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St. John’s Vancouver Things happening in the life of our church and in our community October 6, 2019

What’s up at St. John’s PARENTING HELP


This fall we have two sets of workshops to help with topics that are tricky navigating with children. All are welcome to attend. For more information visit

Every Sunday in the Café Room at 9:00 am, Learners’ Exchange offers stimulating speakers and engaging discussions.

SUNDAYS // SUNDAY SCHOOL PARENTING SERIES Join us for a three-part series led by registered social worker and parent consultant Rebecca Janke. The workshops are grounded in developmental and attachement theory as well as neuroscience. They will happen on Oct 27, Nov 24, and Jan 26 after the 11:00 am service. FRIDAYS // YOUTH PARENT NIGHTS We’ll be holding two youth parent nights that coincde with youth group. We hope to support parents who are raising children in the midst of a culture that is actively shaping our minds and hearts to love things other than God. Join us for one or both of the workshops:

Oct 17 Reefer Madness. Discipling your teen in the new era of legalized marijuana. Nov 22 myTunes. Why what we listen to matters.

October 6 // Jeff Greenman The Anglican Liturgy pt.2 October 13 No Learners’ Exchange EVENSONG // OCT 8 Evensong will be this Tuesday, the 8th at 5:30 pm. Please note that we will be meeting in the Main floor Chapel so as to accomodate preparations for the Life Explored program later in the evening



For faith foundations – getting things clear! For faith formation – making things real! For faith family – learning with others!

The Evening Service is looking for musicians to join their team. If you play an instrument and are interested in volunteering, please contact Emma SongCarrillo,

Today in catechism, we will be covering:

9:00 am (Library) What it means to have faith in the Father and in Jesus. We will explore who God is, his character, and his role as creator. We will also consider what it means to call Jesus “Lord,” Jesus’ divinity, and his humanity.

11:00 am (Café room) Who is God? Why do we call Him Father? What are the implications of Him being the creator? 5:00 pm (Chapel) We’ll take our first crack at the first commandment “I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other Gods before me.” God wants relational fidelity and exclusivity from his people. Why does he ask this of us, and what does it look like to have a life shaped by this commandment? Feel free to drop in and see what we are up to.

CONDOLENCES Sandra Clarke passed away on September 13. She worked in the St. John’s office for 15 years as the bookkeeper. Sandra was a stalwart Sanctuary Guild member, and often helped to decorate the church for Christmas. Please pray for her children, Alan, John, and Hillary as they grieve her loss. Funeral arrangements will be announced.

Calendar LIFE EXPLORED // STARTING OCT 8 We’d like to invite you to take part in Life Explored this fall. It will be an ongoing program that we run at St. John’s, and we would like everyone to experience it. Life Explored is a seven-week course that will happen at the church on Tuesday nights, starting on October 8. Each night will begin with a shared meal (that we will provide) followed by a couple of videos and conversation around our tables. The course uncovers what people are really living for and how God meets our deepest desires. If you are interested in the course you can register online, If you have any questions, contact Aaron,

In our Community JOURNEY CANADA PREVIEW NIGHT // OCT 7 This free evening presentation is for anyone interested in learning more about Journey Canada. Come to hear the core message of Journey’s ministry and stories of hope.

MONDAY, OCT 7 Little Years @ 10:45 am Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre TUESDAY, OCT 8 5:30 pm Evensong 6:00 pm Life Explored WEDNESDAY, OCT 9 7:20 am Men’s Bible Study 6:30 pm

Ekklesia (18 to late 30s)

THURSDAY, OCT 10 7:00 pm DivorceCare FRIDAY, OCT 11

Tenth Church, Vancouver from 7:00-8:30 pm RSVP to

10:30 am


6:00 pm Youth (grades 7-12)

ESL Discussion Group

You are invited to a book launch and evening lecture celebrating the release of Dr. Ross Hastings’s latest publication, Total Atonement: Trinitarian Participation in the Reconciliation of Humanity and Creation. Dr. Hastings will offer a free public lecture, “Total Atonement: Is Penal Substitution the Model, a Model, or a Caricature of the Atonement of Jesus Christ?”

9:00 am Morning Prayer

This event is happening at Regent College on October 21 at 7:30 pm.

11:00 am Morning Prayer

Prayer Points

5:00 pm Catechism

areas to pray

SUNDAY, OCT 13 Matthew 18:15-20 7:30 am Holy Communion

6:00 pm Compline

Sanctuary Guild: Pray with gratitude for the bonds of friendship that have been formed among the group members and the love that spreads beyond the communion table.


Little Years: Pray that God would stir up a deep desire in the hearts of those who are at home with their children to join Little Years and form meaningful relationships with families from our community. DivorceCare: Pray that more people would join the current group, and for God to guide the leaders as they lead this diverse group. Get our weekly email with all events happening in our community by subscribing to the parish email list at

Remembering Merv Hanson On September 17, 2019, Merv Hanson died at the age of 82. Merv had been a well known and very active member of St. John’s, beginning in the early days of Harry Robinson’s time as Rector. Both he and his wife Maureen grew in faith and service through the preaching of the word of God. In 1981, Merv became Treasurer of St. John’s, serving as a Trustee and then taking on the role of Rector’s Warden from 1985 to 1992. During this time, he enthusiastically encouraged people to participate in the Parish Weekends held at Parksville which were important in creating community in the growing church. He was on Canonical committees and many other committees created through the Church Committee, of which he was a member for many years. With the retirement of the Rev. Harry Robinson in 1992, Merv helped form and became Treasurer of, Nanton Avenue Ministries. This group helped support Harry’s role in speaking to downtown business people at Faith in the Marketplace. Merv was a regular attender, inviting business people who were curious about the gospel message. For many years, Merv was involved in the weekly Men’s Breakfast Bible Study Group at St. John’s. In 2003, he joined the Board of Artizo which he served as Chairman from 2009 to 2011. In all his involvement at St. John’s he will be remembered, for his enthusiastic yet practical nature and his encouragement, hospitality and caring. At his request, there will be no Memorial service. We remember Merv with affection and thankfulness for his service to our church and to God.

St. John’s Vancouver Offices: 2325 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J2 | Phone: 604.558.4400 | Stay informed: | Engage with each other:

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St. John's Vancouver // Oct 6, 2019 News & Events  

St. John's Vancouver // Oct 6, 2019 News & Events  

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