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All My Friends Live In Far Away Places

By Shane Keller

Fireflies Solitaire Department Store Ads Untitled #27 Me In You and Me Menthol Lips London Girl 504 iPhone 5 Bitch In My Mansion Outings Bambi Girl Luv Egyptian Musk Colors & Numbers

Passing Distraction Gmail Revision I Wrote This For The Pretty Girl That Talked To Me About State Stereotypes Punch Me Until I Fall Asleep


mosquito bites on your thighs my name between your legs the heat beneath our skin the feeling between us outside inside underneath around, the difference, one hour, distance mind racing, head spinning and i want to tell you every detail "go and ask him" "I asked him he says yeah he's crushing really hard on you" I said yeah I am between silence and sighs, in laughs "i think that makes me like you more" you go and melt but I'm thinking about you like you're my house

like you are my room yeah i'm not on the moon i'm back to setting butterflies on fire and sending the smoke signals to you

Solitaire you are confusing me and yeah probably I'm thinking about you more than you're thinking about me

Department Store Ads you are a american apparel ad of a girl not american but north enough good enough to fit in my hands ass perfectly fitted into jeans anti-depression medication for fuel girl with a mind like candle wax fall asleep next to me and tell me you're just resting your eyes dead before she lays her sight on you you are the girl mad at trends but still green lights those pants in the mall windows soft spot for aztec and argyle patterns confused you have your mother's middle name you know how to move your body hands like novocain, tongue like whipped cream

Untitled #27 eyes the color of a chocolate, the skin color to match, newport cigarettes in my pocket, whiskey on my breath, whatever, its friday, marks on my left arm, marks on my right,

scar on my chest what. used to be. Used to be used to be? my patience is thin like my hairline, my hairline is in my wallet, my cuticles don't exist and my facade is transparent I'm hiding in the corner from "she who must not be named" she's in the corner of me, talking to one of my therapist, I'm spilling whiskey on my shoes shush keep my secrets or give them back, bitch do you see my clothes, you supposed to be gushing, I've paid too much for me not to be happy

Me In You and Me I'm more than sure I can make you cry for me, look straight through you with hungry eyes, saltwater aquarium from your tears, my fingerprints tattooed on your body, bite marks on your lips, bruises on your ass, pussy sweeter than a cinnamon bun, softer than velvet, skin softer than banana skin, ass that cuts into you, the devil doesn't wear prada because you shop at forever 21, you drink diet coke (and cum), boy eater (man connoisseur), legs always open, poems written for you, menthol lips erode the enamel off my teeth and burn the flesh off my lips there were stories on your legs before I fucked you and in my head after i found out that my cigarettes last longer than your love and affection give me your hand, I'll hold it while you get your tattoo, I'll let you yell songs I hate while we're in the car because I still just want to get stuck in a cheap hotel room where the heat doesn't work, with you, throw you against the wall,

fuck you still

Menthol Lips cigarette stains on your sheets and cigarette burns on your skin cigarette scented fingertips rub against my lips a ocean between her legs and the waves only laugh for me

London Girl she drinks white wine on silk sheets and takes photographs of herself naked with a old polaroid, she keeps them in the draw, second draw on her nightstand, she keeps a picture of every boy she ever slept with, four pictures, but she doesn't want much, hold her hand in public, buy her food,

fuck her, tell her you love her thats it, she wants someone to eat chinese with

504 they trying to build houses on our houses like

we gonna forget where we come from they trying to take it from us like we gonna forget our number slap some paint on it with a expensive price tag say its post modern or some bull shit they usually tell us, build some condos down the street and knock our houses down, move the starving out of the artists and push the lawyers doctors the white devils in to practice yoga eat biscotti theres a knocking on your door its not even a door the desks the tables the walls and floors the beats

we used to beat on everything we still gonna beat on everything we just do it a little quieter

iPhone 5 I want to go into a phone store and write "I love you" in all the phones when I think of you

Bitch In My Mansion i want to get a house I'ma get a big mansion the floors, I'ma get the floors the same color as your skin, so i can imagine I'm walking on you, i'ma paint the house the same color as your eyes and paint every inch of the walls your favorite color and I'ma take a fucking straight razor and slice the paint off the walls, then set the bitch on fire

Outings why don't you lay down with me count the little marks on each other's skin, touch your skin like I'm playing candy crush, we can fuck each other until we need food, eat until our stomachs hurt I wanna make you blush when we go out make out with you in public, make you wet let me take you on a laser tag date

museum date a zoo date aquarium date

Bambi pastel colors on your dress and your pale skin, darker skin crumpled up receipts in my jean pockets got the date that we started fucking each other because you know just how to make me want you when you text me at 2 in the morning "i really do miss you" captain crunch cutting up the roof of our mouths at 3 in the afternoon we're sharing the same bowl which is cute in all us calling each other names only we can call each other, cupid shooting at me but he keeps missing, shooting me in the dick

Girl i keep kissing dancers and poets like its going to change anything, like their skeleton are different or something, but we are astrology students telling each other corny pick up line jokes

between sighs and laughs i'm back to putting my butterflies in mason jars and carrying them everywhere i go thats my my achilles heel, come to me, fuck me like you never fucked anyone before, fuck me like no one ever hurt you before talk with your mouth full show me your bedroom but don't love me like a firecracker

Luv the things that my dog said to me while I was feeding him and the things he says to me when I give him a bath its all poetry to him

Egyptian Musk I'm 8 years old and I'm my father's son X-Men comics and Super Saiyans, the only thing he's letting me learn, how to count money, the value of a dollar

he force feeds me oatmeal for breakfast, chicken noodle soup for dinner Cigarettes are part of his personal scent

Colors and Numbers call me little leo I'm the flower between your knees let me touch you whenever i want to and you can let me go like the ballon I let go of on my 6th birthday i'm whats between your thighs probably don't you see me blooming for you devious little spots in your voice and I'm eating it up object of subtweets, you got purple ways one line poems in my twitter drafts taste like lemon now and I'm giving all of them personalities

Passing Distraction

I'm the best at fixing up wounds, taking the bad stuff out, I'm the best at saying the right thing at the right time but I'm still the worst at being with anyone for longer than a couple hours

gmail revision I got your girl underneath the covers, laying beside me, probably walking downtown with me tomorrow, I'm gassing you up so you got a special place on my dick my mind, my heart probably, she feels like all the things I can't say, the things that get caught in my throat, apple of your eye,

apple in my throat, I want her, I want you, everything I want drips off of her, her skin, its like every painting I've ever seen every museum I ever been to

I Wrote This For The Pretty Girl That Talked To Me About State Stereotypes you are a figment of my imagination and I don't need go to therapy to talk about you because you are perfect I want to have everybody I know over to see you, I want all the people I don't know to see you, open up a museum and put pictures of you there I wanna wake up next to my imagination and have breakfast with it, take it out and get powder on your nose from beignets, I want to take you out and have you make fun of my dancing, I want to be with you at the zoo and let the butterflies fly around us, I wanna watch my imagination put the

blanket on the ground at the park and fall asleep in that red truck with her while the sun is setting

Punch Me Until I Fall Asleep Punch Me Until I Fall Asleep Thank You

All My Friends Live In Far Away Places  
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