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January 2018

Building Community Spirit

Best Wishes for 2018

“Paying It Forward”

The hope in this new column of “Building Community Spirit” is to share inspirational stories or even a quick photo to show community spirit is alive and well in our South Skaha area.

If there is someone or a group you would like to see honoured in this column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to ES


The Kaleden HUB












By Sergej Sinicin, Realtor for Chamberlain Property Group

Happy New Year to all of you and a Huge Congratulations to one of our own, Andi Naude of Okanagan Falls on being selected to represent our country at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. No doubt it has been a dream for many athletes committed to their sport to compete at that level. Fortunately, a few do get to experience their dreams come true. Andi, as a former Professionally Accredited Fitness Coach, I truly understand the Commitment, the Discipline, the Desire and the Dedication you required to reach this goal. What a way to finish 2017 and to start 2018! We are all so very proud of you! Go get that GOLD! So, with the New Year comes another set of resolutions, new goals and well meant intentions. As important as resolutions are, having the right mindset, guidance and outlook on things is critical. What will be your resolve, to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve your life? We can all come up with many areas in our lives that we would like to improve or change. I would like to make a single suggestion - GET MOVING! This New Year’s goal happens to be the one that many of us fail to commit to because “life gets in the way”. In my current career as a professional real estate agent, I refer to myself as a “problem solver for my clients”. Here are a few problem solving tips (from my previous life as a professionally accredited fitness coach) to reach the ‘GETTING YOU MOVING MORE’ Resolution for 2018: • You are NOT going to start training 4 or 5 times per week - only 3! (must take at least a day off in between training sessions). • You are NOT going to choose to do 10, 8 or even 5 different exercises per training session - only 3! • You are NOT going to do 15, 12 or even 8 reps per set - only 6! • You are NOT going to train 75, 60 or even 45 minutes in the gym or at home - only 30 minutes or less! • Use light weights! Let me rephrase that ... use SUPER light weights for the first 8 weeks. • Main objective - COMMITTING to developing consistency and habits. Simply prove to yourself that you are COMMITTED to showing up! • Keep it Super Simple - K.I.S.S. Just ask your dentist what is more important, commitment or intensity, when talking about great oral care? He will tell you it is not about going hard while you are brushing your teeth once or twice a week. It is about being committed to brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time - that’s how you create a healthy oral hygiene. So yes - commit to being COMMITTED! By the way, my 2018 resolution is to create more trust through integrity and by investing even more time in our relationships. To everyone, Laura and I wish you mountains of success in 2018 in all of the aspects of your lives!


Get Moving Towards Your Resolution

One example could be “Paying It Forward”. Do one good deed for another person without asking for anything in return. Instead, the recipient should be instructed to ‘pay it forward’ to someone else in need. By recognizing acts of kindness and doing something kind for someone else, you can kick-start a chain reaction of generosity and thoughtful behaviour ... creating positive and inclusive community spirit. What can you do? Buy a coffee for the next person, let the person behind you in line go first, hold the door open for others, shovel your neighbour’s drive way, etc. The ripple effect and community spirit and pride will grow exponentially. Let’s see what we can do!


Tom Siddon, RDOS Director Area ‘D’ | Email: Cell: 250-809-2548 | Okanagan Falls RDOS Office: 778-515-5520

As defined by Wikipedia, “Community Spirit finds expression in individual or group activities in which members of a community choose to engage for the benefit of that community. These activities may be locally organized, or informal and spontaneous”. Community Spirit according to the Collins English Dictionary is “a willingness and desire to participate in activities that promote a community”. The Cambridge English Dictionary mentions the meaning as “friendliness and understanding between local people”.

is looking for volunteers to help out with

occasional snow removal in Kaleden this winter.

We could use people with machines

or just a shovel and elbow grease.

For those of you who feel that you may need

some assistance with snow removal this winter,

please let us know.

To volunteer or if you need assistance, please call the HUB @ 250-460-3387.

Helping Hand Update

with Laurie Kingsfield, Helping Hand Chair The Helping Hand Food Hampers and Christmas Toys were distributed on Saturday, December 15th. We were happy to be able to help approximately 74 families and/or individuals from Okanagan Falls and area. We thank all individuals and businesses, like IGA and Pharmasave, who through their generous donations of food, toys, cash, and volunteering, made this year a complete success! Thank you so much everyone!

The Annual “Fill the Van” for the Okanagan Falls Helping Hand Christmas Hampers was held on Saturday, December 2nd at Okanagan Falls IGA. Left - Set up outside Okanagan Falls IGA. Right - Santa handing out candy canes during “Fill the Van” day.

January 2018

Linda Larson, MLA

~ Boundary-Similkameen 6369 Main Street, Box 998, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 Tel: 250.498.5122 Toll-free: 1.855.498.5122 “Your Voice in Victoria!”

Monthly MLA Update

By Linda Larson, MLA Boundary-Similkameen Happy New Year! As many of you already know, I introduced a Private Members Bill in the Legislature in November. The Bill is intended to end the twice yearly switching of our clocks between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time. The Legislation that created the shift was passed in 1918 to conserve coal after WW1. It was not popular and was phased out again until the Second World War. It wasn’t uniformly used across North America until the 1960’s. We live in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, as do our neighbours to the north and south of us. Research over the last number of years has proven that time shifting is not good for us. Our internal clocks don’t actually make the shift, resulting in more heart attacks and accidents during the first week of Daylight Savings Time and less heart attacks and accidents when we ‘fall back’ to Standard Time. Our productivity also drops after a time shift, costing our economies millions of dollars. The UBCM passed a motion in September to petition the Government to consult with the people of BC about abolishing the time change. The resolution was put on the floor by the City of Grand Forks, which is in my riding of Boundary-Similkameen, and as their MLA I have taken it to the Legislature. It is now up to the NDP Government to decide whether or not they will pick it up for debate. You can help by emailing all the Government MLA’s to support my Bill. A bit of good news regarding the Groundwater Licensing program under the Water Sustainability Act to support existing groundwater users and clarify requirements for authorizing water use. Government has extended the groundwater licence application fee waiver period from December 31, 2017 to March 1, 2019 to ensure existing groundwater users have every opportunity to save money. The extended date also aligns with the March 1, 2019 deadline for existing groundwater users to apply for a licence. Licensing gives groundwater users greater security by establishing a water right that will be protected. On another topic, as most of you know, I have had a very clear opinion on the proposed National Park Reserve for the South Okanagan. I want to state, once again, that I do not believe that the umbrella of Parks Canada best serves all the people who live here, nor do I believe that they are the best managers of Parks in Canada. I do firmly believe that the pristine grassland and the many endangered species that live here need better protection. I also support efforts by the Okanagan Nation Alliance to identify and manage their cultural and historically significant areas. If the Federal Government is willing to support them financially with those projects, it will be of benefit to all of us. The Province of BC and the many organizations like the BC Wildlife Federation, the BC Cattleman’s Association, and Natures Trust, among others, have the capacity and capability to manage and protect the sensitive areas of the South Okanagan. Any plans for future Park Reserve in the South Okanagan must be built with the consensus of all the people who actually live, work and play in the South Okanagan. The Legislature will resume after the Family Day holiday Monday in February. It will begin with a Speech from the Throne and the following week, the Budget. I know you are all aware of the many spending promises that have been made by the current NDP/Green alliance and I hope all of you will take a keen interest in how that Budget will impact your taxes. I will do regular reports, once the Legislature is sitting again. I wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2018.

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Area “D” Community Services Office

with Shona Schleppe Hope the Holiday Season was restful and filled with fun! 2018 is upon us and Area “D” has a mittful of projects on the radar! Just thinking of a couple ... Town Centre, Area “D” Division recommendations, Wetlands design, Apex Waste Treatment, Sewer Extension costs, Park Development Shona Schleppe in Heritage Hills, Okanagan Falls and Rural Services Kaleden, Boat Launches, Regional Manager Recreation and the McLean Creek Pedestrian Corridor. Our community partners also have some very important projects in the hopper ... Lion’s Loo, Keogan Chimney, Kaleden Hotel, Senior’s Housing, Play in the Park (Senior’s Centre), Vaseux Lake, Twin Lakes, and 2018 Music in the Park. Thus, I hope everyone is rested to start the New Year! 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog, it is said it is a good time for lifestyle changes (time to quit smoking or change residence) and for the start of new business ventures. Repeated once every 60 years in the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Earth Dog is a powerful marker in men and women’s lives. Strength of character, education, morality, social life, health and caring for our elders are all fundamental questions, which should be revised and improved during this pivotal period. Here’s what a handful of founders, executives and investors are seeing in their ‘crystal balls’ for 2018. It has been predicted that the money will be in the 35-plus demographic. Millennials are seen as early adopters and trendsetters. Deep pockets? Nope. Brands need revenue and will learn to bridge the marketing gap to include the one demographic that controls 70% of the nation’s disposable income and that continues to expand due to rapidly improving trends in health and wellness that increase lifespan and vitality. Another prediction is ownership will decrease. “You are what you own” the saying goes, but that simply doesn’t ring true today, especially for millennials. From our cars to our phones, and the music and movies we stream on them, we increasingly own less. Of course, the original subscription model started long ago with renting our homes, and we’re increasingly becoming a society of renters again. With the first of Generation Z hitting the workforce in 2018, we’re going to see the start of a whole generation, which simply haven’t grown up with that expectation of ownership, and are far less emotionally wedded to it. The last prediction aligns with the Regional District’s focus on Regional Recreation. Wellness will play an even larger role across all industries and within society. The importance of the body, mind and spirit connection will be a huge focus for corporate wellness programs in 2018. Corporations will be investing more and focusing on their employees and launching new programs to support their mental energy, as well as physical energy and optimum resilience. Sounds like 2018 will be a year filled with promise, new beginnings and a splash of change. Looking forward to the ride with Area “D” partners, stakeholders and communities! Any questions, concerns or comments, please share. Office 778-515-5520 | Shona 250-809-2568 or


Nicole & Dime Bookkeeping 250-486-1695

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January 2018

Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department

KVFD January 2018 Fire Safety Tip We wish you all a happy and very safe 2018!

New Years Resolutions: • Get a fire extinguisher. • Check your vehicle tire treads. • Have a good first aid kit in the house and car. • Check your smoke detectors regularly. • Start FIRE SMARTING your property. • Order your 911 Emergency Address Sign, if not already done. Monthly Fire Smart Tip: Pick up a booklet on FireSmart. Choose a few doable items that can be accomplished over the winter, i.e. clear all areas around your home of combustible materials (wood, debris, garbage. etc.).

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At the 1912 in Kaleden

5 Course Valentine’s Dinner Wednesday, February 14th at 6:00 pm $85/person

Reservations Required 250.486.8939 or

Community Fire Smart Forum Overview

RCMP Community Report

Winter Tires - Get a Grip!

At the time of writing this, Christmas is a week away and the great weather has been hanging on in the Okanagan Valley, but we all know that snow is going to arrive maybe by Christmas. We should all know that the snow is already waiting for us in the mountain passes. Many people ask, “Do I really need winter tires?” To help to you make up your mind, you should know that rubber tends to harden in cold weather, thus reducing friction and stopping capability of the vehicle. The new generation of winter tires maintain their elasticity and gripping power at lower temperatures (-35˚C and below), whereas all season tires tend to stiffen and lose gripping power around 0˚C. The improved gripping power translates to shorter stopping distances and better vehicle cornering and control. That could be the difference between a safe stop and a fender bender or worse. Another frequently asked question, “Are all season tires considered to be winter tires?” The answer is NO, winter tires will have a symbol of a mountain peak with a snow flake. Tires marked with the letters M+S, or mud and snow, often found on SUV / pick-up tires, may provide safe all-weather condition, and are considered a winter tire, but are not always suitable for severe snow conditions. Consumers should research their tire options and make an informed decision that may save lives on an icy road. When Should You Install Winter Tires and/or Carry Tire Chains? BC’s climate ranges from freezing cold to pleasantly mild in the winter. Equipping your vehicle appropriately depends on what and where you are driving. Most BC highways require passenger vehicles to use M+S or Mountain/Snowflake tires, and commercial vehicles to carry chains between Oct 1 - Mar 31. The roads in the Okanagan Valley bottom, as well as the mountain passes, are now included in this requirement. Visit for more information on winter tires, winter driving, and the designated Winter Tire and Chain-Up Route maps. There are very few sections of highways in BC (select locations along southern coast) that do not require winter tires or chains during the winter. Learn and practice winter driving techniques before you need them. SLOW DOWN and WEAR your seat belt. Rick Dellebuur, Crime Stoppers & Community Policing Coordinator Direct: 250-490-2374 // Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477 or

with Linda Dahl, KVFD Member

On November 28th, over 100 people gathered in the Kaleden Community Hall to hear presentations on this past summer’s fire incident and learn how to better prepare ourselves for the ‘next time’. Experts from four areas; RDOS, BC Wildfire Services, Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department, and a Wildfire and Fuels Management Planning Professional, all spoke on their role in our interface fire, what went right, ways to improve, and what do we do now? Highlights included: • Improve communications between all agencies required on the scene of an interface fire. • Establish and improve evacuation plans for different areas of the community. • Make application for an assessment grant. • Ask that the public fully cooperate for the time frame needed in an emergency. • Manage critical fuel load areas in and around the community. • Encourage home owners to make their properties FIRE SMART. Booklets are available at the Library, School and Fire Hall. A committee of five local people will continue to: gather information on the process of grant applications; contact other BC communities and agencies that have done FireSmart work and ask for ideas; and collaborate with all local agencies and shareholders on how to improve fire planning in and around Kaleden. Most importantly, we will keep the public informed on the process and on what property owners and neighbourhoods need to do moving forward. Watch for updates, ideas, and further meeting dates.

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H&M Thrifty Boutique

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January 2018

Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department Stay tuned for our Fire Hall History as it continues in the February issue ... Our new Deputy Chief is Fred Dobransky. He’s been with the fire department since 1997 and as Captain for 8 years. He has numerous J.I. Certifications and has been a training officer for the last 10 years. He is a great asset for the department. Congratulations Fred!

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Okanagan Falls Irrigation District News with Bob Daly, OFID Chair

From the Trustees and Staff of Okanagan Falls Irrigation District, we extend our best wishes to you for a Healthy & Happy New Year! We look forward to working on your behalf through 2018. We will be moving some of our major projects back a bit, and concentrate on the Operations part of the Irrigation District. With the expertise of Operator Travis Prystupa and Standby Operator Sig Held, we will spend the early part of 2018 focussing on bringing equipment, practices and procedures up to a high standard. 2018 Water Tax and Toll Notices ~ These will be mailed to all registered property owners in early January. If you have not received Safety Tip: Ensure all entry and exits in your home are cleared from your notice by the end of January, please contact the office. For strata snow and objects to ensure you can get out quickly and safely in case property owners, the invoice will be mailed to the Strata Council. of a fire. Make sure all windows are not frozen closed, so they are Communication/Alerts ~ For information and news about OFID, visit usable if you should need to use them as an alternate escape route. OFID’s website. While there, you can sign up for “Alerts”, which will Wishing you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year. notify you by text or email with immediate information regarding water emergencies (eg. breaks, flushing, need to shut down water service, boil water advisories, etc.) OFID highly recommend this service, Have You Thought Of particularly for businesses.

Volunteering As A Firefighter?

For more information, please call 250-497-5700 or email Applications can be picked up Wednesdays between 9-12 am or 7-9 pm. There are benefits and all training is supplied.

Office Hours: Tue/Thu 8:30-4:30 (Closed 12-1)

1109 Willow Street, Okanagan Falls P: 250.497.8541 E:


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1108 Willow Street

Learn more about the Silver Song Group Program:

This is a FREE event for those 65 + Fun and Social - Refreshments served, too! You don’t have to be able to sing, as this about participation, not performance.

January 2018

♪ ♪

Call: 250-497-8188 Email:

with Jen Charlish HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2018! Hopefully, it will be a great year for you, your friends and family! The holidays are over, but there is still another week before the kids head back to school, so there is lots of time to head outside to play or go for a walk in Pioneer Park. It is always beautiful at this time of year. The 2018 Winter Recreation flyer has been distributed at the school and is online at Lots of the regular programs are returning and some there are some new additions to the schedule. First, we would like to welcome Carrie back to her Tuesday morning Yoga program and we also want to welcome Marnie, who will be running a Thursday morning Yoga program. Both of these classes will start at 9:00 am. New to our area this year is the “Explorers Program”. This is a ‘mostly outside’ play program for children in Grades 1 to 6 that will be run Thursdays after school from 2:30-4:30. The program will be run by Yam and May Cooper. Children will be picked up from school and will get to spend time playing and exploring nature in their surroundings. Another new program this season is “Ninjas on the Move”. This is an oversize obstacle course that will encourage everyone to challenge themselves as they leap, roll and fly through the course. There will be two local opportunities to participate in this program. The first is for kids Grade 4 and up and will happen on Friday, February 3rd from 6-7 pm. The second opportunity is for ALL ages on Saturday, February 4th from 10:30-Noon OR from 1:00-2:30 pm. Come and join us for some active fun. Most of the regular programs resume during the week of January 8th to 11th. The Women’s Group meets at the Church on Wednesdays for coffee, games and crafts. Cards and Games meets on Thursdays with a new poker table and a new time from 1-3 pm. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Kaleden Recreation AGM is scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall. There will be the announcement of the new Recreation Commission members and nominations for new members will be requested. This is a great way to get involved, if you’re interested. The Budget Presentation will be the same night, plus the Recreation Coordinator’s Report and other Kaleden business. Also, the next “FUN, FACTS and FOOD” presentation is Friday, January 19th. The Vegan Delights lunch is at noon by donation with the facts presentation being, “Recycling: What and Where Does it Go”. Cameron Baughen from the RDOS will provide an overview of all the ins and outs of recycling and will be ready to answer all your questions about what can be recycled and where you can recycle it. Come with your wonders, examples and questions. If you are interested in the Vegan Delights cooking class potion of this event, the registration opened Friday, December 29th. See the Kaleden Seniors section of Skaha Matters for further details. Well, as you can see, we have a lot going on in our community this month. I hope to see you out and about at different events. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Kaleden Parks and Recreation office at 250-497-8188 or email kalrecinfo@ We have a website at, where you can find information on our community hall, parks, facility rentals, and a full activity calendar. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the most current information. Also, if you want to contact the Kaleden Community Association directly, you can email us at

May Cooper ~ UkeNPlay Learn to play a universal instrument. It’s easy, fun and fast. Uken’ do it! All levels and groups welcome. 250.497.7162

January 2018

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Recreation Programs for Kaleden and Okanagan Falls Check out our website for all programs details on the following special events and programs | | 250.497-8188 | |

Sneak Peak at New 2018 Programs ...

The Explorers

Pick up a Program Flyer:

A ‘Mostly’ Outside Play Program

In Okanagan Falls, at the RDOS Office, Library or Community Centre. In Kaleden, at the Library or Community Hall.

Find us on Facebook!

Starts January 18th



For Children from Grades 1-6

This 8-week program emphasizes nature activities, fosters a love for outdoor play, crafts and active games. Children will be met at Kaleden Elementary School and Okanagan Falls Elementary School at the dismissal bell. $75 / Siblings $55 We are also seeking a parent volunteer or two - child's fee will be waived.

Move ‘n Play Day for Preschoolers A toddler / pre-school physical literacy program: rolling, jumping, throwing and somersaulting good times. For ages 3-5 Wednesdays 9:30-10:00 am January 10th - February 14th Drop-in No Fee What’s Up Wednesdays? Youth & Teen Club A variety pack of creative arts and activities. Grades 4 and Up $30 Wednesdays 2:30-4:00 pm January 17th - February 13th Pre-register (Minimum 6)


AN OBSTACLE COURSE CHALLENGE January 19 /20 and February 3/4

New at the Zen & Fitness Centre: Drop-in on Twoonie Tuesdays! Independent work-out time … Your choice of equipment - spin, lift, TRX! 4:30 - 6:00 pm Jan 9th - Feb 27th Drop-in (TRX coaching available)

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January 2018

Focus On Detoxification This Year To Optimize Your Health And Well Being By Dr. Tamara Browne, Naturopathic Physician, Licensed & Registered by the BC Ministry of Health

Regular therapeutic detoxification is an important part of a healthy preventive lifestyle. We live in an increasingly toxic world and despite our best efforts, toxins are impossible to avoid. Research shows that all humans now harbor many chemical toxins. The US Centre for Disease Control found 148 different chemicals in the blood and urine samples of 2400 Americans randomly sampled. Ninety percent of samples contained toxic pesticides. Also, a Mount Sanai School of Medicine study found 167 different chemicals in the blood and urine samples of volunteers. The toxins included lead, dioxins, PCB’s, phthalates, DEHP and more. Some of these toxins have been banned for more than 25 years! The human body was never designed to process this array of toxins. Since it appears as though everyone carries a toxic load, and toxins contribute to degenerative and autoimmune diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis, it is logical to follow steps to detoxify on an ongoing bases. If you suffer from fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog, or chronic illness ... detoxification may help you return to optimal health. Following are guidelines which will help you to remain free from toxins, thus enabling your body to remain in balance and free from disease. 1. Take a good greens product with chlorella, and/or spirulina and other herbal detoxification aids (milk thistle, turmeric, green tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea, aloe, fiber, enzymes, probiotics, beets etc.) daily. Dandelion is both a liver and kidney detoxifier. 2. Boost your glutathione levels with Whey protein (20-30 grams daily), selenium (200mcg selenomethionine, 1-2 times daily) and NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) 500mg 3 times per day. Glutathione is the major antioxidant and detoxifier of the liver. 3. Vitamin C and polyphenolic plant compounds (the natural dark pigments in plants) stimulate the immune system, improve liver detoxification, and protect the body during detoxification. Take a minimum of 500mg Vitamin C, 3 times per day. Add polyphenols from sources, such as green tea, dark berries, dark green leafy veggies, dark chocolate, red wine, olives, and extra virgin olive oil. 4. Drink 5-10 glasses per day of pure clean water or herbal tea. Green tea, oolong tea, and rooibos tea are all great antioxidants and detoxifiers. 5. Eat a whole foods diet rich in fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables, protein, and good oils, such as extra-virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and flax seed oil. Eat plenty of cold water wild fish, such as Alaskan salmon. These are high in the antiinflammatory, heart and brain healthy omega-3 oils. Cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts are particularly good at improving detoxification. Aim for a 50% raw foods diet with the majority of foods being fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Juicing organic vegetables daily can supercharge your organs of elimination (carrots, green apples, dark greens, beets etc.). 6. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily. You need to perspire and increase breathing during this time to eliminate toxins through the skin and lungs. Taking regular 30 minute saunas to sweat out toxins is also very useful.

Foot Care By Janel

Nursing Care for your Feet ~ Serving the South Okanagan

Janel Bailey LPN 250-462-5666


Chelation can remove heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium, as well as other chemical toxins. Testing is required to determine if you carry a toxic metal load. A recent University of Michigan study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that mercury, even at low levels that are generally considered safe, was associated with autoimmunity. Emily Somers, Ph.D, Sc.M, lead author of the study states, “In our study, exposure to mercury stood out as the main risk factor for autoimmunity”.

Environmental Working Group Recommendations: •

Detoxification should be a regular part of your everyday lifestyle, not just an occasional therapy. Eating well, exercising regularly, sweating, flushing out toxins with clean water, and keeping stress levels low everyday will contribute to a lifetime of wellness and aid greatly in the prevention of disease and chronic degeneration. U.S. chemical companies hold licenses to make 75,000 chemicals for commercial use. The federal government registers an average of 2,000 newly synthesized chemicals each year.

The government has tallied 5,000 chemical ingredients in cosmetics; more than 3,200 chemicals added to food; 1,010 chemicals used in 11,700 consumer products; and 500 chemicals used as active ingredients in pesticides (EPA 1997c, EPA 2002b, EPA 2002c, FDA 2002a, FDA 2002b, FDA 2002c).

In 1998, U.S. industries reported manufacturing 6.5 trillion pounds of 9,000 different chemicals (EPA 2001). And in 2000, major U.S. industries reported dumping 7.1 billion pounds of 650 industrial chemicals into our air and water (EPA 2002a).

Sources: Somers, Emily C. et al. Mercury Exposure and Antinuclear Antibodies among Females of Reproductive Age in the United States: NHANES Environmental Health Perspective, 2015; DOI:10.1289/ehp.1408751; Thorton e al. Public Health Reports. Environmental Working Group and Mount Sanai School of Medicine. 2002; US Centre for Disease Control.

January 2018

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A Neighbourhood Food Drive For the Helping Hand with Doug Lychak, President

Wishing everyone a Wonderful New Year!

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Heritage Hills / Lakeshore Highlands Homeowner’s Association held their annual Christmas Social on Wednesday, December 13th at the Okanagan Falls Community Centre. Approximately 50 members attended and enjoyed hot appetizers and beverages, while mingling with old friends and neighbours and new members. RDOS Area ‘D’ Director Tom Siddon, along with his wife Pat, were also in attendance. A large amount of dry goods were collected and donated to the Okanagan Falls Helping Hand, along with a $165 cash donation. This is the 6th year that this Association has raised money for the Helping Hand, as well as generous donations of dry goods. We hope that everyone enjoys a happy and healthy 2018. Doug Lychak (President) on right and Brian Jackson (Director) on left of the Heritage Hills / Lakeshore Highlands Homeowner’s Association loading the dry goods donated at their recent Association Christmas Social for the Helping Hand. $165 was collected and donated too. Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook!

January Signature Series Dinner Stay tuned for details. Tickets available soon.

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It has been a great pleasure working at Pharmasave these last 9 years. I have enjoyed getting to know the wonderful people of Okanagan Falls and building a relationship with each of you. It is also my pleasure to introduce the new face of Okanagan Falls Pharmasave, Nicole Hardy. Nicole comes to us from Penticton with strong experience in the retail industry. She has many exciting ideas and is looking forward to meeting all of you. Please come in to say ‘Hi’ and make Nicole feel welcome! Wishing you all the best in the New Year, From Niki, Nicole and all the Staff at Pharmasave

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January 2018

Creative Wellness Solutions

Live Well HEALTH TIP Christie Crassweller, Pharmacist

brought to you by Pharmasave Okanagan Falls

Quitting Smoking ~ Have you tried quitting smoking and

then relapsed? It’s normal for people to need a few tries before successfully remaining tobacco-free. Relapse Regret ~ There’s no doubt about it, quitting smoking isn’t easy. Relapses often happen. If you can’t stay away from cigarettes, don’t panic! Many smokers try several times before they actually manage to stay ex-smokers. There are a variety of reasons why you might not have succeeded just yet. Not the right time. If you picked a time that’s more stressful than usual or something unexpected has happened, smoking can become very tempting. Don’t worry. Just pick another quit date. Not the right method. You may have chosen a method that doesn’t work for you. There are many ways to quit smoking, and you may have to try a few before you find the one that does the trick. Lack of support. Unfortunately, not all smokers who want to quit are supported by friends and family. If you have smokers in your life who aren’t going to quit, the smell of their cigarettes may be tempting for you. If that’s the case, you’ll need to speak to them about their smoking and how it’s affecting you. Relapsing doesn’t mean you lost the fight. Stay positive. Take what you learned from your smoking attempt, regroup and approach quitting smoking from a different angle. Even if it takes a few tries, keep going. The health benefits make stopping well worth the battle. Your Pharmasave Pharmacist can offer professional support and may have a special “quit smoking” program to help you.

By Dee-anne Jalava, Seniors Wellness Practitioner Happy New Year! We wish everyone a future full of happiness and good health! As many of you know, I have been advertising in Skaha Matters for over two years. I hope people have enjoyed my informational articles about the many benefits of massage and wellness coaching that I have submitted. I am excited to be advertising in Apex Matters now as well. All of my past articles are posted on my website, so please check them out! There is a lot of information there! Research has shown that massage can help in the body’s production of certain hormones that can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and help with the management of many diseases. Arthritis is a well-known and common disease that affects people of all ages. But, is massage safe and effective for people with arthritis? The answer is usually a resounding yes! Regular massage of muscles and joints, whether by a licensed therapist at a spa or by self-massage at home, can lead to a significant reduction in pain for people with arthritis, according to Tiffany Field, PhD, Director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, who’s conducted a number of studies on the benefits of massage, including on people with arthritis. In Field’s research and other recent studies on the effects of massage for arthritis symptoms, regular use of the simple therapy led to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints. We are available to meet your unique needs as a mobile service providing onsite chair massage at sports events, conferences, in the workplace, and in-home. We are also at numerous locations on a weekly basis. We offer three 15-minute routines. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination. The price for one routine is $20. Call Dee-anne at 250497-5974 for more information or to schedule your appointment. Be sure to check out our website at and visit our Facebook page.

Creative Wellness Solutions

Providing a unique combination of Chair Massage & Wellness Coaching

Call Dee-anne ~ 250-497-5974

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January 2018

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OK Falls Branch:

Free Wireless Internet!

Kaleden Branch:

101 Linden Avenue - 250-497-8066 Tuesday 1 - 5 pm / Thursday 1 - 8 pm / Friday 1 - 5 pm Happy New Year to everyone from Glenda and Lynn. The Kaleden Library re-opens after the Holidays on Tuesday, January 2nd at 1 pm. The Storytime children were very happy to see Mrs. Claus at the Kaleden Library. She brought sugar cookies to share with all the children and told us all about the reindeer and Santa Claus at the North Pole. Preschool Storytime resumes on Tuesday, January 16th from 10:0010:45 am. Parents and caregivers are welcome to bring their little ones to listen to stories, sing songs, make a craft and meet new friends. Afternoon LEGO is on Thursday, January 25th from 2:30-3:30 pm. Please register in advance for this program, as space is limited. For ages 5-12 years old. Participants will be encouraged to present and discuss their creations with the group. A small snack will be provided and there is even a door prize to be won! For more information on these programs, please call the Kaleden Library at 250-497-8066 or email The Kaleden library is looking for volunteers to teach a few ladies how to knit or crochet in January and/or February. This will be a one hour drop-in session on Thursday evenings. If interested in volunteering or participating, please contact Glenda at the library.

101 - 850 Railway Lane - 250-497-5886 Tuesday 12 - 8 pm / Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm Friday 10 am - 5 pm / Saturday 10 am - 2 pm Adult Programs: • Health and Happiness Workshop ~ Join Parul to learn more about our mind and emotions and explore some simple yet powerful ways to manage them. Experience a very relaxing guided meditation. You will leave recharged and refreshed! Saturday, January 6th from 10-11 am. • Crafting Circle! Bring your projects to work on or get some creative inspiration from others. Wednesday afternoons January 10th and 24th from 1-3 pm. • Discover the Incredible Power of Your Mind with Elaine Hopkins, DHP. Elaine is a counseling Hypnotherapist, and a master teacher of the traditional Japanese Reiki. You will learn the law of attraction, how the mind works, how to access the subconscious mind for positive change, how visualization works, how to improve your health and increase your energy, and how to develop your intuition. Tuesday, January 16th from 6:30-8 pm. • Edward Jones - Lunch and Learn ~ Tax Planning for Retirement and Estate. Wednesday, January 17th from 11:30-1 pm. * Please pre-register for the above programs by calling or emailing us. • Book Club ~ Tuesday, January 30th from 10:30-11:30 am. Children’s Programs: • Storytime - Winter Wonderland ~ Join us for stories, crafts, and more! Tuesday, January 23rd from 9:30-10:30 am. • LEGO Club ~ Let’s build something awesome! For ages 5-12. Tuesday, January 23rd from 6:30-7:30 pm. • Zentangle with Jeannie ~ Fun coloring for ages 5-12. Tuesday, January 30th from 6-7:30 pm. Lynn and Shirley wish all our patrons a Happy New Year! For more information on any of our programs, please contact the library at 250-497-5886 or email

Happy New Year from all of us at

Meyer Family Vineyards

NV Méthode Traditionnelle Extra Brut Silver Medal, National Wine Awards of Canada 2017 91 points, Beppi Crosariol in the Globe & Mail 90 points, Rhys Pender (Wine Align)

# 2 Small Winery in Canada at the 2017 National Wine Awards Tasting room & wine shop open by appointment call 250.497.8553 4287 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls |

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January 2018


Happy New Year!

Bus Route #56 ~ Updated January 8, 2018

Deb and Chad Wetter Award Winning Master Stylist


with Doug Gorcak, Director of Facilities for SD67

The Board of Education met on Monday, November 27th at the open public Board meeting to discuss the concerns around bus route #56 (Kaleden). The Board considered several options and settled on the following option until a complete transportation review can be completed. Starting Monday, January 8, 2018, morning runs on route #56 will pick students up 10 minutes earlier than they are presently scheduled, and afternoon runs will leave 10 minutes later. This will allow students more time to get to and from class. Please see the revised schedule below for your new pick up and drop off times.

439 Panorama Crescent Just off Eastside Road in Skaha Estates

Kaleden School Bus Time Changes

Tuesday - Friday 9am - 7pm Saturdays 9am - 4pm

A/G Liter Sale On Now!

School Trustee Report for SD67 with Ginny Manning The district has been notified that the Ministry of Education will audit the September 29, 2017 Special Education Enrolment data as reported by our district. The audit is scheduled for the week of January 29, 2018. The purpose of this audit is to provide assurance to the Ministry of Education and boards that ministry directives and policies are currently being followed. The Ministry periodically performs compliance audits in areas of the budget that receive targeted funds and as the district has not had a Special Education audit for some time it is not unexpected. In preparation, a mock audit was conducted and a workshop was held to help staff with the process of identifying students and to be sure the paper work is done correctly. If errors are found, it could result in a refund back to the Ministry. Nine grade 9-12 students from the Princess Margaret Aboriginal Education Program are planning to go to Fond du Lac, Saskatchewan in an exchange program with Father Gamache Memorial School. The students will take part in several activities designed to build confidence and relationships through activities including local ceremonies storytelling, fishing and hiking. They will also have an opportunity to gain an understanding of another First Nation’s traditions, while gaining appreciation and understanding of their own roots. Andrea DeVito has been appointed as the new Principal for Uplands Elementary School effective January 1, 2018. For the past three years, Andrea has been a Vice-Principal at Penticton Secondary. Before moving to PSS, she was the Vice-Principal at Summerland Middle School for five years and Principal at SD67 Summer School for two years. Board Executive elections were held at the Inaugural Board meeting on December 18, 2017. Bill Bidlake was elected Chair and Julie Planiden was elected Vice Chair. Julie Planiden was re-elected as the Board representative to the BCSTA Provincial Council with Shelley Clarke as the alternate. I was re-elected as the Board representative to the BC Public School Employers Association, with Barb Sheppard is the alternate. District Business and Education Committee Chairs, as well as school liaisons, will be appointed in January. Many thanks to all the staff, parents and students who were involved in the many concerts and performances that took place before the Winter Break. A lot of work is done by all and the results were wonderful. For more information, contact Ginny Manning, Trustee for SD67, at 250-497-6462 or email

AM Riva Ridge Ash/Pineview Dr Pineview/Spruce Ave 571 Pineview Dr Pineview/Juniper Ave Pineview/Lakehill Rd Firehall 199 Lakehill Rd Kaleden Petro Can Pr. Margaret School Dartmouth/Wiltse Blvd Pen Hi Ash/Pineview Dr Pineview/Spruce Ave 557 Pineview Ave 465 Pineview Ave Pineview/Juniper Ave 163 Pineview Dr Pineview/Lakehill Rd 118 Oak Ave Oak/5th 585 Linden Ave 359 Linden Ave 289 Linden Ave Kaleden Firehall 199 Lakehill Rd 130 Lakehill Rd Kaleden Petro Can Skaha Lake Middle

PM Parkway 2:50 Edmonton Ave 2:58 Skaha Lake Middle 3:13 Delta Mobile Park 3:20 Ash/Pineview Dr 3:26 Pineview/Spruce 3:26 577 Pineview Dr 3:28 557 Pineview Dr 3:28 465 Pineview Dr 3:29 Pineview/Juniper Ave 3:29 163 Pineview Dr 3:30 Pineview/Lakehill Rd 3:32 118 Oak Ave 3:32 Oak/5th 3:32 585 Linden Ave 3:36 359 Linden Ave 3:37 289 Linden Ave 3:37 Kaleden 3:38 Library 3:39 199 Lakehill Rd 3:40 130 Lakehill Rd 3:40 Kaleden Petro Can 3:41 Pr. Margaret 3:53 Ash/Pineview Dr 4:05 Pineview/Juniper Ave 4:08 Pineview/Lakehill Rd 4:10 118 Oak Ave 4:10 Oak/5th 4:12 585 Linden Ave 4:12 289 Linden Ave 4:12 Kaleden 4:15 Library 4:16 199 Lakehill Rd 4:17 Kaleden Petro Can 4:18 Please Note: This route may modify during winter months. When the weather is extremely bad, the bus will turn around on Oak at the base of Linden and travel back on Oak and Lakehill to Kaleden School. 7:05 7:10 7:11 7:12 7:13 7:14 7:16 7:16 7:18 7:27 7:31 7:38 7:53 7:54 7:55 7:56 7:56 7:57 7:58 8:00 8:01 8:04 8:06 8:06 8:07 8:09 8:10 8:10 8:11 8:21

Kaleden Ladies Drop-in Wednesdays from 1-4 pm

Kaleden Community Church All ladies welcome for coffee, conversation and crafts Questions? Call Fran at 250-497-7850

Making you feel safe


Lorne Davis

Security Professional

Do you travel and need house check sitting? Are you planning a Special Event, needing support in your Beer Garden? Do you require Mobile Patrol Security? How about using us to provide Commercial/Residential/Construction Security?

January 2018

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Great Things Are Happening at Kaleden Elementary School! with Mrs. Lomax, Kaleden School Principal 5 “Great Things” include: 1.

Christmas Concert ~ Our annual concert was a merry event with reindeers, cowboys, rock stars and hippopotamuses.


Kaleden Cares Food Drive ~ This was a great success with 315 items collected.


Senior Buddy Program ~ Now underway with our Grade 2/3 class meeting with their buddy once a month at the Kaleden Hall.


Lego Club ~ Up and running with happy and devoted Lego students.


Student of the Week ~ A student from each classroom is recognized for reaching a self-determined goal during our weekly assembly.

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update

with Brad Nunes Holy moly. If you are reading this, you have survived the Holiday rush just in time to make your New Year's Resolution. T-minus 2 weeks until they fly out the window with the hopes of paying off your Holiday debt by the end of the month. Ha! Oh well. We can now celebrate the great Canadian tradition of cursing any new fallen snow. We want it on Christmas and the ski hills, but like an elderly man with something in his craw, you want it off your darn lawn. Just a few things that are tickling fancies this month. On January 19th, we haul up to Apex to take a rip on the ol' tube run. Hot doggies and chocolate will be served. On the 20th, we will raise the roof at the SOEC to cheer on the Vees. There is a PAC meeting this week, but for the life of me I can't find the date. Check the Kaleden Elementary group on Facebook for that information and lots of great school news. That is all from the Kaleden PAC this month. Have a Happy New Year!

Wishing HappyEveryone Holidays A From the Goose2018! Family Happy & Wild Healthy toFrom yours season thethis Wildholiday Goose Family

2017 Winery Highlights 2 Best of Show awards • 5 Best in Class Medals • 5 Double Gold Medals • 15 Gold Medals • 16 Silver Medals • 1 new wine introduction • release of 14 vintage wines • Attendance at over 60 tasting events

Winter Tasting Room Hours: Mon-Fri. 10:00 am—4:00 pm for sales only or by appointment The Smoke & Oak Bistro is now closed for the season. See you again in Spring 2018

2145 Sun Valley Way Okanagan Falls 250.497.8919

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January 2018

School District No. 53 Board Report with Sam Hancheroff, School Trustee

Welcome to 2018! I hope each one of you had a wonderful holiday with your families and friends. OKANAGAN FALLS ELEMENTARY NEWS Christmas Concert ~ “A Family Gathering” was a wonderful success. The students did a great job speaking clearly, singing with enthusiasm, and recognizing the importance of what builds character in each one of us. As usual, the gymnasium was filled with parents and grandparents. A big thank you to the PAC, the community and to our Okanagan Falls staff for their support. This is what is what makes Okanagan Falls Elementary a wonderful school! DISTRICT NEWS International Recognition for Roots of Empathy ~ The Roots of Empathy Program is being recognized as having a deep impact on children. SD 53 programs have been a big part of this success. Roots of Empathy was: • Chosen as one of the world’s top three best practice children’s organizations by the Klaus J Jacobs Foundation. • Chosen as one of the most inspiring social innovations of the year by Finnish education organization HundrED. • Recognized by UpSocial in Athens, Greece and Lisbon, Portugal as an innovation best placed to address the challenge of children at risk of social exclusion. As part of its Canada 150 celebrations, Shaw Communications selected Mary Gordon, ROE Founder/President, as one of 50 Outstanding Canadians. Our district has a Roots of Empathy program in most of our elementary schools. Thank you to Marieze Tarr who has led this work in our district and is an instructor. Thanks also to all our instructors and the teachers and administrators who support this program in schools. It is gratifying to know that our programs are truly making a difference in the lives of children, especially our most vulnerable children, and that others are as convinced as we are that by developing empathy and social/emotional skills in children, we can create healthier happier children and more peaceful, inclusive societies. Career Preparation Update ~ It has been a busy start up to our career programs with students enrolled in work experience, Youth Work in Trades, and Youth Train in Trades. Our Youth Train in Trades numbers were low for the first semester, but that was based on program availability. The second semester will see approximately 20 students enrolled in Train in Trades programs across the province with Okanagan College. We will have up to 8 students eligible for the $1000 award provided by the Ministry for students who graduate as youth apprentices if they work a minimum of 900 hours. We will be hosting a “Gateway to Trades” program in Osoyoos Secondary School during the second semester. This will be the third time we have hosted a Gateway program in our district. We look forward to providing this program in partnership with Okanagan College. We will have a maximum of 16 students in this program with students attending from all three secondary schools. We will be hosting the Professional Cook Program at SOSS again this year. Currently, we will have students from SESS and SOSS in

"Wishes for Health & Happiness in 2018" Office & 24 hr pager: 250.497.5541 837 Main Street in Okanagan Falls

Laurie Kingsfield Cell: 250.498.1110

that program, and possibly a student from Osoyoos to attend to fill the final spot. In December, Grade 10 students from our district attended the Career Fair in Kelowna. All secondary schools sent Grade 10 students to this large career fair where they had a chance to meet with recruiters and business representatives as they start the process of looking at possibilities after high school. Also in December, a number of interested students from SOSS and OSS went to Kelowna to visit Accelerate Okanagan and a variety of tech companies. This trip’s goal was to raise awareness of potential career opportunities for students from our district. We will set up a similar trip for SESS students early in the new year. We have started to look at implementation strategies for the new Career Curriculum at the secondary level. Career Explorations, Career Connections, and the Capstone Project are all scheduled for implementation in the future, as they will be replacing Planning 10 and Grad Transitions. OPERATIONS 2017/18 Enrolment ~ As of October 31st, schools reported enrollment of 2,342.03 FTE (full time equivalent), which is an increase of 5.65 FTE from September 29th, 2017 enrolment of 2,336.38 FTE. October 2017 YTD Financial Statement ~ Total revenue for the 4 months ended October 31, 2017 was $5.589 million. Total expense for the same period was $6.019 million, resulting in a deficit of $430,128. Rural Education Enhancement Fund ~ The district has reviewed current costs and will be re-applying for this fund, showing some small increases. Lastly, as the new school year starts on January 8th, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our students and employees, a very happy, healthy and successful school term. Life is full of challenges and challenges are full of opportunities to learn, so enjoy them as they present themselves in the coming months. For more information, contact Sam Hancheroff, School Trustee for Okanagan Falls, at 250.497.5878 or

Okanagan Falls PAC Update with Lindsay Hainstock, PAC Vice President

Fill in the blank: My 2018 New Year’s Resolution is to attend more PAC meetings. New and familiar faces are always welcome and encouraged around the school library table for meetings. Looking forward to lots of exciting activities in Term 2! One such activity will be the introduction of Ukulele Lessons by May Cooper in the school for Grades 3 and up. This has been made possible thanks to a grant from Community Foundations to cover the cost of the ukuleles. There are enough ukuleles to be lent out from Okanagan Falls Elementary to all students in these grade levels during the 6 weeks of lessons. We ask that parents help ensure that the instruments are respected while in the student’s care, so future classes can enjoy them as well. They may be water-proof, but let’s not test that claim, please. PAC meets the first Tuesday of every month in the Okanagan Falls Elementary School Library from 6:30-7:30 pm. Please join our Facebook group, OK Falls Elementary PAC, to stay up-to-date on what we are up to.

January 2018

Monthly Highlights From Okanagan Falls Elementary School with Principal Karen Sinclair

December’s Highlights Include: 1. Glee Club performance at the OK Falls Christmas Festiv-ALL 2. Volleyball Teams - Awesome job at the District Playdays! 3. Intermediate students visiting and learning with our local seniors! 4. Lots of fun for our OKF Fun Days Food Drive - Hat Day, Gum Day, and Crazy Hair Day - Lots of food collected to support the OKF community! 5. Grades 1-4 skating for 3 sessions at the Oliver Arena. Looking forward to January! Happy New Year from Okanagan Falls Elementary! Please contact us, if you would like to volunteer or have a special skill to share.

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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Dancing! The South Okanagan has a new Ballroom dance instructor. Welcome Brian’s Dance Class. Whether it be Salsa, Waltz, West Coast Swing or Country 2 Step or more, you can now learn from DVIDA Certified professional Brian Udal. Brian and partner Natalie are formally from White Rock and are the previous owners of the well known dance company Roca Blanca Dance. For 13 years, Brian has been teaching thousands of students to be comfortable on the dance floor. Since earning his Masters in San Francisco in 2004, he has also been running a Teacher Training Course for those interested in becoming a professional certified dance instructor. In 2010, Brian proudly won the Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Award for under 7 employees. If your goal is to learn your First Dance at your wedding or brush up on your dance skills in a private dance lesson, then Brian can help you. For now, Brian is teaching private lessons, but will be starting group social classes commencing on January 11 in Penticton and January 12 in Summerland. Monthly dance parties commence February 24. Brian Udal states, “We are all students. With this in mind, you can expect to receive instruction delivered with patience and humour. Breaking down a pattern while imparting the correct techniques and character of the dance style is what my students will learn.” Whether you are a green beginner or have ambitions of burning up the dance floor, then give Brian a call today. Everyone is welcome to join. Get ready, get set, get dancing! For more information, please contact Brian Udal at 778.516.7272 or 604.220.6256 cell and leave a message. Or, send an email directly to for a cover letter with fees and schedule. Gift certificates are now available. 778.516.7272

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom Dance Lessons Monthly Dance Parties ~ Certified Instructor Since 2004


My name is Sammy!

I thought I was destined to live out the rest of my life on the streets, but somehow I was swept up in a neighbourhood “clean sweep” and found myself getting the medical attention I needed and a warm safe place to sleep. Living on the streets can tend to isolate one and make you forget how much you love being part of a home! I am ready to look for companionship again and start a new life! If you are patient and loving, I will continue on my journey of self discovery and promise to devote the rest of my life to sharing my love with you and your family.

Jardin Estate Jewelry & Antiques Recycling the Elegance of the Past 5221 Hwy 97 Okanagan Falls

OK Mini School OK Mini School is a licensed preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. We are located in Room 8 of the Okanagan Falls Elementary School. We offer a quality preschool program that helps prepare children to become life long learners. Our spaces are currently full and a wait list available. For more information, send an email to


Central Ridge Veterinary Clinic Dr. Sylvia Tingson D.V.M. Open Mon - Fri 9-5 & Sat 9-12


- Okanagan Falls

250.497.7808 Surgery


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January 2018

Help Improve The Saleability Of Your Home ~ Basement Reno Tips with Brian Moen, Realtor with Royal LePage Locations West More evolved than rec rooms of years past, today’s basements are being transformed into any imaginable setting: home office, gym, bedroom, family room, laundry room, kitchen ... the possibilities are endless. As with any renovation, planning is crucial. Before starting a basement reno, be sure you have a strong, well-thought-out plan in hand before beginning the transformation. Since most homes’ mechanical systems, plumbing pipes and electrical wiring are found in the basement, consider hiring professionals to help you ready the space for its makeover. Ceiling ~ Once you’ve ensured that your plan addresses adequate storage, lighting, electrical and data needs, discuss what type of ceiling to install with your builder. If your basement has a ceiling height of less than eight feet, finishing off the ceiling with painted Gyprock is a good option, but requires the installation of access panels to pipes, wires and plumbing for any repairs that may be required. If your basement’s ceiling height is more than 8 feet, consider installing a suspended ceiling. Functional and attractive, a suspended ceiling consists of a grid that is installed to cover and hang from the existing ceiling. Grids are available in a range of colours or can be concealed with decorative strips. The ceiling panels, typically measuring 24” x 24”, are set inside each square of the grid, forming a dropped ceiling that allows for access to wires and pipes behind. Panels that mimic the look of tin, beadboard, and gypsum board are available and can easily be matched to the style of your space. Lighting ~ Lighting is an important consideration in a basement renovation, as these areas are typically dark, dim spaces. Recessed lighting is one of the most widely used and effective fixtures on the market. Paired with ambient lighting, recessed lights brighten a room without taking up floor space. However, recessed or pot light fixtures require more space for installation above the finished ceiling. Be sure to have your contractor or electrician check that you have enough height above the ceiling to accommodate the can part of the fixture (the smaller the can, the more expensive the fixture). If the height of your basement ceiling does not allow for recessed lighting, wall sconces are another suitable option, while table and floor lamps can be situated almost anywhere in the room, providing there is an outlet nearby (be sure to include numerous outlets in the design of the space). Storage ~ Built-in storage always looks sophisticated, saves space and can further add to the function of your new room. Always try to plan for the maximum amount of storage possible: from drawers carved out under the stairs, to built-in shelving and closets - one can simply never have enough. Trim and Moulding ~ Inject character into your new basement living area by adding architectural details found in the rest of your house like wainscotting, crown moulding and baseboards, but be sure to design these to scale. For example, 36” high wainscotting will look more appropriate with a basement’s lower ceilings than the standard 42” height variety. Flooring ~ Consider the function of your renovated basement when choosing flooring for the space: a playroom will benefit from a soft floor made from play mats or carpet, while laminate or hardwood flooring will add warmth to a guest bedroom. Since basements are moistureprone, be sure to prepare its sub-floor before installing whatever type of flooring you have chosen for the space.

Desert Appliance Repair Fast & Reliable In-Home Service / Competitive Rates / 30 Day Labour Guarantee 20+ Years Experience / Red Seal Journeyman Appliance Repair Technician

Call Devin Tetz at 250.488.9670

Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2018!





(250) 497-5541 (250) 493-2244 24 HR. PAGER (250) 497-8449 (250) 809-6192 837 Main Street, Box 329 Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R0

WK Mechanical Plumbing Contractor Installations



Emergency Service

Wilfred Krueger ~ 778-531-4940 Serving the South Okanagan & Similkameen Valley

Last year has come and gone and we are so fortunate for your support. We are looking forward to 2018 and wish you all a successful and prosperous New Year. Winter Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00 & Sat 10:00-3:30 1964 Oliver Ranch Road, Okanagan Falls

January 2018

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Dreams Of A Spring Break Getaway?

Retirement Specialist

with Diane Chatfield of Reliable Travel

The rush and excitement of the Christmas season is over, and the dreary Canadian Winter has truly set in ... It is time to start dreaming and planning your Spring Break Getaway! This time of year we are inundated with “travel deals” on social media. But, are they really deals? The prices you see are the lead in prices that generally are unavailable, have restrictions, or have many hidden costs. Working with a Travel Professional will guarantee you an amazing vacation at the best price possible. Why not give us a try? Visit our websites to request a quote, check out travel information, and enter for a chance to win a fabulous cruise! Visit and today!

Reliable Travel Vi Creasey

250-497-8785 Toll Free: 1-866-497-8785

Robert A. McLennan, FMA Investment Advisor

RBC Dominion Securities Inc. 101-100 Front Street Penticton, BC V2A 1H1 Toll Free: 1-855-313-7886 Tel: 250-770-1213 Fax: 250-492-3556

Blazing The Trail To Your Retirement Dreams

By Robert McLennan, RBC Dominion Securities, Investment Advisor BC Business Licence #48999

Locally Owned and Operated

We can come to you!

Dy de Vos


Diane Chatfield 250-488-6818 | |

Services For The Heart & Home with Patty Irwin

During the quiet months after Christmas, I am happy to extend a 15% discount off cleaning services with a two hour limit for new clients. Also, during January and February, you can enjoy a 20% off savings when booking a three time cleaning package. How about a massage to relax after all the excitement of the holidays? My New Year special rate is $60/hour for Swedish Massage and $50 for Indian Head Massage, which includes mobile if you live in Okanagan Falls. Combining the two, cleaning and massage, on the same day has been quite successful and requested by many of my clients. Call and ask about the different packages available for both cleaning and massages ... “Services for the heart and home”. May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow, and smile unconditionally. Happy New Year!

Patty Irwin ~ Services for the Heart & Home Professional Housecleaner 25 + years Community Support Worker & Massage Technician

For more info, call Patty at 778.889.9725

South Skaha Housing Society Update with Sharon Proctor, Fundraising and Public Relations

We all would like to wish you a Very Happy New Year! We have worked very hard this year on our Affordable Housing for Senior’s Project and are pleased that we now own our own property and are hoping to put shovels in the ground late Spring 2018. I feel blessed to be working with such a dedicated and positive team. Stay tuned for more announcements, and as always, let’s keep working with our community to keep building our “Mighty Little Town”.


Penticton / Okanagan Falls / Willowbrook / Keremeos

Baby boomers are redefining retirement ~ Even when baby boomers reach the golden age of 65, they may not necessarily pack up their desk and enjoy a quiet retirement lifestyle like their parents did. If you’re part of this influential group that is redefining retirement, you’ll also need to redefine how you plan for this exciting new chapter of your life. Different retirement lifestyles ~ Characteristically, baby boomers have enjoyed higher standards of living than their parents, and are estimated to live longer. Maintaining a high standard of living through a lengthy retirement involves careful planning, so that your savings are able to provide adequate income. Times have changed - and so has the retirement age ~ Unlike their parents, baby boomers may not necessarily be working towards the goal of retirement. Many have found fulfilling careers they want to continue developing, or have ideas for a second career after “retirement”. Retiring later may mean you may be able to wait longer before transitioning to strategies that protect your nest egg. On the other hand, if your dream is pursuing a new passion or starting a small business after you “retire”, you may need to save additional funds in order to avoid financial stress. To longevity and good health ~ With longer life expectancies and medical advances that allow people to recover from serious illnesses, you also need to think about building health-care costs into your retirement savings plan. By planning for these expenses, such as inhome care and specialized treatments, with critical illness, disability and long-term care insurance, you and your family will be able to focus on your health and not its costs. Charitable giving ~ Many Canadians have special causes that they are passionate about. If charitable giving through time or funds is in your retirement plans, you and your advisor can evaluate how you can balance retirement and charitable giving. With sophisticated tax strategies, you may even be able to make more significant contributions to your cause. Creating a new family tradition ~ Instead of focusing solely on their own needs, baby boomers place a great deal of emphasis on leaving a legacy and helping family members reach their goals. Through efficient tax and estate plan strategies, boomers are able to fulfill their own retirement objectives while making sure they can still leave a legacy to care for their families. You’ve seen it before ~ While you’ve been saving for your retirement, you’ve experienced the ups and downs of the markets and seen generous and all-time low interest rates. After you stop working, the markets and interest rates will continue to change. With the many different demands on your retirement income, planning ahead and planning with smart strategies is important in order for you to achieve your objectives and still be prepared for economic swings. Please call Robert McLennan at 250-770-1213 for more information about planning for your retirement. This article is supplied by Robert McLennan, an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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January 2018

OK Falls Heritage & Museum Society with Marla Wilson














We would like to welcome you and provide you with a package of community information. Please call 250-460-3387.



Kaleden Museum ~ A History Tid Bit with Meredith King

This is the 15th in the series of biographies of the 20 pioneering families chosen by a committee in conjunction with the dedication of the Old Hotel Site as a Heritage Park in 1982.

The Standen Family The J R Standen family, who lived in Osage, Saskatchewan, purchased two lots in Kaleden in 1910 and had them planted and managed by the Kaleden Development Company for several years. When the trees began to produce, they sold up and moved here. They built a home on their orchard on the south side of Larch Street and Highway 97 and became integral members of our community. They had two children, Calvin and Alice, who grew up in Kaleden and attended school here, participating in most of the activities. Calvin contracted Polio early in his life and although physically handicapped, went through university and then medical school, becoming a Doctor and practicing in Mars, Pennsylvania. Alice died quite young, possibly in her early twenties, and although the Standens were far away from their son and the rest of their families they remained in Kaleden until the forties. John Standen worked the orchard primarily, but on the side he did a little building. On one occasion, he travelled to Phoenix where a mine had closed, to pull down one of the company houses. He loaded the lumber on a flat car and when it arrived in Penticton, he reassembled the house and it was still in service over 60 years later. Both Standens were avid gardeners and their garden their pride and joy. Their greatest delight was to show off their flowers to visitors. They obviously didn’t have the same problem with deer as we have today. In the forties, they sold the orchard and moved to Victoria and then in 1959 they moved to Toronto to be close to his 3 sisters and nearer their son in Pennsylvania. In their seventieth year of marriage, they were struck by a car while crossing the street and both died of their injuries. John thought of himself as a plain, hard working farmer and took great pride in the fact that through the sacrifices they had made, their children had grown up in fairly idyllic circumstances and Calvin had been able to achieve an education and reach a level of economic security that had been out of reach of his parents. This was pretty typical of our pioneer families, and perhaps it was because they saw the community, not merely as a place to make a living, but as a place to make a home; a place, a small corner of the world, they could leave to their children and grandchildren just a little bit better than they found it.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is all behind us. The Heritage and Museum Society had a most successful Christmas Dinner. All members and volunteers of the society had dinner at no cost. Forty-eight people attended. The evening was great, food prepared by Joan and Wayne Rundle was delicious and the comradeship shared was wonderful. When the party was breaking up, we walked out of the Okanagan Falls Senior’s Centre into the light of the big, full, bright super moon. It was the perfect end to a perfect gathering! Many thanks to the Esso station and the OK Falls Hotel for donations to the door prize draws. Your support is most appreciated. The Annual General Meeting of the Heritage Society will be held on Tuesday, January 23rd at 7:00 pm in the H&M Thrify Boutique. We will be choosing a new executive for the coming year and discussing some exciting new projects on the go. All people interested in the Society are welcome to come to the meeting. Our society is in good shape coming into 2018. The Thrifty Boutique is busy like a bee hive. Some new volunteers have come forward to work with the staff there. Clothing is varied in size, style and colours. New frocks are often donated, so stock is always changing. Noreen and Rik are great managers of the shop and are doing a super job for us. The Bassett House was decorated for Christmas by Donna May Thompson and Sue Walker with helpers Lucie Flath and Dwayne Eisen. It looked so bright and cheerful for the holidays. Thank you to all who assisted. We have been getting the odd donation of “garbage”. The windows are all signed asking that donations not be left when the shop is closed. However, I have to suppose some people can’t read or just don’t care. I know the people who leave trash are not Okanagan Falls residents. The “garbage people” must come from out of town. Okanagan Falls people have more care and respect for the community. FLOWERS TO US!

Reduce your ongoing energy costs, improve the comfort of your home and get rebates for an energy evaluation, insulation, heat pump, fireplace, and water heater. For advice on energy-efficiency upgrades for your home, contact the BC Home Energy Coach ( or call FortisBC at 1-866-436-7847.

Join us next month, as we share stories and facts down the historical path and building of our community of Kaleden. To donate an item to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Meredith at 250-497-6995.






Available for Evening & Weekend Appointments

JACLYN KINRADE 250-493-2244

LOCATIONS WEST REALTY 484 Main St, Penticton, V2A 5C5

E: P: 250-770-2951 C: 778-931-0461 W:


January 2018

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Kaleden Seniors Programs with Aja Jackson, Event Coordinator

The Kaleden Seniors committee gives a HUGE thanks to Ken and Margaret Hayter for providing the space at Linden Gardens and the lovely green foliage, to Oak Knoll and Kraze Legz wineries for the beverages, and to The Penticton Garden Club for assisting in our Wreath Making Potluck evening. Over 80 participants, and one happy canine, created gorgeous wreaths and mingled with new friends around the scrumptious appetizer buffet. See you next year!

This New Year kicks off with our “Fun Facts and Food” series, as we host a HANDS ON COOKING CLASS on Friday, January 19th. Sheanne Moskaluk, who was featured with her husband RCMP officer Dan Moskaluk in the “Eating You Alive” documentary (www., will delight us with a flavour bursting vegan lentil/ bean chili, roasted potatoes, salad and a berry vegan crisp for dessert. Class time is from 9:30-12 noon. Space is limited! Registration for the “Vegan Delights” class opens on Friday, December 29th and closes on Friday, January 12th. After the cooking class, lunch is served at 12 noon, followed by an interactive presentation by Cameron Baughen from the RDOS. Learn about the do’s and don’ts of recycling, AND what you can do with all those ribbons, bows and Christmas wrapping paper! All ages are welcome. Lunch is by donation. Cards and Games are back, including Poker! The fun starts Thursday, January 11th and runs for 16 weeks through to April 26th from 1- 3 pm. $3 drop in fee or $39 for all 16 weeks, if you pay in advance. Drop us an email to register for our cooking classes and other programs. Stay tuned to Skaha Matters for information on our next “Fun Facts and Food” Japanese Cooking Class coming in February! We love hearing from you and thank you for your support. Please email with any questions or to register. Handyman & Custom Finish Carpentry

Helping the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner

Jay Mallach 250.490.6343

No Job Too Small Licensed & Insured

Relax ... Rejuvenate ... Heal

Start the New Year Detoxing Aqua Chi Foot Detox Just $20 per 30 minute session


Jaynie Molloy BSc. Hon. CH. 110 Linden Avenue, Kaleden

Walter & Fred Hill Denturist Free Consultations

BPS Masters ® Certified

Implant Retained and Conventional Dentures

Alzheimer Society Support Workshops

Getting to know Dementia ~ 2-4 pm on January 17th - Introductory session reviews basic information about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and the impact of receiving a diagnosis. Learn about the different types of support the Alzheimer Society of BC has available. Dementia Dialogues ~ 2-4pm on January 24th - Dementia Dialogues are interactive learning opportunities for family caregivers to connect with other caregivers and increase their knowledge about dementia. Sessions are held at the Alzheimer Resource Centre in Penticton. Cost is by donation. For more information or to register, please call Mary Beth Rutherford at 250-493-8182 or 1-888-318-1122 or email Please pre-register, as space is limited.

Personalized Teeth Arrangement Hospital / Institution Visits Flexible Hours Upon Request

Mark S. Hill R.D 570 Martin St, Penticton


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January 2018

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227 Okanagan Falls Seniors Activity Centre with Bev van Uden

“Honouring Our Veterans” We would like to honour this veteran shown to the left, but we do not know who he is. I found his picture in the office in the Legion, hopefully someone out there recognizes this veteran. If anybody has any information, could you please contact Bev at I hope to find his identity by February issue, so I can let everybody know who this gentleman is. The branch would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers. Without you, we would not be Branch #227.

January Events at the Okanagan Falls Legion: New Years Day Party ~ Doors open at 1pm on January 1st - $12 each, includes food and you can dance to “Shindigger” too! Tuesday, January 16th ~ General Meeting is every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Find out the latest and get involved. Sunday, January 21st ~ Pancake Breakfast from 8-11am. We have pancakes, French toast, hash browns, bacon, sausage, coffee and juice. Adults $6, Children $3 (ages 6-10), and Children 5 and under are Free! Let our wonderful volunteers do the cooking for you. Friday & Saturday Nights ~ Meat & 50-50 Draws starting at 5pm. Come on out, you could be lucky. Everyone is welcome. Sunday is Fun Day! Check out all the fun & games starting at 1:30pm. All the sports are up & running at the Legion: •

Wednesday Darts ~ Starts at 7pm - Sign in at 6:30pm

Dart Shoot ~ 1st Sunday of each month - Sign in at 10:30am, Towline at 11am. Get your darts sharpened!

Shuffle Board ~ Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1pm

Pool ~ Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays - Stan is your man for all your pool information. Call 778-531-8228. BIG NEWS happening with the pool, we’re getting a 2nd table!!!

For more information on darts and shuffleboard, please call Denise at 250-485-4949. For other information, call the Legion at 250-497-8338. Remember to pay your 2018 dues. We love to see new faces at the Legion. Come out and try volunteering. It’s a lot of fun! You get to meet friendly people at Branch #227. Everyone is welcome to become a member. Facebook Page: Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC. Okanagan Falls Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227 “Where you are always welcome to join us!” I would like to send out a warm Happy New Year to everyone!

Daniel W. Markin - Certified Barber - 778-515-6585

Open: Tue-Fri ~ 8-4 / Sat ~ 8-12 Closed: Sun/Mon & Holidays 5208 9th Ave. Okanagan Falls

Heather’s Housecleaning

References Available Experienced & Efficient Trustworthy $25/hour 2 hour minimum 250-497-1171 Will also drive to appointments & errands for $25/hour.

with Elaine Chernoff

We wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018! Our Christmas festivities started on December 4th with the Okanagan Falls Elementary School "Glee Club" providing entertainment of songs, light show, dancing, jokes and ukelele music. Thank you to Shelly Gittel for coaching these students from Grades 1-7 and bringing them to our Centre. The last song "A song of Peace" was performed with such heart and soul. Jack Carlton, who celebrated his 90th Birthday on December 3rd, was very touched by the children's performance. Our Christmas Dinner was a huge success! Over 100 people enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner prepared by Chef Heinz of Catering Done Right. We hope to hire the same caterers next year. Students from our elementary school bussed tables, while parents and teachers washed dishes. What a great team effort! "Destiny" played our favourite music, while some couples danced. Almost $1000 in door prizes were handed out during the evening. A huge thank you to the 30 businesses who donated prizes this year. "Volunteer of the Year" was awarded to Bill Ludwig. Bill has worked several hundred hours this past year painting and doing much needed maintenance around the Activity Centre. Thank you Bill, the Centre looks great! Many of us are exercising three times a week to "HasFit", a YouTube program on our HUGE Screen. Some younger adults have joined us and are getting a good work out as well. Everyone works at their own pace, with or without weights, all equipment is available. We meet Tuesdays and Thursday at 9:00 am and Sundays at 9:30 am. We are also considering an evening exercise class, perhaps Yoga and Zumba, so watch for details to follow soon. REMINDER: Anyone can participate in our activities and we ask that you purchase a membership after three visits to our Centre. That helps us pay the bills! 2018 Memberships can be purchased anytime from a Board Member.


Pancake Breakfast ~ 8-10 am on Saturday, January 6th General Meeting ~ 1 pm on Monday, January 8th Music Jam & Dancing ~ 1 pm Sunday, January 14th (11:30 Lunch) Drop In Bingo ~ 1 pm every 3rd Saturday - January 20th Canasta ~ 10 am 1st 3 Mondays each month Shuffleboard ~ 1 pm last 3 Mondays each month Exercises ~ 9 am Tuesdays & Thursdays / 9:30 am Sundays Tuesday Bingo ~ 1 pm 1st 3 Tuesdays each month Evening Pool ~ 6 pm Tuesdays Music and Coffee ~ 9 am Wednesdays & Fridays Carpet Bowling ~ 1 pm on Wednesdays Music Practice ~ 6 pm on Wednesdays Scrabble / Bridge / Cribbage ~ 10 am / 1 pm / 7 pm on Thursdays Falls Music ~ 3 pm Fridays

Are you over 50? Just $15/yr to join!

Enjoy activities that interest you. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN! Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Centre! For more information, call Grethe at 250.497.5669.

Ladies Auxiliary of Branch #227 Update with Barb Few

We are now all recovering from a wonderful Christmas. Be sure to join us for the New Year’s Day Celebration at the Okanagan Falls Legion Branch #227 on January 1st starting at 1 pm. Our General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 3rd at 1 pm. On Sunday, January 7th will be the usual monthly LA Bingo starting a 1 pm. The rest of the month will be relaxed for the ladies. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018!

January 2018

Okanagan Falls Lions Update with Bob Wilson, President “Quickly now the old year passes”, so says the carol and it really seemed to be true for this last 12 months. I don’t know about everyone else, but it seemed to me that I just got started on 2017 and here we are in a New Year. A New Year in which I sincerely wish prosperity and health to all. The Lions wound up our year on December 11th with a Christmas Dinner, which was held at the Legion in Okanagan Falls instead of our regular meeting. It was missed by Lion Mike Livingstone and his wife who were toughing it out on Kauai. They sent a greeting to all, “Mele Kalikimaka”, which translates from Hawaiian to English as, “Wish you were here, better luck next time”. 2018 starts the 101st year of Lionism and worldwide we are trying to make things better for those in need, with a focus on eye clinics and immunization in 3rd world countries. A continuing program to fight diabetes and measles worldwide has been implemented by Lions international. Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinic is January 24, 25 & 26 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers for their clinics. To become a donor and/or volunteer, please visit or call 1-888-236-6283. When you see a volunteer, please thank them. Okanagan Falls Lion’s Club is online at okfalls/ and Our local club has grown in the last year by 3 members and we thank them for coming forward to help in our community efforts. If you would like to join us, talk to a Lions member or call 778-439-2275. Let’s all make 2018 a special year for our community and it’s residents. “Where there’s a need ... there’s a Lion!”

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Winter Fishing In Open Water with Larry Martin Winter fishing the Open Waters of Southern BC can be ... well, let’s face it, cold and miserable. Wear layered clothing, so you can adjust to the almost certain variable weather of the day ... or for that all important photo op. Whether you are seasoned veteran or new to the fishery, a personal guide can provide Heated Cab - Photo by Kerry Reed expert area specific advice and the specialty equipment required, like a heated cab, not essential, but a welcome refuge. Sharing the trip costs with a few friends allows for more lines in the water and you can all verify the size of the one that got away. The objective should be to have fun, the bonus ... some of the largest Right Equipment - Photo by Kerry Reed rainbows of the season can be taken near the surface and if you hook up, they will come out of the water. Reel Adventures Fishing based in Nelson has boats and guides for the Columbia River, Kootenay Lake and West Coast Salmon. Stay tuned for the “Learn To Fish” event at Yellow Lake early February. Let’s Have Fun! - Photo by Kerry Reed For more info, just ask Larry Martin Check out at

* ALL NEW MENU * For the New Year!

5210 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls

Come on in & check it out ... Lots of good tasty changes and bringing back the classic favourites!

(Across from Pharmasave) * Overflow parking available at gas station, along Cedar Street & behind station.


January Hours:

Breakfast until 11am ~ $5

Mon & Tue ~ 8 am - 3 pm Wed/Thu/Fri ~ 8 am - 7 pm Sat ~ 8 am - 3 pm

Burger & Fries ~ $6

Eat In or Take Out Baking by advanced order only!


Chicken Burger & Fries ~ $7 Breakfast Menu ~ Available All Day

Caitlin’s Homestyle Diner ... Come hungry & leave fully satisfied! Half portions always available. Or, add a plate to share for just $2.50!

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January 2018



LET US BE YOUR SECURITY BLANKET Use our dependable, trustworthy and friendly services to have peace of mind, while you are on vacation or away.

Call for a FREE quote! Google: DT Professional Home Watch 100 Men Who Care-Penticton Sets 2018 Target As 2018 begins, 100 Men Who CarePenticton announces their first meeting of the new year and has set a goal of raising at least $40,000 this year. To date the 100 Men has raised $35,400 for 18 different charities in the South Okanagan/Similkameen region. Charitable organizations in Penticton, Summerland, Keremeos, Oliver and Osoyoos have all received funds to support the important work they do in our communities. The January 2018 meeting will be hosted by Bogners of Penticton who has kindly donated their restaurant space and canapés for the event.

South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre

Consider joining the “Team Volunteering Group”, where new and seasoned volunteers meet once a month to discuss volunteer experiences and opportunities and the potential to do volunteer work together. Everyone is welcome. Email or call 1-888-576-5661 to receive information on the next get together. Volunteers are wanted to help out with the following: • Thriving and Surviving Self-Management Program Leaders needed to co-lead a group program that gives participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage Chronic Conditions, Chronic Pain, Diabetes and Cancer. To volunteer, contact Charles Labun at 604-940-1273 or • The Arthritis Society is seeking a Workshop Facilitator. Training can be done in person or online. To volunteer, contact Lynnea Westlind at 250-868-8643 or • The South Okanagan Mental Wellness Society has a need to fill a number of different volunteering positions. Please contact Sharon Evans at 250-493-7338 or • The Oliver District and Heritage Society is seeking 4 volunteers who would be willing to be trained. To volunteer, contact Manda Maggs at 250-498-4027 or • The Alzheimer Society’s Walk for Memories on May 6, 2018 has openings to volunteer. Contact Mary Beth at 250-493-8182 or • The MS Walk on May 27th, 2018 is seeking chair and committee volunteers. To volunteer, contact Luella at 1-800-268-7582 or The SOS Volunteer Centre connects residents with meaningful volunteer work. Browse Opportunities and register as a volunteer to receive updates at For more information, please email or call 1-888-576-5661.

Nunes ~ Pottinger Funeral Service and Crematorium

Wednesday, January 24th - 5:30-6:30 pm Bogners of Penticton


302 Eckhardt Ave W, Penticton The purpose of 100 Men is quite simple: gather 100 or more men who want to make a difference - not just in Penticton, but in the communities in the South Okanagan/Similkameen region. The concept is even simpler: four times a year invite three charitable organizations to make a short presentation to the group explaining the work they do, the communities they support, and the impact a donation will have on those they serve. The 100 Men members vote for the charity of their choice and then each member donates $100. Of the total raised, 80% goes to the charity with the most votes and 10% goes to each of the other two charities. Apart from the financial aid the charities receive, the members of 100 Men get a chance to learn about the many charitable organizations that may not get a lot of attention, but have an incredible positive impact on our communities. Each member receives a tax receipt for the full amount of his donation. Of course, membership is not limited to 100 participants. The more who join, the more financial support the charities receive. In these challenging times when more members of society need assistance and when not-for-profit charities often struggle to meet their mandate, the 100 Men Who Care provides an innovative and direct opportunity to help. The goal for 2018 is to raise $10,000 at each of the meetings that are held four times a year. Anyone who is interested in becoming one of the 100 Men can check out the group’s website at www.100menpenticton. com or email the coordinators at Any women who might be interested in a similar organization, 100 Women Who Care, can check out the 100 Women website at, click on “Programs”, then click on “100 Women”. JOHN NUNES


5855 Hemlock Street P.O. Box 788, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0

Spotlight on Volunteers

The Okanagan Falls Lions Club Their new slogan says it all ...

“Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion!” The Okanagan Falls Lions Club is involved in many local community based initiatives, along with global projects, and has been for many years. You will find a Lion at the School Breakfast Program, at the monthly Blood Donor Clinics in Penticton, at Music in the Park, collecting used eye glasses for 3rd world countries, hosting the local Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Annual Dog Walk for Guide Dogs, and for example, pictured above pitching in at the recent community Christmas Festiv-All Event held on December 10th in Centennial Park. Thank you Okanagan Falls Lions for always helping where needed! If there is someone you would like to see honoured in this column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to

Volunteer In Your Community!

There are many volunteer opportunities in your community. Call any

January 2018

LOCAL CHURCH DIRECTORY Kaleden Community Church

Family Worship ~ Sundays at 10:00 am 443 Lakehill Rd, Kaleden / Pastor David Jenkins - 250-497-5995 Email: / FB: Kaleden Community Church - for up to date event info

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Credible Cremation Services Ltd.

Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need. Call Lesley, our own Senior, Licensed Director Total - Basic Cremation ... No Hidden Costs $990.00 + taxes (Penticton area) $1190.00 + taxes (Kelowna area)


Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship ~ 10:00 am & 6:00 pm Bible Study at Church ~ Wednesdays at 7:00 pm Free Family Movie Night ~ Every 3rd Friday each month at 6:30 pm 1356 McLean Creek Rd, OK Falls / Office: 250-497-5131 Pastor Wade Harvey ~ Come join us in celebrating God’s Love!

BC Lic# 49382

(24 hrs)

101-596 Martin St, Penticton, BC V2A 5L4

If Basic Cremation is Your Choice with Lesley Luff, Resident of Okanagan Falls

Credible Cremation Services Ltd. The first to offer families in the South Okanagan, seamless door to door service at the most Sunday Service ~ 9:00 - 10:00 am reasonable price possible, with no hidden costs. Our prices are well Our Speakers for January: 7th - Nancy Wyse; 14th - Victor Ince; below others in the area. Credible Cremation Services can save you 21st - Rev. David Sparks; and 28th - Judi Ritcey. hundreds of dollars. Why pay for services that you do not need. All ages are welcome! Coffee and social time to follow service. Lesley is always available to answer your questions, whether it be “Sing For Your Life” returns on Monday, January 8th at 10:00 am. that a loved one has passed away, or perhaps you are thinking of Everyone is welcome. Participatory fun with music! making arrangements ahead of time. Always a good plan. 1108 Willow St, OK Falls / 250-497-1171 / We wish you all the blessings of this Holiday Season. To those who have lost a loved one, may you find peace and comfort in the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service closeness of family and friends. Our thanks to all who placed their Sunday Mass ~ 11:30 am / New Year’s Day Mass ~ 11:30 am trust in us during the last year. 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Administrator - Father Dominique Credible Cremation Services Ltd Okanagan Falls Contact: Lorraine Harrison - 250-497-8781 Phone: 250-493-3912 | email:

Okanagan Falls United Church

St. Barbara’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service ~ 9:30 am 1st 3 Sundays & 1:00 pm 4th Sunday Coffee and social time after the Church Service. 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Incumbent Rev. Rick Paulin - 250-494-0704

Coming to PENTICTON ...

SUNDAYS at 10 am starting

February 4, 2018

Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to Your name and location is required on any submission. (Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.)

Happy New Year Everyone! Are you finding your cellar a little low after the holidays? We can help … All of our wines are available online! Visit and receive a $25 gift card with case purchases. Wine Shop open by appointment as of January 8th. T: 250.497.7945

E: W: 2320 Oliver Ranch Rd, OK Falls FB: Noble_Ridge Tw: @Noble_Ridge

Fish Heads to the person that keeps throwing their garbage/recycling into the canal by the sewer plant in Okanagan Falls. There are LOTS of garbage facilities in the area, or at least you could put it beside a dumpster. I would think it takes a lot of effort to tote it down to the canal to dump. Hopefully, the sewer plant has a camera on the outside and can get a picture of you dumping! ~ From S. Sarada of OK Falls Fish Heads to the dog owners who use our OK Falls school fields. We love dogs too, but we don’t love their poop on our fields or on our shoes/boots. Please clean up your dog’s do-do, so we have clean fields for playing on. ~ From K. Sinclair, Principal of OK Falls School

Dash Eventure Planning No Event 2 Small or 2 Big

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Receptions, etc.

Contact Denise @ 250-485-4949 or Please Note: No part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the publisher. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this publication. We reserve the right to refuse any submission or advertisement. All authors/advertisers are provided with a proof of their submission and their final approval must be in place in order to be published. © 2017 Okanagan Matters Publications.

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

iendly! mily Fr Now Fa

Basket of Fries Onion Rings Soup of the Day French Onion Soup Chicken Fingers Snake Bits Dry Garlic Ribs Calamari Rings Veggie Platter Veggie Platter

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Ye Olde Welcome Inn Menu Eat In or Take Out


Fresh cut daily ...................................................................... $4.50 A basket full of our flavour .............................................. $4.95 Great on a chilly day (in season) ................................... $5.75 Baked with grilled garlic toast (in season) ............ $7.25 Served with dip and a basket of fries ........................ $10.95 Jalapeno stuffed chicken pieces ................................ $8.95 served with veggies and dip Served with veggies and dip ........................................ $8.95 Served with Tsatziki ...................................................... $8.95 SMALL - Carrots and celery with dip .......................... $4.95 LARGE - Carrots, celery, cucumber, radishes ........... $8.95 tomatoes, mushrooms, and green peppers with dip

Munchie Basket

Deep fried chicken wings, chicken strips, ............... $11.95 shrimp, zucchini, onion rings, and jalapeno stuffed chicken served with fries and dip Our Dips: Ranch, Plum Sauce, Honey Garlic, Honey Mustard, Sour Cream, Teriyaki, Blue Cheese, BBQ, Hot and Inferno.


All burgers come on a fresh Kaiser roll with lettuce, pickle, tomato, onion (fresh or sautéed) & your choice of fries, perogies or salad. Ask for Gluten Free!

Inn Burger Our own freshly grilled 7 oz. patty ............................. $9.95 Farmer Burger Add a hash brown .......................................................... $10.95 Ham & Cheese Burger ............................................................................................ $11.95 Hawaiian Burger Ham and Pineapple ....................................................... $11.95 Greek Burger Feta Cheese and Cucumber ...................................... $11.95 Buffalo Burger Real Alberta Buffalo!! ..................................................... $11.95 Surf & Turf Burger Beef and Calamari .......................................................... $11.95 Medieval Burger Our Best Burger .............................................................. $11.95 Chicken Burger A boneless, skinless 6 oz. breast of chicken ........... $10.95 Crispy Chicken Burger ............................................................................................ $10.95 Veggie Burger A Soy and Rice patty, dressed to please! ................. $10.95 BC Salmon Burger Wild BC Salmon! .............................................................. $11.95 Ye Olde Fish Burger English Style beer battered cod ................................. $11.95 Add mozza, cheddar, 2 bacon strips or sautéed mushrooms: $1.39 each. Add Swiss $1.50. Add Feta $1.95.

Salads Garden Salad

Please ask server for your favourite dressing. With a meal ......................................................................... $4.85 Small ...................................................................................... $5.25 Large ...................................................................................... $6.95

Gluten & Buns Free Breads Availab le!

Fish & Chips Our Famous Ye Olde Beer Battered Cod Also available grilled, with lemon pepper

1 Piece: ..................................... $10.95 2 Pieces: ................................... $13.95


Caesar Salad

With a meal .......................................................................... $5.95 Small served with grilled Garlic Toast ......................... $7.25 Large served with grilled Garlic Toast ......................... $8.95

12” 2 toppings: $12.95 | 14” 2 toppings: $19.95 | add topping $.95 ea

Greek Salad Chicken Caesar

mmmmmmmmmm Feta Cheese .............................. $10.95

Ye Olde Breakfast

Classic Caesar salad with a grilled .............................. $12.95 chicken breast and garlic toast

Steak and Eggs

Salmon Caesar

Classic Caesar salad with wild ..................................... $12.95 BC Salmon and garlic toast

Chicken Wings

Sautéed Prawns

1 lb: $9.95 | 2 lbs: $19.95 3 lbs: $28.95 | 4 lbs: $38.95

10 prawns: $9.95 20 prawns: $19.95

All Day Breakfast 2 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, our own hash .................. $11.95 browns, toast and jam A grilled 6 oz. aged New York Steak, 2 eggs, ......... $13.95 toast and homemade hash browns.

Extras & Odds: Gravy $1.39 / Garlic Toast $1.95 / Add Chicken Breast $3.95 / Additional Sour Cream, Green Onions or Dip $.39 / Make it spicy & HOT $.95 / Fry your perogies $1.95 / Baked potato with sour cream or butter $4.95 / Substitute Onion Rings for French Fries on a meal $1.95 / Make your salad a Caesar $1.39 / Add a lobster tail to meal $12.95 or without a meal $14.95 / Add 5 prawns to meal $4.50 / Side of 3 perogies $5.25 / Add Mozza or Cheddar $1.39, Swiss $1.50, Feta $1.95 / Sauteed Shrooms & Onions $1.39


Steak & Seafood

All entrées include your choice of our home fries, perogies or garden salad with your choice of dressing. Grilled Cheese A Classic Sandwich ............................................................ $9.95

Add sautéed mushrooms and onions or upgrade to Caesar for only $1.39!

Grilled Ham & Cheese Add ham to the classic sandwich ............................. $10.95 The BLT Loaded with bacon, lettuce and tomato .................... $9.95 on toasted white or brown bread

Hot Roast Beef

Lean roast beef piled high and ................................. $11.95 smothered in our own gravy

Our spicy medieval ground beef patty, .................... $12.95 garlic toast and baked potato or fries or garden salad.

New York Steak

A grilled 6 oz. aged center cut New York Steak, ..... $14.95 garlic toast and baked potato or fries or garden salad.

Steak & Prawns

Our great aged center cut New York Steak .............. $17.95 with the addition of 5 sautéed prawns, plus garlic toast and baked potato or fries or garden salad.

Steak & Lobster

A grilled 6 oz. aged center cut New York Steak ...... $22.95 with a 6 1/2 oz. lobster tail, garlic toast and baked potato or fries or garden salad.

2 Lobster Tails

TWO lobster tails, garlic toast and ......................... $29.95 baked potato or fries or garden salad.

garden salad

Baron of Beef Dip

Our own roast beef, served au jus with .................. $11.95 horseradish on the side

Reuben Sandwich Fresh Corned Beef, sauerkraut and Swiss ............... $11.95 cheese on grilled Winnipeg rye bread

Bowl of Chili

Served with garlic toast ................................................ $11.95

Non-alcoholic Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Milk, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, Scweppes Ginger Ale or Tonic Water, Mott’s Clamato Juice, Lipton Iced Tea or Cranberry Juice, Soda Water, Sun-Rype Orange Juice, herbal tea, bottled water and sparkling water.

We also host group gatherings, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, etc. Let us help you make that next special moment memorable! 9 Scenic Kms South From Okanagan Falls

Ye Olde Welcome Inn Family Friendly ~ All Ages Welcome!


Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Hwy 97 Gallagher Lake

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Chef in until 10 pm Every Day Including Holidays

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Ukrainian Perogies With sautéed onions, bacon bits and ....................... $11.95

Medieval Steak

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

January 2018

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

Reservations Recommended Ph. 250-498-8840

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