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Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011 Volume LXXXVI, Number 13

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Search Committee names 27th president Joseph M. O’Keefe to replace Lannon in May LUIGI CONDINA ’12 Editor-in-Chief

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The start of the New Year also marked the start of Timothy Lannon’s, S.J., last semester as president of St. Joseph’s University. Lannon, who will be serving as president of his alma mater, Creighton University, next year, will be replaced by Joseph M. O’Keefe, S.J., currently Dean at Boston College. Lannon will leave Saint Joseph’s after completing his eighth year serving as university president. For additional coverage on the presidential search process, visit The Hawk’s website at and read the staff editorial on Pg. 5. Pick up the next edition of The Hawk for a Q&A installment featuring incoming president Joseph M. O’Keefe.

Joseph M. O’Keefe, S.J., will take over as the 27th president of St. Joseph’s University this spring. At the Jan. 24 ceremony in the North Lounge, O’Keefe and members of the Presidential Search Committee formally announced the Board’s decision to the Saint Joseph’s Community. O’Keefe will officially take up office on May 18, 2011, replacing friend and former colleague Timothy Lannon, S.J. O’Keefe comes to St. Joe’s from Boston College, where he worked on the faculty for 20 years, participating in the Teacher Education and Administrative Preparation programs. During the past nine years O’Keefe has also served as Associate Dean and Dean. After being contacted by the Presidential Search Committee in October of 2010, O’Keefe visited Saint Joseph’s in November and formally applied on Dec. 3. “I didn’t want to be a public candidate given that it could compromise my job in Boston,” said O’Keefe of his application for the presidency. “With all of the candidates at this kind of level of position, you balance openness to the community but also the needs of the person. It’s on that confidentiality balance.” BOSTON, p. 2 >>

Getting around Merion Hall: AMANDA COMINSKY ’14 Special to The Hawk Merion Hall, located on the Maguire Campus across from Cynwyd Hall, recently opened at the start of the second semester. Merion Hall was opened on campus due to the acquisition of the property from the Episcopal Academy and the need for space and expansion of the university. According to Gerard Donahue, university registrar, “The space was very much needed for the university in terms of the expansion of programs that the university has planned and the rise in the student population.” Compared to the speed of renovations and opening of Cynwyd Hall in 2008, the length of time it took to renovate

Merion Hall was much greater. Cynwyd Hall was able to open more quickly than Merion Hall because it had less of a need for physical renovations. Merion Hall also needed to be modernized on the inside. “Some of the inner workings of the building needed to be brought up to modern-day specifications,” Donahue explained. The whole process of renovation and modernization took two years longer than Cynwyd Hall. Merion Hall contains twenty-eight classrooms, seminar rooms, faculty offices, departmental offices, an instructional technology center, a food lounge with space to study and other amenities, such as the Communications Lab. This lab was specially designed by faculty in the Communications Studies Department and is said to be advantageous

Registrar makes use of added classroom space in 2011

to group work and more compatible with web design programs. Although many types of classes are held there, it is home to the Communications and Education departments, to name a few. “You’ll find that most of the classes there might be English courses or Education courses or Sociology courses,” Donahue said. While the aforementioned departmental courses will be mainly held in Merion Hall, business, technology and liberal arts courses are offered there as well. Both students and faculty members have been pleased and impressed with Merion Hall and the learning environment that it offers. Donahue agrees, “We have had lots of positive feedback about it.” However, one issue remains for many Saint Joseph’s University students. The

distance from Merion Hall to some of the other buildings, such as Post Hall, has become a rising issue in terms of how students will get to class on time. “I have to go from Merion to Bellarmine NEW, p. 3 >>

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Jan. 26, 2011  

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Jan. 26, 2011  

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