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Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010 Volume LXXXVI, Number 9

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

A tale of two letters SAM KOCH ’11 Editor-in-Chief LUIGI CONDINA ’12 News Editor

Benjamin Lackey ‘14/the hawk University Student Senate (U.S.S.) Speaker George Tsoflias, ‘13, (center) addresses senators during a meeting on Monday evening in the Presidents’ Lounge. For more information about the U.S.S., please see page 2 for more information about the group’s restructuring and new constitution plans.

Saint Joseph’s, meet TED Communication Studies class seeks to bring TED talks to St. Joe’s DALLAS DUCAR ’14 Hawk Staff Imagine a room entirely filled with the prospect of change and innovation, where everyone is gathered together under the same goal: change. This is what Aimée Knight, Ph.D., assistant professor in the English Department at Saint Joseph’s University, has been working for, alongside her students involved in her classes. The program is known as TED, or Technology Entertainment and Design, and it was founded in 1984; the first annual conference was held in Monterey, Ca., begin-

ning in 1990. TED speakers have ranged from Bill Gates to former President Bill Clinton. Each speaker is allowed to spend no more than 18 minutes presenting “ideas worth sharing,” as the motto describes. TEDx, a program that allows any organization or group including businesses, schools, and others to enjoy a similar experience is what Knight wants to host at here at St. Joe’s. “It’s sponsored by St. Joe’s, but it’s affiliated with TED,” said Knight. “So it gets the TED name and the TED logo and a share in some of TED’s resources in terms of networking and connections and

visibility.” The idea for a TED talk at St. Joe’s came from Knight’s classroom when students suggested a “mock TED talk.” From there, the idea took hold of the minds of the students as it flourished into something much larger than was originally intended. “I think TEDxSJU is a really good idea; it’s very enlightening because a lot of students don’t know what TED is and it allows for good exposure to the program,” Danielle Smith, ’12, one of Knight’s students, said. TEDxSJU was originally planned to take

Two versions of a letter, one statement apart in their content, have become a source of tension between faculty and administrators at Saint Joseph’s University. In their latest resolution raising formal concerns about the Advisory Board for Faculty Compensation’s (ABFC) role in changes to employee healthcare and benefits, the Faculty Senate quoted a March 5 correspondence from University President Timothy Lannon, S.J. The only problem? The Office of the President had sent them the wrong letter. On Nov. 3, Lannon responded to the ABFC resolution, acknowledging that his letter regarding faculty benefits did state that “health insurance and retirement contributions will remain at current levels.” However, Lannon also said that letter included the stipulation that all decisions were contingent upon the financial condition of the university at the time of their implementation. According to Catherine Murray, Ph.D., director of the gender studies program and member of the ABFC, the version of Lannon’s letter that was forwarded to the ABFC did not include the caveat referred to in his response. Murray forwarded the redacted version to Lannon for further investigation. “He wrote back to me and said that he would investigate the matter. [On Nov. 11] I received the results of his investigation,” Murray said. “He acknowledges that we didn’t get [the full version], and he acknowledges that given what we did

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INSIDE THE HAWK THIS WEEK: Quidditch, Anyone? St. Joe’s students bring the wizardly game to life on Gest Lawn, page 9.

New Buildings, No Green The Post Learning Commons make a great addition, but where will students hang out? See page 4.

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Nov. 17, 2010 Edition  
Nov. 17, 2010 Edition  

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