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ST. JOHN/ST. PAUL WILL CELEBRATE NEW FRONT STEPS ON OCTOBER 7, 2012 "Jacob had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the Earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God Were ascending and descending on it." (Genesis 28: 12) Yes, it really did take a while but we do have our new front steps. Pictures of our "stairway to heaven" were put on our SJSP Facebook page and as is apt to happen in this new age of technology, a grass roots movement has emerged. Tim Keeler, our Facebook overseer" (we give titles instead paychecks), struck up an on-line conversation with former St. John member, Pastor Abraham Allende, about the possibility of having a special and fun STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN worship and celebration. Pastor Rick and Pastor Lisa Arledge also got involved and OCTOBER 7, 2012 was set aside for the occasion. We are so pleased to have scheduled Pastor Allende as our guest preacher for the 10:00 AM worship service that day. Many of you may remember him as "Allen Davis", sportscaster on Channel 5 in Cleveland for many years. Pastor Allende came to St. John by way of the front steps that led him to the gym to play basketball and then to worship the Lord in our worship area. Ultimately, his journey up our `stairway to heaven" took him into ministry as he was ordained into the ministry of Word and Sacrament in the ELCA on January 18, 2003. At present, Pastor Allende serves The Lutheran Church of the Covenant in Maple Heights, Ohio. Yes, our front steps are in place for the "ascending and descending of the angels of God", God's very own messenger to us and for us. We also want to use this celebration to remind ourselves of all the comings and goings of God's messengers and people at 282 W.

Bowery. As the front page article lifts up, we have God's Angels from SJSP, OASIS and Pastoral Counseling Services "ascending and descending" our stairway every day. These three ministries all share this very special "stairway to heaven" and we ALL need to give sincere thanks and praise to God for this coming and going out of grace and healing in our Akron community. We will have participation and involvement in this celebration by all three of our "stairway ministries

As part of this celebration we also want to create a special video presentation made up of YOUR pictures and OUR pictures of past and present use of our SJSP front steps. If you have any such photographs we would be pleased to have you loan them to us for the making of this video. (You will get your pictures back). Also, be prepared to have your picture taken in the next few weeks going up or down our steps. Following the 10:00 AM worship service we will take a group picture of all those present on and around the front steps just before we go to the gym for a wonderful fellowship meal. So, keep SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2012 OPEN FOR OUR ST. JOHN/ST. PAUL-OASIS -PCS "STAIRWAYTO HEAVEN SUNDAY." Also share the word of this event, invite a past member, or a friend, or a neighbor. Just remember, "OUR dream" of new steps has come to fruition. Let's celebrate!

Stairway to Heaven  

Stairway to Heaven, an apt name for our new steps and our October 7th celebration.