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Volume 10 : Issue 4

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April 2018














We would like to welcome you and provide you with a package of community information. Please call 250-460-3387.



After a long chilly winter with lots of ice and snow (and winter fun for some), another Okanagan springtime is just around the corner. Of course, given the excessive snowpack at higher elevations, we could be headed for another season of serious Tom Siddon flooding and property damage, especially if the snow pack melts rapidly. Director of RDOS Area ‘D’ Flood Readiness ~ With the lessons learned last year, and better coordination of emergency operations throughout the South Okanagan, in cooperation with Provincial Emergency Services, we hope to be able to keep flood damages under control this year. Sand bags and emergency equipment are available to flood-prone areas, but owners of “at-risk” property should also be vigilant and prepared to report flooding. It is important that owners take steps to prevent flooding on their own property and pitch-in wherever necessary, to help protect endangered assets. If you’re in this category, please consult the Emergency Management program guidelines at For any non-emergency questions, please contact our Emergency Management Coordinator, Mr. Paul Edmonds, at 250-490-4238 for further information, or to volunteer your assistance. Pitch-In days Ahead ~ Speaking of pitching in, I’d like to note that our Community Services Office has once again signed up for the PitchIn Canada program, which encourages and supports spring cleanups each year in April. Kaleden will hold a community Pitch-In Day on Saturday April 14th from 9:00-12:00 noon, and a second cleanup at Pioneer Park on Saturday April 21st from 9:00-12:00, followed by a free barbeque. The Okanagan Falls Pitch-In is on Thursday, April 26th from 2:30-4:00 pm. Please contact Shona or Deb at the Community Services Office in Okanagan Falls at 778-515-5520 to arrange for your gloves, garbage bags, water and snacks. Park Upgrades Moving Forward ~ Park improvement projects will soon be underway at our lakefront parks in Kaleden and Okanagan Falls, and additional developments are planned for the new neighbourhood park in Heritage Hills. Budget priorities have already been set, but new grant funding is also being sought. My compliments to our two Recreation Commissions and to the RDOS Parks staff for their continued dedication to maintaining our excellent parks in Area ‘D’. Engineering Studies Underway ~ Several new Area ‘D’ projects are included in the 2018 budget. Engineering designs and costing estimates are presently being prepared, before calling for public tenders. These include the new East-side sewer collection project, which will carry residential sewage along Eastside Road from Skaha Estates to the wastewater treatment plant at Okanagan Falls; cost estimates and a joint funding agreement are being developed jointly with MOTI for the McLean Creek pedestrian walking corridor; a siltation and water quality study is underway for Vaseux Lake; and a new Wetlands bio-filtration lagoon is being developed for final treatment of wastewater from the Okanagan Falls Sewage Treatment Facility. Good News for Okanagan Falls Ratepayers! ~ Several weeks ago our RDOS Engineering staff submitted a proposal to the Federal/ Provincial Strategic Priorities Fund, seeking a grant to install a grit removal and dewatering system at the Okanagan Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant. I’ve just learned that this application was successful and that a Capital Infrastructure grant of slightly more than $2 million dollars has been approved. This new dewatering system will essentially eliminate the considerable cost of trucking wet, contaminated sewage sludge from Okanagan Falls to the Campbell Mountain Landfill, for disposal there. This upgrade will bring economic benefits to the ratepayers of Okanagan Falls and the surrounding sewage service area. Credit is due to our Public Works Manager, Janine Dougall, and her team for making this project possible!



“April brings showers, and blossoms and flowers. Thank goodness for spring!”

Centex Gas Station ~ In recent months I’ve received numerous complaints about the unsightly fire-damaged fuel station at the corner of Cedar Street and Highway 97 in Okanagan Falls. This structure at the northern entrance to Okanagan Falls gives a very bad “first impression” to visitors passing through the community. So, I’m pleased to report that a “form and character” permit was recently approved by the RDOS Board to enable a new and more attractive structure to be built at this location. Everyone is hopeful that the present eyesore will soon be replaced. Landfill Fees Reduced for Mixed Construction Waste ~ Fees to dispose of mixed construction waste at the Okanagan Falls Landfill will be reduced from $200/Tonne to $125/Tonne, effective on April 15th, provided these materials are subject to assessment to ensure that non-compliant materials such as asbestos, lead or leaded paint, and mercury have been safely removed. For further information, please contact RDOS Solid Waste at 250-490-4129 or email Marijuana Production and Distribution ~ Given the pending Federal legislation to legalize the production and sale of cannabis in small quantities, local governments are scrambling to adopt new zoning laws to effectively limit and regulate the proliferation of this so-called new economic enterprise. Personally, I am opposed to this new policy that is advocated by the Trudeau Liberal government, because I think it legitimizes a whole new culture of drug dependency by our youth and young adults. We presently have a retail marijuana dispensary operating illegally on Main Street in Okanagan Falls, just adjacent to the Elementary School crosswalk. The RDOS Board voted recently to permit the production of marijuana only in industrial zones, and not on farm land. Should it be sold in proximity to schools, parks and residential areas? What do you think? The Senior Citizen’s Housing Project ~ Soon to be constructed on the eastern portion of the former Flea Market property in Okanagan Falls, is now approaching an important decision point. Within the next few weeks, the South Skaha Housing Society, their Consultant Mr. Andy Orr, and the prime contractor, Greyback Construction, will present the final design drawings and site plan for the 26 unit seniors housing project to the RDOS Board of Directors. The Society will request a “Form and Character” permit and certain financial concessions from the RDOS, concerning Building Permit Fees and Development Cost Charges. As a not-for-profit society, the SSHS should also be eligible for a property tax exemption by RDOS and the Province of BC. Once these steps are concluded, the contractor will need to apply for a Building Permit from RDOS, and the Housing Society will request a final sign-off from BC Housing. If all goes as planned, the project should be ready for a sod-turning event sometime before the end of June. On a final note, the South Skaha Housing Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting for 2018 on Wednesday, April 11th in the Club Room of the Okanagan Falls Elementary School. Registration starts at 6:30 pm and the meeting will begin promptly at 7 pm. While the AGM is open to the public and plans for the Senior’s Housing Project will be discussed, only members who have already paid their 2018 dues will be able to vote at the AGM, as per the societies constitution. Well, Happy Springtime Everyone!

Tom Siddon, RDOS Director Area ‘D’ | Cell: 250-809-2548 Okanagan Falls RDOS Office: 778-515-5520

April 2018

Linda Larson, MLA

~ Boundary-Similkameen 6369 Main Street, Box 998, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 Tel: 250.498.5122 Toll-free: 1.855.498.5122 “Your Voice in Victoria!”

Monthly MLA Report By Linda Larson, MLA Boundary-Similkameen This has been a long cool winter, and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to some warmer weather. In the Legislature, we have been and continue to be deeply involved in the budget process and the implications of new taxes on British Columbians. This is where opposition can question each Minister on their budgets line by line, but also ask questions on the reasons behind spending in certain areas. I have concerns about many of the spending initiatives and the ability to fund them without adding multiple taxes to do so. Obviously, the NDP and the Liberal governments have very different philosophies on the best way to provide services while growing the economy and helping those at the low end of the earning envelope. I’ll just mention a couple of fundamental differences.

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.facebook us at www

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m .com/falls.

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The Carbon Tax:

Minimum Wage:

Our government was a leader in environmental policy and recognized for that globally. The Carbon Tax was introduced by the Liberals, but was administered as a revenue neutral tax. For every percent of carbon tax, sales taxes and personal income taxes were lowered to offset the impact to the people of BC. The NDP government is increasing the carbon tax with no offsets. Regardless of where you are on the income scale, you will be paying more for all forms of fuel. Farmers will pay more, as will the truckers who transport the produce to market and the food prices will rise to compensate. It will trickle down to all consumers. This is not making life in BC more affordable.

There is an impact to the economy of BC with the increase in minimum wage, despite the positive spin put on it by the NDP government. Raising the minimum wage has been sold to British Columbians as a solution to poverty. A recent article in the Province by Lamman and MacIntyre shows that statistically, minimum wage does a poor job of targeting the people we really want to help. According to Stats Canada, the vast majority of minimum wage earners don’t live in poverty. In fact, 89% aren’t part of a low income family. The overwhelming majority of minimum wage earners aren’t the primary or sole wage earner in their household. They are mostly teens or young adults working their first unskilled job or working part-time while in school. In BC, 54% of minimum wage earners are under twenty-five with the vast majority living at home or with relatives. This is not a tragedy - l started into the workforce that way, as did my children and now my grandchildren. The image of a single parent struggling to get by on minimum wage is rare - only 2.1% of minimum wage earners are single parents. Canadian research finds that past hikes in minimum wage have failed to reduce poverty. 70% of the income gains go to non-poor households. One study, according to the article found, suggested that raising the minimum wage can actually increase poverty.

Speculation Tax: The upcoming tax on Assets and Capital (Speculation Tax) will affect every person who has a second home or vacation home in Vancouver, Kelowna/West Kelowna or on Vancouver Island, whether you live in BC or not. People who have been coming to BC for generations to a cabin on a lake, etc., will have their property taxes jump. One property owner from Alberta who has a vacation property on Vancouver Island will see his property tax go from $3000 to $10,000. Is the purpose of this tax to punish all who have a second home and force them to sell? What about people who bought property as a retirement asset, instead of buying into the stock market. They will see their asset drop by 10% each year with this punishing tax. And, what about all those tourist dollars those vacationers spend while in BC? Many who come for the winter months also volunteer in our communities, and they contribute to our economy. The clear message BC is sending to the rest of the world is that all non-residents are not welcome here, because they are disrupting the real estate market. The real culprits are more likely the low interest rates, inadequate housing supply, and the strong economic growth BC experienced under the former government.

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Job losses associated with a higher minimum wage are disproportionally felt by the poor. Raising the minimum wage also makes it harder for less skilled workers to find jobs and employers will cut back on the number of people they employ, as well as benefits and training. And in many cases, the higher wage costs are passed along to the consumer through higher costs of goods and services. I will continue to do my job in Victoria representing the interests of the people of the Boundary-Similkameen and be your voice on any issues that present themselves. Colleen, Patt and I wish all of you a Happy Easter!

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April 2018

Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department Fire Department History continues ...

In 1988, first class mail was $0.37, registered mail was $2.70. It’s a bit higher today. The free trade deal (NAFTA) was officially signed on January 2, 1988 and was to go into effect January 1,1989. A home on Eastside Road on May 2,1988 at 3 am was totally engulfed in flames when the firemen arrived. Believed to have started where 2 vehicles were parked. The vehicles and home were completely destroyed. At that time, there were no fire hydrants along Eastside Road, so water had to be trucked in. Okanagan Falls firemen stayed at the scene for 10 hours to make sure the fire didn’t spread and that the fire was completely extinguished. On May 24, 1988, Grand Forks Volunteer Fire Department saw 57 firefighters resign amid a police investigation into their department’s finances. The funds were misused with trucks and equipment in need of repair all the time. All new volunteers were hired. On May 26, 1988, Mill Bay, BC had all 24 of their members of the fire department replaced. The members were upset that they couldn’t pick their new chief. The trustees appointed a new chief. Penticton Airport received their new $300,000 Rapid Intervention Vehicle on April 28, 1988. The truck was 23’ long, 9’ high and 9’ wide. It held 2500 liters of water and 225 kilograms of dry chemicals. Also, it had 5 computers controlling transmission, axel and tire inflation. Acceleration was 0-80 kilometres in 20 seconds. In today’s prices, it would be around a million dollars. On November 30, 1988, a Kansas City, Missouri arson was blamed for a blast that killed 6 firemen. At a highway construction site, a trailer with 13,000 kg of ammonium nitrate exploded, ripping a large crater in the ground and virtually obliterated a fire truck. Forty minutes later another trailer with 6,800 kg of explosives exploded. It looked like a war zone. It took several hours to get the fires under control. Fire bells tolled throughout the city for the fallen firefighters. To be continued ...

Captain Robert Somerville Photo by Lori Oliver

Mr. Peter Maliepaard has decided to retire from the fire department. Pete signed up in September 1991, giving over 25 years of service to the community. He has numerous certificates under his belt, such as; First Responder Instructional Techniques, Confined Space Rescue Awareness, Chlorine Spill Response, Auto Extrication Level 1, Volunteer Firefighter Level 1, and many more. The membership wishes you all the best in your retirement. Taking Pete’s place is Mr. Robert Somerville. He is our new captain, along with Martin Zenuik. Rob joined the club back in 1994. Rob also has numerous certificates under his belt. He is certified in Wildland Firefighter Level 1, Electrical Hazards for 1st Responders, Tech 2 Training, Incident Command System, Chlorine Spill Response, Fire Service Instructor Level 1, Fire and Safety Instructor Level 1, and several more. He’s also our secretary and treasurer. Congratulations Rob. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. If an event does occur, there will be information posted for proper procedures to follow. Facebook: Okanagan Falls Volunteer Fire Department. Twitter: OkFallsVFD Safety Tip: Practice exit drills with your family, so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency and establish a meeting place.

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April 2018

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Kaleden Volunteer Fire Department


“Fire Extinguishers”

Affordable Pricing One Week Completion

KVFD April 2018 Tip

Recently, people have been asking about Fire Extinguishers ... • How can I tell if it needs servicing or refilling? • Where can I take it to be serviced? • How do I work a Fire Extinguisher? Look at the small round gauge at the top of the Extinguisher. The arrow should be pointing to the ‘green’ part. If it points anywhere else, get it serviced. For servicing or replacement, go to FIRE Pro Penticton, located at 102 Industrial Court, or call 250-492-8392. To operate your Fire Extinguisher, remember “PASS” - PULL the pin, AIM the nozzle, SQUEEZE the trigger, and SWEEP across the base of the fire. Fire Smart Tip: A Fire Smart yard includes SMART choices for plants, shrubs, grass and mulch. Selecting fire-resistant plants and materials can increase the likelihood of your home surviving a wildfire.

(from date of approval)

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Coming Up: KVFD Annual Garage Sale is May 12th ~ Start sorting through your stuff, clean out that garage, storage shed and basement! Call the Fire Hall at 250-497-8231 to arrange for drop off and pick up.

Kaleden Clean Up - It’s that time of year!

Saturday, April 14th from 9am - 12pm ~ Litter pick up on all streets, ravines, pathways and ditches. Meet at the Kaleden Community Hall, choose your route, and GO! Bags, gloves and treats supplied. Saturday, April 21st from 9am - 12pm ~ Kaleden Pioneer Park clean up. Bring your rakes, tools, trimmers and snippers. Help get the park ready for another summer of fun. BBQ to follow.

OKANAGAN FALLS LANDFILL OPEN ON SATURDAYS Okanagan Falls Landfill will be open on Saturdays starting April 7th to the end of October. Open 10 am to 1:45 pm Monday to Saturday Information Centre Update

Okanagan Falls Irrigation District News with Bob Daly, OFID Chair OFID Annual General Meeting ~ OFID Annual General Meeting will be held Monday, April 30, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Okanagan Falls Seniors Centre, located at 1128 Willow St. The agenda will include Auditor’s Report, Report from the Chair, the Election of One Trustee, as well as New Business. Those interested in running for the Trustee position must file a nomination paper, which can be picked up at the office or by emailing the office at Closing date for the receipt of nominations is April 12, 2018 at 4:30pm. Water Main Flushing ~ Flushing of water mains began the last two weeks of March and will continue for approximately the first two weeks of April. Flushing the water lines by way of fire hydrants is a regular maintenance procedure carried out each year to avoid the build up of sediments in the lines. If you experience discoloration or sediments in your house water, run your cold water tap or your outside tap until the water runs clear. Street Lighting ~ Street Lighting within Okanagan Falls is the responsibility of OFID. If you notice a problem with any of the street lights, contact our office (not RDOS). Sprinkling Restrictions ~ Sprinkling restrictions begin May 1, 2018. For instructions, check our website, or look in the May edition of Skaha Matters.

OFID News and Alerts ~ For information and news about OFID, visit OFID’s website. While there, you can sign up for Alerts, which will notify you by text or email with immediate information regarding Wow, time sure does fly by and it is time once again to get the water emergencies. We highly recommend this service, especially for Okanagan Falls Visitor Centre up and running. We are in need of businesses. volunteers for this season and would love to have you join our team. Office Hours: Tue/Thu 8:30-4:30 (Closed 12-1) Training is provided and you would have the opportunity to learn all about your own community. If you are interested, please give me a call 1109 Willow Street, Okanagan Falls at 250-497-8283. We will be opening before the May long weekend P: 250.497.8541 E: and plan to close by mid October. I look forward to hearing from new volunteers. Until then, have a good spring and hope to see you soon. Vistor Information Centre

with Barb Aschenbrenner, Information Centre Manager

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April 2018

Recreation Jobs

We are currently hiring for the following employment opportunities:

Play in the Park Coordinator

This is a New Horizons for Seniors Project based in Okanagan Falls. Responsibilities include: community engagement, marketing, planning and hosting inclusive programs. Program plans include, but are not limited to: developing a walking club, ‘try-it’ sports and activities days, the arts and games. Contract remuneration is approximately $3,500 from mid-April to mid-October (approximately 10 hrs/wk). Home office and computer skills required. Details at

Recreation Program Leader - Summer Student

A ‘Green’ job with funding from BCRPA, this position has a focus on developing and delivering self-directed outdoor play programs for children and families in the RDOS. 35 hrs/wk for 12 weeks from June to August. Wage is $15/hour. Must have been registered as a full time student in the past academic year and returning to school.

Regional Recreation Professional - Contractor

Please see for information on the Regional Recreation Approach. Must have experience in community engagement and networking, strong administration skills and recreation services. Degree or diploma in related field required. Contract remuneration is approximately $12,000 based on 15-20 hrs/wk from May to October.

For full details on these job postings, please visit

RCMP Community Report

Reality vs Perception

This is something that those involved in policing have to constantly deal with. Often, the reality of crime in a specific area is not as bad as is perceived. For example, a neighborhood has a break in and suddenly those living in the neighbourhood feel there is crime wave. Suddenly, everyone in the neighbourhood is asking, “what can we do, what can I do, and more importantly, what are the police going to do to stop this and protect us?” All very valid questions. And, while the one break in is hardly a crime wave, there can be the perception that it is. The perception needs to be dealt with, as much as the crime itself. Perception has a powerful effect on a person’s feeling of being protected and safe. Whether based on fact or not, we have to take steps to address the perception, as we would if there was actually crimes or incidents to justify the fear. Addressing perception is as important and as time consuming as addressing the actual crime. That is not to say that crime anywhere in our society is not a concern or that one break in is not a concern. The point is not to let perception alone make you feel unsafe in your community. Don’t always believe what you hear and read without doing a little research on your own to see if it is a real or a perceived fear. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can then take the best course of action to protect yourself. If you have concerns, drop by our Community Policing Office at 185 Lakeshore in Penticton and we will provide you with information to hopefully address your concerns. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and address concerns at the upcoming Community Forum hosted by Supt Ted De Jagar on April 11, 2018 from 7-9 pm at the Penticton Convention Centre. Working together we can address the real and perceived issues in our communities, so we can enjoy a healthy and safe lifestyle. Rick Dellebuur, Crime Stoppers & Community Policing Coordinator Direct: 250-490-2374 // Crime Stoppers: 1-800-222-8477 or

April 2018

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In 2018!










TODAY 250.328.3664



Sergej Sinicin


*Each Office Independently Owned and Operated*

The Goal of Giving Back Together By Sergej Sinicin

At the beginning of this year I wrote about setting personal goals for 2018. I took the time and created my plan. I wrote down several items on that list, varying from business goals to personal goals; key goals I must achieve to succeed and grow personally and professionally. I won’t bore you with all of the items I have on the list: however, I have one goal that I know and believe is worth mentioning and I need YOUR help to achieve it. Like many of us, I would not be where I am today without people who have opened up their hearts, opened doors to their homes and in one way or another helped me get to where I am today. Love, kindness, generosity and being there for those in need is paramount to a functional and well-being society, and I believe, survival of the human race. Most of us have been involved in some way and contributed to different organizations that are there to help provide assistance. My wife Laura and I have been involved with many charities over the years. We’ve supported several local non-profit organizations in Saskatchewan and now we strive to continue to contribute here locally by attending fundraisers, donating to organizations, such as HOPE International, OSNS Share a Smile Telethon, and “To Mexico with Love”. We contribute to our community of Kaleden by volunteering our time to the Volunteer Fire Department and coordinating the One-2-One Reading Program at the local elementary school. Altruism comes in all shapes and forms. Kindness, generosity, compassion, volunteering and donating - it has the potential to reward the giver even more than the recipient. It increases our capacity for love. It makes us realize that even if you don’t have much, you have enough to share with others. There is a vast array of different organizations that are seeking help. It is always fantastic if we can pick one that is local and close to home to see and feel the difference!

Your Agent With Heart ... and Mustache If you are thinking of moving, or have plans to list or buy in 2018, I ask you to list or buy with me and together we can spread kindness and love to our beautiful communities. I give you my gentlemen’s word and PROMISE, that for every completed real estate transaction, I will donate $500 in your name to your choice of local charity. If you are not exactly sure which charity, one way to find out is to speak with your family members and see who they have supported in the past. Involve your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in the decision - this will instil in them, the importance of caring for others and giving back to the community in which they live. So, you may have guessed by now what my goal is. It’s relatively simple - to give back. My goal has a target - $20,000 dollars must be donated by the end of 2018. I welcome you to join me on this journey and let’s work together and ‘Make a Difference’ in our communities! What clients have said about Sergej’s service ... Dear Sergej, You may not be aware, but the condo you helped me find this fall is my 10th home since purchasing my first in 1988, 30 years ago. If one does the math, I have changed homes on average once every 3 years. I can cheerfully say that this search for and purchase together with you was one of the best experiences I have had and I felt inclined to write you a ‘thank-you’ note. Sergej, your desire and dedication to helping me find ‘my’ ideal home was exemplary and the confidence and discipline you showed during negotiation made it smooth, simple and straightforward. I must also thank you for being there when I wasn’t sure of my own W5s and providing the guidance I needed in fulfilling my dream of being home to help my parents. I hope many others will benefit from working with you. You are honorable, trustworthy and principled. May 2018 be a year of continued success for you and many other home-buyers and home-sellers. Gratefully, Lulu Leman

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April 2018


Reservations Recommended

Easter Benny Egg-Stravaganza

March 31 & April 1 11 am - 2 pm

with Jen Charlish

$5 Mimosa’s

Lunch Service begins May 4 Friday - Sunday

Call 250-497-8267 or book online at 2575 Green Lake Road, Okanagan Falls

Yeah! Spring is here, and with it, the release of 2018 Spring Program Guide. There are lots of programs for all ages. Also, watch for “pop up” programs throughout the season. We also hope you got the chance to meet P.A.T. - the Physical Activity Trailer - and to get out and play. Watch for P.A.T. at all kinds of outdoor celebrations in various locations and communities throughout the year. The Fun, Food and Facts program continues this month on April 20th. The structure will be a bit different this month with the presentation being held at 6 pm in the evening at the Kaleden Community Church. The presentation “For the Birds” will be given by Bill Murdoch, where he will share his splendid photographs of local South Okanagan birds in their natural habitat. Bob Handfield, from the local naturalist association, will also be in attendance to share information about the photos. Bill will have cards and photographs for sale. Tea and coffee will be served, along with the delicious desserts made earlier in the day in the cooking class. Remember, these events are open to people of ALL ages. Thanks to all the people on the Kaleden Seniors Committee for organizing these events.

It's Time To Play Outside!

With April also comes some Annual events. Watch for notices about the “Community Pitch In”, which I believe will be held on April 14th this with Janet Black, year. Also, the Annual Pioneer Park Clean-Up will be held on April Recreation Coordinator 21st. Watch the Community Sign Board by the Kaleden Hall and the When I was growing up, the adults in my life - parents, grandparents, local poster boards for more details and times. teachers - told me that playing outside every day was “good for you”. The Kaleden Recreation Commission will be holding it’s Public I don’t recall needing much encouragement ... and I doubt we paid Information meeting in conjunction with the Kaleden Community much attention to these alleged benefits of outside play. The thrill Association (K.C.A.) Annual General Meeting on April 24th at 7 pm. of climbing trees or riding bikes was reward enough. In this era of Recruitment of new members, renewals of membership, and elections technological wonders and indoor culture, children are playing outside of officers will be held at this time. Come out and see what these a fraction of the time we used to. There is plenty of scientific evidence committees have been up to in the past year. that playing outside is not only good, but great for us. When children Here are some May dates to add to your calendars. On or about are outside, they move more, sit less and play longer - behaviours May 5th, the FireSmart Committee is proposing to have a FireSmart associated with many mental, social, and physical health benefits. Clean Up Day. They are looking at trying to collaboratively clean up a (ParticipAction) space (probably the gorge off Sumac) to use as a model of what can You may have noticed the Spring Recreation Guide has a strong focus on outdoor play. We have a number of outdoor semi-structured play programs running for all ages. Pre-school children will have a chance to practice their early years fundamental sports skills; kicking, throwing and running bases as part of the Move ‘n Play Program. Middle years have a lot of choice with three after school programs. Join the Explorers as they roam around Okanagan Falls building bird houses, orienteering and building nature play structures. Active Kids and Awesome Kids Athletics (AKA) have a stronger focus on athletic obstacle courses, games and activities. Youth and teens, try your hand at disc golf (April 13th). Not to be left out, adults can check out the new Play in the Park series, featuring tai chi, bocce, disc golf, urban pole walking and more (all starting in May).

and needs to be done to reduce the fire hazards in various areas of the community. Keep your eyes open for more details and confirmed dates and activities. Also, on May 31st at 10:30 am, come down to Pioneer Park to learn about and participate in Dragon Boating. The Dragon Boat Club from Penticton will be there to provide instruction for anyone interested in going paddling. This event is funded through a “Give it a Try” recreational grant and snacks and beverages will be provided. I have also heard rumors that if there is an interest in a dragon boating team in the area that the club could look at leaving a dragon boat in Kaleden. Look for more information about this event on posters, in emails, and in this publication.

Well, as the weather warms up and you head outside to tackle some of those neglected projects, re-acquaint yourself with your neighbours For the most part, these will be rain or shine activities. There’s no such and plan some fun physical activities outdoors. thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes, ha ha! So, grab a sun As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact hat or a rain coat, step out and we’ll see you in the park. the Kaleden Parks and Recreation office at 250-497-8188 or email We have a website at where you can find information on our community hall, parks, facility rentals, and a full activity calendar. You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the most current information. Also, if you want to contact the Kaleden Community Association directly, you can email us at

BRIGHTMAN ELECTRIC 837 Main Street Okanagan Falls


Penticton / Okanagan Falls / Willowbrook / Keremeos

April 2018

Page 9

Recreation Programs for Kaleden and Okanagan Falls Check out our website for all programs details on the following special events and programs | | 250.497-8188 | |

Let’s Play Outside! After-School Programs Starting this Month: In Kaleden: 

Awesome Kids Athletics “A.K.A.”

Tuesdays in Kaleden April 10th - June 12th 10 fun-filled outdoor, active play sessions. Earn an awesome passport to Fun and Fitness!

In Okanagan Falls: 

Active Kids - Mondays

April 9th - June 11th A fun-frenzy of child-sized obstacle play and kids fitness and games. 

The Explorer’s - Thursdays

April 11th - June 13th A roving, nature themed, outdoor play program. All these after-school programs run from 2:30-4:30 pm. Early Registration $55 (by April 5th) Late Registration $75

HOW do you PLAY in the REGION? The Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) invites citizens to complete a “Physical Activity” Survey.

Move ‘n’ Play Days - Taking it Outside A toddler/pre-school physical literacy program. The first steps towards a life long love of sport. Tuesdays 9:30-10:00 April 3rd - May 8th No fee

Online: or By Telephone: 1-800-296-2237 (Discovery Research) Bonus: Complete the Survey for a chance to receive a Recreation Pass!

New Program: ‘Play in the Park Series’

This summer is going to be action packed in Okanagan Falls! Summer Fun! Generously funded by the New Horizon's for Seniors Program Program launches with the “Walk ‘n’ Roll Week” during May 1st - 6th. Want to get involved? We are looking to the older adult community to join us in planning activities, choosing sports and activity equipment, and sharing the news. Please call Janet Black at 250-497-8188.

Program Planning Complimentary Luncheon ~ APRIL 11th

Please RSVP!

Page 10

April 2018

Live Well HEALTH TIP brought to you by Greg Nikkel - Pharmacy Manager

Pharmasave Okanagan Falls

Allergies ~ Allergies is the name most people use to describe “Allergic Rhinitis”, or sometimes you may hear people say “I have hay fever”. It is an inflammation of the nasal passages that occurs in response to allergens in the air. An allergen is a substance that triggers an allergic reaction. With allergies, common triggers are pollens, grass, dust mites or animal dander. These allergens trigger the nasal symptoms people experience with allergies (hay fever/allergic rhinitis). Some people experience these symptoms only seasonally, for example in the Spring, late Summer or Fall, and some experience symptoms perennially, all year round. Not everyone who has allergies is allergic to the same allergens. One person may be affected by pollen and another person by grass. Allergies is one of the most common conditions worldwide. It affects 10 to 25% of Canadians and is on the rise. If a person has a parent with allergies, the chances of them also having it increases. Children with one parent who has allergies has a 30% chance of developing the condition, while children with both parents with allergies have a 50% chance of also developing the condition. Symptoms can be mild or moderate to severe, and can affect a person’s daily life and overall quality of life. The good news is these symptoms can usually be controlled through medications and lifestyle measures. When you come into contact with an allergen, it causes your body to have an immune response to the allergen. Your body releases chemicals that trigger the symptoms of allergies. Seasonal allergies are most commonly caused by allergens found outside like outdoor pollen from trees, flowers, grasses and weeds. Tree pollen affects people in the Spring, grasses usually in the Summer, and weeds affect people in the Fall. Perennial allergies are caused mostly by indoor allergens like animal dander, dust mites, and mold. The most common symptoms of allergies are: runny nose and sneezing, itchy mouth, nose and throat, redness with itchy, watery eyes, and congestion with a feeling of pressure over the cheeks and forehead. The best way to prevent allergy symptoms is to avoid the allergen. For perennial allergies where the allergen is usually indoors: vacuum frequently, clean and remove dust, and remove carpet, drapes and upholstered furniture that can collect dust mites. For seasonal allergies where the allergen is usually outdoors, it is more difficult: keep your windows and door closed and use central air conditioning instead, avoid outdoor activities when pollen counts are highest (typically late evenings and early mornings), and use a clothes dryer instead of hanging clothes outside to dry. Medications used for treatment include antihistamines, decongestants, steroid nasal sprays, eye drops, and saline nasal sprays. Be sure to speak with your Pharmasave pharmacist to ensure that you receive the treatment best tailored to your symptoms and circumstances. CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY at Pharmasave OK Falls! Wednesday, April 25th ~ Receive 15% OFF*

*Excludes prescriptions, codeine products, sale items, phone and gift cards, lottery and stamps.

Pharmasave Okanagan Falls 5217 9th Avenue, Highway 97 Phone: 250-497-8050 HOURS: Mon - Fri 9am - 5:30pm & Sat 9am - 4pm

*FREE Prescription Deliveries to Okanagan Falls & Kaleden Areas*

Kaleden Tennis Club Registration Sunday, April 8th at 9:30am at the Gazebo in Pioneer Park in Kaleden

Join us for league play in mixed doubles, plus enjoy fun tournaments with BBQs. May-Sept. $35. More info, call Margarita at 250-492-4997.

Join the Kaleden Tennis Club

Do you play tennis? Would you like to join a group of social players this season? If you enjoy playing tennis, have a good understanding of the rules of play and can sustain a rally with people at your level of play, we want you! The Kaleden Tennis Club sign up is on Sunday, April 8th at 9:30 am at the Gazebo in Pioneer Park. The cost is $35 for the season. This includes league play in mixed doubles, as well as fun tournaments with BBQs. For more information, please call Margarita at 250-492-4997 or email

Bruce Keays BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE Individuals, Self-employed, Rental Income, Pension Splitting, Employment Expenses.

180 4th St, Kaleden 250-460-3281

Creative Wellness Solutions

By Dee-anne Jalava, Seniors Wellness Practitioner Finally, spring is here! It’s been a long winter! It’s that time of year again to do some spring cleaning and to get out into the yard and garden. Even though there’s a lot of clean up to do, it’s such a wonderful time of year with such a sense of newness all around us! The spring air can’t help but make you feel renewed and rejuvenated. Spring can even make you feel younger and healthier and a facial massage can help make you look younger! Since our skin is our largest organ, massage increases circulation and provides good blood flow reducing lines and giving our face a younger, more radiant appearance. Facial massage helps facilitate proper lymph drainage and helps to eliminate droopiness, sagging and wrinkling of the skin, which makes us look older. Looking and feeling younger without the use of cancer-causing chemicals, or sleeping better and reducing pain without the use of medications, are just a couple of great reasons to get a regular massage. Massage relieves stress, relaxes our mind and body, removes toxins and increases blood flow, which is so important for our health. Massage will also help with the achy muscles you may get after all the spring cleaning. Creative Wellness Solutions is available to meet your unique needs as a mobile service providing on-site chair massage in-home, at sports events, conferences, or in the workplace. We are at numerous locations on a weekly basis. We offer three 15-minute routines. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination. Call Dee-anne at 250-497-5974 for more information or to schedule your appointment. Be sure to check out our website at and visit our Facebook page.

Creative Wellness Solutions

Providing a unique combination of Chair Massage & Wellness Coaching

Call Dee-anne ~ 250-497-5974

April 2018

Page 11

Chelation as Part of a Holistic Approach to Optimize Your Health

By Dr. Tamara Browne, Naturopathic Physician, Licensed & Registered by the BC Ministry of Health Historically, Chelation therapy was first administered by intravenous infusion around World War II as a poison gas antidote and to remove lead from the bodies of industrial workers. It was observed that many of the patients who received Chelation therapy benefitted from general health improvements and in particular had improved blood flow dynamics. Symptoms such as angina, intermittent claudication (leg pain with walking), poor memory, eye sight and hearing, all improved with this therapy. Research since this time has consistently shown improvement in cardiovascular disease symptoms and a reduction in the risk of heart attack and stroke. A recent NIH (National Institute of Health) clinical trial in the U.S. (the TACT trial) showed an overall 18% reduction in clinical events such as heart attacks and strokes in patients who had previous cardiovascular disease. These numbers were even better in a sub-group of Diabetic patients in which the clinical events were reduced by 39%. This was based on a total of 40 intravenous chelation treatments. These infusions last 90 minutes to 3 hours each and are administered from 1-3 times weekly. To Chelate means to remove unwanted toxic metals and mineral from the body. This is accomplished with various Chelating agents that can be administered in either a pill form or through intravenous therapy. Research to date supports the use of intravenous chelation as the most effective and safest method of detoxifying body heavy metal burden. It may take 10 or more treatments to remove toxic metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminium, cadmium, nickel, and tin. With proper testing, almost everyone today is found to carry some level of toxic metal load in their bodies. Some people naturally detoxify more effectively than others. And, it has been discovered that many chronic illnesses are associated with heavy metal toxicity (likely more prevalent in those who do not naturally detoxify metals easily). In particular, Autism, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, kidney disease, and possibly cancer (to name a few), may be associated with metal toxicity. A recent study from the University of Michigan found that “exposure to mercury stood out as the main risk factor for autoimmunity”. Mercury is particularly toxic to the entire body, but has been specifically identified as a neurotoxin, kidney toxin, and immune system toxin. There are no safe levels of this metal in the human body. We accumulate mercury from dental amalgams, contaminated seafood, fungicides, pesticides, batteries, cosmetics, coal mining emissions, and many other industrial sources. Chelation is a medical therapy that is effective for both toxic metal removal and cardiovascular disease prevention. It is administered by Physicians with specialized training in this area and in BC is approved for use by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC under the Ministry of Health. Doctors who offer Chelation therapy have advanced training and certification in this area. It is not a stand-alone therapy and works best when accompanied by a holistic approach addressing lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, nutraceutical supplementation, and stress management. Naturopathic Physicians are the trained and experienced physicians in lifestyle approaches to health and wellness. For more information, call or stop by the Natural Family Health Clinic in Okanagan Falls at 250-497-6681. Sources: Chappell LT. 2007 Jun. Should EDTA chelation therapy be used instead of long-term clopidogrel plus aspirin to treat patients at risk from drug-eluting stents? ncbi.nlm.nih.

gov/pubmed/17604460 Altern Med Rev. ;12(2):152-8

Cranton, Elmer M. 1989. A Textbook on EDTA Chelation Therapy. Human Sciences Press, New York, New York USA

Escolar E, Lamas GA, Mark DB, et al. The effect of an EDTA-based chelation regimen on patients with diabetes and prior myocardial infarction in Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT). Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality & Outcomes. 2014;7(1):15-24.

McDonagh E.W. and Rudolph C.J. 1994. A Collection of Published Papers Showing Efficacy of EDTA Chelation Therapy; Gladstone ,Missouri, USA. McDonagh Medical Center, Inc.

Somers, Emily C et al. 2015. Mercury Exposure and Antinuclear Antibodies among Females of Reproductive Age in the United States: NHANES Environ Health Perspect; DOI:10.1289/ehp.1408751

Foot Care By Janel

Nursing Care for your Feet, including Diabetic Foot Care Serving the Veterans & the South Okanagan Janel Bailey LPN 250-462-5666

Page 12

April 2018

Free Wireless Internet!

Kaleden Branch:

101 Linden Avenue - 250-497-8066 Tuesday 1 - 5 pm / Thursday 1 - 8 pm / Friday 1 - 5 pm

Stoked Embers Wood Fired Pizza Ltd. Professional Food Truck Is Hiring! Operating full-time from Blasted Church Vineyards Located at 378 Parsons Road, Okanagan Falls

Hiring for 2018 Seasonal Support & Lead Positions June 13th - September 16th

$12.65-$20/hr (depending on position & experience) Support Shifts: 11-3 pm, 11-4 pm, 12-6 pm Lead Shift: 10:30 am - 7:30 pm Mon-Fri (2 yrs + education/experience)

Uniforms & Training Provided Reliable Transportation & Food Safe Certificate Required Positive Environment & Pizza Discounts! Send Resume with Cover Letter to Learn more about us at

Get Stoked!



JACLYN KINRADE 250-493-2244

LOCATIONS WEST REALTY 484 Main St, Penticton, V2A 5C5


Available for Evening & Weekend Appointments E: P: 250-770-2951 C: 778-931-0461 W:


Ask how you can help seniors in your community. 250-487-7455 Email:

The Kaleden Library Storytime and Lego programs are FREE and supplies are included. We appreciate if you register your child, but drop-ins are also welcome. For more information on these programs, please call the Kaleden Library at 250-497-8066 or email us kaleden@ Preschool Storytime continues at 10 am on Tuesday mornings for the month of April. Join us for a “Late Easter Egg Hunt” on Tuesday, April 3rd. This program is for children ages 2-5 years old and includes listening to stories, singing songs, meeting new friends, and making a small craft. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Afternoon LEGO is being held at the Kaleden Library on Thursday, April 26th. This program is for ages 5-12 years old. Please register in advance, as space is limited. The children can build, create and have fun! A small cookie snack is provided and a door prize will be given away. Want to start a Book Club? You can get started with a book club kit from the Kaleden library. A book club kit consists of 6-8 books stored in a plastic tote box. Often it will include reading guide (which includes author information) discussion points, questions, and readalike suggestions. Book Club Kits can be borrowed for 42 days, but renewals are not allowed.

OK Falls Branch:

101 - 850 Railway Lane - 250-497-5886 Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm / Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm Friday 10 am - 5 pm / Saturday 10 am - 2 pm Effective March 1st - Tuesday hours have changed to 10am - 6pm. Adult Programs: • Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids & Common Myths About Both Please join Adam from Sound Advice Mobile Hearing Aid Clinic, as he answers your questions regarding hearing and hearing loss. Tuesday, April 3rd at 2 pm. • Stress Management ~ Please join Elaine Hopkins, counselling hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, as you learn how stress affects the entire body and can cause insomnia, heart disease and addictions. You will learn how to understand and take steps to let go of negative thinking. Learn to control and let go of fears and learn techniques to help you relax. Friday, April 6th from 11-12 pm and/or Wednesday, April 25th from 6:30-8 pm. • Cards of Destiny ~ You are invited to join Jaysone Tylor to explore your personal destiny through the science of cards. Tuesday, April 10th from 1-2 pm. • Crafting Circle ~ Bring your projects to work on or get some creative inspiration from others. Wednesday afternoons on April 11th & 25th from 1-3 pm. • Tile Creations ~ Please join local artist, Janice Goodman, to create one of a kind tile creations using simple ingredients. You will be amazed by your crafting abilities! You must preregister in advance, as this class is limited to 10 people. Wednesday, April 11th from 1-2:30 pm. • Book Club ~ Please call library for date & time. Children’s Programs: • Story Time - Spring has Sprung ~ Join us for stories, crafts, and more! Tuesday, April 17th from 9-10 am. (Please note time change) • LEGO Club ~ Let’s build something awesome! For ages 5-12 years old. Tuesday, April 24th from 6-7:30 pm. Please pre-register for all programs by calling us at 250-497-5886 or email us at

April 2018

Page 13

Great Things Are Happening at Kaleden Elementary School! with Mrs. Lomax, Kaleden School Principal

PLEASE CALL 5 “Great Things” include: FOR A FREE 1. Our Kindergarten students celebrated their 100th Day at school ESTIMATE this month. 2. Tracy Sarazin presented some of her Inuit culture and traditions during a school assembly. Tracy grew up in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 3. Students participated in Pink Shirt Day to celebrate kindness and inclusion. 4. Primary students learned about local Aboriginal music this month. with Ginny Manning 5. Our Grade 1 class is proud to be finished their Gymnastics Unit. Michelle Glibbery has been appointed Acting Vice-Principal of KVR Middle School, effective April 21, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Jennifer Wingham, current VP at KVR, is going on maternity leave and will return to the position in September 2019. For the past 12 years, Michelle has worked as a counsellor and Counselling Department Head at Penticton Secondary School, taught English, Leadership and is a member of the SD67 Crisis Response Team. The Board approved the sale of a strip of land adjacent to Queen’s Park Elementary School. The land does not impinge on the play ground and is not being used by the school. The Board, along with other rural districts and the BC School Trustees Association successfully advocated for the release of the Status Check on Rural Education Report completed mid 2017. Up until early March, the report had been labelled a cabinet document and not accessible through a freedom of information request. The Ministry has released the full report, which outlines key findings and recommendations that will be used to inform the Funding Formula Review. Many people around the province provided input to the document through attendance at regional meetings and contributions to online discussions. The Board passed the 2017/2018 Final Budget in the amount of $68,749,386. It is up slightly from the spring preliminary budget, due to a small increase in enrollment and teaching staff. The Ministry of Education has recently announced two legislated changes to the calendar. Beginning in 2019, Family Day will fall on the third Monday of February instead of the second Monday. The Kaleden Easter Egg Hunt required number instructional hours for 2018/19 has been reduced by five, which will allow for two Curriculum Implementation Days instead Friday, March 30th of one. The second day was originally not required for next year, but In Pioneer Park due to the delay in implementing the grade 10-12 renewed curriculum, Arrive at 12:30 pm & Hunt at 1 pm the Ministry has mandated another day. The days will focus on the Bring 15 pre-filled plastic eggs per kid renewed curriculum. The hours of instruction will remain the same hunting. There will be games and face as this year. The revised calendars are available for feedback on the painting. Any questions, please contact district website until April 13, 2018. LeeAnn Thompson at 250.488.0789. The district has been working through the priorities set out in the district Strategic Plan, particularly around student and employee health and wellness, technology and transportation. More details are available on the district website ( under “View All Announcements”. with Brad Nunes The public 2018/19 preliminary budget presentation will be on April 24, I'm a little scared to say it, but maybe, just maybe, spring is here. I 2018 from 6:30-7:30pm at the IMC. The meeting is held in conjunction mean it hasn't snowed now for like a week, so I think we may just be with the District PAC meeting. finally done with winter. Time to break out the shorts and expose the For more information, contact Ginny Manning, Trustee for SD67, at world to the horror that is my pasty white legs. It may be sunglass 250-497-6462 or email season, but it is more for the glare you get off the Dad's mowing lawns with their shirts off. This month KPAC would like to remind you to get your winter tires changed. Rusty winter rims are not 'shabby chic' no matter what the 'cool kids' are doing these days. Not too much for the calendar this month. We got the normal PAC meeting reminder. Monday, April 9th at 6pm in the gym, where all p. 250.762.7722 | f. 250.762.2232 votes will be decided by a game of dodge ball. Wait. No. Sorry. Just toll free 877.311.7722 in the library and voting with hands. Sorry dodge ball enthusiasts. Maybe next time. LOBSTERFEST is next month. Tickets going on 523 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna sale soonish. Watch the Facebook page for details. That is all we “Serving all your Office Equipment and Stationery needs” got. Thanks again to everyone for the amazing support. Take care!

School Trustee Report for SD67

Kaleden Elementary PAC Update

Page 14

April 2018

Monthly Highlights From Okanagan Falls Elementary School with Principal Karen Sinclair

March’s Highlights Include: 1. Our Glee Club performed at the Okanagan Falls Seniors Centre. 2. Young scientists at work - Learning about sound waves. 3. Grade 1’s & 2’s creating volcanoes - Explosions everywhere! 4. Get Bent teaches us Bollywood Dance - Thx PAC for sponsoring! 5. Mt. Baldy Ski & Snowboard Trip - Grades 5-7 had a great time!

School District No. 53 Board Report with Sam Hancheroff, School Trustee

Okanagan Falls Elementary School proudly hosted the “OkanaganSimilkameen Days” this year. Grade 3 students from around the district joined Okanagan Falls Elementary students to learn about and celebrate the Okanagan and Similkameen cultures. It was very successful. Students participated in different activities, including traditional games, talking circle, artifacts, place names, hunting protocols, history and traditions of the Okanagan and Similkameen People. We would like to thank Helen Gallagher and our Indigenous Advocates for doing such an amazing job in organizing and running the day. And, thanks to Karen Sinclair and the staff at Okanagan Falls Elementary School for being such gracious hosts. In February a group of 16 elementary administrators and teachers travelled to Vancouver to visit Norma Rose Point (NRP) School. Four of our elementary schools participated in this professional development. NRP is a public Grade K-8 school located on the UBC grounds. At NRP our team experienced a collaborative, inquiry, project-based school that utilizes a collective approach to working with students to engage and empower them in their learning. Teachers at NRP all work in teams, co-plan, and teach groups of students with an interdisciplinary approach. The goal of visiting other schools that are successfully implementing innovative approaches is to provide inspiration and ideas of how we can improve our own practices in our schools that will improve learning for students. Kindergarten registration numbers for 2018/2019 are: Cawston Primary - 18, Okanagan Falls Elementary - 10, Oliver Elementary 37, Osoyoos Elementary - 18, Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary - 22, for a total of 105. The Board is encouraging any parents of children who will be five years old by December 31, 2018 (those children born in 2013), to register their child at their local school before March 16, 2018. This will provide the school and district with information to plan for staffing and budgets to schools. Parents must bring their child’s birth certificate and medical card with them at the time of registration. Digital Threat Assessment Training ~ On Tuesday March 6th, our district had 14 administrators and counsellors attend a “Digital Threat Assessment” training workshop in Penticton put on by the Safer Schools Network. The focus of the day was developing a deeper understanding of the internet and social networking sites and how to gather more information on potential threats to individuals or groups of students. The information that was shared is essential for our district’s critical incident team and for our district to better support student safety. OPERATIONS ~ February 2018 YTD Financial Statement: Total revenue for the 8 months ended February 28, 2018 was $15.57 million. Total expense for the same period was $15.74 million, resulting in a deficit of $167,970. For more information, contact Sam Hancheroff, School Trustee for Okanagan Falls, at 250.497.5878 or

On Friday, March 9th, Okanagan Falls Elementary Grade 5-7 students had the opportunity to spend the day at Mt. Baldy Ski Resort. What an amazing experience! The most incredible part was the work done by a ski instructor named Bryce Beckett. Bryce isn’t just your regular ski instructor, he is a trained adaptive snow sport instructor. Friday was actually Bryce’s day off, yet he decided to ride the bus with us, and Free Gym Nights at Okanagan Falls School make it possible for our student, Megan, who has mobility challenges, For children in Kindergarten - Grade 7 on Tuesdays 6:30-7:45pm to experience the joy of skiing. Bryce borrowed a sit-ski from a in Okanagan Falls School Gym. Come and join us for fun, games, friend and spent the day on the slopes with Megan. In partnership team building and learning. For more information, call Pastor with People in Motion, Bryce will be offering an adaptive snow sport Wade or John at 250-497-5131 or email program at Mt. Baldy for the 2018-19 season. For more information, contact Bryce Beckett at and tax deductible donations can be made through People in Motion. Okanagan Falls Elementary sends a huge THANK YOU to Bryce for donating his time and expertise in making a difference in the life of an Okanagan Falls student! Our Registration Day for the 2018/2019 school year will be held on Tuesday, April 24th from 10-11am. If you need further information, please send an email to Learn to play a universal instrument. It’s easy, fun and fast. OK Mini School is a licensed preschool for 3 and 4 year olds. We are located in Room 8 of the Okanagan Falls Elementary School. We offer Uken’ do it! All levels and groups welcome. a quality preschool program that helps prepare children to become life 250.497.7162 long learners. Our spaces are currently full and a wait list is available.

OK Mini School

May Cooper ~ UkeNPlay

April 2018

Okanagan Falls PAC Update

with Lindsay Hainstock, PAC Vice President A huge thank you to May Cooper for putting a zippity-do-da in the kids step throughout the day-o during the 6 weeks of ukulele classes in the school! The kid’s and teacher’s feedback was really positive (minus a few tender fingers). Another huge thank you is due to the dedicated ladies that once again pulled off a successful book sale, as well as a thanks to all that bought books. Chelsea Fairweather deserves an especially big thank you! These book sales allow for many new books to our classrooms and library. PAC voted to top up the book sale amount to hit the tier that allows for the biggest return in books to the school. As always, all Okanagan Falls elementary parents are invited to the next PAC meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd in the School Library from 6:30-7:30pm. Child minding is available. See you there!

Dash Eventure Planning No Event 2 Small or 2 Big

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Receptions, etc.

Contact Denise @ 250-485-4949 or

ICBC Insurance Out-of-Province Insurance Claims Windshield Replacement ICBC Lifetime/Nation Wide Warranty Computerized Free Estimates

250.276.6257 1450 Clark Avenue in Penticton THE BODY SHOP NETWORK FIX AUTO PENTICTON

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Live Well & Shop For More at Pharmasave Okanagan Falls

Spring into Summer with Dawgs Clothing & Footwear

On Sale 40% Off during April 2018 Pharmasave Okanagan Falls 5217 9th Ave | 250-497-8050 | Mon - Fri 9 am - 5:30 pm & Sat 9 am - 4 pm

Pharmasave Okanagan Falls Junior Triathlon ~ June 16th

with Carrie Ferguson, Race Director Attention Parents: Time to mark your calendar! Registration opens at 6:00 am on April 1st for the 7th Annual Pharmasave Okanagan Falls Junior Triathlon. As always, this fun event is Free for kids aged 3-13. You can register online at, but don’t delay as the registration cap is 200 participants. We do expect another “sell-out”, so please register early to avoid disappointment. The event is being offered at no charge due to our awesome sponsors. Thanks to those businesses who have already confirmed their support again this year. If you are interested in becoming one of our fabulous sponsors, please contact Carrie at This year’s race will take place on Saturday, June 16th, and once again the sign-in registration tent and bike drop-off in Kenyon Park is on Friday, June 15th. The race course is in and around Kenyon Park and Christie Memorial Park. For more information on the event, to volunteer, or to register, visit or email

Tasting room & wine shop open for the season! Weekends in April 10AM-5PM, weekdays in April 11AM-4PM May 1st through October daily 10AM-5PM Visit us at 4287 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls | T 250.497.8553 Tasting Room & Wine Lounge, Private Cabana Tastings, Picnic & Patio Area

Present this coupon to receive:

“crafting single vineyard wines of excellence”

Become a part of the family when you join our wine club! 4 bottles shipped 3 times per year - join online

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April 2018


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with Brian Moen, Realtor with Royal LePage Locations West Retail ~ Canada’s retail sector continues to be impacted by the rapid, relentless growth of online shopping and consumers’ changing needs and expectations. As a result, the outlook for retail property across the country presents a varied picture. For retail property owners and investors, creativity and flexibility will be important success factors. Interviewees noted that everyone in retail needs to rethink what they’re doing. Retail centres must be transformed into destinations people want to visit for more than shopping, and that means incorporating public spaces, a wider range of services, cultural programming, events and more. Single-family Residential ~ The overall outlook for single-family residential is modest according to the Conference Board of Canada. As well, the country’s economy is forecast to grow only 2.0% in 2018, and it’s expected this will inhibit Canadians’ ability to buy new homes. The industry has also made a permanent shift toward multi-family construction: two out of three new homes built today are multi-family, up from less than half in the mid-2000s. Condominiums ~ By and large, the condominium sector is poised to perform steadily in the near term, with steady demand in most markets. Condo units in downtown cores remain attractive to young professionals, whose appetite for the live-work-play lifestyle shows little sign of abating. They’re joined by retiring boomers, who are selling their single-family residences to enjoy smaller, more carefree condo living close to urban amenities. But, the condo industry is evolving in response to new needs and pressures. Purpose-built Rentals ~ Rental properties in Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax are performing well, for a variety of reasons. Quebecers have long looked on rentals favourably, and they’re eager to move into units centrally located in search of the live-work-play lifestyle. In fact, interest in Montreal rental property is so strong and vibrant that mid-sized players and even industrial and commercial developers are considering moving into the market. In Halifax, a lot of the rental stock coming online is condo-quality, and renting offers a significant cost advantage over owning a condo in that market. In Vancouver, one interviewee said more rental product is being built, but that they face challenges with emerging taxes and regulation. Office ~ The outlook for Canada’s office market is positive. According to JLL Research, the national vacancy rate dropped to 12% in Q1 2017, being the first decline in four and a half years. Over that period, new office construction outpaced demand, but the market will see less new office product coming on stream over the next couple of years, which should keep vacancy rates from going back up. Industrial ~ The rapid growth of e-commerce in Canada has sparked a tremendous expansion in the country’s logistics and distribution sector, and this is creating unprecedented demand for industrial space. Across Canada, interviewees shared that high-ceilinged, largebay and multi-level industrial property is keenly sought after. Highly wired facilities are also in demand to support increasingly automated warehouses and distribution centres. Looking ahead, it’s certain that major markets will see more industrial space developed to meet the needs of an e-commerce-driven world.

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April 2018

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Putting Your Goals In Sight With Professional Wealth Management

Making sure your financial future is secure.

By Robert McLennan, RBC Investment Advisor As your wealth grows, so too do the complexities associated with wealth. This is often the case for successful business owners, executives, large families and those enjoying or approaching retirement. Your personal and financial goals are the baseline for professional wealth management. You and your advisor should discuss your needs, aspirations, income requirements and more to ensure that your wealth management solutions are tailored to your needs and on track to your goals. Financial Planning: Clarifying your overall financial situation With a professional financial plan, you can address all aspects of your financial affairs, including cash and debt management, tax and risk exposures, investment management, retirement planning and estate planning. Retirement Planning: Ensuring your retirement lifestyle Depending on your retirement goals, the right plan may involve more than just maximizing your RRSP or RRIF. This can include Individual Pension Plans (IPPs) and Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs), or tax-advantaged investment vehicles such as Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs). Taxation: Minimizing your tax exposures Your tax and legal advisors can help you consider strategies to manage or reduce your tax liabilities, and work in collaboration with your investment advisor. These considerations include restructuring your personal and business assets, income-splitting among family members and other strategies.

Robert A. McLennan, FMA Investment Advisor Toll Free: 1-855-313-7886 Tel: 250-770-1213 Fax: 250-492-3556

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Estate Planning: Leaving your affairs neat and tidy A major focus of wealth management is on protecting your legacy to your family, while making it easier for them to settle your estate. With a team of tax, legal, insurance, trust and investment experts, you can have confidence in a coordinated estate plan. Insurance: Protecting everything you’ve built Insurance is an indispensable and flexible tool that can help build and protect wealth during your lifetime and when your estate is settled. It can help provide financial security for you and your family in case the unexpected happens, shelter certain investments and estate assets from taxes and sometimes provide tax-free retirement income and tax-free death benefits. Credit and Lending: Using debt wisely Working with an RBC credit specialist, we assess your credit and lending needs to reduce or eliminate unnecessary debt, restructure your existing debt so that the interest is tax-deductible wherever possible and consider the use of “good debt,” such as a spousal loan strategy or non-recourse mortgage to potentially reduce taxation. Charitable Giving: Giving back and creating a legacy To help you make the most of your charitable giving, we can help with tax-effective giving strategies, such as donating stocks in-kind and establishing family foundations. If you have not already taken advantage of our extensive wealth management services, please contact Robert McLennan, Investment Advisor, today to learn more at This information is not intended as nor does it constitute tax or legal advice. Readers should consult their own lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor when planning to implement a strategy. This article is supplied by Robert McLennan, an Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member–Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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April 2018

Gardens & Café OPEN May 1st

Now Hiring Part Time Cooks Please send a resume and cover letter to:

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Getting Ready For Ice Free Fishing

with Larry Martin Procrastination ... I have found over the years that if I don’t do boat maintenance before the first trip of the year, it doesn’t get done. All last year, periodically I would sense a slight gas smell. As it usually occurred just after filling the in floor tank, I presumed it was just from the odd overflow from filling. On occasion when it got colder and I had the cab door closed, I got a bit of a nauseous feeling ... But, wrote that off as minor sea sickness after a long day on the water. There are some portals through the floor to view various sections of the tanks and fuels system. I did check, but couldn’t see any problems. It was a pain, but I decided to pull out the seats and all of the floor boards prior to this open water season. I was mumbling to myself during the whole project, thinking it was a waste of time ... but as I pulled the last section out, I was shocked to see tiny fractures in the filler hose. Problem solved. It would only allow a small amount of gas to seep out during filling, as it is at the top of the tank. The leaked gas had been absorbed by floatation foam, which accounted for the lingering smell. Take a lesson from me. If you think something is amiss, fix it. This could have caused a serious and explosive fire. Remember to get or renew your 2018 Fishing License. It is due April 1st. You can purchase on line at The money doesn’t go into general revenue, it goes directly to funding the hatchery program and other fisheries projects through the Freshwater Fisheries Society and the Habitat Conservation fund. All money is well spent. For more info, just ask Larry Martin at

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In Spring - Renewing of Water Water is Abundant! (?)

By Sandy Brown, Resident of Twin Lakes John Pomeray, Chair of Canadian Research & Water Resources, says, “I think Cape Town is a terrible event for that city and for Africa, but it can be a wake-up call for the rest of the developed world that we can have severe water shortages … we need to manage our water much more carefully and be ready for these droughts when they hit.” (See CBC news series “Water at Risk” and “Day Zero” code name of South Africa’s water crisis.) Together we could acknowledge: • For years, wetlands have been drained in exchange for development. • Development on a flood plain has been observed to be an easy decision that leads to emergency measures and costly increases of insurance premiums. • Residents in valley bottoms look to the local hills for their water supply and reservoirs. • BC’s & Alberta’s glaciers are receding at an alarming rate. • Water storage potentially provides water during dry summer days. • In Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen Area D1, there are only three sand &/or gravel aquifers. • Natural water is stored in wetlands, sand &/or gravel aquifers. • Our water comes from precipitation and snow melt. • Wet year cycles store water &/or recharge aquifers for drier year cycles. • Thus, we, societal members of Canada and BC must steward the water capacity. • Water storage capacity restoration through development, up from the long side of natural low lying water catchments. Wetlands or low lying water catchments could be viewed as the location of an International Mosquito Conference; however, where a surplus can be exploited something else will thrive, birds arrive. The fish and plankton jive with local residents alive. Natural cycles are important allies. 2017 had an above median snow pack and a wet spring with a dry summer. 2018 has an above median snow pack. Does this equate to the adage “same old, same old”. 2019? We can all write to our MLA’s and MP’s to advocate for improved development planning and increased natural water storage capacity.

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CatMatch Meet Sinatra! Sinatra is in the house! I was trying out my busking skills on the streets, but was not having much success making a living. So, I turned in my tin can and now will be happy singing to my family members only. I do have an amazing voice and am a real entertainer, just too much competition out there! If you think you would like to share your life with a genuine crooner, please contact AlleyCATS Alliance.

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Rattlesnake Research Continues At White Lake

April 2018

By Karl W. Larsen, PhD, Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Management, Department of Natural Resource Sciences at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops

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animals remain on the road before scavengers (such as coyotes and birds) clean them up. This has allowed for ‘correction factors’ to be calculated, and these suggest that the observed road-kills account for about one-third of the total number of animals being killed on the stretch of study road. All told, the numbers do not paint a rosy picture for the fate of rattlesnakes in the study area, and probably the other at-risk species as well. One possible solution is to provide safe passageways for the snakes to move under roadways, rather than overtop of them. For this reason, a number of culverts were installed along the road, and the main focus of the researchers this summer will be to see if this method actually cuts down on the road-kill numbers. Dr. Larsen does not expect a sudden surge in the number of snakes using these passageways, but he stresses that monitoring is incredibly important now that the culverts are installed in order to provide a clear picture of their effectiveness over the coming years. Maybe you can help with the project? The research team is currently looking for reasonably-priced rental accommodation in the region served by Skaha Matters, starting in late April and running into autumn. If you can help, please contact Dr. Larsen in Kamloops at or 250-828-5456.

The snow is melting, the ground is warming up, and soon the rattlesnakes (and other snakes) will be emerging from their winter hibernation. And along with this, researchers will be returning to the White Lake area to continue the work that was started nearly three years ago by a partnership with the National Research Council, the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory, Environment Canada, and Thompson Rivers University. The focus of this work has been the impact of road mortality on a number of reptiles and amphibians considered ‘at risk’ by the federal and provincial governments. Included in this list are the local rattlesnake, gophersnake, racer, tiger salamander, and spadefoot species. All of these species are prone to being killed on the roads, particularly during mating periods or other times when the animals are largely travelling across the grasslands. As Dr. Larsen from Thompson Rivers University points out, “these small reptiles and amphibians are not good at avoiding vehicles on roads, and most people won’t even realize they’ve hit them, unless they are really paying attention. Larger animals that actually pose threats to drivers, like bison and moose, tend to elicit more careful driving habits by people”. Rattlesnakes have been the main focus of this work, particularly because the researchers also are able to closely monitor the total numbers of these animals in the White Lake Basin. This allows them to track the overall population of the animals to understand better the degree that road mortality impacts the animals. At the same time, the summer students conduct their own surveys (on foot, and in a vehicle) of road-killed animals. Not only do the researchers count Left - The researchers capture a picture of a coyote about to scavenge a dead road-killed snake. the number of roadkill incidents, but they track the time that the dead Right - This rattlesnake is sitting in a safe spot. It’s when on the roads they face vehicle danger.

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If you live in the Kaleden Area and need a ride, please call 250-460-3387.




Kaleden Museum ~ A History Tid Bit

with Meredith King This is the 18th in the series of biographies of the 20 pioneering families chosen by a committee in conjunction with the dedication of the Old Hotel Site as a Heritage Park in 1982.

Self-Serve Fruit Stand

The Whitaker Family

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598 East Side Road, Okanagan Falls

Farm To Table Fresh and Dried Apples Available All Day, Everyday! An apple a day keeps the Dr. away! Enjoy Farm Direct Pricing For large orders of 20 lbs or more, call 250-809-5353.

OK Falls Heritage & Museum Society with Marla Wilson

WOW! Doesn’t that warm weather feel nice? Even the shrubs and bushes are getting ready to open their leaves. Spring is really in the air. The Heritage Society is doing very well. The drywall had been finished in the two bedrooms of the Bassett House and we are still looking for a wall paper person. The wall paper we ordered is pre-pasted and should go up with little problem. We hope to have it all completed by Opening for May long weekend. Rural Dividend, a division of the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, has granted us with funds to have a feasibility study done. Our mandate states that we propose to preserve and protect historical monuments throughout the Okanagan Falls area. The money will be used to predict the future of a heritage monument. A committee of Heritage members has been formed to meet the requirements of the grant. It is all very exciting. The Thrifty Boutique has been putting all the winter clothing that was left over from the big bag sale into storage for next fall. The new fresh spring and summer clothing is going up on the racks. Everything is looking so nice in there. We have a wonderful group of volunteers, who provide us with a little of their time to make sure the Thrifty Boutique is running smoothly. Drop in, check out the spring stock, and meet our friendly volunteers. There will be a garden and yard cleanup in April or early May. The date for that event will be set at the next Heritage meeting. Our meetings have moved to the fourth Tuesday of the month starting at 7pm in the front room of the Thrifty Boutique. Everyone is welcome. H&M Thrifty Boutique

Harry Hume Whitaker, a native of Barnsley, Yorkshire, England, came to Canada in 1910 and moved to Kaleden in 1911, as James Ritchie’s supervisor of the fruit tree planting operation. Over the next three years, Harry supervised the planting of many thousands of fruit trees for the Kaleden Development Company, with the orchards extending as far north as Banbury Point. As he had horticultural training and was a professional gardener, and since few of the new orchardists had any background in the fruit business, he was soon established as the resident expert. During the early years, he pruned hundreds of acres for both the KDC and private owners and trained most of the new orchardists. He purchased one of the orchards planted by the Harrison family and lived for many years on Lakehill Road on the left hand side of the road on the first sharp right turn after turning off the highway. The house is still there, although has been moved a little further off the road. Harry had three loves: flowers, music and books. His garden was a source of pride, not only to Harry, but to the whole community. Many visitors were shown through the immaculate grounds by any member of the community or by Harry himself. He was an enthusiastic member of any musical group which was formed and, although a good Anglican, he acted as choir leader in the local Baptist Church, since that gave him an opportunity for musical expression. Harry was pivotal in establishing Kaleden’s first lending library in 1912. Harry was the first librarian and the library was located in his home. Every four months new books were shipped in from Victoria and the old books were shipped back. Harry was also a very active participant in the community. He served as Director of the local Co-operative Growers and on the board of the Irrigation District and took a keen interest in church, school and recreational activities. In later years, he was active in the Okanagan Horticultural Society, the Okanagan Historical Society and the Penticton Lawn Bowling Club. After living thirty years in the community as a confirmed and very independent bachelor, he surprised the village in 1941, when he married Agnes Smith, the widow of H.W.D. Smith of Penticton. They lived in his Kaleden home until 1945 and then moved into Penticton. Harry Whitaker died on May 7, 1953 at the age of 82. Join us next month, as we share stories and facts down the historical path and building of our community of Kaleden. To donate an item to the Kaleden Museum, please contact Meredith at 250-497-6995.

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April 2018

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Kaleden Seniors Programs

with Aja Jackson, Event Coordinator Purple was the colour of the day with Carolyn Johnson’s Russian Borscht! Cabbage, beets and bowls of seconds for the crowd! Thank you Carolyn for sharing your family recipe. AND, a wheelbarrow of thanks to Ken Hayter of Linden Gardens who taught us to incorporate fire safe, xeriscape plants in our yards, while creating amazing soil from our composts and clippings!

Join us for our next Fun Facts and Food series on Friday, April 20th with Betsy Knorr of Rustic Rose Bakeshop. Betsy will delight us with a HANDS ON COOKING class featuring Lemon Meringue Profiteroles and Gluten Free Mocha Brownies. Rustic Rose is a bakery for the community. “Through our bakeshop, we are creating an opportunity for you to slow down, if even for only a moment, as you enjoy a treat from our kitchen.” Betsy supplies her delectable desserts to local restaurants and caterers and has been facilitating classes since 2010. You can find Betsy at Please email to reserve a spot in this final Fun Facts and Food Cooking Class. Space is limited! Registration opens April 1st. Dessert will be served at 6 pm on Friday, April 20th at the Kaleden Community Church, followed by a spring infused “It’s for the Birds” presentation. Photographer Bill Murdock will feature his “birds in the wild” photos and naturalist Bob Handfield will entice us to pick up a pair of binoculars and head to the swamps. See you with the robins at 6pm! Cards and Games, including Poker, continues on Thursdays until April 26th. Time for games is 1-3pm. $3 drop in fee or a prorated fee for the remaining weeks if you pay in advance. To register for our Rustic Rose Bakeshop Cooking Class or for more information on other programs, email

Are you over 50? Just $15/yr to join!

Enjoy activities that interest you. Meet new people. Get out and have FUN! Become a member of the OK Falls Seniors Centre! For more information, call Grethe at 250.497.5669.

Relax ... Rejuvenate ... Heal

$50 April Special

30 minute Aqua Chi Foot Detox & 30 minute Reflexology or Massage


Jaynie Molloy BSc. Hon. CH. 110 Linden Avenue, Kaleden

Music in the Park with Marla Wilson

We have a new member on the committee, Sharon Proctor, who has come aboard to help us get 2018 up and running. Contact with musicians and entertainers has been successful, so we have a full summer with 5 events taking place. All programs will be in the Women’s Institute Bandshell, held on a Sunday, and all music will be starting at 5 pm. So, mark your calendars now! 1. The first Music in the Park venue will be June 17, Father’s Day. The “Rob N’ Walker” Band will kick us off with their popular sound of country, old rock and toe tapping rhythm. It will be a rousing start to the Music in the Park. 2. Second will be the big Canada Day event. “The Penticton Concert Band” and the “Thursday Night Jazz Band” and “Penticton Jazz Band” will all perform on Canada Day. They were very popular last year. 3. On July 22, we have two local musicians. Cindy Ducett from Osoyoos will start the program at 5 pm and will sing for an hour and a half. Following her, will be Okanagan Falls’ own Grant Henderson, who will sing from 6:30-8 pm. 4. On August 12, it’s “Sax Among Friends”, Don Wade and his neat group. They plan a program of popular songs from Broadway musicals. Don likes to put themes to his programs and Broadway is the one he has chosen for our event. 5. Our last program, August 26, is a rather new group for us. “Lulu and the Lazy Boys”. They are from Keremeos and will wind up the programs for this summer. They do country, old rock and some popular tunes and will be a great show for finishing up the season. The Ladies Auxiliary will be providing suppers and the Lions Club will be doing Cookie sales again this year. So, bring your kids, dogs and visitors to Music in the Park for a great summer evening. All shows are free to the public, with special thanks to our wonderful sponsors.

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April 2018

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #227

Ladies Auxiliary of Branch #227 Update with Denise Ashton

Spring arrives March 20th ... Goodbye winter blues & hello sunshine! We will start the month of April with our usual Bingo at 1pm on “Honouring Our Veterans” Saturday, April 7th. All are welcome to join in the fun, meet friends Earl Chase and make new ones. Reflecting on Spring, the Ladies Auxiliary is Earl was one of our founding members. holding their annual Garage Sale on Saturday, May 12th. Any and all Earl was in basic training in Camp donations will be accepted any time after Easter. Borden, Ontario in this picture to the left. He spent most of his service time overseas in Holland and England. Earl passed away just a few months ago. Thank you Earl for your service. with Bev van Uden

April Events at Okanagan Falls Legion: Saturday, April 7th ~ First Responders Dinner - Shindigger will be our entertainment for the night. Members and bonafide guests are all welcome. For non-responders, dinner will be $8 each for Spaghetti, On February 28th, our Ladies Auxiliary celebrated their 70th meat sauce, Caesar salad, garlic toast, and dessert. Tickets are at the Anniversary. We all gathered at Boston Pizza in Penticton for lunch canteen. Our organization will be honouring our local first responders and a lovely cake for dessert. There were 23 ladies in attendance, at this event. including our oldest member, Audrey Steeves at the age of 96. Audrey Sunday, April 15th ~ Our Famous Pancake Breakfast from 8-11am. has been an LA member since 1952. We have pancakes French toast, hash browns, ham, bacon, sausage, On Wednesday, April 4th, it is our regular General Meeting at 1pm. coffee and juice. Adults - $6, Children (3-10) - $3, and Children under The Ladies Auxiliary will be catering several events in April, including 5 are Free! our Branch Sports Banquet for our Sports Teams. Our LA Dinners will Tuesday, April 17th ~ General Meeting is every 3rd Tuesday of each be held on Saturday, April 14th and Friday, April 27th. Come out and month at 7pm. Find out what’s going on at the branch. support us, and keep your eyes open for other events too. Friday, April 20th ~ Beef Dip & Coleslaw is $7. This is immediately following the Meat & 50/50 Draws every 3rd Friday. Grant Henderson will be the entertainment for the evening. Music Bingo Every Wednesday at 7pm ~ Food will be served from 6-9:30 pm. Don’t know what the cooks have planned yet. Friday & Saturday Nights ~ Meat & 50-50 Draws starting at 5pm. Come on out, you could be lucky. Everyone is welcome. Sunday is Fun Day! Check out all the fun & games starting at 1:30pm. All the sports are starting to wind down. However, we always have someone playing pool. Come see what our Legion is all about. Everyone is welcome to become a member. We love to see new faces at the Legion. For more information, please call at 250-497-8338. Facebook Page: Royal Cdn Legion - Branch 227 Okanagan Falls BC. “Where you are always welcome to join us!”

April 2018

Okanagan Falls Lions Update with Bob Wilson, President

There, I told you it would warm up and it’s doing it. Before we know it, all the golf courses will be open and the Okanagan wineries will be looking for people with grape taste. Meanwhile back at the community level, we will be continuing with our relatively normal activities, muttering at the traffic on the highways, planning summer events, preparing for the onslaught of tourists, and eventually complaining about the overly warm summer, which we knew was coming as it does every year, providing a topic for “heated “ discussion. April 1st brings us to our first Spring event, the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Lion’s Park at 1pm. Bring the kids for an afternoon of fun and prizes. No registration, a few rules, and eggs for everyone! The school breakfast crew got a rest for a couple of weeks, along with the students for Spring break. Then, it’s back to business as usual in April. Early every Thursday morning, we serve french toast or pancakes with sausage and juice to the Okanagan Falls students. The annual “Walk for Guide Dogs” in May raises funds for training service dogs for people with disabilities. This year, we will be starting at 10 am on Sunday, May 27th at Lions Park. See you there (canines bring your people). Blood, it’s in you to give! The next Blood Donor Clinic is April 16 & 17 at the Penticton Senior Drop In Centre. The Canadian Blood Services needs both donors and volunteers for their clinics. To become a donor and/or volunteer, please visit or call 1-888-236-6283. When you see a volunteer, please thank them. If you see us around town, come over and say hello. If you have a Monday evening free, drop into our meetings held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 7pm in the Okanagan Falls Legion. If you would like to join us, talk to a Lions member or call 778-439-2275. Okanagan Falls Lion’s Club is online at okfalls/ and “Where there’s a need ... there’s a Lion!”

Annual Lions Easter Egg Hunt Sunday, April 1st ~ Starts at 1pm Lions Park in Okanagan Falls

South Skaha Housing Society Update with Sharon Proctor, Fundraising and Public Relations

Hi Everyone, this is Sharon Proctor, Director of Fundraising and Public Relations. We are moving forward with our exciting “Affordable Housing for Seniors Project”. We meet regularly to discuss many details of the project and we are working hard to meet the needs of our project and the community. Please be advised that the South Skaha Housing Society is having our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, April 11th starting at 6:30 pm in the Club Room at the Okanagan Falls Community Centre (Okanagan Falls Elementary School), located at 1141 Cedar Street. We look forward to your attendance, so that you can hear about the progress being made on our “Affordable Housing Project for Seniors” in Okanagan Falls. We will also be electing to our Board of Directors (Executive), whose term will expire. Please note - in order to vote, your 2018 membership dues must be paid 1 month prior to this meeting in accordance with the societies’ by-laws. Membership dues may be renewed at the meeting; however, you will not be allowed to vote. Everyone is invited to attend, so we look forward to a full room.

Daniel W. Markin - Certified Barber - 778-515-6585

Open: Tue-Fri ~ 8-4 / Sat ~ 8-12 Closed: Sun/Mon & Holidays 5208 9th Ave. Okanagan Falls

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Walter & Fred Hill Denturist Free Consultations BPS Masters ® Certified Implant Retained and Conventional Dentures Personalized Teeth Arrangement Hospital / Institution Visits Flexible Hours Upon Request

Mark S. Hill R.D 570 Martin St, Penticton

250-492-5754 Okanagan Falls Seniors Activity Centre with Elaine Chernoff

Our Spring Flea Market was fantastic! There were great donations, including fabulous home baking, wonderful gift baskets for the raffle, and high end "boutique" items. New this year, is an ongoing Silent Auction, which includes vintage blue willow dishes, coin collections, jewelry, crystal, Elvis, and much more. Come to the Centre and bid on any item from now until Saturday, April 7th at 9 am. For more information and details on these items, please phone 250-497-8608. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked diligently before, during, and after the Spring Flea Market. And, thanks to the vendors for bringing their crafts, small businesses, collectables, and quality garage sale items. Special thank you to the Interior Savings Credit Union employees, who helped set up on Friday and sell items on Saturday. Spring also means Tax Time! Ron Crawford will continue to prepare your income taxes each Thursday from 10 am to noon until the end of April. You can either sign up for an appointment at the Senior Centre or just drop in on Thursday mornings. This is a free community service. Just a reminder, if you haven't already purchased or renewed your 2018 membership, you can do so with any Board Member. Anyone over 50 years of age can join. Remember, non-members and all ages are welcome to our Pancake Breakfasts and Potluck Dinners as well. Please come out to the LAST JAM of the Season on Sunday, April 8th. Everyone welcome! Doesn't matter if you don't dance - just watching everyone else have fun will put a smile on your face.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Pancake Breakfast ~ Saturday, April 7th from 8-10 am SILENT AUCTION - LAST BID ~ Saturday, April 7th at 9 am Music Jam & Dancing ~ Sunday, April 8th at 1 pm (11:30 lunch) General Meeting ~ Monday, April 9th at 1 pm Drop In Bingo (19+) ~ Saturday, April 21st at 1 pm (every 3rd Sat) Pot Luck Dinner ~ Saturday, April 28th at 5:30 pm Exercises ~ Tue/Thu/Sun at 9 am (except 2nd Sun) Tuesday Bingo ~ 1st 3 Tuesdays at 1 pm Evening Pool ~ Tuesdays at 6 pm Music and Coffee ~ Wednesdays & Fridays at 9 am Carpet Bowling ~ Wednesdays at 1 pm Community Income Tax Help ~ Thursdays at 10 am - Noon Scrabble / Bridge / Cribbage ~ 10 am / 1 pm / 7 pm on Thursdays Falls Music Group ~ Fridays at 3 pm (soft rock, blues & jazz)

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April 2018

South Okanagan Similkameen Volunteer Centre “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering - Building Confidence, Competence, Connections and Community.”

“Building Community Spirit” The hope in this new column of “Building Community Spirit” is to share inspirational stories, or even a quick photo, to show community spirit is alive and well in many areas of our South Skaha region.

“Pay It Forward” Day is Saturday, April 28th We are excited that we now have over 80 countries participating in “Pay It Forward Day” with over 100 state and city proclamations.

Volunteering is often seen as a selfless act; a person gives their time, skills, experience, and passion to help others, without expecting anything in return. And while volunteering is a form of service, many volunteers will tell you that “you get more than you give”. From opportunities to develop new skills, to finding deep and meaningful personal connections, the magic of volunteering is that it creates social and economic value for all: for individuals, families, organizations, neighbourhoods, and communities. That immense richness is something to be celebrated. Volunteering benefits everyone. This year during National Volunteer Week from April 15-21, 2018, we celebrate the diverse value and far reaching impacts of volunteers and we ask that you take a moment to reflect on the social and economic impact volunteers have on the quality of our lives. On April 25, from 11:30 to 1pm, everyone is welcome to join “Team Volunteer” project where volunteers meet first, share volunteer experiences, and discuss new opportunities. Light lunch provided. RSVP to the SOS Volunteer Centre. The SOS Volunteer Centre connects residents with meaningful volunteer work. Register as a volunteer to receive updates and learn more where volunteers are needed at by searching under ‘Browse Opportunities’. To meet with a staff member, email or call 1-888-576-5661.

Spotlight on Volunteers Thank You Doug in Kaleden!

Our neighbour Doug takes it upon himself to clear our road and my driveway after a snow storm. He does this for all the snowfalls we have experienced this winter season, as well as past winters. There is never an arrangement for payment. Doug is a selfless, kind, and generous person who thinks of his neighbours and goes above and beyond to do good for others. I am so grateful for having such a thoughtful, caring person living in Kaleden.

Volunteers ... Making A Difference

If there is someone you would like to see honoured in this column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to

Volunteer In Your Community!

There are many volunteer opportunities in your community. Call any of the non-profit groups included in this issue. Let’s help each other!

Pay It Forward Day is a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world. Of course, our hope is that people pay kindness forward every day and make each day that little bit brighter. We believe that small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can literally change the world for the better. And, on April 28th, we’ll set out to prove it! For this year’s international Pay it Forward Day (PIFD), we are aiming to inspire over 10 million acts of kindness around the world. Imagine the difference that would make! Join us in paying it forward, and help spread the word about this important day! For more information and ideas on how to get involved in your community, visit If there is someone or a group you would like to see honoured in this column, please call 250-497-8188 or email to

April Meeting Although Winter conditions may soon leave and Spring will bring new activities, the many needs of charities supporting the communities in the South Okanagan/Similkameen region will continue through every season. To date the 100 Men group has raised $43,000 for 21 different charities in the South Okanagan/Similkameen region. The next meeting of 100 Men Who Care is coming this month. Wednesday, April 25th ~ 5:30-6:30 pm at Tug’s Tap House Pub & Eatery 260 Martin Street in Penticton Charitable organizations in Penticton, Summerland, Keremeos, Oliver and Osoyoos have all received funds to support the important work they do in our communities. The purpose of 100 Men is quite simple: gather 100 men, or more, who want to make a difference. The concept is even simpler: four times a year invite three charitable organizations to make a short presentation to the group explaining the work they do, the communities they support, and the impact a donation will have on those they serve. The 100 Men members vote for the charity of their choice and then each member donates $100. Of the total raised, 80% goes to the charity with the most votes and 10% goes to each of the other two charities. Each member receives a tax receipt for the full amount of his donation. Apart from the financial aid the charities receive, the members of 100 Men get a chance to learn about the many charitable organizations that may not get a lot of attention, but have an incredible positive impact on our communities. Doors open at 5:00 and the event begins at 5:30, with the intent to limit the length of the meeting to only one hour. In these challenging times when more members of society need assistance and when not-for-profit charities often struggle to meet their mandate, the 100 Men Who Care provides an innovative and direct opportunity to help. If you are interested in becoming one of the 100 Men, please check out the group’s website at or email the coordinators at To see what charities the group has provided funding to so far, click on “Charities” on the website page. Any women who might be interested in a similar organization, 100 Women Who Care, can check out the 100 Women website at, click on “Programs”, and then click on “100 Women”.

April 2018

Reliable Travel Vi Creasey

250-497-8785 Toll Free: 1-866-497-8785

BC Business Licence #48999

Locally Owned and Operated

We can come to you!

Dy de Vos


Diane Chatfield 250-488-6818 | |

Honeymoon Season Is Here

with Diane Chatfield of Reliable Travel Spring is wedding season, thus honeymoon season. Trying to figure out where to go on your much-deserved post-wedding getaway? From far-flung exotic locales to beautiful beaches and budget-friendly options, we have suggestions to help you choose the perfect destination for any and every type of honeymoon (or second honeymoon). Best Beach Honeymoons: Bora Bora, French Polynesia. It’s the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of: crystal-clear waters, picturesque mountains and a coral reef swirling with colourful fish. Charter a helicopter to take you around towering Mount Otemanu, then touch down on a neighbouring island for a tour of a black pearl or vanilla bean farm. Most Exotic Honeymoons: Machu Picchu Pueblo, Peru. If you want adventure, look no further. Peru is home to some of the world’s greatest sites - Andes, Cloud Forests, and Machu Picchu Citadel making it truly the trip of a lifetime. Most Adventurous Honeymoons: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. The bucolic Galápagos Islands provide an unparalleled wildlife experience and are home to animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. Go island-hopping on one of the hotel’s private yachts and explore the surrounding locales. Or, book a scuba diving trip - the Galápagos are one of the seven underwater wonders of the world. Best Budget Honeymoons: Palm Springs, California. This West Coast destination has always been hip. From the 1940s to the 1970s, actors and musicians like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack were regulars. This desert oasis was also super popular with architects. Today, their mid-century modern masterpieces are the hallmark of this retro-fun city. Make a reservation at The Purple Room, one of the city’s original supper clubs (Sinatra used to hold court there). Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy live entertainment over a martini and snacks at a stage-side table or at a ring-side seat at the famous bar. Contact one of your Reliable advisors for details and pricing - Vi, Diane or Dy. Happy Travels!

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Attention Dancers: Join The Excitement

Learn to dance Swing, Latin, Country and Ballroom. There is a boom of new dancers already learning in the South Okanagan. Brian Udal is currently drawing students from Peachland, Summerland, Penticton and Okanagan Falls to burn up the dance floor. Brian Udal and Natalie Dunser of Brian’s Dance Class are new to the Okanagan and excited to offer professional dance lessons to the surrounding community. The next season of Dance lessons commence in Penticton April 12 and Summerland April 13. Beginner and Intermediate lessons will be offered. Brian Udal is a Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) Certified instructor who began teaching in 2004 in White Rock/South Surrey. He has taught thousands of students how to be comfortable on the dance floor. With only 8 weeks of lessons, you can strut your stuff at parties, cruises, weddings or just have fun twirling around the kitchen. Brian’s Dance Class offers Wedding Lessons for the new couple that have a goal to look their best in only 5 private lessons. You will learn an amalgamation of patterns for a choreographed routine that will provide you with the confidence to set the stage with memories that continue to give back long after the honeymoon. Private lessons are also available for the beginner or advanced who wish to refine their dance skills. Need a place to dance? There are monthly dance parties at the Anglican Church Hall in Summerland. Our Grand Opening Party was a huge success and well attended. The next dance party is March 24 & April 21. Dancers from around the Okanagan will have a target dance to express their dance skills, meet fellow dancers and get healthy exercise for their bodies, minds and hearts. To register, call Brian on the phone with your Credit Card number at 778.516.7272 or email Brian for detailed information at Be the first to sign up and join the Ballroom movement right here right now ... Get Ready, Get Set, Get Dancing! 778.516.7272

Swing, Latin, Country, Ballroom Dance Lessons Monthly Dance Parties ~ Certified Instructor Since 2004 By Appointment Only

Johnston Meier

Insurance Agencies Group For All Your Insurance Needs 5350 9th Avenue Okanagan Falls


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April 2018

LOCAL CHURCH DIRECTORY Kaleden Community Church (KCC)

Family Worship ~ Sundays at 10:00 am Easter Services on Sunday, April 1st ~ 7:00 am Sunrise Service at the Lake. Parking available at Pioneer Park. 10:00 am Easter Service at the Church, with a Potluck Lunch following the service. Parenting Circle ~ Sunday, April 15th from 5-7 pm at KCC. Please call David for more information on this program. Gleaners Soup Mixing ~ Everyday during Tuesday, April 17th through Saturday, April 28th from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm at the Gleaners in Oliver. Adult Movie Night ~ Monday, April 23rd from 6-9 pm at KCC. Popcorn, soft drinks and discussion. Admission by donation. 443 Lakehill Rd, Kaleden / Pastor David Jenkins - 250-497-5995 Email: / FB: Kaleden Community Church - for up to date event info

Okanagan Falls Community Church

Sunday Worship ~ 10:00 am & 6:00 pm Bible Study at Church ~ Wednesdays at 7:00 pm Good Friday Service ~ 10:00 am on Friday, March 30th 1356 McLean Creek Rd, OK Falls / Office: 250-497-5131 Pastor Wade Harvey ~ Come join us in celebrating God’s Love!

Okanagan Falls United Church

Kaleden Community Church Join us for our Celebration of EASTER 7:00am Sunrise Service at the Lake Meet at the fire pit, dress warmly, bring a folding chair, blanket and a mug. mug. 10:00 Easter Service at the Church Church Easter Perspectives and Stories with a potluck lunch following. following. Don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor & Facebook!

Have you tried a Nitro Cold Brew? FREE Tastings of the ‘Best Cold Coffee in Town’ this April! 5121 9th Avenue, Okanagan Falls


“Art of Murder”

More twists than a corkscrew! That’s Joe DiPietro’s superblysuspenseful and comedic murder mystery “Art of Murder” opening on April 12. Art of Murder is directed by Jamie Eberle and produced by Eric Hanston, while Marlena Dolan stage manages. This 2nd show in Many Hats’ 11th season will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who gets killed, why, and of course ... whodunnit! Jack Brooks (Chuck Peeren) is a successful, but extremely irascible, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Service painter whose works sell for big money, but there’s a secret to his Sunday Mass ~ 11:30 am success! His wife Annie and her housekeeper Kate (played by Many 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Administrator - Father Dominique Hats newcomers Maria Kadomtseva and Elizabeth Barry) know the Okanagan Falls Contact: Lorraine Harrison - 250-497-8781 secret ... or do they? And, just to up the ante surprise-wise Brook’s flamboyant art dealer Vincent (Isaac Gilbert) has secrets of his own! St. Barbara’s Anglican Church They all have motive for murder and ample opportunity ... so, who Sunday Service ~ 9:30 am 1st 3 Sundays & 1:00 pm 4th Sunday gets killed? And, who is the murderer?? You’ll have to check out Art Coffee and social time after the Church Service. of Murder to find out! 1039 Willow St, OK Falls / Incumbent Rev. Rick Paulin - 250-494-0704 Art of Murder opens April 12th and runs until May 5th. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm with a Sunday Matinee at 2pm. All performances are on the Cannery Stage in the Cannery Trade Centre, located at 1475 Fairview Road in Penticton. There will be two Wednesdays from 1-4 pm gala opening nights! First on Thursday, April 12th and then on Friday, Kaleden Community Church April 13th, with a reception following both performances. Tickets are Ladies welcome for coffee, quilting, conversation and crafts. $25/adult and $22/student or senior (GST included). As usual, tickets Questions? Call Fran at 250-497-7850 can be purchased from our good friends next door at The Nest and Nectar or reserved during their business hours by phoning 250-4937275. (Note: The Nest and Nectar is closed on Mondays.) For more information, please visit The Okanagan Falls Helping Hand is holding their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 10th at 10:00 am in the Okanagan Falls “Art of Murder” Community Church basement, located at 1356 McLean Creek Road. April 12 - May 5, 2018 The meeting is open to everyone and we are always welcoming to Cannery Stage Venue in Penticton new volunteers. Come meet with us and see what you can do for your community. Hope to see you there! Sunday Service ~ 9:00 - 10:00 am Our Speakers for April: 1st - Sarah Tupholme; 8th - Rev. David Sparks; 15th - Victor Ince; 22nd - Judy Ritcey; and 29th - Nancy Wyse. All ages are welcome! Coffee and social time to follow service. 1108 Willow St, OK Falls / 250-497-1171 /

Kaleden Ladies Drop-in

Helping Hand AGM ~ April 10th

Emergency Hampers can be made available from Okanagan Falls Helping Hand throughout the year with proper qualifications. To apply, please call 250-486-2767 and leave a message. Your call will be returned.

Now in PENTICTON ...

SUNDAYS at 10 am

April 2018

Flowers or Fish Heads?

Send yours to Your name and location is required on any submission. (Please Note: Some discretion on content inclusion may be involved.)

Flowers to the kind people who kept my dog off the highway on February 26th. Thank you! ~ From Eleanor W. of Okanagan Falls Flowers to Barb Juenke, a Snowbird who has recently returned to Manitoba. Barb volunteered countless hours to help make the Senior’s Spring Flea Market a huge success. Many thanks! ~ From Elaine C. of Okanagan Falls Fish Heads to lazy pet owners. When you have a dog, there are responsibilities that go with it. Mainly, if your pet has a poop on the street, then pick it up. Not only is it disgusting, but it’s also a health hazard. So, if your dog poops, then pick it up. ~ From Bernie M. of Okanagan Falls Fish Heads to the gentleman that brings his black lab down to the Tickleberry’s parking lot regularly and does not clean up the doggy do. ~ From Will. O of Okanagan Falls

Services For The Heart & Home

April showers bring May flowers. We have an early spring and I love gardening! I’m good with weeding, weed whacking, lawn mowing and helping with suggestions for gardening ideas. I am an organic gardener and prefer to work with natural products. I will come to your home for a free estimate, if you live in Okanagan Falls, for cleaning and yard work. For more information on “Services for the Heart & Home”, please call Patricia at 778.889.9725 today.

Patricia ~ Services for the Heart & Home Professional Housecleaner 25 + years Community Support Worker & Massage Technician

For more info, call Patricia at 778.889.9725

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Credible Cremation Services Ltd.

Sensible Prices for Practical People - At need / Pre need. Call Lesley, our own Senior, Licensed Director Total - Basic Cremation ... No Hidden Costs $990.00 + taxes (Penticton area) $1190.00 + taxes (Kelowna area)

250.493.3912 BC Lic# 49382

(24 hrs)

101-596 Martin St, Penticton, BC V2A 5L4

If Basic Cremation is Your Choice with Lesley Luff, Resident of Okanagan Falls

Credible Cremation Services is available 24 hours to assist you with final arrangements whenever, wherever the need arises. Feel free to call Lesley, even if you only need advice. We offer seamless personal service to all, at the most reasonable price in the area. The warmer weather is almost here, and with it will come our regular Summer visitors, along with the numerous cyclists that come here to enjoy Okanagan Falls and all that it has to offer. We will all have to sharpen our awareness, especially while using Eastside Road, where one is likely to encounter the annual influx of cyclists, most of whom obey the “single file” signs. For those who do not, a short “toot” on the horn usually gets the message across. With all the cyclists, locals, tourists and others who use the road, we now have heavy equipment trucks, who are taking a short cut into Penticton. One wonders how long it will be before a really bad accident occurs. Please take extra care while walking or driving, and for those who like to putter along at 40 or 50, the speed limit is 60 unless otherwise posted. If you have a line up of traffic behind you, kindly have the courtesy to signal, pull off to the side safely, and allow the traffic to pass. This simple gesture will be appreciated by those who wish to keep up to speed. Safety should be everyone’s first priority. Credible Cremation Services Ltd. Lesley is always available by telephone 24 hours at 250-493-3912 or email

Mother’s Day Brunch At the 1912 in Kaleden 100 Alder Avenue

Sunday, May 13th 10am - 1pm $30/person Call or Text Reservations 250.486.8939 Spring is finally in the air at the Ridge ... Our Wine Shop is now open by appointment & open daily as of May 3rd. THE RESULTS ARE IN! 2018 New World International Wine Competition *Flagship 2014 King’s Ransom Meritage - DOUBLE GOLD (99 points) 2015 King’s Ransom Cab Sauv - GOLD (95 points)

Tickets are on sale now for our 2018 events! T: 250.497.7945

E: W: 2320 Oliver Ranch Rd, OK Falls FB: Noble_Ridge Tw: @Noble_Ridge

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Ye Olde Welcome Inn Family Owned Business For 12 Years! 39008 Highway 97 at Gallagher Lake, North of Oliver

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April 2018

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