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January 2019

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Happy New Year? You Decide.


By Myleen Mallach, Owner/Publisher of Skaha Matters Yes, another fresh New Year is here. What will we do, or not even attempt? What will change or always stay the same? Resolutions? We have the power over so much in our lives, with the daily choices we make. Yes, many things are out of our control, but so much more is within our reach. So, why not stop for a moment and write down a few positive goals you could work on. Then, prioritize your list and ask yourself: Is this realistic or obtainable? Do I really want to make the effort? Will I need help to reach any of these goals? We all need encouragement from others to help make positive change happen. For example, losing weight or quitting smoking are the top two resolutions year after year - destined for failure before the clock even strikes midnight. I encourage you to really look at the ad spaces of your neighbours in these pages, ready to help you with a wide array of products and services. Ultimately, you get to decide if your New Year is a truly happy one in the end.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Subrina Monteith Director of RDOS Area ‘I’

There will be an Open House held on Monday, January 21st at the Kaleden Community Hall starting at 6 pm. We will discuss our community budget, go over tax requisitions, and have the Pioneer Park Plan available for questions. RDOS staff will be present to answer those questions. If you’re unable to attend, please email me and I’ll get an answer for you.

The Pioneer Park project was awarded to a contractor in December, which allowed the contractor to start working on the project before the ground froze. This project has been worked on for many hours by community volunteers and RDOS staff. The goal is to have the project complete or functional by spring 2019. The scope of the Published by Okanagan Matters Publications project is to upgrade our dock, improve parking, and create proper | 250.490.6951 drainage in the parking lot. I’ve met with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTi) Quick Facts: 3300 copies are printed and distributed each month. All Up To Date to discuss our community needs from upgrades to maintenance. residents and businesses in Kaleden, Heritage Hills, Okanagan Falls, Weekly Your concerns were shared and heard. Skaha Estates, St. Andrews, and Twin Lakes receive an issue via Canada Post on the last business day of each month. 35 locations eCalendar! I have been working on our community budgets, including Kaleden also carry copies. For full advertising details, please visit our website. Sign Up Online Parks and Recreation and the Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department. Please Note: No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of I am proud to share that all community budgets have solid plans the publisher. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this for current operations and are planning for future projects. publication. We reserve the right to refuse any submission or advertisement, and retain the Safety is always a concern for all members of our community. right to edit all copy. Every effort has been made to make this publication as accurate as Residents in Kaleden are asking drivers to no longer park on possible. All authors and advertisers are provided with a proof of their submission and their final approval must be received to be published. © 2018 Okanagan Matters Publications. Linden Avenue in front of Kaleden Elementary School. Parking in front of the school causes issues for drivers passing by during busy drop off and pick up times. MoTi have confirmed that parking alongside a highway road is not a safe practice and is in the hands of RCMP to address. All roads in Kaleden are considered ‘highways’ by MoTi. Don’t be the first to get ticketed for parking. According to the Motor Vehicle Act with regard to parking, it states in Section 188 (3.1) ... “If a vehicle is stopped, standing or parked in a position that causes it to interfere with or impede the use of the highway by vehicles or traffic using, accessing or egressing a designated use highway or a designated use lane in accordance with a regulation made under section 209.1 or a bylaw or resolution of the council of a municipality under section 124.2, a peace officer or traffic control person may move the vehicle or cause it to be moved.” The Apex community heard an announcement in December about the Waste Transfer Project. RDOS has just received permission from the Province to proceed with the development and operation of a waste and recycling transfer station in the Apex community. RDOS intends to construct a metal building that will house the refuse and recycling bins at roughly the same location as the existing refuse bin. The Regional District is currently reviewing designs to construct the new transfer station and is hoping to tender the project early in the new year and to complete construction by October 2019. We will also be tendering the operation and maintenance contracts this spring, once the construction contract is completed. Our intent is to have the transfer station operational for November 2019. While construction costs have risen since 2016, we are hoping to keep the annual costs down by creating a longer sublease with Apex and longer borrowing period. We will have a better understanding of costs once the construction and operations tenders are completed this spring. It’s been a busy month for myself, but I’m looking forward to 2019 and accomplishing my community goals. Subrina Monteith, Director of RDOS Area ‘I’ Direct: 250.486.1346 | |

FROM THE DIRECTOR For RDOS Area ‘D’ Happy New Year!

the future and what services are available. Tourism and agriculture are big parts of our economy and relate directly to economic development. Jobs are important. Housing is important. As we grow our community, we will have more families with children who need schooling which results in more jobs at the local school. All these community services are related to economic development. Under the review, I want to hear from the community regarding ways that we can improve and focus the services we want to receive from this local RDOS office. The split of Area ‘D’ into Areas ‘D’ and ‘I’ necessitates the review. It is also a good time for the review. I would like to focus on the future and be mindful of services to incorporate into the office’s function, so that we can enhance more economic development and service to the greater Electoral Area ‘D’ community. In this context, we have much happening in the industrial area, including Structurlam and Sunniva. I want to incorporate policing and bylaw enforcement improvement. I also want to be mindful of the potential presented by the new bylaw related to the Town Centre Revitalization Plan. Regarding policing, I intend to meet with Superintendent de Jager of the RCMP in the new year and communicate concerns on behalf of the local community regarding crime and the importance of police presence, patrols, and response to calls. I believe there is much room for improvement in this area. I will invite Superintendent de Jager to participate in public meetings, where the community can have concerns heard. I shall facilitate an effort on behalf of our community to work together with the RCMP towards a goal of improving our community policing. Please stay tuned to the next Skaha Matters, as I hope to be able to announce a time and place for our first public meeting. Bylaw enforcement generally is another area in need of attention. Again, the review of the economic development and community services office will include consideration to improving this service. I met with the Okanagan Falls Fire Chief, Rob Oliver, on December 12, 2018 and reviewed many matters of importance with him, including some of the details in the proposed new Town Centre bylaw. In this context, I learned that we do not have fire fighting equipment suited to buildings over 3 stories high. The new Town Centre bylaw allows for buildings 4 stories high. Therefore, I have asked for a review of the draft bylaw with fire response and other issues in mind. I believe the new Town Centre bylaw will be a very positive step forward and I want to take care that we do it right. I learned from the fire chief, Rob Oliver, that our fire department had the highest number of calls for any of the rural fire departments at 222 from January 1, 2018 to December 12, 2018. In the same period of time, for example, Kaleden had 108 calls. Of our 222 calls, 112 were related to 1st responder calls, meaning medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, injuries, etc. The firefighters do an excellent job and have literally saved lives. Ambulances dispatched from Penticton or elsewhere can take 20 minutes or more to arrive, while firefighters are providing immediate emergency response. Our first Community Coffee on December 10 was well attended. I have already forwarded concerns received on to the appropriate staff at the RDOS office. I will be responding to the individuals who raised the concerns in due course. I remind everyone that I will be available on the 2nd Monday of each month and the next shall be January 14, 2019, at 9 am at KJ’s Coffee Bar on Main Street. I will be working hard to make sure objectives outlined above are achieved. To this end, I welcome everyone to send me an email or call with your ideas and suggestions regarding any of the above or any other concern. I think 2019 will be a good year for change for the better. Let’s work together to find a way to make things better.

The Christmas Festiv-ALL on Sunday, December 9 was well attended. Thank you to all who participated. I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas season with family and friends. On December 6, 2018, we were successful in obtaining an RDOS Ron Obirek board motion in support of the efforts Director of of residents in the Upper Carmi RDOS Area ‘D’ community to stop the proposed clearcut logging in the intensive recreation use area located a few kilometres east of that community. MLA Dan Ashton has already taken steps in presenting a 1600+ signature petition and letters of concern and support to BC Forestry Minister Donaldson and to the BC Legislature. Special thanks to MLA Dan Ashton. Area ‘I’ Director Monteith and myself have done much work to keep the Community Services Office open in Okanagan Falls. The office was originally opened under a bylaw in 2008 to establish and operate the promotion of economic development as a service in Electoral Area ‘D’. With the split of Area ‘D’ into the new Areas ‘D’ and ‘I’, Director Monteith and I agree that the status quo should be maintained for one year to allow for a proper review and transition under the split. We have put this proposal forth to the RDOS senior management, as well as at the RDOS Board of Directors. The review will include public input and consultation, as well as input and consultation from RDOS staff. The office has continuously been used for economic development and was reorganized a few years ago under the name “Community Services Office”. In a broad sense, economic development encompasses pursuit of economic objectives that include employment and economic growth; and includes programs that provide infrastructure and services, such as parks and recreation, affordable housing, tourism, crime prevention, and education; and also relates to job creation, marketing, neighbourhood development, business development, real estate development and matters related thereto. Services provided out of the OK Falls Economic Development and Community Services Offices has included parks and recreation programs, tourism, community consultation and work related to the acquisition and development of the Lamb property as part of the waterfront Park system, acquisition and development of the Heritage Hills Park, the Okanagan Falls housing project, the Okanagan Falls Town Centre Revitalization Plan, and general community services including support for grant applications related to the foregoing. Much success has been achieved in the result. When people come to Okanagan Falls to establish a business or purchase a home or relocate here as a resident, they are interested in what community services are available. If they are like me, they want to know where the local school is located, what fire department and other emergency services are available, where are the parks and what are the recreation programs, what health services are available and what is the local crime rate. They are interested in the town centre plan and the water front beaches and trail system. All of these issues relate to economic development directly and indirectly. When a new park like the one in Heritage Hills is developed, it helps promote the sale and building of homes in the immediate community. This means good jobs in the construction industry. It also provides good quality of life for the residents. And, it increases the tax paying rate base. When people locate in Okanagan Falls, they become customers to local businesses. Ron Obirek, Director of RDOS Area ‘D’ When businesses locate, they want to know what the plans are for Direct: 250.328.9800 | |

Linda Larson, MLA ~ Boundary-Similkameen

6369 Main Street, Box 998, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 Tel: 250.498.5122 Toll-free: 1.855.498.5122 “Your Voice in Victoria!”

Monthly MLA Report By Linda Larson, MLA Boundary-Similkameen

As Official Opposition, we have voted against all the new taxes the NDP introduced. I am not opposed to corporations and individuals who as top income earners are paying an appropriate amount of taxes. However, when the tax burden becomes unmanageable, companies and corporations either downsize or raise their prices to offset the increases. The end result is that all of us, as taxpayers, will cover the shortfall through increases to our personal taxes or increases to the consumer goods we purchase. 2019 will be a difficult year for all of the people of British Columbia.

I hope the New Year 2019 finds you and yours healthy and The weather is always unpredictable at this time of year, so give comfortable. The Legislature will resume in February with the yourself a bit of extra time to get to appointments and events and usual Speech from the Throne and then the Budget Speech. be patient on the road. 2019 will be an interesting year politically, as several unusual events happened at the end of 2018. BC Politics have often, Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019! in the past, been unpredictable, and continue to be so. Many unanswered questions regarding the Speaker and the integrity of CUSTOM GRANITE MEMORIAL MARKERS the Speakers Office and the careers of the Clerk and the Sergeant at Arms remain as time drags on. Affordable Pricing All MLA’s are upset by the cracks showing in the institution we rely on to support us in our representation of the people of BC, and all of us want a resolution so that we may, with clear conscience, move on.

The not so good news for 2019 is the following list of new taxes and other taxes that have seen increases this past year. New and Increased Taxes Imposed by the NDP since 2017.

One Week Completion (from date of approval)

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RCMP Community Report Always The Season To Scam! While scammers continue throughout the year, they have been very busy during the recent holidays. They take advantage of people during the “season of giving” to exploit and line their pockets with your cash. Which brings up a good point, as they often don’t want cash. The trend is to ask for payment in gift cards and bitcoin, which are all harder to trace. So, if they ask for payment other than by cash or credit card, it is a very good chance that they are scamming. Recognized Charities, utility companies, financial institutions, and Canada Revenue don’t accept gift cards or bitcoin as payment. If the caller or email is representing one of these and asks for this type of payment, it is fair to say it is a scam. Furthermore, legitimate businesses and crown corporations don’t demand immediate payment over the phone or email. Even if you do owe, they will have a way that you can pay through familiar, valid and secure methods of payment or if in doubt arrange to pay in person at a financial institution or at their place of business. Many of these scammers have become very aggressive and creative in the way they try to get you to part with your money and or your information. Nothing involving financial transactions has to be done immediately. Take your time, get all the facts, think about it overnight, and talk to someone you trust. Many people would not have become victims of scams if they just spoke with a friend or another member of the family before they sent payment. Remember, if it is too good to be true, it most likely is. Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook!

New Menu Coming Soon! 5121 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls Page 4 | January 2019 |


It is unfortunate that at any time of the year that we continue to be targets for these scammers. But, if we take some simple steps to protect ourselves, we can keep from becoming a victim and have a very Happy and Prosperous 2019. Rick Dellebuur, South Okanagan Similkameen RCMP Community Police Direct: 250-490-2374 // Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477 or

Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department Okanagan Falls Irrigation District News Fire Department History Continues ... A 30 year old Okanagan Falls woman fell to her death in March 1994. She had fallen off a cliff near Allendale Lake Road. The call came in at 2 am. When the Okanagan Falls Fire Department and emergency services arrived on the scene, she was pronounced deceased and had to wait until daylight to attempt to recover the woman’s body from the remote area behind Vaseux Lake. A helicopter was used to remove the body. It was estimated she fell 200 feet.

By Bob Daly From the Staff and Trustees of Okanagan Falls Irrigation District, we extend our best wishes to you for a Healthy and Happy New Year! We look forward to working on your behalf through 2019. 2019 Water Tax and Toll Notices ~ will be mailed to all registered property owners in early January. If you have not received your notice by the end of January, please contact the office. For strata property owners, the invoice will be mailed to the Strata Council.

Curb Stops ~ District staff is continuing with an on-going program Children caused a small fire behind Peach Cliff Estates. The fire, of locating all curb stops in the District. The curb stop is the valve 15 meters by 15 meters, the smallest amount the forest district which OFID has installed to turn the water service off and on to the records, was mostly pine needles sparked by children playing with properties in the District. matches. The Okanagan Falls fire crew put it out within 45 minutes. Some curb stops are difficult to locate due to owners of the Besides the Garnet Fire, there were several others that made properties doing landscaping, erecting fencing, paving driveways an impact in the South Okanagan. A forest fire near Greyback etc. Lake was reported on July 15th at 5 pm. Two fires broke out near Cawston, another by Garnet Lake north of Summerland and a fifth near Crater Mountain by Keremeos. All fires were caused by lightning. About a month later, a forest fire by Kilpoola Lake on Highway 3 near Osoyoos flared up and 35 homes were evacuated. Another forest fire that started in Washington crossed the border and 25 homes were evacuated. Meanwhile, 125 hectares burned on K Mountain by Keremeos. Eight more fires were reported west of Trout Creek, three fires west of Penticton. Three more fires were started east of Okanagan Falls, three in the area of Vaseux Lake region and another three east of Oliver. All fires were caused by lightning. More than 10,000 lightning strikes hit southern BC between midnight and 5 pm on August 3rd. The cause of the August 9th fire of the Club House at St. Andrews -by-the-Lake remains undetermined. The 5,000 square foot, twostorey building was completely destroyed. None of the 10 people staying at the Club House were injured. The new lodge was completed by May 1995. A tractor trailer overturned by Vaseux Lake’s sharp curve on June 30th at 1:58 pm. The Manitoba driver was trapped in the vehicle, while fuel and oil spilled into the lake. The driver escaped with minor injuries. 13 firemen attended the MVA with three rescue and fire trucks. Environmental agencies were notified of the incident. Then again on August 25th at 8:26 am a tractor trailer flipped at the same location, while at the same time hitting another semi. Both drivers and trucks were from Washington. The drivers were unharmed, but the eight Okanagan Falls firemen didn’t take any chances of fuel igniting as they dowsed the highway with water while the truck was flipped back on it’s wheels. The fuel tank ruptured a leak. That year the Okanagan Falls Firemen attended 123 calls. While during the same year, thirty-four individuals met their deaths in South Okanagan traffic. To be continued ... Safety Tip: Driving in winter conditions means facing a multitude of factors. First, winter driving requires you to slow down. Second, keep a longer following distance from the vehicle in front of you. Third, black ice means you’re more likely to skid on the road and not even know it’s there until it’s too late. These suggestions should be considered by both rookie and experienced drivers.

It is important to know the location of the curb stop especially in an emergency situation whereby the homeowner requires the water to be turned off due to a break or required repair on the homeowner’s side of the curb stop.

If you notice staff adjacent to your property, they are attempting to locate the curb stop. Once found, it will be painted and recorded. Staff may have to look in shrubbery or other landscaping in order to locate the curb stop. If you as the property owner know where the curb stop is, please offer the information to staff. Your assistance is appreciated. Watermain Flushing ~ If you notice staff operating a fire hydrant, flushing water down the street, they are actually cleaning the watermains in the area. Regular flushing is an important component of a comprehensive water management program. Two years ago OFID developed a Unidirectional Flushing Program. In essence, the water system is operated in a way that enables the water to be flushed from the system in one, unified direction; this preventative maintenance program is the most effective in scouring the water lines. Traditional flushing involves opening a hydrant and allowing the water to exit the system for an extended period of time. This draws water from all directions within the distribution system. Unidirectional flushing isolates a section of watermain, so that water can only be drawn from one direction, increasing the velocity of the flushing. This in turn will more effectively remove any natural build-up in the distribution system. This program is necessary to scour the inside of the pipe, to remove sediments, built up silt and biofilms, and to maintain chlorine levels. This more effective program of flushing and valve exercising is causing the release of sediment, which has built up over time and has caused some homeowners to experience dirty water. Trustees and Staff expect that the unidirectional flushing will eventually clear the watermains of the built-up sediment. If you do experience dirty water, please run an outside tap until the water runs clear and feel free to contact OFID. We continually work to provide you with safe and high quality water.

Office Hours: Tue/Thu 8:30-4:30 (Closed 12-1) 1109 Willow Street, Okanagan Falls P: 250.497.8541 E:

VALUE CONTRACTING ELECTRIC Formerly Brightman Electric ~ Serving the South Okanagan

Commercial & Residential 250-497-8284 | January 2019 | Page 5

Kaleden Irrigation District News

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

By Bruce Shepherd, KID Trustee

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP ... With irrigation season ended, we now know

January 2019 Safety Tip

that KID’s recent efforts to locate and fix leaks in our system paid off. Water consumption this November was down by almost 1.8 million liters (458,000 US gals) compared to 2017. Water savings due to leak repairs would have been significantly more during • higher irrigation flows, but not nearly as high as those resulting • from our users’ conservation efforts - thank you! • A New Year, a New Face! Effective January 1, the KID Manager’s • hat was officially passed from Kevin Huey to Taylor Dean. • • • • • • • • • • • Left - Retiring KID Mgr Kevin Huey welcoming his replacement, Taylor Dean. Right - Kevin Huey with his retirement gift from KID Trustees. Kevin grew up in Princeton, but has fond memories of boyhood visits to his grandparents’ Kaleden home. He was hired by KID and moved to Kaleden in 1990. He remained as our Superintendant until 2013, when he returned to Princeton to be their Director of Infrastructure and Parks. KID managed to lure him back as part-time Manager in 2016. He noted that he has seen a lot of changes over his time with KID, but Kaleden remains “a wonderful community and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.” Retirement and travel plans now beckon! Thank you for your service to KID and Bon Voyage, Kevin! Taylor hails from the Okanagan, and is happy to be working back in the Valley. He graduated from Summerland Secondary in 2007 and received his Water Engineering Technologist Diploma from Okanagan College in 2011. He comes to us fully certified to operate the KID system; he has worked with many different water and wastewater operations, and formed his own consulting company to provide advice and training for water and wastewater systems throughout BC. Welcome aboard, Taylor!

Start the year off right by reviewing this emergency check list. Make 2019 the safest year yet for your family. Smoke Alarms - Have one in every room Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Have one in every room Fire Extinguishers - Have one on every floor Alarm System - Know how to use it Light Bulbs - Replace and have extras on hand Electrical Cords - Check to ensure they’re not overloaded Windows - Make sure they open easily from the inside Water Heater - Get it checked annually 72 Hour Kit - Ready for family use any time necessary Prescription Medications - Have extra meds on hand Family Emergency Plan - Have a plan and practice regularly Family Binder - Include all important documentation First Aid Kit - Is it complete and in a designated place Extra Keys - Leave at neighbours or friends Emergency Phone #’s - Ensure they’re up to date and visible

Fire Smart Committee Report - Area ‘I’ By The Kaleden Fire Smart Committee

We have recently received the Community Assessment Report that will help to formulate our 2019 Fire Smart Community Plan. The goal is to have community participation to mitigate hazards on private land and increase neighbourhood wildfire resilience. A community meeting will be held in mid to late March to inform the public of the report findings and to propose projects that will keep Kaleden and area safe from wildfire. Stay tuned on how you can help.

Remember that KID now has a new mailing address: 119 Ponderosa Ave, Kaleden BC, V0H 1K0

250.497.5407 | Office Hours: 9-12 Mon/Wed/Thur 119 Ponderosa Avenue For All Your Home Financing Needs ... INTERIOR Centered On You!

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Whether you are purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it is important that you are making an educated decision with professional unbiased advice. Page 6 | January 2019 |

Maureen Hayter, CPA CGA Mortgage Broker 250 328 3740

“Building Community Spirit” The intention of this column is to share inspirational stories, or even a quick photo, to show that community spirit is alive and well.

Winter Solstice Candlelit Yoga Night “Out of the darkness and cold, the light returns.” The Kaleden Community Hall filled with like-minded participants to embrace the Winter Solstice with a gentle Yoga practice led by Yoga Instructor Marnie. The $10 dropin fee was donated to Kaleden Cares. Thanks to all who attended and in turn donated towards this local charity helping those in need. If there is someone or a group you’d like to see honoured in this column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to

Kaleden Community Association Update By Glenda Livolsi

Welcome to The Studio

Jane Bland and Nel Witteman, two local artists, have graciously donated two pieces of their art work to be raffled to raise funds for community projects. Jane’s encaustic art of the old hotel is valued at $300, while Nel’s historical print of Kaleden from around 1912 is valued at $425. Thank you to Jane and Nel for giving back to your community with these two beautiful pieces of art.

The art work pictured above will be displayed at the Kaleden Library and at other events around the community for people to buy raffle tickets. Tickets, which will be available in January, can also be purchased from any KCA Director. Tickets are $5 each or three for $10. KCA is considering hosting an “Artists in Kaleden” evening in the spring. If you are a local artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. and would like to be involved in an evening displaying and/or selling your art, please contact Applications are still being accepted for the KCA Small Community Grant Program. If you have an idea that will engage and/or connect the residents of Kaleden and enhance opportunities for participation, please contact KCA (kaledencommunity@gmail. com) for the one page application and grant criteria.

Beautiful Kaleden now has a full service salon right in the heart of the community. The salon offers experienced stylists with years of expertise in hairstyling and a broad spectrum of knowledge in hair colouring. The salon boasts master cutters with an abundance of expertise in designer hairstyling. We have flexible hours and welcome new clients. Be sure to come by and see our unique salon and location at 334 Lakehill Road in Kaleden.

The Studio Relax ... Rejuvenate ... Heal

On behalf of everyone from the Kaleden Community Association, we would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy 2019! DE













New To Kaleden?

We would like to welcome you & provide you with a package of community information. Please call 250-460-3387.




Update On Supporting Penticton’s Carmi Trails From Logging

Feel Lovely Facial January 2019 ... Begin Anew


I have a meeting with Richard Cannings MP on Thursday, December 20th and can provide a summary after that. We have not received a reply yet from Honourable Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, about our concern. Our focus presently is for the Carmi Trails Appreciation Day ... Come on out and enjoy the day, start the New Year off right with some fresh air and wilderness Zen. If you have any questions or would like updates, please email

Jaynie Molloy BSc. Hon. CH. 110 Linden Avenue, Kaleden

Electrolysis by Gen

By Neda Jess Our Carmi Trails Appreciation Day is scheduled for Tuesday, January 1st from 11 am - 2 pm. We will have an information centre discussing BCTS logging proposal for the area, also fun activities have been scheduled, such as snowshoe tours and kids’ activities, along with a fundraising raffle for gift baskets.


Permanent Hair Removal Genevieve Giard Certified Electrologist

250-408-4400 106-6220 Main St. Oliver

Kal-Rec Update By Jen Charlish

Volunteer Spotlight Okanagan Falls Christmas Festiv-ALL

The Okanagan Falls Christmas Festiv-ALL was held on Sunday, December 9th from 4:30-6 pm. Despite the cold winds, Centennial Park was filled with festive neighbours celebrating the season. The As always, I want to start with the “Thank You’s”. First, we event was supported by numerous community volunteer groups, need to thank our outgoing member of the Kaleden Recreation coming together with a few local businesses, creating a community Commission. Jennifer Strong will be leaving the Commission to event for all to enjoy. Special thanks to IGA for supplying the food, go work on other committees in the communities of Kaleden and Interior Savings for their decorators, and OKF Parks & Rec staff Twin Lakes. We thank her for her years of service. We also need for their roll in organizing and gathering everyone together. A huge to send a HUGE thank you to the Kaleden Seniors Committee, thank you goes to the Legion for their hot chocolate station and who have funded a remotely controlled, programmable thermostat the use of their washrooms, to the Lions Club for their cookies and for the Kaleden Community Hall, along with LED replacement manning the barbeque, to the OKF School Glee Club for the live lights for the lower hallway. As well, we need to thank all the entertainment, to Marla Wilson for the reading of the Christmas volunteers that came out to help clean out the old office area and Story, and to the Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department for chair storage area, so that the renovations on the Community Hall the safe arrival of Santa and his helpers. Thank you everyone! can start. Happy New Year! The Winter Solstice has past, so even though it doesn’t seem like it yet, the days are getting longer.

The new Winter Recreation Guide is in circulation now and contains some new, fun programs for all ages. These programs are a great way to get out, get some exercise and meet other people from the community. Please note that there will be renovations going on at the Hall for the month of January, so it would be good to make sure of the location of your chosen activity before you head out. You have probably seen the activity going on around Pioneer Park: the surveying, the digging, and pipes going in. Phase One of the Pioneer Park upgrade has started, which will see the construction of another 100 metres of the official KVR Trail. They will also be putting in some new drainage. Please be patient when you are down in that area. I know we had a few skaters down there before the weather warmed up again. It is always a conundrum. We want cold weather for the ice, but a mild winter is always nice too. I guess nature will decide for us. On another note, thinking of spring ... Please mark your calendars for the “Annual Heritage Social” sponsored by the Kaleden Seniors Committee. This year it will be held on April 28th. It will include all the regular, fun local history activities and this year will include a car show in the Kaleden Community Hall parking lot. If you have a car you would like to display, please contact one of the Senior Committee members. Again, a reminder that the Kaleden Recreation Commission meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm at the Kaleden Community Hall. If you have something you are curious about or have any concerns, please contact a Kal-Rec member to be put on the agenda and come to one of our meetings. Members of the public are always welcome. We are also still looking for interested community members to join us as board members. If you are interested, talk to a Kal-Rec board member, come visit us for a meeting, or contact Nancy at the office number below for information on how to apply. This is a wonderful time of year for reflection on what has past and anticipation of new things to come. We are so lucky to be living in such a vibrant, prosperous community. Wishing you all the best for the year to come. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Kaleden Parks and Recreation office at 250-497-8188 or email We have a website at www.kal-rec. ca where you can find information on our community hall, parks, facility rentals, and a full activity calendar. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the most current information. Also, if you want to contact the Kaleden Community Association directly, you can email us at kaledencommunity@ Page 8 | January 2019 |

(All photos this page courtesy of Carol Bentley of Malibu Dreams Photography.)

Volunteers ... Making A Difference

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What Is Functional Fitness?

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!

By Janet Black and Kandice Davidson


At the most basic level, functional fitness refers to exercises that improve daily activity. Functional exercises challenge balance and coordination, while improving strength and range of motion. Functional movements also emphasize core stability. It’s about training for life! Some benefits are: • • • • • •

Increases the ease of everyday life Increases flexibility and coordination Improves balance and posture Helps with joint pain Reduces risk of injury Increases strength and energy

There are THREE Functional Fitness Programs offered at the Zen and Fitness Centre in Okanagan Falls. Between these three programs, they offer enough range to meet you where you are at, today. All classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Take Your Time Fitness (11 am) ~ This class is suitable for those with mobility issues, pre-op preparation, post-op recovery, and others who are facing barriers such as injury, being new to exercise, etc. You can use a chair for some or all of the class, and use of walkers or canes is welcome. Beginning in February, we’ll be adding a ‘healthy hips and knees’ module in partnership with Interior Health.

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Kandice (back row middle) with a few of her function fitness crew. To quote Kandice Davidson, our morning instructor, “Movement is medicine. Practice makes permanent. Consistency is key!” Finally, a testimonial from Betty Lynch, a regular participant for several years ... “What would I have done without Take Your Time Fitness? After my first broken hip surgery, I was losing all of my mobility; TYT Fitness brought so much mobility, strength, and pure unadulterated joy. The group gives us support, encouragement, and laughter. Laughter is good for the soul - it is also very good for the body. I wish more people would join us for the camaraderie and fitness on a slower level.”

Strength & Mobility (9:30 am) ~ This class is appropriate for Unsure which class is best for you? We can arrange an assessment those who are able to get up and down to the floor without too with our fitness trainers. As well, your first class is always free, so much difficulty, who can stand unassisted and move through a you can check it out without the initial commitment. circuit style fitness class. Rev-it-Up - Hiit Challenge (5:00 pm) ~ Are you being challenged in your current program? Are you doing enough at the gym to succeed? This class is for those who wish to advance their current fitness level. Higher Intensity Interval Training shreds fat and builds strength. Rev It Up with personal fitness trainer and motivator James Chicalo (in photo to left). As well as being certified in fitness training, James Chicalo brings a background in nutrition and DJ services for a high energy work out every time.

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10 High Sensitivity Predictive Biomarkers For Proactive Prevention Of Chronic Disease By Dr. Tamara Browne, ND Naturopathic Physician, Licensed and Registered by The BC Ministry of Health

Certain laboratory tests together reliably predict a person’s chance of developing a chronic illness. One of the basic tenants of Naturopathic Medicine is the practice of prevention. As the old saying goes, “an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This has never been more true than it is today with the plethora of chemically laden foods, medicines, household cleaners, toxic building materials, personal care products, pesticides and herbicides that each of us is faced with in our modern world. Although we have more chronic disease than ever before, and it is growing rapidly, the silver lining is that with conscious awareness and careful discriminating choices, we all have the power to greatly increase our chances of living long healthy, productive lives. We know that overall, 92% of lifetime health is a result of choice (environmentally caused) and only about 8% is genetically predetermined. So, for the most part, we have the power to attain and maintain good health for all of the decades of our lives. One of the ways to achieve this goal of optimal health is to know your individual physical strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge provides the foundation for action, and there are plenty of ways to overcome weaknesses and bolster health, if you know which weakness you have. Based on population studies, 10 biomarkers have been shown to reliably predict 10 year survival (and not 4. just surviving, but thriving). These are tests that are not always conducted, but may be ordered by more holistically minded physicians. Following is a list of these tests and the rational for their utility: 1.

Hs-CRP: High sensitivity CRP is a marker of inflammation. It is secreted by the liver in response to inflammation and is a prime indicator of atherogenicity (arterial damage that leads to cardiovascular disease). Chronic inflammation is a key underlying cause of most chronic disease.


Homocysteine: This is a molecule that is also released by the liver and damages the arterial endothelium, or inner wall lining, causing inflammation. It is only produced when a process called methylation is inhibited or slowed down. Certain individuals are genetically slow methylators and this can be tested by looking at their genetic profile, or SNPs. Also, certain chemicals and toxins can slow down methylation. Methylation is a critical component of detoxification and cellular health.


Hs-LRA: This is a blood test for reactivity of the immune system to particular substances such as foods, environmental chemicals, molds, environmental allergens, or medications. It tests a subset of white blood cells called lymphocytes to 6. determine if they are over-responding to substances and causing ongoing inflammation in the body. In essence, this tests the competency and effectiveness of the immune system to protect us from invading substances, without overreacting and causing tissue damage. When overwhelmed and dysregulated, we are not properly protected and in fact, can be unnecessarily inflamed due to the immune system overreacting to foreign invaders.


First Morning Urine pH: Body pH is best measured with a first morning urine sample. This can be done easily with urine pH strips. pH is a measure of body acidity or alkalinity. Our body biochemistry works best in a neutral or slightly alkaline environment. Too much acidity indicates underlying pathology and inflammation. Vitamin D3: Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a myriad of health problems, which occur more routinely in the winter due to lack of direct sun exposure. For instance, viral and bacterial infections including the Flu occur more in the winter. It has been discovered that Vitamin D turns on genes that boost production of antimicrobial peptides called cathelicidins, which destroy viruses, bacteria, and other germs. It has also been found that the immune systems’ killer cells, known as T-cells, rely on Vitamin D to become active. T-cells are vital for the immune system to identify and destroy foreign pathogenic microbes. Low Vitamin D levels are also associated with an increased risk of cancer, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), osteoporosis, rickets, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and obesity. In elderly people, this deficiency is linked with weakness, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, and a 2.5 times overall increased risk of death. Omega-3 Index: Omega-3 fatty acid tissue levels are highly correlated with brain, heart, immune, and cellular health. Modern diets tend to have a very high Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio. This tends to be inflammatory. Increasing Omega-3 intake and decreasing Omega-6 intake is highly antiinflammatory, which in effect improves health and longevity. Omega-3 fatty acids are highest in marine foods, such as wild fish and sea vegetables.




Urine 8-OHdG: This is a measure of oxidative stress levels in the nucleus of cells, which is where the DNA is stored. Increased levels cause damage to DNA which in turn can lead to various illnesses. 8-OHdG in urine provides a quantitative assessment of ongoing oxidative damage or stress in the body. Taking steps to reduce oxidative stress is valuable in optimizing health and longevity. This non-invasive test requires a single first morning void urine collection. HgA1C: Hemoglobin A1C is a measurement of average blood sugar over a 3 month period. Elevated blood sugar leads to weight gain, diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, heart disease, brain disease, kidney disease, and neurological problems. Ferritin: This is a test for iron storage levels in the tissues. Excess Ferritin is inflammatory and can be easily brought back to normal with regular blood donations. Certain individuals tend to have high iron stores due to certain genetic predispositions or dietary excess iron intake.

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Creative Wellness Solutions By Dee-anne Jalava, Seniors Wellness Practitioner

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~ Albert Einstien What wonderful words! We wish everyone a wonderfully happy and healthy New Year! 10. BMP/CBC: These are a battery of tests screening for organ Enjoy this time of reflection and anticipation of dysfunction and blood cell issues. Commonly performed and the wonderful things to come! referred to as Basic Metabolic Profile and Complete Blood Most of my articles discuss the numerous Count these are done during routine annual physicals and in health benefits of receiving regular chair massages, but as a response to illness to help determine the source of disease Wellness Practitioner I also provide wellness coaching. During this time of year, many people try to focus on their ‘hope for tomorrow’ and to help prevent progression of disease. and make New Year’s Resolutions. For more information on these 10 biomarkers and how you can be proactive against chronic disease, contact Dr. Tamara Browne, A RESOLUTION is: a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something. Whereas a GOAL is: the ND, at 250-497-6681 or at end toward which effort is directed. Sometimes the problem with the resolutions that we make is we don’t see immediate Nursing Care for your Feet, including Diabetic Foot Care results and may feel that we have failed, but Serving the Veterans & the South Okanagan Janel Bailey LPN we work toward goals and there are steps 250-462-5666 to achieving your goals that a Wellness Coach can help with. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions Happy New Year From Pebble To Pond fail by the second week of February, so Pebble to Pond Counselling Hypnotherapy Services would like the odds are against you. We can help you to take the opportunity to wish clients and families a Loving and succeed! Just as a sports coach pushes Joyous New Year. athletes to greatness in sports, a wellness Counselling Hypnotherapy is a method of bringing about coach helps clients to find success and satisfaction in all areas understanding and healing to our emotional and mental states. of their life. Wellness coaching and chair massage contribute to When repression is used by the sub-conscious mind to deal with a well-rounded lifestyle. After a busy and hectic holiday season a extreme emotions, a person later can experience high anxiety chair massage can help you wind down, relax and enjoy a better when faced with seemingly normal situations. Smoking, nail- night’s sleep. biting, teeth grinding, or other phobias may be signs of anxiety And remember, “If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not related to repressed memories. When the therapeutic process of write it down, you do not have a goal - you have a wish.” ~ Steve Hypnotherapy is sought, a client is counselled with talk therapy. A Maraboli personal guided meditation is formulated to aid the client to achieve At Creative Wellness Solutions, we specialize in helping people a state of deep relaxation, which helps the sub-conscious mind to reach their health and wellness goals through a combination of release locked away memories. When memories are recalled and coaching and chair massage. Take that first step towards making brought into the conscious memory, the client is counselled and your New Year’s resolutions/goals a success by calling us at 250supported while exploring, gaining insight, and deactivating the 497-5974 and making an appointment for your free consultation. negative emotions. Come and see how effective massage can be to your wellFreedom from despair and higher energy, both physically and being. Creative Wellness Solutions is conveniently set up at the emotionally, are wonderful states of being. We are all worthy of Okanagan Falls Zen Centre every Wednesday morning and at love, friendship, good health and a life that reflects our authentic numerous sites in Penticton every week. Be sure to check out selves. Pebble to Pond Counselling Hypnotherapy Services would our website at and visit our like to wish each and every person touched by this message, a Facebook page. new year filled with love, healing and the joy of life.

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An Observatory in Kaleden By Tom Landecker In the summer of 1957, two men travelled across Canada looking for a site for a new observatory. This was to be an unconventional observatory, designed to study the sky with the tools of radio technology, at a time when astronomy was mostly done with instruments that gathered light. Their car, loaded with radio equipment, stopped in the White Lake Basin. They set up a radio mast and hooked up their radio gear. After two weeks of listening and interpreting, they decided that this was the best of many places in Canada for a radio observatory. Flat land was available for building radio telescopes, the basin was surrounded by mountains that would shield the observatory from man-made radio signals, and nearby in the Okanagan, were pleasant places to live in towns that provided services.

The Oot n’ Oots

By June 1960, a new telescope was there, unlike anything built in Canada before that. The new ‘dish’ was 26 metres across and could be driven to look in any direction in the sky. Seven people made up the staff. And so, the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory set out on its path, to establish a science that was new to Canada.

Today, the observatory still has the same name, and still uses that Children’s Showcase is pleased to present the Oot n’ Oots on 26-metre telescope. In the 58 years since the first observations were made, we have boosted its sensitivity by a factor of a few Sunday, February 3rd at 2 pm at Cleland Theatre in Penticton. thousand. We have built new telescopes, and we have grown Performing music from their record Electric Jellyfish Boogaloo, into a national facility, supporting scientists from all corners of Kelowna’s Oot n’ Oots draw on diverse influences from the vast Canada. We are astronomers, engineers, computer scientists, history of rock ‘n’ roll. Hailed as a band with chops, soul, and and managers. We build telescopes on the observatory land. swagger, their songs are wildly imaginative, brimming with humour We develop front-line technology for our own telescopes and for and inspiration. With entertainment for the whole family, the Oot n’ telescopes around the world in which Canada is a partner. We Oots create a feeling of community, joy, and understanding. have extensive partnerships with Canadian universities and help Tickets for the Oot n’ Oots are $12 and are available at Tumbleweed them build their own telescopes. Gallery, Penticton Arts Council, Prague Café, Penticton Art Gallery, Outreach is one of our goals. From Easter to Thanksgiving, we Oliver Veterinary Hospital, The Beanery Café in Summerland or have guided tours available on weekends. We provide many tours online at Eventbrite. For more information call 250-492-7997 or go for school groups. Over the years, we have inspired many young to people with an interest in science, and we have many tales of Children’s Showcase is the longest-running, non-profit children’s entertainment series in British Columbia, celebrating its 35th season in 2018/2019. Each season the volunteer-run organization presents four dynamic performances by professional artists from across Canada, providing a selection of entertainment from music, dance, magic, acrobatics, comedy, puppetry, and theatre.

CatMatch My Name is Blue I am a raven haired beauty that likes to gossip, so listen close the first time because I never repeat the same story twice! Just kidding, I am always repeating myself. But seriously, I LOVE to chatter away. I am currently located at this wonderful bed and breakfast called Bosley’s in Penticton. I would really love to have a new relationship under way by Christmas. This living out of a suitcase is not the lifestyle I want to continue. So, stop in today and lets “chat” to see if we are compatible and we can toast the New Year in with a White Russian. I love milk!

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people now working in careers in engineering and science for whom a visit to the observatory was a turning point.

Here are a few helpful website addresses: • • tapping/ • Observatory/ The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory is operated by the National Research Council Canada. For more information, please phone the Observatory at 250-497-2300.

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What’s Happening at the Okanagan Falls Library in January?

Adult Programs: • Craft Circle ~ Wednesday, January 2nd and 16th from 1 - 3 Happy New Year from Glenda and Lynn at the Kaleden Library. pm. Bring your craft projects to work on or get some creative The Kaleden Library will reopen on Thursday, January 3rd from inspiration from others! 1-8 pm. • Book Club ~ Wednesday, January 16th from 1 - 2 pm. Our Learn to Crochet or Knit ~ A few ladies are interested in learning current book club book for discussion is “The Great Alone” by how to crochet or knit. If you can help out on Thursday evenings Kristin Hannah. in February, please call Glenda at the Library for more information. • Discover the Incredible Power of Your Mind ~ Join Elaine Bring your crocheting or knitting projects, Glenda will put on tea, Hopkins, DHP, counseling hypnotherapist and learn: the and always has cookies! law of attraction, how the mind works, how to access the subconscious mind for positive change, how visualization Christmas Highlights ~ The storytime children were happy that works, how to improve your health and increase your energy, Mrs. Claus was able to stop by and visit us. She brought cookies to and how to develop your intuition. Tuesday, January 15th share with all the children. Christmas Card Making was a huge hit! from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. Pre-registration preferred. • Friends of the Library ~ Okanagan Falls Library is pleased to announce the formation of a F.O.L. group. We are planning to have a book sale in the spring and are accepting your books, CDs and DVDs in good condition. No encyclopedias or Readers Digest condensed books please. Please join us for our next meeting Wednesday, January 23rd from 1 - 2 pm. • Dementia Friendly Community Presentation ~ Wednesday, January 30th from 1 - 2 pm. Join Mary Beth Rutherford of the Alzheimer Society of BC for her presentation. Please call the library to register. Left - Christmas Storytime at the Kaleden Library with Mrs. Claus. Right - The Children’s Programs: Christmas Card Making Class with over 20 children in attendance for this fun, • Winter Storytime ~ Tuesday, January 15th from 9 - 10 am. glittery event! The children made two cards and listened to a Christmas story. Preschool age to 8 years old. Join us for stories, songs, crafts Preschool Storytime ~ This program will start again on Tuesday, and more! January 22nd from 10:00 - 10:45 am. The library staff welcomes • LEGO Club ~ In partnership with the Recreation Commission, parents and caregivers to this storytime. We have fun listening to we will be providing LEGO Club at the Okanagan Falls stories, singing songs, making a craft and meeting new friends. Elementary School for early dismissal days on Wednesdays After School LEGO ~ This program is for those aged 5-12 years January 30th and February 27th from 1:00 - 2:30 pm. If old and will be held on Thursday, January 31st from 2:30 - 3:30 your child is not part of the early dismissal days program pm. A cookie snack is served, while we discuss our masterpieces. at the school, you must register with us for details. Space is limited, so please register for this FREE program. For All Ages: Call the Kaleden Library for more information at 250-497-8066 or • Unplug and Play in the Library every Saturday from email at January 5th to March 30th ~ Join us for board games, cards, Tuesday 1 - 5 pm / Thursday 1 - 8 pm / Friday 1 - 5 pm

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puzzles, adult coloring, and zentangle. Bring your family and your friends for self-led fun at the library and leave the cell phones, laptops, TV at home! Drop-in between 10 am - 2 pm.

Wishing our patrons a very Happy New Year from Lynn & Shirley!

You would save on energy costs and be eligible for a rebate of $1,200. Or, if you’d prefer, you could be eligible for a low interest loan (1.9%) for up to $6500. For more information, call FortisBC at 1-866-436-7847 or email electricrebates@

Making “Metal Hanger Christmas Trees” was a huge success!

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SPEAKS PUNJABI/URDU | January 2019 | Page 13

Great Things Happening At Kaleden Elementary School! By Mrs. Lomax, Kaleden School Principal 5 “Great Things” include ... 1. Christmas Concert ~ A Penguin’s Christmas was a very merry success with Penguins, Reindeer, Santa and an all-star cast of Elves. 2. Our students collected 242 food items to support our local Kaleden Cares Food Drive. 3. Local author Shawna Gill read her new children’s book, Henrick the Rooster Learns to be Kind, to our students. 4. LEGO Club is up and running with devoted LEGO builders before and after school. 5. Mrs. Morezewich class demonstrated their learning with a Landform 3-D Project.

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update By Brad Nunes

Hi Everyone. Happy New Year! Great job stumbling through 2018! With the Christmas rush, I always feel a little like a disoriented marathon runner going full jello legs over the finish line. But instead of the race being over, your family and friends congratulate you, stand you up and point to the start of a new race called ‘2019’. Off we trudge! But the wonderful thing is, we have those family and friends cheering us on as we race. And, we cheer on our fellow racers as well. We are all tired and stumbling, but at least all of us clowns are here stumbling together. Here is to 2019! A few dates here to remember. Official school start is Monday, January 7th. Early entries will not be accepted. We will be dropping kids down a hill (on tubes at Apex) on Friday, January 18th. PAC was happy to welcome our newly minted trustee Kathy at our December meeting. If anyone out there would like to spice up their free time, we are looking for volunteers for both Lego Club and Hot Lunch. So, if plastic bricks or bricks of cheese are your thing, please contact the school. We will be happy to have you.

School District No. 53 Board Report By Janice Stevens, School Trustee I hope everyone have wonderful and safe holiday season. Welcome to the New Year 2019! STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: District Innovation/Initiatives Take-A Risk Grants: We have approved 10 Take-A-Risk grants for 2018-19, which is exciting. Take-A-Risk grants are provided to teams of teachers to work collaboratively planning and assessing new initiatives they are trying in their classrooms. Recipients will share their learning at the June Education Committee meeting. Some of the initiatives supported include: • New ways of organizing for learning in Tech Education • Outdoor and Place Conscious Learning • Innovative teaching practices for teaching comprehension and decoding in secondary classes • Development of local Indigenous resources and lessons • Planning and assessing Core Competencies in secondary classrooms • Academic electives • Extended Field Excursion in cross-curricular Biology and English 11 • Universal Access to Communication Options for all Students • Outdoor Learning in X-Block BC Tripartite Education Agreement (BCTEA): The provincial demographics are such that 65,269 public school students selfidentify as Indigenous. This accounts for 12% of the public school student body. In considering student outcomes in BC and the six-year completion rate, 66% of Indigenous students complete graduation requirements within six years, which is up 27% since 2000. Students living on reserve, have a completion rate of 57%. The BC Government’s direction includes the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, and the Draft Principles that Guide the Province of BC’s Relationship with Indigenous Peoples. The Province has negotiated a new tripartite agreement (with Canada and First Nations) to better serve students living on reserve no matter what school type they choose. Three key areas of BCTEA for school districts include: First Nations Transportation Plans, Local Education Agreements, and First Nations Education Outcomes Improvement teams. District staff will be attending Ministry meetings to find out more details and then will need to reach out to First Nations in our area for preliminary conversations on transportation needs of students living on reserve attending public schools. Updates will be provided, as we learn more details. SOGI Education 123: Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) leads in each school met with Marcus Toneatto last week to share and plan how they can move forward creating safe and inclusive schools for all. Two parent resource videos were viewed and discussed. One parent resource was aimed at parents of elementary students and the other parent resource was aimed at parents of secondary students. Those videos can be accessed at: OPERATIONS: 2018/19 Enrolment: As of November 30th, schools reported enrolment of 2,393.0625 FTE, which is an increase of 33.6875 FTE from September 28th, 2018 enrolment of 2,359.375 FTE. For more information, feel free to contact me any time. Janice Stevens, School Trustee for SD#53, at 250-307-4245 or jstevens@

December Highlights From Okanagan Falls Elementary School



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Okanagan Falls PAC Update By Lindsay Hainstock, PAC Vice President

There has been a great initiative in the school to start teaching kids about goal setting and how to work towards achieving it. You have probably heard them talk about what “letter” they are working to achieve ... Safety Optimism Achieve Respect. This plays in well to the start of the new year and the very common New Year’s resolution. Little changes to our routine can be very impactful and tend to be more long lasting than trying to do everything at once! Let’s set up the kids for success and start with some healthy changes to routines. Lunches ~ You don’t have to eliminate all treats forever, but choose ones with less sugar or balanced with more fiber and protein. (You really can make delicious brownies using black beans! Sleep ~ Try and get to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal, then try another 15 min the next week until you achieve the hours our bodies need. It’s ridiculous to think we can just suddenly get an extra hour at once. (Ya, you heard me daylight savings time). Positivity ~ Take the time in the morning to say one nice thing to each other. (After your first coffee works is totally understandable). Self Care ~ Give yourself permission for a little break, treat, and forgiveness sometimes. (It’s ok to not have your act together all the time and lock the bathroom door.) Carl Gunderson would like people to know there is potential funding help for families whose children have extra ordinary dental needs, but cannot afford the treatment. Carl can be reached at 770-3430 for further information. Volunteers Needed ~ The Okanagan Falls PAC is also part of the District PAC (DPAC), which is comprised of PAC members from other schools in our district. Unfortunately, we do not currently have anyone that is able to attend the meetings once a month. The meetings are usually held in Oliver and OKFalls PAC will cover the cost of mileage. Let us know if you might be interested. Thank you to Blue Mountain Vineyards for donating over $500 from their holiday event! It is a big help towards us reaching our goal of attaining new computer technology for the school. Our next PAC meeting will be on Thursday, February 7th at 6:30pm in the school library. Childcare is available during meetings. Find us on Facebook in the group Okanagan Falls Elementary PAC or email any comments/questions to

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By Principal Karen Sinclair 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

CONGRATULATIONS to OKF Volleyball Teams in the District B Tournament - Boys placed 1st and Girls placed 2nd. WAY TO GO FALCONS! Thank you to volunteer Coach Leochko. OKF Glee Club entertained the community at the Festiv-ALL. CONGRATULATIONS to our students who met their “S.O.A.R.” goals this term. OKF students support the Helping Hands Christmas food drive. OK Falls staff wishes everyone a very “HAPPY NEW YEAR”! Thank you for all your support! We are looking forward to a fantastic 2019!

Services For The Heart & Home By Patricia Irwin

How about a massage to relax after all the excitement of the holidays? My New Year special rate is $60/hour for Swedish Massage and $50 for Indian Head Massage, which includes a mobile service if you live in Okanagan Falls. I also offer cleaning services, which many residents enjoy after a busy holiday hosting family and freinds. Combining the two, cleaning and massage, on the same day has been quite successful and requested by many of my clients. Call and ask about the different packages available for both cleaning and massages. May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow, and smile unconditionally. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Services for the Heart & Home House Cleaning, Yard Work, Community Support Worker & Massage Technician

For more info, call Patricia at 778.889.9725

Two Great Ways To Save For Your Retirement That Work Even Better Together By Robert McLennan, Investment Advisor RBC Dominion Securities. In the media, Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) can be presented as an either/or choice, leading investors to favour one over the other. However, both account types offer distinct benefits that can help you manage taxes and boost after-tax dollars. Further, by utilizing both accounts, you gain an additional layer of flexibility to help maximize the benefits of each account. Let Your RRSP Tax Savings Build Your TFSA Your RRSP offers some well-known tax advantages, including the ability to claim your RRSP contributions as deductions on your income tax returns, and potentially receive tax refunds. By choosing to put your savings into your RRSP first, and using your RRSP tax refunds to contribute to your TFSA, you can build more assets for your retirement. Plus, you can fund your TFSA without the need to find those extra dollars from your paycheque. The Flexibility Of Two Accounts When your tax rate is relatively high, and you require additional income, drawing savings from your TFSA can make a lot of sense. That’s because you can withdraw funds without paying taxes at your current high rate, and the amount you withdraw is added back to your available contribution room the following year. On the other hand, because RRSP/RRIF withdrawals are taxable, to maximize the benefits, withdrawals are ideally made when your income is relatively low and/or your tax-rate is lower than when you made your contributions. By building assets in both your TFSA and RRSP, you have the flexibility to draw income from the account that best suits your current tax or income scenario. Benefits Before And During Retirement For most people, their retirement income will be lower than throughout their career, providing a natural time to take advantage of lower tax rates to withdraw from their RRSP, and eventually their RRIF.

Strengthening Your Financial Security Robert A. McLennan, FMA

Investment Advisor

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However, employment and retirement income, or income needs are not always consistent over a lifetime. Pre-retirement, people Group Travel take time off to take care of family, for education, sabbaticals or By Diane Chatfield other personal reasons. Post-retirement, income can also vary One of the many advantages of working with a licensed Travel significantly for those who retire prior to pensions kicking in, take Agent is our ability to arrange an amazing group travel opportunity on a new career, or have income needs that vary due to lifestyle. for you. You put together the group ... friends, family, sports team, Having assets in both your RRSP and TFSA through these periods car club, zumba class, wine club, wedding, cooking club, yoga not only helps provide income, it can also help you smooth your class, retirees, students, etc. ... the possibilities are endless! And, taxable income and maximize the tax benefits of these two we will do the all the work to create and organize your tour, making accounts. sure that all guests are accommodated together. Everyone’s income and tax situation is different and there can be The benefits of group travel are numerous and substantial: several moving parts beyond your TFSA and RRSP. Contact us • Safety to review your personal situation and optimize a plan to suit your • See the world with like-minded companions needs. • Discounts This information is not intended as nor does it constitute tax or legal • Budget in advance advice. Readers should consult their own lawyer, accountant or • Enjoy authentic, local experiences other professional advisor when planning to implement a strategy. • Free value-added extras This article is supplied by Robert McLennan an Investment Advisor • Expert tour leaders and guides with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member–Canadian Investor • See and do more than you would by yourself Protection Fund. To learn more, including how you can travel for FREE, contact us Page 16 | January 2019 | at Reliable Travel ... Your local travel experts!

Brian Moen

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Heading To The Sun For Winter? By Brian Moen

Here are a couple of tips to prepare your home, if you are heading to the sun for a couple of months this winter.

• • •

Shut off the water to washing machines and dishwashers where possible, to avoid any leaks or broken hoses while you are away. Turn off the heat source and water supply to hot water heaters (if separate from your boiler). Consider shutting off and draining outdoor water faucets to prevent vandalism and freezing damage. Have a water flow sensor and low temperature sensor installed on your main water supply pipe and hooked into a constantly monitored alarm system or your smart phone.

5. Perform Routine Maintenance Before You Leave. • Have your heating system inspected and serviced before winter. Have your fuel tanks filled before you leave, and ask someone to check on heat and fuel levels regularly while you are gone. • Unplug all unnecessary appliances before you leave. Make sure you can retrieve messages on your home answering machine or voicemail, so it does not indicate ‘full’ or unattended when someone calls.

1. Make Your Home Appear As Though It Is Continuously Occupied. • Forward your mail, stop newspaper delivery, and ask a friend or relative to collect flyers or other items that may be left at 6. Make Your Home Unattractive To Pests. your door. • Clean your home thoroughly to help discourage new • Arrange for someone to remove snow after storms. “residents” from moving in. • Put motion-sensitive exterior lights and interior lights on • Inspect your home for openings that animals could use to timers and set them to come on at varying times to discourage enter. For example, make sure your fireplace flue is closed, prowlers. as bats, birds and squirrels are known to get inside this way. 2. Take Steps To Protect Your Home From Thieves. • Check weather-stripping, insulation and exterior doors and • Confirm that your alarm systems are in working order and windows to ensure no major deficiencies are present. Water have been activated. and insects can enter through these openings. • Secure external doors and windows with deadbolt locks, • Chimneys should be inspected by a chimney service and, security-type hinges and sturdy door frames that cannot be if necessary, cleaned to ensure that they are free from spread apart. Install slide locks or other equivalent security obstructions such as nesting birds. Install chimney guard locks on sliding glass doors or French doors. screen-caps to help prevent any infestation. • Store valuables that you are not taking with you in a safe 7. Be Ready For Emergencies. deposit box or other secure off site location. • Install smoke detectors on at least every floor, and confirm • Do not post your vacation or travel plans on social media that the sensors and system are tested regularly. sites, as potential thieves can use that information to learn • Ask a trusted friend, neighbour or relative to keep an eye on that your house is vacant. your home and be available in emergency situations. Give 3. Protect Your Pipes To Avoid Water Damage By Turning Off them access to your home, so they can regularly monitor Your Water Supply. heating, electrical and water systems. • If a pipe bursts or leaks while you are away, it could cause • If the weather turns frigid, have them inspect for leaks inside. significant damage. Consider completely turning off the water Make sure they have your contact information and a list of supply, if no one will be in the home for an extended period local contractors they can reach for repairs or service. of time. If your home is heated by an older steam heating system, consult with your heating professional to determine if it is safe to turn off the water supply for your particular heating system. Also, if your home is protected by a fire sprinkler system, do not turn off the water to this system. • Drain your pipes of all water by opening the faucets, and DARYL TARR ~ 250-770-0585 flush your toilet to clear the water from the tank and bowl, LICENSED INSURED BONDED then consider pouring antifreeze in toilet tanks and bowls a r o to prevent any remaining water from freezing and cracking. Call f LET US BE YOUR SECURITY BLANKET FREE Always use non-toxic antifreeze rated for plumbing systems. Use our dependable, trustworthy and friendly services to ! Quote have peace of mind, while you are on vacation or away. • To help confirm that the pipes have been drained, consider having a plumber blow compressed air through the pipes.


4. Keep Your Home And Plumbing Warm If Your Water Supply Stays On. • If you decide against draining your water pipes, keep the furnace running to help ensure the home stays warm and the pipes do not freeze. • Set the temperature at 55°F or higher to help keep the interior of the floor and wall cavities, where the water piping is likely located above freezing temperatures. Keeping room and cabinet doors open also helps heat to circulate and warm the areas where pipes are located.

Thank you for your continued support. Happy New Year! Winter Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9-4 & Saturday 10-3:30 1964 Oliver Ranch Road, Okanagan Falls

Okanagan Falls Seniors Activity Centre By Velva Popowich and Loraine Thompson Happy New Year everyone! Now that Christmas and New Year’s festivities are over, it’s time to get back on track. Our activities will be back in full swing by Thursday, January 3rd, starting the year off right with Exercise at 9am. Don’t forget our Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, January 5th from 8-10am. Our General Meeting held on Monday, January 7th will see installation of our new executive for the coming year. We are still in need of someone to run for Vice President. If you think you could do this, or know of someone, please contact Grethe Jensen. December’s Music Jam was very well attended, and lots of great musicians were in the house. We look forward to seeing more of our old and new Snowbird friends from all over the country at the next Music Jam to be held on Sunday, January 13th. And, hopefully more of our local folks will come on by as well. You never know, this could be the place that you become famous, and one day we’ll all be saying, “I knew them when ...”. A big thanks goes to everyone that donated toilet paper rolls for our Christmas decorating crafts. We turned them in to lovely sparkly snowflakes that in addition to the big white paper snowflakes, made the hall look like a ‘Winter Wonderland’. They added a nice touch to our Christmas Dinner. A big thanks goes to “Catering Done Right” of Kaleden for the great dinner and the “Little Big Band” for their toe-tapping music. Also, thank you for door prize donations from Noble Ridge, Blasted Church, Meyer’s Family Vineyard, Wild Goose, See Ya Later Ranch, Dr. James Robertson, Kettle Valley Pizza, OK Falls IGA, BC Leatherworks, and Terry and Bev Clark of Peachcliff Estates Management.

There’s nothing too wild and crazy going on here in January. Just Looking For Recent Fish Photos the regular routines are back in place, but they’re a comfort just By Larry Martin the same. It makes the transition of moving in to a New Year a bit easier. Check the calendar below for what’s up and coming. Also, I am still looking for more pictures of recently caught fish in our if you brave the internet, Skaha Matters has a Weekly eCalendar local area. Bob Davies submitted this picture above of a quality rainbow caught in Skaha Lake this fall. Bob is a well known local that is kept up to date. Have you renewed your 2019 membership yet? Membership is fly fisher, so I am sure he received some good hearted teasing just $15/year, which covered January 1 - December 31. For more about the choice of fly. Large trout in Skaha are definitely feasting information on anything to do with the Seniors Centre, please call on kokanee or sockeye that have not yet migrated to the ocean. Grethe at 250-488-3925 or stop by and check us out.

Mark Your Calendar! Pancake Breakfast ~ Saturday, January 5 from 8-10am General Meeting ~ Monday, January 7 at 1pm Music Jam ~ Sunday, January 13 at 1pm (lunch at 11:30) (Music Jams regularly run 2nd Sunday from October to April) Drop-In Bingo ~ Saturday, January 19 at 1pm Canasta ~ Mondays - January 7, 14, & 21 at 10am Exercise Class ~ Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9am - Resumes Jan 3rd Bingo ~ Tuesdays - January 5, 15, 22 at 1pm Evening Pool ~ Tuesdays at 6pm - Resumes Jan 8th Music & Coffee ~ Wednesdays & Fridays from 9-10:30am Carpet Bowling ~ Wednesdays at 1pm - Resumes Jan 9th Scrabble ~ Thursdays at 10am Bridge Club ~ Thursdays at 1pm Cribbage ~ Thursdays at 7pm

I favour lures with some colour contrast. The lure pictured has contrast and a diving lip which creates a wobble, imitating a wounded bait fish. McFly and Lyman, local area manufacturers, have several good choices for winter rainbows.

OK, I must confess, in recent years I have become a fair weather fisher. My boat is already stored for the winter, but if I get one more picture of a large Skaha rainbow and if there is no snow on my drive way, I will be on the water very early in the New Year. For more info, just ask Larry Martin at

Daniel W. Markin - Certified Barber - 778-515-6585

Nunes ~ Pottinger Funeral Service and Crematorium

Are you over 50? Just $15/yr to join! Enjoy activities. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN! Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Centre! For more information, call Grethe at 250.497.5669. Page 18 | January 2019 |

Open: Tue-Fri ~ 8-2 / Sat ~ 8-12 Closed: Sun/Mon & Holidays 5208 9th Ave. Okanagan Falls

250-498-0167 JOHN NUNES 5855 Hemlock Street, PO Box 788, Oliver V0H 1T0


The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227 By Bev van Uden

January Events at Okanagan Falls Legion: Wednesday, January 9th ~ Music Trivia. 1st of 2 nights in January. Join in the fun starting at 7 pm. Food is available. Sunday, January 20th ~ Pancake Breakfast from 8-11 am. We have pancakes, French toast, potatoes, ham, bacon, sausages, coffee & juice. Adults $6, Children $3, and those under 3 eat free! Let our wonderful volunteers do the cooking for you. Tuesday, January 21st ~ General Meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm. Wednesday, January 23rd ~ Music Trivia. 2nd of 2 nights in January. Join in the fun starting at 7 pm. Food is available. Friday & Saturday Nights ~ Meat & 50-50 Draws starting at 5 pm on Friday & 4 pm on Saturday. Come on out ... You could be one of the lucky ones! Everyone welcome.

Sunday Fun Day! Bingo and horse racing starts at 1:30 pm. Every Sunday, you can join in Snooker starting about 12:30 pm Youth Darts ~ Every Friday at 6:30 pm at the Okanagan Falls Legion. For youth and teens aged 11-18 years. Call Dee at 250-497-5975. Darts, Shuffleboard & Pool ~ Call Denise for more information on Darts & Shuffleboard at 250-4854949. Call Stan for information on the Pool League at 778-531-8228.

Okanagan Falls Lions Update By Bob Wilson, President And so, we enter upon another adventure in time, Old Year out and New Year in. Therefore, I wish you a “Happy New Year” and all the best for a healthy, happy, prosperous and peaceful year ahead. Lions will be continuing projects as usual and looking for ways to involve more community interest in our club activities. We haven’t given up on a permanent washroom facility in Centennial Park the “Lions Loo” is still a item we would like to see completed. The school breakfast program continues on Thursday mornings, our ladies are still baking cookies as a fund raiser item and had a good year in 2018. I will curb my verbosity at this time, in order not to incur “oh no, not more of that continual diatribe”. However, once again I would like to thank all for their support over the years and hope we can count on continuance of your help. Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinics are January 21 & 22 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers for their clinics. To become a donor and/or volunteer, please visit or call 1-888-236-6283. When you see a volunteer, please thank them. The Okanagan Falls Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Monday each month at 7pm in the Okanagan Falls Legion. If you would like to join us, talk to a Lions member or call 778-439-2275. Okanagan Falls Lion’s Club is online at and “Where there’s a need ... there’s a Lion!”

OK Falls Heritage & Museum Society By Marla Wilson All the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season is now behind us. We seem to eat too much, rush too much, spend too much, and now it is time to sit and relax. It really was a great Christmas season, and for the most part, the weather man was easy to get along with.

The Heritage Society held the Annual Christmas Party and Dinner at the Seniors Centre. Joan Rundle put out one of her fabulous dinners with turkey and trimmings. Local singer Grant Henderson filled the room with Christmas Carols and a guessing game was developed by Sue Walker. Everyone took part and winners were Betty Lynch and Gerrie Jackson. Well done Girls! The Town of We are open to Legion Members and bonafide guests. We are Okanagan Falls businesses supplied donations for the Door Prize Winners. We want to express our most sincere appreciation to located at 5009 Veterans Way in Okanagan Falls. 250-497-8338 G&R Auto, Falls Market, Dr. Robertson’s Office, Pharmasave, Facebook Page: Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC. Okanagan Falls, Esso Gas Station, Bullies Pizza, KVR Pizza, “Where you are always welcome to join us!” Falls Restaurant, Jardin Estate Jewelry & Antiques, 3 Winds Hair Design, Interior Savings Credit Union in Okanagan Falls, Okanagan Falls, Royal LePage, Okanagan Falls Regional Ladies Auxiliary of Branch #227 Update IGA Library, La Villa Motel, Ye Old Welcome Inn, KJ Coffee Bar, and By Barb Few OK Barber Shop. The door prizes were fantastic! It was truly a Wow, another New Year! May 2019 bring everyone what you night to remember! wish for, and starting with luck at our LA Bingo held on Saturday, The Thrifty Boutique will be running 5 days a week as usual. The January 5th in the Okanagan Falls Legion Branch #227 at 1pm. Museum is closed for the winter months, but there may be some On Wednesday, January 9th, we have our General Meeting at changes in the Museum Displays. 1pm. This is when some decisions for the coming year will be The next meeting of the Heritage Society will be held on Tuesday, made and a chance for everyone to meet up with the new slate of January 15th at 1:00 pm in the Community Room at Okanagan officers, who will be guiding us through the year. Falls Elementary School. This will be our Annual General Meeting, We have a lot of fun in the Ladies Auxiliary and a lots of laughter so a new executive will be voted and installed. too, so come and see what it is all about. | January 2019 | Page 19 2019 Membership Are Now Due ~ Show Your Support - Become A Member. You honour and support Canada’s Veterans when you join. Veterans served to protect the rights and freedoms we enjoy today, and the Royal Canadian Legion is committed to ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve.

Kaleden Museum ~ A History Tid Bit By Meredith King This column is taken from the recollections of Kaleden pioneer Ron King, who was born here in September 1915, the second child born in the community. He wrote these musings about his life in Kaleden before he passed away in 2010. These are his words, his memories, his thoughts, just as he wrote them down, run-on sentences included.

School Daze

South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre

Discover ways you can contribute and make a difference at and search under ‘Browse Opportunities’. You can also register as a volunteer to receive volunteer opportunity updates. For more information or to meet with a staff member, please email or call 1-888-576-5661.

As you will have surmised, the total attendance at the school in the 1920’s was not causing any overcrowding of facilities, nor was there any need to bring in portables. The community, with great foresight, had erected the two room school, but until about 1930 there was no need for the second room for classes. Instead, it was used as a playroom or gym, if one wishes to be expansive in the Special Olympics British Columbia (SOBC) changes lives through description of it. the power and joy of sport. SOBC is seeking a volunteer local It must have been about 40 feet long by 30 feet in width with a coordinator with strong leadership, communication and organizing ten or possibly 12 foot ceiling. For several years during the time skills. The goal is to provide for the effective and efficient operations the space was not needed for classroom space, it was used of the local organization. To learn more and to volunteer, please by the community throughout the winter as a badminton court. contact Leanne Kelly either Toll-free at 1-888-854-2276 or email Since the length was not quite up to badminton court standards, the end lines were painted a foot up the walls. This led to some real advantage to local members when visitors from Penticton The Mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Society came for a tournament. The low ceilings and short back lines lent of Canada is to be a leader in finding a cure themselves to a totally different game than that usually played in for multiple sclerosis and enabling people more standard surroundings. affected by MS to enhance their quality of Since the weather was normally pretty good, the gym was not needed for school activities very often. Outside activities included some that would be common today, softball being an obvious example. True, the field sloped quite precipitously, with the outfield being a good deal higher than the infield. This meant that a home run was truly earned, since, if not fielded cleanly by the outfielders, it would gravitate back to home plate on its own. The location of the school determined some of the spare time activities. It was situated in the hollow at the end of Birch Avenue, surrounded on three sides by hills. During noon hours, if nothing of more importance appeared on the agenda, the boys might climb up Greyledge and by dint of great exercise, pry loose huge boulders which were rolled down the hill to the detriment of the health and well being of anyone below.

life. Would you like to make a difference and become a Friendly Visitor? We have the perfect volunteer opportunity for you. The Friendly Visiting program matches volunteers with residents living with MS in a long-term care facilities. The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life of isolated persons with MS living in long term care, by fostering supportive relationships between a resident and a volunteer. For more information or to become a Friendly Visitor, please contact Rebecca Cooke at 250-314-0773 or email rebecca. MS Society of Canada.

“Our purpose is to unite the arts community and work towards the building of a sustainable state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre that will serve the needs of Then there was the mad impulse to excavate in the clay hillside our region for generations to come.” to the northwest. If asked to engage in such menial, dusty, gut wrenching toil, all the participants would have found a thousand The South Okanagan Performing Arts Centre is valid excuses, but since no adult suggested or even approved of seeking new board members. If you are interested such a project, it was entered into with great enthusiasm. A cave in contributing to an exciting cultural scene for the region, please was dug into the hillside with the expenditure of much effort and contact Allan Markin at visions of a clubhouse with all the modern conveniences was promoted. Alas, at the moment when the dream showed the The Canadian Red Cross is the leading promise of coming to fruition, an anxious teacher advised parents humanitarian organization through which of the potential cave-in danger and a group of fathers destroyed people voluntarily demonstrate their caring the labour of months. for others in need. Emergency management Tune in next month for more ramblings on the intricacies of Kaleden life. To donate an item to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Meredith at 250-497-6995.









Kaleden Snow Removal





The Kaleden HUB is looking for volunteers to help out with occasional snow removal in Kaleden this winter. We could use people with machines or just a shovel and elbow grease. To volunteer or if you feel you may need some assistance with snow removal, please call the HUB at 250-460-3387. 250-460-3387 R



Page 20 | January 2019 |

program volunteers are needed for Penticton, Oliver and Osoyoos. Equipment loans program volunteers are needed for Oliver and Princeton. The job descriptions for both programs are available at www.volunteercentre under ‘Browse Opportunities’. Considering Volunteering? Attend the next Volunteer Gathering, where volunteers meet first and get to know one another before embarking on volunteer work of their choice. Everyone is welcome. The next Volunteer Gathering is scheduled for February 27th from 11:30 - 1:00 pm, includes lunch and refreshments. RSVP by February 22nd to All gatherings are held at the Parlour, located at 696 Main Street in Penticton.

Kaleden Seniors Programs By Aja Jackson, Event Coordinator

2018 came to a Holly Jolly close with a fun filled “Wreath Appie Potluck” Evening. Linden Gardens was overflowing with the fragrance of pine and holly and the tables were laden with delectable desserts and appies. The Kaleden Seniors Committee is very grateful to Ken and Margaret Hayter, who opened their doors and generously donated the wreath making greenery. Thanks also to our community who supported this annual event, which saw people of all ages share in creativity, Christmas cheer and great food. See you next November!













By Brian Udal Lessons start on January 10th in Penticton ~ Learn East Coast Swing (Bronze 2) or Salsa (Bronze 1). Lessons start on January 11th in Summerland ~ Single Rhythm Jive (Bronze 1) or Merengue - Latin (Bronze 1). Monthly Dance Parties in Summerland. Everyone welcome. Private lessons offered for bridal couples or dance refinement. Learn to dance with “Dance Vision International Dance Association” certified instructor Brian Udal. Register your place on the dance floor by phoning 778.516.7272. (Take a picture for your convenience) Get Ready, Get Set, Get Dancing!



Learn Swing, Latin, Country & Ballroom



Our Fun Facts and Food Series kicks off this New Year on Friday, January 18th at the Kaleden Community Hall. Get Bent studios will provide a short demonstration on the health benefits of Chair Yoga at 11:30, followed by a presentation from The Gleaners at 11:45. This volunteer non-profit organization works alongside local farmers to turn surplus foods into dried soup mix for people in developing countries. Come learn about The Gleaners, experience a different type of Yoga and enjoy a delicious home-made soup lunch BY DONATION at 12:30. All ages welcome! Many more events are coming your way: Cards and Games returns Thursday, January 17th from 1-3 at Kaleden Community Hall. In February, a “Taste of the Philippines” hands-on cooking class will excite your taste buds. And, on Sunday, April 28th, we will see the return of the “Heritage Tea”. So, mark your calendars now! If you know of any people who lived in Kaleden and have moved away that you think might want to attend the Heritage Tea, please let a committee member know or email More details on all of these events coming in the February edition of Skaha Matters. Stay tuned! If you have any ideas or comments, please let us know by email to

H&M Thrifty Boutique

Need A Ride? If you live in the Kaleden Area and need a ride, please call 250-460-3387.

H&M Thrifty Boutique Open 10-3 Tuesday - Saturday 250-486-6371

Okanagan Falls Heritage & Museum Place - 1145 Main St

Accepting Clean & Gently Used Clothing & Accessories In Person When Open Please!


• Okey Dokey Music Bingo Music Trivia, Name That Tune & Family Feud • Okey Dokey Karaoke • Okey Dokey DJ Systems & Event Coordination Weddings, Private Parties and Special Events

We have loads of experience and make sure all our events are loads of fun for everyone! See You Soon ... Okey Dokey?

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom Dance Lessons Monthly Dance Parties ~ Certified Instructor Since 2004 250-689-0500 or 1-800-880-7365


LOCAL CHURCH DIRECTORY Kaleden Community Church (KCC)

Family Worship ~ Sundays at 10:00 am Mental Wellbeing Film Series ~ Good Will Hunting on Sunday, January 20th from 5-8pm; The Soloist on Sunday, February 3rd from 5-8pm; and Lars and the Real Girl on Sunday, March 3rd from 5-8pm. Each evening includes viewing, discussion, drinks and popcorn. Tickets available by donation at the door or email to 443 Lakehill Rd, Kaleden / Pastor David Jenkins - 250-497-5995 Email: / FB: Kaleden Community Church - for up to date event info

Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship ~ 10:00 am & 6:00 pm Bible Study at Church ~ Wednesdays at 7:00 pm 1356 McLean Creek Rd, OK Falls / Office: 250-497-5131 Pastor Wade Harvey ~ Come join us in celebrating God’s Love!

Okanagan Falls United Church

Sunday Service ~ 9:00 - 10:00 am January Speakers: 6th - Rev. Mark Bedford; 13th - Victor Ince; 20th - Rev. David Sparks; and 27th - Nancy Wyse. All ages are welcome! Coffee and social time to follow service. 1108 Willow St, OK Falls / 250-497-1171 /

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service

Sunday Mass ~ 11:30 am 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Administrator - Father Dominique Okanagan Falls Contact: Lorraine Harrison - 250-497-8781

St. Barbara’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service ~ 9:30 am 1st 3 Sundays & 1:00 pm 4th Sunday Coffee and social time after the Church Service. 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Rev. Glenda Drew - 204-981-6368 ES


Kaleden Ladies Drop-in











Wednesdays from 1-4pm at Kaleden Community Church. Ladies welcome for coffee, quilting, conversation & crafts. Resumes on Wednesday, January 9th.

The New Year Begins With Sharing 100 Men Who Care Continues To Support Charities




In the past two years, members of 100 Men Who Care-Penticton have donated more than $66,000 to 30 different charities in Charities Are The Penticton, Summerland, Osoyoos, Oliver and Keremeos. The group meets four times a year and the first meeting of the New Real Winners Year will be held on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at TIME With 100 Women Who Care South Okanagan-Similkameen Winery & Kitchen, located at 361 Martin Street in Penticton. Making a difference seems to be the key motivator for the more than Doors Open at 5:00 pm & Event is 5:30-6:30 pm. 200 women members of 100 Women Who Care South Okanagan- The 100 Men Who Care concept is quite simple. Members meet Similkameen. With more than $81,050 dollars donated to 38 local four times a year and each person commits to donating $100 charities, banding together to find and fund local charities really at each meeting. Three charitable organizations from the South has an impact. Okanagan and Similkameen region are chosen at random When our members get together, we share a few laughs, quite and invited to present at a meeting, where they describe their a bit of wine, and our passion for helping others. Our members organization, explain how a donation would be used and whom donned their signature ‘Little Black Dresses’ in December to enjoy it will help. The 100 Men members then vote to distribute their fantastic food and wine at Time Estate Winery. And in turn, our donations to the charities, with 80% going to the charity receiving members gave The South Okanagan Children’s Charity $5250 the most votes and the two other groups receiving 10% each. to help families with living expenses when their little ones were At the October meeting three charities, the Okanagan Boys & Girls undergoing out of town medical care. The South Okanagan Club, the South Okanagan Women in Need Society (SOWINS) Rehabilitation Centre for Owls and the Special Olympics BC also and the Penticton Soupateria Society shared $7,700 in donations. received $500 each to help them provide services. If you are interested in becoming one of the 100 Men, feel free to Thanks to all the fabulous women who make 100 Women Who attend as a guest to see what it is all about and take the opportunity Care special. Thanks to Time Winery for the terrific food and wine. to hear from three charities you might not be aware of. More We look forward to seeing everyone in April 2019. Come join us ... information can be found on the website at www.100menpenticton. com or you can email

Helping Hand Update By Carmen Dixon, Helping Hand Chair It has been a fantastic year! The Helping Hand Christmas Hampers and Toys were distributed to approximately 65 families and/or individuals on December 19th. We appreciate and thank all the local businesses like IGA and Pharmasave, and of course our community, for all of their generous donations of food, toys, money and volunteering. Thank you so much for making this year another great success! For more information, to volunteer with our group, or to apply for an emergency hamper, please leave a message at 250-486-2767.

Credible Cremation Services Ltd.

Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need.

Call Lesley, our own Senior, Licensed Director Total - Basic Cremation ... No Hidden Costs $1190.00 + taxes (Penticton area) $1390.00 + taxes (Kelowna area)


BC Lic# 49382

(24 hrs)

101-596 Martin St, Penticton, BC V2A 5L4

If Basic Cremation Is Your Choice By Lesley Luff of Credible Cremation Services Ltd. (Resident of Okanagan Falls)

The annual “Fill the Van” for the Okanagan Falls Helping Hand Christmas Hampers was held on Saturday, December 8th at the IGA in Okanagan Falls.

To All My Clients & Friends ... After 16+ years in Real Estate in the beautiful South Okanagan, I am saying goodbye. I have happily decided to retire and I thank you all for letting me be part of your lives and your community. It has been my honour! Laurie Kingsfield | 250.498.1110

At-Need or Pre-Need $1190 + taxes Penticton and Area $1390 + taxes Kelowna and Area Another year has slipped away and a new one is just beginning. As we look forward to 2019 with anticipation, most of us will be making “New Year’s Resolutions”. Some of which we will keep and others, just like the old year, will slip away un-accomplished. To those of you who may have made a resolution to see to your final arrangements or to make your Will and did not quite “get around to it”, this is a new year and the best opportunity to get those final arrangements taken care of. Take it from me, after 27 years in Funeral Service, your spouse, children or relatives would rather not be left with the responsibility of making choices for you. The most thoughtful gift you can give to your loved ones is to have everything finalized, so they can mourn your passing without the stress of making emotional choices during a time of grief. It is as easy as picking up the phone. Do it Now! Call Lesley at 250-493-3912 for your appointment. Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home or at our facility in Penticton. Our sincere thanks to all the local families who placed their trust in Credible Cremation Services Ltd. during this past year. We wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to Your name and location is required on any submission. (Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.)

Flowers to the individual who found my wallet at the Falls Market and turned it in to the clerk. Your honesty is refreshing to see these days and I was so relieved to see that all the contents were intact. You have my sincerest gratitude. ~ From Bob L. of Okanagan Falls Fish Heads to the Grinches! It was pretty disappointing in early December when someone stole a set of lights we had out on the bushes out front of Interior Savings Credit Union in Okanagan Falls. Then, a few nights later an outdoor extension cord was also stolen. Thinking we won’t be able to put out lights next year. ~ From Interior Savings Credit Union Staff in Okanagan Falls

HOUSE WANTED: Long Term Rental

We are a semi-retired couple currently living in the area. Willing to look after your property as if it were our own, yard care no problem. Looking for 3 bedrooms + den/office, 2 – 2 ½ bathrooms. Parking for 3 vehicles. References available. Call Dale at 250-497-8065.

Active Living and More! | 250.497-8188

For full details on all our programs, please visit

Happy New Year from the RDOS ‘PLAY’ Recreation Team! Proud to support your active living goals for 2019. DANCEPL3Y KIDS


This a high-energy physical activity program that “plays” with dance, while promoting positive mental health through the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself. Kids love learning simple moves from a variety of styles - Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, Bollywood, Lyrical, Jazz/Funk, as they get interACTIVE with their peers.

TUMBLE BUMBLE IN KALEDEN Active play, music and imagination time. Thursdays 10:45-Noon January 10th - February 28th $25 per child or family for the whole session or $5 Drop-in per family. Kaleden Community Hall Suitable for ages 2 1/2 - 5 years With Laura


Mindful Movement YOGA

This program makes exercise more accessible, do-able and fun! Designed for people who may have balance, mobility or health challenges, each class consists of a seated warm-up, exercise stations and a cool-down. Includes modified movements for either seated or standing fitness.

Marnie blends her background in Kinesiology with foundational Yoga, helping your body learn to move in healthier patterns. Beginners welcome. Tuesdays & Thursdays at Kaleden Hall 9:00 am Mondays at OK Falls Zen & Fitness Centre 5:00 pm

Tuesdays & Thursday 11:00 am in Okanagan Falls


Happy New Year’s Play Day This is an all-ages program. Pre-school children require parent or guardian participation. Grade 4 and under must be signed in by a parent or older sibling. Drop-in Okanagan Falls Gym No Fee! Monday, December 31st 10:00-Noon

SPIN CLASSES This low impact/high intensity workout will build cardio endurance & muscular strength, find you sweating & wanting to come back for more! These are commitment classes, so must pre-register. Three sessions: Mondays at 6:15 pm, Morning Classes on Tuesdays and Thursday at 6:00 am.