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February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Linda Larson, MLA ~ Boundary-Similkameen

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During the month of January, the community concerns were around crime prevention and how we can protect our own property. Kaleden has experienced an increase in property crime, which has brought our community together. I encourage everyone to take measures to protect your home and property. Here are Subrina Monteith some ideas to consider; installing Director of motion lights and security cameras, RDOS Area ‘I’ ensure doors are always locked, lock valuables, and record all serial numbers. Kaleden will create a “Citizens On Patrol”, please contact me to get involved. Become a “nosey” neighbour and share with neighbours any unusual activity. REPORT to the RCMP all criminal or suspicious activities: • Use 911 for anything current or of immediate threat to anyone • Non-emergency Police number is 250-493-4300 for reporting thefts after the fact • Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-(8477) TIPS RCMP Statistics for Kaleden: Offence



% change from 2017-18



25% Increase

Break & Enter - Business



100% Increase

Break & Enter - Garage, etc.



300% Increase

Break & Enter - Residential



100% Increase

Auto Theft

Carmi Trails Appreciation Day Success! By Neda Jess The Carmi Trails Appreciation Day at the Carmi XC trail-head was completely successful with an estimated 200 participants. The entire volunteer committee was stunned by the incredible level of support that was shown by our large community of trail fans. To all of you, a loudly shouted “Thank You!” To all of the event’s many volunteers and supporters. “Thank You Too!” A huge thank you to the local businesses that donated time and items for our gift baskets. Dino’s Snowshoe Tours brought snowshoes and offered tour guiding, with all rental fees donated to Carmi Recreation Trails Group. Our DJ, James Proteau, volunteered his time. We had numerous sponsors donate to our gift baskets, those being SportChek, True Outdoors, Cannery Brewing, Howling Moon Craft Cider, Incognito Estate Winery, Backyard Beans, Woudas, Teas and Weaves, and JodDee Daugne. It was great to see Dick Cannings and Dan Ashton there, as well as Penticton City Councilor Julius Bloomfield - both for his presence and the very cool teepee that he brought up and set up. What you don’t see in the photos above is the fact that the parking lot was filled to capacity. There were cars parked from the west edge of the parking lot all the way down Beaverdell Road, which was more than a half a kilometer long! What a heart warming expression of public support for the Carmi Recreation Trails!

Mental Health Act



25% Decrease

Theft from Vehicle



44% Increase

Violent Crime (Domestic)




Property Crime



40% Increase

Area ‘I’ had the highest increase in property crime rates, when compared to all other RDOS areas in 2018 The first reading has occurred on the RDOS annual budget. Effects on Area ‘I’ are a slight increase to support the RDOS required staffing and equipment to operate services for our area. The current increase will be a maximum of .16 per $1000, which works out to an approximate increase of $86 per average home. Recycling by July 2020 will look different within the RDOS. During February, residents will be asked to participate in an survey to help guide the future of the recycling service. The largest change that we are facing is the removal of blue or clear plastic bags to hold recycling materials. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Subrina Monteith, Director of RDOS Area ‘I’ Direct: 250.486.1346 | |

Our collective “next step”? Write more letters of support for saving the trail network from patch clear-cuts. Without hearing your voice on this, all of our and your support for the (only) family-class subalpine recreational trail infrastructure in the Penticton area will be moot! Please write to: Doug Donaldson at Doug.Donaldson.; Dan Ashton at; Richard Cannings at; and Ian McLellan at (RSTBC). Send letters to our local newspapers as well. These letters do not go unnoticed. The Area ‘I’ Open House held on January 21st was well attended by Kaledenites.

FROM THE DIRECTOR For RDOS Area ‘D’ Welcome to February and Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all! January was a busy month. The Upper Carmi community continues its efforts to preserve the intensive recreation use area located a few kilometres east of that community. They are working hard to find an accommodation that Ron Obirek will prevent the destruction of the very Director of popular trail system located in the RDOS Area ‘D’ intensive recreation use area. I thank MLA Dan Ashton for his continued support on this issue and I will continue to update the RDOS Board and request their continuing support as well.


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large turnout. Superintendent de Jager will bring a delegation with him and they will provide a presentation and answer questions. The Heritage Hills Community Association Parks Committee had a There will be an open public discussion. Our goal is to work positive and productive meeting with RDOS staff and have begun together to improve our community policing. To this end, I have the planning process for the work to be done this year. asked for support of a renewed “Citizens On Patrol” program. The Community Services Office remains open in Okanagan Falls, Superintendent de Jager has indicated that the RCMP will assist as we work together with Electoral Area ‘I’ Director Monteith on a with training of volunteers and making available a vehicle and review and update to the previous bylaw. I have received much technology to assist us in working together with the police. We community support to keep this very active and valued office open. expect an improvement in police presence, patrols, and response We expect to be able to improve the quality of services provided to calls. Working together with the police, I am confident that we with a goal on reducing cost where possible. I will announce public will be successful in achieving needed improvement in this area. The March 13, 2019 meeting will be an important step forward. consultation meetings in future editions of Skaha Matters. The South Okanagan Housing Society is excited about progress I also hereby extend an invitation to all interested in the 2019 being made on the new $7.4 million housing project on Main Budget to attend a meeting scheduled on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at the Okanagan Falls School Gym from 6:30-8:30 Street, which is expected to be opening this fall. Thank you to everyone who came out to our second community pm. RDOS Finance Manager John Kurvink will be making a coffee meeting on January 14, 2019. The meeting was well presentation. Questions and concerns are welcome. attended and I appreciate all the concerns and comments The 2nd Monday in February, being February 11, is the BC Family presented. I am especially mindful of the expressions of need for Day Holiday. Therefore, I will postpone our 2nd Monday of the more affordable housing in Okanagan Falls. This is a goal shared month meeting to the 3rd Monday of February, being February by many, not the least of whom is the South Okanagan Housing 18, 2019 at 9 am. I will be available to meet with any member Society. I welcome all who have suggestions or ideas on how to of the community who would like to speak to me in person and encourage, promote or achieve more affordable housing. I know forward any concerns, comments, or ask any questions. The this is a concern of both the provincial and federal governments as last 2 community meetings were well attended. Special thanks well. I asked for everyone’s assistance in keeping an eye and ear to KJ’s Coffee Bar on Main Street, who were very kind to make open for provincial and federal programs that may be able to assist their business premise available to us for the meetings. Due to the us in achieving this goal. And, I will make inquiries wherever I can length of the meetings and the good turnout, I have changed the location to the Community Services Office next to the Tourism and support this objective. Office in the parking lot west of the Okanagan Falls IGA. I will The new Okanagan Falls Town Centre Revitalization Plan Bylaw forward concerns received at these meetings to the appropriate has received third reading and is expected to come into assent staff at the RDOS offices. soon. A major goal of this Bylaw is to encourage higher density affordable housing in the town centre. Although commercial I will continue working on the above-mentioned objectives. I development is still permitted, the prior requirement of first floor welcome everyone to send me an email or call with your ideas commercial development has been removed, thereby allowing and suggestions regarding any of the above or any other concern. residential development without a first-floor commercial component. Yours truly, Also, the height limit has been increased to 15 m (4 stories). I Ron Obirek, Director of RDOS Area ‘D’ have also met with RDOS staff, OK Falls Fire Chief Rob Oliver, Direct: 250.328.9800 | | and local community groups and landowners regarding this new Bylaw. I note that there is broad support and sincere effort being brought to bear to address issues of concern in our town center. On January 14, 2019, I met with Superintendent de Jager of the RCMP at our Community Services Office for 2½ hours. A special thank you to Superintendent de Jager for meeting with me and Area ‘I’ Director Monteith and listening to the concerns of our communities. Superintendent de Jager has agreed to participate in a public meeting which we have scheduled for Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at the Okanagan Falls School Gym from 7-9 pm. Everyone is welcome and I hope we can attract a

Dr. Karan Aluna, DDS Dentist

Accepting New Patients

Happy Family Day 2019 From our family to yours!

Helena Konanz

Conservative Candidate

South Okanagan West Kootenay Conservative Association 250-462-8676

A National Park Reserve? By Helena Konanz The national park reserve has become a contentious issue, particularly for those living in the South Okanagan. It would be difficult to find anyone who dislikes national parks. But when a new park has the potential to disrupt the land you live, work and play in, it is not hard to see why local residents may feel uneasy. A major issue is that it is difficult to understand the impact of the new park without laying out a specific boundary for that park. Residents and business owners may consider a park located near their homes, but many are concerned about living within or adjacent to its boundaries. There are other outstanding questions, including how will this park effect farming and ranching, key drivers of the local economy? There are also other existing stakeholders. Those who may hold crown grazing, mineral or timber rights in the impacted areas and how they will be compensated and at what cost. Indigenous rights must also be respected in this area, as a national park could potentially create a loss of resource opportunities for local first nations. On the other side of this issue, there are opportunities. An opportunity to preserve and protect an area of our region that I believe we can all agree is unique, diverse and truly special. Supporters of a national park also promote the opportunity for new economic benefits that result from increased tourism, as well as a hike in employment with new Parks Canada staff positions. As the federal Conservative Party candidate for the South Okanagan-West Kootenay (SOWK) region, I am often asked if I support this national park proposal. The challenge I have at this point is not knowing the total costs to taxpayers. From my time in public office, I have always believed in the importance of knowing the costs, so that I’m able to weigh the advantages versus the disadvantages of a national park reserve. Most of us, if asked, would never sign a blank check. Online Public Consultation were launched in late 2018 and will be available until February 28th. With it, citizens are welcome to share their views and eventually a “What We Heard” report will be prepared and shared with the public, with a goal to decide on a boundary and an approach to the management of the land by this summer. I urge all residents of this riding to participate in this survey at Seeking input is always good when it comes to major political decision making, provided that input is actually heard and acted upon. In this case, there are serious concerns that must be resolved and there will be potentially significant costs in addressing those concerns. If I were representing this region federally, I would insist on a transparent process and that the Liberal Government fully fund all costs to local taxpayers involved in this process. I believe we all agree on the need to protect this area of land; the question is the national park the best way to achieve that goal and will Ottawa financially ensure that local concerns are fully satisfied?

RCMP Community Report The Importance Of Reporting Supt. Ted De Jager, the Officer in Charge of Penticton South Okanagan Similkameen Regional Detachment, will be hosting several Community Forums in the upcoming months to discuss concerns and ways we can work together to keep our communities safe. The police are only community members that are tasked full time to keep communities safe. It is the responsibility of everyone to work at keeping the communities we live in safe. Part of that is taking time to observe, record and report suspicious activities, and people to the police. Depending on priorities, the police may not immediately respond or respond at all, but at least you have taken time to record and report your observations in the event that something does occur or has occurred. It would be nice in a perfect world if a police officer could check out every report that comes in, but that just is not reality. In the police absence, you can at least observe and record and if needed report to the police. Keeping track of who and what is happening in your neighbourhood is very proactive way to prevent thefts and keeping criminal activity out of your area. One of the biggest things you can do to help combat crime in your area is to report crime that happens. Under reported crime causes a distorted view of what is actually happening in your community. People will often readily identify that “crime is out of control” in their area. And yet, when we review reports and statistics for their area, we find the opposite to be true. However, when we speak further with these individuals, we find that in fact there have been breakins, thefts and other criminal activities in their area, but they have not been reported. When asked why, they often reply that they feel there is nothing the police could or would do. Yes, there are times when there is little the police can do about some criminal events, but they need to know, otherwise they are not even aware there is or may be a problem. The “squeaky wheel gets the oil” when it comes to prioritizing police response. Police regularly review the number and types of calls for service and where they are coming from in order to identify trends and hot spots and the appropriate response. If you are not reporting, your area is not getting on the “police radar” and how can we work together to address the concerns if you don’t tell us. The police can’t always attend every complaint and sometimes there is no reason to attend, but that is never a reason for you not to report. Rick Dellebuur, South Okanagan Similkameen RCMP Community Police Direct: 250-490-2374 // Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477 or Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook!

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Helping Hand Update By Carmen Dixon, Helping Hand Chair I would like to thank the community and local businesses again for all of their wonderful donations. I also want to thank our volunteers and board for donating their time and for making this year such a smooth success. Our community would not be able to benefit from our services without all of these wonderful and kind people. The Helping Hand AGM is going to be held at the Okanagan Falls Community Church on Tuesday, April 9th at 10 am. We would love it if anyone who is interested in volunteering a bit of their time would stop by to get acquainted with what we do, where and when we could use your help and ask any questions. All are welcome. For more information, to volunteer, or to apply for an emergency hamper, please leave a message at 250.486.2767.

Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department Don’t Despair

Fire Department History Continues ... The Fire Department’s History would not be complete without the mentioning of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Okanagan Falls Fire Department or better known as the “Fire Ladies”. And, their dedication was ignited. Their first meeting was held on January 8, 1970 with 13 members attending. The first president was Gertie Moore, Vice was Jean Fleming and Greta Mitchell held the Sec/Tres position. Membership dues were a dollar a year and coffee was .10 cents. After the 2nd year, bylaws were drawn up and the “Fire Ladies” society was fired up. Their aim was to raise funds to purchase equipment that was needed for the fire hall, and first on their agenda was first aid equipment. By the 1971, they donated $200, which went to the first aid truck. They had meetings on the first Monday of every month and would strategize on different ideas and methods to raise more revenue. Some of those ideas were, babysitting courses, bull sales (at the cattle auctions), raffles, bazaars, beach parties, dances, coffee parties, and BBQ’s. The first babysitting course held in September 1972 had 11 teenage students attending. It was very successful for many years. Another success were the first aid courses open to everyone, which were held at the Legion. The BBQ’s and dances were mostly organized and run by the Fire Ladies and they were also a huge success. The Fire Ladies were flared up and on a roll. Besides the Fire Department, they also donated to the Okanagan Falls Preschool, Okanagan Falls Recreation Centre, South Okanagan Homemakers Society, Okanagan Falls Women’s Institute, Easter Seal Camp, Okanagan Falls Youth Bowlers, Variety Club Telethon, South Okanagan Health Unit and several other organizations. The Fire Ladies were a huge part of the Fire Department back in the day. They ran the radio phone from time to time, flagged at accident sites and a constant source of sandwiches, pop and coffee at fires for the firemen. They felt it was more of a huge family than an organization. In the spring of 1983, a cook book idea surfaced and Heather Pearce organized the layout and sales. The cook book became available in October 1985. The cost was $4.50 and was very successful. Then in 1990, a calendar was suggested, but it never got off the drawing board. In 1988, the Fire Ladies raised funds for a clam shell stretcher and was purchased in 1989. A very useful tool, which is still used today. Some of the women who held the President’s position were: Marlene Stein, Judy Krywa, Carroll Haddow, Doreen Kasper, Alice Atkins, Anita Bazley. Some of the Vice Presidents were: Deidre Ross, Carroll Haddow, Judy Charlton, Doreen Kasper, Lois Ronnie, Brenda Boyce, Anita Bazley, Laura Rhodes, Heather Pearce. Sec./Tres positions held by: Marlene White, Hanna Hadley, Irene Marchant, Lil Hancheroff, Janet West, Laura Rhodes, Heather Pearce, Diane Robbins, Margret Cullen and Virgie Mitchell. Other members who held various positions: Elaine Tasker, Marie Kaden, Ineka Fleming, Lois Baumgartner, Linda Fernandes, Donna Mae Thompson, Marina Hall, Linda Turner, Bev Woods, Joy Curts, Svea Mountenay, Deidre Ross, Lois Ronnie, Maureen Riemer, Rose Schaffick, Jenniffer Pinette, and Maryjane Innes. By the late 1980’s, most of the women went to the work force and the society melted down in membership. Also by that time, the RDOS supplied most the equipment needed for the fire hall. Sadly, in January of 1992, the society was closed. If it wasn’t for the “Fire Ladies” hard work, the firemen would not have been able to do the work without the equipment generated by these wonderful ladies. We “Thank You” very much for all your dedication. To be continued ...

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Okanagan Falls Irrigation District News By Bob Daly New Engineering Services ~ OFID is pleased to announce we have acquired the services of CTQ Engineering and Consulting Services. We look forward to working closely with them as they assist us with our present and future projects. Watermain Flushing ~ Weather permitting, staff will continue to flush problem areas of the distribution system. If you experience dirty water, please run a cold water tap until the water clears. Feel free to contact OFID to advise of any issues you have with the water. Trustees and Staff apologize for the inconvenience and expect that with more frequent flushing, the problem areas will be eliminated. Possible Water Shut-off ~ The evening of December 28, 2018 someone hit a fire hydrant at 10th Avenue and Maple Street and left the scene. OFID thanks the members of the Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department and OFID staff for responding. In order to replace the fire hydrant, it may be necessary to turn the water off to this area; however, advance notice will be given by way of the “Alert” system OFID has through its website. If you have not signed up for “Alerts”, please visit and follow the instructions. 2019 Water Tax and Toll Notices ~ Tax and Toll notices have been mailed to all OFID registered property owners. If you have not received your notice, please contact the OFID office. For strata property owners, the invoice has been mailed to the Strata Council.

Office Hours: Tue/Thu 8:30-4:30 (Closed 12-1) 1109 Willow Street, Okanagan Falls P: 250.497.8541 E:

South Skaha Housing Society Update By Sharon Proctor, Director of Fundraising and Public Relations Hi Everyone! This is Sharon reporting on the progress of “South Skaha Place”. We are up to the second floor and moving on up! Things are moving along close to our schedule and we are all very busy with construction meetings, tenancy agreement application process meetings with BC Housing, fixtures, energy efficiency, etc. Stay tuned and let’s look for signs of spring!

Construction Well Underway!

Rendered drawing of view looking South

Kaleden Irrigation District News

Kal-Rec Update

By Bruce Shepherd, KID Trustee

To prevent burns, follow these burn safety tips: Reduce water temperature. Set the thermostat on your water heater to below 48.9˚C.


Avoid hot spills by carrying coffee, tea and hot pots carefully.


Establish “no” zones for children in the kitchen.


Unplug irons, kettles, and other cord related appliances after use.


Test food temperature before eating, especially from the microwave.


Choose a ‘cool-water’ humidifier or vaporizer if used in the home.


Address outlets and electrical cords - check for frays or breaks.









Treat a burn with cool running water for 2-5 minutes. Get medical aid if necessary.





It’s Burn Awareness Time Again!


February 2019 Safety Tip


Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department


Office Hours: 9-12 Mon/Wed/Thur 119 Ponderosa Avenue V0H 1K0

Ahhhh February! Back into the regular routines under gray skies, but with the promise of spring just around the corner! Last month saw the Annual General and Orientation Meetings of the Kaleden Recreation Commission. We would like to welcome our newest member Wayne Lee, who has joined us to represent the Twin Lakes area. If you have been for a walk or drive down by Pioneer Park this month, you will have noticed the machines putting drainage in the parking area and reconstructing a portion of the KVR Trail. In the days to come, you will see a few of the very large trees being cut down. They are in the road allowance and are just too big to move. Not to worry though, many of the smaller trees will be moved to new locations and new trees will also be planted. Also, if you have been into the Kaleden Community Hall you will have noticed construction going on there as well. Thanks to the New Horizons Seniors grant and a grant from FortisBC, renovations to the chair and table storage area and the office area are being done. It is great to see the improvements being completed. Thanks to all who are involved. Of course, our Recreation Programs continue with a few new programs starting this month. Check the website ( or call the recreation office (250-497-8188) for the most up to date information on schedules and program availability. It’s time to pull out the new calendar and mark in the upcoming events. The New Horizons Seniors committee will be hosting another installment of the “Lunch and Learn” series on Friday, February 22nd. A Taste of the Philippines will include a cooking class with Nora, a luncheon, and a presentation by Vi Creasey and Jill about the Philippines and travel in the area. As always, people of ALL ages are welcome to the ‘by donation’ lunch. There are also many other events going on in the community ... art classes and a movie series to name a few. Keep your ears open, watch the sign boards, choose something and get involved. At the very worst, you get to meet new people and share a few laughs - all right here in Kaleden. It is okay to invite your Penticton friends to come out and enjoy our great community with you. Looking ahead ... The Annual Heritage Social sponsored by the Kaleden Seniors Committee is still in the planning stages. This year it will be held on Sunday, April 28th and will include a Car Show in the Hall parking lot. If you have a car you would like to display, please contact one of the Seniors Committee members. The Kaleden Recreation Commission meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm at the Hall. If you have something you are curious about or have any concerns, please contact a Kal-Rec member to be put on the agenda and come to one of our meetings. Members of the public are always welcome. We are also still looking for additional board members. If you are interested, talk to a Kal-Rec board member, come visit us for a meeting or contact Nancy at the office number below for information on how to apply. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Kaleden Parks and Recreation office at 250-497-8188 or email kalrecinfo@ We have a website at where you can find information on our community hall, parks, facility rentals, and a full activity calendar. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the most current information.


250.497.5407 |

By Jen Charlish


A “Deep” Subject ~ 2018 was the last year that ratepayers on the “installment plan” paid their fee for the 2007 water intake upgrade. Sadly, they will not see much difference in their water bills, as the scheduled increase in the IHA Compliance Levy will offset that cost saving (just to refresh memories, this levy is needed to meet upgraded water treatment commitments, required by the Interior Health Authority to be in place by 2025). Some ratepayers have expressed uncertainty as to just where their water comes from, so here’s a brief history. Back in 1908, when James Ritchie began construction of our water supply, the system was gravity-fed from streams above Kaleden. Water was diverted from Shatford and Sheep Creeks over to the Marron River. A concrete intake was built on the Marron River 1.5 miles west of the Highway 97-3 junction, the remains of which can still be seen today. By 1931, orchards were fully established, and needing more water. Consequently, the system was extended by diverting water from Shingle Creek and erecting two dams. In the 1950s, the system had deteriorated, and maintenance costs exceeded tax revenues. Provincial government loans enabled the District to replace much of the system, but it was complex, extending over 12 miles from Shingle Creek to the Marron intake, plus some 10 miles of pipe into Kaleden. In 1963, ARDA (Agricultural and Rural Development Act) provided federalprovincial funding to convert to a pumped system from Skaha Lake and to replace the aging mains in 1966. However, this lake intake was located at a depth of only 9m (30 ft), which resulted in summer water temperatures that exceeded drinking water standards, as well as taste and odor complaints. In 2007, a loan was used to finance relocation of the intake to a depth of 24m (79 ft), which markedly improved water quality. See the KID website for more detail on its history. Kudos - Again! January water consumption was down by almost 1 million US gal (3,650,000 liters), due to a combination of leak repairs and your water conservation measures. Thanks!

New To Kaleden?

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Science and Technology

Kaleden Community Association Update

By Tom Landecker “Do you do anything useful?”, we are often asked. The question is a frequent one from visitors to the Observatory. The simple answer is “yes”, but the real answer needs more than one word. The same question can be asked of all of physics, and it often has been. We hear strange terms like the uncertainty principle, black holes, quarks, and string theory. Can all of this have any connection to the real world? The answer is a decisive “YES”. Our everyday technology is built on a foundation of scientific investigation: if quantum physics was wildly wrong, your television set wouldn’t work. A challenging problem with science is that it’s so hard to predict where and how it will be applied. The only constant is that it WILL be applied, and there will be a payback. Let us take an example from astronomy. Stars twinkle. That’s a nice thing to see on a clear summer night, but to astronomers twinkling is an enemy that prevents telescopes from making clear images. Because the Earth’s atmosphere is turbulent, light can be bent away from its straight path on the way to our eyes or our cameras. Different rays from a star to our eyes take different paths. When they come together they can add up or they can cancel, and the result is that the starlight brightens and dims, the star twinkles. Thinking about techniques for overcoming twinkling led a group of radio astronomers in Australia to the invention of WiFi. Wireless radio communication is beset by the same problems, signals bounce around and take many paths. Another example is imaging. Our Observatory makes images of the sky, as do many observatories around the world, using the technique of Aperture Synthesis. Medical imaging, x-ray tomography, was invented based exactly on astronomical Aperture Synthesis. The same method is also exploited for geophysical exploration (to image underground geological formations from the surface without digging), for airborne radar imaging of the Earth’s surface, and for undersea imaging. At the same time new scientific instruments exploit new technology. The newest telescope at the Observatory, CHIME, uses chips designed for cell phones and computers designed for gaming. Mass markets for these products put them within a price range that our funding could handle. Here are a few helpful website addresses: • • • Observatory/ The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory is operated by the National Research Council Canada. For more information, please phone the Observatory at 250-497-2300.

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By Glenda Livolsi Jane Bland and Nel Witteman, two local artists, have graciously donated two pieces of their art work to be raffled to raise funds for community projects. Jane’s encaustic art of the old hotel is valued at $300, while Nel’s historical print of Kaleden from around 1912 is valued at $425. Thank you to Jane and Nel for giving back to your community with these two beautiful pieces of art.

The art work pictured above will be displayed at the Kaleden Library and at other events around the community for people to buyKaleden raffle tickets. Tickets, which willFire be available during the month Volunteer Department of February, can also be purchased from any KCA Director. Tickets are $5 each or threeFebruary for $10. 2019 Safety Tip

KCA is considering hosting an “Artists in Kaleden” It’s Burn Awareness Timeevening Again! in the spring. If you are a local artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. and prevent follow displaying these burnand/or safety selling tips: would like to be To involved in burns, an evening your art, please contact 1. Reduce water temperature. Set the thermostat on your water heater toare below 48.9˚C. Applications still being accepted for the KCA Small Community Grant Program. If you have an ideatea that and/or 2. Avoid hot spills by carrying coffee, andwill hotengage pots carefully. connect the residents of Kaleden and enhance opportunities for 3. Establish “no” zones for children in the kitchen. participation, please contact KCA (kaledencommunity@gmail. 4. Unplug kettles, and other cord related appliances after com) for the irons, one page application and grant criteria. use. 5.

Test food temperature before eating, especially from the microwave.


Choose a ‘cool-water’ humidifier or vaporizer if used in the home.


Address outlets and electrical cords - check for frays or breaks.

Treat a burn with cool running water for 2-5 minutes. Get medical aid if necessary.

Fire Smart Tip - Area ‘I’

By The Kaleden Fire Smart Committee It may be hard to believe, but spring really is just around the corner! This is a great time to do a walk around your yard, property or acreage and make your Spring Fire Smart Plan. You will want to look for the following problems: •

Tree branches that hang down to the ground need to be trimmed.

Dead trees, shrubs, cedars, etc. should be removed.

Dry leaves, twigs and branches need to be raked up.

Wood piles must be moved away from the house.

Space trees (remove if needed) to 3 meters apart.

For more information, go to>gov>prevention to view the Fire Smart Homeowners Manual online. | February 2019 | Page 7

VALUE CONTRACTING ELECTRIC Formerly Brightman Electric ~ Serving the South Okanagan

Commercial & Residential 250-497-8284

Good Energy By Kristy Dyer Three simple rules for old houses ~ If you are in an old house with imperfect door seals, high ceilings and old windows, I can bet two things: 1) you are uncomfortably cold; and 2) your heating bill is very high. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of things you could do, start with these three simple steps which are good for almost any home. 1.

Replace bulbs. It is always worthwhile to replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs. LEDs last longer, break less and use a tenth of the electricity of incandescent. Aim to replace all the “standard” bulbs in the household (prices go way up for specialty bulbs: oven, microwave, candelabra, etc).


Add some current to the air. Stand on a chair and reach up as high as you can. Does your hand feel warmer up there? The hot air at the ceiling isn’t doing you any good. Buy a standard box fan, turn it on low and place it in the corner of the room. While installing ceiling fans might be best, any air circulation in the room will prevent the layering that keeps your heated air on the ceiling.


Forget the insulation - start with the leaks. You could sink a lot of money into insulating windows, doors, attics, but if the hot air that you paid for is leaving to go outside that’s your first problem. Two great tools to find leaks are a glass of water or a stick of incense. The cup method: fill a cup with water, dip your finger in the water, then use your finger to test around doors and windows to find the breeze. The incense method: light a stick of incense and watch smoke from tip carefully to see which way the wind is blowing. I mark the spots with a pencil or sticky note, then come back with caulk, weather stripping or my favorite: the door snake (I like the double snakes that move with the door).

Prime Winter Fishing Days By Larry Martin I do not recall being blessed with so many prime winter fishing days. Ice fishing this year? Be careful as several popular lakes, especially lower elevation lakes, do not have safe ice due to the mild weather. Above is my cousin, having fun with a catch of Eastern Brook Trout from Red Lake, near Kamloops. Check out the fresh water fisheries stocking tables to find several lakes in the area that have been stocked with Eastern Brookies to enhance winter ice fishing. Of late, Kokanee have become favoured for ice fishing. Monte Lake has been featured in several ice fishing articles, due to highway access and an abundance of quality Kokanee ... but it still had open water in December, thus not safe for ice fishing. Check out, then look in the detailed report section and select Eastern Brook Trout and Kokanee. You’ll be given a list of area lakes that are prime for ice fishing. Also, don’t over look open water fishing, as Okanagan, Skaha and Kalamalka Lakes are all producing, especially with the cooperative weather. I’m not sure if there are more fish being caught this year or if it is just more people fishing due to the weather. Pictured below (courtesy of Lyman lures) two friends with some quality local rainbows, caught on Lyman lures of course. Rainbows are near the surface, so plugs, spoons and bucktails are all producing. Thanks again to several anglers who took time to send me pictures, always appreciated. Please Note: The South Okanagan “Learn To Fish Event” may be cancelled due to unsafe ice conditions at lower elevation level lakes. For more info, just ask Larry Martin at

These three inexpensive activities are your best investment for comfort, your bank account, and global warming. As a bonus, these are all within your capabilities as a renter, and will make an immediate impact on your electricity bill.

Heating Bills High In Winter? If your home is heated with an electric furnace or base boards, consider installing an air source heat pump. You would save on energy costs and be eligible for a rebate of $1,200. Or, if you’d prefer, you could be eligible for a low interest loan (1.9%) for up to $6500. For more information, call FortisBC at 1-866-436-7847 or email electricrebates@

Free Wireless Internet!

OK Falls Branch:

Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm / Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm Friday 10 am - 5 pm / Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Kaleden Branch:

101 Linden Avenue - 250-497-8066

Tuesday 1 - 5 pm / Thursday 1 - 8 pm / Friday 1 - 5 pm

101 - 850 Railway Lane - 250-497-5886

What’s Happening at the Okanagan Falls Library in February? Adult Programs: •

Introduction to Meditation ~ Tuesday, February 5th from 6 - 7:30 pm. Please join Andrea Garland, Yoga Practitioner and Meditator. The workshop is for those wanting to learn and understand the benefits of meditation. We will discuss techniques, and various forms of the art.

Craft Circle ~ Wednesday, February 6th and 20th from 1 - 3 pm. Bring your craft projects to work on or get some creative inspiration from others!

Preschool Storytime continues on Tuesday mornings at 10 • am. Parents and caregivers are welcomed to bring their little ones to these fun programs where we will be listening to stories, singing songs, making an easy craft and meeting new friends! • On Tuesday, February 12th, we will be having a Valentine Storytime, so please wear red or pink this day and we will make a “heart shaped” craft.

Book Club ~ Wednesday, February 20th from 1 - 2 pm. Our current book club book for discussion is “The Handmaids Tale” by Margaret Atwood.

The Kaleden Library will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Themed Card-Making Class on Thursday, February 7th from 2:30 - 3:30 pm. This program is for ages 5-11 years old. Make a Valentine Card for someone special, a sibling, your parents, or maybe your teacher! After the cards are made, a Valentine story will be read, while the children enjoy a cookie snack. Please register for this children’s program, as space is limited. All supplies are included for this FREE program.

Afternoon LEGO is on Thursday, February 28th from 2:30 3:30 pm. Children can build, create and explore using the Library’s LEGO. A small cookie snack will be served as the children discuss their masterpieces. Please register for this event, as space is limited. Bevin, in photo to right, was the luck winner from the December Gingerbread House Coloring Contest! She had fun building the house over the holidays with her family.

South Okanagan Scribes ~ Tuesday, February 19th from 6 - 8 pm. Please join local writer, Faye Arcand, leading the newly formed writing group at the Okanagan Falls Library. A safe place to share while building a writing community, having fun, learning, and growing in your craft. Friends of the Library ~ Okanagan Falls Library is pleased to announce the formation of a F.O.L. group. We are planning to have a book sale in the spring and are accepting your books, CDs, & DVDs in good condition. No encyclopedias or Readers Digest Condensed books please. For more information, please call the library.

Children’s Programs:

Local Artist, Jane Bland, has worked in the art field for many years. Encaustic art, also known as ‘hot wax painting’, is her favourite. Please stop by the library to look at a few of her pieces of art displayed on the wall.

Library Storytime ~ Tuesday, February 19th from 9 - 10 am. Preschool age to 8 years old. Join us for stories, songs, crafts and more!

LEGO Club ~ In partnership with the Recreation Commission, we will be providing LEGO Club at the Okanagan Falls Elementary School for early dismissal days on Wednesday February 27th from 1:00 - 2:30 pm. If your child is not part of the early dismissal days program at the school, you must register with us for details.

For All Ages: •

CatMatch A little different CatMATCH this month. AlleyCATS Alliance has a pair of bonded feral cats that cannot go back to their original location. They are looking for a barn or industrial building location, where they will be able to live out the rest of their lives while working to keep the rodent population under control. Phantom is a spayed female and Trigger is a neutered male. Both have been dewormed, vaccinated and health checked. Trigger does have some digestive issues, which require him to have a special diet outside of his naturally caught meals. If you would be interested in adopting a working pair of “mousers”, please visit

Unplug and Play in the Library every Saturday through March 30th ~ Join us for board games, cards, puzzles, adult coloring, and zentangle. Bring your family and your friends for self-led fun at the library and leave the cell phones, laptops, TV at home! Drop-in between 10 am - 2 pm.

Central Ridge Veterinary Clinic Dr. Sylvia Tingson D.V.M. Open Mon - Fri 9-5 & Sat 9-12

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Relax ... Rejuvenate ... Heal

RMT Trained & Now Semi-Retired. Reasonable Rates. By Appointment. Open Tues -Sat from 12-5 pm.

Jardin Estate Jewelry & Antiques Recycling the Elegance of the Past


- Okanagan Falls


Jaynie Molloy BSc. Hon. CH. 110 Linden Avenue, Kaleden | February 2019 | Page 9

CoQ10 (Ubiquinol): Look After Your Heart With This Critical Heart Nutrient By Dr. Tamara Browne, ND Naturopathic Physician, Licensed and Registered by The BC Ministry of Health

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and energy producing nutrient manufactured by every cell in the body. However, with age the ability to produce CoQ10 diminishes, leaving the body susceptible to oxidative damage, inflammation, and low energy production. Research has shown this nutrient to be particularly vital for heart and circulatory health. Anyone taking heart medication and in particular statin drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor, and Mevacor is likely to be deficient in CoQ10. Beta blockers, used to manage high blood pressure, can also interfere with CoQ10 production and cause a deficiency. CoQ10 demonstrates the following health benefits: 1. Helps you produce more energy for your cells by increasing ATP, the body’s energy source. This improves exercise tolerance, vitality, and brain function. 2. Boosts heart health by strengthening cardiovascular system and providing more energy to the heart. Improves ejection fraction and cardiac output. 3. Acts as a powerful antioxidant to help protects cells and tissues from oxidative free radical damage. As we age, we produce fewer antioxidants and are more apt to develop inflammation, which is a major root cause of chronic disease and degeneration. 4. Reduces the signs of normal aging. 5. Helps maintain normal blood pressure. Lowers elevated blood pressure by as much as 17 mmHg systolic and 10 mmHg diastolic. 6. Provides a boost to the immune system. 7. Supports the nervous system and keeps the mind active. CoQ10 has benefitted the following conditions: 1. Cardiomyopathy 2. Congestive heart failure 3. Angina 4. Arrhythmia 5. High blood pressure 6. Mitral Valve Prolapse 7. Protects the heart during surgery 8. Diabetes - helps maintain normal blood sugar levels 9. Periodontal disease 10. Asthma 11. Male infertility 12. Renal Failure 13. Migraine 14. Breast and other cancers

heart function are the herbs Hawthorn and Ginkgo Biloba; the vitamins E, C, K2 and D3; and the mineral Magnesium. A guided approach from a Naturopathic Physician is recommended to ensure quality and dosing are adequate for your individual needs. February is “Heart Month” and a great time to start thinking about supporting the most energetic organ in our bodies. For it’s size, the heart is the most energy consuming organ, and therefore, is the most susceptible to the loss of energy providing nutrients that occur with aging and chronic illness. For more information on how to naturally and holistically support your heart and circulation, please contact Dr. Tamara Browne at 250-497-6681.

“Building Community Spirit” The intention of this column is to share inspirational stories, or even a quick photo, to show that community spirit is alive and well. The Okanagan Falls Artists Group gathered on January 21st for an Acrylic Pouring Workshop, shown in photo. A literal treasure trove of abstract art pieces were the culmination of a day of creative camaraderie. This prolific group of painters meets every Friday at the Okanagan Falls Community Centre in the Multi-purpose Room for watercolour painting classes. They welcome all who may be interested. Unleash the inner artist in you! What a great way to get inspired and build community spirit with like-minded people. For more information, please call Pat at 250-402-3546 or email

CoQ10 is a vital nutrient for optimal functioning of the heart, immune system, gingiva, neurological system, kidneys, and in fact every cell in the body. It is particularly useful to supplement CoQ10 in patients with cardiovascular diseases such as angina, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, and cerebral insufficiency. It is prudent to take this nutrient daily for preventing age related health problems as part of a holistic, natural, comprehensive lifestyle approach for prevention. Doses have ranged from 60-2400 mg per day safely. An effective dose is 100-200 mg per day for most applications. Other well studied nutrients that may be recommended to support If there is someone or a group you’d like to see honoured in this column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to Page 10 | February 2019 |

Creative Wellness Solutions

What Does ‘Bonus Time’ Mean To You?

By Dee-anne Jalava, Seniors Wellness Practitioner

By Annick Lim

Carpal tunnel syndrome is possibly the most common nerve disorder experienced today and affects women three times more than men. Common characteristics of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness, tingling, pain or a dull ache in the fingers, hand or wrist, which is caused by a compression of the median nerve. The median nerve and several tendons run from your forearm to your hand through a small space in your wrist, called the carpal tunnel. The median nerve controls movement and feeling in your thumb and first three fingers. The use of a wrist splint, especially at night, reduces the pressure on the median nerve while limiting mobility. It has been found that massage therapy of the hands, arms and shoulders has been a highly successful treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome as it reduces the inflammation, promotes circulation and helps relax the muscles and tissues. Massaging of the shoulders, neck and upper back will also help reduce pain and will improve sleep. Creative Wellness Solutions is conveniently set up at the Okanagan Falls Zen Centre every Wednesday morning and at numerous sites in Penticton every week. We are available to meet your unique needs as a mobile service providing onsite chair massage in-home, at sports events, conferences, or in the workplace. Call Dee-anne at 250-497-5974 for more information or to schedule your appointment. We offer three 15-minute routines. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination. We provide a convenient massage with innumerable benefits on a comfortable massage chair. You do not need to climb onto a table or remove clothing and no oils are used. Come and see how effective massage can be to your well-being. Be sure to check out our website at www. and visit our Facebook page.

This February, I ‘get to’ celebrate my 20th ‘kidney-versary’ with my dad’s gift of life! 20 years ago, it was hard for me to imagine what my future would look like today. Having had a successful kidney transplant has allowed me to fall in love and get married, spend time with some incredible friends, work, travel, volunteer and fundraise for the Kidney Foundation of Canada - BC & Yukon Branch. After all, they helped to save my life! I attended my very first Kidney Walk in 2010 and have been fundraising ever since! With funds from last year’s walk, I was able to reach $80,000 total (so far), and I can’t wait to reach $100,000 and even $250K and my ultimate goal being $1M! Last year was a year of firsts for me, as I’ve often wondered not if, but when, I would lose my first transplant friends. To make it even harder, I lost 2 within months of each other. Once I lost Sylvia and just getting used to the idea I’d never see her again, I lost Amanda! What a heartache and a complete waste of humanity. If you’ve ever known anyone who’s life has been saved by transplant or known someone who’s died while waiting for a life saving organ, you’ll understand why I want to encourage you to register your wishes at Once you’ve registered your decision, have a conversation with your family. As much as it’s important to officially register your decision, it’s also important to have a conversation with your loved ones about organ donation and your wishes. Frequently Asked Question - If I am a registered organ donor, will health care providers make every effort to save my life? Yes. First and foremost the duty of health care providers is to save lives. Donation is only considered after all life-saving efforts have been exhausted and it is certain a patient will not survive. Your donor registration record is confidential, and only accessible by the donation team at BC Transplant. In addition, BC’s Human Tissue Gift Act states that the death of a potential organ donor must be declared by two doctors, independent of transplant. My wish for you for 2019 is to have FUN! Enjoy every moment and do your best to not take your ‘bonus time’ for granted. Living Donation - Living organ donation is an act of altruism that reduces the wait time for patients in need of a life-saving kidney or liver. For more information, contact living donor programs: Vancouver General Hospital Living Donor Program - Kidney and Liver. Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre. Level 5, 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9. Call 604.875.5182 or 1.855.875.5182. Email St. Paul’s Hospital Living Donor Program - Kidney. Unit 6A, 6th Floor, Providence Building, 1081 Burrard St., Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6. Call 604.806.9027 or 1.877.922.9822. Email donornurse@

Creative Wellness Solutions

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Electrolysis by Gen Permanent Hair Removal Genevieve Giard Certified Electrologist

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439 Panorama Cres Okanagan Falls | January 2019 | Page 11

School Trustee Report For SD67 By Kathy Pierre, School Trustee Best wishes for a new year filled with hope, prosperity and good health. SD67 Board was treated to an amazing presentation from two PMSS students who reported on their October 2018 trip to Japan. 16 students from PMSS, PSS and SSS spent 5 nights in Tokyo, 2 nights in Hiroshima with 10 students continuing on to Ikeda for a “Sister City Exchange Program”. Also, the Board approved two Level 4 fieldtrips for the spring 2019. They were the PSS Band Choir trip to Victoria involving 50 students and a March 2019 student trip to Switzerland, Italy, The Riviera and Spain. SD67 reviewed and approved the Tobacco, Cannabis and VapourFree Environment Policy and the Substance Abuse Policy. Both policies can be found on the SD67 website. Superintendent Hyer provided an overview on the 6 year Completion and Grade 12 Grad Rates for 2017/18 for SD67 and the Province. We were pleased to note that SD67 data reflects that our 6 year completion and Graduation rates are higher (better) or at par with the Provincial rates. The Canadian Sports School provided and overview on their organization and they proposed a partnership they would like to explore with SD67 to support student athletes in Gr 10-12. Currently, the Canadian Sports School is offering a school program in Kelowna. It’s primary objective is to alleviate the pressures of balancing athletics with academics to ensure that future Olympians, Paralympians and National Team members have the skills and resources required to progress as a high performance athlete who can excel in their sport and in school. Participating students will receive academic credits for the training component of their program. The Board directed SD staff to explore a partnership with Pacific Sport Okanagan to support student athletes who may be interested in a program in Penticton.

Director of Instruction, Thompson, provided an overview of the Crisis Response Team. The team provides supports to students and school staff in the event of a student or staff death or critical incident. When necessary, a community partner such as Children Youth Mental Health, Ministry of Children and Families and RCMP are included to provide support when called upon. Superintendent Hyer provided an overview on the BC Grad Program Policy Guide. The guide focuses on the curriculum and assessment requirements for Gr 10-12. The new BC Grad Program is effective July 2019. Currently, our high schools are working with students regarding course selection for Fall 2019. The new curriculum provides more course and choices for students in core curriculum areas such as Language Arts, Science and Math. Provincial Exams are no longer a requirement for graduation. They have been replaced with Gr 10 numeracy and literacy assessment and Gr 12 literacy assessment. Until next month, be happy, play safely and take a moment for quiet reflection. For more information, contact Kathy Pierre, School Trustee for Kaleden, by email to PROFESSIONAL LEARNING CONSULTANT


Boost Your Grade By 10%


Literacy, Mathematics, Sciences and more. All levels, all ages, all styles, all needs. 250.497.7133

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update By Brad Nunes

Hello friends and neighbours! Welcome to February! The month The Assistant Superintendent, Manual, and District Wellness of romance and dicey travel over mountain passes. KPAC wants Coordinator, Jenny Mitchell, provided a brief overview of the to wish everyone safe travels over the rest of the winter season. District Wellness Goals. The District Wellness Initiative is a Remember to have an emergency kit in your car that includes strategic plan to develop a culture of health and wellbeing for both some non-perishable snacks, some water, a blanket or two and students and employees. SD67 supports and offers programs some way to keep your cell phone topped up. Not so much for such as; Employee and Family Assistance, Teacher Stress and emergency calls, but more if you get caught in a road closure Health supports, Mentoring and Induction Programs for new Netflix is not going to watch itself, right? I mean a mild crisis of teachers, workplace wellness programs, social/emotional learning getting hung up in a ditch is really not happening unless you can programs and mindfulness and stress management supports. The tweet about it. I think we can all agree on that. When the Coq SD Wellness Committee plans and hosts a series of events to is closed due to extreme weather, we need to keep everyone support student and staff wellness across the district. This initiative abreast of our situation by making sure all our good side selfies is based on research and “best practice” to support mental health are plastered all over Insta (#Merritt #Stuck #Snow #Brrrr). But for and to increase mental health literacy. real, take it easy out there. Go slow and get there safe. Make sure Assistant Superintendent Manual provided a brief overview of your phone is charged, so you can make those emergency calls ... the District’s Violence/Threat Risk Assessment Protocol. This and get the latest issue of Skaha Matters on Issuu! #Sponsored! is a collaborative response to student threat making behaviors. Okay, down to business! If you love boiled sea bugs (and you We learned about the duty to report and what behaviors warrant KNOW I do!) then you are in luck! Lobsterfest is just a few months a student violence threat risk assessment to be initiated. Each away! We are looking for both prizes and volunteers. If you can school has a site-specific threat assessment team that includes help out either way, please contact Leanne McClarty directly at the principal, counsellor, teachers and a member of police. A clear She will be more than happy to take your process for responding to threat related behaviors is essential to hours or take your prizes. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year, ensuring a safe school environment for our children, teachers and so all the help we can get the better. We will SHAMELESSLY plug community. any business who donates. DE



Kaleden Ladies Drop-in











Wednesdays from 1-4pm at Kaleden Community Church. Ladies welcome for coffee, quilting, conversation & crafts. Questions? Call Fran at 250-497-7850




Page 12 | February 2019 |

Lastly, our next PAC meeting is Monday,February 4th at 7 pm in the school library. I’m told we will let Joline out of her den and if she sees her shadow then it is still 2 more weeks of winter. I may have something mixed up there, but come to the meeting and they will sort it out. That is all for this month. Ciao!



From award-winning creator Candice Roberts comes a clown tour de force.


What happens if we deny our deepest dreams and desires? Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, love-sick Bobert discovers his heart to be more than he knew.

JACLYN KINRADE 250-493-2244

LOCATIONS WEST REALTY 484 Main St, Penticton, V2A 5C5

Great Things Happening At Kaleden Elementary School! By Mrs. Lomax, Kaleden School Principal 5 “Great Things” include ... 1. Kaleden Elementary had 12 winners at the school competition level and 4 students’ projects going on to compete at the Provincial Level in the Royal Canadian Legion National Youth Remembrance Day Poster & Essay Contest. 2. Practice for Basketball Season has started for the Grade 4 & 5 students with games scheduled through January and into February. 3. Kindergarten students are learning colouring skills with Winter Evergreen Trees. 4. Aboriginal Cultural Advisor, Anona Kampe told our students “The Four Food Chiefs” story. 5. Apex Tubing was super cool fun for Kaleden students, parents and grandparents.

Single tickets $12 Sunday March 3, 2 pm available at Tumbleweed Gallery, Cleland Theatre, Penticton Penticton Arts Council, Prague Café, Penticton Art Gallery, Oliver Veterinary Hospital, The Beanery Café or online at Eventbrite.

�I� anD In�O 250.492.7997 or

Ideas Bobert! Children’s Showcase is pleased to present Ideas Bobert! by Candy Bones Theatre on Sunday March 3rd at 2 pm at Cleland Theatre in Penticton. From award-winning creator Candice Roberts, comes a clown tour de force of comedy and conundrum. What happens if we deny our deepest dreams and desires? Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, love-sick Bobert discovers his heart to be more than he knew. With a vintage silent film styling, shadow puppetry and stop motion animation projections, the world of Ideas Bobert! is rich with magic and creativity. From Vancouver, Candice Roberts is a theatre comedy artist, dancer and creative coach, passionate about the connection between healthy communities and self expression. In 2014, Candice received the Mayor’s Arts Award for her work facilitating a community arts program, implemented within the BC health system, for people recovering from addiction and mental health issues. She is band leader of the critically acclaimed Myrtle Family Band, is a founding member of the Jessie Award nominated Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society, and artistic director of Candy Bones Theatre. Candy Bones is dedicated to devising and sharing innovative and original inter-arts theatre works of artistic excellence. Tickets for Ideas Bobert! are $12 and are available at Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton Arts Council, Prague Café, Penticton Art Gallery, Oliver Veterinary Hospital, The Beanery Café in Summerland or online at Eventbrite. For more information, please call 250-492-7997 or visit website at


Take Out!

Enjoy our fresh home-made pizzas, pastas, donairs & wings.

#3 - 5350 9th Avenue Okanagan Falls

Thank you for your support!

February Hours: Mon-Sat ~ 3-9 pm Sun/Stat ~ 4-9 pm

(In the “OK Corrall” near IGA) | February 2019 | Page 13

January Highlights From Okanagan Falls Elementary School


By Principal Karen Sinclair


1. 2. 3.

Children who will be five years old by December 31, 2019, may begin their first year of Primary (Full Day Kindergarten) in September 2019. These will be children who were born in 4. 5. 2014.

Ms. Souch’s class learning cross country skiing at McKinney Ski Trails. A team effort in enjoying the snow - while it lasted! Artists accept recognition and awards from the Legion Poster contest (not all shown). Students enjoy a wonderful hot breakfast - Thanks Lions Club! Gr. 6-7s use coding skills to control Spheros (robots).

Parents or guardians may register these new students from Monday, January 21 to Friday, March 15, 2019 at the following schools: Cawston Primary


8:15 - 2:45 pm

Okanagan Falls Elementary


8:00 - 2:30 pm

Oliver Elementary


8:00 - 3:30 pm

Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary


8:00 - 3:30 pm

Osoyoos Elementary


9:00 - 3:00 pm

YouLearn (Call for Appt)


Special Hours

8:30-7:00 pm (Mon) & 8:30-2:30 pm (Tues-Thur) 2. Please bring your child’s birth certificate and Medical Card with you. Should you require further details, please contact your local school. 3. Parents may defer the entry of their child into Kindergarten for one year, but registration must occur in the following school year. 4. Early registration assists the district with plans for September 2019. Also, Kindergarten spaces in a school may be limited and placement is done on a first come, first serve basis.

SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 53 (OKANAGAN SIMILKAMEEN) PARENTS OF GRADE 1 TO 12 STUDENTS REGISTERING OR REQUESTING A CHANGE OF SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 2019 Parents or guardians may enroll their son or daughter in an educational program at any school in our district, as outlined in Section 74.1 of the School Act, and providing there is space available in the respective grade. Registrations prior to June 7, 2019 will be accepted on a first come, first served and availability basis. Beginning June 10, 2019, registrations will be accepted in the following priority order as per section 74.6 of the School Act: (a)

a catchment area child who, in the previous school year, attended the school at which the educational program is made available;


a catchment area child;


a non-catchment area child;


a non-school district child For further information, please contact your local school’s principal.

Okanagan Falls PAC Update By Lindsay Hainstock, PAC Vice President

Okanagan Falls PAC is in need of a parent volunteer to represent our school on DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council). DPAC is made up of representatives from each of the schools that comprises School District 53. This would be a great opportunity for communication between schools in the district for potential sharing of ideas and resources. If you are interested in volunteering for this position (or if 2 people want to share the position), please let one of us know! The next Okanagan Falls PAC meeting is Thursday, February 7th at 6:30 pm in the Okanagan Falls School Library. All parents/ guardians of children in Okanagan Falls Elementary School are welcome at meetings (childcare is provided).

School District No. 53 Board Report By Janice Stevens, School Trustee I hope everyone is enjoying this mild winter and taking time to enjoy the outdoors. January has been a busy month of planning and adjustment in the school district. Since schools came back into session since Christmas break, our superintendent have been reconnecting with schools and administrators and participating in some great professional learning with our educators. On January 10th, they participated in an evening session in Penticton with Dr. Leyton Schnellert of UBC on creating innovative learning environments through a focus on school planning to help our students achieve and thrive. Also in January, the board had an very enlightening full day workshop with Eli Mina. He is an accomplished author and board effectiveness coach. We covered a variety of interesting topics about meetings, rules and effective decision making. Key goals of this workshop included making meetings work better, demystifying the rules of order (Robert’s Rule of Order) and how to build better decision making teams. The board was agreed that this was time very well spent and will set us up for success as we begin our 4 year term together. I look forward to updating everyone next month with some exciting initiatives and updated information on all things education in the district. For more information, feel free to contact me. Janice Stevens, SD53 School Trustee, at 250-307-4245 or

Volunteer Spotlight Okanagan Falls FREE Kids Fun Night! Maria and John volunteer their time to host a “Kids Fun Night” every Tuesday from 6:30-7:45pm in the Okanagan Falls School Gym. Thank you for volunteering your time to help our community’s youth to enjoy being active and building good relationships. After all, the saying goes ... “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Volunteers ... Making A Difference

If there is someone you’d like to see honoured, call 250-497-8188 or email

Volunteer In Your Community!

There are many volunteer opportunities in your community. Call any of the non-profit groups included in this issue. Let’s help each other!

WANTED: YOUTH PERFORMERS You’re all invited to the SEASON 7 - Teen Performance Showcase in Penticton! Fresh BC Talent - SEASON 6 ‘Teen Coffeehouse’ Spring / Fall 2018 series presented talented teens (solo, duo’s, and group) performers from around Penticton and surrounding Okanagan communities. Fresh BC Talent is inviting performers aged 9-18 years old to be part of our SEASON 7 “Teen Performance Showcase” 2nd Spring Series. This all starts on Saturday, February 2nd at Tugs Tap House on Martin Street in Penticton. The Teen Performance Showcase will be featured on the first Saturday of each month starting at 1:30pm from February through June in Penticton. This is a FREE family event. All entertainment forms and skill levels welcomed. PLEASE NOTE: We are currently accepting performer bookings now for each monthly show. Contact Denis by email at or call 250.460.2221. Special Thanks to our SEASON 7 Sponsors: Media Support Skaha Matters; Venue Sponsorship - Tugs Tap House; Posters by Kevin Fai -; and Event Coordinator - C-me Live Productions. | February 2019 | Page 15

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Planning For Retirement In 10-15 Years By Robert McLennan, Investment Advisor RBC Dominion Securities.

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Consider an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) ~ An IPP is a defined benefit pension plan established by an incorporated business owner or professional that may enable you to make higher contributions compared to an RRSP, and enhance your retirement income. The contributions are tax-deductible to your corporation, making it ideal for self-incorporated professionals and ownermanagers. The Retirement Compensation Agreement (RCA) ~ RCAs enable high-income earners such as senior executives to receive retirement benefits equivalent to what you would have received if you had not been subject to the contribution limits on registered plans. Contributions are 100% tax-deductible by your employer and are not taxable to you until you receive the benefits, when you may be in a lower tax bracket. Don’t forget non-registered investments ~ Even if you’ve contributed the maximum to your RRSP and TFSA, you might still need to save more to maintain your current lifestyle when you retire. By diversifying the stocks, fixed-income and cash investments in your savings plans, you build in protection from the risk of losing income from poor investment performance in any one sector, region or company. Speak to us to help determine a suitable investment mix for the time you have to invest and your comfort level with risk.

Consider insurance to build wealth ~ Instead of exposing your non-registered investments to a high tax rate, consider investing through a tax-exempt life insurance policy. The income generated by your assets accumulates tax-deferred, as in a registered plan. For retirement income, simply use the insurance policy as collateral to secure a tax-free loan. When your estate is settled, the loan is repaid with the insurance proceeds, and the remainder Maximize your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) ~ With a goes to your beneficiaries, also tax-free. TFSA, you can make contributions that grow tax-free, and you can Plan for business succession ~ If you own a business that you make withdrawals any time, for any reason, also tax-free. What’s plan to sell, speak to your tax advisor early in the process about more, any amounts you withdraw are added back to your available restructuring the business ownership to minimize taxes on sale. contribution room the next year. In addition, TFSA income and Talk to us today, and as your retirement plans evolve, to learn withdrawals will not impact any federal income-tested benefits you more about tailoring a retirement strategy appropriate for you. may be entitled to, once retired, such as the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) or Old Age Security (OAS). If you haven’t This information is not intended as nor does it constitute tax or legal yet opened up a TFSA, you can “catch up” on previous years’ advice. Readers should consult their own lawyer, accountant or contribution room - a total maximum of $57,500 for the years other professional advisor when planning to implement a strategy. 2009-2018 - or gift funds to a lower-income spouse so they can This article is supplied by Robert McLennan, an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member–Canadian maximize their own TFSA. Investor Protection Fund.


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Seed and aerate your lawn appropriately ~ Keeping a lawn alive is extremely difficult for many homeowners, and it’s important to be proactive about your lawn to keep it healthy year after year. Fertilizing along with establishing a good watering routine and keeping your mower blades sharp is the best recipe for a beautiful lawn you feel confident about. PRESIDENT’S GOLD AWARD 6. Know what local ordinances allow and require ~ As you plan for a patio, pool or outdoor kitchen, read up on SALES ACHIEVEMENT local ordinances and any restrictions established by your AWARD homeowners association (if you’re part of one) to ensure you REALTOR stay within the limits for development and know what projects may need a permit. Proper Landscaping Will 7. Ensure surfaces aren’t angled toward your house ~ On the Enhance Your Home’s Value subject of rainwater, take care to ensure any hard surfaces, Courtesy of Real Estate/US News like a patio, don’t slope toward your foundation. 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Okanagan Falls Seniors Activity Centre By Loraine Thompson Margaret Baldwin swore-in the new executive for 2019 at the January 7th General Meeting. The positions filled are as follows: Grethe Jensen - President; Shirley O’Connor - 2nd Vice president; Treasurer - Denise Ashton; Secretary - Loraine Thompson; Directors - Dave Stewart, Joan Rundle, Velva Popowich, Edna Moreland, Darlene Ludwig and Heather Jackson. We are still needing the position of Vice President filled. Thank you to the outgoing executive from last year, Elaine Chernoff and Dianna Stewart. Your contributions to the Seniors Centre have been invaluable. As we’re moving in to February, many folks are either changing up their New Year’s Resolutions or hoping for a new start. It seems that many of us feel January is just a trial month after all. Perhaps you’ve been thinking that you need to get in a little better in shape this year. We’ve got an excellent starter program that is geared towards seniors and others that may have limited mobility issues. It’s for all men or women, seated and/or standing, and is led by certified “Hasfit” instructors via a Big-Screen TV. The program is every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-9:30 am. Drop-in fee is only $1. Recently, I was going through some of our old albums that are filled with pictures and newspaper articles. This Seniors Centre was started many years ago by some hard working and dedicated folks. Oftentimes it appeared to be a thankless and very frustrating project, with so many obstacles standing in their way. But, they carried on and persevered and it has paid off handsomely. Our Centre, as a whole, has received many compliments, on the programs and activities we offer, to how well we utilize and use our building, from visiting seniors and snowbirds who have stopped in. They like coming here, as we have some very warm and friendly members who make them feel like they’ve come home. And, our activity and membership fees are some of the lowest they’ve seen. Many of our snowbirds have become members, even though they’re only here for a few months. I take that as a great compliment for all of us here at Okanagan Falls Seniors Centre. Our Music Jams continue to be very popular. We’ve often had as many as 20+ musicians perform, and the dance floor is full. At January’s Jam, we counted over 110 people. Do you love to dance? Are you a budding song-bird? The jams are every 2nd Sunday, till April. Bring your sweetheart for an early Valentine’s Day treat. Hope to see you on Sunday, February 10th. February’s Potluck Dinner, held on the 23rd, will bring out Mary’s Swamp Angels (along with a couple Grumpkins to accompany them). Join us for a fun evening of great company, great food, and a fun sing-along. After the potluck, the Swamp Angels will partially dis-band until fall, as many of them are Snowbirds, and they’ll soon be flying back to their home grounds for the warmer months. With all of this warm weather, have you caught the spring cleaning bug? Well, once again, the Annual Spring Flea Market is soon to be upon us, arriving on Saturday, March 9th. Dave Stewart will again coordinate this event. Watch for posters requesting good used items for donation, along with dates and times for drop-off. No electronics or clothing please. Have you renewed your 2019 membership? Membership is only $15/year. For more information on anything to do with the Seniors Centre, please call Grethe at 250-488-3925 or stop by any time.

Are you over 50? Just $15/yr to join! Enjoy activities. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN! Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Centre! For more information, call Grethe at 250.497.5669. Page 18 | February 2019 |

Mark Your Calendar! Pancake Breakfast ~ Saturday, February 2 from 8-10am General Meeting ~ Monday, February 4 at 1pm Music Jam ~ Sunday, February 10 from 1-4pm (lunch at 11:30) Drop-In Bingo ~ Saturday, February 16 at 1pm Potluck Dinner ~ Saturday, February 23 at 5:30pm Annual Spring Flea Market ~ Saturday, March 9 from 9am-1pm Canasta ~ Mondays - February 4, 11, & 18 at 10am Exercise Class ~ Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9-9:30am Bingo ~ Tuesdays - February 5, 12, 19 at 1pm Evening Pool ~ Tuesdays at 6pm Music & Coffee ~ Wednesdays & Fridays from 9-10:30am Carpet Bowling ~ Wednesdays at 1pm Scrabble ~ Thursdays at 10am Bridge Club ~ Thursdays at 1pm Cribbage ~ Thursdays at 7pm

H&M Thrifty Boutique

H&M Thrifty Boutique Open 10-3 Tuesday - Saturday 250-486-6371

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Accepting Clean & Gently Used Clothing & Accessories In Person When Open Please!

OK Falls Heritage & Museum Society By Marla Wilson The swans are back on Vaseux Lake. They seem to be flocked together on the north end, where the riven runs into the lake. Often, a small group is seen near the highway. It is always great to see them. The sheep haven’t come off the top of the hills yet. The Heritage Society held its AGM on the 15th of January. A new Executive was voted into place: Tara Higgens - President; Donna May Thompson - Vice-President; Marla Wilson - Secretary; Karen Feniuk - Treasurer; and Heather Jackson - Past-President. Directors are Audrey Steeves and Edith Szigeti. Managers are Gerrie Jackson - Membership; Noreen Fowler - Thrift Shop Manager; and Sue Walker - Museum Manager. It was a great turnout for the meeting. Who was William Snodgrass? It was suggested I relate the story of William Snodgrass. He came to the area in the mid 1800’s from Oregon. He liked what he saw and got to work planning the town. He envisioned the town as the “Hub of the South Okanagan”, with roads, trains and boats bringing people and industry into the area. The streets running north and south became Cedar, Ash, Willow, Birch and Maple. The east and west streets were numbered. In his plan, the school was set where it stands today. A home, a saw mill and a general store were built along the lakeshore that is now Lions Park. He became Mayor and had a meeting of the town fathers. He wanted to change the name from Okanagan Falls to Snodgrassville. He was voted down. He left the valley and returned to Oregon a broken hearted man. Thriftee Shop Manager, Noreen, is having a “Big Bag Sale” starting February 19th. It will run into March. These sales help to clean out the winter stock and make room for the spring and summer clothing. When you attend the sale, you purchase a bag from the clerk for $5, then go into the big room and fill it up. Maintenance Man Andrew has been doing a great job keeping what snow there has been off the walk ways and away from the front of the shop. Many thanks to Andrew for his hard work. The next meeting of the Heritage Society will be held the third Tuesday of the month, being February 19th, at 1:00 in the afternoon in the Multi-purpose Room in the School. See ya there!

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227

Okanagan Falls Lions Update By Bob Wilson, President

This year the Lions Clubs of the South Okanagan are celebrating some important anniversaries ... February Events at Okanagan Falls Legion: beginning with Okanagan Falls is entering it’s 40th year, along with Oliver 40 years, Penticton 70 years, Rock Creek 35 years, and Saturday, February 9th ~ Enjoy Dinner at the Legion. Oliver Lioness 40 years. So, we decided to celebrate together in Enjoy Perogies and Sausages for $8. June in Oliver and have a Big Birthday Party. These events bring Wednesday, February 13th ~ Music Trivia. Bring your the clubs and especially the members closer together as Lions, special Valentine Sweetheart. Join in the fun starting at sharing a common goal of service in our respective and individual 7 pm. Food is available. communities. Sunday, February 17th ~ Pancake Breakfast from 8-11 am. We April finds us holding a Spring Conference in Penticton for our have pancakes, French toast, potatoes, ham, bacon, sausages, Multiple District, which includes Canadian (BC) and American coffee & juice. Adults $6, Children $3, and those under 3 eat free! (Washington/Idaho) Membership. The Penticton Club is hosting Let our wonderful volunteers do the cooking for you. the event and all clubs in the area will be assisting them as required Tuesday, February 19th ~ General Meeting every 3rd Tuesday with organization and volunteer help. of the month at 7 pm. Not a lot more to report at this time, we are carrying on with Saturday, February 23rd ~ Dinner & Dance! Back by popular community programs and planning for the Easter Egg Hunt and demand, Wendy Rodocker and Ron, shown below. Starting at 6:30 Dog Walk later this spring. Stay tuned to Skaha Matters for more. pm, enjoy pasta, salad and garlic toast for $10. Tickets at the Hoping the New Year is going well for all. See you around town. canteen. Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinics are February 20, 21 & 22 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers for their clinics. To become a donor and/or volunteer, please visit or call 1-888-236-6283. When you see a volunteer, please thank them. The Okanagan Falls Lions Club meets every 2nd and 4th Monday each month at 7pm in the Okanagan Falls Legion. If you would like to join us, talk to a Lions member or call 778-439-2275. Okanagan Falls Lion’s Club is online at and “Where there’s a need ... there’s a Lion!” By Bev van Uden

Nunes ~ Pottinger Funeral Service and Crematorium Friday & Saturday Nights ~ Meat & 50-50 Draws starting at 5 pm on Fridays & 4 pm on Saturdays. Come on out ... You could be one of the lucky ones! Everyone welcome. Sunday Fun Day! Bingo and Horse Racing starts at 1:30 pm. Every Sunday, you can join in Snooker starting about 12:30 pm Youth Darts ~ Every Friday at 6:30 pm at the Okanagan Falls Legion. For youth and teens aged 11-18 years. Call Dee at 250497-5975. Darts, Shuffleboard & Pool ~ Call Denise for more information on Darts & Shuffleboard at 250-485-4949. Call Stan for information on the Pool League at 778-531-8228. 2019 Memberships Are Now Due ~ Show Your Support - Become A Member. You honour and support Canada’s Veterans when you join. Veterans served to protect the rights and freedoms we enjoy today, and the Royal Canadian Legion is committed to ensuring they receive the care and support they deserve. We are open to Legion Members and bona fide guests. We are located at 5009 Veterans Way in Okanagan Falls. 250-497-8338 Facebook Page: Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC. “Where you are always welcome to join us!”

Daniel W. Markin - Certified Barber - 778-515-6585

Open: Tue-Fri ~ 8-2 / Sat ~ 8-12 Closed: Sun/Mon & Holidays 5208 9th Ave. Okanagan Falls

250-498-0167 JOHN NUNES 5855 Hemlock Street, PO Box 788, Oliver V0H 1T0


Ladies Auxiliary of Branch #227 Update By Denise Ashton Looking forward to another fulfilled year. On January 6th with Branch #227, we had our installation of officers. Our new officers are as follows: President - Iris Moldowan; Vice President - Edna Moreland; Secretary - Louise Sax; Treasurer - Louise Johnstone; Social/Catering - Helen Brewis; Ways & Means - Denise Ashton; Sick & Visiting - Sue Walker; Membership - Donna Mae Thompson; and Past President - Colleen Clark. The Ladies Auxiliary to Branch #227 is celebrating their 71st Anniversary this year. On Wednesday, February 6th, we have our General Meeting at 11 am, followed by an Anniversary Lunch at Shades on Main in Penticton at approximately 12:30 pm. Upcoming Events ~ Monthly LA Bingo is Saturday, February 2nd starting at 12 Noon. LA Saturday Dinners will be held on February 2nd and February 16th. We have our Meat Draws along with Branch #227 on Fridays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 4 pm. Our Ladies Auxiliary has been known to cater for various events when called upon. We welcome anyone to come and check us out.

South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre Discover more ways you can contribute and make a difference at under ‘Browse Opportunities’. You can also register as a volunteer to receive volunteer opportunity updates. Join the SOS Volunteer Centre’s Volunteer Gathering where volunteers meet first and get to know one another before embarking on volunteer work of their choice. Everyone is welcome. Next Volunteer Gathering scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, includes Lunch & Refreshments. Please RSVP by Friday, February 22 to or 1-888-576-5661. Cherry Park Retirement Residence needs volunteers to teach basic computer skills to seniors, as well as Bingo Callers. Michele Coates at 250-492-2447 or or Hoodoo Adventure Company looking for event volunteers. Chrissy at or 250-492-3888. Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) are looking for volunteers. Contact Savannah Eidse at 604-685-7445 ext 27 or Special Olympics British Columbia is looking for volunteers. Leanne Kelly at 1 888 854 2276 or The Multiple Sclerosis Society is seeking friendly visitors for residents living with MS in a long-term care facilities. Contact Rebecca Cooke at 250-314-0773 or The Canadian Red Cross is seeking emergency management program volunteers and equipment loans program volunteers. Find job descriptions for both programs at www.volunteercentre. info under ‘Browse Opportunities’.

Kaleden Museum ~ A History Tid Bit By Meredith King This column is taken from the recollections of Kaleden pioneer Ron King, who was born here in September 1915, the second child born in the community. He wrote these musings about his life in Kaleden before he passed away in 2010. These are his words, his memories, his thoughts, just as he wrote them down, run-on sentences included.

School Daze

The greatest impact of the school’s location in the narrow hollow on Birch Street, came in the early spring months, when the snow which had accumulated on the hills above over the winter, melted and poured down through the playground. The major flow was down through the ball field, between the two outhouses and through the basement of the schoolhouse. There the mighty stream separated, with the south arm of the river going on one side of the furnace and the north arm completing the circuit on the other side, whereupon the two streams united to pour unhindered out the door. John Donne may have decreed that ‘no man is an island’ but he certainly never said that no furnace was one. The water, which had coursed through the school, saturated the soil in front of the building until it could hold no more, at which point it built up into a fair sized lake which impeded access to the school to no small degree. It did allow for the building and navigating of several good sized rafts and naval battles of some significance took place on its murky waters. Needless to say, education during this period was not considered a dry subject. During the last couple of years that I attended Kaleden School (grades 7 & 8), I was not only a student, but also an employee. I did the janitorial work, which involved sweeping, stoking the furnace, cleaning the blackboards and brushes and such duties as removing marmots and skunks from the outhouses. It was a position which carried with it a good deal of prestige - it must have been that, since the remuneration was not enough to cause a stampede when the job was put up for bid. Each month I received the princely sum of Five dollars, from which there were no deductions for Income Tax, CPP, UIC or uniforms. Sneer not, oh spoiled workers of the modern world - with the money accumulated I purchased my first bike from George Taylor’s Bicycle Shop and rode it all (well nearly all) the way home from Penticton - a task which was made difficult, not only by the rough gravel roads and steep hills which had to be navigated, but also by the fact that I had never ridden a bike prior to this endeavour. In order to protect my pride, I did not attempt to learn within the city limits, but pushed my bike out as far as the Penticton Indian Band Reserve where I felt there was adequate privacy to allow me to make a fool of myself. Some words should be said concerning the school teachers during my elementary school years. I believe, that without exception, they were green as grass, fresh out to Normal School, having to take any country posting offered in order to get a job. The task must have seemed immense, teaching, not a single grade as their training had promised, but trying to teach one grade at a time, while supervising the activities of seven other grades. In spite of the impossibility of the task, they managed to achieve miracles. I remember L.B. Boggs, the principal of Penticton High for many years, saying that one of the amazing features of the educational system of the day was the fact that, year after year, a high percentage of the top students came from multi-grade classes in Naramata, Kaleden or other such spots. Perhaps the need to learn independently was a key ingredient. Tune in next month for more ramblings on the intricacies of Kaleden life. To donate an item to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Meredith at 250-497-6995.

Kaleden Seniors Programs By Aja Jackson, Event Coordinator

The Kaleden Seniors Committee kick started 2019 New Year’s resolutions with the Okanagan Gleaners and Get Bent Yoga! If you are mulling about volunteerism, the Gleaners would love your help to prepare locally grown/dried soup mixes for people in developing nations. And, if you need to tone up your abs, the Chair Yoga program with Get Bent in Penticton might be your answer. Get in touch with for information about these programs. A huge thanks to the Okanagan Gleaners and Get Bent Studios for encouraging good will and health for the New Year.

This month the “Fun Facts and Food” series travels to the Philippines! On Friday, February 22nd, Nora Lopez will take us on a culinary excursion with a “Taste of the Philippines”. This HANDS ON COOKING CLASS features “Pancit”, a Philippine noodle dish accompanied by savory veggie Lumpia spring rolls and Turon, a banana spring roll for dessert. Registration for the class is from February 1-15th. Please email your interest to kaledenseniors@ and we will reply with an emailed application form to process your registration. Our Philippine lunch, BY DONATION, is open to all ages in the community and will be followed by an interactive travel presentation with Vi Creasey of Reliable Travel and Jill Chico who will share her stories of life in the Philippines and the jewels of her country. “Swing Dance” On Friday, March 29th, Ken and Margaret Hayter open their February 7 - March 2, 2019 doors at Linden Gardens for a soup/salad lunch and a gardening Cannery Stage Venue in Penticton presentation including vegetable, fruit and container gardening. This demonstration session will also include time in their lovely gardens. Gentle Reminder: “Cards and Games” are a huge bargain of fun “Swing Dance” this year. $4 drop-in or only $21 for 2 months. Deal ‘em up! Your friends at Many Hats are getting the year off to a rollicking For details on upcoming events and programs, check out the next start with a racy adult-themed comedy that will tickle your funny edition of Skaha Matters. Suggestions for programs? Please email bone and chase the post-holiday blues far, far away! Swing Dance by Canadian Playwright Lynda Martens features Bruce Keays BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE two baby boomer couples struggling with the issues of how to feel young, connected, alive, attracted and wanted. Walter Individuals, Self-employed, Rental Income, desperately employs bold pharmaceutical measures (the little Pension Splitting, Employment Expenses. blue pill) to reconnect with his wife Vicky after she launches a new 180 4th St, Kaleden 250-460-3281 cupcake career with her sophisticated partner Fred. But, neither is prepared for the bombshell that Fred and his wife Jane drop during dinner one night. Let’s just say it’s an epic misunderstanding of what ‘swinging’ is and it’s not dancing! Swing Dance is Directed HUB If you live in the Kaleden Area and by Jane Pilkey (fresh from her stellar performance in ‘On a First need a ride, please call 250-460-3387. Name Basis’) and Produced by Ben Amos. The cast includes Karla Hennig, Clem Jones, Al Toots, and Jeanne Wnuk. DE





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Do you travel and need house check sitting? Are you planning a Special Event, needing support in your Beer Garden? Do you require Mobile Patrol Security? How about using us to provide Commercial/Residential/Construction Security?

Swing Dance opens February 7th and runs until March 2nd. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm with a Sunday Matinee at 2 pm. All performances are on the Cannery Stage in the Cannery Trade Centre, located at 1475 Fairview Road in Penticton. There will be two gala opening nights. First on Thursday, February 7th and then on Friday, February 8th, with a reception following both performances. Tickets are $25 for adults and $22 for students or seniors (GST included). Tickets can be purchased from The Nest and Nectar or reserved during their business hours via 250-493-7275.

LOCAL CHURCH DIRECTORY Kaleden Community Church (KCC)

Family Worship ~ Sundays at 10:00 am Mental Wellbeing Film Series ~ The Soloist on Sunday, February 3rd from 5-8 pm; and Lars and the Real Girl on Sunday, March 3rd from 5-8 pm. Each evening includes viewing, discussion, drinks and popcorn. Tickets available by donation at the door or email to Valentines Day Ballroom Dance ~ February 14th from 7-10 pm. Dance instruction from 7-8 pm, Dancing until 10 pm. Limit 20 couple. Cost $20/couple. Bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Please RSVP to 443 Lakehill Rd, Kaleden / Pastor David Jenkins - 250-497-5995 Email: / FB: Kaleden Community Church - for up to date event info

Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship ~ 10:00 am & 6:00 pm Bible Study at Church ~ Wednesdays at 7:00 pm 1356 McLean Creek Rd, OK Falls / Office: 250-497-5131 Pastor Wade Harvey ~ Come join us in celebrating God’s Love!

Okanagan Falls United Church

Sunday Service ~ 9:00 - 10:00 am February Speakers: 3rd - Rev. Mark Bedford; 10th - Judi Ritcey; 17th - Victor Ince; and 24th - Nancy Wyse. All ages are welcome! Coffee and social time to follow service. 1108 Willow St, OK Falls / 250-497-1171 /

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service

Sunday Mass ~ 11:30 am 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Administrator - Father Dominique Okanagan Falls Contact: Lorraine Harrison - 250-497-8781

St. Barbara’s Anglican Church

Sunday Service ~ 9:30 am 1st 3 Sundays & 1:00 pm 4th Sunday Coffee and social time after the Church Service. 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Rev. Glenda Drew - 204-981-6368

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom By Brian Udal Learn to dance with Certified DVIDA Master instructor Brian Udal. There are monthly Dance Parties in Summerland, which include a dance lesson. There is currently a Dance Practice in Summerland every Friday from 7:30-8:30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Please email for more information. Spring group social classes commence Thursday, April 11th in Penticton and Friday, April 12th in Summerland for 8 weeks. Private lessons can be provided. Know someone getting married? Gift Certificates are available. Register your place on the dance floor by calling 778.516.7272. (Snap a picture of this ad for your convenience.) Get Ready, Get Set, Get Dancing!

778.516.7272 Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom Dance Lessons Monthly Dance Parties ~ Certified Instructor Since 2004

Mainly for Women Trade Show Saturday, February 16th from 10 am - 4 pm

At the Oliver Community Centre Celebrate women in business! Take in a workshop! This event has been enjoyed by both men and women in the South Okanagan for 26 years! Vendors offer their wares and/or services with everything from financial investments, jewelry, skin products, insurance needs, food, crafts, art displays, fabric arts, and many, many more. Lunch is offered by Oliver Eats. Come out and celebrate the day with friends. Proceeds from this event go to the many WOW (Women of Oliver for Women) projects. For more information, call Sally at 250-498-0104 or visit our website at

Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to Your name and location is required on any submission.

Credible Cremation Services Ltd.

Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need.

Call Lesley, our own Senior, Licensed Director

(Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.)

Flowers to the unknown person that cleared the fresh snow from our driveway on Hody Drive on Boxing Day morning. That was surely an appreciated and nice post-Christmas present for us. Best wishes and have a happy and healthy New Year. ~ From Gerry & Annemarie of Okanagan Falls Flowers to Debbie of Caitlin’s Homestyle Diner for opening on her only day off, being Sundays. They now provide the only restaurant in Okanagan Falls to be open on Sundays for our community to join together over coffee or a meal after church. We really appreciate you accommodating our need! ~ From Fay R. of Okanagan Falls Flowers to Lynn at Okanagan Falls Library for being so welcoming to the new writing group, “South Okanagan Scribes”. I look forward to meeting writers, new and experienced, on Tuesday, February 19th from 6-8 pm. ~ From Faye A. of Okanagan Falls Flowers to, and a BIG bouquet, to Al Warkentin and Jayne Molloy for shoveling the snow in the parking lot at the Kaleden Library. Fish Heads ... now that the snow has melted, neighbourhood dogs have left behind many “poop surprises” on the grass area, please pick up after your dogs! ~ From the Kaleden Library Staff Flowers to James Chicalo, fitness instructor for “Rev It Up” held at the Zen Centre in Okanagan Falls. You are such a consistent inspiration to the whole class! You are always dialed in and respectful to the individual needs of each participant in the class. You know where we are at with chronic health problems, current or past injuries, our energy levels that day, and overall health and wellness goals. You always adapt to our daily needs and continue to inspire us each class. ~ From Myleen M. of Okanagan Falls

Total - Basic Cremation ... No Hidden Costs $1190.00 + taxes (Penticton area) $1390.00 + taxes (Kelowna area)


(24 hrs)

101-596 Martin St, Penticton, BC V2A 5L4

BC Lic# 49382

If Basic Cremation Is Your Choice By Lesley Luff of Credible Cremation Services Ltd. (Resident of Okanagan Falls)

Credible Cremation Services is available 24 hours to assist families with final arrangements whenever the need arises. I have always made the effort to provide seamless personal service to all, at a very affordable price. Be prepared for the inevitable! We must all leave this life at some time, and one of our loved ones will be charged with tidying up all of our loose ends. Make sure you have made, or updated, your Will. Choose an executor/executrix. Have all your vital information documented, and inform your executor where that information can be located. Please feel free to call me at 250-493-3912 if you have any questions or email at

PEBBLE TO POND Counselling Hypnotherapist


BOLLENBACH, Verna Winnifred

The family of Verna W. Bollenbach (née Strong) sadly announce her passing on December 24, 2018. Born in Argyle, MB on September 17, 1923, Verna grew up with her parents and seven siblings. Verna and husband John farmed in the Argyle area with their three children until they were able to realize their dream of moving to the Okanagan in 1967. They enjoyed a semi-retired lifestyle together until John’s passing in 1993. Verna continued to live in the home she and John had built, and remained an active Legion member in Okanagan Falls. She continued to enjoy playing cards, walking every day, travelling and hosting dinner parties with family and friends. Predeceased by her siblings and husband John, Verna is survived by her children Gwen (Wayne), David (Pat) and Shauna (Stewart); grandchildren Louise, Steven and Jennifer; and great-grandchildren Tyler, Conner, Kaiden and Kiera. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, A Celebration of Life will be held at 2:00 pm on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Okanagan Falls Legion, located at 5009 Veterans Way in Okanagan Falls. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www.

HOUSE WANTED: Long Term Rental

We are a semi-retired couple currently living in the area. Willing to look after your property as if it were our own, yard care no problem. Looking for 3 bedrooms + den/office, 2 – 2 ½ bathrooms. Parking for 3 vehicles. References available. Call Dale at 250-497-8065.

Active Living and More! | 250.497-8188 For full details on all our programs, please visit

DANCEPL3Y KIDS is a high-energy physical activity program that “plays” with dance, while promoting positive mental health. Kids love learning simple moves from a variety of styles - Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, Bollywood, Lyrical, Jazz/Funk. This is an after school program; children will be met at the classrooms at dismissal bell. Parents pick up at 4:00 pm. Please pre-register at least 1 day prior to start date. Program is subsidized by BCRPA at $30/child and $15/siblings OKANAGAN FALLS ~ Mondays Feb 4th - March 11th KALEDEN ~ Tuesdays Feb 5th - March 12th


Did You Know? Kids + steps + sweat = healthier brains Busy bodies = bigger brains Increased movement = increased self-esteem Physical activity = decreased anxiety

A ‘Walk & Talk’ Activity for Adults Time: Thursdays from 2:30-3:15 pm

Valentines Card Making

No Fee / No Registration (Drop-in)

February 7th 2:30-4:00 pm $2 Drop-in OK Falls Community Centre Room K-7

Location: Okanagan Falls Community Centre (Elementary School Gym)

ADULT BADMINTON - Check it out! 7:00 pm Wednesdays at Kaleden Hall 7:00 pm Thursdays at Okanagan Falls Gym

Pinnacles Soccer - Foundations Wednesdays

No Fee

5:00 - 6:00 pm Ages 5 - 8 years 6:00 - 7:30 pm Ages 9 - 12 years OK Falls School Gym Drop-in to register or call 778-476-5888.