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Meet Andy Morrissey

I would like to introduce Andy Morrissey, who is our new front page photographer for Skaha Matters. Here is what he’d like to share ... “My name is Andy Morrissey. I’ve lived in Okanagan Falls since 2017, but I’ve been visiting family here since 2008.

I’ve been fascinated by the power of photographs ever since I was a teenager, developing and printing my own black and white images. I really miss my darkroom days, but fast forward 40 odd years and I’m really in love with digital photography. Funny thing is, while the post-production processing of photographic images has changed incredibly by the move to digital, most of the lessons I learned in a photography course at the Southern Albert Institute of Technology are still true to this day.

I’d like to thank Skaha Matters for letting me share my vision of the wonderful landscape we live in.

I’m available for product, family portraits, and head shots. Contact me by email to”

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From The Hill

Facts the Tax

In recent weeks, the Conservative rhetoric around the federal carbon tax has reached epic proportions, so I thought it was time to take another look at all the misinformation being thrown around. In other words, let’s “Facts the Tax”.

First, we don’t pay the federal carbon tax in BC as we’ve had our own carbon tax since 2008, so eliminating or reducing the federal tax would have no impact here at all. As well, studies over the past 15 years have shown that the BC tax has been effective in reducing vehicle emissions without negatively impacting the economy, so the tax works in achieving its goal.

Over the past couple of years, Canadians have been facing rising food and housing costs as inflation eats into our ability to pay for essentials. The Conservatives have claimed that the federal carbon tax is the cause of rising food prices and increased use of food banks, but the Bank of Canada and experts from the University of Calgary have shown that it only adds 0.15% to inflation. So, if your grocery bill has gone up by $100, the carbon tax is only responsible for 15 cents of that increase - grocery bills have gone up, because of international inflationary pressures combined with corporate greed here at home.

Richard Cannings

Member of Parliament

South Okanagan - West



Yes, the cost of transporting food has gone up, but the vast majority of that rise is due to external factors such as the world price of oil, which has in turn been influenced by global instability including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and troubles in the Middle East. Indeed, the price of gas at the pumps in our region went up 10 cents on its own the week before the annual carbon tax increase of 3 cents.

The increase due to the rising price of oil goes directly into the pockets of the big oil companies that continue to post billions and billions of dollars in record profits. The five big oil companies in Canada made over $38 billion in profits last year alone. And, those excess profits account for about ten times the amount of gas price inflation as compared to that caused by rising taxes.

So yes - it costs more to drive your car or truck, but you can blame the oil companies for that, not the carbon tax. When gas prices go up, it affects the price of everything - in fact, those oil company windfall profits account for about 25% of Canadian inflation costs.

So why not direct our anger and efforts towards the excessive profits and opportunistic corporate greed that are truly hurting Canadians? Why do the Conservatives point the finger at the carbon tax instead?

First, any tax is an easy target and a way to score political points. And second, the Conservatives know this is a good wedge issue, as they are the only party that doesn’t believe in climate change and the need to bring down carbon emissions.

I got into politics to work across political lines and bring a voice of integrity and science to our governance. I have made a concerted effort to avoid negative politics, but on this issue, I cannot be silent. The NDP has proposed several measures to help Canadians struggling with rising costs of everything and at the same time maintain pressure to lower emissions. We have suggested that Canada follow the lead of the United Kingdom, Spain, and other countries in imposing a windfall tax on oil companies that would bring in billions of dollars to help the Canadians who truly need that support. We have asked the government to take the GST off home heating as a concrete way to help people through this affordability crisis. But again, Conservatives and Liberals alike showed they weren’t interested in real solutions and voted against those proposals.

Climate change isn’t going away, in fact, we’re headed towards what could be our most devastating summer for drought and wildfire. It would be irresponsible to abandon one of our best and cheapest tools for reducing emissions.

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H & L Dumpling House 213 - 2111 Main Street, Penticton In Cherry Lane Shopping Centre Food Court

Monthly MLA Report

My recent journey with our Minister for Mental Health and Addictions, Jennifer Whiteside, illuminated the profound value of social services workers. Their work, often underrecognized, underscored for me a politically timely and fundamental societal question: should we prioritize collective wellbeing or individual gain?

Minister Jennifer Whiteside & myself while touring the area.

We traveled across the South Okanagan and Similkameen, engaging with care providers who are the backbone of mental health supports, substance use and addiction services, youth counseling, and much more. These conversations highlighted the critical impact of supportive networks, particularly for our youth. A staggering 75% of severe mental health conditions manifest before the age of 25 according to the BC Coroner Service’s Child Mortality Report, and the leading cause of death for teenagers is drug toxicity, followed by suicide. These statistics aren’t just numbers - they represent a peek at our future, quite literally, and underscore the urgency involved.

The contrast is plain, against both the growing calls for reduced government funding in these and other spaces and the past record of privatization of essential services. History has shown us that the private sector cannot -- and will not -- address these systemic issues. We must continue to advocate for public support, not retract it. Initiatives such as the Integrated Child and Youth (ICY) teams in the South Okanagan and the newly expanded ICY support Minister Whiteside and I announced for the Nicola-Similkameen School District, are prime examples. These collaborative teams provide care through school-linked clinical counselors, substanceuse clinicians, and family and youth peer supports, supporting our children where they are comfortable.

Our trip wasn’t just about policies and programs, it was profoundly

about people. From prescribing nurses and youth counselors to early-years literacy leads, the dedication of these professionals is inspiring. They work in all corners of our communities, extending so far beyond singular job descriptions and often cobbling together many contracts to provide adaptive, compassionate, wrap-around care.

A particularly touching story was that of a cancer patient battling addiction, who had previously avoided hospitals due to concerns about her children. Decriminalization efforts have allowed her to seek necessary treatment, illustrating the societal benefits and longer-term cost savings of compassionate, inclusive healthcare policies. This story, among others, reinforced the essential nature of our collective responsibility to support each other, especially the most vulnerable.

Reflecting on the day’s 13-hour journey, I was left with profound gratitude for the people dedicating their lives to helping those who need it. As we expand supports in places like Desert Sun or One Sky, we strengthen the social fabric of our rural communities. Their selflessness in striving for a better society is not only hopeful but beautiful. It’s a good reminder of the power of collective good over individual greed, and a call to support and thank these everyday heroes among us.

A few of Desert Sun’s many local champions after meeting with the Minister & I. In a world quick to highlight hate and the failings of individuals, let’s remember to celebrate those who serve the collective good. Their work is a beacon of what it means to be a caring society.

From The Director For RDOS Area "I"

Work continues at Pioneer Park to stabilize the shoreline impacted from high water over the years. Stabilizing the shoreline will ensure that our community park will continue to serve the community. More information can be found at

Kaleden Hotel Committee presented the volunteer group's vision for the hotel structure at a community meeting on April 21 that was attended

by 100 residents. The vision will stabilize the structure and create a business case for the future maintenance of the space. Community members are being asked to step forward to help with fundraising efforts or to place a pledge. Pledge forms will be on the Kaleden community website, Facebook group and by email upon request. The project is estimated to cost $2 million dollars in 2024 with fundraising to begin now in order to reduce the taxation burden on Kaleden Parks and Recreation service. The goal is to fundraise as much as possible before considering a referendum to borrow balance of funds. This is a community project and is going to be a provincial effort to secure the funds to protect the valuable historical building.

Area "I" has opted-in to the provincial rules of principal property for vacation rentals with provincial enforcement. More information to come as the process and full details become available.

Subrina Monteith, Director of RDOS Area "I" Direct: 250.460.0723 | |

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

Annual Garage Sale

Saturday, June 1

Kaleden Fire Hall - 303 Lakehill Road, Kaleden 8 am Sharp! No Early Birds Please! Ends at 12 Noon. Proceeds towards new equipment, training and deployment, as well as local charitable organizations and local bursaries. Please donate your gently used items to our eco-friendly society. Only items in working condition please. No TVs, old electronics, mattresses, cribs, car seats or hazardous materials. Items to donate can be dropped off at the back of Firehall and must be packed neatly and in boxes. We are requesting that items of donation be dropped off on WEDNESDAYS ONLY up until 6 pm to give Firefighters a chance to store items before our weekly practice. Again this year, KVFD will have a courtesy PICK-UP service for those unable to drop items off and will only happen on Wednesday, May 29 starting at 6 pm. Phone 250-497-8231 and leave a message or email Spread the word ... Bring your family & friends! Your support means a lot to us! We’ll see you there!

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department and Kaleden FireSmart are hosting a “WILDFIRE SEASON PREPAREDNESS” Town Hall on Sunday, May 26 at 2 pm at the Kaleden Community Hall. If you are interested in information about reducing wildfire risk around your home and property, please attend.

Join us for a cozy weekend brunch and start your day o right with our delicious co ee and breakfast options. See you soon!

Are You Ready For Wildfire Season? Learn about the Hazard Ignition Zones on your property and how to take appropriate steps to mitigate potential wildfire. What happens when an evacuation order is placed? What about my animals and pets in the event of an evacuation? Learn about some good choices in landscaping your property. Several guest speakers will be on hand to discuss how to reduce risks associated with wildland fires. Information pamphlets and door prizes will be given out. We all can make a difference in reducing the risk of wildfire around our homes. Let’s take the steps necessary to build a wildfire resilient community.

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OPEN DAILY 6am - 2pm 837 Main St & Hwy 97 Okanagan Falls All new website for all things Kaleden! Courtesy of the Kaleden Community Association Ask about our Kaleden Grant Funding Program HUB RIDES MEALS V I S I T S REYARP SPUORG H E L P KALEDEN 250-460-3387 Need
If you live in the Kaleden Area and need a ride, please call 250-460-3387.
A Ride?

Kaleden Irrigation District News

Oops! A typo crept into last month’s ad for KID’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (it’s the 2024 AGM, of course, not 2023 - the hazards of cut-and paste). Check out the revised notice in this issue, and attend on May 6, 2024!

Irrigation Up and Running ~ And so are the Stage One Water Conservation Measures, along with compliance checks by KID staff. To review, Stage 1 measures now in effect:

• All properties south of Lakehill Road water on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday

• All properties north of Lakehill Road water on Wednesday and Friday and Sunday

• Water from 6:00 - 10:00 am and from 7:00 - 11:00 pm on assigned watering days

• Hand watering or drip irrigation systems (with individual drip emitters using no more than 0.5 gal/hr or 2 L/hr), can be done on any day and time

• Automatic underground systems must run on a timer between midnight and 7:00 am on assigned watering days only.

• [NOTE – NEW FOR 2024] Micro-irrigation systems are now considered to also be an automatic system, and must run on a timer between midnight and 7:00 am on assigned watering days only.

• No watering on Monday for anyone.

And remember - Three Strikes (watering infractions) and You’re Out (of water), with shutoff and restoration charges applicable.

And Speaking of Running Water ~ KID’s continued efforts to locate and repair leaks are paying off; March consumption in 2024 was 35% lower than in 2023. But, the search continues. If you see chronically wet areas in the neighborhood, please tell KID!

The Bill Tolls For Thee ~ You should be receiving your 2024 Toll Bill shortly. If you don’t, please check that KID has your current mailing address to avoid late payment penalties. NOTE that properties in arrears since 2022 will have their water shut off, if payment is not received by the due date.

A New Face ~ Karla Avendano started training on April 4 to provide part-time office assistance and (overdue) relief for Administrator Cheryl Halla. Welcome aboard, Karla!

What’s Up at the Kaleden Cemetery? Some significant donations have been received, which is allowing KID to undertake longoverdue improvements to the cemetery. Stay tuned for more on this project in next month’s column.

250.497.5407 |

O ce Hours: 9-12 Mon/Wed/Thur

119 Ponderosa Avenue V0H 1K0

Kaleden FireSmart Tip

In conjunction with the National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, Kaleden FireSmart is hosting a Roving Chipper and Yardwaste Bin event on Saturday, May 11th

• Register for the chipper to come to your driveway by email to

• Bring other debris to the bin between 10-2 at the KID property on Ponderosa Ave.

• Information tent, prizes and more at KID site. Come on down! Follow Kaleden FireSmart on their “NEW” Facebook page!



Monday, May 6, 2024 at 7:30 pm at the Kaleden Community Hall


• Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held April 24, 2023

• Trustees Report & Operations Report

• Financial Statements for the year ending Dec 31, 2023

• Remuneration of Trustees for 2024

• Introduction of Candidates for Trustee

• Setting of Election Date (if required)

• New Business

Nomination papers are available online at or at the District Office, located at 119 Ponderosa Avenue, Kaleden Monday, Wednesday or Thursday morning, and must be filed at the District Office by Noon, Monday, April 29, 2024.

Cheryl E. Halla, Office Administrator

Phone: 250-497-5407 Email:

Twin Lakes Community Day

The Twin Lakes Social Club, in conjunction with the Twin Lakes Fire Services Society, is hosting the Twin Lakes Community Day on Saturday, May 4. Activities begin at 10 am at the RV Park green space at the Twin Lakes Golf Course. You can pick up Pitch-In roadside cleanup supplies and help keep our community clean. For the youngsters, the PAT (Physical Activity Trailer) will be set up from 10 am - 1 pm. It offers a variety of different outdoor activities and games for children of all ages.

FireSmart will be having their Chipping Event all day. They will pick up shrub and tree trimmings that you have piled by your curb. Please contact Karon Regamble at 250-490-5167 or kregamble@ or in advance to reserve their services. Community organizations such as Pitch-In, FireSmart, and the Lot 280 Wetland Restoration Committee will be on hand to give out information about their activities.

A Free BBQ is starting at noon, serving hotdogs and burgers, beverages, and cake donated by the Twin Lakes Fire Services Society. When you arrive, enter a draw for wonderful door prizes that have been donated by generous local businesses and artisans. Draw time is 12:30 pm. From 1-2:30, our day continues at Sagebrush Ranch located at 726 Sheep Creek Road, where your family can enjoy a Farm Tour. For the final event of the day, there will be live music by local band “Hillary and the Back Road Three” at 3 pm at Gateway Ranch, just up the road at 850 Sheep Creek Road.

ALL EVENTS ARE FREE! Come on out and join us on May 4 and help build a vibrant Twin Lakes Community! If you would like to volunteer or donate a door prize, please call 250-497-1152.

LNID Annual General Meeting

Lower Nipit (Twin Lake) Improvement District (LNID) Saturday, May 18 ~ Registration 9:30am & Meeting 10:00am Kaleden Community Hall ~ 320 Lakehill Road

From The Director For RDOS Area “D”

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due ~ New black top on Cedar Street! Roads have frequently been the subject of concerns that I hear of in Area “D”. Looking around town, however, and elsewhere throughout Area “D”, there are a number of places where asphalt curbing has also been added, potholes filled, shoulders repaired. Thank you local MoTI staff and AIM contractors!

Got Something You Want RDOS To Work On? There is a Project Tracking Sheet for Managers and Board to monitor the various projects ongoing throughout the Regional District at any one time ... Yes, a “to do” list. Now, I won’t say ‘think twice before sharing a good idea’, but there are 286 projects on that list! And, 32 of these are specific to Area ‘D”, which is more than any other Electoral Area in the Region. The list includes projects that are outside of normal dayto-day staff activities ... everything from replacing a generator at a sewage system lift station in Okanagan Falls, to assessments for the sewer and water systems at Lakeshore Highlands / Vintage Views / Heritage Hills, to replacing firefighting equipment, to park improvements, etc. All for completion this year!

So yes, please, share your ideas! But please understand, if we can’t get it actioned as quickly as you might like.

Utility Assessments ~ Periodically, the RDOS is asked to consider the ‘conversion’ of a utility system (sewer or water) from either an Irrigation District (as in recent case of Okanagan Falls) or a private service provider to the RDOS. Several such requests are in various stages of consideration right now throughout the RDOS. For any ‘conversion’ to occur, three parties need to agree to proceed; the current provider, the current users, and the RDOS. A key factor in the RDOS Board’s consideration of any conversion, is a third party assessment of the entire system. Assessments are now complete for the sewer and water systems serving the communities of Lakeshore Highlands, Heritage Hills and Vintage Views. These are available online at This information was also shared and discussed in detail at an Open House held in late April for users of the utility services.

Incorporation Study Changing Gears ~ The committee and consultants have done some really good work thus far with

reviews (service sheets) completed for all, but one, of the services provided. Each sheet describes the service and the impact of incorporation. This information and much more is available online at

The project will move soon to an engagement phase in which this information will be shared with residents, and their insights and views collected and considered. Several interesting summaries and public sessions - Open Houses - will be available over the next few months.

I encourage you to review the material when you receive it by mail and to attend the Open Houses if you can. For the most part, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and find the material to be informative and helpful, as you consider this important issue. Short Term Rentals ~ Probably more than enough said on this! A rationale for the decision to opt-in is available on request via email.

‘Tis the Season ~ For preparedness! As we start May, there is always the possibility of floods, and we’ve already had our first wildfire! Please prepare now, to respond later. RDOS has some useful information to share. Visit

Director Information ~ Office hours are 1-3 pm on the first Tuesday every month at the RDOS Okanagan Falls Office.

Matt Taylor, Director for RDOS Area “D” Direct: 250-460-0980 | |

RV & Boat Storage Mini Storage

Collective Storage has vacancy and is able to solve your parking and storage needs. 4850 Weyerhauser Rd, OK Falls 250.497.5129

Okanagan Falls Incorporation Study Road Investment Review

Currently, local roads in Okanagan Falls are owned by the provincial government and managed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. There are almost 34 km of roads (excluding Highway 97) in the Incorporation Study Area, as well as two bridges, drainage infrastructure and road signage. As part of the Incorporation Study, engineering consultants (Urban Systems Ltd.) conducted a Road Investment Review that assessed the physical condition of road surfaces within the Study Area and found that 11% are in good condition, 78% are in fair condition, and 11% are in poor condition. If Okanagan Falls were to incorporate, local roads in the Study Area would become the responsibility of the new municipality. The municipality would have the power to change local road maintenance standards, plan capital road works, and give priority to walking and cycling. A new municipality would evaluate whether to have its own public works and roads crew or to contract the service out (or a combination).

The Road Investment Review, along with analysis on all the other local services, will help the Committee understand the costs and benefits related to potential incorporation. The Committee has one more meeting in May before the engagement phase, where we will share the Study analysis and information with Okanagan Falls residents through mailouts and community events. You can find the Road Investment Review in the April 16, 2024 Committee agenda on the Study website at

Mark your calendar: The next Committee meeting is on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 6 pm at the Okanagan Falls Recreation Centre (1141 Cedar Street). The agenda and link to participate remotely are posted on the Study website a week prior to each meeting.

Did you know you can post questions on the Incorporation
and a member of the
will respond? Scan the QR code to post a question. The Incorporation Study will affect the future of Okanagan Falls. Be informed. Be involved. (OK Food Mart) The “Corner” Store - Hwy 97 & 910 Main Street, Okanagan Falls 250.497.5194 Because of our loyal customer’s feedback, our beer is chilled to -2˚ Celsius. We will now have the largest wine, spirit, and craft beer selection in the South Okanagan. Come take a look! 250.497.5194 Call for Special Orders Made Fresh Daily Fully Open & Stocked During Renovations! Thanks for your patience while under construction! Open 9-9 Daily COMPLETELY REDESIGNED STORE COMING SOON!
Study web page
project team

Okanagan Falls Community Association Update

Diamond in the rough ~ Have you ever heard Okanagan Falls described as a “Diamond in the rough”? Well, guess what? Our diamond is gleaming brighter than ever! Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, but it’s incredible to witness the transformation taking place in our community. We have peaceful streets filled with friendly faces. It’s a place where families thrive, babies giggle, and dogs happily trot alongside their owners.

Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department

The Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department would like to share their condolences in the passing of former Fire Chief, Bob Haddow, on April 3, 2024. Chief Haddow holds the distinction of being the longest-serving Fire Chief in North American history, serving as Chief for 50 years, from 1967 until his retirement in 2017. He joined the fire department on January 15, 1962, at the age of 20 and was appointed Fire Chief only five years later at the age of 25.

Step by step, our diamond is beginning to shine. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome yet another addition to our vibrant community: Suavis Coffee and Deli. Nestled on Tenth Street near Ash, in the charming old post office building, this new hotspot is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of our town. Run by the dynamic duo, Christine and Isabelle Coulombe, in collaboration with the Law of Attraction Food truck, Suavis promises tantalizing treats and perfectly brewed coffee that will make your taste buds sing. Keep an eye out for their expanding hours and mouthwatering menu offerings. With every sip of their exquisite coffee, you’ll taste the passion and dedication poured into each cup.

And here’s some heartwarming news to brighten your day: Skaha Lake is teeming with life once again! Amidst the gloomy environmental tales, it’s refreshing to hear a success story.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Penticton Indian Band’s Salmon Hatchery, kł cpəlk stim Hatchery, our lake is thriving with fish, reclaiming its status as a natural wonder. Their world-class commitment to restoring salmon populations and preserving the delicate ecosystem serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to follow suit.

Did you know that Okanagan Falls is home to over 120 unique businesses? That’s right! From cozy boutiques to innovative startups, our town is bursting with local talent and entrepreneurial flair. So, before you hit the road to a bigger city, why not explore the gems right here in our own backyard?

So, let’s celebrate the beauty of our community, where every day holds the promise of new discoveries and shared joys. Together, we’ll continue to polish our diamond, making Okanagan Falls a beacon of light for generations to come.

Chief Haddow was instrumental in the development of the fire department to what it is today, overseeing the construction of the new fire hall in 1994 and the purchase of both engines in use, E171 and E172. He coordinated the response to many large-scale incidents, including the Vaseux Lake Fire of 2003 that saw more than 14 other fire departments and even the military descend on our fire hall and pitch camp in the fields behind the hall and at the elementary school. The members of the Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department were his pride and joy; Chief Haddow believed in training, taking courses to improve members’ skills, and was most proud when group pictures were taken of all members in their uniform, which hang in the firehall today.

Chief Haddow served on the executive of the Volunteer Firefighters Association of BC for many years, as he believed in the “volunteer” firefighter. Long-time members of the community will remember the Valentine’s Dances that the fire department sponsored, as well as the beef roasts that were put in the ground to BBQ for hours before serving at the annual Okanagan Falls Days.

All members of the Okanagan Falls Fire Department, both past and present, extend their condolences to Chief Haddow’s family. A Celebration of Life will be held in the near future.

South Skaha Housing Society Update

Above is a proposed rendered drawing for the recently financially approved Phase 2 of SSHS. This view shows looking North from 9th Ave. The background and the foreground are not accurate; however, they were used for the application process. There will be changes made as required when the building goes up, which should be minor and reflect changing specifications. The building will be located between South Skaha Place and Highway 97. If I was to say how long it will take to build, I would be purely speculating. Information as to filling out applications for tenancy will be issued as the building gets closer to completion. Patience for now, as lots of work is needing moving forward.

~ Painting Plus ~ Call Dave Anderson for: Estimates & References 250-490-5380 or Professional Service Interiors Exteriors Quality Workmanship

Bat Event In Okanagan Falls

Bats have a bad reputation - scary vermin that fly into your hair and suck your blood. All thanks to Halloween stories and horror movies. However, the more we study bats, the more we are learning that bats are actually amazing and very important mammals. If fact, they are now considered a “keystone” species, which means that bats play key roles in the ecosystems in which we are a part of. In the Okanagan, we have at least 14 species of bats. All of them eat millions of insects at night, including mosquitoes, agricultural and forest pests. We don’t have any fruit bats here. About half of these bats are listed as being ‘at risk’ of disappearing and they need our help. Many bats live in close association with human communities, and a few species, such as Little Brown Myotis, rely extensively on human made structures as sites for roosting and raising offspring.

The Okanagan Community Bat Program has lots of information available for residents on bats, best management practices on how to coexist safely, and how to help bats and their habitat. Residents are invited to explore the fascinating world of bats. Join us for Bat Night in Okanagan Falls, which is an engaging bat presentation, followed by an opportunity to see and count bats on Friday, May 31 from 7-10 pm at the Okanagan Falls Multi-purpose Room (1141 Cedar Street). We will be going to the Okanagan Falls boat launch for the bat count starting at sunset (bring a lawn chair, pen, pencil or a counter clicker). This event is free to the public thanks to support from the Regional District of OkanaganSimilkameen, South Okanagan Conservation Program, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Forest Enhancement Society of BC, and the Habitat Stewardship Program.

OK Falls Parks & Rec Commission

Parks Staff are working busily, cleaning up our parks from winter stresses and preparing the parks for summer.

While the Commission and Parks Staff continue work on 2024 projects like the Waterfront Development Plan, Garnet Family Park development and Lions Gardens improvements, the Restoration of the Spit is nearly complete, and this summer the community can expect an Official Opening.

In preparation for this, Parks and Recreation Commission and Parks Staff are planning a Spring Cleanup for early June, focusing on Kenyon and Christie Parks, and we invite the community to come out and help or just watch. This is a Community Gathering for all ages, so whether you would like to be a volunteer or simply want to come out with your family and mingle, all are welcome.

For volunteers, in addition to larger jobs like power-washing park buildings and painting picnic tables and the large fence in Kenyon Park, there will be numerous smaller jobs that give attention to details that result in parks of which the community can be proud. While the exact date of the Spring Cleanup has not been determined, it will likely be on a weekend the first week or two of June. In order to meet safety requirements, the RDOS Staff will need to provide volunteers a certain level of training.

If you would like to join us and become part of OK Falls’ long history of Parks Volunteers, contact: Bob Daly at or Laura Adamson at We will contact you with firm dates, times and any other relevant information.

Open 10-5 Wednesday to Sunday or call 250.497.5658 for an appointment

Music & Market In The Park

The time fast approaches for the summer concert series of Music in the Park. This will be our ninth year of the summer series, with two years off for Covid 19. It is really exciting to see it become such a popular summer event. We do this for you, the community.

Remember that Music and Market in the Park is coordinated and run entirely by volunteers. Only the entertainment is sponsored by corporate donations. The rest of our expenses are covered by “passing the basket” among the crowd. We do this because we can only ask our sponsors for so much. The rest is up to us.

The market will also be in full swing as we begin our first performance on June 23rd. Our first concert used to be one week earlier, on Father’s Day, but we found that often the weather was poor, and most people would prefer to stay at home with Dad. For this reason, we have elected to begin one week later than previous years. One week following that on Monday, Canada Day, we have a grand performance in store for our audience.

I will announce the entertainment line-up in next month’s issue of Skaha Matters. This year promises to be another year of fun for the whole family.
Townsend’s Big-eared Bat, by A. Paquette
“Everything you need for your Ponds and Waterfalls” Medicines Surgery Vaccinations Central Ridge Veterinary Clinic - Okanagan Falls Dr. Sylvia Tingson D.V.M. Open Mon - Fri 9-5 & Sat 9-12 250.497.7808 | May 2024 | Page 9

Possible Causes Of Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are related modernday maladies that cannot be explained medically. The two syndromes share overlapping symptoms; however, FM is primarily defined by debilitating pain throughout the body for more than 3 months and CFS by tiredness not relieved by sleep. Many people suffer needlessly with these syndromes, because the underlying causes are not thoroughly investigated.

It is estimated that over 1 million Canadians suffer from these disorders. Some of the possible underlying causes include:

• Low thyroid hormone levels

• Low or imbalanced hormone levels

• Adrenal fatigue

• Nutrient deficiencies

• Toxicities

• Chronic viral, fungal, or bacterial infections

• Poor energy production due to mitochondrial dysfunction

• Poor oxygen utilization

• Food allergies or sensitivities

Naturopathic Doctors offer testing and therapies that target these underlying causes. Natural treatments are recommended, because they do not add further to the burden of toxicity which can occur with pharmaceutical medications. Natural therapies have no adverse side effects, are gentle, and work with the body’s innate healing system to encourage balance and optimal health.

Oxygenation therapies and Intravenous Nutrient repletion therapies both have shown good clinical outcomes for both fatigue and muscle pain. Addressing hormone, thyroid, and adrenal imbalances further helps the body to heal and regain homeostasis. Often, infections such as candida are at the heart of the disorder and by clearing these out of the body, good health can be restored. Diet is almost always a component of pain and fatigue. Following scientifically based nutritional guidelines and eliminating food sensitivities or allergies is a core component of healing these disorders. All of these therapies help to improve energy production (in the mitochondria, our cells’ energy producers) which is always sluggish with FM/CFS.

If you are suffering from FM/CFS perhaps a visit to a Naturopathic Physician is in order. Alternative therapies offer hope for many who are not receiving adequate relief from conventional therapies. This article is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice. Please contact a registered and licensed medical professional for appropriate, specific, and evidence-based therapies for your unique needs.


The South Okanagan’s preferred Property Manager for over 40 years!

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• Chelation • Rejuvenation and Detoxification

• Oxidative Therapies • Supportive Cancer Care

• Prolozone Pain Management & Joint Rejuvenation Therapy

• Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Preventing illnessoptimizing health,naturally.
& Chelation Centre Health Clinic the Natural Family Dr. Tamara Browne, Naturopathic Physician
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Creative Wellness Solutions

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a very common ailment that many people live with. If you have it, you will have it for the rest of your life, so it needs to be consistently managed. Hypertension is a chronic disease. It can be controlled with medication, but it cannot be cured. World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on May 17. The main aim of the day is to educate the public and increase awareness of this disease. The theme for this year is Know Your Numbers, and the World Hypertension League would like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in May Measurement Month. It is considered normal when your blood pressure is lower than 120/80 mm Hg. Elevated blood pressure is when the top number ranges from 120 to 129 mm Hg and the bottom number is below, not above, 80 mm Hg. Stage 1 hypertension is when the top number ranges from 130 to 139 mm Hg or the bottom number is between 80 and 89 mm Hg. And Stage 2 hypertension is when the top number is 140 mm Hg or higher or the bottom number is 90 mm Hg or higher. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). In general, hypertension is a blood pressure reading of 130/80 mm Hg or higher.

If left untreated, hypertension can cause life-threatening issues such as heart failure, heart attack, stroke, vision loss, and kidney disease, to name a few. The best defence is prevention. Get your blood pressure checked, ‘Know Your Numbers’, and try to lead a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight, reducing your salt intake, exercising, limiting the amount of alcohol you consume, quit smoking, get a good nights sleep, and reduce stress. Getting a massage on a regular basis can also help, as it relaxes your body and mind and can help to lower your blood pressure by improving blood circulation.

Creative Wellness Solutions provides a convenient massage with innumerable benefits on a comfortable massage chair. You do not need to climb onto a table or remove clothing and no oils are used. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination.

We are a mobile service, so are able to come to you in your home ($50 for a 30 minute appointment). Group sessions and gift certificates are also available. Please call Dee-anne at 250497-5974 to arrange an appointment or to discuss The Grease Cream; which is an amazing, all-natural, cannabis infused pain management alternative that actually works. Be sure to check out our website at for more information about our services, The Grease Cream and where you can read any past articles you may have missed.

Creative Wellness Solutions

Providing a unique combination of Chair Massage & Wellness Coaching

Call Dee-anne ~ 250-497-5974

7 Benefits Of River Cruising

River cruising has become increasingly popular over the years, as a unique and relaxing way to see the world. What started as a European phenomenon has expanded to African river safaris and floating down the Nile to see the archeological sites. Vietnam and Cambodia riverside villages are rich in culture, as is the first ever river cruise in Columbia, SA. For those who prefer to stay closer to home, North America has seen a surge in river cruising, including the Mississippi and St. Lawrence rivers.

Here are the top 7 reasons our clients say they love river cruising:

1. Scenic Routes ~ River cruises often take travelers through some of the world’s most scenic regions, providing breathtaking views of the landscape and unique perspectives on famous landmarks.

2. Smaller Ships ~ River cruise ships tend to be much smaller than ocean-going vessels, which means travelers enjoy a more intimate and personalized experience. This also allows for access to smaller ports and waterways that larger ships cannot reach.

3. Cultural Immersion ~ River cruising is an excellent way to immerse oneself in local culture. Ports of call often offer opportunities to visit small towns, attend a music recital, explore historic sites, and sample local cuisine.

4. Easy Travel ~ River cruises allow travelers to unpack once and avoid the hassle of packing and unpacking at multiple destinations. They can also enjoy the convenience of onboard amenities, such has restaurants, lounges and bars, fitness centres and spas.

5. Smooth Sailing ~ River cruises tend to have calm waters, which makes for a smoother sailing experience compared to ocean cruises. This can be particularly appealing to travelers who are prone to seasickness.

6. Variety of Itineraries ~ River cruises offer a wide variety of itineraries that cater to different interests, including historic and cultural tours, themed tours, and outdoor adventures.

7. All-inclusive Options ~ Many river cruises offer all-inclusive packages that cover everything from meals and drinks to shore excursions and entertainment. This can make for a stress-free and hassle-free vacation experience.

Not all river cruises are created equal, which is why clients seek professional advice from Reliable Travel. At Reliable, we have experienced river cruising and are able to match exciting itineraries to your interests.

Reach out to us at 250-488-9313 and let’s start the conversation. BC Business Licence #48999 Diane Chat eld dchat 250-488-9313 Vi Creasey

RCMP Community Report


Blue skies are what I am looking at right now and that means the classic cars, muscle cars and motorcycles are coming out on the road! This also includes cyclists.

Cyclists must follow BC regulations to keep themselves safe and so do motorists to keep the cyclists safe. The BC government just announced new transportation polices and regulations [Cycling regulations, restrictions and rules of the road - Province of British Columbia (].

It’s great to see that the City of Penticton has made some bike lanes to help cyclists be safe; however, not every street has this option and cyclists have to ride in the same lane as a motorist, or on the shoulder. Cyclists need to be aware that they are also governed by the motor vehicle act and need to follow the rules of the road to ensure their safety and that of others. Cyclists are required to obey all traffic control and direction signs the same as motorists, and in fact, can be fined as well for failure to do so.

Cyclists and motorists must share the road and this is best done if each obeys the rules and regulations that pertain to each other. Having a safe and great outing is dependent upon everyone following the rules, making sure that they are seen and their intentions such as turning, stopping, or passing are made known to the others. When in doubt, just keep calm and allow enough room to pass the cyclist safely, even if you have to slow down and look ahead for a better opportune time. The vehicle you are driving in weighs significantly more than a bicycle and rider - loose gravel or debris can affect a cyclist’s path - keep that in mind as you share the road.

Now selling Free Range Eggs, along with our many varieties of apples. Enjoy Farm Direct Pricing For large orders of 20 lbs or more, call 250-809-5353. You know what they say, “An Apple A Day ...”! Thank you for supporting your local grower! Farm To Table! Self-Serve Fruit Stand Honour Box Self Serve Open 24 hours a day & 7 days a week! 598 East Side Rd & 6th Ave, OK Falls FARM PRICES


Kaleden Branch: 101 Linden Avenue - 250-497-8066

Tuesday 1-5 pm / Thursday 1-8 pm / Friday 1-5 pm

Spring is in full swing in Kaleden, and we hope you’re enjoying the sunshine. Whether you’re working on your garden, learning to cycle, preparing for some camping, or searching for a new mystery, we’ve got something for you to enjoy! The library is full of all kinds of books for the season.

Children’s Programs:

Preschool Storytime continues Tuesday mornings on May 7, 14, 21 & 28 from 10-10:45 am in the Kaleden Library for children ages 0-5. At storytime, we read together, sing songs, do action rhymes, finger plays, and make crafts to take home. Most importantly, we meet new friends! Everyone is welcome.

Afternoon LEGO continues Thursday, May 16 at 2:30-3:30 pm. This program is open for all LEGO creators and all ages! Bring your creativity and complete a building challenge for a chance to win the door prize.

Tween and Teen Program: Game Night has been a blast this winter, so we’re doing it again! All tweens and teens are invited to the Kaleden Library on Thursday, May 9 from 6-7:30 pm for some fun, or to get out of doing dishes! One lucky tw/een will win the evening’s door prize. Snacks and games are provided by the library. Bring a friend. Bring some fun. Come get your game on!

For more info, call 250-497-8066 or email

Submitted by Rachael Dowden, Assistant Community Librarian

Building Community Spirit

The intention of this column is to share inspirational stories, or even a quick photo, to show that community spirit is alive and well.

Community Pitch-In A Success!

A big thank you to the many Kaleden residents who came out on April 13 and filled an entire dumpster with litter, old tires, wire, netting and wayward business signs! Kaleden Elementary also did their part by cleaning up around the community on April 26.

Okanagan Falls Pitch-in Day was held on April 22 with Okanagan Falls Elementary Students joining in the community effort to clean up the townsite. Twin Lakes will hold their Pitch-in Day on May 4. For nominations in this “Building Community Spirit” column, please email a few sentences & hopefully a photo to

OK Falls Branch: 101 - 850 Railway Lane - 250-497-5886

Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm / Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm

Friday 10 am - 5 pm / Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Adult Programs:

• Crafting Circle ~ Every Wednesday from 1-3 pm. Bring your creative talents and participate with like-minded individuals. Have fun while you create!

• Book Club ~ Wednesday, May 15 from 1-2 pm. This month’s discussion will be “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingslover. If you would like to join our club, please contact Lynn at the library for more information.

• Art Therapy ~ Saturdays during open hours. Come and experience the calming affects of adult colouring. We also have colouring pages for kids!

• Saturday Board Games ~ Come play your favorite board or card game at the library. We have Monopoly, Scrabble, Crib, Yahtzee, Skip-bo, Chess, and others! Drop-in every Saturday during open hours between 10 am - 2 pm for teens and adults.

Children’s Programs:

• Afterschool Drop-in LEGO and KEVA PLANK Club ~ Come and build something awesome! This program is self-directed. Wednesdays from 3-4 pm.

• Drop-In LEGO and KEVA PLANK Building ~ Every Saturday during open hours. Bring your family and your friends!

Friends of the Library ~ Your local Friends of the Library are actively looking for new members who would support our library through fundraising, such as book sales, bake sales, and raffles. If you would like to join our local Friends of the Library Group, please contact the branch for further information.

Book & Bake Sale ~ At Belich’s 2nd Anniversary on Friday, May 17. Come out and support your library! If you have any books or DVDs you would like to donate, please bring to the library.

Programming Ideas ~ If you have a great idea or talent you would like to share with others, please contact Lynn at the library for a possible programming event.

Puzzle Table ~ Come in to the branch and relax by working on our current puzzle! Adults and Teens welcome.

Okanagan Falls Grows ~ We are excited about starting a Seed Library. The idea is you can borrow up to 10 envelopes of different flowers, herbs, vegetables, with the intent to bring us back seeds from the plants you grow if you are able. Seeds are gratefully accepted either from those you have grown or commercially. Let’s see how Okanagan Falls Grows!

Did You Know?

• The “sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. This tongue twister is considered as the toughest one to say by the Guiness Book of Records. This tongue twister is extremely difficult to say as these string of words quickly multiple times. This may not make much sense, but then tongue twisters are not more than just a series of words put together to exercise your tongue.

• Did you know there’s a toilet museum? In New Delhi, the Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets features a rare collection that details the historic evolution of toilets from 2500 BC all the way up to the present day. When you browse through the exhibit, you’ll learn about the plumbing system of ancient societies, marvel at the elaborately decorated toilets of 18th and 19th-century Europe, and even get to sit upon one from Austria that is shaped like a lion!

Wireless Internet!
Congratulations to Ellie for winning “Guess How Many Chocolate Eggs are in the Jar Contest”. Her guess was 70 and the answer was 71. | May 2024 | Page 13

Highlights From Kaleden Elementary School

Spring has certainly sprung here at Kaleden Elementary School. The leaves and buds on the trees are popping with vibrant colour. It is also nice to see the temperatures slowly rising and our students getting more and more outdoor learning as the school year progresses. Spring cross country runs will be the norm, as West Bench, Kaleden and Giants Head Elementary Schools will all be hosting runs this term. Kaleden’s run will take place down at Pioneer Park on the lake and we will run the old KVR Trail on May 15th from 9 am - 12 pm. We are warming up for the run by having every student attempt to run a marathon from now until June 20th. Two laps around the perimeter of our school is one kilometer. 84 laps equals the length of a marathon. We are also looking forward to our Kaleden Community Museum visit on May 29th at the Kaleden Community Hall.

Meet Simba

Simba is a gorgeous 6-year-old, who loves to be brushed and stroked. He's friendly with our volunteers, but still too nervous to be in an adoption centre. He'd love a quieter home with no small children. He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. If you would like to meet Simba, please reach out to Alley Cats Alliance through the website below. Thank you!

School Trustee Report For SD67

In my last report, I mentioned that the board would be making a decision on the Long-Range Facilities Plan recommendations at a special board meeting on April 10. Here is a brief summary: At the April 10 meeting, Superintendent Manuel provided a review of the LRFP recommendations for the trustees and the attendees. Secretary-Treasurer Bittante reviewed the input from the public engagement process. Trustees unanimously voted in favour of the recommendations. The 60-day timeline and process included engagement evenings and many meetings. I encourage folks who haven’t had an opportunity to attend any of the presentations to visit Let’s Connect SD67 for more information. Trustees noted that cost pressures over the past 5 years coupled with the decrease in enrollment are the major factors that led to the recommendations. Also noted was the trustee’s confidence in the data presented and the thorough planning and addressing of questions and concerns through the engagement process. The district will phase in the recommendations over 3 years. This will provide staff with the time to prepare the three middle schools and existing elementary schools to adjust to the new district configurations (K-7 and 8-12 Penticton area schools, K-6 and 7-12 Summerland area schools). In addition, staff will be able to plan and support students through the transition. School closure bylaws were passed with two readings on April 10 and the final reading on April 15. Schools being closed are Carmi Elementary, Parkway Elementary, and Giant’s Head Elementary (effective 2025-26 school year). The Connect Ed site will be closed, and the programs will be relocated to a new location.

While it is very difficult to close schools, the consolidation of schools will mean more operating dollars to support student programs. Student success and fiscal responsibility are the two important aspects of governance. This decision will support our very gifted staff in the work they do towards student success, and we look forward to being able to provide additional support and programming.

Budget Committee - Meetings held April 3 & 16 ~ The committee reviewed the funding announcement from the ministry received March 12. While the funding is up by about $300 per FTE, the increase only covers the contractual wage increases. Increases in operating costs and staff benefits were not funded. This leaves the district with cost pressures estimated at 1.4 million for the 20242025 budget. Districts are required to submit a balanced budget. Partner groups and departmental staff presented to the board at the April 16 meeting. The public consultation budget meeting will be held on April 23 at 6:00 pm at siya? House, 425 Jermyn Avenue. We look forward to a budget cycle in the coming years where we can add programs and support for students.

There will be many exciting activities and events in May and June. I hope you embrace the offerings and enjoy the final stretch of the school year.

For more information, please contact Karen Botsford, School Trustee for SD67, by sending an email to

Recycling the Elegance of the Past 5221 Hwy 97 Okanagan Falls 250.497.6733 Jardin Estate Jewelry & Antiques CatMatch
250.497.8806 Jaynie Molloy BSc. Hon. CH. 110 Linden Avenue, Kaleden Relax ... Rejuvenate ... Heal Foot Detox (Aqua Chi) followed by Re exology “Happy Feet ... Happy Life!” Celebrating 40 Years of Service! Gift Certi cates Available

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update

As we get closer to the end of the school year, we are looking ahead to the 2024/2025 school year. We know that one or more of our PAC Executive members will be stepping back and we will need new faces to keep going. Many of you might wonder, what exactly is a PAC?

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) are forums within each school community to discuss matters affecting our school and our children’s education. Parents’ voices are so important to the school! PACs strive to provide opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school; involve parents in volunteer activities; and openly discuss parents’ concerns and aspirations for our school. All parent/guardians are members of the PAC and can participate, and we have what’s called an ‘Executive’ elected by parents to help run things (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). PACs that have strong participation from parents have an important influence on life at the school. PAC is a way to advise the KES Principal on parents’ views and ideas about school programs, policies, plans and activities. It can be a bridge between parents and the school. And of course, PAC is there to provide financial support for the goals of the PAC, as determined by its membership. You might have ideas about what the PAC should be supporting financially, and we want to hear about it! You may have only one hour per month to offer, or perhaps you can assist as needed for activities. Our school needs your involvement, whatever your time commitment is.

As always, please reach out to for more information. See you at our next PAC meeting on Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 pm in the school library.

Kaleden Bursary

The Kaleden Bursary Committee is offering several bursaries to Kaleden area students that live within the postal code of V0H 1K0 who are graduating from Grade 12 this academic year (2024) and pursuing further education.

If anyone would like to sponsor a bursary or donate to the Kaleden Bursary Fund, to assist students with their post-secondary education, please contact Mike Gane.

Application for these bursaries can be made by submitting a letter or email and providing the following information:

• Plans for further education (university, college, technical school) and type of education being pursued.

• Did you attend Kaleden Elementary School?

• Where you graduated from high school and the school name.

• How long you have lived in the Kaleden area (including Twin Lakes, White Lake Road and St. Andrews-by-the-Lake) Mailing address must include V0H 1K0.

• Any Kaleden community involvement?

• Hobbies, interests and volunteer/work experience.

• Include your name, mailing address, Social Insurance Number, cell phone and email address.

• If you are successful in being awarded a bursary, you have two years to claim it from the date awarded.

• If awarded a bursary, a thank you letter must be sent to the sponsor of your bursary. The bursary funds will not be released until the thank you letter is received by the sponsor. Applications must be received by July 1, 2024 and should be submitted to: Kaleden Bursary Committee, c/o Mike Gane, Box 183, Kaleden, BC V0H 1K0 or email to

Exhibitions, artist studios, workshops, drop-ins, and more. Let's get creative!


Exhibitions & Coming Events

Submitted by the Penticton & District Community Arts Council

The Penticton & District Community Arts Council is excited to announce our upcoming exhibitions!

March 23rd to May 17th

• The Shattered Canvas: Fragments of Beauty in Unexpected Places in Gallery 1: Solo Exhibition by Nancy Dearborn featuring glass art.

• 13 Going on 30 in Gallery II: The PDCAC has invited local artists aged 13 to 30 to show us what art means to them to give us a glimpse into the future of art.

June 1st to July 20th

• The NextGen Potters in Gallery I & II: Annual group exhibition by the Penticton Potters’ Guild.

The Penticton Arts Council Galleries are currently open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, at 220 Manor Park Avenue in the Leir House Cultural Centre. To find out more about the Penticton Arts Council’s exhibitions, events, artists’ opportunities, the community calendar, and more, please visit | May 2024 | Page 15

Highlights From


Falls Elementary School

Mrs. Dean has flown the coop and Mrs. Fernandes has joined us as our new Administrative Secretary. She comes from Oliver Elementary School and fits in with our falcon family very well. This month, our entire school has been learning the Okanagan Song, so that we can sing it together in gratitude. Thank you to Patrick Gallagher and Mr. Azak for teaching it to us! We have also had singing and ukulele lessons with the amazing Ms. Yanti. Thank you PAC for sponsoring the lessons!

We have just started dance lessons with Miss Leah, the owner of Rise Academy in Oliver. Students have enjoyed it so far. Thank you Miss Leah for coming to our school!

Our spirit team winning class was Ms. Petry’s class this month. Thank you to KJ’s Coffee Bar for the treats!

CFSOS Bursary Program

Local students will once again benefit from the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen’s annual bursary program. We’re pleased to continue our tradition of supporting the educational goals of students in our region. The cost of postsecondary education continues to rise, and that puts a tremendous financial burden on students and their families. Our bursaries will help ease that burden and bring some deserving local students closer to achieving their goals.

This year, more than $50,000 in awards will be available through 12 bursary funds. The program is open to newly graduating and returning students in the South Okanagan Similkameen. Foundation bursaries will support students’ pursuit of postsecondary studies and employment training in a variety of fields. The online application portal opens April 2 and applications will be accepted until May 15. Award recipients will be announced in early July. Eligibility details and a link to the application portal can be found on the Community Foundation’s website at apply-for-a-bursary.

School Trustee Report for SD53

Nikki Hutchinson, District Mental Health Coordinator and school counsellor for Okanagan Falls, met with parents at the last PAC meeting held on April 11. She gave an overview of her role and vision for assisting children and families throughout our district. She asked for topics that parents would like to see covered and ways she can support families in all aspects of their child’s mental health. If you missed the meeting and have ideas for mental health topics you’d like to see covered, please contact the principal Katie Poole.

Our Board is continuing to gather feedback and meet with schools, community partners and indigenous rightsholders on our budget development. This is an important step in developing our district budget and set spending priorities across the district. Have your say by filling out the online survey on our website at www.sd53. - Community Voice.

As I write, I am getting ready to join trustees across the province at our AGM in Vancouver. Our hope is to pass many prudent motions to improve classroom equity and outcomes for students. Trustees will work in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Childcare, as well as the BC School Trustee Association (BCSTA) to align our focus and see the successful motions through to results.

For more information, please contact Sholeh Pickell, School Trustee for SD53, by emailing to

Okanagan Falls PAC Update

On May 1, Frisbee Rob will be visiting Okanagan Falls Elementary for a half day workshop. PAC is proud to be sponsoring Rob. More information at

We would like to thank everyone who supported our Growing Smiles Spring Plant Fundraiser. A big thank you to our PAC volunteers for all your hard work. Plants will be available for pick up on May 9-10.

On June 22, PAC is hosting a Burger & Beer Fundraiser at the OK Falls Hotel Bar + Grill. Check back next month for more info!

Our students are now receiving a hot breakfast on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays until the end of the school year. THANK YOU to the Lion’s Club and Belich’s AG Foods for your continued support. We’d also like to thank the community members who donate their Belich Bucks in support of the Lion’s Breakfast Program.

Join us! The next PAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 6 pm in the School Library. All parents/guardians of OKF students are welcome! Free child minding is available.

5121 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls Any inquiries, email kjco 778.515.6502 Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook! Now Open on Saturdays! Open Tuesday to Saturday from 7 am - 2 pm For All Your Storage & RV Needs ... Think EASY! Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30 & Saturday 10:00-3:30 1964 Oliver Ranch Road, Okanagan Falls

celebrate mom! Join us for a complimentary tasting over Mother's Day weekend May 11th & 12th. Treat mom to goodies at our mini-market featuring local artisans and enter to win a Spring Prize Pack Reservations recommended

As a real estate professional serving the vibrant Okanagan region, I understand that purchasing a property isn’t always about the home itself, but also about the unique surroundings in which it resides. With several breathtaking properties residing on Indigenous or leasehold land, you may consider that option for buying your next home. However, there are several nuances in how buying a home in the Okanagan on First Nations land is different in comparison to a traditional real estate investment.

Leasehold vs Freehold ~ Typically when you purchase a single family home, you also own the land on which the home resides (freehold). Purchasing a home on First Nations land means you own the home, but the land is owned by another entity, such as the Penticton or Osoyoos Indian Band (leasehold).

To live in your home under a leasehold, you will enter into a contractual obligation for the use of the land during a given period of time. These leases are long-term, often 99 to 125 years, and as the homeowner you will most likely pay monthly fees for maintenance, garbage removal, etc. On new projects, the developer may have already paid the whole lease amount for you upfront. Once the lease term ends, it will be renewed or in some cases renegotiated.

Location ~ Since several prime spots in the Okanagan are located on First Nation land, and the land that the home is on is not part of the purchase, usually leasehold homes are slightly less expensive than similar freehold homes. So, as a potential homeowner, you may be able to purchase a home in a location that you would normally not be able to afford.

But, a possible consequence of being located on Indigenous land is that the infrastructure might not be as extensive as in urban areas. Access to utilities, public transportation, and other essential services could be limited, and you need to consider whether the location suits your needs before starting your ideal property search.

Market Value ~ As with any real estate investment, whether it’s traditional freehold or leasehold, the value is influenced by changes in zoning agreements, shifts in government policies, and market dynamics. A good example is the recently implemented regulations on short-term rental which don’t apply to Indigenous land. Still, in general, leasehold properties follow the market’s ups and downs in the same fashion as freehold properties. So when you buy a leasehold home at a slightly lower than regular

fully stocked with a great selection of everyday menswear and accessories. We have suits & dress shirts for Grads & Weddings. Tailoring also


price point and the lease is far removed from its renewal date, there’s a good chance that your property will appreciate in value very much the same way as any freehold property would. However, as the lease renewal date draws closer or if lease conditions change after renewal, it may prove tougher to sell due to a lower number of buyers willing to take on the new or remaining lease.

Conclusion ~ Buying a home on First Nations land isn’t for everyone. Your personal situation, what you’re comfortable with, and what type of lifestyle you’re looking to achieve are all determining factors. The math is fairly simple, it’s weighing your emotional values versus your rational values. It can be a great way for you to acquire an otherwise unattainable home at a lower cost of maintenance, and there are some excellent leases and developments in the Okanagan where the recent resale value speaks for itself.

On the other hand, due diligence is key: it’s very important to know how the sublease is structured, and because the legal framework that governs Okanagan First Nations land involves Indigenous authorities, we recommend consulting with a legal expert before buying a home in the Okanagan on First Nations land.

Regardless of your decision, as a realtor I am committed to helping you navigate these types of complexities. Please view this information as a conversation starting point, not a substitute for legal advice, and call us today to find you the perfect home that meets your needs and aligns with your dreams. Our number is 778-764-1373! | May 2024 | Page 17 Let's
Open Daily 11am - 5pm 250.497.6162 Okanagan Falls #4
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Highway 97 Okanagan

Eighty Years Ago

The year is 1943. Holland is occupied by Nazi armies. In Leiden, the astronomers cannot use their telescopes, and are confined to their offices. Professor Jan Oort suggests a problem to one of his students, Henk van de Hulst: “does the material between the stars generate spectral lines that can be detected from here on Earth at radio wavelengths?”

At the time, astronomers were studying starlight with a spectrometer, an instrument on the back of the telescope. The output of a spectrometer is a stripe of light, red at one end and blue at the other. Bright and dark lines cross that stripe, each at a specific wavelength. These are the spectral lines.

Spectral lines are like fingerprints. Each spectral line is characteristic of a particular element, Hydrogen, Carbon, Iron, and so on. All atoms generate spectral lines, and their wavelengths are unique to each element. When spectral lines are seen in starlight, we know what the stars are made of.

A landmark scientific article had just appeared in the Astrophysical Journal. An American radio engineer, Grote Reber, had built a radio telescope in his back yard, and, after years of experiments, had detected radio signals from the Milky Way. Oort understood immediately that the radio signals could not come from stars, they had to come from the material in the space between the stars. Could this material be identified by its spectral lines?

Van de Hulst assembled all the knowledge about atomic physics that he could find. After a year of study, he predicted that atoms of Hydrogen would generate a spectral line at a wavelength near 21 centimetres. He presented his ideas at a colloquium at Leiden Observatory on the 15th of April in 1944, eighty years ago as I write this article.

This was hugely significant. First, Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe. Second, it seemed possible to build a radio receiver for 21 centimetres wavelength with the technology of 1944. Third, radio waves travel freely through the dust (fragments of dead stars, that hide most of the Milky Way from light-gathering telescopes). Fourth, 21-cm radio waves travel unhindered through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The spectral line of atomic Hydrogen was detected in 1951 in the United States. By 1955, radio telescopes in Holland and Australia had mapped the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our observatory at Penticton was established in 1958 to study the Hydrogen in the Milky Way. Between 1995 and 2008, our Synthesis Telescope made the most detailed pictures of the Milky Way Hydrogen ever. The data from that project, the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey, are freely available, and have been used in hundreds of scientific articles by scientists the world over. Our new CHIME Telescope is searching for signals from atomic Hydrogen at huge distances, half way back to the Big Bang. The legacy of Oort and Van de Hulst is very long.

Interesting websites:





The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory is operated by the National Research Council Canada and is located at 717 White Lake Road in Kaleden. For more information, please call 250-497-2300.

Page 18 | May 2024 | Up to $1000 REBATES AVAILABLE for conducting work on your property! Spring Hours: Mon - Sat | 11AM - 3PM Celebrate Spring May 11 & 12, 12-3pm Tickets at Now open for the 2024 season 4287 McLean Creek Rd, Okanagan Falls | 250 497 8553

Kaleden Seniors Committee Update

Limlemt to our wonderful presenter, Similkameen-Sylix elder Wendy Hawkes, for the fascinating presentation in April on native plants and their uses and importance to indigenous people. We are very grateful for your time and knowledge sharing. Thanks also go to Belich’s AG Foods in Okanagan Falls for another delicious lunch. Be sure to reach out to Kyle and his team, if you have any catering needs.

This month, we are teaming up with the Twin Lakes Social Club to bring you a guided nature walk in the Twin Lakes Area. If you are interested in joining us on Friday, May 10 at 10 am, please register by emailing as space is limited. The walk is about two hours long with lots of time to learn about the area. Please note that dogs are not welcome on this walk. We’re looking forward to our annual “Party in the Park” on Tuesday, June 18. Please mark the date in your calendars and watch for details in Skaha Matter’s June edition. Hope to see you soon!


for knowing and responding to individual and family need in the community

If you live in the Kaleden area and have needs, please call the HUB. Our frozen meals (mostly soup) are available immediately. We can also provide grocery shopping - Please allow a few days advance notice.

HUB NUMBER: 250-460-3387

Kaleden Museum

A Tribute to Meredith King

Kaleden lost someone special on April 1st after a long and courageous fight with cancer.

Meredith King was an integral part of the community and especially the Kaleden Museum. Her drive and ambition for the museum started with the Kaleden Centennial celebrations in 2009. This culminated in the 2009 version of the History of Kaleden, and the Museum formed shortly thereafter.

Her enthusiasm, vision and driving force for the Museum sometimes drove us crazy, but in the end, we have a fantastic little museum that is preserving our local history. When looking at potential objects for the Museum, Meridith’s enthusiasm for the “find” sometimes overlooked the fact the object might be of “questionable” value (junk) when reviewed a second time. Many great finds have been acquired by her.

Meredith started a program with Kaleden Elementary School that allowed the children to learn about Kaleden’s past, as well as numerous objects that most children have not seen or been able to touch. One such example is a typewriter. The children are fascinated by the movement of the keys when the letter is pressed. Should we introduce them to carbon paper and white out?

She was always happy when there was time to chat about local history, the people who made that history, and being able to capture that history for future generations.

Meredith was a great granddaughter of early residents, E.J. and Isabella King and John and Margaret Findlay and granddaughter of Bill King and Annie (Findlay) King. Her father Ron was the first child born in Kaleden. One cannot be more connected to the community than that!

The King family has been and still is an integral part of our community. Our deepest condolences to Bill and Manery.

~ Deb and Mike of the Kaleden Museum Crew

If you wish to donate items to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Mike Gane at 250-497-5674.


Okanagan Falls Lions Update

First of all, I’d like to thank all the participants in our annual Easter Egg Hunt, including the parents for coming out and making it another great event, plus parents with children whose parents brought them to the annual event in years past. The pictures below show some of the action. What fun!

School Breakfasts continue three times a week at the school until the end of this semester. Thank you to those who volunteer their time early in the morning, as well as to Belich’s AG Foods.

Next up is the “Walk for Dog Guides” at the end of May. Watch for information around town closer to the event.

June brings back “Music in the Park”, so watch for the Lions Club’s “Cookies” fundraiser. Our Canada Day BBQ will also return as well. Keep safe and healthy. See you next time.

Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinics will be held on June 3, 4, & 5 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre from 1:305:30 pm. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers, visit or call 1-888-236-6283.

If you would like to join us, call 778-439-2275. www.e-clubhouse. org/sites/okfalls/ or

Okanagan Falls Seniors Activity Society

We are located at 1128 Willow Street in Okanagan Falls. The local bus stop is right across the street from our front doors.

We have a library and puzzles to loan out. If you would like to use the library when the hall is not in use, call Donna at 250-462-5233.

Activities in May 2024:

Canasta ~ Mondays at 10 am

Carpet Bowling ~ Mondays at 1 pm

Tuesday Bingo ~ Tuesdays - May 7, 14 & 21 at 1 pm

Evening Pool ~ Tuesdays at 6 pm

Mexican Train Dominos ~ Wednesdays at 1 pm

Scrabble ~ On hold for now - looking for players

Bridge ~ Thursdays at 1 pm

Cribbage ~ Thursdays at 7 pm

Line Dancing ~ Fridays at 1 pm

Pancake Breakfast ~ Saturday, May 4 from 8-10 am

General Meeting ~ Monday, May 6

Drop-in Bingo ~ Saturday, May 18 at 1 pm

Pot Luck ~ Saturday, May 25

Country Music Jamboree ~ On hold until September

Booking Agent - Heather at 250-497-1171

Are you over 50? Just $25/yr to join!

Enjoy activities. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN!

Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Society!

For more information, call 250.497.8199 or 250-462-5233.

South Okanagan Similkameen Community Connections Volunteer Centre Update

I love reading obituary notices in the newspaper. They tell such wonderful accounts of a person’s life story. Information about working life, and family and friends is shared with much warmth and love. I am regularly struck by the amount of volunteering that the person has done. Often beginning as a young parent helping with school activities, sporting leagues, programs like Cubs and Brownies, and let’s not forget the Women’s organizations of the community. In later years, we read about helping in the hospital, being part of service organizations, and involvement in political parties. All of this and more tells the story of a complex and wonderful individual.

I can’t help wondering what our life story will say. Will it talk about service to the community? Will it speak of helping to make groups and organizations function more effectively? Are we as committed to our community as our forebearers were? These certainly are probing questions.

I became involved in the South Okanagan Similkameen Community Connections Volunteer Centre in 2012 out of my desire to give some time and energy to an organization I believed in. Having been a volunteer since I was a young teenager, it seemed natural that I would help others get involved in volunteering. We have over 40 member organizations connected to us and many more who utilize our resources. With over 1,000 volunteers that interact with us, we are busy! We promote and advocate for volunteerism in the region.

Perhaps you are an active volunteer and are looking for information that will help you to become an even more informed helper in the organization, or possibly you have been thinking about volunteering but don’t know where to start, then the SOSCC Volunteer Centre is the place to turn to. Subrina Monteith, the Executive Director, would like to meet with you. Call for an appointment at 1-888-5765661 or email Check out the website at

Why not make the South Okanagan Similkameen Community Connections Volunteer Centre and one or more of its many organizations, festivals, and activities part of your life story. You won’t regret it!

Helping Hand Monthly Meetings

The Okanagan Falls Helping Hand holds a meeting every third Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm and we are always open to new members. Please drop by the Okanagan Falls Community Church (1356 McLean Creek Road), if you would like to see what we do and/or if you would like to lend a hand. We hope to see you at our next meeting on Wednesday, May 15 at 4:30 pm. Thank you.

Emergency Hampers can be made available from Okanagan Falls Helping Hand throughout the year with proper qualifications.

To apply, please call 778-559-2412 and leave a message. Your call will be returned.

Page 20 | May 2024 |

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227

from 2 pm to close. Open Sunday from 11:30 am to close. Everyone Welcome!

Meat Draws - Fridays at 5 pm & Saturdays at 4 pm ~ Profits are donated to charities. THANKS to Belich’s AG Foods for supplying the meat.

Burger Wednesdays ~ 4:30 - 6:30 pm, $15 gets you a burger with toppings and fries. Our cooks are amazing, and the burgers are the best. The OK Falls Cruise-In Car Show will be here Every Wednesday.

Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, May 19 ~ Join us from 8-10:30 am. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, potatoes, French toast, juice and coffee for $9/adult, $4/kid under 12, & under 3 eat free. General Meeting on Tuesday, May 21 ~ Meetings are open to all members every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

Bottle Returns ~ Drop off cans & bottles at the Legion.

Drop-in Darts - Every Saturday starting at 2 pm ~ Registration is at 1:30 pm.

Drop-in Crib - Interested ? ~ Contact Sue at 250-462-4128.

Drop-in Rummoli ~ Every Sunday at 1 pm.

Everyone is welcome to be a Legion Member ~ If you have had any phone or address changes, please let us know. Member Cards and Stickers must be picked up at the Branch. We do not deliver. Legions give back to Veterans and the Community. Come down and see what we are all about.

We are always looking for Volunteers ~ Stop on in and see if you can help us help the community.

For Updates ~ We have a Monthly Calendar available to take home at the Branch, a sign out front, and you can check out our Facebook Page at “Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC”.

For more information, call 250-497-8338. We are a Small Legion with a BIG Heart!

Dance News

OK Falls Heritage & Museum Society

As I learned more about the history of Okanagan Falls, I was filled with an appreciation and immense respect for the founders of our town. It only seems fitting that we continue to tell their story. To make our attraction more intriguing, we are reorganizing and improving our displays. The Bassett House looks more “lived in” and our new curator (and her husband) completely reorganized the outdoor pavilion and the museum. It looks fantastic!

Sales of the pavers for the Pioneer Pathway have been rather slow. It’s been a year since we began this fundraiser and we would really like to get the first lot in place. However, we still need to sell twenty more pavers to meet the minimum order for the stonemason. I am absolutely certain that, when the first lot of pavers is put in place, participation in our fundraiser will significantly increase. Imagine seeing your message for years to come; emblazoned in concrete and highlighted with monument paint. It’s the next best thing to having a school or a bridge named after you.

Testimony ~ “We recently signed up for group slow waltz lessons. When there weren’t enough people signed up, Brian kindly offered us a set of four private lessons instead of the originally booked 8 lessons. Glad we went ahead and did private ones. Brian was able to customize what we needed to learn as we moved along. We were impressed with how much we learned in the four lessons. We solidified basics, learned some new moves and gained confidence for both leading and following. Well worth our time. Thanks again Brian, we are looking forward to practicing and polishing the patterns you showed us.” ~

Private Lessons ~ Brian is now accepting students who wish to take private dance lessons. Whether you are a beginner, a wedding couple or experienced dancer, Brian can get you on the fast track to learning what you want, when you want, at double the pace of a group class. Affordable hourly rates. Classes day or evenings. Please call Brian anytime to discuss at 604.220.6256 cell. Brian is a Certified Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) Master dance instructor since 2004.

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom for Group, Private & Wedding Lessons

Certi ed Instructor Since 2004 | Okanagan - 604-220-6256 cell

I must also extend my sincere gratitude to the volunteers of the Thrift Shoppe. In mid-April, we had our seasonal changeover to Spring/Summer clothing and nine volunteers showed up to make light work of it. What a wonderful group of volunteers we have. These ladies are fantastic!

In my view, Okanagan Falls is the little gem of the Okanagan Valley, and I’m very grateful that it hasn’t developed into a thriving metropolis of concrete. I love the “small town, big family” atmosphere in OK Falls. This is what makes our town special.

Thrift Shoppe Open 10-3 Wed-Fri & 12-3 Sat 250-497-7047 Okanagan Falls Heritage & Museum Place - 1145 Main St Accepting Clean & Gently Used Clothing & Accessories In Person When Open Please! Thrift Shoppe
Tues-Sat | 11-3pm Celebrate Spring Event May 11 & 12 4 2 8 7 M c L e a n C r e e k R o a d | O k a n a g a n F a l l s ( l o c a t e d o n t h e s a m e s i t e a s M e y e r F a m i l y V i n e y a r d s ) 2 5 0 4 9 7 8 4 4 3 | m a y h e m w i n e s c o m
Spring Hours

Robert Vernon Haddow

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our father, Robert Vernon Haddow. Husband to Carroll Winnifred Haddow. Grandfather and Papa, great grandfather, brother and “Uncle Bob” to many.

“Bob” passed peacefully on April 3rd, with his boys by his side. Mom, along with family, friends and grandchildren gathered around to see him off, sharing fond memories, laughter, and music - lots of music. We attempted to sing all of Dad’s favourites, if only any of us could remember all the words. Thank goodness for grand kids and Google - we were able to get through the whole of “Me & Bobby McGee”! - Dad played guitar and had a great voice. In the early years, our living room was often filled with family, friends and a “musical variety show”. Dad was a talented visual artist as well. One of his first jobs was as a sign painter. Back then, much of the work was done freehand. All were amazed at Dad’s steady hand, whether it be putting lettering on a truck, pinstripes on a fender, or cartoons on a snowmobile hood. He did all the early designs for the Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department. Dad served 50 years as Chief of the department and that was his passion. Outside of that, he loved spending time in the outdoors and camping trips with friends and family. Dad also loved electronic gadgets, toys and radio-controlled planes. He was a painter, a plumber, a carpenter, and a “jack-of-all-trades”. Dad was always willing to help with any project.

After Dad’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, we so missed being able to ask him for his advice or to come over to help fix or build something. However, we were fortunate in that the disease progressed very slowly for Dad. We still had a lot of quality time. He remained active and mobile. Dad was happy and light-hearted, and surprisingly quick-witted. He still loved to tease Mom. Dad loved a good road trip, lunch at the pub, and shopping at Canadian Tire. When we had to move him into higher level care (he was getting into “mischief” of course), Dad still recognized us and enjoyed our visits. In his last days, when we would sing, his eyes would still light up and his toes would still start tapping. It was a peaceful letting go. Love you Dad.

“Love is the only memory one never loses. Even if one loses his mind, the memory of love always remains in his heart.” ~ Felix Alexander The family would like to thank our friends and family who have supported us through our loss. We feel blessed to have had you in our lives and so grateful that some were able to make it in to see Dad on those last days. We also wish to thank the staff of Haven Hill, Doctor Tyler Murphy, Doctor Azim Juma and all the lovely care aides and nurses that were part of Dad’s care team. A Celebration of Life is being planned. Date and location to be announced.

Condolences and tributes may be directed to the family by visiting, where you’ll find the full obituary.

John (Jack) Lawrence Howard


It is with a great sense of loss that we announce the peaceful passing of Jack Howard on March 29, 2024 at the age of 94 in Regina, Sask. He was born at Pilot Mound, Manitoba on March 25, 1930. Due to his passion for the outdoors, he attended the University of British Columbia where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. While there, he was a member of the Varsity Outdoor Club where he met Norma Lapworth (Ladybird) of Port Moody, BC who became his wife on August 23, 1957.

Upon graduation, Jack accepted a position as a wildlife biologist with the Province of Manitoba, working in The Pas and in Winnipeg. Following in his father’s footsteps, he took a position as Superintendent of the International Peace Gardens on the Manitoba/North Dakota border before returning to wildlife management in Saskatoon, Sask.

Following retirement in 1988, Jack and Norma travelled the world extensively, moving in 1990 to a home in Kaleden overlooking Skaha Lake. They lived there until 2022 when it was determined that they required more care and were moved to a facility in Regina.

Jack was predeceased by his parents Herbert (Bert) and Hazel Howard (nee McRuer) his older brother Murray and his oldest son Andrew (Sandra). He is survived by his wife Norma of 67 years, younger brother Brant (Bobbie), nieces Lisa Navin and son Jett, and Karin and Mike Davis and children Hayden and Presleigh, sister-in-law Joan Haddock (Court, deceased) nephews Grant and Blair and their families, younger son Bruce and Nadine and children Ashley and Braden and daughter-in-law Sandra.

Jack loved hunting and fishing, and on his last outing with son Bruce on October 3, 2000, they stopped driving to listen to the eulogy for Pierre Trudeau which quoted a Robert Frost poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” which ends with:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

Jack smiled and said how much he loved that poem. A celebration of Jack’s life is being planned for July, when Bruce and Nadine will be in Kaleden.

Nunes ~ Pottinger Funeral Service and Crematorium 250-498-0167 JOHN NUNES DARYN POTTINGER 5855 Hemlock Street, PO Box 788, Oliver V0H 1T0 Page 22 | May 2024 | We’ve Moved! 101-1505 Main Street, Penticton Call us at 236.422.4383


Kaleden Community Church

Sunday Worship at 10 am ~ in-person and online Visit for updates and the link to our live worship. 443 Lakehill Rd. | | 250-497-5995

Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship Service & Children’s Church at 11 am Services with Pastor Jon Manlove. Everyone is welcome! Services with closed caption live on YouTube and our website at FB: Okanagan Falls Community Church 1356 McLean Creek Rd, Okanagan Falls | 250-497-5131

Okanagan Falls United Church

Sunday Service at 9 am ~ Speakers: May 5 - Rev. Dr. Donald Schmidt: May 12 - Rev. David Sparks; May 19 - Rev. Laura Turnbull; and May 26 - Judi Ritcey. Everyone welcome! Coffee fellowship after service. Visit 1108 Willow St, Okanagan Falls | 250-497-1171 or 250-488-8174

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service

Sunday Mass at 11 am ~ All services held in St. Barbara’s Church. 1039 Willow St | Father Gabriel Chinnaperiannan | 250-494-3110

St. Barbara’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service at 9:30 am ~ Join Rev. Rick Paulin on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Morning Prayer on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. Everyone welcome. Call for more information. 1039 Willow St, Okanagan Falls | 250-497-7844

Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to

Your full name and location area is required on any submission. (Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.) Flowers to a good neighbour who returned my keys found in the postal boxes at the intersection of Pineview and Spruce. You, and our Kaleden Postmistress, Erin, ended my sleepless nights of worry. Thank you. ~ From Kerrell L. of Kaleden Fish Heads to drivers that don’t pull out a little around those walking dogs along our roads. ~ From Marie W. of Okanagan Falls

Notes On Grief And Hope

Understanding The Difference Between Grief And Mourning

Grief is all the thoughts, feelings and even physical symptoms you get when someone you love dies. If the person you lost plays a prominent role in your life, in the beginning, you might feel shocked or numb, but later on, your emotions might come roaring and make you feel as if you lost part of your own body, an arm or a leg. How do you keep going?

Mourning is the work you do attending to your grief; it is like learning to walk with only one leg, expressing your feelings, talking about your loved one, telling the story over and over, using their name, crying, and allowing yourself to feel the pain. You must feel it to heal it, even if you must pace it in small doses. Mourning will help you become whole again, adjusting to the new you. It’s fatiguing work, and it is not linear. Grief bursts do happen. Take care of yourself, drink water, eat healthy, get some fresh air, taking your loved for a walk (their presence lives on within us!).

Counselling and Grief Support Groups can provide healing tools and the strength to walk this difficult journey. We have an ongoing Free Support Group here in Okanagan Falls. Find out about resources and more services at

Credible Cremation Services


+ taxes (Penticton area)

$1390.00 + taxes (Kelowna

Planning Ahead

BASIC COST - $1190 Penticton or $1390 Kelowna

Please note that BASIC COST covers the following: Professional Fees; Transfer of the deceased from local Hospital only; and the Cremation Fee. Items NOT INCLUDED in the BASIC COST are: Cremation Casket; GST; CPABC Levy; and 1 Provincial Death Certificate. Extras which may apply are: Home, Hospice and MAID Transfers; Pacemaker removal; and Deceased over 200 lbs. For a Price Quote or more information on At-Need or Pre-Need, simply contact Lesley at 250-493-3912 or send an email to Lesley@ There is no better time than right now to get your final arrangements taken care of before the need arises. Make a Will. Appoint an Executor. List all your Assets, i.e. Personal Assets, Properties, Pensions, Insurances, Bank Accounts, etc.

Credible Cremation Services

110-1960 Barnes Street, Penticton V2A 4C3

250-493-3912 or

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to a local resident.

Rian John Roland Thorburn

January 16, 1960 - April 3, 2024

With deep sorrow and much love, we mourn the passing of Rian John Roland Thorburn, who died in his sleep at his home in Olalla on April 3, 2024 at the age of 64. He is predeceased by his parents Patricia Prevost and Ian Thorburn, and by his sister Cindy Thorburn Dunigan. He is survived by his sister Deborah Thorburn Green Marsh and brother-in-law Ronald Marsh, as well as many cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws.

Originally from Montreal, Rian spent many years in Edmonton and the Okanagan Valley before settling in Olalla. He never married and had no children, but he was a dedicated animal lover and lived a simple life, enjoying the company of his friends and his many pets. A Celebration of Life will be held for Rian in Penticton at a time and place to be announced.

Cremation No Hidden Costs
, our own Senior, Licensed Director
- Basic
Barnes St, Penticton, BC V2A 4C3 Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need. BC Lic# 49382
250.493.3912 (24
HUB RIDES MEALS V I S I T S REYARP SPUORG H E L P KALEDEN 250-460-3387 Need Medical Equipment? The HUB had used mobility aids and more to lend. For more information, please call 250-460-3387. New To Kaleden? HUB RIDES MEALS V I S I T S REYARP SPUORG H E L P KALEDEN 250-460-3387 We would like to welcome you & provide you with a package of community information. Please call 250-460-3387. Elaine Elizabeth Tasker ~ April 16, 1935 - January 28, 2024 Graveside Service ~ 2 pm Saturday, May 25 at Okanagan Falls Cemetery Celebration of Life ~ 3 pm at Okanagan Falls Seniors Centre In lieu of owers, please consider donating to the Alzheimer’s Society.

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