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Spring 2013

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THE INSIDER . . . Saint John’s Catholic Prep

“ You can do nothing with children unless you win their confidence and love by bringing them into touch with yourself, by breaking through all the hindrances that keep them at a distance. We must accommodate ourselves to their tastes, we must make ourselves like them.” - St. John Bosco Patron Saint of Education

Dedication & Blessing of New Campus! On Friday, February 22, 2013 – Saint John’s Catholic Prep was honored to have The Most Reverend William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore on campus to bless the new academic building. With an attendance of over 500 people, it was truly a wonderful event and a very special day for the Saint John’s school community. Please visit our website for additional pictures of the dedication:

President Gordon Oliver’s Remarks at Dedication & Blessing: Good Afternoon! I would like to give a warm welcome to our parents, alumni, students, faculty, fellow educators and to Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools Mrs. Margaret Danmeyer. To our Pastors, Parochial Vicars and Deacons from our tri-state area Parishes and to our current and former Trustees and benefactors. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings!

His Excellency Archbishop William E. Lori and President - Gordon Oliver

“As the school’s leader, I strongly believe that two important attributes one should bring to the position are setting the right tone and leading by example.”

I want to extend a very special welcome on behalf of the Saint John’s Catholic Prep Community to His Excellency Archbishop Lori, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus for being with us this afternoon to celebrate this auspicious occasion on the dedication and blessing of our new academic building. Welcome Your Excellency! Vivat Jesus! We do not know much about this man of God but we do know that he was born in Enniskillen Ireland in 1782. His diaries and letters contain few if any entries or comments as to his first twenty-one years but we may surmise that his education was obtained under challenging circumstances and the practice of his Catholic faith was equally difficult in Ireland which was under English rule at this time. You see, the story is told that children in Ireland during this period were educated in hedgerows out of the view of authorities. On June 25, 1803 John McElroy sailed from Londonderry Ireland to the United States landing in Baltimore on August 25th. In May of 1817 he was ordained to the priesthood. Later entries from his diaries and comments from Father McElroy’s fellow Jesuit priests indicate that he was very gifted with keen business acumen and fine sense of English composition. These qualities would contribute to his success as a builder of Churches and parishes and to being an accomplished pastor, orator and fund raiser. These attributes would fur ther aid Father McElroy in the founding of Saint John’s Literary Institution at its founding academic building in downtown Frederick. For the next 184 years Saint John’s would educate young minds spanning the time period of the American Civil War, two world wars, the dust bowl and depression, prohibition, the

BOARD OF TRUSTIES New Deal, the Cold War, the Korean War, Vatican Councils I & II and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Gregory Harraka, Chairman Michael Smariga ’62, Vice Chairman Richard Hassett ’67, Treasurer George Gelles, Secretary Kathleen Costlow D’Amore

Guided by the Holy Spirit, third person of the Holy Trinity, Father McElroy and the Jesuits were followed in the administration of Saint John’s by Archdiocesan Priests, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, lay leaders and teachers including the Knights of Columbus, and other Catholic lay groups all would respond to the call to sustain and advance Saint John’s spiritual as well as educational mission. I would like to take a few minutes to stroll down the schools memory lane. In the 1921 Saint John’s yearbook it was written “the Nation was finally recovering from WWI. A dance craze called the Charleston was sweeping the nation. Prohibition was in place. On campuses students were seeing who could swallow the most goldfish and in spor ts, former Marine Gene Tunney survived to reign as world heavyweight boxing champion.”

William Dahut Patrick Hogan Rev. Msgr. Robert Jaskot Amy Manson Keating Michael O’Connor ‘84 James Plamondon Joseph Welty

1930’s student Corinne Sunday said “the roaring 20’s extended into the thir ties, cars looked like cheese boxes on a raft, speedy they were with the accelerator pushing the floor they could go a fast 50 mph shaking groaning and straining all the while.” The decade of the 1940’s was defined when on December 7th 1941, the bombing of Pearl Harbor occurred. It was “a date which will live in infamy”. One Saint John’s student recalled that the school during this time was consumed with air raid and blackout practices as well as food stamp and gasoline stamp rationing par ties. In 1958 Saint Johns would move the secondary school program from downtown Frederick to Butterfly Lane where the Prospect Hall Mansion and McSherry Gymnasium would become the centerpieces of school activity for the next 54 years. The 1960’s brought us hippies, the Vietnam War, protests, sit ins, and the saying “no one under 30 was to be trusted”, and two great Americans President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Mar tin Luther King, Jr. would have their promising lives cut shor t.

Pamela Zusi

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Gordon Oliver, President Christopher Cosentino, Principal Diane L’Huillier-Favret, Executive Director of Advancement Marc Minsker, Dean of Academics Eric Dummann, Dean of Students Cathy Campbell, School Counselor

Alumna Victoria Wachter from the class of 1965 recalled: “we were committed and not understood by our parents, and they were frightened for us. It was the generation gap. But somehow like others before us we grew up and survived. Saint John’s was always there – less changing- irritating perhaps – but better for us.” And who could forget the 1997-1998 Saint John’s Boys basketball team who were National Champions going 25 and O for the season. Throughout our nations ups and downs Saint John’s has stayed the course focusing on its core mission thanks to suppor t from the Archdiocese, our clergy, brothers and sisters religious, Board members, lay teachers as well as our many friends and benefactors, Saint John’s has remained steadfast in its commitment to education, to following the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and those of the Catholic Church. Now, firmly ensconced at our new home, we continue our journey the vision of which was set in motion by our school’s founder Jesuit Father John McElroy 184 years ago. In closing, I want to recognize and thank our building contractor Coakley Williams who accomplished the incredible feat of completing our new academic building in a record four months with unsurpassed quality and workmanship. Now, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Chairman of our Board of Trustees, Mr. Greg Harraka. Thank you!

Thomas Wedbee, School Counselor Michael Schultz, Director of Enrollment Management

Members from Local Knights of Columbus Chapters pose with their Supreme Chaplain. Pictured left to right: Mike McGowan, Paul McNickle, Greg Ross, Chris Cosentino, Archbishop Lori, Richard O’Connor, Bob Krajewski, Gordon Oliver and Mike O’Connor.

Ann Blessing, Business Manager Judith Robison, Director of Technology Dawn Miller, Director of Campus Ministry Silas Cheung, Athletic Director Jeremy Fisher, Athletic Trainer Paul DeLeon, Director of Facilities

Pictured left to right: President Gordon Oliver, Archbishop Lori, and Board Chairman Greg Harraka

Marge Pieklo, Executive Assistant Linda Petrie, Administrative Assistant

Some members of The Grove Family. Pictured left to right: Mary Catherine James, Carol Grove, Bernie Grove, Archbishop Lori, David Grove, Andi Grove and Joy Boudreaux.

Diane Keser, Receptionist

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Archbishop Lori with Chris Cosentino and Seniors Carmisha Louis & Quortney Moulton

Archbishop Lori Blesses the student body

SCHOOL WIDE School Community Enjoying The New Academic Building Students, faculty, staff and parents are enjoying the new academic building with the upgraded classrooms and gymnasium, an expanded chapel, and state-of-thear t technology and science labs. As the funds become available, the ultimate vision will be to develop a fully integrated campus master plan that will incorporate an ar ts center, a stadium, additional athletic fields, and a 400-meter track. With the physical enhancements, Saint John’s remains committed to providing a rigorous value’s based college preparatory education which will continue to be second to none. We wish to acknowledge and thank our Board of Director’s for their unflagging commitment to completing the process of purchasing the new school, especially our Board Chairman, Greg Harraka and Board Member Joe Welty. Greg and Joe’s effor ts are in no small measure responsible for getting us to the finish line and securing the future of Saint John’s. We wish to also thank BlueRidge Bank for taking the lead with our financing and acknowledge their par tners, Woodsboro Bank and Frederick County Bank, as well as the Archdiocese of Baltimore, The Matan Companies, Friends of Catholic Education, the Trustees of Saint John’s Literary Institution Charitable Trust, Miles & Stockbridge P.C., Wye River Group, and United Bank, as well as the numerous Saint John’s Catholic Prep benefactors and donors for their suppor t. In addition, we want to acknowledge the incredible work of our Contractor Coakley Williams Construction, Inc., the Superintendent Dennis Stevens and the school’s Owner Representative, Carole Sepe. The repurposing of the building was done in a record time of four months and we are extremely grateful for their commitment to the project and for their hard work. We have now begun the task of developing the plans for the athletic playing fields on our adjacent 46 acres.

“After so many years and a plethora of plans, it’s a dream come true to be here. A fresh new building with everyone under one roof indeed creates a new outlook and a great feeling as we look forward to the next chapter of our historic school - Saint John’s Catholic Prep.” - Marge Pieklo, Executive Assistant Parent of: Helena (Class of 1987) Daniel (Class of 1991) Timothy (Class of 1995)

“I love the new school and especially enjoy being in one building. Also I really like that the library serves as the hub of the school.” - Lindsey Weaver, Librarian/English Teacher - Class of 2004

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SCHOOL WIDE The Saint John’s Community truly is a family. Just as a family can move, so too can Saint John’s. It is not the facility, but rather the people who make Saint John’s a special place. - Kelsey Bealmear Class of 2014

Donor Recognition Gifts Presented to Major Donors of Legacy Campaign Over the past few months, President Gordon Oliver and Exec. Director of Advancement, Diane Favret presented Donor Recognition Gifts to the following donors in appreciation for their generosity to the Legacy Campaign: The Friends of Catholic Education (F.O.C.E.), PNC, Bernie Grove, Bill and Nancy Dahut and Richard and Leslie Tighe. Their contributions to Saint John’s helped suppor t the construction renovations of the new academic building and granted them a naming oppor tunity in the new building. “Saint John’s is very grateful for their generous suppor t of Saint John’s Catholic Prep,” said President Gordon Oliver. “Their financial suppor t helps us reach another milestone in the school’s rich history.”

(Pictured L to R): Diane Favret; Gordon Cooley, Western Maryland Regional President, PNC Bank and Gordon Oliver

F.O.C.E., Bernie Grove, and Nancy & Bill Dahut suppor ted the Legacy Campaign with a Lead Gift and received a signed, numbered and framed Giclee on Canvas, hand painted / embellished by the Ar tist, Patrick Reid O’Brien. PNC and Mr. & Mrs. Tighe provided a major gift and received a signed, numbered, and framed Lithograph. The named gifts at the new campus include: The Library - F.O.C.E.; The Lobby - Bernie Grove (In memory of Mary P. Grove); Social Studies Seminar Room - Bill and Nancy Dahut; Administrative Hallway – PNC and The Admissions Office – Richard and Leslie Tighe.

(Pictured L to R) Richard Tighe, Leslie Tighe, Gordon Oliver & Diane Favret

(Pictured L to R): Dr. Carol Hinds, Chair F.O.C.E. Board of Trustees; Caroline Pugh, Executive Director FOCE; Gordon Oliver and Diane Favret

(Pictured L to R): Diane Favret; Bernie Grove, Honorary Board of Trustee Member and Gordon Oliver

Be a Part of the Excitement at the New Campus and Consider a Named Gift There are several opportunities to have a naming opportunity as an individual, class gift, or family gift. Have your name on an office, classroom, locker room, religious alcove, Viking Café, or athletic field – to name a few. Naming opportunities range from $1,000 to $1,000,000. For additional information, please contact Diane Favret at dfavret@saintjohnsprep. org or 301.662.4210 Ext. 181.

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(Pictured L to R): Diane Favret, Bill Dahut, Nancy Dahut, and Gordon Oliver

Available Named Gifts Remaining Academic Building Naming Opportunities


Newly Enhanced Front Façade of School Building


The Viking Cafe


Gymnasium Floor


Gym Bleachers - Includes installation (Total 2 / 2 available)

$60K each

Food Service Area (Kitchen)


Athletic Directors Office


Locker Room/Facilities Annex


Viking Café Patio


Alumni/Senior Garden


Mathematics Classroom (Total 4 / 1 available)


Theology Classroom (Total 3 / 2 available)


English Classrooms (Total 3 / 1 available)


Foreign Language Classroom (Total 4 / 3 available


Football/PE Office


Boys Locker Room


Girls Locker Room


Guidance/College Counseling Office (Total 2 / 2 available)

$10K each

Buildings & Grounds Office


Monument Signage (at entrance)


Copier/Fax Room


Storage/Student Records Room


Gym Storage Room


Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior Lockers (Total 4 / 4 available)

$10K each

Student & Staff Comfor t Stations (Total 5 / 5 available)

$5K each

Storage Closet in President’s Office


Music Storage Closet


Mechanical Room


Library Workroom


Water Fountain Stations (Total 2 / 2 available)

$1K each

Mary Mother of Jesus Alcove & Nativity Scene Alcove

$3K each

IT’S BEEN A BUSY SCHOOL YEAR TO DATE! From the Principal It is truly amazing how quickly the 2012-2013 school year has already gone by; of course with the uniqueness of the year it would seem appropriate. We have been able to celebrate many occasions at the Prospect Hall campus and now at our new campus in Buckeystown. I would like to highlight some of these memorable events with you. On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, we held our National Honor Society Induction Ceremony in the McSherry Gymnasium and inducted 34 new members, bringing our current number of students in the organization to forty-seven students. Our Spirit Week/Homecoming activities were held the week of October 22nd. Each day the students dressed for a particular theme and on Friday, October 26th we held a pep rally in the McSherry Gymnasium, followed by our annual tailgate party in front of the Mansion. That Friday evening during half-time of the football game, the SJCP Athletic Hall of Fame’s Class of 2012 was introduced to the crowd. They included Coach John Ricca, Mr. Keith Ricca and Ms. Kristie Fourcade. After those introductions the students in the homecoming court were driven around the track in convertibles and were greeted at the 50 yard line by Mr. Oliver. Seniors Isabelle Von Lazar and Eduardo Castro Vidal were crowned King and Queen of the Court. On Sunday, November 11, 2012, fall sports student-athletes and their accomplishments were showcased at our annual Fall Sports Banquet held at Dutch’s Daughter. Over 250 people from the school community attended the event to recognize and honor our student athletes. The month of January began with the move to our new campus and celebrating Catholic Schools Week. Students made 2,759 peanut butter and jelly and cheese sandwiches for the Frederick Rescue Mission, which serves hundreds of people lunch and dinner every day. Also in January, teachers nominated their colleague Ms. Melissa Phillips, a member of our English Department, as the “Friends of Catholic Education Teacher of Excellence.” Melissa was recognized at a dinner sponsored by FOCE on Sunday, January 27th at Dutch’s Daughter. We held our first school wide Liturgy in our new gymnasium on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. The Ash Wednesday Liturgy was celebrated by Fr. John Detriech, from Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary. Dr. Camille Brown, Associate Superintendent for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, helped Saint John’s Catholic Prep celebrate Black History Month by being our guest speaker at an assembly highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of prominent African-Americans in the areas of music, entertainment, and the military. On Sunday, March 3rd we recognized the success of our winter sport studentathletes. Coaches shared highlights of student athletes who broke personal and school records in both Girls’ and Boys’ Winter Track, Boys’ Basketball reaching the MIAA Championship Game and winning the last game held in the McSherry Gymnasium, Girls’ Basketball having a great season and making a run in the IAAM playoffs, as well as winning the IPSL Championship and the Cheerleading squad for their continued dedication keeping fans fired up at our home basketball games. Mr. Oliver also gave special recognition to the “McSherry Maniacs” for their passionate support of our teams. As we reflect back on all of these wonderful events, we continue to look forward to prepare in saying goodbye to the Class of 2013 this spring. We are excited to be hosting graduation ceremonies in our new gymnasium on May 24, 2013.

2012-2013 Annual Fund Ends June 30th – Please Consider a Contribution Contributions to the Annual Fund are vital to Saint John’s and greatly appreciated. They suppor t the school’s operating budget for faculty salaries and benefits, energy and maintenance costs associated with operating the building and grounds, and also helps pay for items that may otherwise be postponed or deleted due to budgetary constraints. As in all private schools, the tuition payment does not cover the actual cost of educating a student; therefore, Saint John’s relies on outside funding to make up the difference. Giving to the Annual Fund is the best way to suppor t our faculty, students, and general operating budget. We ask that you please consider a contribution to the Annual Fund by making Saint John’s a priority in your charitable giving. It means a great deal to the school and is appreciated very much. Please make your gift by June 30, 2013. You may make your gift by mailing in the enclosed giving envelope or going online at It’s fast, easy, and secure! Thank you very much.

Mrs. Splaine named the Archdiocese “Teacher of Excellence” C Congratulations to Mrs. Sandy Splaine, Math Department Chair, who was one of only twelve teachers honored as a C ““Teacher of Excellence” at the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Teacher Convocation, which was held on Monday, August T 220, at the Myerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore. Mrs. SSplaine was nominated by Saint John’s and was chosen by a committee from the Archdiocese to receive this b prestigious award. p

Giving Back to Saint John’s Grandparent’s Bill and Nancy Dahut Demonstrate their Gratitude Bill and Nancy Dahut have chosen to honor Saint John’s for the education it provided their grandchildren by establishing a six figure Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust with the school as beneficiary. Bill and Nancy’s granddaughter, Kathleen (SJCP Class of 2009) is enrolled at the College of Holy Cross where she will be receiving her degree in Latin and Greek studies in May. She spent her junior year abroad studying in Rome and Athens. After graduation from Holy Cross, Kathleen will be enrolling in a graduate program through Lesley University to receive a dual Master’s degree, one in elementary education and the other in special education. She will be doing her teaching practicum in conjunction with her degrees at inner city schools in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. with Urban Teacher Center (U.T.C.). Grandson Zachary (SJCP Class of 2011) has been accepted to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the number one aeronautical university in the country. Working with their financial advisor and their accountant, Bill and Nancy seeded the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust for Saint Johns, using appreciated securities and real estate which afforded them several tax advantages including avoidance of capital gains. Bill also serves on the Board of Trustees and said that he and Nancy are delighted to do this for Saint John’s for all that the school has done to prepare their grandchildren, both academically and spiritually. “We wanted to do something to give back to the school and to support future generations of Saint John’s students.”

Planned Giving: There are many ways to suppor t Saint John’s other than outright gifts of cash. These include, but are not limited to, Gifts of Real Estate, Appreciated Securities, Life Insurance policy with school as beneficiary, (or consider a Life Insurance policy for wealth replacement), a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust. Note: This is not meant as tax-advice. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Always consult an attorney or tax advisor when considering a planned gift with tax and estate implications. Page 5

IT’S BEEN A BUSY SCHOOL YEAR TO DATE! “Here at Saint John’s, not only do I personally know everyone in my class, but I also have close friends

Recognizing Academic Achievements On September 7, 2012, Saint John’s celebrated the academic achievements of students who made the Honor’s List for 2nd Semester of 2011-2012 school year.

in every grade and I love


that. I’m really lucky to be

Class of 2015 Francis Barbera Michael Bealmear Shannon Bernier Anne Breen Colleen Crowley Makenzie Donaldson Anthony Florimbio Samuel Galloway Alexander Helms Coralie Jean-Philippe Timothy Johnson Devin Middeke Nicholas Soares Miguel Rivas

part of such a unique, close community.” - Calli Feudale Class of 2013

FIRST HONORS Class of 2013 Casey Butler Amelia Clark Molly Connole Brennan Craven Calli Feudale Erin Hargis Jade McAuliffe Christopher Pliszak Jennifer Powell Marco-Andre Preciado Daniel Russo Summer Villarosa Lorraine Yetimitana Forrest Lisle

Class of 2014 Michael Amedeo Kelsey Bealmear Nathaniel Bowman Jonathan Clark Madison Hine Timothy Morrill Lianne Pedersen Austin Rose Kathryn Tighe Layton Wilson Connor Gallagher

Class of 2015 Matthew Balcerek Matthew Brem Eleanor Brown Abigail Connole Gabriella Feudale Godwin Igbinedion Trevor Lecuona Leslie Lewis Brigid McCarthy Michael McCarthy Brent McCollough Ann Moreno Matthew Neuman D’Marco Saunders James Russo Kylie Stitz Brennan Wight Natalie Wright Class of 2014 John Ballantyne Aric Bosser Rachel Clark Alyssa Clayburn Maclain Coulehan Nicole Prokopchak Michael Grus

SECOND HONORS Flannery Lawrence Karen Leahy Jonathon Mahalchick Madison Middeke Mano Narayanasamy Nicholas Oliverio Madison Payne Amanda Quarantillo Michael Quarantillo Alexis Underwood Christian Villarosa Steven Weiblinger Carson Jones Carmisha Louis Emily Nelson Class of 2013 Eduardo Castro-Vidal Collin Conway Alexandra Donaldson Matilda Izevbigie Hannah Kolobow John Long Laura Malagari Maahum Malik Madeleine Najjar Mary Parshall Rebecca Pazzanese

Class of 2015 Sydney Austin Anthony Barzey III Marisa Bosser Elijah Boyd Joseph Cheli Colleen Coulehan Christophe Delente Ryan Filyo Andrew Gibson Hailey Greene Taylor Grover Harrison Lisle Bailey Rogers Sumin Seo Benjamin Warner Angela Wellock Katharine Wise

Margaret Nelson Beth Pierce Andrew Riley Conor Snyder Sarina Sofia Chase Tyler Sarah Vandegrift Julian Young Class of 2013 Natalie Bellanton Megan Breen Alexander Collins Emma Davis Cody Fabiszak

Class of 2014 Dennis Breen Benjamin Goundry Camille Murphy

On February 18, 2013 - Saint John’s celebrated the academic achievements of students who made the Honor’s List for 1st Semester, 2012-13. PRESIDENT’S LIST

“I didn’t think I would like moving from Prospect Hall but I really like my new school building. It is very clean and a lot livelier. It is just a nicer place to be and I’m very happy here!” - Jake Long Class of 2013

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Grade 9 Matthew Bowman Jennifer Codd Kara Hargis Maria-Mercedes Jaramillo William Mattern Finnian Mayhew Soraya Mbaoua Simran Mehra Keira Mull Caroline Nelson Kathryn Plamondon Amanda Pliszak Olivia Rich Cassandra Sottile Jennifer Thayer

Grade 11 Michael Amedeo John Ballantyne Kelsey Bearmear Nathaniel Bowman Jonathan Clark Rachel Clark Connor Gallagher Madison Hine Karen Leahy Timothy Morrill Lianne Pedersen Austin Rose Kathryn Tighe Layton Grier Wilson Lorraine Yetimitana Julian Young

Grade 10 Michael Bealmear Shannon Bernier Anne Breen Colleen Crowley Makenzie Donaldson Timothy Johnson Kimberly Messano Devin Middeke Nicholas Soares

Grade 12 Casey Butler Calli Feudale Erin Hargis Christopher Pliszak Jennifer Powell Marco-Andre Preciado Daniel Russo Summer Villarosa

Grade 9 Rachel Archer Sophia Bellanton Broderick Brown Maria Bulley Shelby Buyalos Vincent Ceci Elizabeth Coletti Martin de Ribeaux Nicole Delente Casey Dowling Maya Forrester Zachary Foss Jem Gallagher Evan Gloyd Paige Holston Bryce Johnson Mariama Keita Alexis Ogren Ryan Snell Jack Stakem Curtis Stapleton Marie-Michele Yoboue Grade 10 Matthew Balcerek Francis Barbera Marisa Bosser Abigail Connole Gabriella Feudale Anthony Florimbio Samuel Galloway Alexander Helms Coralie Jean-Philippe Nicholas Koloian Lesliw Lewis Ann Moreno Bailey Rogers Brennan Wight Natalie Wright

SECOND HONORS Grade 11 Aric Bosser Alyssa Clayburn Maclain Coulehan Flannery Lawrence Madison Middeke Madison Payne Amanda Quarantillo Michael Quarantillo Chase Tyler Sarah Vandegrift Steven Weiblinger Grade 12 Megan Breen Amelia Clark Alexander Colins Molly Connole Brennan Craven Alexandra Donaldson Carson Jones Molly Kelly Hannah Kolobow John Long Laura Malagari Jade McAuliffe Madeleine Najjar Mary Parshall Ju Hee Seo

Grade 9 Christopher Craven Angelena D’Anna Moises Flores Christopher Gillis, Jr. Spencer Griffin Chanie Houser Logan Kamer Cameron Loadwick Sereita McKinley Daniel Milbrath Samantha Nigida Natalie O’Brien MaryMargaret O’Neill Marina Silva Jamie Stitz Noah Thiede Tom Thomas Matthew Vandegrift Yi Yang Grade 10 Sydney Austin Elijah Boyd Eleanor Brown Joseph Cheli Colleen Coulehan Christophe Delente Ryan Filyo Oshea Gairey Andrew Gibson Taylor Grover Hannah Haught Trevor Lecouna Brigid McCarthy Michael McCarthy Brent McCollough James Russo Sumin Seo Kylie Stitz Benjamin Warner

Angela Wellock Katharine Wise Nicole Zuhse Grade 11 Dennis Breen Andrew Gauvin Benjamin Goundry Michael Grus Jonathon Mahalchick Camille Murphy Mano Narayanasamy Sarah Neal Margaret Nelson Matthew O’Dowd Nicholas Oliverio Giovanni Peralta Beth Pierce Nicole Prokopchak Conor Snyder Andrew Stewart Alexis Underwood Christian Villarosa Grade 12 Natalie Bellanton Kimberly Calangan Eduardo Castro-Vidal Collin Conway Emma Davis Brian Hickman Christa Houser Forrest Lisle Carmisha Louis Celeste McEwan Lori Nalley Emily Nelson Rebecca Pazzanese James Sarro Julie Stout Isabelle von Lazar

For more photos of student events visit

Congratulations NHS Inductees!

New NHS Members:

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, the Saint John’s chapter of the National Honor Society, chaired by Mr. Tim Vann Schaick, was pleased to welcome 34 new members. These students are exemplary in their demonstration of the qualities of the National Honor Society: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.

Michael Amedeo John Ballantyne Kelsey Bealmear Casey Butler Aric Bosser Jonathan Clark Rachel Clark Alyssa Clayburn Maclain Coulehan Cody Fabiszak Connor Gallagher Michael Grus Erin Hargis Madison Hine Karen Leahy Jake Long Jonathan Mahalchick

Jade McAuliffe Madison Middeke Timothy Morrill Margaret Nelson Madison Payne Lianne Pedersen Jennifer Powell Amanda Quarantillo Michael Quarantillo Austin Rose Conor Snyder Kathryn Tighe Chase Tyler Alexis Underwood Christian Villarosa Steven Weiblinger

2012 Honors Assembly Saint John’s recognized the academic achievements of our students from the 2012 spring semester during an Honors Assembly on Friday, September 7. President Gordon Oliver, Principal Christopher Cosentino, and Academic Dean Marc Minsker presented awards to students who made the Honor Rolls: President’s List, First Honors, and Second Honors. Awards were also given for Highest GPA Honors (awarded to one student from each grade level who has maintained the highest GPA in their class for the second semester), and Consecutive Honors (those students who have appeared on Honor Rolls for five or more semesters). Saint John’s is proud of its students and we congratulate them on their academic accomplishments. (l to r) Shannon Bernier, Highest GPA in the class of 2015, Kathryn Tighe, Highest GPA in the class of 2014, and Daniel Russo, Highest GPA in the class of 2013 and the Highest GPA in the school

Congratulations to our SGA Officers for 2012-2013! The 2012-2013 Student Government Association Officers were officially inducted at our Mass of the Holy Spirit on August 31, 2012. Class officers, as well as the Executive Officers, were individually called up by our Principal Mr. Cosentino to receive their pins. The students were congratulated and thanked by the entire school community for their willingness to serve in these impor tant roles.

Executive Council (Pictured left to right) Jake Long - Religious Commissioner Ella Seo - Secretary/Treasurer Calli Feudale - Vice President Amelia Clark - President

S Senior i Cl Class Offi Officers (Pi (Picturedd lleft f to right) i h) Cody Fabiszak - Religious Commissioner Casey Butler - Secretary/Treasurer Siesar Reeves - Coordinator Carson Jones - Vice President Molly Connole - President

S Sophomore Class Officers (Pictured left to right) (P Annie Breen - President A C Colleen Crowley - Vice President Katharine Wise - Secretary/Treasurer K Natalie Wright - Religious Commissioner N

Junior Class Officers (Pictured left to right) Rachel Clark - Religious Commissioner Kelsey Bealmear - Secretary/Treasurer Michael Amedeo - Vice President Alexis Underwood - President

Freshman SGA Officers (Pictured left to right) Bryce Johnson - President Chanie Houser - Vice President Jonah Villarosa - Secretary/Treasurer Daniel Milbrath - Religious Commissioner

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IT’S BEEN A BUSY SCHOOL YEAR TO DATE! “It has been a unique opportunity for me to experience the state of the art facilities at Saint Johns’ new campus. In addition, I am very honored to be part of the first graduating class from the new campus and to be included in one of the many pages of the school’s

SJCP Celebrates Catholic Schools Week Several parishes in the Frederick area held a Catholic School Mass to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. SJCP Student - Kathryn Tighe did a wonderful job lecturing at Holy Family Catholic Community Church in Middletown, MD. Throughout Catholic Schools Week, students at Saint John’s prepared 2,759 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to the Frederick Rescue Mission. A special thanks goes out to everyone who donated materials for making the sandwiches.

Emily E m Nelson retouching statues during Catholic st Schools Week.

extensive history.” - Daniel Russo Class of 2013

Students making sandwiches for the Frederick Rescue Mission

Kathryn Tighe

Knott Foundation Awards Technology Matching Grant The Technology Grant for Teaching and Learning was structured as a 1:2 match – for every $1.00 that SJCP raised, the Knott Foundation matched with a contribution of $2.00, at a maximum of $80,000. Over the summer and early fall, a total of 35 parents, alumni and friends contributed $41,000. The Knott Foundation submitted their match of $80,000, giving Saint John’s a total of $121,000, to purchase state-of-the-art instructional technology for the faculty and students. The new technology is used to further enrich the learning experience at Saint John’s and teach our students the latest technology skills they can use in college and the workplace. The Grant helped cover the cost of: Laptop Tablets for Faculty, Carts of Wireless Netbooks for students, and Projection Plus Multimedia Boards, Projectors, and HDTV Receivers for the classrooms. Mrs. Judy Robison, Director of Technology stated, “With this grant, we can provide flexible computer use for students in the classroom, for interactive web-based activities, research, and curriculum resources. The new carts enable teachers to house computers with the students when appropriate for their lessons.” “We were pleased to support Saint John’s Catholic Prep’s efforts to update their technology, and we look forward to seeing how it enriches students’ learning experience and enhances teachers’ instruction in the classroom,” shared Owen Knott, Board President of the Knott Foundation. Executive Director of Advancement, Diane Favret, stated, “We are most appreciative to the Knott Foundation for their commitment to Saint John’s and their support of many educational initiatives, especially in Frederick County. We are truly blessed with both the new technology equipment acquired from the Technology Grant for Teaching and Learning, as well as the state-of-the-art Technology Lab in our new school.”

The Move from Prospect Hall to New Buckeystown Campus Moving a school lock, stock and barrel, is not an easy task. However, over a ten day period in early January, 2013, over 150 parents, alumni, students, faculty/staff and board members volunteered their time and suppor t to help with the big move. The school community is most grateful to everyone who pitched in to help with the move and also for the delicious lunches provided by Roy Rogers, Chick-Fil-A, and Toppings Pizza.

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Students Enjoy the Symphony

Final Music in the Mansion

Students taking music classes this semester were treated to a day at the Symphony on November 15th, 2012. Those who attended were able to see the inner-workings of an orchestra as par t of the Baltimore Symphony’s open rehearsal series. Students listened to Dvorak’s Eighth Symphony in its entirety, then were able to see how a professional orchestra rehearsal is conducted. Students were also treated to a shor t question and answer session with the orchestra’s conductor, Marin Alsop.

Student Places 2nd in National Contest Sophomore Shannon Bernier’s essay Inspiring Others to Grow placed 2nd at the national level of competition for the Catholic Daughters of the Americas 2012 National Education Contest. On Tuesday, October 9, Catholic Daughters Representative Mrs. Kay Morrow presented the award to Shannon at the morning homeroom assembly. Saint John’s would like to congratulate Shannon for this outstanding achievement!

Guest Speakers Visit Campus On Thursday Dec 6th SJCP had two important gentlemen come in and speak to our students. The first was Mike Edison, Jr. who is the Executive Director for Operation Once In A Lifetime. He discussed the Toys for Troops program and let our students know he would be donating a United States Flag to SJCP. The flag was with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Unit in Afghanistan in 2010. The second speaker was LTC John Fer. LTC Fer discussed his flight in the Air Force in which he was shot down by surface-to-air missiles and became a prisoner of the Nor th Vietnamese communists for more than 6 years. He discussed the tap code and how prayer was impor tant to his survival. A few of LTC Fer’s military decorations include 2 Silver Stars, 2 Defense Superior Service Medals, 2 Legions of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, 3 Bronze Stars, Purple Hear t, 2 Air Force Meritorious Service Medals, 2 Army Meritorious Service Medals, 5 Air Medals. His talk was inspirational and very well received by the students.

The evening of December 5, 2012 was a magical evening of singing and playing as the Music Department presented the final music performance in the Prospect Hall Mansion. Students in the band and guitar courses delighted those who attended with a myriad of musical tunes. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Tony Pawlicki, Director of Music, and to the performers for putting on a wonderful concert.

Students Visit Food Bank Mike Edison: Mik Edi Di Director t off Operation Once in a Lifetime

LTC Fer and Mr. Dummann

On Friday, November 2, 2012 seniors from Mr. Minsker’s English class traveled to the Maryland Food Bank in Hagerstown to perform three hours of community service in the Food Bank’s warehouse. Braving frigid temperatures, students were responsible for unloading four massive palettes of donated food boxes, sor ting items into boxes, labeling and sealing boxes, and moving boxes to their appropriate areas in the warehouse. Student’s from Mr. Minsker’s English class at The field trip was set-up to highlight the Maryland Food Bank. one of the themes of the course: social consciousness in our world (in par ticular, addressing the needs of the hungry and poor). Students provided a great service especially for needy families in Western Maryland who have been hit par ticularly hard in light of the recent blizzard.

Ms. Phillips named F.O.C.E. Teacher of the Year Ms. Melissa Phillips was named by the SJCP Faculty to receive the 2013 “Teacher of Excellence Award.” Melissa has been with SJCP for the past five years. She received her BA and Master’s from Mount Saint Mary’s University. Melissa brings a true sense of commitment and caring to the students at Saint John’s. She has spent the past five years introducing our students to great works of literature including Short Stories by James Joyce, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Raisin in the Sun to name a few. In addition, she took on AP English Language this year. Her passion for literature becomes very contagious and she makes her students life-long lovers of reading.

(l to r) Caroline Pugh, Ms. Melissa Phillips, and Dr. Carol Hinds

Melissa also shines outside the classroom. She has been a coach on the softball team, a moderator of the Equestrian Club and she also serves as a Eucharistic Minister at the school liturgies, chaperones student retreats and is the moderator of Vikings for Hope. Through Melissa’s efforts and hard work, Vikings for Hope raised $8,000.00 for “Kevin’s Room.” Kevin, the cousin of Mr. Tim Van, was a young man who unfortunately lost his battle with cancer but always wanted to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity. The money raised by Melissa and Vikings for Hope helped Kevin’s family see his dream come true when a room was built and named in his honor. Congratulations to Melissa Phillips!

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“I am very excited about

Students Named to All-Area Teams

our athletic programs and student athletes here at Saint John’s Catholic Prep. We have over 85% of our

Annie Breen was recently named to the Frederick News Post All-Area Team. Maggie Nelson and Annie Breen were selected for the Gazette’s Second team. Elizabeth Coletti was awarded honorable mention by the Gazette.

Twin Day

student body not only participating in athletics, but competing at a championship level.” - Silas Cheung Athletic Director

IPSL All League Selections The Following students are honored for their outstanding performance on the playing field and were recently named to the IPSL All-League Team. Congratulations to these superb athletes:

Throwback Thursday

Volleyball: Keili Terry & Madi Middeke Boys’ Soccer: Austin Rose & Carson Jones Girls’ Soccer: Annie Breen, Maggie Nelson, & Elizabeth Coletti

MIAA All-Conference Selections The following students were named to the MIAA All Conference Teams: Football: Grier Wilson WR/RB/S - Jr. Anthony Florimbio C/OL - So. Trevor Lecuona CB/WR - So. Anthony Barzey DL/OL - So. Cody Fabiszak LB/OL - Sr. Chase Washington LB/RB - Sr. Boys’ Soccer: Carson Jones M - Sr. Austin Rose M - Jr. Eduardo Castro-Vidal F - Sr. Congratulations on a great season!

Homecoming and Spirit Week Activities – October 22 – 26, 2012

2012 Homecoming Court L-R: Jake Sarro, Tatyana Blount, Christopher Pliszak, Mary Parshall, Isabelle von Lazar, Eduardo Castro-Vidal, Maclain Coulehan, Alexis Underwood, Trevor Lecuona, Taylor Grover, Christian Corr, and Elizabeth Coletti. Seniors Isabelle von Lazar and Eduardo Castro Vidal were crowned King and Queen of the Court.

The Band of Vikings perform at the homecoming football game.

The students cheer on the Vikings.

Another successful homecoming spirit week is in the books! Check out the fun that was had during the week in the lead-up to the big football win and homecoming dance that was “Out of this World!” The Art Club was instrumental in creating and producing the decorations for the Homecoming Dance. Among the participants were Andrew Stewart, Lorraine Yetimitana, Mike McCarthy and Sierra Carder. Many thanks to all who pitched in before and during Spirit Week. A very special thank you to Art Teacher, Ms. Joan Thompson!

2012-2013 Viking Cheerleaders helped make Homecoming a special event

The “Out of This World” Homecoming Dance in McSherry Gymnasium Page 10

Girls’ Soccer Wins Championship After another successful season (16-4), the Saint John’s girls’ soccer team brought home the IAAM-B conference title. Congratulations to the SJCP Girls’ Soccer Team!

The Girls’ Soccer Team celebrates their conference title.

Volleyball Wins Championship The girls’ volleyball team capped a record-breaking season with a conference championship. Congratulations to the Girls’ Volleyball Team and their coach, Kristie Fourcade!

The championship winning Girls’ Volleyball Team.

Athletic Director Wraps Up Fall and Winter Sports On Sunday, November 11, 2012, Fall Spor ts student-athletes and their accomplishments were showcased at the Fall Spor ts Banquet held at Dutch’s Daughter. Over 250 people from the school community attended the event. Highlights included recognizing student athletes who broke personal and school records in both Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country, Boys’ Soccer having their best season in years reaching the MIAA Championship Game, Football having a great season and making a run in the MIAA playoffs, the Cheerleading squad, for their continued dedication keeping fans fired up at our home football games and celebrating both the Volleyball & Girls’ Soccer Teams for winning the IAAM Conference Championships. Below are the student-athletes who received Senior and Viking Awards for Fall Spor ts: Girls’ Cross Country: Senior Award: Emma Davis Viking Award: Emma Davis

Boys’ Soccer: Senior Award: Carson Jones Viking Award: Austin Rose

Boys’ Cross Country: Senior Award: Chris Pliszak Viking Award: Brian Hickman

Volleyball: Senior Award: Molly Kelly Viking Award: Kelsey Bealmear

Cheerleading: Senior Award: Siesar Reeves Viking Award: Brigid McCar thy

Girls’ Soccer: Senior Award: Amelia Clark Viking Award: Annie Breen

Football: Senior Award: Cody Fabiszak Viking Award: Grier Wilson

Congratulations Viking Cheerleaders!

Winter Sports Wrap Up

The Cheerleading Team won a Superior Trophy Award at an AmeriCheer camp on September 8 & 9, 2012. Five girls were awarded All American Cheerleader : Alexa Simon, Aurora Simon, Colleen Crowley, Calli Feudale, and Tiffany Caron. The girls worked very hard all weekend and learned several dances, cheers, and stunts. They had a ton of fun and prepared themselves for an exciting and successful season. Go Vikings!

On Sunday, March 3, 2013 the Winter Spor ts Banquet was held to recognize winter spor t student-athletes and their accomplishments. Approximately 150 people from the school community attended the event at Dutchs Daughter. Highlights included recognizing student athletes who broke personal and school records in both Girls’ and Boys’ Winter Track, Boys’ Basketball reaching the MIAA Championship Game and winning the last game held in the McSherry Gymnasium. Also, Girls’ Basketball having a great season and making a run in the IAAM playoffs, as well as winning the IPSL Championship and the Cheerleading squad for their continued dedication. President, Mr. Oliver also gave special recognition to the “McSherry Maniacs” for their passionate suppor t of our teams.

Girls’ Basketball Wins IPSL Championship The Girls’ Basketball Team claimed the IPSL championship after beating Mercersburg Academy 57-27. Congratulations ladies!

Below are the student-athletes who received Senior and Viking Awards for Winter Spor ts: Girls’ Winter Track: Senior Award: Emma Davis Viking Award: Isabelle Von Lazar

Girls’ Basketball: Senior Award: Christine Hagan Viking Award: Shannon Greene

Boys’ Winter Track: Senior Award: Brian Hickman Viking Award: Bryce Johnson

Boys’ Basketball: Senior Award: Collin Conway Viking Award: Trevor Lecuona

Cheerleading: Senior Award: Carmisha Louis Viking Award: Sarah Neal

Congratulations to our junior varsity Girls’ Basketball T Team!

Page 11

ATHLETICS Last Basketball Game held in McSherry Gymnasium On Friday, February 15, 2013, Saint John’s Catholic Prep played its final basketball game in McSherry Gymnasium at the Prospect Hall Campus. It was a MIAA “C” Conference boys’ varsity basketball semifinal playoff game against Gerstell Academy. Saint John’s won the game 67-56 and advanced to their second straight conference championship game. In attendance at the game was Natalie McSherry, the daughter of Jim and Marion McSherry and a 1967 graduate of Saint John’s. Shortly after the school moved to the Prospect Hall property in 1958, the gym was built through the generosity of Jim and Marion McSherry in memory of W. Clinton and M. Natalie McSherry. McSherry Gymnasium has served as a home for school Masses, assemblies, homerooms, dances, gym classes, and championship teams. It has also served as the inspiration for the school’s spirit through the creation of the student cheering section which has become known as the McSherry Maniacs. Saint John’s students, parents, alumni, friends, faculty, and staff are forever grateful to the McSherry family for providing the Saint Johns School Community with a lifetime of memories.

SJCP Booster Club Update In just over 4 years, the Booster Club has made great strides in improving school spirit through “spirit wear” sales, enhancing game day experiences with indoor and outdoor concession stands and developing a wide range of events that bring the school community even closer together while raising much needed funds for the Athletic Department. Below is a list of the items the Booster Club has purchased to date: Basketball • Girls’ Basketball Tournament Expenses (multiple years) • Boys’ Basketball Tournaments Expenses • Scoreboard repairs in the Gym and Field • Championship Athletic Sweatshirts for Boys\Girls Basketball • Scoreboard control consoles • Girls basketball ball carts Lacrosse • Girls’ Lacrosse Tournaments • Lacrosse girls goalie equipment • Girls Lacrosse pennies • Lacrosse back stop • Lacrosse goals Volleyball • New Volleyball Power-lite System • Volleyball collapsible ball cart Cross Country-Track • Cross Country Uniforms • Track Stopwatch and Printer system

Soccer • Boys’ soccer uniforms • Boys and girls soccer equipment: • Free Kick Wall • Foldable Futsal • Kwik Goal Coaching Sticks • Kwik Goal Speed Kits • Kwik Goal Rebounder Baseball/Softball • Baseball/Softball Drag for field maintenance • Softball Field improvements • Softball cart, bats, helmets, baseball helmets and coaches’ shirts Athletic Trainers • 2 Defibrillator’s for Athletic Training Department • Portable and Permanent Training Tables Maintenance/Pep Rally • Gym/Field Maintenance – On-going • Fall Pep Rally’s

While there is a shrinking list of needs for each team, there are several large ticket items the athletic department is in need of. This includes: an integrated scorer’s table to control the gym scoreboard and PA system for volleyball and basketball, as well as padded chairs for our players that will include the school logo. The Booster Club has some of the funds necessary to purchase these items but in light of their inability to raise money this spring, they are simply asking for donations to ensure these additional items are in place for the start of the next school year. Donations can be made by submitting a check to SJCP – noting Spring 2013 BC Fundraising Campaign and the donation will be directed towards these much needed items. Please mail to: SJCP, P.O. Box 909, Buckeystown, MD 27171.

Prokopchak is Equestrian Champion Nikki Prokopchak is a jumper rider. She finished the 2012 show year as the 9th top rider in the nation (wihs/nal.) She was jumper Champion of the Maryland Horse Show Association and the Virginia Horse Show Association, HITS Culpeper Grand Circuit Champion and the Zone 3 Champion. Zone 3 consists of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Nor th Carolina.

Nikki with her proud horse named Response Page 12

Hagan signs with the Air Force Academy Christine Hagan, class of 2013, signed her Letter of Intent to play basketball while attending the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. Her mother, Caroline Hagan, along with SJCP Girls’ Varsity Basketball coaches Mr. Sheldon Henry and Dr. Bernard Mambo, Athletic Director Silas Cheung, Brian Mar tin, Assistant Coach of Mount Saint Mary’s University Women’s Basketball Team, along with the Saint John’s student body were there to congratulate Christine. Her father, William Hagan, who works with the U.S. Depar tment of State’s Foreign Service and resides outside the country, could not make it to the signing.

Hall of Fame Inductees Congratulations to the Class of 2012 Saint John’s Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees: • Ms. Kristie Fourcade, Class of 2005 (Volleyball) • Mr. John Ricca, Founding Head Coach of the Saint John’s Football Program • Mr. Keith Ricca, Class of 2005 (Football) On Saturday, October 27, 2012 Saint John’s Catholic Prep inducted three members of the school community into the school’s Hall of Fame. Inducted were Coach John Ricca, Head Football Coach for Saint John’s, Keith Ricca, Class of 2005 and Kristie Forcade, Class of 2005. The members were recognized for their accomplishments while at Saint John’s and beyond. Athletic Director, Silas Cheung, presented plaques to Coach Ricca and his son Keith during the ceremony which was held at Dutch’s Daughter in Frederick. Because Coach Fourcade was coaching the school’s volleyball team in the IAAM Volleyball Championship game Coach Cheung presented her plaque to Coach Fourcade in front of the student body at school on Tuesday, October 30th.

Hall of Fame Inductees with SJCP administration.

2012 Hall of Fame Recipients: Coach John Ricca • Started the football program at Saint John’s Catholic Prep (then known as Saint John’s Prospect Hall) in 2002. • Led Saint John’s Prospect Hall to a winning record in each of the first four seasons. • Has 117 wins as head coach at Saint John’s College High School and Saint John’s Catholic Prep. • Named “Coach of the Year” in 1989 by the Washington Post and the Washington Touchdown Club after leading his team to the WMAC Championship. • As a player was All-Met at Georgetown Prep, All-ACC at Duke University and played professionally in the World Football League, the Canadian Football League and the National Football League.

Kristie Fourcade receives her induction plaque for the SJCP Athletic Hall of Fame.

• Coached his three sons in High School - Kevin and John David at Saint John’s College High School and Keith at Saint John’s Prospect Hall. All went on to have record setting college careers. Mr. Keith Ricca • St. John’s Prospect Hall

• Baltimore Touchdown Club High School Player of the Year in 2004

• Played in first ever St. Johns Prospect Hall football game

• All-State (small school) first team quarterback.

• Threw for 9,090 yards and 113 touchdowns in his three seasons at Saint John’s Prospect Hall.

• Record setting quarterback at Catholic University where he was ODAC Offensive Player of the Year in 2008.

• Set thirteen Maryland state passing records - career, season and individual game.

• Threw for 11,173 yards and 96 touchdowns while starting all 41 games in 4 year career at Catholic University.

• First high school player in the state of Maryland to throw for over 500 yards in a game, over 9,000 yards in a career and over 100 touchdown passes in a career.

• Catholic University

• Pigskin Club of Washington DC Collegiate Player of the Year in 2008

Ms. Kristie Fourcade • 2001-2002 Frederick News Post Mid Maryland All Star-Honorable Mention

• 2003 Conference All Star

• 2003 Frederick News Post – All Star – Second Team

• 2003 Division Champions

• 2004 Frederick News Post - All Star - First Team

• 2004 Conference All Star


• McDaniel College

• 2001 Conference Nominee

• 4 year star ting setter

• 2002 Conference All Star

• Assists records holder

Page 13

ALUMNI Saint John’s Alumni Are On Facebook! We invite you to “friend” us on Facebook and join over 200 of your fellow alums. Facebook is a great way to let us know what you have been up to, keep in touch

SJCP Welcomes Alumni Basketball Players On the Friday after Thanksgiving, SJCP renewed an old tradition by having the alumni basketball game! Years before Football and Lacrosse were a par t of St. John’s athletics, Basketball was a focal point of the athletic program. For several years the current St. John’s team would play a Viking “Dream Team” consisting of Alumni from the Basketball program. This year Dan Pieklo, class of 91’, asked if we could bring back the game for one last time in McSherry gymnasium. Greg Ross agreed to help Tim form a team of Alums and reached out to players through word of mouth and Alumni Facebook. The Advancement Office provided SJ hats & pullovers as a token of appreciation for playing. The game was a huge success and SJCP would like to thank all of our alumni players, as well as the many fans who took a break from their holiday gatherings and cheered on their former classmates.

with classmates, find old

First Annual Girls’ Soccer Alumni Game F

friends, and find out what is happening at your alma mater. See you on Facebook!

A great time was had by all at the First Annual Girls’ Soccer Alumni Game! The game took place on September 13, 2012 at Father Reid Field. Shor tly before the game, there was a memorial for o EElizabeth Brokaw, a 2003 graduate. The Alumni divided into two teams. Team Prospect Hall included: Kim Henry (‘02), Noureen Khan (‘03), Jen Baker (‘04), Michelle Burdette (‘04), Lindsey Weaver (‘04), K aand Kelly Spellman (‘06). Team Catholic Prep included: Stefanie Caddy (‘08), Moriah Thomas (‘08), Michaela Dowling (‘12), and Jennie Ballenger (‘10). Cheering the girls on from the sidelines were M Gillian Keller (‘04), Coach Sheldon Henry, Coach Greg Chatfield, Dr. Bernard Mambo, and other friends of SJCP. Team Prospect Hall came out victorious over Team Catholic Prep, with a score of 5-4. Thanks to everyone who came out to suppor t our Alumni!

One Final Game

Class of ‘87 Mini Reunion

Chris Harrant Moore, SJCP class of 1964, recently visited the McSherry Gymnasium for one final game. While at Saint John’s, Mrs. Moore cheered for the Vikings, and blending the present with the Chris Harrant Moore and the past, took the time to SJCP Cheerleaders. pose for a picture with some current Viking cheerleaders. Upon reminiscing about SJCP, she remarked that the ceiling leaked in the same spot, and that it was her job to wipe up the floor when it rained.

On August 18, 2012, friends in the Class of ‘87 gathered for a Mini Class Reunion. Coleen Wendel Beall, Conny Vargas Russell, Kimberly Jarrett Harmon, and Lena Pieklo Laug got together for a Pool Party and Barbecue. It had been a long time since they all had seen each other. They enjoyed catching up as well as meeting each other’s families!

(l to r) Lena Pieklo Laug, Kimberly Jarrett Harmon, Conny Vargas Russell and Coleen Wendel Beal

Class of 1962 Celebrates 50 Years! By Marge Loomis ‘62

Special Note Alumni LAX Game Postponed Due to the sale of Prospect Hall Campus and limited access to field, the 3rd Annual Alumni LAX Game is being postponed until Spring 2014 and we look forward to hosting it at the new campus.

Page 14

“Time stood still for a brief moment as I looked at the guests gathered in the Library at Prospect Hall. Gone were the faces of youth and innocence replaced with the faces of maturity, wisdom, and many life experiences. That is what we shared with each other on Saturday evening, September 22, 2012, at a reception held at Prospect Hall to celebrate our 50th Class Reunion. We were the first Freshmen Class on “the Hill” and even helped with the move from downtown. Now, 50 years later, the school is moving and we had the honor of saying farewell to those hallowed halls, reminiscing over our past, and sharing our successes since graduation. We enjoyed a delicious meal at Dutch’s Daughter, took turns telling of our adventures over the years and before we knew, a perfect evening came to an end. We promised to keep in touch. It is with great appreciation that the Class of 1962 thanks the Advancement Office staff at Prospect Hall for an evening to remember. We would also like to thank classmate Bill Lebherz and his nieces for providing the wonderful music during the reception.”

Pictured left to right – Bottom row: Mary Frances Neault Eberhart, Peggy Smith Tregoning, Pat Baumgardner Crum, Ginny Grove Matthias, and Avery Clark; Second row: Margie Nicodemus Loomis, Cathy Harrant Stull, Joyce Duncan Offutt, Mike Mulcahey, and Chuck Zang; Third Row: Pat Stevens Chipley, Sandra Hamburg Miller, Ellen Clarke Woodcock, and Dick Gant; Fourth Row: Chuck Yost, Bill Lebherz, Bob Craw, John Smariga, and Kenny Tregoning; Fifth Row: Courtney Nicodemus, Mike Smariga, and Vince Staley

ALUMNI CLASS NOTES Saint John’s proudly congratulates the following alumni for all of their accomplishments. Virginia (Ginny) Matthias, 1962

Daniela Ilijic, 2012

Ginny is attending her nephew’s wedding on September 29 in San Francisco. Philip Atwell, 1996

Daniela was recently named to the dean’s list at James Madison University. Cooper Mueller, 2012

Phil welcomed a new baby girl, Olivia Anne Atwell, on September 1, 2012. LaMont Wims Named Academic All American Former Saint John’s Catholic Prep football standout LaMont Wims was recently selected for the 2012 Capital One Academic All-America College Division Football Team.

Cooper stopped by SJCP on Monday, September 17, to say hello to faculty and students. He graduated from Marine boot camp on September 14, and heads to the School of Infantry on October 2, to finish his training. Brian Plamondon, 2012 Brian has joined the Student Manager Organization at the University of Notre Dame where he is currently a freshman.

Tyler Catalani, 2008 Tyler graduated cum laude with a degree in Finance from The Catholic University of America this past May. He is a financial analyst with a law firm in Columbia, MD where he works with real estate investment trusts and business development companies to provide ongoing due diligence. Aaron Hull, 2011

Aaron with two of his friends and 2012 graduates of SJCP - (l to r) Emily Kinley and Sarah Johnson who visited Aaron in Annapolis, MD

Aaron accepted an appointment at the United States Naval Academy where he finished Plebe Summer on August 15 and star ted the academic year on August 20. He loves the academy and has had no problem adjusting to military life. Aaron is on the intercollegiate sailing team and is busy 24/7!

Kathleen Morrill, 2011 Kathleen currently attends Bates College and is working to bring a priest on campus to say Mass.

In Memory Saint John’s Mourns Four Special Alums Over the past few months, the Saint John’s Community lost three special Alumnus. Our prayers and thoughts go out to their family and friends. May they rest in peace. Howard Stanley “Stan” Davis III - Class of 1964 Passed away on Oct. 29, 2012 Ralph Franklin Wachter - Class of 1935 Passed away on Nov. 12, 2012 Michael Hale Sisson - Class of 1999 Passed away on Nov. 26, 2012 Kathleen Finnerty Sardi - Class of 1988 Passed away on January 8, 2013

FUNDRAISERS 32ND Annual Soirée – “Off to the Races” on Kentucky Derby Day, May 4, 2013 The SJCP School Community is excited about the upcoming 32nd Annual Soirée to be held on Saturday, May 4, 2013 at Musket Ridge Golf Course in Myersville, MD. The Soirée is a fun, social evening that includes an open bar, sit down dinner, raffles and live auction items to bid on. Proceeds from the Soirée are applied directly to the school’s operating budget which benefits every student, faculty and staff member at Saint John’s. Last year’s Soirée generated $53,850. With the Soirée on Kentucky Derby Day we anticipate another successful and festive event and we will be “Off to the Races!” If you wish to attend or support the Soirée, please contact the Advancement Office at 301.662.4210 ext. 181 or visit our website for additional information,

Booster Club BBQ Bash - Another Successful & Fun Event On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, over 120 parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty/staff members and friends gathered in the McSherry Gymnasium for the 2nd annual Booster Club BBQ Bash. This was the final “fundraising event” in the McSherry Gymnasium and a great time was had by all! Both attendance and alumni par ticipation increased for the 2nd Annual BBQ Bash. Several members from the Class of 2007 attended as par t of their reunion and classmates from 2004 & 2008 were also in attendance. Some other highlights of the evening included the delicious food provided by Car terQue (parents Chris & Jessica Car ter), the popular money wheel, and new this year, the corn hole game. There were also several raffles - some included: a flat screen TV, Bose speaker system, gift cer tificates for spirit wear, ski club fees, 50/50, and door prizes. Approximately $4,000 was raised throughout the evening, which benefits the athletic programs at SJCP. A special THANK YOU to Chris & Jessica Car ter for their generosity and also the parent volunteers who worked throughout the evening. Another special THANK YOU to Booster Club Officers Pat Crowley, Casey Coulehan, Beth Wright & Tim Peifer - their hard work, dedication & generosity in putting on another successful & fun event is greatly appreciated!

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