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2018–2019 Annual Report |

Cover: Lurie College Department of Counselor Education students celebrate their graduation from SJSU Photo by Brandon Chew

Above: Students practice sign language with Special Education Department faculty Everett Smith Photo by Jim Gensheimer

Welcome to the Lurie College family! IN THIS REPORT Dear Alumni and Friends -The Connie L. Lurie College of Education is a place of transformation. I recently completed my first year here as Dean of the College of Education at San José State University, and it has been a daily joy to witness the commitment of our students, faculty, and staff to making a transformative difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and systems. In our 2019 annual report, you will witness compelling evidence of this commitment. On page 5, for example, you’ll meet Robyn Riedstra, an elementary credential candidate in the Teacher Education Department who overcame her initial fears to sign up for our STEM+C Summer Teacher Institute because she recognized that access to quality math and science education is a social justice issue for many of our K-12 students. On page 8, you’ll meet the students in the Lurie College Promise Group. These students are all the first in their families to attend college. Led by Dr. Donna Bee-Gates and supported by mentor faculty from across the college, the group supports the personal, academic, and professional transformations of each of these scholars as they become leaders among their peers. On page 11, you’ll meet our EdD students. All of these students are full time educators themselves, working in local community colleges, non-profits, K-12 school districts, and right here at SJSU. Led by Dr. Arnold Danzig and Dr. Emily Slusser, our Cohort 5 students dedicated two weeks of their summer to travel to Finland to examine an educational system that scores near the top of nearly all international comparisons. Their takeaways will prepare them to transform the systems they work in right here in the Silicon Valley.

Heather Lattimer, Ed.D Dean and Professor Connie L. Lurie College of Education San José State University

Dr. Ellen Middaugh’s outstanding scholarship is highlighted on page 14. Her research focuses on digital media and youth civic engagement. Dr. Middaugh addresses the challenges presented by online environments, and also highlights the potential for young people to harness social media, strengthen their agency, and transform their world. These examples reflect a broad and deep commitment from across the college to the work of transformation. During the past year we’ve also made significant investments in outreach and recruitment with the goal of diversifying our educator workforce; restructured our scholarship programs to better respond to the needs of our students; expanded support for faculty and student engagement in research; grown interdepartmental initiatives focused on early childhood and bilingual learning; and expanded partnerships with schools, school districts, clinics, and community based organizations. As we look ahead, it is exciting to hear our students, staff, and faculty envision possibilities for even greater transformation during our strategic planning conversations. Some examples include visions for new and re-imagined degree programs grounded in emancipatory pedagogy, interdisciplinary research that cuts across P-20 educational institutional boundaries, and partnership initiatives that elevate the voices and experiences of communities to transform our educational ecosystem.

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I invite you to be part of this transformative work with us. Please stop by Sweeney Hall, visit our website, or reach out to our team to learn more!

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Lurie College

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Undergraduate minors in: Atypical Child Studies Child & Adolescent Development Deaf Education Elementary Education Special Education Bachelors degrees in: Child & Adolescent Development Child & Adolescent Development - Teacher Prep Communicative Disorders & Sciences Master's degrees in: Child & Adolescent Development Curriculum & Instruction Education with Counseling & Student Personnel focus Education with a Special Education concentration Education with a Speech Language Pathology focus

1100 UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS 93% women | 89% full time | 41% transfers

3% Black or African-American 2% Unknown Unknown

12% Communicative CDSSciences Disorders &

7% Two or moreTwo or more ethnicities or races6.6%


14% White

Minors 19.6%

Hispanic or Latinx 43.6%

20% Minors 68% Child & Adolescent ChAD Development 68.5%

44% Hispanic or Latinx 30% Asian or Pacific Islander

Asian or Pacific Islander 30.4%

992 CREDENTIAL, GRADUATE & DOCTORAL STUDENTS 74% women | 65% full time

6% Unknown

4% Doctoral Doctoral

8% Two or more Two or more ethnicities / races 7.8% ethnicities or races


Unknown 5.5%

1% American Indian or Alaska Native White 35.3%

Authorizations in: Autism Spectrum Disorders Early Childhood Special Education

35% White 47% Masters Masters 46.9%


<1% American Indian or Alaska Native

White 14.5%

Credentials in: Early Childhood Special Education Mild-Moderate Disabilities Education Moderate-Severe Disabilities Education Multiple Subject Pupil Personnel Services for School Counseling Reading & Literacy specialist Single Subject Speech-Language Pathology Services

Ed.D in Educational Leadership



48.7% 49% Credential

25% Hispanic or Latinx

Hispanic or Latinx 25.3%

25% Asian or Asian or Pacific Islander Pacific Islander 25.4%


ACADEMIC RESOURCES Child Development Lab Preschool Dean's Scholars Honors Ceremony Faculty-led study abroad programs Education with Counseling & Student Personnel focus Ed.D in Educational Leadership

98% 63% 56% 970

of students are residents of California

of students received financial aid in the 2017-2018 academic year

of students are from Santa Clara county, which includes San JosĂŠ and the surrounding area

total number of completed minors (114), bachelors degrees awarded (242), graduate degrees awarded (217), and recommended credentials (397)

Kay Armstead Center for Communicative Disorders Student Organizations & Leadership Child & Adolescent Development (ChAD) Club Counselor Education Graduate Organization (CEGO) National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) Chapter Promise Group Student Ambassadors Student scholarships and grants for research, financial hardship Student Success Center Academic advising Graduation & candidacy support Personal, academic, and career success workshops Program info sessions and application labs Writing tutoring Utilized by 698 individual students Utilized 367 times for workshops Utilized 613 times for academic advising Utilized 5466 times for study space Most popular workshops included time management, SJSU Cares info session, exploring grad programs, scholarship info session, and CSET preparation


The Lurie College of Education is committed to creating meaningful learning experiences for our current and future students as they prepare to be transformative educators, counselors, therapists, and leaders. Essential to this work is strengthening and expanding our outreach and recruitment efforts, with an emphasis on closing the diversity gap in our educator workforce, and building pathways that prioritize high demand disciplines of bilingual education, special education, math, science and computer science education. Over the past year, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve strengthened bridges with high schools and community colleges, reached out to undergraduate students and faculty across the university, reorganized our student success center to engage and support students even before they officially join our Lurie College family, restructured our scholarship funding, and built academic year and summer programming to directly address teacher preparation in high demand disciplines.


Increasing Access for Educators & Students

CELEBRATION OF TEACHING CEREMONY GROWS For the second year in a row, Lurie College hosted our Celebration of Teaching Ceremony, which recognizes students who possess the qualities to become outstanding teachers. This year, we recognized 87 local middle school, high school, community college, and university students who were nominated by their teachers, principals, professors, and supervisors. Each awardee received a certificate from the Lurie College of Education along with a $1000 scholarship if they enroll in a teaching credential program at Lurie College in the future. The ceremony also featured a keynote address from Ashanti Branch, Founder and Executive Director of the Ever Forward Club. For more information, visit

Your support, no matter how much or how little, can enable the SJSU Connie L. Lurie College of Education to continue to expand opportunities like these and increase the amount of financial support provided to Lurie College students.

Scholarship recipients:

SUMMER STEM+C TEACHER INSTITUTE SUCCESS In Summer 2019, Lurie College launched the STEM+C Teacher Institute. This program, which piloted with 20 students during our first summer, recognizes the social justice imperative for all K-12 students to have access to high quality STEM and Computer Science learning, particularly in the Silicon Valley. Thanks to a grant from the California Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI), participants were able to engage in hands-on math content instruction and make progress toward adding a math foundations credential to their elementary or secondary teacher preparation program. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to work as paid college mentors through the Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s Elevate Math summer enrichment program for elementary and middle school students. Thanks to a generous grant from Microsoft, our future teachers were also able to participate in the Krause Center for Innovation’s Computer Science Crash Course. This was a great opportunity to develop their CS skills and to network with experienced K-12 teachers. Following the successful pilot, we will be significantly expanding the STEM+C Teacher Institute in Summer 2020, growing to include more students and more content offerings.

Robyn Riedstra recently earned her Master of Arts from SJSU and decided to enroll in these summer programs despite the challenges she thought she might face. "Math was always a really hard subject for me," Robyn explained, "I failed math and would drop out of college, and this happened repeatedly." However, she had a transformative experience in both programs, received multiple offers to teach full-time as a result of her qualifications, and is now a middle school math teacher in the Alum Rock Union School District!

2019-2020: 108 2018-2019: 95 2017-2018: 76 Average award for 2019-2020: $2390

To provide a monetary gift, please visit

Photos by Brian Cheung Dooley

Listen to Robyn’s full story at



Lurie College Impact Paying Dividends: San JosĂŠ State University Recognized as One of the Best Schools in the Nation for Education Majors by Salary Potential!

“As an institution that began in 1857 to prepare teachers, the importance of this work is in our DNA.” - San José State University President Mary Papazian

Left: Lurie College alumni Joy Paterson teaches elementary school students. Photo by Karl Nielsen.

Payscale, an online organization that analyzes compensation, recently ranked SJSU #6 in the nation for salary potential! Subsequently, San José State University President Mary Papazian noted that data point while highlighting some of the work that the Lurie College of Education is doing to develop a future generation of educators, such as the partnership work that is highlighted on page 15 of this report. Read President Papazian's blog post at


Student Opportunities & Recognition


The Promise Group

Leaders of Lurie College

Teacher Appreciation Week

The Promise Group was established to create opportunities for first generation undergraduate students and those who are part of the Spartan Scholars, Guardian Scholars, or Educational Opportunity Program. Students participate in a year-long personal, academic, and professional development experience - which includes biweekly group seminars on a range of academic, personal, and professional development topics - and get paired up with a faculty or staff mentor. To learn more and watch a video about the impact of the program, visit

"As the daughter of an immigrant woman, the youngest of six children, and the first to attend college, I feel immense gratitude to receive the privilege that is education. Although the road to get here has been far from easy, what I've found is that persistence and hard work always wins. By adopting a growth mindset, I began to grow academically, professionally, and personally in ways I never imagined. So no matter where you are in your journey, know that determination will get you far." - Justine Voung, graduate student

Nearly a quarter of the population in the United States is enrolled in school, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Consequently, teachers bear an enormous responsibility in creating meaningful learning opportunities for students and play a crucial role in shaping their individual and collective identities. During this year's Teacher Appreciation Week, the Lurie College of Education celebrated and amplified the stories of some of our students, faculty, and alumni from the Department of Special Education. Listen to their stories on the Lurie College blog at

Read over 50 more stories at

The Lurie College of Education values our students' academic achievements and community activism. We are committed to increasing meaningful opportunities for student organizations, leadership, and recognition. Here are a few examples from the past academic year!

Undergraduate Honors Ceremonies Undergraduate students who have earned a 4.0 grade point average at San José State University during the previous fall or spring term are recognized as President’s Scholars for their academic achievements. At the Honors Convocation in May 2019, SJSU recognized 69 Lurie College students as President’s Scholars. Undergraduates who have earned a 3.65 or higher are recognized as Dean’s Scholars. In April 2019, Lurie College held a special recognition event to recognize 218 undergraduate students from the Child and Adolescent Development and Communicative Disorders and Sciences departments as Dean’s Scholars.

Annual Scholarships Thanks to generous support from alumni and friends of the Lurie College of Education, numerous students benefit from merit-based scholarships that recognize their achievements and aspirations. For the 2019-2020 academic year, Lurie College awarded 108 students a total of $258,100 with an average award of $2390. Department of Communicative Disorders & Sciences undergraduate student Jessica Doushgounian, featured above, is aspiring to positively impact the lives of children and their families as a speech pathologist. To learn more about Jessica and how you can create more opportunities for students, visit

Strategic Planning Committee Lurie College has kicked off a process to formulate a strategic plan that will provide a bold vision for the college over the next 3 years. Student experiences and voices play a critical role in shaping that plan and vision. We are delighted that a diverse and inclusive group of undergraduate and graduate students are representing their peers and academic departments on the committee along with Lurie College faculty and staff!

Photos by Brian Cheung Dooley, Robert Bain, & Heather Lattimer


"After working four incredible years at a title I elementary school, I realized it is imperative that educators attract young students to the idea that education offers the best chance to reach limitless possibilities. My experience with the Lurie College of Education has provided a platform for me to inspire young children in a classroom setting and be living proof that with an education, opportunities are limitless." - DeAnte Whitman, class of 2019 Photo by Brian Cheung Dooley

Congratulations to the newest class of SJSU Lurie College of Education alumni!


The Lurie College of Education is a family of educators, changemakers, and transformative leaders. We are committed to supporting our students and our alumni throughout your academic, personal, and professional journeys. Whether you are a recent graduate or an alum from many years back, we want to hear from you! Please continue to engage with Lurie College. Here are some of the ways to stay involved:

Visit to access helpful online resources and visit to connect with the SJSU Connie L. Lurie College of Education on social media for more regular updates. Share your alumni updates with SJSU at so we can celebrate your successes with you. View recent Lurie College alumni news at

Photo by Brandon Chew

Photo by Robert Bain

Photo by Anne Tran

Photo by Anne Tran

Ed.D Leadership Program Continues to Thrive! The Lurie College of Education Ed.D Leadership Program recently conferred its third cohort of students and welcomed 18 new students to its sixth cohort! Recent graduatesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; dissertation topics included "Experiences of Adolescent Refugee Students who Attend Afterschool Programs for Literacy Support," "Superintendent Beliefs About the Assessment and Use of School Climate Data for Continuous Improvement," and more. Learn more about all of the class of 2019 dissertations at

In June 2019, the class of 2021 cohort of Ed.D Leadership program students traveled to Finland to gain a deeper understanding of the Finnish educational system and of themselves as future leaders in the field of education. Learn more about their experiences and reflections from the trip at "Traveling to Finland provided me with a view of a very different approach to education. I was repeatedly struck by the emphasis on care and respect for children that was demonstrated by our Finnish hosts." - Fr. Gerald Nwafor, Ed.D Leadership Program candidate


Meet the New Lurie College Leadership


Dr. Heather Lattimer became the Dean of the SJSU Connie L. Lurie College of Education on August 1, 2018. Dean Lattimer joined Lurie College from the University of San Diego, where she had held a faculty appointment since 2006, served as chair of the Department of Learning and Teaching, Associate Dean of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, and was the Executive Director of the Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education. Dr. Lattimer earned her Ed.D. from the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Marcos Pizarro became the Associate Dean of the SJSU Lurie College of Education during the Spring 2019 semester. Association Dean Pizarro has been a faculty member at SJSU for 20 years. Most recently, he was a Professor and Chair of SJSU's Chicana and Chicano Studies and had been a faculty member and advisor for the Lurie College Ed.D Leadership program. Dr. Pizarro earned his Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Janene Perez became the new Director of Recruitment, Student Success, and Alumni Engagement. In her role, Janene is responsible for bolstering the retention, engagement, and academic support services of the Lurie College Student Success Center in coordination with efforts across Lurie College’s academic departments. Janene earned her M.A. in Child and Adolescent Development from SJSU's Lurie College and was previously a faculty member and undergraduate advisor in that department.

Dr. Isabel Vallejo is the new Director of Assessment and Accreditation. In her role, Dr. Vallejo is responsible for leading the collaborative development and implementation of a comprehensive and integrated system of program and student learning outcomes assessment. Additionally, she is responsible for the coordination and implementation of accreditation and licensure processes in the Lurie College of Education. Dr. Vallejo earned her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Dr. Mark Felton became the new Faculty Associate Dean for Research. In his role, Dr. Felton is responsible for identifying opportunities to enhance Lurie College faculty members’ individual and collective impact. Dr. Felton is also a professor in the Lurie College Department of Teacher Education, where he previously served as department chair. Dr. Felton earned his Ph.D in Human Development from Columbia University.

Dr. Emily Slusser, Associate Professor in the Department of Child and Adolescent Development, has become the new department chair. Dr. Slusser is also one of the Co-Founders of the newlyestablished Early Childhood Institute at San José State University. Dr. Slusser earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Nidhi Mahendra, Associate Professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences and Director of the Spartan Aphasia Clinic, became the interim chair for the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences for the 2019-2020 academic year. Dr. Mahendra earned her Ph.D. in Speech Language Hearing Sciences from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Brad Porfilio became the new Director of the Ed.D Leadership program after serving as the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Affairs at Seattle University. Dr Porfilio is also the Chief Editor of the SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education. Dr. Porfilio earned his Ph.D. in the Sociology of Education from the University at Buffalo.


FACULTY HIGHLIGHTS ALLISON BRICEÑO, with Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica and EDUARDO MUÑOZ-MUÑOZ, contributed the article "Combatting linguistic hegemony: Preparing and sustaining bilingual teacher educators in the United States" to the Teacher Education Quarterly, 46(3), 5778, 2019.

Lurie College

REBECA BURCIAGA co-presented "Educación en Nepantla, Paths of Conocimiento" at the International Conference of the Life and Work of Gloria Anzaldúa, in Paris, France, in May 2019. PAUL CASCELLA, with Dorothy Neave-DiToro, Donald A. Vogel, and Susan E. Wortsman, contributed "Risk management practices at university clinics in communication sciences and disorders" to Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences & Disorders, 2(2) article 3, 2018. ARNOLD DANZIG, with Kathryn Strom, Eric Haas, Eligio Martinez, and Kathleen McConnell, contributed "Preparing educational leaders to think differently in polarized, post-truth times" to The Education Forum, 83 (3), pp. 259-277, 2018. BRENT DUCKOR, with CARRIE HOLMBERG, contributed "Exploring How to Model Formative Assessment Trajectories of Posing-Pausing-Probing Practices: Towards a Teacher Learning Progressions Framework for the Study of Novice Teachers" to the Journal of Educational Measurement (in press). MARK FELTON, with Chrysi Rapanta, contributed "Mixed methods research in inquiry-based instruction: An integrative review" to the International Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 2019. MARIA FUSARO, with MAUREEN SMITH, contributed "Preschoolers’ inquisitiveness and science‐relevant problem solving" to the Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 42, 119–127, 2018. ANDREA GOLLOHER presented "Co-teaching in early childhood: Considerations and configurations" at the Inclusion Collaborative State Conference in San Jose CA, in October 2018.


FACULTY SPOTLIGHT ON DR. ELLEN MIDDAUGH Dr. Ellen Middaugh's research is guided by the question, “How do youth become effective advocates for themselves and their communities in the digital age?” As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child and Adolescent Development, she is interested in how the internet and participatory media enable and constrain civic participation. Dr. Middaugh conducts research around areas such as how youth use social media to express public voice and build community. During the Spring 2019 semester, Dr. Middaugh was selected to present her research - “Coming of Age in the Era of Outrage: Digital Media and Youth Civic Engagement” - to faculty, students, and the general public at the SJSU University Scholar Series. Dr. Middaugh and her research were also referenced by SJSU President Mary Papazian in her blog post about faculty members who demonstrate how to excel and lead, which is one of the goals of the recently-released SJSU strategic plan, Transformation 2030. Read the full blog post at

Faculty Impact Lurie College is committed to working in partnership with school districts, clinics, and community organizations. Intentional collaboration with dedicated school and community leaders helps us to ensure that we are preparing highly qualified graduates, reducing barriers to entry in education-related professions, and closing workforce diversity gaps. Faculty leaders have been instrumental in launching and growing partnership initiatives.

PREPARING SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS TO WORK WITH DIVERSE COMMUNITIES Dr. Wendy Quach, from the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences, is the lead investigator on two initiatives that address critical personnel shortages in speech and language pathology. Project Tapestry, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, provides enhanced cultural competence training and direct financial support for graduate students committed to working in diverse communities. During the five years of the grant, 60 SJSU students will receive specialized preparation to respond to the specific strengths and needs of California’s diverse K-12 student population. The Educating Pacific Island Clinicians in SpeechLanguage Pathology (EPICS) project, also led by Dr. Quach and funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, provides academic and clinical training for future speech language pathologists in Guam. With the support of local education partners, this unique program provides on-site and online coursework to address the severe shortage of trained speech language pathologists in this U.S. territory. This past summer, the first nine Guam-based EPICS scholars traveled to California to complete externships at clinics in the San José area. We look forward to welcoming an additional ten EPICS scholars for their San José based clinical externships in summer 2020.

NEW PATHWAYS INTO TEACHING Drs. Peg Hughes and Lisa Simpson, from the Department of Special Education, have built a partnership with the San José Unified School District that supports the district’s efforts to encourage educators already within the district to pursue education specialist credentials. Through the “Rise Into Special Education” (RISE) program, current instructional aides and general education teachers in SJUSD can enroll in specially designed pathways in Lurie College’s special education preparation programs. A Local Solutions grant from the California Department of Education and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, covers the cost of tuition and provides additional mentoring supports. Drs. David Whitenack and Lisa Simpson, from the Departments of Teacher Education and Special Education respectively, have forged partnerships with Franklin McKinley and Oak Grove School Districts in East San José to craft integrated, year long residency programs for math, science, and special education candidates. Evidence has demonstrated that residencies result in better prepared teachers who persist in the profession and out-perform their peers, particularly in hard-to-staff schools. In addition to specialized trainings for mentor teachers and individualized residency supports for our teacher candidates, Lurie College residents are eligible to receive a $10,000 stipend to help cover the costs of tuition and living expenses while they are in the program. The residency programs are funded by grants from the California Department of Education and the California State University (CSU) Residency Year Service Scholarship Program, which is supported by the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.

FACULTY HIGHLIGHTS DINA IZENSTARK, with Aaron Ebata, contributed "Why families go outside: An exploration of mothers’ and daughters’ family-based nature activities" to Leisure Sciences in 2019. MICHAEL KIMBAROW is retiring in October 2019 following an outstanding record of national and international recognition and leadership in communication disorders and sciences. In fact, he recently published the third edition of Cognitive Communication Disorders (2019). SAILI KULKARNI presented "A DisCrit Analysis of Special Education Teacher Beliefs about the Intersections of Dis/ability and Race" at the AERA conference in Toronto, Canada, in 2019. JASON LAKER presented "Student Code Meets Bedroom: Reconciling Rules and Realities of Sexual Consent Communication" at the NASPA conference in Los Angeles, CA,, in March 2019. HENRIETTE LANGDON is receiving the highest honor in Speech-Language Pathology in the United States - the Honors of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. CARA MAFFINI, with Michael T. West, contributed "'What Are You?' Conceptualizing the Complexities of Bicultural and Biracial College Student Experiences" to the Journal of College Counseling, 22, 164-178, 2019. NIDHI MAHENDRA contributed the chapter Dementia: Concepts and contemporary practice to the third edition of Cognitive Communication Disorders (2019). She also co-presented with 3 CD&S graduate students at the 31st World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) in Taipei, Taiwan, in August 2019.


MORE FACULTY HIGHLIGHTS ROXANA MARACHI presented the peer-reviewed poster "Health research gaps in the marketing and promotion of emerging technologies" at the Digital Media and Developing Minds Conference, in Cold Harbor Springs, NY, in October, 2018. DANIELLE MEAD, with Adam Winsler, contributed "Change over time in the type and functions of crib speech around the fourth birthday" to Language & Communication, 67, 29-44, 2019. ELLEN MIDDAUGH contributed "More than just facts: Promoting civic media literacy in the era of outrage" to the Peabody Journal of Education in 2019. EDUARDO MUÑOZ-MUÑOZ presented " Linguistic Ideologies and Hybridity in Teachers of Spanish Heritage Learners" at the 3rd Swedish Conference on Translanguaging at Linnaeus University in April 2019. MARCOS PIZARRO, co-directed the Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice, which convenes teachers from all over the country to help them lead their schools and districts toward racial justice practices. LUIS POZA, with Kara Mitchell Viesca, contributed "Testing and ideology: Policy debates about literacy assessments for Colorado’s bilingual students" to the Journal of Education Policy in 2018. WENDY QUACH co-presented "Augmentative & Alternative Communication Clinical Assessment Project: Protocol for assessment of children with cerebral palsy" at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association annual convention in Boston in November 2018.


ROSALINDA QUINTANAR-SARELLANA presented "Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in Teacher Education and Teacher Leadership Programs" at the California Teachers Association Instruction and Professional Development Summer Institute at UCLA in 2019. LISA SIMPSON, with CARA MAFFINI and R.K. Schuck, contributed "Examining use of school personnel in CBT interventions for anxiety in students with ASD" to Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 54, 301-312 in 2019. EMILY SLUSSER, with Andrew Ribner and Anna Shusterman, contributed "Language counts: Early language mediates the relationship between parent education and children's math ability" to Developmental Science in 2018. MAUREEN SMITH co-presented "Improving retention and graduation rates at SJSU: Project Succeed" at the SJSU Student Success Symposium in San Jose, CA in April 2019. GRINELL SMITH, with COLETTE RABIN, co-presented "Addressing the Climate Change Consensus Gap among Preservice Teachers: A Four Faceted Approach" at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference in Toronto, Ontario, in April 2019. NADIA SORKHABI, with ELLEN MIDDAUGH, contributed "Domain-specific parenting practices and adolescent selfesteem, problem behaviors, and competence" to the Journal of Child and Family Studies, 28(2), 505-518, 2019.

KIM TSAI co-presented "The influence of parental daily stress and mood on adolescent sleep" at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting in Baltimore, MD in March 2019. PEI-TZU TSAI contributed "Phonological neighborhood effect in spontaneous speech in adults who stutter" to the Journal of Fluency Disorders in 2018. TAMMIE VISINTAINER contributed “'I think at first glance people would not expect me to be interested in science': Exploring the racialized science experiences of high school students of color" to the Journal of Research in Science Teaching (in press). DAVID WHITENACK, with ANDREA GOLLOHER and REBECA BURCIAGA, contributed "Intersectionally reculturing educational leader preparation and practice for all students" to the

Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development Journal (in press). NEW FACULTY ROLES

KYOUNG MI CHOI joined us as an Associate Professor CARA MAFFINI received tenure & promotion to Associate Professor ROBERT MARX joined us as an Assistant Professor BRAD PORFILIO joined us as a Full Professor COLETTE RABIN received promotion to Full Professor GRINELL SMITH received promotion to Full Professor NADIA SORKHABI received promotion to Full Professor PEI-TZU TSAI received tenure & promotion to Associate Professor DAVID WHITENACK received promotion to Full Professor

For more faculty news and bios, visit

New College and Department Websites San José State University recently unveiled a new website design at to improve the user experience and enable the website to adapt to a variety of screen sizes. In the upcoming year, the Lurie College of Education will migrate our college and department websites over to a new design as well.

Future of Learning Summit On November 13, 2019, Lurie College will host our inaugural Future of Learning Summit. This TEDx-style event will feature internationally recognized thought leaders in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, the evolution of the workforce, and education policy. We’ll also hear from SJSU students, faculty, and community members as they recount their own learning journeys and share their hopes for the future. Join us for this important conversation.

Lurie College Learning Showcase On December 6, 2019, students from the Departments of Child and Adolescent Development, Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Educational Counseling, Educational Leadership, Special Education, and Teacher Education will share their research activities, capstone projects, and learning portfolios during our first Lurie College Learning Showcase. It is a well-established tradition for many of our programs to have end-of-semester and end-of-program culminating events to exhibit student work. But this is the first time that all of our students from across departments will have the opportunity to come together to showcase their learning, engage with one another, and demonstrate the breadth and depth of the expertise found here in Lurie College to the larger community. Please join us for this special event.

Early Childhood Institute Launch Department of Special Education faculty member Dr. Andrea Golloher and Department of Child and Adolescent Development faculty members Drs. Emily Slusser and Maria Fusaro have recently established the SJSU Early Childhood Institute (ECI), which aims to establish a network of SJSU faculty affiliate members from across disciplines who are interested in research and/or training in issues related to early childhood. Their launch in the 2019-2020 academic year will include establishing a research and training network as well as implementing a speaker series featuring experts in the field.

New Degree Programs in Educational Leadership To address the leadership needs of higher education institutions in Northern California the Lurie College of Education is starting a Master's Degree program in Higher Education Leadership. Preparations for the launch of the program will begin during the upcoming academic year. Additionally, our existing Master's Degree in Administration and Supervision is undergoing significant revisions to respond to priorities and needs of emerging K-12 school leaders. We expect to begin the redesigned Emancipatory School Leadership Program in Summer 2020.

Faces of Learning This arts-based research initiative is designed to elicit student voices to provide insights into learning experiences at SJSU. The project will engage undergraduate students as co-researchers and provide them with training and support as they use photography and narrative inquiry to elicit “learning stories” from their peers. In Spring 2020, the project will culminate with an interactive exhibit that displays artifacts generated from the research, engages the larger SJSU community in a conversation around the state of learning at SJSU, and leads to recommendations that strengthen the “Future of Learning."

To receive additional information about these initiatives, please email



Connie L. Lurie College of Education One Washington Square San JosĂŠ, CA 95192-0071

You can postively impact and create opportunities for Lurie College of Education students. Visit to host an undergraduate student as a volunteer, mentor a student, provide a monetary gift, and more!

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SJSU Lurie College of Education 2018-2019 Annual Report  

The Connie L. Lurie College of Education at San Jose State University is a place of transformation, where we prepare educators, counselors,...

SJSU Lurie College of Education 2018-2019 Annual Report  

The Connie L. Lurie College of Education at San Jose State University is a place of transformation, where we prepare educators, counselors,...

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