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LOCAL RESOURCES Greene Memorial Hospital • Drug and Alcohol • Diabetes support • Weight Mgmt 937-352-2000

WEBSITES (Greene Memorial Hospital) pressure clinic.htm (Blood pressure screening clinic) (Medication assistance for seniors) (American Heart Association)

Wright Patterson Medical Center Health and Wellness Center • Nutrition • Exercise • Stress reduction • Tobacco cessation 937-904-9355 7:30 am-4:30 pm Monday – Friday Greene County Council on Aging Medication Management Asisstance Program 937-376-5486 or 1-888-795-8600



Greene County Health Fair

WHAT IS HYPERTENSION HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Systolic > 140 Diastolic > 90 RISK FACTORS • Age over 60 • Ethnicity • Family history • Heart or kidney disease • Diabetes RISKS YOU CAN CHANGE • Overweight • Smoking • Alcohol • Stress • Exercise habits • High cholesterol WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT Unmanaged high blood pressure raises the risk of heart and kidney disease, stroke, and increases other circulation problems.

LIFE STYLE CHANGES • Low sodium diet o Avoid canned and processed foods • Weight management o Lose weight • Alcohol restriction • Stress management o Coping skills o Yoga • Exercise regularly o Speak to your Dr. before starting a program o Start slowly • Decaf your life • Take drugs as prescribed o Take all your drugs o Do not skip doses • Quit smoking o Find a strategy that works for you • Good Diabetes management

HELPFUL HINTS • Know your drugs • Make a list and keep it with you • Keep your Dr. appointments • Use a drug organizer • Write down questions for your Dr. • Get a home B/P device • Get an exercise buddy • Get a scale • Read food labels

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