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Meet Jarvis Stanley, Our Chief Editor

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Jarvis and I love roller skating. I started skating back in 2005 while in junior in high school. My sister wanted to go skating with her friends, so I took them to Sparkles skating rink in Smyrna, GA. That experience started my interest and involvement in the skate culture. I was lucky to come across Linda Brown, who was a manager at Sparkles, and her close friend Vernon Keys. These two individuals had a lot of influence on my skate journey at the early stages.

Nevertheless, my purpose for launching this digital magazine project with my colleague, J. Renard, was to connect with other skaters and share their experiences through this project. I also want to show the outside world what we love to do.

Like many of you, I enjoy having this connection and sharing this hobby with so many skaters. I also feel there is an opportunity to fill a void by doing this project. I am not aware of any existing skate magazines that cover our culture. As a result, I want this project to showcase a variety of roller skaters, styles and demographics.

Lastly, my goal for this project is to uplift each other and bring more unity into the skate community. We can certainly use more positivity in this day and age. So, I hope this project can bring us all closer together.

P.S If you are in the Atlanta area, you can catch me at Sparkles, Cascade, SkateTowne, Golden Glide, Skatezone or Skate Along USA!

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