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Spanish Village Fund. The Mission

The Mission Imagine living in a world full of opportunities and harmony. A world without limits. A world where ideas and potentials meet together. A world where a newborn idea is the beginning of a fascinating journey to your dream.


Imagine: your dream, your internet project, yourself and your team immersed into a perfect environment with everything necessary to create a magnificent project and begin a new life with unlimited opportunities!

Spanish Village Fund. About The Project

About The Project “Spanish Village” is seed fund to select and realize the most potentially successful and advanced business ideas for internet

Surrounded by the splendid views over the scenic countryside and in the warm and sunny climate of Spain, you and your team will get an opportunity to work and learn from the progressive-minded professionals with experience in creation and development of successful business.

A legal company will be established for you and your team to be its owners, with a share owned by the “Spanish Village Fund” so that other talented and ambitious young people could also give the world their fresh and brilliant ideas.

You will have 3 months to work intensivly on your project together with your team, learn new languages, dive into a new culture, enjoy the magnificent surroundings and obtain unique business knowledge and skills. You and your team can create a perfect product – ready for the international market and able to give you a great potential for the further development.

When your project is ready we’ll arrange a special business event where you can present it to a group of interested investors and leading European venture funds; we’ll also provide all the necessary support for a profitable investment transaction.

Spanish Village Fund. For The Development Team

For The Development Team

Besides, each group is supplied with the assignment allowance of 3000 euro per month.

Participating in the project begins with tests and personal interviews after passing the first elimination round. Twice a year (from September till November and from February till April) 5 winner teams (3 persons) go to Spain where they get full board and lodging during 3 months at the expense of the Fund (three meals daily, private rooms, all the necessary everyday items) and offices provided with the equipment allowing the work on their own products to be done with as much intensity and efficiency as possible.

During the first product development time the teams are given an all-out support from the specialists in marketing, project management, project financing, preparation of effective business plans and presentations, and a chance to learn English and Spanish. Upon completion of the startups we arrange the final event where the teams offer their project pilots and business plans to a group of interested investors. “Spanish Village Fund� shall provide support for the teams during all the stages of negotiations, as well as the legal bearings of the investment transactions.

Spanish Village Fund. For The Professionals

For The Professionals Skilled and world-renowned experts are invited to participate as partners and consultants who are able and willing to share their experience and knowledge with the young and ambitious people just starting off to make their dreams come true

The professionals involved in the creation and development business can take advantage of the opportunity to participate personally in the innovative projects, gain interesting and useful experience and be in touch with the most advanced ideas and business achievements.

The partnership with the “Spanish Village Fund� will help boost your reputation as an innovative company and promote your own brand. The partners can invest in or buy out the projects being created by acquiring stakes in the most interesting and highpotential projects.

Spanish Village Fund. For the investors

For the investors Keep your investments safe and choose a guaranteed profitable project ready for startup

The “Spanish Village Fund” will help you avoid the most hazardous early-stage venture investment, thus keeping your investments safe and choosing a project ready for startup. The careful selection of candidates on a competitive basis, the profound analysis of the future participating projects’ potential, as well as optimal working conditions, organizational regulations and major business development specialists will ensure the highest quality of the products created, so you won’t have any trouble choosing a project to invest in.


Phone: +7 495 647-79-50 E-mail: 36 Kutuzovsky Prospect, Moscow, Russia, bldg 3

Spanish Village Fund  

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