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Building Community Spirit

The intention of this column is to share inspirational stories, or even a quick photo, to show that community spirit is alive and well.

Pitch-In Community Events

Business Appreciation Event!

Thank You Kyle and Mike Belich

For choosing Okanagan Falls for your Belich’s AG Foods Grocery Store!

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Everyone is invited to drop by the store on Friday, May 19 between 4-7 pm.

Enjoy a chocolate treat, as we join together to let the Belich's know how much we love having their grocery store here. Brief comments will take place at 4:30 pm.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who joined together to clean up Kaleden and Okanagan Falls. What an amazing way to build community spirit and take pride in where you live. Job well done! For nominations in this “Building Community Spirit” column, please send us an email to

Richard Cannings

Member of Parliament

South Okanagan - West Kootenay 250.770.4480

#202 - 301 Main Street Penticton, BC V2A 5B7

Volunteer Spotlight

Kaleden Volunteers With CFFC

At the January Lunch & Learn, sponsored by the Kaleden Seniors Committee, we learned about a group that is apparently a “best kept secret”. This is Canadian Food for Children (CFFC) that operates in Penticton and is an interdenominational organization, working to support people in poorer countries. Many volunteers work on things such as: sewing various items from donations; fixing broken dolls; making school supplies, sewing and carpentry kits using your old items; constructing orphanage boxes from a wide list of donatable items; melting your used candles to make new ones; or organizing sports equipment. They also collect nonperishable food, but not rice. If you have a Value Village $2 voucher, these can be donated. Financial donations are also accepted. For more info, visit or stop by 101165 Okanagan Ave in Penticton. Don’t throw anything away. Call Shannon at 604-836-7297 or email to For nominations in this “Volunteer Spotlight” column, please send us an email to


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Monthly MLA Report

April was a very busy month! I was pleased to be invited to speak to the challenges and opportunities of rural housing at UBCM’s Housing Summit in Vancouver. BC’s new housing action plan is built on four pillars: unlocking more homes faster, delivering more housing that people can afford, supporting those who need housing the most, and building a housing market that puts people ahead of profit. My comments at the summit touched on how we can deliver this across our rural communities, and what the conversations ahead look like to be sure we accomplish this effectively. The hotel purchase in Okanagan Falls for workforce housing is an indication of the magnitude of the challenges faced in our communities.

In Kamloops, I had the chance to announce, with the Minister for Economic Development Minister for Economic Development, Brenda Bailey, 200+ community-led ‘REDIP’ projects around BC, building more economic diversification in rural economies. I helped design this program, and am especially proud of its creation. The Osoyoos Airport improvements are just one local example: across BC, these projects will help communities, and people, flourish.

Barriere, Clearwater, Valemount, Salmon Arm, Prince George, Penticton and others were on my tour route during an April week away from Victoria. I got to see and hear of innovative work within the resource sectors and transition beyond. Exciting stuff, again, being led by communities and supported by BC.

Vaisahki celebrations in Oliver were exciting for my family and I, and I’m thankful for the warm welcome! A little personal passion: I watched the youth Ultimate Frisbee tournament at SOSS. Thanks to all who organized it! The Osoyoos Indian Band ceremony in OK Falls was remarkable. I’m so pleased and honoured that I was able to witness, and listen, to the event and the stories shared there.

Your Community Office: (post) PO Box 1592, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0 (ph) 250-498-5122 (web) (em) Collect Double Your Belich Bucks on May 19! 5350 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls 250-497-5630 Full Service Family-Run Grocery Store in Okanagan Falls ~ Open 8 am - 7 pm Daily! Changing to our Summer Hours on May Long Weekend! Follow us on Facebook at “Belich's AG Foods Okanagan Falls” Check out our Mother’s Day Flowers! Customer Appreciation Day on Friday, May 19 to join us in celebrating our 1st Anniversary in Okanagan Falls! Let Mike & Dayton meat all your BBQ needs!


For RDOS Area "I"

Area “I” has some projects which are both underway or in the planning phase and meetings continue with committees that will recommend service levels or projects.

Kaleden Community Association Update

First of all, the Kaleden Community Association would like to honour all the moms of the family ... Happy Mother’s Day! On Sunday, May 14, we hope everyone will be celebrating their mothers, grand-mothers, aunts, and those special important female figures in our lives. (Fun fact ... more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year!)

Age-Friendly Project ~ Thank you for the feedback on the Age-Friendly Community Project. An age-friendly community is a place where older adults can live active, socially engaged, and independent lives. These key elements are identified by World Health Organization. Having this document will assist in making decisions on services within our community.

Pioneer Park ~ The playground in the park will be resurfaced with manufactured wood fiber, similar to wood chips, but manufactured to be accessible and meet the Canadian Safety Standards that all public playgrounds are changing to meet.

1912 Hotel ~ Vegetation removal on the 1912 Hotel will continue as a maintenance plan to ensure the structure is maintained. The 1912 Hotel will also be assessed with conceptual drawings on structure stabilization for preparation in applying for grant funding. There has been a volunteer hotel committee working on this project for many years in Kaleden with hundreds of hours invested into saving a significant piece of our communities history.

Community Dance ~ Kaleden Community Association has been selected to be the recipient of funds raised on an upcoming Community Dance on Saturday, May 27. If you would like tickets or are willing to donate to the auction, please contact Kerri at Thank you Kerri for your community spirit in organizing this event.

Save The Date ~ The 2nd annual Kaleden Community Day will be held on Saturday, July 8. Watch for more information with Rick Johnson, who has led the way with the assistance of a mighty volunteer team and the Kaleden Recreation Commission.

Director Connect ~ These meetings have been successful in engaging in conversations with residents on topics of interest to attendees. The next Director Connect will take place at the gazebo in Pioneer Park on Sunday, May 28 from 1-3 pm

Subrina Monteith, Director of RDOS Area "I"

Direct: 250.460.0723 | |


Chipping & Bin Event

Saturday, May 13th ~ 10am - 2pm Top of Dogwood Ave

All debris that can be chipped is welcome. All yard waste debris for the bin is welcome.

Door prizes including a draw for a WASP Roof Sprinkler system.

Debris pick-up service is available May 8-9. Call 250-497-8231 or

The success of Kaleden FireSmart depends on the amazing volunteers that work hard to put on programs like this Chipping Event. The entire community is to be commended for doing their part in keeping our neighbourhoods safe. Other support for our Annual Chipping Event comes from these businesses.

You may have noticed a concrete platform has replaced all those little rocks in front of the Kaleden Community Hall. There are no firm plans yet for the future use of this platform, but some ideas are under consideration.

Wow, has Pioneer Park ever changed over the 25 years my family and I have lived in this community! Thanks to the Kaleden Community Association for continuing to make Pioneer Park a fabulous place for everyone in our community to enjoy. KCA recently funded the purchase and installation of a new water bottle filler located on the east side of the public washrooms. Many thanks to Paul Murray for building the frame, coordinating the installation and ensuring the pipes were drained when it looked like they might freeze after installation. Also, thanks to Matt of Matt’s Plumbing for arranging for the electrician, hooking up the water and ensuring it all works. Now our community can stay well-hydrated at the park this summer ... don’t forget to pack your refillable water bottle with your towels and sunscreen.

All new website for all things Kaleden!

Courtesy of the Kaleden Community Association

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

You Can Prevent Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is known as the SILENT KILLER, because it is an invisible, tasteless and odourless gas that can be deadly.

Prevent CO build up in your home by properly maintaining all fuelburning appliances and installing CO alarms. Know the sound of your CO alarm, as it sounds different than your smoke alarm. Test both alarms monthly and make sure everyone in your home knows the difference between the two alarm sounds.

CO is produced when fuels such as propane, gasoline, natural gas, heating oil or wood do not burn completely in fuel-burning appliances and devices. Don’t run a car or truck inside a garage attached to your house, even if you leave the door open. Ensure fuel-burning appliances, chimneys and vents are properly maintained, as well as cleaned and inspected annually. Check that all outside appliance vents are not blocked. Don’t use a generator, charcoal grill, camp stove, or other gasoline or charcoal-burning device inside your home, basement or garage or near a window.

CO inhibits the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen and can cause health problems before you even notice that it is present. Exposure to CO can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, as well as confusion drowsiness, loss of consciousness and death.

If people in the home are showing signs of CO poisoning, or your CO detector sounds, get outside immediately and call 911.

"I" Ask about our Kaleden Grant Funding Program

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

Annual Garage Sale

Saturday, June 3rd

Kaleden Fire Hall - 303 Lakehill Road, Kaleden

8 am Sharp! No Early Birds Please! Ends at 12 Noon.

Proceeds towards new equipment, training and deployment, as well as local charitable organizations and local bursaries. Please donate your gently used items to our eco-friendly society. Only items in working condition please. No TVs, old electronics, mattresses, cribs, car seats or hazardous materials. Small and medium items placed in a box may be left at the Kaleden Fire Hall by the two shipping containers in the back. For large items or multiple boxes, pick up in the Kaleden/St. Andrews area is on Wednesday, May 31 between 6-9 pm. Phone 250-497-8231 and leave a message or email with your location, phone number, brief description, and please make the title “Garage Sale Pick up Request”. Spread the word ... Bring your family & friends! Your support means a lot to us! We’ll see you there!

LNID Annual General Meeting

Lower Nipit (Twin Lake) Improvement District (LNID)

Saturday, May 20 ~ Registration at 9:30 am

Kaleden Community Hall ~ 320 Lakehill Road

Agenda includes: Trustee’s Report, Financial Report, Water Report, discussion of vision for the LNID going forward, and election of two new board members. All members of the LNID are invited to participate.

Kaleden Irrigation District News

Irrigation Now Up and Running ~ And so are Stage One Water Conservation Measures, along with compliance checks by KID staff. So, remember - Three Strikes (watering infractions) and You’re Out (of water), with shutoff and restoration charges applicable.

And Speaking of Running Water ~ KID staff have located and repaired leaks in the system in the last few months, and their efforts appear to be paying off; February water consumption was 1.2 million liters lower in 2023 than in 2022. Folks returning to offices instead of working from home also may have contributed to reduced use. If you notice chronically wet areas in your neighborhood, please let the KID Office know.

The Bill Tolls For Thee ~ If you haven’t already received your 2023 Toll Bill, you should be seeing it shortly. If you don’t, please check that KID has your current mailing address to avoid late payment penalties. Also, please remember that KID issues TWO bills - Toll Bills in the spring, and Tax Bills in the fall.

KID Yet Again Excluded ~ We have been advised that Improvement Districts like KID are excluded from sharing in the $4.5 million that RDOS received from the BC Growing Communities Fund, which is meant to assist with infrastructure improvements for the smaller communities. As KID is mandated by Interior Heath to upgrade water treatment for over 560 homes and some 1,200 residents, we requested a portion of those funds from RDOS to assist in the construction of the UV treatment facility. Sadly, the answer was once again “no”. KID will continue to fight for access to funding programs, and your involvement would help; contact your MLA and ask why as a taxpayer you are supporting infrastructure grants elsewhere, but your Improvement District (KID) can’t even apply? Want a Paid Gig to Rock? The new cemetery gate is nearing completion, and KID needs someone to face the posts with rock. Interested? Call KID to discuss!

What’s Water Worth? ~ While showering the other morning, I thought about folks in developing countries walking with jugs for miles every day just to get water for drinking and cooking. KID’s bulk water rate is $25/500 USG, or about a penny (remember those?) a liter; the cost at your tap is orders of magnitude less. We are truly blessed to be in a water-rich part of the world, but climate change is shaking things up even here. Please conserve and respect our precious - yet still inexpensive - water resource!

O ce Hours: 9-12 Mon/Wed/Thur

119 Ponderosa Ave | 250.497.5407 | May 2023 | Page 5


For RDOS Area “D”

‘Just Saying ...’ ~ I really like having a restaurant / pub / coffee shop - in town and open for business. Like other businesses in town that provide the amenities we now recognize as being important and possibly essential to the health and sustainability of a community or town - grocer, barber, gas station, convenience, etc. - it’s up to us to do our bit by ‘shopping local’.

Incorporation Study ~ The RDOS Board is proceeding with the Incorporation Study, as recommended and funded by BC’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs that administers the Local Government Act. The Study involves a prescribed area smaller than previously recommended, which is essentially the community of Okanagan Falls. Similar to an option from the previous study, the Province felt this area more suitable. The purpose of the study is to provide present-day facts and information and engage with the community in the prescribed area, to show the impact of incorporation relative to the status quo. A range of factors will be considered, including: services, such as policing, roads, sewer and water; governance, such as decisionmaking and what a mayor and council involves; and finances, such as property taxes. People can then make their own choice - informed by their personal experiences and knowledge, plus a common set of facts and an externally prepared assessment of those facts. This study will support an informed decision on incorporation and after decades of debate, it is a significant step forward. Next steps in the boarder incorporation process include: a recommendation by a citizen committee; if that recommendation were to proceed, then further steps would include RDOS deliberation and a recommendation, a possible referendum and ultimately a cabinet decision, all subject to the Minister’s discretion. After incorporation, residents in neighbouring communities outside the incorporated area could request a boundary extension in order to be ‘annexed’ into the municipality.

What’s my position or your’s? Personally, and for several reasons, I favour incorporation, but before making a final decision I really want to see this study - an objective review of the facts. To get the best decision possible for the community, individual opinions are less important in my opinion, than ensuring everyone’s opinion is accurately and fully informed!

See for additional information and Skaha Matters for monthly updates.

Growing Communities Fund ~ The Province recently announced funding of $4,483,000 to the RDOS. After considerable discussion, the RDOS Board decided to direct these funds to priorities that will be identified by the 9 Electoral Area Directors, each directing 1/9th of the total or almost $500,000. Note: incorporated communities in the RDOS received a total $20,417,000, with $1,446,000 and $1,936,000 going to two nearby municipalities that are slightly smaller and slightly bigger than Okanagan Falls.

THANKS To All ‘Pitch-In’ Volunteers ~ We greatly appreciate your efforts in picking up trash and cleaning the community.

You’re Invited ~ Join the community to wish Belich’s AG Foods a Happy 1st Anniversary on Friday, May 19 from 4-7. See you there!

Director’s Office Hours ~ Stop by the RDOS Okanagan Falls Office on the first Tuesday each month between 1-3 pm. I look forward to meeting you during this open drop-in time.

Direct: 250-460-0980 | |

Emergency Hampers can be made available from Okanagan Falls Helping Hand throughout the year with proper qualifications. To apply, please call 778-559-2412 and leave a message. Your call will be returned.

Helping Hands will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 6 in the Okanagan Falls Community Church Basement at 1 pm. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. If you would like to help out our community residents in need, please come and see how you can lend a hand. Thank you!

Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department

Member Profile - Chief Fred Dobransky

Years on the department? 26 years

What roles have you had at the department? I was the Member Rep for 8 years, Captain & Training Officer for 10 years, Deputy Chief for 2 years, and I’ve been the Fire Chief for the past 2.5 years.

What have been your most memorable calls? I’m really proud of the successful cardiac arrest calls that we’ve had over the years. Those have really stuck with me. I’m also very proud of our response to the Christie Mountain Fire in 2020, how so many homes were threatened that night up in Heritage Hills. We lost one home, but we saved dozens more.

If you had an unlimited budget, what’s the one thing you would buy the fire department? A quint/aerial ladder truck. Our town is growing, we’ll be getting taller buildings, and we’re going to need one. It would come in handy for any type of fire.

What’s one of the biggest changes in the town of Okanagan Falls you’ve seen in the past 26 years? The growth. When I moved here back in 1996, Peach Cliff Drive didn’t exist. Bighorn Estates and Valley View Estates weren’t here. And the changes in industry - back then Weyerhauser was the only industry in town. Now it’s gone and UEE and Structurlam are here, and Avery Farms has recently arrived. The town has grown.

What advice would you give anyone thinking of joining the fire department? Our fire department is very professional, and the training is rigorous. When I joined, we didn’t have the provincial and national standards for training that are in place now. There’s a lot of responsibility, you have to be dedicated to what you’re doing, and come to as many calls as possible. A lot of studying and learning, and a lot takes place on a Wednesday practice night, so be ready for that.

What keeps you coming back after 25 years? The camaraderie with the members. We’re a family here. I still get the adrenaline rush when the pager goes off, no matter what the call is. I’ve always said, the day that rush is no longer there is the day I hang up my helmet. That hasn’t happened yet, so I keep showing up! Please remember! Now that open burning season has finished, if you see smoke - phone 911, not our firehall.

Summer Hours Starting Mid May

RDOS Area “D”
5121 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls Any inquiries, email kjco 778.515.6502 Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook!
After May Long weekend, Open Tuesday to Friday 8-2 and Saturday 9-2.

Heritage Hills / Lakeshore Highlands

FireSmart Chipping & Education Day

Saturday, May 13, 2023

The Heritage Hills/Lakeshore Highlands FireSmart committee will be holding our annual FireSmart Chipping Event and Education Day on Saturday, May 13 from 10 am to 2 pm in the Heritage Hills Community Park. This is an opportunity to clear up trees, branches, bushes, and undergrowth that could fuel wildfires in and around your property and easily dispose of your natural, combustible material. Check community noticeboards for maps and details. FireSmart volunteers and RDOS staff will be on hand at the park from 10 am - 2 pm to provide information on how to FireSmart your property and on rebates available to help with the cost of larger projects. Let’s become a FireSmart Community. For additional information, contact Bob Coombs at 250-487-0259 or Peter Edwards at 250-497-5109, or email hhlhfiresmart@gmail. com, or visit the website online at

Okanagan Falls Community Partners

The Community Partners Meeting was held on April 12th on a new day and time to see if we could find a better fit for participants to attend. It really didn’t make much difference. The regulars, the committed and the enthusiastic turned out, but the numbers pretty much stayed the same as usual.

We had a guest, Kim English from the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen, who outlined how groups, stratas and neighbourhoods could apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant of up to $500 to connect with their community. Grant applications will be accepted until May 12th. If your group may be interested, contact Kim by email at

We heard from Grant Henderson. The Museum is in bad state of repair. They have a few fundraising events in the works and it is a good time to pop by, see what’s up, and find out how you might be able to help them out.

Music in the Park is booked for the season. The bands have been hired, washrooms taken care of by RDOS, and the Market in the Park is ready to run alongside them. All is good to go.

The Lions are still providing school breakfasts with the help of Belich’s AG Foods and will be manning the BBQ on Canada Day. Plans are underway with all of the Community Partners for our Canada Day Celebrations. Things will be finalized at our next meeting, which is scheduled for June 14th at 1 pm.

Matt Taylor gave us an Area “D” Director’s update, mostly to say he is out there and in our corners for us and willing to listen. Contact him if you need him.

Plans are also underway for walkways around Vaseux Lake. Stay tuned for more to come.

The Seniors Centre ~ I am trying to focus on a group each month that are part of our Community Partners family. This go around let’s look at the Seniors Centre. Located nearby on Willow Street, the Seniors Centre is a bee hive of activity. For a membership of only $20 a year, you can play pool, bridge, crib and much more. You can learn how to line dance or drop-in for bingo. If you’re hungry, there is the monthly pancake breakfast and the occasional pot luck dinner. The sign on the door may read Senior’s Centre, but once inside the building, its definitely a place for the young at heart.

Rand Dumb Thoughts ~ “The key to success is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” ~ George Burns

Okanagan Falls Community Association Update

2nd Study Coming Soon ~ We were pleased to learn that the Province has agreed to fund the second stage of the Incorporation Study for Okanagan Falls, which will assess the costs and benefits of incorporation. The Association asked the RDOS and Province to do this study back in 2020, because we believed then and believe now that there are good reasons to think that Okanagan Falls could benefit by being an incorporated community. There are over 60 incorporated towns in BC that are our size or smaller and doing well. So, it is reasonable to believe that Okanagan Falls can be a successfully incorporated town as well. However, this “belief” needs to be proven or disproven and that is the purpose of the cost/benefit study that the Province will now undertake. There will be a committee of residents to oversee this process and their role will be to ensure the consultants ask the tough questions, get the right information and are thorough in their analysis so that we, the residents, of Okanagan Falls can make informed decisions if and when we are asked to decide on whether we wish to be incorporated or not.

There is still a long way to go on this journey. We are hopeful that the outcome will be positive, but more importantly, we want to have a process that is thorough, fair, without bias, and informative to residents.

Get Ready, Set, It’s Almost Summer! ~ In addition to Music in Centennial Park organized by Grant Henderson and all the wonderful activities that our RDOS Recreation Team organizes, our plans for this summer include “Movies in the Park” every Wednesday evening from June 28 to August 30. Jillian Johnston and Kris Lee are organizing this. Stay tuned for more details coming in the next issue of Skaha Matters.

Help We Need Help! ~ We are planting flowers in the barrels again this year and we would sure appreciate help with planting (3rd week in May), watering and deadheading.

Our new project for this year is to get the weeds out of the sidewalks and parking lots and keep them out. Okanagan Falls doesn’t need to look neglected. We love our town and it needs a bit of loving care.

If you would like to help with either of these projects, whether once for an hour or every week, please email okanaganfallscommunity@ or call 604-859-3438.

Memberships ~ You can join the Okanagan Falls Community Association for FREE this year! As the voice of our community, our strength lies in our membership. Your support is important when we write letters or apply for grants. We usually charge $10 per year, but this year, membership is FREE as an incentive to get involved. If you’ve supported us in previous years, your membership carries over for 2024. Email with your name, phone number, and email to become a member and help make a positive impact in our area!


Alaska is a nature-filled wonderland and is known as an incredible cruise destination. While its cruise season spans from mid-May through September, each month offers something different, from great wildlife viewing opportunities to better weather and more.

May ~ If you’re cruising in May, you’re likely one of the first cruisers to head to Alaska during its cruise season! Average temperatures during this month range from 4-12 degrees Celsius. It’s also a drier month than others, though the weather remains unpredictable. The salmon run and Arctic char sightings begin in late May, which means you’ll likely be able to spot bears taking advantage of the easy pickings. It’s also great for travelers wanting to enjoy Alaska without sharing it with as many tourists as later on in the summer. Since May is during the school year, you often won’t find as many families with school-age children cruising. EVENTS: Kodiak Crab Festival, Copper River Shorebird Festival

June and July ~ June and July are definitely the most popular months of the season for cruisers, and July is especially popular. Both offer warmer weather, great opportunities for wildlife viewing and longer daylight hours - up to 24 hours a day during the summer solstice! Blooming greenery is ready for a budding wildlife photographer to capture. June is also a great month to enjoy a full set of excursion opportunities. July is a more unpredictable month, temperature-wise. Temps can reach 26 degrees Celsius. The salmon run and the whale migrations are at their highest during July, making it the best time to catch sightings of bears enjoying the freshest fish, and whales sidling up to the cruise ship on their way to their breeding grounds. EVENTS: Seward Halibut Tournament, Sitka Music Festival

~ August is when autumn returns to Alaska, and it’s during this month that the temperature once again falls to a range of 4-12 degrees Celsius. Weather can be rainy, though the fall foliage still looks brilliant under the clouds. The month offers less crowds, a delicious blueberry festival and plenty of opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing. EVENTS: Alaska State Fair September ~ September, like August, is another cooler and wetter month. It is less crowded and offers some specialties you won’t find during the summer. The first is a truly extraordinary experience: viewing the northern lights. Weather permitting, travelers will enjoy the shorter days and longer nights that give them great opportunities for viewing this life-changing natural phenomenon. Travelers will also find it more common to find sightings of gray and beluga whales, as they migrate along the coastline. Plus, fewer tourists means greater opportunities to explore nature parks and view wildlife without interruptions. Tours and excursions may also be cheaper during this month. EVENTS: Cordova Fungus Festival

Many Cruise Lines travel to Alaska including Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, Norwegian, Holland America and Seabourn. Reliable Travel is here to help you navigate the many options and plan your Alaskan getaway!

250-488-9313 BC Business Licence #48999 Diane Chat eld dchat
Vi Creasey
Page 8 | May 2023 | Mother’s Day Weekend - Rates starting at just $108 a night. Reserve In Advance for Victoria Day Long Weekend - May 19-22! We are “The Go-To Spot”! 1.888.272.2210 | | | 5133 - 7th Ave, Okanagan Falls

Are There Hidden Costs?

Are there Hidden Costs when purchasing a home? You can/will be on the hook for ...

Closing Costs ~ You will have closing costs that are paid to the notary or lawyer to complete the title transfer. Those costs can vary from $1000 to $1600 dollars.

Home Inspection ~ When I’m looking at properties and evaluating them, I’m not only using my past construction experience and knowledge, but buyers and I are scouting to see what other inspectors we might need to bring in, such as a plumber, electrician or a structural engineer besides the home inspector, to properly check the entire home. For a single family detached home, it’s almost always a necessity. For condos it’s a little different and you may not need your own inspection, if you know what to look for in the unit and the strata docs. What about new construction? Yes!

Insurance ~ Be prepared that you will need an insurance policy if you are getting a mortgage. Your lender will require you to show proof of your insurance policy before they advance the funds. So, make sure you have funds to acquire a policy.

Reimbursements ~ You may have to reimburse the seller for some prepaid utilities or the annual property taxes. You will see that come up on the statement of adjustments when the property is transferred to your name at the notary or your lawyer’s office. If the seller prepaid for 12 months of annual property tax and two months later they sell you the house, they are not going to give you 10 months worth of property tax in good faith; they will ask for that to be shown as a credit to them, at the time of completion.

Property Transfer Tax ~ Everybody in British Columbia purchasing a property is required to pay PTT. On the first 200,000 you pay 1%, then 2% on anything above 200,000 and then 3% anything above 2 million dollars. This could be a substantial expense to you. This fee CANNOT be rolled into your mortgage, so you must have the extra funds to pay for it.

GST ~ Must be paid on new construction, which is 5% of the price. Appraisal Costs ~ The lender will want to confirm by ordering a 3rd party appraisal, that the property they will advance the funds for is in fact appraised at very close value as your purchase contract. Here’s a negotiating tip for you. When you’re talking to your mortgage broker or a lender, ask them if they think this property might need an appraisal. If they say yes, ask them who’s going to be paying for it. Most likely they might say, “it’s paid by the clients”. This is your opportunity to say, “we would really appreciate it if the lender covers that cost, as a small token of appreciation for our business. Plus my friend said their broker/lender did that for them last week”. Then stay SILENT. First one to speak, loses. Lol. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scan ~ If you are looking at a property from the early 1900-1980s, are you aware that there’s a chance there was an underground/above ground oil storage tank? What’s the worst case scenario? Well, if you buy property and your REALTOR doesn’t talk to you about it and you purchase the property only later to find out that a tank is buried in the ground, that is not something I would want to come across. The remediation costs could be in the tens of thousands of dollars to the homeowner and I’m strongly advising you to be very careful when you’re buying those properties. Hopefully, this was helpful. Be sure you are working with an agent who is proactively thinking about all these things covering your behind ... so you’re not behind in your payments!

We are here to help and to assist. Call us at the neuHouzz Real Estate Team: 778-476-8917

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Creative Wellness Solutions

I am extremely grateful that I don’t get migraine headaches. Both my mother and my sister have experienced the debilitating pain of a migraine. There are many things that can cause a migraine headache, eye strain being number one! Eye fatigue can be caused from over exposure to computer screens, television and mobile phones. Reducing continuous time on these devices may help and can be reduced further by using some kind of anti-reflective screen.

Stress, excitement, tension, shock, depression, and anxiety can also trigger a migraine headache, as these emotions disrupt chemicals in the brain. It’s amazing how bad too much stress is for our physical health.

Dehydration, too much alcohol and certain foods such as chocolate, some types of cheese, sugar and citrus fruits can also be triggers. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is important for everyone, as it helps our body function effectively.

Interestingly, extreme changes in weather conditions can even cause some people to get a migraine headache.

If you get migraines, do you know what triggers them?

Massage is a very effective way to help relieve a migraine headache, especially in the early stages. It has been proven to improve blood circulation, trigger endorphin secretion and release the muscle tension that can contribute to headaches. Massage can help to reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of your migraine headaches. Clients have also reported that The Grease Cream; which is an amazing, all-natural, cannabis infused pain management alternative has helped to relieve their migraine pain.

If you suffer from migraine headaches, please give massage a try. We are a mobile service, so are able to come to you in your home. We are able to customise your massage to focus on your specific needs.

Creative Wellness Solutions provides a convenient massage with innumerable benefits on a comfortable massage chair. You do not need to climb onto a table or remove clothing and no oils are used. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination.

Please call Dee-anne at 250-497-5974 to arrange an appointment or to discuss The Grease Cream. Be sure to check out our website at for more information on our services and The Grease Cream, as well as to read any past articles you may have missed.

Creative Wellness Solutions

Providing a unique combination of Chair Massage & Wellness Coaching Call Dee-anne ~ 250-497-5974

Jerry McGuire Got It Wrong

This month we’re addressing a common problem that prevents our marriage or intimate partner relationships from flourishing. On a positive note, divorce rates have been steadily falling since the 80’s, but what does that matter if you’re the one that feels stuck in a lifeless relationship. Or, maybe your relationship is a constant source of tension and stress. Maybe you and your partner have even tried couples counselling ... without success. It may surprise you to hear that your relationship is not the problem. Allow me (David) to explain. There is a famous scene in Jerry Maguire (1996) where Tom Cruize’s character bursts into a room of men-loathing women to win back his wife (played by Rene Zellweger). After an emotional plea, he tells her, “You ... complete me”. In Hollywood, this makes for a memorable scene, but it is a fairy tale, and also completely misguided. Alfred Adler (1870-1937), whose theories on psychology form much of the foundation for today’s psychotherapies, said that all problems are interpersonal relationship problems. In other words, relationship problems are essentially a symptom of what each partner is bringing into the relating. For example, the second we give our partner the responsibility to fix our problem, or to complete our incompleteness, we serve up for ourselves a big plate of disappointment, followed by resentment, followed by disconnect, and finished off with some relationship failure. Have you ever wondered why “opposites attract”? It is because we are all on a journey (whether we realize it or not) of trying to attain wholeness. And, we see in our intimate partners that which we revere, and that which we do not have, and long for in ourselves. As a result, our partners inadvertently become responsible for our happiness and are blamed when they don’t meet expectations. This is all to say, unless we deal with what is going on in us, we will never resolve what is going on between us. It is why, as a couples counsellor, I spend most of my time working individually with each partner. It is amazing how many “relationship” problems seem to resolve naturally when each partner brings their best self to the table. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your relationship flourish, please get in touch with Carmen or David by emailing or visit our website at

Open 10-5 Wednesday to Sunday or call 250.497.5658 for an appointment “Everything
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you need for your Ponds and Waterfalls”

Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fish Oils: A Brief Review Of The Science

Fish oil contains high levels of the health promoting essential omega-3 fats EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which have proven beneficial effects for the heart, brain, gums, hearing, eye sight, and bones, as well as for overall health and levels of inflammation in the body. Importantly, evidence indicates that fish oil is a major contributor to the prevention of heart disease by its antiinflammatory, anti-arrhythmic, anti-thrombotic, and lipid lowering actions. This means that it improves blood flow by “thinning” the blood, reduces risk of clotting and arterial narrowing from plaque build-up, and can help normalize the rate and rhythm of the heart beat preventing potentially fatal arrhythmias. Thus, it is a contributing factor in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Most sudden cardiac arrest is due to heart arrhythmia and studies show that an adequate amount of omega-3s can reduce the risk significantly. Essentially, the hearts of people with adequate omega-3 levels beat more efficiently than others with lower levels of omega-3’s.

Research also has shown that fish oil aids in the prevention of certain cancers, as well as benefitting brain dysfunctions such as depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and senile dementia. For instance, in regards to cancer prevention, a six-year study of healthy, post-menopausal women aged 50-76 showed that there was a 32% reduction in ductal breast cancer amongst those taking high quality fish oil. Further, omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources have a wide range of neurochemical activities that benefit brain health. These effects range from neurogenesis (creating new brain cells), to anti-inflammatory actions, and positive modulation of neurotransmitters such as noradrenalin, serotonin, and dopamine. Only ocean sources of omega-3 fats contain the bioactive DHA and EPA fatty acids that benefit brain health and reduce inflammation. Research now shows that EPA is the most effective component of marine oil for anti-depressant actions. The effective dose of EPA is 1000-2000mg daily for this purpose.

Fish oil is a powerful and safe anti-inflammatory agent, and therefore, very helpful as a component of an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, and tendinitis. Further, regular fish oil users have been found to have healthier and stronger bones, less hearing loss, and healthier gums and eyes than their counterparts who were deficient in these powerful omega-3 fats. Also, the EPA and DHA in good quality fish oil supplements has been shown to improve exercise tolerance and speed recovery after a workout. In a particular study of Inuit infants, researchers identified that higher concentrations of DHA in the umbilical cord is associated with better visual, cognitive, and motor coordination. And as many know, taking adequate levels of quality fish oils is beneficial for dry eyes. We now know that it has even further reaching effects on eye health from lowering intraocular pressure in glaucoma to aiding in prevention of macular degeneration.

Need Medical Equipment?

The HUB had used mobility aids and more to lend. For more information, please call 250-460-3387.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that omega-3 fish oils enhance protein synthesis and can help prevent muscle wasting associated with aging and certain disease processes. Yet another Harvard University study determined that there were 72,000-96,000 preventable deaths each year in the US due to omega-3 deficiency. This makes a deficiency of omega-3’s the sixth leading cause of death in Americans. It is important to ensure the quality and quantity of the fish oil you are taking. Some fish oil is contaminated, altered, or contains suboptimal levels of EPA and DHA. A clean sourced, contaminatefree, natural triglyceride oil is ideal and the combined dose of EPA and DHA should equal 2-4 grams per day for most people. A good oil does not taste foul or fishy. Keeping it cool, dark, and in an airtight container is important to the freshness and good taste. Eating clean sourced wild cold-water fish 3 times per week is likely equivalent to taking this dose of fish oil. However, fish can be contaminated and so caution is advised. The best fish are small and from northern waters. Good examples are salmon, halibut, albacore tuna, bass, sardines, and mackerel.

In summary, fish oil is a very useful supplement that has wide ranging health benefits. I have provided a snapshot of these benefits to emphasize the importance of maintaining optimal levels of critical nutrients for overall health and prevention of disease. Fish oil has generally become deficient in our modern diet, and therefore, supplementing it back in on a daily bases seems prudent. Keep in mind that all nutrients work together and the whole person needs to be taken into consideration. A guided individualized approach to nutrition from an experienced and qualified nutrition practitioner can help you to optimize your health in a safe manner. Always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner to ensure optimal dosing and safety for your own unique needs.

Preventing illnessoptimizing health,naturally. OFFERING INTRAVENOUS & INJECTABLE THERAPIES: • Chelation • Rejuvenation and Detoxification • Oxidative Therapies • Supportive Cancer Care • Prolozone Pain Management & Joint Rejuvenation Therapy • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy & Chelation Centre Health Clinic the Natural Family Dr. Tamara Browne, Naturopathic Physician Unit 8B, 5350 Hwy 97, Okanagan Falls, BC 250-497-6681 chelationokanagan | May 2023 | Page 11 HUB RIDES MEALS V S T S REYARP SPUORG H E L P KALEDEN 250-460-3387

Music & Market In The Park

We’re all set to go! The entertainment is booked. Food vendors and artisans/crafters are committed to the 6 events. The RDOS is providing porta-potties for the entire summer in Centennial Park. Our banner will be mounted high on the bandshell by the kind folks at the RDOS.

As promised, below is a run-down of the summer line-up:

Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day Paul James 5-6:30 pm

Itty Bitty Jam Band 6:30-8 pm

Saturday, July 1, Canada Day Mozzy Lane 5-8 pm

Sunday, July 16

Sunday, July 30

Sunday, August 13

Blueshounds 5-8 pm

Rollin’ Coal Trio 5-8 pm

Three Days In 5-8 pm (featuring Jeff Lakey)

Sunday, August 27 Rebel Luv 5-8 pm

The Market in the Park starts at 3 pm each day noted above. We have a really intriguing variety of vendors and crafters who will be attending this year. So, I encourage everyone to come out to the market and stay for some local entertainment afterward.

I would like to thank the Okanagan Falls Lions Club for providing the insurance for our events. Their contribution saves us big bucks. One condition, however, is that there is No alcohol permitted in Centennial Park.

The events are sponsored by several corporate sponsors. This year, we welcome Wild Goose Winery as a new corporate sponsor. As always, these concerts are FREE to attend. Bring the whole family for some fun in the sun.

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom

Dance again for the first time. Love music, love rhythm, love to dance with your partner? All ages welcome. This is Okanagan’s Dance Party Central. You can learn Swing, Latin, Country and Ballroom Dancing and have fun doing it. Contact Brian Udal today by email to or 604.220.6256 cell.

1) Dance Party and East Coast Swing Lesson plus DJ and mixed dance styles/music genres. St. Stephens Anglican Church Hall, 9311 Prairie Valley Rd, Summerland. $30 per couple, includes snacks and drinks. More parties to follow. Get the list. Drop in.

2) Learn to Dance Country 2 Step & Night Club 2 Step on Thursdays, starting May 11 in Summerland. Program runs for 7 weeks. Cost is $210 per couple. Please pre-register.

3) Learn to Dance Single Rhythm Swing in Penticton on Wednesdays, starting May 31. Program runs for 4 weeks. Cost is $120 per couple. Please pre-register.

Learn from Certified Instructor Brian Udal. Sign up today for private or group or wedding or corporate lessons ... or call 604.220.6256 cell.

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom for Group, Private & Wedding Lessons Free Grand Opening April 1 | 7 week sessions start April 5 & 6 Certi ed Instructor Since 2004 | Okanagan - 604-220-6256 cell

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HUB RIDES MEALS V S T S REYARP SPUORG H E L P KALEDEN 250-460-3387 Need A Ride? If you live in the Kaleden Area and need a ride, please call 250-460-3387.

Kaleden Branch: 101 Linden Avenue - 250-497-8066

Tuesday 1-5 pm / Thursday 1-8 pm / Friday 1-5 pm

Visit the Kaleden library and pick up your Spring Reading Tracker for your chance to win a prize.

Preschool Story Time ~ Join us at the Kaleden Library every Tuesday from 10-10:45 am from April 4 to May 9, 2023. Enjoy stories, rhymes and fun activities for toddlers and preschoolers with a parent or caregiver. Call the Kaleden Library at 250-4978066 to register today. Registration is required.

Kaleden LEGO Afternoon ~ Bring your imagination to the Kaleden Library for an afternoon of LEGO. This program runs on April 27, 2023 and May 25, 2023 from 2:30-3:30 pm. Call the Kaleden Library at 250-497-8066 to register by phone or online at Registration is required and space is limited.

Minecraft-inspired Library Cards ~ Need a new library card or would you like to replace your old card with the limited-edition Minecraft character card? Each child will receive a reading tracker with their new library card, and they can return their completed reading tracker to Kaleden library to receive a special gift. Supplies are limited.

Wishing all our Mother’s a very wonderful Mother’s Day!

Submitted by Kelly Long, Kaleden Community Librarian


Falls Branch:

Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm / Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm

Friday 10 am - 5 pm / Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Crafting Circle ~ Wednesday, May 10 and 24 from 1-3 pm. Bring your creative talents and participate with like-minded individuals. Have fun while you create!

Book Club ~ Our book club discussion will be on Wednesday, May 24 from 1-2 pm. We will be discussing “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett. If you would like to join our club, please contact Lynn at the library for more information.

Crafty Saturdays for Adults ~ Come to the library for crafting and socializing with other crafty people. Bring your crafts to work on or have some quiet time with adult colouring! We have lots of pages to choose from! Come and craft anytime during open hours on Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm.

Games Night ~ Tuesday evening game night has been cancelled. We hope to start up again in the Fall.

Afterschool LEGO Club ~ Join our LEGO Club on Wednesdays from 3-4 pm. Come and create something fun!

Saturday Drop-in LEGO and KEVA Planks ~ Come and build something awesome! This program is self-directed. Bring your family and friends! Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Come and build anytime during open hours, which are 10 am - 2 pm.

Painted Lady Butterfly Metamorphosis ~ Join us during the month of May and see the amazing transformation from larvae to butterfly! We will be housing the metamorphosis at the library and releasing on Wednesday, May 17th (dependent on mother nature) at Kenyon Park at 9 am.

F.O.L. ~ The Friends of the Library are now looking for gently used books, CDs, and DVDs, for our “Book and Bake Sale” taking place in June. Please donate your items to the library during open hours. Please no encyclopedias or readers digest condensed books. Did You Know?

• The world’s largest waterfall is underwater. Yes, there are waterfalls under the ocean. At the Denmark Strait, the cold water from the Nordic Sea is denser than the Irminger Sea’s warm water, making it drop almost two miles down at 123 million cubic feet per second.

• Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn. The magical creature was adopted by the country in the 15th century and local legend reveals that they could purify poisoned water. Nowadays, the horned horse can be seen on everything from lunch boxes to cool backpacks, such is its popularity.

Wishing Mom’s everywhere a Happy, Relaxing, and Calm Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14th!

Submitted by Lynn Warfield, Okanagan Falls Community Librarian

Free Wireless Internet!
101 - 850 Railway Lane - 250-497-5886 | April 2023 | Page 13 Tuesday to Friday 12pm - 8pm Saturday & Sunday 4pm - 8pm 250-497-8344 5350 9th Avenue Okanagan Falls BC Buy 2 Medium pizzas and get one 50% off Buy 2 Large pizzas and get one 50% off 2pizzas #4 - 5350 Highway 97 Okanagan Falls 778-515-1313 NOW OPEN Kids under 12 ...................................... $20 Seniors/Basic Buzz ............................. $21 Men’s Cut/Style ................................... $30 Men’s Cut/Style (Long Hair) ............ $35 Bear Trim (Clipper Only) ................... $20 Beard Trim with Razor Cut-Out ... $25 Straight Razor Shave ......................... $50 Head Shave with Straight Razor ... $45 BARBER SERVICES NOW OPEN SHAVE SERVICES Bush Whacker ......... $30 Arms ........................... $20 Legs ............................ $20 Buttocks .................... $25 Back & Shoulders ... $25 Chest & Stomach .... $25 The Full Shear .......... $80


Everything that surrounds us in our daily life is the product of the human mind. All the things we take for granted had to be invented, and many inventions found uses very far from their original purpose. Lasers were invented by scientists interested in the structure of atoms. The invention was a triumph for quantum physics, the science of very small scales, and it produced a novel light source. Today lasers are used to cut steel, to read barcodes at supermarket checkouts, and as tools for delicate eye surgery.

If researchers had set out to improve the cutting of steel, the result would have been a better oxy-acetylene torch, or a better saw blade. The supermarket checkout would not have been changed, and the tools for cutting steel would most certainly not have been used by eye surgeons.

If researchers had set out to improve the tools at supermarket checkouts, the outcome might have been a superior scale, or a better cash register, or a machine for counting coins and making change. Those would have been useful, but not for cutting steel. If researchers had set out to improve surgical instruments, the result might have been a better scalpel, but ... I’m sure by now you understand the point I’m making.

In the 1960s, two astronomers in California invented a way to make images of the Sun using a radio telescope. That mathematical technique is the basis of the CT scan, one of the most important tools of medical imaging. Medical imaging continues to be inspired by imaging in astronomy. A young scientist who worked at our Observatory 15 years ago went on to make a career at the Mayo clinic, one of the world’s leading medical research centres, developing imaging tools for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease. The twinkling of stars on summer nights is an enchanting spectacle, but astronomers usually want to eliminate twinkling. It smears telescope images, spoiling a telescope’s ability to see tiny details. The difficulty was overcome by a group of radio astronomers in Australia. They understood communications engineering well, and they knew that radio communication signals suffer from twinkling too, limiting the speed of transmission of information. The solution they developed solved the twinkling problem for optical astronomy, and at the same time led to the development of WiFi. Without those tools, now built into every cell phone, communication would be much slower, and far less reliable.

Yes, we astronomers occasionally do something useful. Useful websites:



• stars/twinkle.shtml


Nunes ~ Pottinger Funeral Service and Crematorium 250-498-0167 JOHN NUNES DARYN POTTINGER 5855 Hemlock Street, PO Box 788, Oliver V0H 1T0 ~ Painting Plus ~ Call Dave Anderson for: Estimates & References 250-490-5380 or Professional Service Interiors Exteriors Quality Workmanship
The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory is operated by the National Research Council Canada and is located at 717 White Lake Road in Kaleden. For more information, please call 250-497-2300.

School District No. 53 Board Report

It’s hard to believe we have arrived at May. The school staff and the students are now very close to their summer holidays. There are two things I want to mention from our community that I find exciting.

The first is that Okanagan Falls Elementary School is excited to be running the Young Explorers program for the months of April, May and June! Feedback from parents has been very positive and registrations are coming in. Young Explorers is a play-based learning environment that focuses on the British Columbia Early Learning Framework. The program follows the pedagogical approach and focus on the four living inquiries.

1. Well-being and belonging.

2. Engagement with others, materials, and the world.

3. Communication and literacies.

4. Identities, social responsibility, and diversity.

Young Explorers will follow the children’s lead to develop a curriculum that is collaborative and fits the needs and interests of the children enrolled. This free pre-school program is for children entering Kindergarten in September 2023.

The second thing to share is that I had the privilege to attend an Historic Land Reserve Ceremony at 5444 Hawthorne Place, which was recently purchased by the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB). The spot is along the river and is an important ancestral fishing spot to their people. It is one of two significant fishing spots, with the other being at Kettle Falls in Washington. The celebrations included students from Senpac’cin, Okanagan Falls Elementary and Outma Squilx’w. The students from Senpac’cin sang, drummed and prayed and the horse riders rode around the group gathered, and the feeling was emotional and joyous. Elders shared stories of the efforts made by the local bands to get the land back, through peaceful demonstrations. Elders also shared legends about the special spot and impressed upon the group the importance of the next generation. Everyone was invited back to the OIB centre for a beautiful salmon lunch. Below is a photo of the kids and youth - the new generation of stewards of the land.

April Highlights From Okanagan Falls Elementary School

1. Thank you, Millar Tree Care, for transporting and placing our large rocks. The kids love them!

2. School-wide Easter Egg Hunt - Thanks Div. 6 for organizing :)

3. Drummer Bobby Bovenzi - a wonderful week of drumming, dancing, and learning.

4. Enjoying a hike in the amazing Okanagan outdoors!

5. OIB Land Reclamation Ceremony with SenPokChin students, OIB and OKF community members.

6. Students start ukelele and singing lessons with Yanti - Thanks PAC for sponsoring :)

For more information, please contact Sholeh Pickell, School Trustee for SD53, by emailing to

Okanagan Falls PAC Update

OKF PAC will be looking for a new PAC Treasurer for the 2023/2024 school year. If you are interested in filling this position, please attend a meeting before the end of this school year. Come join us! The next PAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th at 6 pm in the School Library. All parents/guardians of OKF students are welcome! Free child minding is available.

For All Your Storage & RV Needs ... Think EASY! Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30 & Saturday 10:00-3:30 1964 Oliver Ranch Road, Okanagan Falls Drop Off Non-parishables Helping Hand Bins Onsite LOCKE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LTD. The South Okanagan’s preferred Property Manager for over 40 years! OFFICE 250-492-0346 FAX 250-492-6673 528 MAIN ST. PENTICTON, BC V2A 5C7

School Trustee Report For SD67

Warm weather is coming, fingers crossed, as was evidenced by students learning outdoors. Yesterday (April 17) a group of students went to the lakeside. The sun was shining, it was chilly; however, students were joyfully engaged!

Here are some of the highlights up until Thursday, April 20:

Two exciting announcements for our district:

• The ministry has approved funding for 4 daycares. The district is partnering with a number of non-profit childcare providers, including One Sky Community Resources at Wiltse Elementary and Parkway Elementary, the YMCA of Southern Interior BC at Uplands Elementary, and BGC Okanagan at Giant’s Head Elementary. Construction on the childcare facilities is anticipated to begin in the spring 2024 and will provide 80 new childcare spaces at each facility.

• The second announcement is the district received approximately $700,000 through the Feeding Futures Fund to support school food programs.

District building IMC was officially renamed Siya House on Tuesday, April 14. Chief Gabriel, Elder Grandma Grace, the Deputy Minister of Education and Childcare, the Superintendent of Indigenous Learning, (Ministry of Education), Mayors of Penticton and Summerland, Superintendent of the RCMP and many other dignitaries attended. The Penticton Indian Band and the Okanagan Nation Alliance flag, as well as the BC and Canadian flags, were raised. It was a very moving ceremony and an important step in acknowledging and forwarding relationships. Siya House will be a place of learning and innovation and will serve students, staff, stakeholders and rightsholders.

I attended two of DPAC’s Parent Engagement Sessions. The second one was Online Safety. It was very informative with two RCMP female officers (one retired) providing very helpful information for parents. The most recent one was the Impacts of Stress on Students and Strategies for Families. There will be other sessions in May and June held at Siya House located at 425 Jermyn Avenue:

• ABC’s of Youth Substance Use on Thursday, May 11.

• 5 Things Parents Need to Know about Global Education, session will include communicating student learning on Thursday, June 8.

Business Committee Meeting on Tuesday, April 18 ~ Agenda items included the Annual Facilities Grant money (1.6 million) for attending to infrastructure. The board will approve the spending plan and the 2023-24 capital plan bylaw (two HVAC projects) for 2023-24 on Monday, April 24.

The board continues the important governance work of developing the 2023-24 budget. The district received the funding estimate from the ministry during Spring Break. At the Wednesday, April 19 meeting, 7 stakeholder groups presented providing important perspectives and budget requests to the committee.

The development of the Strategic Plan continues with the next meeting being held on Wednesday, April 26.

As I am writing this report, it is cold and overcast. May there be warm weather and more sunshine soon!

For more information, please contact Karen Botsford, School Trustee for SD67, by sending an email to

I am grateful to be living on the unceded traditional territory of the Syilx Okanagan People.

April Highlights From Kaleden Elementary School

We are back from a very refreshing and relaxing spring break and are ready for our third and final term of the school year. Lots of events and activities are planned for this final term. Our grade 5 students have already had a visit from Mr. Tenisci, the principal of Skaha Middle School, to talk about the transition into middle school in the fall. Classroom photo’s will be happening in April, and we have started our track and field practices with our entire school having a goal of completing a marathon by the end of the school year. Students will be running two laps per day around the school grounds, which equates to one kilometer. The grade 1/2 students will be planting a garden at the front of the school with the help of Ben Davidson, a UBC student who is volunteering his time to help with this project. We are looking forward to some heat and sun in the days to come.

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update

The next PAC Meeting is Tuesday, May 9th at 7 pm in the School Library. All parents/caregivers of Kaleden Elementary students are welcome to join us! You can also join the “Kaleden Elementary Parents Group” Facebook page for more information and updates about what’s happing at our school.

Mark your calendars! KPAC will be hosting a Movie Night at the Kaleden Community Hall on Friday, May 5th at 6:30 pm. We’ll have popcorn, juice and snacks available to purchase.

“Kaleden Elementary Fun Day” is back, and will be held during the school day on Thursday, June 15th. We’ll be looking for volunteers to run the fun activities in the morning and to serve food at lunch.

New To Kaleden?

We would like to welcome you & provide you with a package of community information. Please call 250-460-3387.

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101 5th Street, Kaleden Skid Steer Fencing Flooring Roo ng Dumping Welding
Call Jim Morcombe

Let's celebrate mom! Join us for a complimentary tasting over Mother's Day weekend May 13th & 14th Plus, receive a gift with every wine purchase and enter to win a Stag’s Hollow Spring Prize Pack. Reservations recommended.

Exhibitions & Coming Events

Submitted by the Penticton & District Community Arts Council

The Penticton & District Community Arts Council is excited to share our current exhibitions and upcoming events for May!

April 1 - May 27 Exhibitions

Transmutation in Gallery 1 ~ Solo exhibition by Noelle Rasmussen. Using the interaction of light, cyanotype, and print on paper, a narrative of transmutation unfolds. Inspired by the strength of the natural world, these images share hope, resilience, and power through colour and light. The story grows from memory: reality becomes remembrance which transforms on paper and with each transmutation the scene changes.

The Strange Beauty of Everyday Objects in Gallery II ~ Dual Exhibition by Kathryn Gibson and Jacinta Ferrari. As humans living in a domestic environment, we use and interact with many objects, and then relinquish them. Upon discovering these objects, which are like artifacts in an archeological dig, the viewer can piece together details of the user’s life.

May 1-6 - Youth Week 2023 ~ BC Youth Week is a provincial celebration of youth held annually during the first week of May. Its goal is to promote awareness of youth, and is an opportunity to learn from the young people in their community. There will be fun events every day during this week to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of youth in our community!

The Penticton Arts Council Galleries are currently open Wednesdays to Saturdays, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, at 220 Manor Park Avenue in the Leir House Cultural Centre. To find out more about the Penticton Arts Council’s exhibitions, events, artists’ opportunities, the community calendar, and more, please visit

Kaleden Bursary

The Kaleden Bursary Committee is offering several bursaries to Kaleden and area students (V0H 1K0 postal code) who are graduating from Grade 12 this academic year (2023) and pursuing further education.

If anyone would like to sponsor a bursary or donate to the Kaleden Bursary Fund, and help our students, please contact myself, Darlene Bailey.

Application for these bursaries can be made by submitting a letter or email and providing the following information:

• Plans for further education (university, college, technical school) and type of education being pursued.

• Where you graduated from high school and the school name.

• How long you have lived in the Kaleden area (including Twin Lakes, White Lake Road and St. Andrews by the Lake) and did you attend Kaleden Elementary School. Mailing address must be in Kaleden area (V0H 1K0).

• Any Kaleden community involvement.

• Hobbies, interests and volunteer/work experience.

• Include your mailing address, house number, phone number, cell number, Social Insurance Number, and email address.

• If you are successful in being awarded a bursary, you have two years to claim it from the date awarded.

• Upon being awarded a bursary, a thank you letter must be sent to the sponsor of your bursary. The bursary funds will not be released until the thank you letter is received by the sponsor.

Applications must be received by July 1, 2023 and should be submitted to: Kaleden Bursary Committee, c/o Darlene Bailey, Box 239, Kaleden, BC V0H 1K0. Or, email to kaledenbursary@ or For further information, please call 250-497-8140. Also refer to the Community Foundation South Okanagan | Similkameen website at


Open Daily 11am - 5pm 250.497.6162
The Studio thanks the community for your wonderful support these past ve years! The Studio Closing Hairstyling Services at 334 Lakehill Road, Kaleden on May 15, 2023. 250-460-1182 Exhibitions, artist studios, workshops, drop-ins, and more. Let's get creative! | May 2023 | Page 17

Kaleden Museum ~ Fun Facts

For the next few issues, we are going to relate some fascinating fun facts about Kaleden. Interesting anecdotes you should know, so that you can entertain your family and friends.

Did You Know ... that one of Canada’s most famous poets wrote about driving along Skaha Lake?

Bliss Carman, born in Fredricton, NB in 1861, was one of Canada’s Confederation poets and he was described as most lyrical. He was the first cousin of Charles Roberts, another Confederation poet and both could trace their ancestry to New England’s famous essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Bliss attended Fredricton’s famous Collegiate Grammar School and then went on to the University of New Brunswick, where his early poems appeared in the UNB Monthly. After he graduated in 1881, he studied sporadically at Oxford, Edinburgh and Harvard. His first collection of poems was published in 1893 and he was hailed as a major poetic voice. He lived most of his adult life in the US and was referred to as an American poet. He published over 1500 pages of poetry and he remained popular throughout his lifetime.

He returned to Canada in the early 1920s and became the unofficial poet laureate of Canada in 1921. He was well travelled and wrote extensively about the places he visited. His book “Far Horizons”, published in Canada in 1925, contained many poems about his travels, but most importantly to us, his beloved poem, “Kaleden Road”.


There is a road by Skaha Lake

The cautious driver will not take, So narrow, steep and high in air And dangerous as an open stair. He turns aside to easier grades Through stands of pine in crimson glades.

But you who would behold the face Of beauty in her dwelling place, And know that she is often found Within the peril guarded ground. Loving the fearless who have shown A spirit steadfast as her own.

Take the Kaleden road and dare

The danger for the glory there, Beauty will meet you as you fly

Enraptured between earth and sky, And her own ecstasy impart

As guerdon to your faithful heart.

The spell of her enchanted ways Shall be about you all your days, With the old thrill, as you recall The loveliness that held you thrall

And bless the stars that bade you take

Kaleden road by Skaha Lake

Join us each month for more ramblings on the intricacies of Kaleden life. To donate an item to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Meredith at 250-497-6995.

South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre Update

Over the past month, I have been recuperating from knee surgery. This experience has given me a new perspective on the gift of volunteers. Thanks to caring friends and volunteers, I have been well looked after. Meals have been lovingly provided, transportation offered, visits have broken the loneliness and boredom, and even my garden was tidied up by a “garden angel”. The many volunteers who provided assistance and compassion gave from their hearts. Prior to this experience, I thought I knew a fair amount about the importance of volunteering. Little did I know how wonderful it feels to be the recipient of such kindness. Not only is giving of time, skills, and energy rewarding for the volunteer, but the recipient of the acts of kindness are also the beneficiary.

I am pleased to report that my knee is healing well, and the many caretakers continue to ensure I do my exercises!

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer, contact the South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre at 696 Main Street, Penticton (Penticton United Church, The Blue Church) or call 1-888-576-5661 or contact to learn about exciting volunteer prospects.

Volunteering can change your life. New relationships are formed. Opportunities to give to an organization or cause that you believe in are fulfilled. Be part of something wonderful!

Jaynie Molloy BSc. Hon. CH. 110 Linden Avenue, Kaleden
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Celebrating 40 Years of Service!

Kaleden Seniors Committee Update

While she’s taking her sweet time to arrive, Mother Nature is going to wow us on Friday, May 12th, as we explore the White Lake area trails. Local nature lovers, Margaret Holm and Renee Martin, will guide us on a leisurely 4-5 km walk and cover topics ranging from bird/plant/insect identification, conservation, climate change, endangered species and the future of Okanagan grasslands. Registration is required for this event, so please email if you would like to sign up.

There are still a few spaces in our Silk Scarf Making Workshop at the community hall on Saturday, May 6th. In this workshop, we bring the beautiful, ancient art of water marbling to the 21st century by inviting you to be the artist. Come and make your own unique water marbled silk scarf. Makes a great Mother’s Day gift! If you would like to register, please visit

Please note Tuesday, June 13th on your calendars. It’s the date of our annual Party in the Park. Come for supper and to enjoy catching up with neighbours.

Home Improvements ... Window & Door Installs, Flooring & Baseboards, Specializing in Siding & Metal Roofs

Chris Bruner 250.462.4137


Join us for Pride In The Vines on June 17, 2023. Visit our website for more information. @sylranchwinery | Please drink responsibly. 2575 Green Lake Road Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0 Bistro open daily for lunch 11:30-3:30
Visit our Facebook Page at “Interlaken Home Improvements”

Okanagan Falls Lions Update

On Sunday, April 9th, we held our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lions Gardens. Once again, we were able to hold the event with Mother Nature’s cooperation ... some wind (enough to run the bubble devices that were part of the prizes without any need for arm waving), but the rain held off. The big prize for both age groups was a tablet (winner in photo below), with a drone as second prize in the 6+ age group. A really good turnout made the day worthwhile and everyone enjoyed themselves - loads of eggs, stuffies and other “findables” kept the energy levels up.

Next up is our annual Walk for Dog Guides on Sunday, May 28th at Lions Gardens at 1 pm. This fundraiser supports the Pet Value group to aid in the raising and training of assistance animals at no cost to the people who require them. Further information will be forthcoming in the form of posters, info and sign-up packages, and internet access at Pet Value Walk for Dog Guides website, which has a link to forms and information.

Music in the Park returns on Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18th. This is one of our community projects - come on out, enjoy the music and don’t forget to purchase your Lions cookies!

School breakfasts continue at Okanagan Falls Elementary School twice a week with approximately 30 children receiving a breakfast bun each morning. Thanks to our volunteers for getting up early and doing this every week. Thanks once again to Belich’s AG Foods for their continued support.

Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinics will be held on June 7 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre from 1:305:30 pm. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers, so please visit or call 1-888-236-6283. The Okanagan Falls Lions Club meets each month. If you would like to join us, call 778-439-2275. Okanagan Falls Lion’s Club is online at and www.facebook. com/okanaganfallslionsclub.

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227

Open Tuesday - Saturday from 2 pm to closing. Open Sunday from 12 pm to closing. Everyone Welcome!

It’s Our 75th Anniversary ~ This is a huge year for Branch #227. We received our charter in November 1947. Due to Covid, we could not celebrate last year. Expect a few events coming this year. Cinco De Mayo on Saturday, May 6 ~ Join us for games. Dinner will be taco salad bowls, nacho platters and quesadillas.

General Meeting on Tuesday, May 16 ~ Starts at 7 pm. Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month.

Music Bingo on Saturday, May 20 ~ We always have a great time! The dinner menu has yet to be confirmed, but you know it will always be good.

Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, May 21 ~ Join us from 8-10:30 am. Adults - $8, kids under 12 - $4, and kids under 3 are FREE! Start Your Engine Car Show on Wednesday, May 24 ~ Cars start to roll in at 4 pm. Burgers and fries, plus more will be served. Meat Draws - Fridays at 5 pm & Saturdays at 4 pm ~ ALL profits are donated to charities.

Recycling ~ Drop off cans, bottles, milk cartons at the Legion. Call or text Bev at 250-809-5537 for more information.

Everyone Is Welcome To Become A Legion Member ~ Legions give back to the veterans and the community. Come out and see what we are about. It is fun to volunteer. With your help, you can see how we give to charities.

Get The Latest Updates ~ Always check the Facebook page “Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC”, the sign outside, or come into the Branch. For more information, please call 250-497-8338.

We are a small Legion with a big heart!

South Skaha Housing Society Update


South Skaha Housing Society owns and operates South Skaha Place in Okanagan Falls, which is an affordable housing building for those aged 55+ with low to moderate income. The society is a community based non-profit housing partner with BC Housing. South Skaha Place has been open since 2019.

What is affordable housing you may ask? Is affordable housing subsidized? Do I qualify to live in affordable housing or should I be living in subsidized housing?

As defined by BC Housing, housing is considered affordable when 30% or less of your household’s gross income goes towards paying your housing costs. South Skaha Place provides affordable, below-market rental housing, which means rents are lower than average rates in private market housing. To qualify for affordable housing, you must provide proof of income and assets, and have income under maximum limits set by BC Housing.

South Skaha Place does not offer subsidized housing. Subsidized housing is a type of housing for which the provincial government provides financial support or rent assistance. For those seniors who are aged 60+ and pay more than 30% of your gross monthly household income towards rent for your home, there is a program called Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER). The SAFER program helps make rents affordable for BC seniors with low to moderate incomes. SAFER provides monthly cash payments to subsidize rents for eligible BC residents who are aged 60+.

FOOTCARE BY JANEL JANEL ANIC Serving the South Okanagan, All Ages, Veterans & Diabetics Licensed Practical Nurse 250-462-5666
837 Main St. Okanagan Falls 250-497-8801 Congratulations to Mary - Retiring in May 2023. “Thank you to all my clients over the past 30 years. It’s been a blessing serving you & I wish you all the best!” Come meet Carrie, our new stylist on our team! Are you over 50? Just $20/yr to join! Enjoy activities. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN! Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Society! For more information, call 250.497.8199.

Arnold Reum


Arnold was born February 21, 1929 in Ryley, Alberta to Martin and Christine Reum. He was the youngest of ten children. From a two-room schoolhouse to putting himself through Southern Alberta School of Technology in Calgary for three years, he received a Class One mechanic’s license and went to work in a garage in Camrose, Alberta. Arnold married Elaine Schiele on April 17, 1954, and moved to a farm in the Ryley area. Farming was not kind to them as the first crop froze out, second dried out, then the third was snowed under.

Undeterred, Arnold continued his love of learning and took night classes in oxygen and acetylene welding, electrical wiring, plumbing, and machining. He traded his car for a crawler tractor, built a dozer blade for it from an old tractors steel wheels and started to clear bush for farmers. The prairie winters limited the number of workable months and they ended up moving to BC with two young sons.

They settled in Kaleden in 1963 and lived there until moving into the Penticton Regency in 2019. The land they purchased was an apple orchard, that after one year expecting a cheque from the packing house, he was surprised when he received a bill for $2.52, the net of the apples less the sprays and fertilizers on account. Since he did not like fruit farming any better than grain farming, out came the chain saw! They had firewood for the fireplace and wood stove for decades.

Arnold had a quiet, but significant, impact on Kaleden, as he was contracted to install new water mains in Kaleden, replacing the old stave troughs from Marron Valley and many of the old lines of asbestos piping. After the Kaleden School expanded to include a gymnasium, the Kaleden Community Hall was considered unneeded and to be sold. However, Arnold and Bud Philcox campaigned to keep the existing hall. Arnold’s wife and other women of the community put on a Variety Show to raise monies to repair the furnace and other maintenance needs, which led to Saturday night dances, indoor sport rentals and other events. This saved the building for the community, which serves us to this day.

Arnold, along with several other Kaleden men were instrumental in collecting the first monies to buy an old water truck. This became the first vehicle and start of the Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department. Arnold maintained it and Dave Ure housed it.

Arnold was a coach and manager for Penticton minor hockey and baseball for many years, as well as helping with the Alliance Church youth group.

Arnold and Elaine loved travelling to various countries from England and Norway to Australia, South America, and many points in between. Winters were spent in Arizona for 22 years, enjoying a season of golf which became a passion.

Arnold’s life can be summed up as: a man who loved and followed God, put his family first always, worked hard, took chances, and was kind and helping to others.


Kaleden Community Church

10 am Sunday Worship ~ in-person and online

Visit for updates and the link to our live worship. 443 Lakehill Rd. | | 250-497-5995

Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship Service & Children’s Church at 11 am ~ with Pastor Jon Manlove. Live Worship Services online at

FB: Okanagan Falls Community Church. Everyone is welcome!

1356 McLean Creek Rd, Okanagan Falls | Office: 250-497-5131

Okanagan Falls United Church

Sunday Service at 9 am ~ Speakers: May 7 - Rev. Donald Schmidt; May 14 - Sarah Tupholme; May 21 - Rev. Laura Turnbull; and May 28 - Victor Ince. Coffee fellowship after the service. Visit or call for more info. Everyone is welcome to join.

1108 Willow St, Okanagan Falls | 250-497-1171 or 250-460-2560

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service

Sunday Mass at 11 am - Service held in St. Barbara’s Church

1039 Willow St, OK Falls | Father Thomas Kakkaniyil | 250-498-3934

St. Barbara’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service at 9:30 am ~ Join Rev. Rick Paulin on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. Guest speakers rotate on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. Please call the number below with any questions.

1039 Willow St, OK Falls | 250-497-7844


Meet Betsy

I am a mature lady who has beautiful blue eyes, if I do say so myself! I am looking for a quiet home where relaxing together on the couch is a daily pass time. If you would like to meet me, I am presently residing at the lovely bed and breakfast known as Bosley's in Oliver.

Jardin Estate


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Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to

Your full name and location area is required on any submission. (Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.)

Flowers to Vi Creasey of Reliable Travel for making all the arrangements for my very first cruise from L.A. down the Mexican Coast. She made sure I had all the right documents and travel insurance, so all I had to do was enjoy myself. Without her, I would never have made this trip. ~ From Lynn Y. of Okanagan Falls

Flowers to ... I sent “Flowers” in the February issue to those I knew who had brought the CBC show “Still Standing” to Okanagan Falls. I had heard there were others who had written also, but at the time, I didn’t know who they were. So now, I’ve heard that a big bouquet of flowers must go to Bev Van Uden and another big bouquet to Angie Taylor. Many thanks to these great citizens for all their effort in getting the things done! If I hear of more, I’ll send more flowers, even if I’m late! ~ From Marla W. of Okanagan Falls

Credible Cremation Services

Call Lesley, our own Senior, Licensed Director

Total - Basic Cremation No Hidden Costs

$1190.00 + taxes (Penticton area)

$1390.00 + taxes (Kelowna area)

250.493.3912 (24 hrs)

110-1960 Barnes St, Penticton, BC V2A 4C3

Planning Ahead

BASIC COST - $1190 Penticton or $1390 Kelowna

Please Note that BASIC COST covers the following: Professional Fees; Transfer of the deceased from local Hospital only; and the Cremation Fee.

Flowers to all the wonderful people who came out to the Annual Kaleden Pitch-in Day. It was a huge success and the streets are nice and clean once again.

~ From Linda D. of Kaleden

Flowers to Bob Daly for refurbishing (sanding and staining) the 7 benches in Okanagan Falls Lions Park. They look beautiful.

~ From Judy G. of Okanagan Falls

Items NOT INCLUDED in the BASIC COST are: Cremation Casket; GST; CPABC Levy; and 1 Provincial Death Certificate. Extras which may apply are: Home, Hospice and MAID Transfers; Pacemaker removal; and Deceased over 200 lbs.

For a Price Quote or more information on At-Need or Pre-Need, simply contact Lesley at 250-493-3912 or send an email to Lesley@ There is no better time than right now to get your final arrangements taken care of before the need arises. Make a Will. Appoint an Executor.

~ From Claudia L. of Kaleden

Fish Heads to whomever has put graffiti on the KVR down below the Old Kaleden Road. It is appalling to see the beautiful mountains and nature so ruined. Hasn’t there been enough damage caused in this world?


for knowing and responding to individual and family need in the community

If you live in the Kaleden area and have needs during this time, please call the HUB. Our frozen meals (mostly soup) are available immediately. We can also provide grocery shopping - Please allow a few days advance notice.

We are grateful for all the neighbours helping neighbours!

HUB NUMBER: 250-460-3387

Showtime! Community Theatre presents A Bandmaid’s Tale: A Musical Comedy

Our adult musical theatre troupe is pleased to present our third production. Join us for a timely musical comedy. In an exceptionally dark future, women with musical talent are rounded up and assigned to rich households ... and forced to perform show tunes! Highlights include an original song written for the show, plus stirring tunes from Hamilton, Chicago, Les Misérables, and more! The show runs May 24-27 at The Cannery Stage. Tickets are available now at

List all of your Assets, i.e. Personal Assets, Properties, Pensions, Insurances, Bank Accounts, etc.

Credible Cremation Services

110-1960 Barnes St. Penticton, BC V2A 4C3 250-493-3912 -

Providing creativity and connection for Penticton and surrounding communities

778-718-5757 or

Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need. BC Lic# 49382