 years old, attends South Okanagan Secondary School in Oliver. He is a resident of Okanagan Falls. His goal and dreams are to produce documentary films, which we’re sure he’ll succeed at. If you see him working at Belich’s AG Foods, please thank him for taking on these responsibilities as our Youth Ambassador. From all the members of Branch #227, we THANK YOU!

Volunteers ... Making A Difference

If you would like to nominate a volunteer individual or group for this column, please send us an email to

Honour Box Self Serve


Farm To Table! Self-Serve Fruit Stand

Open 24 hours a day & 7 days a week! 598 East Side Rd & 6th Ave, OK Falls

APPLES, PEARS, SQAUSH, DRIED FRUIT, & FRESH APPLE JUICE The Apple Bin will remain open every day throughout the winter months, selling a variety of apples and pears. Thank you for supporting your local grower! Enjoy Farm Direct Pricing

For large orders of 20 lbs or more, call 250-809-5353.

October Highlights From Okanagan Falls Elementary School By Principal Karen Sinclair 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

SD53 Cross Country Run ~ Way to go, Falcons! We are so proud of you! Crafts at the Okanagan Falls Regional Library ~ Thanks Lynn! Okanagan Falls StrongStart ~ Our FREE program for 0-4 year-old children and caregivers runs school days from 8:3011:30. Come learn with us! Curling Lessons at the Oliver Curling Club ~ Thank You Volunteers! Classes learning about the importance and life cycle of the salmon in our river. “Get Out Alive” Safety Program ~ Thank You Okanagan Falls Fire Department! Congratulations to our winners!

Okanagan Falls PAC Update By Chantelle Bruwer The new PAC council for the 2022/2023 school year are: Chair - Dominique Kruger, Vice Chair - Angie Marcinko, Treasurer Jennifer Naylor, Secretary - Laura Setrakov, Members at Large - Chelsea Fairweather, Robyn Verge, and Alisha Hardy. Thank you all for taking on an extra role. Join us for our annual Christmas Craft Market being held on Saturday, November 26th from 9 am - 3 pm at the Okanagan Falls Elementary Gym. We have over 40 vendors! KJ Coffee Bar will be in the kitchen. Come support your locals and get some Christmas shopping done. A big thank you to Judy Garner and the Okanagan Falls Community Association for getting OKF PAC and families involved in the Family Daffodil planting event that was held on October 23rd. We look forward to seeing our beautiful blooms in the spring! The next PAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th at 6 pm in the School Library. All parents/guardians of OKF students are welcome! Free child minding is available. GO FALCONS! | November 2022 | Page 17

Kaleden Seniors Committee Update By Eryn Wiedner, KSC Coordinator Greetings Kaleden from your local Seniors Committee, planning activities and events not only for seniors! Bingo was an absolute hoot last Friday! We had flowers and prizes galore and everyone left with full bellies and big smiles. We have many to thank for making this happen, especially Bev at the Okanagan Falls Legion for lending us all the bingo equipment and Edna in Okanagan Falls for doing such a great job as caller. We were a lively bunch, so we really tested Edna’s patience! Doug’s Homestead, Sheila’s Hair Salon, My Healing Hands and Oak Knoll all donated great prizes, which we very much appreciate!

November is a busy month for our committee, as we prepare to host the 3rd annual Kaleden Progressive Winter Market on Saturday, November 19th. See the poster to the right for more details and get ready to plan your route through Kaleden stopping at 30+ vendors at over 20 locations (and counting!). We still have room for more vendors, so please email kaledenseniors@gmail. com BY NOVEMBER 1ST if you’re interested. We can’t wait to see you out and about getting all your Christmas shopping done right here at home! Our final event for 2022 will be the ever-popular annual Wreath Making & Potluck Appetizer evening, taking place on Friday, December 2nd at 5:30 pm at Linden Gardens. We’ll gather to create our masterpieces and enjoy yummy appetizers and festive drinks together. Everyone is welcome, so grab a friend or neighbour and join us for a fun evening! The poster to the right below has all the information you need. Please email with any questions, comments or feedback - we love to hear from you! Handyman & Custom Finish Carpentry

Helping the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

Jay Mallach 250.490.6343

No Job Too Small Licensed & Insured

Page 18 | November 2022 |

Kaleden Museum ~ Fun Facts By Meredith King For the next few issues, we are going to relate some fascinating fun facts about Kaleden. Interesting anecdotes you should know, so that you can entertain your family and friends. Did You Know? Did you know that in 1918 Kaleden was the largest producer of apricots in the valley and we had an apricot, first grown here, named after us? When our orchards were planted, beginning in 1909, the fruit of choice was apples, but the apple tree took about 15-20 years to mature and grow to full size. The apple trees which made up the mature orchards were planted in a grid 30’x30’ which meant about 50 trees per acre. Interspersed between the apple trees orchardists planted other trees, soft fruits (peaches, pears and apricots). These trees were called fillers and served to provide a second crop of fruit for sale in the early years when the trees were small. Over the 15 or so years as the trees grew and crowding occurred, the fillers were pulled out to allow the apple trees to grow to full size. Among the first apricot trees to be planted here were 10 Elixis apricots that Frank Harrison had purchased from Stone & Wellington of Ontario. These trees produced quickly, but were not true to name. The fruit was of good quality and had a very different flavour than their Ontario relatives. Their appearance was quite remarkable. They were bigger and had a much redder colouring. They were so large that the apricots had to be packed in peach boxes, because they didn’t fit in the standard apricot boxes. They became very popular and very early on many of these trees were planted here as fillers. By 1918, the apricot trees were mature and in full production and Kaleden orchardists produced the largest crop of apricots in the Okanagan valley. Meanwhile, the unusual apricot produced in Kaleden was turning heads and the Layritz Nurseries of Victoria were so impressed that they propagated them commercially and sold many thousands of seedlings in the Okanagan under the name ‘the Kaleden Cot’. The apricot caught on. It is a shame that in the following years these fillers were torn out to allow for the apple trees to grow to full maturity. It would have been lovely to have some of the Kaleden cot trees still in production. Oh well - We were famous and actually making some money. Yahoo! Join us each month for more ramblings on the intricacies of Kaleden life. To donate an item to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Meredith at 250-497-6995. RI




























Need A Ride? If you live in the Kaleden Area and need a ride, please call 250-460-3387.


for knowing and responding to individual and family need in the community




If you live in the Kaleden area and have needs during this time, please call the HUB. Our frozen meals (mostly soup) are available immediately. We can also provide grocery shopping - Please allow a few days advance notice. We are grateful for all the neighbours helping neighbours! HUB NUMBER: 250-460-3387

Better at Home is a non-medical program helping seniors remain independent in their homes. We are recruiting the following positions for the Okanagan Falls area: Volunteer Drivers • Mileage reimbursement • Clean driver’s abstract required • 3 million liability car insurance required Housekeepers • Flexible schedule • Part time To discuss these positions, please contact 250-495-6925 and/or email Thank you very much!

New Seniors Crafting Corner By Rosemary Mupambwa, Executive Director of Roseslife Women Center We are excited to announce a new Seniors Crafting Corner starting on Wednesday, November 2. This 4-month program will run every Wednesday from 1:30-4:00 pm at 340 Ellis Street in Penticton. This program is being offered to every individual who identifies as a woman over 50 years of age. Participation will increase brain function through creativity, promote togetherness, spark new and authentic friendships moving forward, thus giving them a sense of belonging. The activities will involve various handcrafts including; knitting, crocheting, DIYs projects - decorations, wreaths, cards, canvass painting, beading and earring making. Participants are given a choice to keep the crafted items or donate them to a Women’s Shelter. We have continuous intake and you can join anytime, but please ensure you register before attending so supplies can be prepared. Plus, space is limited, due to building size restrictions, so please reserve your spot in advance. All snacks, craft supplies, and bus passes are provided at no cost to the participants. This program is led by the Roseslife Women Center in collaboration with the South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services (SOICS). To register for this free program, contact Rosemary at 403-630-7977 or You can also contact the SOICS at 250-492-6299 or

Weekly Senior Womens Crafting Corner Starts November 2 ~ Wednesdays 1:30-4 pm at 340 Ellis St, Penticton To register, contact Rosemary at 403-630-7977 or | November 2022 | Page 19

Okanagan Falls Lions Update

OK Falls Heritage & Museum Society

By Bob Wilson, Incoming President for 22/23

By Marla Wilson

How the time flies! “Tempus fugit”, as the Romans used to say, and they weren’t that wrong it seems. This year has passed quickly so far at my house and possibly at yours. It was a year of being able to do things with friends and family once again, as we did a couple of years ago, and not have to try to guess who was behind the mask. October brought us warm weather until the last couple of weeks, when we returned to more normal seasonal temperatures - cool just in time for Halloween. The Lions District Convention was held in Penticton at the middle of the month for D19, with clubs from throughout the area attending. Thank you to the Penticton Lions Club for hosting once again and all who volunteered for the many activities. Our School Breakfast Program runs twice a week, Monday and Wednesday mornings, and is once again providing meals to students at Okanagan Falls Elementary School. Lion Mike reports around 35 students per day are attending. Thanks to Belich’s AG Foods for supplying the necessary ingredients, thus saving all the travel to acquire the needs elsewhere. November brings Remembrance Day once again on the 11th, where we recall the sacrifices our grandparents and parents made to insure our freedoms. This year we have the sad situation ongoing in the Ukraine, leaving more sorrow to be experienced by more families. As the song goes, “When will we ever learn?” Looking back over mankind’s existence, at least the documented portion, it would seem “Never”. Another Latin saying, “Dum Spiro Spero” - while there is breath there is hope, perhaps reveals a long passed desire for change. Keep well, stay safe and care for one another. See you in December. Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinics will be held on November 19, 22 & 23 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre from 1:30-5:30 pm. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers for their clinics. To become a donor and/or volunteer, visit or call 1-888-236-6283. The Okanagan Falls Lions Club meets each month. If you would like to join us, call 778-439-2275. Okanagan Falls Lion’s Club is online at and www.facebook. com/okanaganfallslionsclub.

Are you over 50? Just $20/yr to join! Enjoy activities. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN! Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Society! For more information, call Grethe at 250.497.5669.

South Skaha Housing Society Update

Here we are in November again. The weather so far has been super. It is so nice to be able to open the doors to the house and let the fresh air in. It has been a busy time at the Heritage Place. Grant Henderson has been working like a beaver around the property. He continues to putz and putter, and the place is looking great for all his efforts. Sometimes I wonder what will be next. Just got’ta wait and see. For example, an old 1916 (or there about) Mormick-Deering tractor was donated to the Heritage Society. It had been in Summerland and was hauled to Okanagan Falls Heritage Place. It is a great piece of machinery. These models were used by early farmers to clear land for their crops of hay, grains or whatever. The tractor, Bessy by name, is on display in front of the Bassett House. A crew of 6 met at the Thrift Shop on Tuesday, October 11, to remove all the summer stock left after the Bag Sale and unpack the winter clothing and hang it on the racks. It was a great day and the place looked great when we were finished. You’ll notice the difference when you’re next in the shop. There will be an Annual General Meeting in November. During the pandemic, we couldn’t meet so we lost our rhythm. We will discuss the return of social occasions and other activities for members. Good news of our revitalization and vision will be shared in hopes of rekindling interest and enthusiasm among our members and the general public. Therefore, be advised that our annual AGM has been called for November 14, 2022 at 1:00 pm in the Kenny McLean Room. Agendas can be picked up in the Thrift Shop. The Museum is closed for the season. There are plans galore to get some sprucing up done before next spring. Did’ja know? I was reading in the 1972 November edition of the Okanagan Falls Viewpoint to find an interesting tidbit about what was happening in Okanagan Falls 50 years ago. KENNY MCLEAN - ALL-ROUND WINNER AGAIN “Kenny McLean, so well known to Okanagan Falls, broke all his own records last season when he won the all-round crown steer wrestling and calf roping. With the windup of the Canadian Rodeo Association Professional season, champions in each of nine events were announced. No other cowboy in Canadian History has a list of achievements to equal Kenny McLean. He won the all-round for the fourth time. Moneywise, it was an excellent year and since he began competing in Canadian Rodeos, he has won in the neighborhood of $95,000.” He was truly great at his craft.

By Michael Livingstone, SSHS Chair As winter approaches, we are winterizing the South Skaha Place. Snow removal plans have been finalized, irrigation lines blown out, and all those other things that have to be done. There are some policy adjustments coming up, which will make for some changes, hopefully nothing drastic. Stay tuned. As always, we maintain a list of potential tenants. At the last review, there were about 6 names on the list. This fluctuates as potential tenants put their names on the list and as time goes on and circumstances change. The list is maintained by Locke Property Management. Contact them via Page 20 | November 2022 |

“Serenity on Skaha Lake” ~ Photo by Barb & Bob Shanks on October 16, 2022

Okanagan Falls Seniors Activity Society By Donna Taylor Okanagan Falls Senior Centre is located at 1128 Willow Street in Okanagan Falls. You can reach us at 250-497-8199. The local bus stops very conveniently across the street from the front doors. We have a book/puzzle library for all members to use. Please call Donna if you would like to use the library when the centre is closed. 250-462-5233 We are looking for people to join our activities and run exercise program or we are happy for other suggestions. Please notice that the Wednesday Music & Coffee time has changed. Carpet Bowling is on hold until a couple of people join who can roll up the carpets. Activities in November 2022 Pancake Breakfast ~ Saturday, November 5 from 8-10 am General Meeting ~ Monday, November 7 at 1 pm Canasta ~ Mondays at 10 am Carpet Bowling ~ On Hold Tuesday Bingo ~ Tuesdays - November 8, 15 & 22 at 1 pm Evening Pool ~ Tuesdays at 5 pm Music & Coffee ~ Wednesdays from 10-11:30 am Mexican Train ~ Wednesday at 1 pm Scrabble ~ Thursdays at 10 am Bridge ~ Thursdays at 1 pm Cribbage ~ Thursdays at 7 pm Saturday Drop-in Bingo ~ Saturday, November 12 at 1 pm Potluck Dinner ~ Cancelled for the time being Booking Agent - Heather at 250-497-1171 Saturday, November 12th is the Christmas Craft Fair from 9 am to 4 pm. Venders and bake sale, lunch, coffee and tea available. Come out and find your perfect Christmas gifts for yourself or for others.

Nunes ~ Pottinger Funeral Service and Crematorium

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227 By Beverly van Uden It’s that time of year again. Membership is due, or time to become a Legion Member. Get in on the Early Bird! Open Tuesday - Saturday from 2 pm to closing. Open Sunday from 12 pm to closing. Candle Light Service on November 3 ~ Held at the Okanagan Falls Cemetery. Call the Legion to confirm the morning time frame. Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11 ~ Join us as we honour our veterans starting at 11. Light meal and dance to follow with live entertainment by Wendy Rodocker and Ron Sanders. General Meeting on November 15 ~ Starts at 7 pm. Pancake Breakfast on November 20 ~ From 8-11 am. $8/adult and those under 3 years of age are FREE! Meat Draws - Fridays at 5 pm & Saturdays at 4 pm ~ All profits made from the meat draw is given to charity. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for Meat Draws and 50/50 ~ Call the Legion at 250-497-8338 and leave your name. Recycling ~ Drop off your cans, bottles, milk cartons to the Legion. Call or text Bev at 250-809-5537 for more information. Become A Member Today ~ You don’t have to be a veteran to support a veteran. Any Canadian 18 years of age or older is welcome to join and help us help Canadian Veterans. Legions have been known for giving back to the community and Veterans. Come out to Branch #227 and meet the people of your community. Get The Latest Updates ~ Always check the Facebook page “Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC”, the sign outside, or come into the Branch. For more information, please call 250-497-8338. We are a small Legion with a big heart!

Christmas Craft Sale November 12th 9:00 to 4:00 Okanagan Falls Senior Center 1128 Willow St. Okanagan Falls

250-498-0167 JOHN NUNES 5855 Hemlock Street, PO Box 788, Oliver V0H 1T0


South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre Update By Subrina Monteith, Executive Director

SOS Volunteer Centre invites everyone to give back to their community. We believe there is a meaningful volunteer role for everyone and we are here to help you discover what works best for your skills and available time. There are many opportunities to support non-profit organizations that provide vital social services in communities through the Okanagan Similkameen region. Please visit for more information. Residents can be a part of their community through volunteerism. Consider making an appointment to find the best volunteer opportunity to meet your needs. Email us at info@volunteercentre. info or call 1-888-576-5661.

Vendor tables Lunch, Coffee & Tea available | November 2022 | Page 21

Helping Hand Update By Carmen Dixon, Past Chair

We are starting to prepare for our Annual Christmas Hamper Campaign. All of your help in the past years is greatly appreciated and we hope that together we will have the opportunity to help all of those in need in our community once again this Christmas. For every person in need, please fill out the required registration form provided below and either drop it off to Okanagan Falls Pharmasave or Belich’s AG Foods. Alternatively, you can mail it to the address on the form. After your registration form is dropped off or mailed, please wait for a member of Helping Hand to contact you. The member will verify your information and ensure things are correct for your pick up of your Christmas Hamper. Please note that the Registration Deadline for all Christmas Hampers is Monday, December 5, 2022. Christmas Hamper pick is on Friday, December 16 from 1-5 pm at Okanagan Falls Community Church, located at 1356 McLean Creek Road. The Okanagan Falls Helping Hand is a registered charitable organization. Donations can be sent to Okanagan Falls Helping Hand at P.O. Box 640 Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $20 or more. Cash donations will allow us to purchase exactly what families are in need of, which makes a huge difference this time of year. Keep an eye out for our pink donation bins at locations and special events around Okanagan Falls. Please make sure you check the expiry dates on all non-perishable donations. Thank you! We are always looking for volunteers to join us. If you would like to volunteer, or for any other questions you may have, please call us at 778-559-2412 and leave a message. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. It is very much appreciated!

2022 Okanagan Falls Helping Hand Christmas Hamper Registration Form For Residents of Okanagan Falls Area Only

Name: _______________________________ Phone: _______________________________ Street Address: ________________________ _____________________________________ # of Adults: ____ # of Children (if applicable): ____ Boys Ages: ________ Boys Sizes: ________ Girls Ages: ________ Girls Sizes: ________

Registration Deadline: Monday, December 5, 2022 Drop off Registration Form at either Okanagan Falls Pharmasave or Belich’s AG Foods Or mail to Okanagan Falls Helping Hand P.O. Box 640, Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0 Hamper pick up is Friday, December 16 from 1-5 pm at Okanagan Falls Community Church

LOCAL CHURCH DIRECTORY Kaleden Community Church

10 am Sunday Worship ~ in-person and online Visit for updates and the link to our live worship. 443 Lakehill Rd. | | 250-497-5995

Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship Service & Children’s Church at 11 am ~ with Jon Manlove, Pastor. Live Worship Services online at November 20th ~ Guest speaker Larry Schram. November 27th ~ 1st Sunday of Advent. FB: Okanagan Falls Community Church. Everyone is welcome! 1356 McLean Creek Rd, Okanagan Falls | Office: 250-497-5131

Okanagan Falls United Church

Sunday Service at 9 am ~ Speakers: November 6 - Rev. Laura Turnbull; November 13 - Rev. Paul James; November 20 - Rev. David Sparks; and November 27 - Judi Ritcey. All are welcome to stay for coffee fellowship after the service. Please visit or call us for more information. 1108 Willow St, OK Falls | 250-497-1171 or 250-460-2560

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service

Sunday Mass at 11 am - Service held in St. Barbara’s Church 1039 Willow St, OK Falls | Father Thomas Kakkaniyil | 250-498-3934

St. Barbara’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service at 9:30 am & 4th Sunday each month at 1 pm. 1039 Willow St, OK Falls | Rev. Dr. Guna Vaddadi | 250-899-0163

Candle Light Charity Gala By George Bergquist, Chairperson Introducing the Candle Light Charity Gala to be held on Saturday, November 19, 2022 with a Sparkling Reception at 6 pm at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. Our enthusiastic Gala Team is creating this evening of fine dining, dancing, and world class entertainment to bring together our community in support of the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation (SOSMF). SOSMF is responsible for 16 healthcare facilities including the 3 hospitals in Penticton, Oliver, and Princeton, as well as the provision of crucial care medical equipment, staff education and other patient comfort programs throughout the South Okanagan communities. In addition to your much appreciated purchase of tickets for the evening, you are invited to share in other exciting opportunities. Our communities are our highest priority, and we are promoting a brand new philosophy ... read on ... • Our Silent Auction is designed to showcase your business, as we will work with you to design and supply frequent buyer and/or discount cards encouraging people to get through your doors. Let’s get creative! • Our Christmas Tree Raffle celebrates your business with great advertising and an assist from Santa! Ho Ho Ho! • Sponsorships of exciting entertainers, dinner, perks, and more ... all are tax-deductible expenses and we’re offering exceptional advertising and promotional value! Our win-win partnership highlights your business through sponsorships that show you care! There’s more! Check out the Opportunities page on the website, for more information. Thank you for your time and consideration of this worthwhile cause and the event that we know will celebrate new beginnings! See you November 19th!

Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to Your full name and location area is required on any submission. (Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.)

Flowers to Grant H. and all the volunteers/vendors for the great entertainment and times at Music in the Park 2022. Looking forward to 2023. ~ From Gail S. of Okanagan Falls

Credible Cremation Services

Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need.

Call Lesley, our own Senior, Licensed Director Total - Basic Cremation ... No Hidden Costs $1190.00 + taxes (Penticton area) $1390.00 + taxes (Kelowna area)


(24 hrs)

110-1960 Barnes St, Penticton, BC V2A 4C3 Flowers to Ron Obirek for the last four years and all you have BC Lic# 49382 done for our community. I appreciate your hard work, your taking the initiative to get the things accomplished that you did, and your If Basic Cremation Is Your Choice Coffee with the Director meetings. You have been a big part of Area “D” and your passion for the director’s position showed. My By Lesley Luff of Okanagan Falls & Osoyoos mom and I both appreciate you! I will miss you. Credible Cremation Services is available 24 hours, including ~ From Gerrie & Heather J. of Okanagan Falls holidays and weekends, to assist families at their time of direct Flowers to our volunteers (fire and first responders). There are need. Our prices are the lowest in the valley and we offer an onsimply not enough words to thank them for all the sacrifices they site crematorium. make for all of us. Thank you for the burgers/hot dogs at the Open As well as a direct at-need service, we offer families the opportunity House on October 16. They were great and it was a pleasure to to make their arrangements ahead of time, which makes good meet some of you without it being an emergency. We wish each common sense and removes the burden of making difficult and every one of you continued good health and may good fortune decisions from those left to deal with the estate of the deceased. follow you always. THANK YOU! Thanksgiving is now behind us, and for some it was a time to ~ From Bob & Colleen L. of Okanagan Falls gather and to give thanks. For others, however, it was a very sad Fish Heads to the homeowner group that failed to follow through time, having to cope with the loss of a beloved family member or a on the eviction notice and continues to rent to thieves and drug dear friend. Sincere condolences to all of those families. dealers in our community. Those that can do something are well $1190.00 plus taxes etc - Penticton and areas South aware of the cancer that continues to fester on our street, but $1390.00 plus taxes etc - Kelowna and areas North seem unwilling or unable to do anything about it. (All possible extra costs are clearly shown on our Price Quotes) ~ From Sheila W. of Okanagan Falls Advantages of pre-planning: 1. Peace of mind. 2. Locks in today’s price. Robert Arnold McCallum Robert Arnold McCallum (Bob) passed away on September 12, 3. Family released from making difficult decisions later. 2022 at the age of 83 at Penticton Regional Hospital after a long, 4. Arrangements can all be completed by phone or email by request. courageous battle with cancer. Advice: Bob was the son of the late Fred and Mary McCallum, born in Do it now! Make that phone call, or send an email. Get things Sydney, NS. Bob was a certified started. Request a Price Quote and a Vital Statistics Form. Once carpenter by trade and eventually that has been completed, the rest is very simple. became a well known contractor; Peace of mind is invaluable. he was an exceptionally hard SENSIBLE PRICES FOR PRACTICAL PEOPLE worker. Aside from work, he spent Call Lesley, Senior/Licensed Funeral Director countless hours out on the Mira 250-493-3912 (24 hours for At Need) or with his great friends and family before moving to Okanagan Falls, BC with the love of his life. Here he worked for two years before moving to Fort St. John. However, he couldn’t stay away from the beautiful Okanagan valley for long, He moving back after 4 years working for W.L. Construction in Fort bought St. John. His passions were the great outdoors; when he wasn’t a tank working you could find him on the lake fishing with his buddies, or of gas hunting in the mountains. yesterday, Bob is survived by his loving wife Jackie of 63 years; his four but the children Gary, Carol (Mark), Keith (Melissa), and Kelly (Scott); his prices brothers Howie (Louise), Jimmy (Rhonda, deceased), and Terry dropped (Marlene); grandchildren Katlyn, Kelsey, Scott, Shane, Haylee, today. Alyssa, Noah, and Breanna; as well as great grandchildren Finn, Now, he Levi, Ellie and Mya. Previously departed loved ones include his wants sister Carol, and brother Gary. to take He will be lovingly remembered by his family and friends, who will back the miss his great sense of humour and story telling. As per Bob’s unused request, there will be no public memorial or service. In lieu of portion flowers, donations can be made to the BC Cancer Foundation. for a “No more dreamin’, no more wishin’, wave goodbye, refund! cause I’m ... gone fishin’!


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