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Stephen Wagner NSG 402 The Ideal Workplace As I thought about values that are most important, different words pop up in my mind when it comes to my life and ideal workplace such as: integrity, accountability, respect, courage, compassion, character, perseverance, positive attitude, cooperation, honesty, etiquette/manners, work ethic, creativity, resourcefulness, and team player etc. After working a career at Ford Motor Company including my upbringing, I took with me those values mentioned above with me to wherever I go. At Ford, it was a hierarchy from top to bottom, which I didn’t like. I think that mentality from Ford was part of the Big Three’s problem. The reason why I say that is the assembly line workers and lower level managers cannot really be active in providing innovative ideas or opinions about a certain model that they are building. There it was considered inappropriate to step up to talk past your manager unless you were approached and asked. If Ford top level managers had talked to line workers about the “bubble” design that was featured on the Ford Taurus in the late 90’s, the company would have saved themselves a blunder from producing a bad design. If they handed out a survey paper to the line workers saying if you build this, would you buy the car? Or ask would you try to convince your family to purchase it? The answer would have been a resounding NO! Having said that I personally believe that a work environment despite a hierarchal management is needed but should act from the bottom up to the top where everyone are team players with courageous followers and leaders.

My ideal workplace in a nursing environment would foster the values I mentioned above and the RN would be valued in that ideal situation. The best example I have is the ICU at Mercy Fairfield Hospital. At the beginning of every shift, the physician, dietician, pharmacist, chaplain, social worker, nurse practitioner and the patient’s RN. The ICU’s floor plan is designed like a circle. The group would meet at the beginning at one end of the circle with the first patient’s room and collaborate about that patient’s care. I loved it because everyone is on the same page, equal voice and thus increasing the quality of care. Once a discussion of the first patient is over, they move up to the next patient’s room and do the same thing until all the patient rooms are completed. Everyone is a team player in that environment, even when the group is gone for the day, the RN’s, Charge Nurse, and the Nurse manager work together to help each other out. The Nurse manager in the ICU would often help out the RN’s on the floor if they are short staffed or extremely busy as if they remember where they came from. I could not say the same for some of the Nurse managers on the other floors and they evolved into administration and no longer on the same level as RN’s. Those managers despite in the difficult situations don’t have the same mindset as the ICU Nurse manager to help their RN’s in time of need. They are more concerned with statistical numbers, performance, and holding meetings. Knowing how I liked the environment at the ICU provoked my thoughts in how I would seek in my future employment setting. I would first research by looking at the organization’s website ie: hospital. There I would look for their values and mission statement etc. I would also contact the nurse recruiter and ask questions about the hospital, what the organization seek from their employees and nursing graduates. I would also try to acquire permission to shadow and tour

the nursing floors to get a good grasp what the hospital is about. Another way to find out is to talk to various college faculty members about how they feel about/view certain organizations. I also approach nurses on the floor to hear what they have to say about other hospitals and their current job although it is not always reliable. Overall I am excited about my future as a Registered Nurse and as a leader.

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